Mom, Son, and her Sister reach a climax

Incest stories, Mom, Son, and her Sister reach a climax, My mom stirred as she lay next to me, still asleep. We were pressed together, her bare breasts pressed against me. Last night we had shared something raw and sexual, but now as I held her I felt tenderness and longing. I didn’t want to go back and forth with her. I needed to know something, I needed to take charge and learn the outcome once and for all.

I was already erect, my dick throbbing as I took in the sight of my naked mother, her hair disheveled and her body pressed to mine. My hand touched her ass, gently squeezing her. She stirred again, her eyes fluttering open.

“Morning,” she said. She curled up against me, putting her leg up on my thigh. Her knee brushed my erection. “Someone’s up, I see.”


I laughed pulling her closer. My hand cupped her ass and she ran a hand through my hair. My other hand found her breast, so soft in my hand, her nipple already stiff against my thumb.

“I haven’t come like that in years,” she whispered. “It’s been too long, and I’ve wasted so much time. If I had known you thought of me that way, I would have done something about it sooner.”

“Really?” I asked, surprised.

“Maybe, I don’t know. Maybe not,” she said, sighing softly. “Honestly it’s so strange I can’t imagine what I’d do. This is both familiar and uncharted at the same time.”

She paused, nestling closer to me. Her leg was pressed against my erection, my heart beat registering with each throb. She spoke quietly in my ear, “How long have you thought about me like this?”

“A while,” I admitted. “But I never thought of actually trying anything. But if I had known…”

“Known what?” She teased.

I pulled her closer and she rolled on top of me. Her tits were pressed against me and her legs fell on either side of mine. Her pubic hair was scratchy against the head of my dick. I was an inch away from her pussy. I had never been closer, and I took another risk. I kissed her, gently kneading her ass. She responded in kind, pressing her lips against me. I inched her body down slowly, at the same time gently thrusting upward.

The tip of my dick touched her pussy. She froze, her body tense, her heart hammering against me. She pulled her lips from mine, still frozen, not letting me inch closer. The tip of my dick was touching her labia, seeking her entrance. Seeking what I had wanted longer than I realized.

“We can’t,” she whispered.

I had had it with her reluctance. She either did or did not want it. It was time that I knew. “Let me,” I said. “Please.” I kissed her and she reciprocated, but her body remained rigid.

“Will,” she said, her voice soft, pleading.

“I want this,” I said. “But only if you do.” I was still touching her pussy with my dick. I didn’t want to force it. I wanted her to move, to slowly slide herself down on me. “I want you, all of you.”

She said nothing, but looked at me with a burning intensity.

“When was the last time?” I asked her gently.

“Med school,” she whispered. “A friend and I were l studying late, and one thing led to another. It’s been so long.”

She made an almost imperceptible movement, and her labia parted around my dick. She moved again and the tip of me was in her.

She paused, panting. I think she was nervous, maybe even scared. “I’m your mom,” she said, as if trying to talk herself out of it.

“And I want you,” I said. I gently took my hands off her ass and brought them up to her tits. She lifted her chest to let me cup them, and as she did she slid a little more so the head of my dick was entirely inside her.

She sighed as I gently touched her tits. “Do you remember our trip to Spain?” She asked playfully.

“The topless beach?” I asked.

“Did you look at my tits?” She asked.

“The entire time,” I said. She grinned, sinking a little lower so another inch me of slipped inside her. She kissed me, and a little more of me entered her. I was about halfway inside her when she pulled upward, leaving only the tip still in her pussy.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” she said. I was relieved, worried she would change her mind at any moment. “What would my sister think?”

Before I could answer she pushed up, sitting up and down softly on me. I entered her completely, both of us gasping.

“Oh, Mom,” I whispered

“I like when you say that,” she said, slowly riding me. I was fucking my mom, the mind-blowing notion suddenly hit me. I grabbed her ass, letting her ride me faster. She ground her clit against me, her breath coming in the ragged gasps I knew so well.

“I’m coming,” she whispered, her body shuddering as she ground against me. Her pussy gripped me, pulsing around me as she rode me hard. I gripped her tits gently as she came, her body tense and then yielding to a wave a pleasure that hit her suddenly.

Mom quickened her pace and I realized she was close to coming again. I let go of her tits, grabbing her hips and bucking upward, exploding into her.

She gasped as we came together. She collapsed against me, my dick pumping into her pussy. She lay on top of me, breathing hard as I filled her with each pulse of my dick.

She lay quietly for a minute, breathing against me, and then giggled.

“What is it?” I asked.

“I just did it with my son,” she said, still laughing softly. “I just, I just can’t believe it. I just let you come inside me. And the funny thing is, I was afraid to let you.”

I was puzzled. She sat up, keeping me inside her as my erection faded. “You know my dad and I…we never actually did it. I wanted to, but he never gave in. I mean, we did lots of other things, but never this. I kept trying, but he never…”

“Well, you don’t have to try now,” I said, causing her to laugh.

“They’d run us out of town if anyone knew,” she said with a laugh. She got off of me, semen pouring out of her onto my thigh. She looked at the mess pensively. “You know there can’t be a relationship, right?”

“Can’t a guy just do his mom?” I said, laughing. She laughed at my joke, her tits bouncing hypnotically.

“Whenever you want,” she whispered, “as long as we keep it a secret.” She looked at me pensively, cum still dripping out of her pussy. My dick stirred, slowly stiffening as I looked her over.

“I always liked watching them grow,” mused, and bent down to take my cum-covered dick into her mouth. She had her ass in the air as she bobbed up and down on my dick, getting me fully erect in seconds. I ran my hands through her hair as she sucked me, taking me into her mouth and moaning softly.

Whatever bonus level I had just unlocked with my mom, I had to admit I could get used to this. She bobbed up and down, sucking me, her round ass swaying as she worked. I felt myself close to coming. She must hand sensed it because she took me in deep as I came. She swallowed what little cum I had not already emptied into her pussy, wiping her chin as she sat up.

“Now I’ve got to shower, so try and stay out of trouble,” she said, her ass swaying as she left my room.

After some time, I got up and showered. The hot water felt good on my skin, and I was absolutely giddy. I had fucked my mom. I had entered her and came inside her. The idea was surreal but as I showered I thought of all the times I had subconsciously noticed her. I had wanted this for some time, I just didn’t realize it. All the times I took notice of her cleavage, or that amazing, round ass of hers. And I realized all the times she had cuddled close to me, or worn just a bathrobe, her tits practically spilling out. Had she been dropping hints, or was it subconscious for her, a throwback to a different time in her life? Either way, something had changed in both of us.

