3some with ebony teacher and daughter

Hi readers its sai . Let me tell you how i fucked my hot strict Ebony teacher. Her name is kousi (name changed) she is 5.8 feet age in her middle 50’s with dark complexion like a african woman but very strong enough, she had a heavy ass and she looked enoumous. She was my teacher in my high school and eventually became close to my mom. She handled tutorials for me once while studying i saw her adjusting saree that time i saw her boobs in her bra…..what a size….few years later she used to visit me, she was very strict teacher i was scared of her. At the same time i used to fantasize about drilling her nicely, eventually it happened.

Few months ago her daughter was married and she was all alone at home her husband is a workholic all the time and busy. She used to tell to my mom that she’s always alone no company, though she was so strong she did had a weak spot(human nature). She treated our family as her relatives. Once wen i was on leave she paid a visit to my home, she was sad talking to my mum about her lonliness. I accidently said her “dont worry mam i will come to your home and you will have a company” i just tried my luck to spend tym with her. She said “come to my home with me da” i was happy but kept innocent face my mom said to go as i was on leave i too was bored of sitting at home playing games, so i carried my laptop which contained few porn things along with her. We reached her home by 1 hour she made me to sit and got me soft drinks i said”your home is well furnished mam i like it” she said “thanks da”.

we surfed on net and her husband came. He told her that he’s leaving for a tournament and will return after 5 days. I acted to keep my ears closed i slept in hall. The next day morning her husband left home and we were alone at home. Kousi said that she has a small work and she will be back in an hour she trusted me and left home. I was bored all alone and was exploring her home and came across her room,one of the cupboard drawer was left open i just went to close it, but……i found a dildo and a masturbator…. my god so she masturbates often and fullfill her sexual urges. I put it back and returned to her roomwhere i was watching porn connecting to LED TV wat a clarity. I minimized the window and saw Kousi returning with some groceries, i helped her to place the groceries in the kitchen. she said” thanks da go and take a shower we will have lunch together”. i went to the shower without carrying towel and forgot to put the latch, kousi came with towel and handed it to me and said to take a neat shower and smiled. i took shower in the bathroom attached to her room, i forgot and left my porn material window minimized i took shower fast and opened the door, i heard the porn videos playing, i slowly peeped through the door what the fuck is happening here, Kousi was rubbing her clit and letting moans by watching the porn. She saw me but continued and called me near, i had the towel wrapped arond my waist.


My cock was hard and kousi was watching my tool in my towel. When i neared her she put her hands on my erected tool and pressed it tight. It was painful but pleasure. she said “naanu ne shower panna modu un poola parthe da yenale control panna mudile, aana un laptop on le inchi so adule porn video parte so nanu adichinuruke”(I saw your tool went you were in shower so I could not control so I saw you porn video) i said no problem mam”ungaluku en laptop pakka rights iruku ” i added her “take a copy of my folder if you want. she smiled wickedly and unwrapped my towel and admired my manmeat she said “ne slim ah iruke aana un thambi romba perusa iruku da( you are slim whereas your bro is bigger) and started to take cock inside and lightly sqeezing my balls. “aaaaahhhhhhh mmmaaaaammmmm” i moaned and continued with her job. 5 minutes later i took my cock out. I said that i saw the dildo in her drawer she said ” naughty boy ” she was wearing a loose peticoat only. She said ” enna chellam paakure va vandu enna othu thallu”(wat are you looking at come and fuck me my darling), I gained my erection and marched to her and undressed her it was so easy to undress her. mother fuck wat a lady she is oooooohhhhhlly sssshiiitt…suck it.

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She was blessed with dark large boobs like a basket ball and fleshy and hard all the time. I couldnt imagine with my eyes i said “un mulliye amakka mudiyadu de ivolavu perusa iruku”(i cant press your boobs since its too big), she said “give your best to my breast” what a ryming she carried me on her arms( she was heavier too and strong physically, my mom lifted me wen i was a kid and now my ebony maam is lifting me up. I put my cock in her mouth and she sucked it very well using the vaccum in her mouth. She was pressing my tool hard and squeezing my hot balls “ena da un balls ivolo suda iuruku” I said it happens often. I said “ mam i….sorry kousi naanu una okanum” she said “ va da im ready for you I kissed on her lips she was so forcefully smooching me by putting me on the bed. Later she said “en mullaya pudichi nalla amaku chellam”(press my boobs dear) I did wat a boobs rock hard I was pressing as hard as I could she was mmmmmmm…aaaahhhhh….apidi tha ….aaahhhhhhuuuuu….. and she inserted my shaft in her pussy, the love hole of her’s was warm I started to stroke her medium speed. Aaaaaahhhhhhh….ummmmmmmmmmmmmaaahhhhhhhhhh…….ah sai adi da nalla adi da yenna un thavdiya aaku da’’(yes please make me as your whore) this word made me more energetic and banged her super fast phat phat phat pluch pluch and I made her put on the bed rided on the big slut her thighs were bigger than mine I was sucking her basketball boobs like anything I thought it as a toy and started playing with it, sucking it pressing it untill I hear her moans,pinching it and bitting her nipples hard “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh nalla okkure da ne yenna yen purusha kuda ippidi othadilla(you fuck nice my husband don’t fuck me at all)…..uuuuhhh….uuuuhhh….mmmmmhhmmmphhh.. sssss ppppa……

I now inserted the whole length of my cock and kept it inside for few seconds sucked her milk from her boobs that were oozing profusely and now I gave her my maximum thrust phat phat phat it sounded like slapping insides her black cunt. 10 minutes later I cummed inside her pussy due to express strokes. I said sorry that I cummed without any control she said “parava illa dear un liquid romba suda iruku I slept and she took her dark tasty cunt to my mouth, I licked my own cum and teased her cunt so she shivered I inserted my 3 fingers in hers she squirted a large thick white juices on my mouth I drank it all, it was tasteless. i made her in doggy position and fucked her and finally climbed on her “ romba sugamairuku da…..innu oku yenna(its very enjoyable fuck me more) aaahhhhhhh….uuuuhhuhuhhh…mmhhmhhfmmmm abba ahhh” I was tempted by her words

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We were soaked by sweat we were breathing heavily she came to cowgirl position and rided on me for 10 minutes she was kissing me caressing my head sucking my nipples. Her tongue rolled on mine we were out of control……….i gripped her back and slowly stood up on the floor carrying her….she seemed to weigh a ton.”she hugged me and let my man to go in her woman I fucked her for 5 minutes “en purusha kuda enna thuki othadilla avan yen kudhi ye use pannale(my hubby didn’t fuck me by lifting me up) he used to ride on me aana ne un best eh kudukure so proud of you my darling” and smooched me I was fucking her and sucked bit her nipples again milk flowed from her breast I drank all of it she said” en pal eh kudi dear romba sexy ah iruku you will grow strong” I sucked it and drained it we collapsed on the bed. I ever imagined of experiencing 3 some. I asked her in a fear voice I wanted to try a 3some please she asked me 3 some means yenna I said I need another girl to join us . she thought for a while and said “wait I will call my daughter” I said her daughter is married how can she…. Kousi said she knows her daughter how to seduce.