I got dressed and found Jen in her room. She was wearing khaki shorts and an old t-shirt, and holding a pair of wrenches.

“Good morning,” she said, beaming. Her hair was damp from the shower. “Maggie’s already out to work. Do you still want to help me change this faucet?”

I grinned and got to work. Replacing the sink faucet was the last thing on our list to renovate Jen’s room. We sat together on the floor, her tiny shorts riding up her thighs. I snuck a glance and grinned, she was once again not wearing anything under her shorts. I saw the edge of her labia and curls of her bushy hair, and my dick gave a twitch. I had already come twice in less than an hour, but I found my dick still had plenty of life.

“Nervous, about the job?” I asked as I crawled under the sink. I lay on my back, looking up at the bottom of the old faucet. She handed me a wrench and I worked to loosen the old fittings, which were stubborn.

“Yeah, I hope I get it,” she said. “I don’t want to keep on freeloading off of Maggie.”

“She doesn’t mind,” I said, pausing to look at Jen. I couldn’t see her face, but I got a nice view of her pussy, and her tits were held together in her tight t-shirt. My dick gave another stir.

“I know, but I’d like to start working, contributing and all that. I don’t know if I can afford a house here, but I’d like to at least pay some of the bills while I’m here.”

“I think she’s pretty happy that you’re here,” I said.

“She might not be as happy if she knew what we were doing,” she said pensively. She put her hand on my knee and I paused my work. Mom might not be happy at all, but could she really be mad at her sister for doing the same thing she was doing? I was in unfamiliar territory, so anything was possible.

“Maybe,” I said, not wanting to reveal anything. I finally loosened the bolt holding the old sink, releasing a fine mist of dust onto my face.

“Are you okay?” she said as I batted the dust away.

“Oh, you know,” I said, “unexpected mess on my face.”

“I know the feeling,” she said, laughing. Her hand moved up my knee. I removed the bolt and scooted out of the sink. She sat up next to me as I wiped more dust off my face.

“I’m going to need another shower,” I said. We pulled off the old sink and installed the new one. She helped me by holding it in place as I tightened the new bolts. She kept pressing her tits onto me, getting me hard again. My phone buzzed in my pocket, but I ignored it.

“Any leaks?” she said.

“No, nothing.” I replied. I test the faucets, and started cleaning up the tools when her phone rang.

“I have to check,” she pleaded.

“It might be the job,” I said. “Get it.”

She took her phone and I sat on the edge of the bed. My phone buzzed again and I took it out of my pocket. It was a text from Mom, just a picture of her tits in the mirror, a work bathroom picture to keep me aroused. It was no different than her parents and their film camera. Jen was finishing her phone call, and I stashed my phone and walked over to her.

“Yes, that works. I’ll check and get right back to you. Thank you,” she said curtly. She hung up, setting her phone on the counter. I stood behind her in the mirror, trying to read her expression.

“I got the job,” she said to my reflection. She was beaming. She turned around and hugged me. She practically leapt into my arms, and we fell backward against the wall.

“Congratulations,” I said, kissing her.

“Let’s celebrate,” she said. “Let’s go to the beach.” She kissed me again, and sent me to my room to get ready. Minutes later I met her at the stairs. She wore a tiny, yellow bikini that was very low cut. We walked to my car, and I saw about an inch of her ass crack was visible. She kept looking her shoulder as we walked through the house. As we drove to the beach, we talked about her job.

“I start August 15th for training and development workshops,” she said as I drove. She was drumming on her knees, her feet on the dashboard. “I can’t believe I got it.”

“I can,” I said. She smiled at me, and closed her eyes and let the wind whip through her hair. We pulled up at the beach approach and set up a blanket away from everyone else. It was a weekday, and the beach was not crowded but it wasn’t deserted, either. She put sunblock on her arms, chest, and legs, but then lay on her stomach and handed me the bottle.

“Get to work,” she teased. I spread sunblock on her back, and the back of her legs. She parted her legs and I rubbed as close as I dared in broad daylight. No one was watching us, but we had to be careful.

I sat next to her, rubbing her inner thighs, looking left and right. “Can you move so your head is pointed to the water?” I asked.

“Why?” she said.

“Trust me,” I replied. She shifted, turning her whole body about a quarter turn. I picked up my book, holding it in one hand while my other hand slipped between her thighs.

“Ah, I see,” she said. From this angle, no one would be able to see my hand between her legs. I gently pulled her bikini to the side, brushing her labia with my hand. She was already wet. I wondered if she had been in a constant state of arousal, as I had been. She spread her legs more, lifting her ass slightly as she rested her head on her forearms.

“May I?” I asked.

“Always,” she relied, her eyes closed as I ran my fingers up and down her labia. I kept looking over my shoulder, holding my book against my knee and not paying attention to the pages, as I slid my fingers into her. My thumb made contact with her clit and I worked my fingers into her as I rubbed her clit. She panted softly, trying to keep still as I penetrated her and rubbed her off.

“Mmnnn,” she gasped, trying to be calm. No one was watching us, but if she cried out or started thrashing around, we would be discovered. I focused my efforts, enjoying watching her try and fight to keep control in public. An elderly gentleman was walking our way, his dog pulling him along at a slow pace. He’d walk right past us in a minute.

“I’m coming,” Jen whispered. I let out a sigh of relief, surprised at how tense I was. I had never done anything remotely like this in public. Jen’s ass quivered, it was the only physical indication that she was coming. She panted, squeezing my fingers tight inside her, until she begged me to stop.

I pulled out of her and wiped my fingers off on the towel. She lay still, her body slowly relaxing. Her bikini bottom was still askew and I enjoyed the view of her pussy, swollen and slightly open from my intrusion. The man and his dog made slow progress as they crossed near us, his eyes on some distant point on the horizon. When he passed Jen rolled onto her back, her bikini still slightly pulled to the side. You could see half of her pubic hair.

“Your bikini bottom,” I said.

“Thanks,” she said, adjusting it. “And thanks for that, I haven’t done anything public like that in a while.”

I thought of my mom, giving a blowjob on the beach in Mexico, and wondered what else these women did. “Such as?” I asked.

“Oh, nothing too crazy,” she sighed, lightly patting her stomach. “BJs. Stuff like that. Your mom, she was the wild one.”

“I find that hard to imagine,” I said.

“You’d be surprised,” she said. I put my hand on her thigh, and she closed her eyes. I scanned the horizon, deeming the coast clear enough, and slid my hand under her bikini bottom. In seconds, I had penetrated her again, my thumb on her clit.

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“Who was her first, and your first,” I asked.

She sighed a long, contented sigh. I was taking my time with my hand, in no hurry to bring her next orgasm. “Hers was a boyfriend in freshman year of college. Nice guy, great smile. First black guy I ever saw naked.”

My hand slipped in surprise and she laughed. There was nothing strange about my mom and a black guy, but it was just a mental image I hadn’t expected. I thought about my mom, her pale skin against his. “And you?”

“Our neighbor, the one who saw us naked. One day I went over there and fucked him. I wanted to get laid, and I knew he’d be game. I walked over in a bikini and had it off in a minute. He was married, and much older, but I didn’t care. He and I did it regularly for years, even when I had a boyfriend, I’d come home and pay him a visit.”

She was getting close to coming, and I fell silent and concentrated on her. She started to come, her pussy wetter than before, her nipples hard through her bikini top. This time a small cry escaped her lips, and she clamped her thighs around my hand, bucking her hips slightly. I acted casual, looking out at the water as she came. When she finished I withdrew my hand, looking down at her.

“God, I’m such a slut,” she said, grinning.

“I’m not complaining,” I said. Then I had a thought, “how’d you see my mom’s boyfriend naked?”

“Oh, I walked in on them once, when they were home for spring break. They were going at it, and I opened the door and there they were.”

“Details,” I said simply.

She laughed. “Well, she was bent over the bed, and he was doing her from behind. And when I walked in he pulled out of her, and so I saw the whole thing. I’d rate him average, but really thick. I’d never seen one that thick. He was pretty nice, I think his name was Michael.

“Anyway, Maggie told me to get out and after I shut the door I could hear them going at it again. I leaned against the door and rubbed myself off while they were doing it.”

Again, the vision of my mother getting taken from behind like that popped into my head. There was nothing odd about having a black boyfriend or girlfriend, but for some reason it was erotic just to know anything about my mother.

“Our neighbor, he had a small one,” she said, “but god, he knew how to use it. I used to come three or four times with him. Probably the best I’ve ever had.”

She sat up and took my hand. We went swimming, enjoying the warm gulf water and sneaking the occasional feel or kiss when no one was looking.

“Tell me more,” I said. “Did you, and your dad, did you ever actually do it.”

“No,” she said simply. “Apparently there are some lines I won’t cross. I mean, blood relatives and all. Besides, I think Mom liked keeping that to herself, you know. And anyway, I once took on a boyfriend and his neighbor, and when I moved to college I had a new boyfriend, and another and another. And then I married my ex, and that turned out just great.”

She laughed bitterly.

“And now?” I said.

“And now I’ve got a horny nephew, who isn’t a blood relative,” she grinned. “Come on.”

I followed her out of the water, watching her bikini hang off of her ass as she walked. We grabbed our towels and blanket and rinsed off in the beach approach shower. When we buckled into my car she looked around the parking lot. While it was mid-day, we are alone. She grinned, and untied her top, letting it fall away.

“Just drive,” she said, sinking low in her seat. I pulled out of the parking lot, driving slowly past a large, older gentleman whose eyes opened wide at the site of Jen’s tits. “Well, he got an eyeful,” she mused as we drove onto the main road. I found it hard to concentrate with her tits out like that. She rode low in the seat, so only her bare shoulders were visible.

“Is it weird to tell you about old partners?” she asked.

“Not if you’re going to take your top off,” I joked.

We were halfway home when Jen said, “Pull over, down that side street.” I pulled into a shady lane near our house. No one was around, and Jen unbuckled and leaned over. I gasped as she tugged at my bathing suit and freed my dick. I lifted up to help her move my swimsuit down, and she engulfed my dick in seconds.

“Still salty,” she commented with a giggle. I leaned back, letting her suck me off. I cupped one of her bare tits in my hand, my eyes constantly checking the mirrors. No one turned down the road, but what would they see if they did? Jen bobbed faster, sucking me as I gently squeezed her breast in my hand.

She suddenly took me in her hand, stroking me furiously as she kissed the base of my dick. I came, gasping and stifling a grunt as I ejaculated into her hair. She laughed, still stroking me as I came on her face, now taking me back into her mouth, swallowing what remaining cum spurt out of me. I was spent, exhausted, my dick quickly softening. She sat up, buckling up. She had cum in her hand and on her chin, which was slowly dripping onto her tits. Strands of cum hung in her wet hair. She wiped her chin and grinned, sitting back as I drove home.

When Mom came home we got dressed to go out and celebrate Jen’s job. Both women wore sundresses and sandals, and I wore slacks and a dress shirt. Both had their hair up, and their dresses showed their ample cleavage. Mom took us to an open-air restaurant on the beach, near where I had fingered Jen that morning. She pulled out all the stops, treating us to a celebratory dinner for Jen. The wine flowed freely, since I was the designated driver, and soon both my mom and my aunt were tipsy.

“Here’s to Jen,” Mom said, raising her glass, “now she can buy her own groceries.” She giggled, touching her glass to ours. They each took a long sip of wine, and I took the moment to stare at their tits. Mom caught my eye and grinned as she set her glass down.

“Thank you,” Jen said. “For everything. For letting me stay here, for helping me out, for loaning Will to be my personal servant.”

“You have to share him, though,” Mom joked. I shifted in my seat, wondering if she’d be so amiable if she knew that hours earlier Jen was showering my cum out of her hair. I looked them both over. They were both so open about their sex lives when they were together, I wondered if they’d really mind all that much? It sure beat sneaking around.

I thought of my mom laying on me that morning, my dick touching her pussy. I had let her choose, but I had made myself clear. I wanted it. I wanted her to want it. Would it work again?

“Tell me,” I said in a low voice. They both leaned in to listen conspiratorially, “Did you two pick those dresses together?”

“Why?” Mom asked.

“Because our waiter has come by more than usual, and he’s been sneaking glances down them.”

The sisters grinned, and Jen said, “unintended side effect. You get used to it.”

“I don’t think I could ever get used to it,” I said.

“Good,” they said together, giggling.

We headed home, Mom and Jen in the back seat, both a little more than tipsy. We made it into the house and they headed straight out back, dragging me with them. Mom pulled off her dress and threw her bra on the chair, running to the hot tub. Jen followed suit, her body jiggling pleasantly as she ran. They beckoned me over, both of them giggling and blushing. I slid into the water, both my mom’s and Jen’s eyes on my dick as it disappeared under the water.