Her daughter keerty(name changed) was 3 years elder to me and she had also a dark complexion with 5.6 feet with medium boobs and ass newly married a week ago. I stayed in kousi bedroom imagining me in between those two black beauties . She called her daughter to the room and pointed at me.Kousi ordered her daughter to sleep with both of us and keerty agreed and pulled down the blanket on my waist and starting seducing herself. I was shocked kousi still have order to her. Both mom and daughter stood naked in front of me with lust in their eyes. Double lucky drop for me, they came both the side of me im in between them they made me sleep straight and both of them started to stroke my penis. A lucky day to my meatpole.yaahooo….i was gaining erection her daughter was kissing meanwhile kousi sucked my cock,I sucked keerty’s boobs they were of football size and hard as her mom’s. I tried to sit but keerty came to my mouth getting her shaved cunt, I licked it and she too squirted watery juices which were tastier I sucked till the last drop Keerty was sensitive and was trembling after she cummed I said “ don’t worry naanu unna otha seri aidum(don’t worry wen I fuck its gonna be alright) meanwhile I had fingering kousi. And slowly inserted my banana into her dark forest her pussy was so tight I asked her “un kudhi en romba gatti ya iruku ?”( why is your pussy so tight) she felt shy to tell I understood that her husband didn’t fuck her properly. I asked her “ un purusha seriya othadille?”(didn’t your hubby fuck you at all) she said “ ava yena oru vati kuda othade illa(he didn’t fuck me at all)“ she added he did oral sex and slept” so she was a virgin. I said don’t worry your virginity is about to be broke down I added thrust and entered her black forest, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh she shouted by then kousi got up and put her mouth in hers I was fucking her in missionary position within 5 minutes she bursted out juices with blood it flowed on my rod, she lost her virginity, now it was easy to penetrate her she took my lips and placed on hers we were smooching meanwhile kousi was tickilng my balls and rubbing keerty’s pussy lips. I fucked keerty and sucked kousi assets it continued for 15 minutes and I fucked kousi for 10 minutes and sucked keerty’s boobs. We were exhausted and collapsed on bed keerty told me “ yen purushan pool romba chinnadu ava en virginity eh break pannale( my hubby cock is small and couldn’t lose my virginity)such a waste’’ I turned to kousi were she told her that” en purusha pool kuda chinnadu aana na dildo vechi enna satisfy pannine’(my hubby cock is small but I satisfy me by using dildo) I said them “don’t worry ladies I will make you satisfy” both of them smiled they both stood and called me in between them both of them took their one leg up and asked “ unaku yaar kudhi eh ne okka pore darling”(whose pussy you wanna hammered) I choosed kousi I massaged my chest on her back it was so soft and glittering she was sweating .

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I stood behind and adjusted my medium color cock into her dark side, “aahhh appi tha aahhheeehhhhhhaaaayyyaaaaa “ keety kneeled down and tickled my balls and pressed her moms big breast and sucking her boobs with fingering her pussy kousi said” sai please enna otha madri yen ponnu yu othudu avaluku sugathe katu da”(please fuck my girl as you fucked me and show her the exact pleasure) I said with pleasure..kousi discharged another load of juices on my cock and lubricated it “ eppidi iruku en fluid eh yen kudhi irundu un pool ku vilamodu”( how it feels wen my juices flows from my pusyy to your meat pole) I dragged her and smooched her passionately I bit her nipples and sucked it damn she is still discharging her milk”en mullaye amikki pal kudida da”(press my boobs and drink my milk) this time me and keerty dranked her milk. I took keerty in my arms and started ride her hard ……”aaaaaaaahhhhhhhmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaa…sai you are incredible please enna othardu niruthade appidiye iniki fulla othidu please”( please don’t stop throbbing me fuck me the whole day) I said un karupu kudhi ye kilikira varaikum unna okkure”(I will fuck you till I tear your dark pussy). She was happy I kept her kissing in parallel while I was throbbing her, I felt the core of her hole “aaahhhhhhhhyes..yesss….yaaaa….ah.. please en kudhi irundu un pool eh yedu da”(please take off your rod from my hole) she screamed I took out and placed both of them on bed and started shafting both of them 5 strokes to keerty and 5 strokes to kousi “ sai ne tha da aambale iniki tha naange sex nu na yeppidi irukum nu terinjichi”( you are the man you have shown how sex is all about)after 10 minutes I told them im cumming both of them kneeled down and I released the white beast on their faces which ended upto 1 minute

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