I sat between them, and Mom’s hand slid over to me, gently gripping my dick under the water. Jen had no idea what she was doing, and I ran my hand over Mom’s pussy. She let me rub her with my fingers, gently stimulating her. I sat back, enjoying myself. I put my other hand on Jen’s thigh, and she spread her legs, letting me slide closer to her pussy. I touched her, hoping Mom wouldn’t notice.

Mom was in her own world, her eyes closed. Jen let her head fall back, also oblivious. I rubbed my mother and aunt off at the same time. Mom lazily stroked me, not really pay attention to what she was doing. I didn’t mind, I would come eventually. I wanted to savor this moment in time, my fingers probing the two sisters at the same time.

Mom’s chest was heaving, and she stopped stroking me and gently gripped the base of my dick. She was coming. I rubbed her clit with my fingers, mirroring the same motion with Jen. Mom sighed almost inaudibly, her legs thrashing slowly against me. I kept rubbing her as Jen came, also fighting to keep calm under the bubbling water. Mom’s orgasm ended and she started to stroke me with renewed vigor. Jen leaned back, her eyes closed, unaware that inches from her body, her sister was stroking my dick.

I came forcefully, a day of orgasms leaving me tender and even a little sore. I didn’t care, though, as I pumped semen into the hot tub, knowing that clouds of it were swirling around the two sisters. Mom kept stroking me until I grew soft in her hands.

All three of us had dreamy looks in our eyes. Jen’s tits were floating above the water, her back getting massaged by the jets. I moved across from them, looking at them both as they soaked in the hot tub contentedly.

“What is it?” Mom asked, looking at my smirk.

“I’m just enjoying the view,” I said.

She sat up a little, her tits out of the water. I looked them both over, noting how remarkably similar they looked. I felt my dick swell up a little, even though I was thoroughly exhausted.

“All this nudity’s going to warp your mind,” Mom teased. “Right, Jen?”

“Those were some crazy times,” Jen said, standing up. I looked her over. She pulled Mom up by the hand, and both women walked arm in arm into the house, dripping water behind them.

Chapter 2

The next morning, I had three of my friends over to watch some TV and waste some of our remaining summer hours. Mom was already working, and Jen was hanging out around the house. She had put on a very short pair of khaki shorts and a tank top. My friends were noticing, and I found myself getting a little irritated about it.

“Will, your aunt is as hot as your mom. If I lived here, I’d be jerking off constantly,” my friend Alex whispered once after she walked by.

“Yeah, well, control yourself,” I said, and they laughed. In truth, I agreed with them, but I felt territorial.

“I mean, that ass,” Chris said. “Jesus, look at it.”

“I am,” Alex joked.

I got up and headed to the kitchen on the pretense of getting a drink. Jen was there, fixing herself a sandwich.

“Oh, hi,” she said, turning to face me. I had to agree with Chris, that ass was pretty spectacular.

“Hey,” I said, then I dropped my voice, “sorry my friends are staring at you.”

“Just be glad I put on underwear,” she smirked. “I don’t want to give your friends any ideas.”

I paused, then looked at her sly smirk. “Give them ideas?”

“Yes,” she said, and winked. “It worked last time, didn’t it?”

I thought back to when she had moved in, not so long ago, and how she had laid there on the ground, her shorts riding up, her pussy on display. She raised her eyebrows mischievously. I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out. She kissed me on the cheek and took her plate outside. I rejoined my friends in a daze.

We sat around for another half hour or so, and then Jen came in and brought us a tray of snacks from the kitchen. She set them on the coffee table in front of us, bending low, treating us to her ample cleavage. My friends leered but her eyes were on me. My eyes followed her all the way to the kitchen. When she was sure they were no longer looking, she pulled a ball of purple fabric out of her pocket and waved it at me. She had taken off her underwear.

Jen kept coming by, checking in on us, bending low to take the tray away later. She mouthed the words “I’m so wet” at me while my friends were staring at her tits. Hours later I shooed my friends out as soon as I politely could, and when I found her again she was in her room changing.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“Come on, we’re going out for a walk,” she said. She had put on a sports bra and running shorts. She waited for me to change and then drove me to a local trail that was popular for jogging and running. We walked, enjoying the shady trees and warm air.

“That was some show you gave my friends,” I said after a while.

“Was it?” she said with a smirk. “I couldn’t tell.”

“Let’s just say none of us could stand up for a while,” I said.

“That would have been a sight,” she said, kicking a pine cone down the trail. “Four guys all hard for me.”

“How many have you seen at once,” I ventured.

She looked up and down the trail. We were alone, but we walked a little more before she answered. “Three. College was an interesting time for me. It was my boyfriend and his roommates. They walked in on us, and we invited them to join in. They took turns.”

My dick twitched. “You certainly go for what you want,” I said.

“I do,” she said. “So does your mom.”

I swallowed, trying not to look guilty. “Like what?”

“Oh, I shouldn’t be the one to tell you,” she said with a wicked grin. “But let’s just say she can accommodate.”

“Tell me,” I said.

“Okay, but don’t let her know. Once I walked in on her sucking her boyfriend while another guy was taking her behind. She had cum all over her face, and I think they were on round two.”

We stopped walking. We were around a tight bend in the trail, a blind spot. I pulled her close, kissing her. My hand went down her shorts, feeling her wet labia as I slid over them.

“Did you enjoy showing off this morning?” I whispered.

“It got me so wet,” she admitted, panting hard as I touched her. I rubbed her quickly, letting her lean her weight against me as I rubbed her out.

“Hurry,” she said, “someone could find us.” I doubled my efforts, rubbing her off. She moaned, her body tensing up and as she got closer. My free hand gently gripped her tit through her shirt, my other hand rubbing furiously against her clit.

“I’m coming, Will,” she gasped, bucking her hips against me. I fingered her faster, feeling her climax hard. She gasped loudly, moaning a little, and I didn’t care if anyone heard. I wanted her.

I withdrew my hand and she started to sink to her knees.

“No,” I said gently.

“You don’t want a blowjob?” she asked, surprised.

I pulled her back up and put my hands on her hips. I turned her around gently, pushing her softly toward a nearby tree. She bent over, sticking her ass out as I pulled down her shorts.

“If anyone comes by…” she said.

“They won’t,” I said, guiding my swollen member toward her dripping pussy. She was wet, accepting, and I slid into her gently. She gasped, pushing back as I penetrated her. I fucked her with hard, decisive strokes. I wanted to take my time, to savor her bubble butt as I slapped against it, but we were fucking on a hiking trail in broad daylight. Time was not a luxury in public.

“Fuck me,” she squealed, “come inside me.”

I obliged, thrusting into her hard and harder. Her ass jiggled with each thrust and I felt her pussy tighten around me. She started to come, her grip on my dick increasing, and I released. I came, emptying into her, buried deep as my dick pulsed and shot cum deep inside.

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I panted as I kept coming, the realization that I had just fucked my aunt washing over me. It only heightened the pleasure of fucking outdoors in broad daylight.I pulled out just as we heard voices down the trail. Hastily we put our clothes back together. We walked down the trail, acting casual, but under close scrutiny anyone with experience would know we had just had sex. A large hiking group passed us, mostly kids on a camp, and Jen took my arm in hers and we walked slowly.

“Damn,” she whispered. “It has been too long.”

“You’re welcome,” I said. “And thank you.”

“I just did it with my nephew,” she said, laughing to herself. “Never thought that would happen.”

“Do you regret it?” I asked.

“Hell no,” she said with a laugh. “That was pretty amazing.” She kissed me on the cheek. “Let’s do that again soon.”

Mom came home to a fancy pizza that Jen and I picked up. We were settling to watch a movie, and she joined us on the couch. She still had her scrubs on, and sank into the couch with a sigh.

“Long day,” she explained. “Second-to-last surgery took an extra hour. By the time I got to the last scheduled one, the poor guy had been waiting forever. I’m beat.”

“Then sit and do nothing, that’s why we ordered a pizza,” Jen said. “Relax.”

“What did you two do today?” Mom asked. Jen cast a quick glance my way and shrugged.

“I had some friends over, then Jen and I hiked the jogging trail.”

“Sounds like fun, I wish I could have joined you,” Mom said, and I exchanged a quick glance with Jen. I felt a jolt of guilt. Not for having sex with Jen, it was clear what we were doing was completely physical and fun. I felt guilty for not telling Mom. But how would she react? On one hand, she couldn’t judge me. On the other, maybe she was not into the idea of both of them having sex with me.

Jen put on the movie and we settled into the couch. I sat between the two of them, our usual sitting arrangement. Mom took a slice of pizza and sank in next to me. It was an action flick, one of the run-of-the-mill where an entire computer-generated city is laid to waste before the end. Jen settled onto her side, eventually closing her eyes. After a while Mom looked over at her. Jen was curled up on the couch, her butt close to me. Her shorts had ridden up, and it was clear she had nothing on underneath. We both could see her labia poking out from one side of her shorts.

“Well, there you go,” Mom sighed. “As usual.”

“I’ve already seen her naked, it’s no big deal.”

“I guess not,” she said, nodding. “You’ve been exposed to a lot over the last few days.”

“Not complaining,” I whispered.

“I bet not,” she smirked. She was still looking at Jen’s ass. “Jen’s got a nice ass.”

“So do you,” I said. I was getting hard, and Mom noticed.

“Who’s that for?” she said, eyeing my erection in my shorts.

I reached over and tugged at the neckline of her scrubs, pulling them down a little. I stared at her cleavage, and she grinned.

“You’re not suggesting that we fool around right now,” she purred. “While my sister’s asleep.”

I meant just that, and I slipped a hand into her shirt and cupped her tit to make my intention clear. She grinned.

“Just a blowjob,” she whispered. “I don’t want to wake her up.” Then she reached down and unzipped my shorts. She had my dick in her hand in seconds, stroking it. “God, if she woke up right now…”

Mom bent over and took me into her mouth. I made no sound, fearful of waking Jen. The idea of her sleeping right next to us heightened the experience. I don’t know how many dicks Mom had sucked, but she was very skilled. She used her hand at the same time, working me slowly but firmly. Her ass was sticking up, and I reached over and gently gripped it.

“You like my ass?” she whispered.

“Mm hmm,” I whispered, afraid to speak and wake Jen. Mom stopped, reaching back and pulling down her scrubs. Her ass was bare, and she darted a hand between her thighs and returned to my dick. I grabbed her ass hard, and she took me in deeper.

Her head bobbed up and down gently, careful not to wake her sister. Mom took her time, sucking me and rubbing herself. I ran my free hand through her hair. Every so often she paused, letting me slip out of her mouth as she looked up and me with longing eyes.

I was about to come, and I gently squeezed her ass. She took me in deeper and I came, spurting cum into her mouth. She swallowed my seed, drinking me down as I kept coming. My dick popped out of her mouth and I kept coming, spurting cum into her hair and on her cheek. She gasped, rubbing her clit furiously, coming with me.

She kept still, but I could see her body tense up and then release. She came, my dick still pulsing and spilling cum onto her cheek. When we were both finished she sat up, her hands slick with my cum and her wetness, and she grinned.

“I’m going to bed,” she said. “I needed that.”

“Any time,” I said. Mom grinned, and got up and left. I sat there for a moment, looking at Jen’s ass and thinking about Mom’s blowjob. I stood up, stretching, standing over my aunt. As I did a blob of cum dripped off of my dick and fell onto her thigh. She stirred, and I froze. She shifted slightly in her sleep and then settled back down. I sighed in relief and turned off the TV, leaving her to sleep on the couch, my cum running down her leg.

Chapter 3

I woke early, slipping into a hot shower. I was exhausted. As I cleaned up I looked down at my flaccid dick. Who knew all this sex would be so exhausting? I was not complaining, but I also knew that there was a mental toll I would have to pay. I didn’t know how long I could juggle both women. Under the same roof, sooner or later one of them would learn the truth. Animal lust had us rutting like rabbits, no feelings, no attachment, just pleasure.

I heard a knock on my bathroom door and called out.

“It’s me,” Mom said in a sing-song voice.

“Come in, I’m just showering,” I called. I heard her shut the door behind me. The shower door was clear glass but steamed over from the heat. I could see her outline and guessed she was naked. She approached the glass and pressed her breasts against it.

“Hey, you guessed the password to open the door,” I joked. She laughed, opening the door and slipping into the hot water with me. She kissed me, pressing up against me. My dick was already springing to life as our bodies pressed together.

“I’m worried I’m going to wear you out,” she teased.

“Never,” I said.

“I haven’t gotten any in a long time, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do,” she said, kissing me.

I pulled her close, our bodies smashed together, my hands on her ass. We ground against each other, our bodies slick with water. She pulled away suddenly, smiling, and reached for my shampoo. She took some in her hand, and began to wash her hair.

“Can you get my back?” she said, handing me a sponge laden with soap. I took the sponge and rubbed her back, spending a lot of time on her ass. She turned, rinsing her hair, and I washed her stomach and breasts. My hands roamed everywhere, enjoying the feeling of her wet body against mine.

She turned around, pressing her soap-covered ass against me, grinding against my dick. I responded in kind, rubbing against her ass crack, my hands on her tits. She pressed against the wall, letting me rub against her.

“When you did this in my office, I thought I was going to scream, it felt so good. I hadn’t had a man hard, pressed against me in so long. When you came…” she said, and lost her train of thought as I took my dick in my hand and slid it down. She pressed her ass out and I slid into her pussy from behind, burying myself deep in one slow thrust.

“Fuck me, hard,” she said as I started to thrust in and out of her. Her body was pressed against the wall, her ass sticking out and jiggling as I slapped my hips into it. I watched my dick disappear between her ass cheeks, deep inside her, and I gripped her hips as I fucked her harder. She darted a hand between her legs, rubbing herself while I fucked her from behind.

I adjusted my angle, raising up on my toes, hitting her clit from the inside, and she went wild. She groaned out loud, a long, guttural sound. Each time I thrust forward she grunted like an animal, barely getting the words “fuck me” out each time. I fucked her faster, hitting the same spot, and she came. Her pussy clamped around me tighter than ever, and her entire body shook. She put her hands on the wall and jutted her ass out, letting me pound into her hard.

Her orgasm ended and I settled deep inside her, letting her rest. She looked over her shoulder at me, saying in a hoarse voice, “do that again, right where you had me.” I understood, angling carefully, immediately hitting the same spot. She cried out, her body thrashing, and she came almost immediately. It was too much, she was too tight, and I came inside her. She gasped as I came with her, spilling my seed deep into her pussy. I kept thrusting, making her come a third time, my dick covered in a frothing mix of my cum and her wetness, stirred up from our intense fucking. I pulled out of her, spent, and she turned around. The water washed me clean as she pulled me close and kissed me.

“Do that every time,” she said, “I’ve never come so hard.”

“That’s something I never thought I’d hear you say,” I said. She laughed, her tits jiggling.

“Well, get used to it,” she purred, and stepped out of the shower, leaving me to finish cleaning myself up.

When I finished showering I didn’t bother to get dressed. Jen was still asleep on the couch. I looked her over, my dick already starting to swell up with desire. She had my dried cum on her thigh, the remnants of fooling around with mom while Jen slept next to us. If Jen had woken up, what would she have said as my mom went down on me? ‘Oh, don’t mind us,’ I could imagine mom saying. ‘I’m just sucking my son’s dick, would you like to share?’

Would Jen mind? I wondered as I left her asleep on the couch and made some breakfast. I was still getting used to being naked all the time, but I could see the benefits of the lifestyle. A short while later Jen stirred. She saw me naked in the kitchen, and stood up and stretched. Her tank top was askew, and she wore nothing under it.

“Morning,” she said, kissing me on the cheek. “I didn’t mean to sleep out here last night.”

“You were pretty tired, I guess,” I said, eyeing her tits. My dick stirred, and she looked down and saw its semi-rigid state.

“Yeah,” she said. “I could sleep all day, but then again there are other things that I could be doing.” She sat on my lap, and I felt myself stiffen against her thigh. I kissed her, running my hand up her thigh. She ran her hand through my hair and said, “I’m going to eat, and then you and I are going out for a bit.” She stood up, eyeing my erection, and opened the refrigerator.

“Get dressed,” she said sweetly. “And I’ll take you shopping.”

Jen ate and got dressed as well, putting on a short dress and clearly not bothering with a bra. My dick, already hard and dripping pre-cum, twitched at the sight of her. She drove, taking me to one of the upscale shopping centers. She grinned at me as she dragged me into a dress shop.

“I need some new dresses,” she explained to me as she led me through the store, picking some things out.

“Didn’t you just shop with my mom?”

“That doesn’t mean I don’t need a few more things, I’ve got a job now,” she said. “I can’t go around in shorts and tank tops.”

“You’d be popular with the students,” I joked.

“Gross,” she teased back. She headed to the back and spoke with the young woman working the store. It was early, and the store was deserted, and she looked at me once and continued talking to Jen. The shop girl was about my age, maybe a year or two older, with frizzy hair and round wireframe glasses. They spoke in hushed tones and the girl’s eyes darted to the door and then back to me. Jen waved me over, and led me into the dressing room.

“Um, should I be in here?” I asked.

“I told her you’re my boyfriend,” she said. “And asked her to let you come in so I could get your opinion.”

“And she let you?” I said.

Jen grinned and slipped off her dress, kicking off her sandals. She was naked, standing in front of me, trying to figure out which dress to try on first. She slid a long black one on, turning a few times and asking me my opinion.

“Looks like a dress,” I said.

“God, you are the worst,” she replied with a laugh. “Okay, how about this one?”

She slid on a tight yellow sundress. It barely contained her tits and ass, and was so short I could almost see the bottom of her ass cheeks.

“For public use?” I asked.

“Maybe,” she teased. “Or maybe to entice someone.”

“For the second use, spot on,” I said.

She lifted the hem of the dress a little, exposing part of her ass. She jiggled it a little, watching my eyes widen. She then took the dress off, trying one that had a soft green floral print, and a low neckline.

“Too much cleavage,” I said.

“I thought you like it,” she pouted playfully.

“Do you want to give old people heart attacks?” I asked.

“No,” she said, slipping the dress off. She paused, looking herself over in the mirror. Then she sat on my lap, kissing me once. “But I do want you to fuck me right here.”

“What about the girl out front?”

“I gave her fifty bucks to let you back here, so…” She reached down and stroked me through my shorts. “But I promised her we wouldn’t make a mess in here.”

I slid my hand up her inner thigh, and she breathed in sharply and spread her legs. My fingers contacted her labia, which were already wet and slick. I ran my fingers along them, and she rubbed against my jeans. She parted her legs wide and I slid deep into her, my thumb resting against her clit.

“You’ll have to be quiet,” I said, gently circling her clit with my thumb.

“No promises,” she gasped, bucking her hips as I penetrated her. I pulled my fingers out of her and stood her up. She fumbled with my jeans, and in seconds they were down by my knees, my erect dick throbbing, searching for her as I picked her up. She wrapped her legs around me as I pushed her against the wall. I entered her and she stifled a moan as I sank deep inside her on the first thrust.

There was a girl, twenty feet from us at a register, and who knew if anyone else would come into the store. It was early, quiet on a weekday, but the idea that we were very public, and I was buried deep in my aunt, heightened every sensation. I thrust into her hard, her body pressed against mine. She bit my ear gently as I fucked her against the wall, mindful to not make any loud noises. Her legs pulled me in with each thrust, and my hands gripped her ass as I drove deep into her.

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“That’s it,” she said. “I’m so close.”

I thrust hard, faster, part of me afraid that we’d be overheard. I felt Jen coming, her pussy contracting, gripping me harder. She gasped and her body went wild, thrashing and thrusting against me. I lost control, coming, emptying into her. She sighed hard as she felt me pump my cum inside her, filling her. I thrust one last time, burying myself into her, and looked up into the mirror over her shoulder. I caught a wisp of frizzy hair disappear over the top of the changing room stall door. The shop girl had seen everything.

I gripped Jen’s ass and set her down, pulling out of her slowly. My dick was covered in cum and she quickly dropped to her knees and licked it off. She then stood, slipped her dress on, and picked up the other three she had tried on. I pulled my jeans back up and followed her, dazed, out of the dressing room. I tried to act casual, knowing that the girl has seen us.

“I’ll take all three,” she said to the girl, setting them on the counter. The shop girl rang up the order, her eyes darting to me with a grin, her green eyes alight.

As Jen turned to leave, the girl slipped me a piece of paper and raised her eyebrows.

“What was that?” Jen asked as we talked to the car. I trailed behind her, watching her dress sway to the left and right as her ass moved underneath it.

“Her name and number,” I said, realizing I was blushing.

“Really?” she said. “I thought she was checking you out.”

“More than that,” I said, breaking into a wide grin. “I think she saw us doing it.”

“Well, then I guess she definitely wants you to call her. I don’t blame her. What’s her name?”

“Daphne,” I said.

“Cute name. Cute girl, too,” Jen said with a pause. “Are you going to call her?”

“I hadn’t thought about it. I guess it’s complicated, what with us, and other things.”

Jen slid into the driver’s seat and I shut my door. As we buckled up she said tentatively, “You know this is just fun. I don’t think the world would be accepting of what we’re doing.”

“I know, and I’m fine with it,” I said.

“I mean, you’re moving out next year anyway when you go off to college. I just want to get laid as much as I can in the meantime. I don’t care if you have a girlfriend. Call her.”

“But if I did, I don’t think she’d be cool with you and me.”

Or my mother, I thought.

“Well, this Daphne girl seems to have an open mind, given what she just saw. Anyway, you need to put yourself first. I’m just taking advantage of a willing man in the house. I can’t pass that up.”

“So, you’d be cool, if I saw her?” I asked, thinking about the girl from the shop, and my mom.

“Of course,” she said. “I’m just happy to share you while I can.”

She leaned over and kissed me, her tits practically spilling out of her dress.

I met mom at the hospital for dinner that night. She had to work late, and I met her in the basement cafeteria to eat and talk. After dinner, we walked back to her office. She was exhausted, I could tell from her posture and the way she kept taking off her glasses, and then putting them back on.

“Rough day?” I asked as we stepped into her office. She shut the door behind us and locked it.

“Better now,” she said. “Just long.” She slumped into her chair and I stood behind her, rubbing her shoulders and neck.

“I love when you do this,” she sighed. “You know how to work out the tension.”

“I’ve been doing it forever,” I said, “I know every muscle in your shoulders and back now.”

“You know a lot more than that,” she said, sighing as I rubbed her neck as well. “I can’t believe that a week or so ago you were in here, and we…we got off together.”

“I know,” I said.

“I never would have guessed that would happen,” she said. “But I’m glad it did.”

“Me, too,” I said, working her upper back under her scrubs. She sighed as I worked tense muscles, her shoulders slowly relaxing. I massaged her neck, moving up and massaging under her ears and her jaw. She had a bad habit of clenching her jaw when she worked. She signed, sinking back into the chair. I was looking straight down her scrubs top and her ample cleavage.

With a jolt, I remember a time when I had rubbed her shoulders at home, and had seen the same amazing tits from this angle. I had remembered feeling ashamed of getting hard from it, but also eager to keep looking. And now, as I rubbed the sides of her neck, I took in my fill of them.

“Did you ever think of it, of us?” I asked.

“I don’t think so, not in a concrete way,” she said. She paused, and then added, “maybe a little.”

“How so?” I asked.

“Oh, it was more like when you’d give me a backrub, and I’d find myself a little turned on. Or sometimes a lot turned on. But I never thought about acting on it. How about you?”

“Well,” I said, “Yes. But it was more like I’d get turned on seeing you, and then I’d feel guilty.”

“Do you feel guilty now?” she asked, shifting in her seat a little.

“No,” I said, running my hands over her collarbones. I gently massaged the top of her breasts, and she shifted again, pulling at her scrubs so the top fell forward. I slid my hands down over her bra, massaging her breasts.

“So, it’s going to be that kind of massage, huh?” she teased. She closed her eyes and let her head back in the chair as I gently slid under her bra, cupping her tits. She sighed, and then said, “I can’t believe I let myself go for so long without getting any.”

“Why did you?” I asked.

“Oh, I don’t know. I just got busy, and then you came along, and I was really busy,” she laughed. “You know me, I have a hard time turning work off.”

“You’re good at it,” I said.

“Thanks, but I could have found time. I guess I just got in a habit, and then I got scared of getting out of it. But now, thanks to you, I think I can get back out there.”

“Dating?” I said.

“Sure,” she said, sitting up. My hands slid out from her bra as she turned around in the chair. “Does that bother you?”

“No,” I said. “I just didn’t know if you’d…if you’d be okay with it.”

“Oh, you mean can you date? Of course you can. And if you aren’t comfortable doing it with me if you have a girlfriend, I won’t take offense,” she paused, grinning, “but since we’re both single right now, I’d like you to take me right now, in this chair.”

I didn’t hesitate. I pulled her up to me, instantly slipping her top off of her. I unhooked her bra, letting her breasts fall out as she slid it off. I spun her around, pulling down her scrubs to her knees. I had her kneel on the chair, her ass sticking out to me. She was dripping wet as I entered her.

I slid deep into her, angling above her. I thrust into her, hitting the same spot from that morning, feeling her pussy clamp around me instantly.

“Oh god,” she groaned quietly as I thrust into her, hitting the front wall of her pussy over and over again. I reached forward and cupped her tits, thrusting into her like a wild animal, and she came. I felt her pussy grip me and she sighed slowly as I kept thrusting. Her body trembled against me, and I felt her limbs give way as she sank against the chair. I straightened up, thrusting deep inside her, taking care not to slap loudly against her ass.

I came suddenly, thrusting deep and holding my dick all the way inside her as I spurted cum into her. I was amazed I had anything left inside me, but I filled her. I pulled out of her and most of it spilled out onto the chair. She turned and sat down, the puddle of cum laying between her open legs. Her pussy dripped onto the leather chair, and she grabbed some tissues and cleaned up the mess.

“Always a logistical problem,” she mused, “all that cum. Does Jen usually swallow?”

“What?” I asked.

She laughed, her tits jiggling. She picked up her bra off the desk and put it on, standing up to retrieve her scrub top and pulling up her pants. “I know what you’ve been doing with my sister.”

She said it matter-of-factly. I still found myself panicking, and she took my hand in hers.

“I’ve known for a while,” she said.

“How?” I said.

“I saw you two in the hot tub. When she gave you a blowjob.”

“Are you upset?” I asked.

“Would I have done it with you so many times if I was?” she asked. “No, of course not. Does she know?”

“No,” I said.

“Well, I don’t know how long you could keep it secret, really,” she mused.

“Me either,” I said. I felt a wave of relief. “You really don’t care?”

“I can share,” she said simply. “And I certainly can’t judge. Honestly, if everyone knew, it would be a lot easier. I don’t know how she’ll react.”

“I have an idea,” I said, picking up my clothes and getting dressed. “But you’ll have to go along with me.”

Chapter 4

The next morning, I got up early and left before mom and Jen were awake. I passed by Jen’s room and saw her lying naked in bed, asleep. She was on her stomach, her bubble but high in the air, and I wanted to wake her up and fuck her, but I marshalled myself. I left, driving around until a bookstore opened so I could take my mind off of things.

The gravity of my mother knowing about Jen was still hitting me. Of course, so much of our life was now strange, but then again why worry about it? I should be embracing the fact that she was cool with it. I wandered around town, window shopping, sending that Daphne girl a text, and wondering how I ended up with two sex-starved women in the same house.

My phone buzzed and I expected Daphne, but it was mom. I checked my watch and grinned. She was on time, as usual. I headed home, arriving at one o’clock like she had asked. When I pulled up to the house mom’s car was in the driveway, but Jen was gone. I walked into the house to find mom on the couch. She was naked, her scrubs in a pile on the coffee table.

“Come here,” she said, beckoning me closer. I stripped off my clothes and joined her on the couch. She kissed me, pulling me down on top of her. I buried my face in her tits, exploring her with my hands.

“Remember,” she panted, “we can’t start yet. We need to time things right.”

“In the meantime,” I asked, lifting my mouth from her nipple.

“Keep doing what you’re doing,” she said softly. I ground against her, my dick rubbing along her thigh, as I kissed her tits. She sighed, and said “I took a peek at it, while you were sleeping once. I just wanted to see what kind of man you’d grown into.”

I lifted my head, my hand roaming down to her pussy. I gently touched her labia, and whispered “I took pictures of you after you came out of the shower.”

She giggled. “I know.”

“You knew,” I said, lifting my head.

“Yeah,” she said. “I didn’t care. I figured you were curious. That’s why I started leaving my bathroom door open.”

She was stroking me gently, and when I got close I’d tense up and she’d stop. We repeated the process as she kissed me and I rubbed her off. She came several times, but kept bringing me halfway to orgasm and then backing off. I felt a tremendous pressure building inside me.

We heard a car door outside.

“Are you ready?” she asked. “This might not work.”

“I’m ready,” I said. She got on her hands and knees on the couch, sticking out her ass. Her pussy dripped onto the couch in anticipation.

“Fuck me hard,” she said sweetly. She gasped as I entered her. She was so wet I slid all the way in on the first push. I started fucking her, thrusting deep inside her. I aimed at her sweet spot, and she was close to coming, when I heard the door open behind me. Pretending not to notice, I kept slamming into her, her tits swaying in circles as I pounded hard against her, practically grunting with each thrust.

“Maggie! Will!” we heard behind us.

“Jen!” we said together. I pulled out of Mom just as I was coming. I erupted, the biggest load of cum of my entire life shooting all over my mom. She had slid onto her side as I had pulled of her, and I rained strands of cum all over her tits and stomach. I kept coming, my dick pulsing angrily, spurting ropes of cum all over mom. She had built me up so much, sending me texts all day, telling me little secrets about her sex life, and now I kept coming, both of us frozen as Jen just stared.

There was silence for a moment, and Jen laughed. Mom said, “You didn’t think I’d let you keep him all to yourself, did I?”

“You knew?” Jen asked.

Mom nodded. “Come here.”

Jen stepped over, staring at the massive amount of cum dripping down mom’s body. Mom stood up, standing between us. Mom tugged at Jen’s shorts and she slid them off, and then took off her top. They stared at each other with an intensity I had never seen before.

“Well, now that it’s all out there, are there ground rules?” Jen asked.

“Of course not,” Mom said. “Have there ever been?”

Mom pulled Jen forward and then, to my surprise, kissed her. My mouth fell open as the two women kissed, pressing their naked bodies together, rubbing against each other. They fell onto couch, Jen on top of mom, the two of them kissing and rubbing. My cum smeared between them. Mom stopped kissing Jen for a moment, looking at me. “You okay?” she panted.

I nodded. She looked down at my swollen dick, which was coming back to life. She looked at Jen, who turned and looked at me, nodding.

“Take me now,” Jen said, returning her attention to my mom. The two sisters kissed, and Jen lifted her ass. She was wet, and she was rubbing mom’s pussy as they kissed. I knelt between their outstretched legs, marveling at the sight of the sisters getting it on. It had never occurred to me that they had been intimate, but now it made sense. I guided myself into Jen, gently fucking her from behind as she made out with my mom.

Mom was closing to coming, have had several orgasms already, and trashed about underneath Jen as I fucked Jen hard. I was not even close to coming, having just unloaded all over my mom. My mom came, and so did Jen, both of them crying out in between muffled kisses. I fucked Jen harder, feeling her pussy grip me as I drove deep into her.

She same a second time, her hands now braced against the couch, my mother’s face buried in Jen’s tits. Jen cried out, her body thrashing about and I felt myself closer to coming. I pulled out at the last minute, and Jen slid next to mom on her side. The two women kissed as I came, dribbling what little cum was left inside me onto their thighs. The slid off of the couch and pulled me down with time, forming a tangle of limbs, sliding over their cum-splatted bodies.

“I’m going to enjoy this,” Jen said, “Can you keep up, Will?”

“I’ll try,” I said, laughing.

“We might have to take turns,” Mom said. “Maybe I get odd days?”

“Then I have to wait a whole day,” Jen laughed, and both women looked at me. “Maybe we can just take him at the same time.” I looked down at the two of them, their tits pressed together, and wondered how long until my dick would recover for another round.

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