A Hike with my Sister – Part 2

A Hike with my Sister

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One earily afternoon, my sister called and asked me if I was interested
in going for a long trail hike with her. It was a very
unusually warm earily fall day and I agreed. My sister arrived at my
place minutes later to prepare for the hike. We
packed up some water and snacks and prepared for the 15 minutes drive to
the lake. My sister was wearing a nice sexy pair
of shorts that hugged her tight ass perfectly with no evidence of any
panty lines and she also had on a tight stretched top
that framed her beautiful perky c-cup tits. We had planned a seven mile
hike around the lake, the trail somewhat
succluded in sections, but mainly rolling single-track trails with some
sections of fairly steep short climbs. Upon arrival at
the lake, my sister mentioned she would lead the trail hike.

I made no attempts to thwart that idea, I was looking forward to
watching my sister’s hot body from behind throughout the
hike. My younger sister, throughout our teenage lives and into adulthood
was always very sexual around me, however it
never moved past her playfulness.

The hike started and I was enjoying the hike partly being out in nature
and mostly watching my sisters tight body moving
up and down the trails . She knew she had me and would occassionally
shift her body in an exaggerated motion to move her
ass in a subtle but sexy way.

About three miles into the hike my sister stopped on the trail for a
quick break for water and a snack. The combination of
both a warm day and the hike caused my sister to begin to sweat, she had
a nice glow about her. She asked me for a
bannana from my small backpack. I saw her drink some water and then my
sister peeled that bannana so slowly and
sensually and took a small bite of the bannana eating it slowly while
moving her tongue around her lips. I popped a bonner
right then. I wished my sister performing on my cock at that moment. The
bannana tease continued until she finally
finished it a few minutes later. I slowing stood up not to devulge my
hard bonner in my shorts. We resumed our hike, my
sister still taking the lead. Her ass was so tight and her perky tits
slowing bouncing up and down as the hike continued. I
began to touch myself as I watch the scene in front of me. At one point
the trail veared off the a sharp right turn and out of
the corner of my sister’s eye she looked back and saw me with my hand on
my crotch. She had a slight smirk on her face
yet continued on. I was embarrassed, however and not sure if what see
saw me doing?

We both continued hiking at around the 5 mile mark we were both
sweathing more from both the heat and the hike . I was
actually sweating more from the subtle sexual body language coming from
my sister throughout this hike. We stopped for
some water, my sister drank some and without any hesitation squirted
water on her face and neck. The water then started
to run down her stretched top. I couldn’t believe it, her nipples were
now popping through her thin bra. She then looked
and me and stated “That’s refreshing” and squirted me with the water in
a playful jesture. Once again my sister has always
been seductive around me growing up. She is very flirtatious and at
times sexual towards me. We never acted upon those
since we are brother and sister. Now in our adulthood, it seems
intriging to me. The hike continued, at approximately 6
miles the trail beings a series of medium to steep climbs. I planned and
getting a closer look at my sister from behind
during this stretch. As stated my sister has a very athletic body from
years of ice skating into her earily adult years, She
has nice defined legs, a tight hard ass, perky tits along with her
creamy complexion, short blonde hair and green eyes. As
we began hiking the steep rolling hills my sister asked for me to move
up closer to her since she has experiencing trouble
with slipping back on the steep grade. So I moved up right behind her,
her ass moving back and forth was inches from both
my hands. During that climb my sister would occassionally slip back
slighty, as if losing her footing, thus bring her ass in
direct contact into my crotch. On these occasions I would reach out and
grab her around her waist and hold her till she
regained balance. This occurred a few more times during these steep
hills, enough for me to believe she was slipping
deliberately, however I enjoyed the chances to touch my sisters body.
Continuing on to the crest of the final steep hill,
When all of a sudden, she slipped back and appeared to have lost
balance. She fell back into my arms. My left hand cupping
her ass and my right hand on her ribs just below her right breast. She
looked back deeply into my eyes, while I held her
trying not to fall myself and gave me a long slow kiss on my mouth. I
was stunned, it happened so fast. I carried her up the
last few yards to to crest of the hill and set her back on her feet. My
sister had a beautiful glow about her, her eyes fixated
on me. We then both embraced and began kissing each other. I had
mentioned to my sister that I had always wished
something like this would happen between us hundreds of times while
growing up and she agreed. At this point we had
approximately 1 mile left to complete the hike around the lake. The
remaining mile was rolling hills, oak canopy covered
trail. We both agreed we didn’t want the hike to end. We both were horny
from all the sexual tension from the hike and
kissing while scoping out a area that would be more private. We didn’t
want to wait, we wanted to feel the moment and
make love to each other somewhere off the trail. We scouted a area of
Oak trees some fallen down about 45 yards off the

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We both sat next to each other on a large fallen tree trunk. My sister
and me looked at each other began kissing each
other. I leaned into her and began kissing harder and harder tongues
including. I moved my right hand toward her perky
tits and began caressing the outside of her breasts, she began to moan
slightly. I could see her nipples fully errect through
her still wet tight shirt and began twisting her nipple between my index
finger and thumb. I then pulled her tight shirt over
her head and she didn’t resist. She had a shear see-through bra on and
her milky white skin was warm and supple. She
gazed into my eyes and continued to kiss, My sister then removed my
shirt and began rubbing my chest. She leaned
forward and began licking and sucking my nipple. While my sister was
busy sucking my nipple, I reached behind her and
began undoing her bra, her c-cup tits were perfectly at attention with
her succulent gumdrop nipples looked delicious. I
began messaging her tits. My sister stopped sucking my nipple and leaned
back resting her head up against an upright tree.
Her eyes slightly open as I messaged her supple breasts. She moaned in a
soft voice and asked me to remove her shorts. I
continued to suck her gumdrop nipples harder and harder and she enjoyed
that by skrimming and moving her head left to
right. While sucking her tits I reached down with my right hand and
unsnapped her top button and proceeded to start
unzipping her shorts.

I pulled her shorts off and surprised to see a shear g-string panty on.
She was hot, her see through panties were wet from
excitement and she was completely shaven except for a nice small crop of
blonde pubic hair on top. My sister leaned forward
and we began kissing again. My cock was now bulging and throbbing with
excitement and my sister noticed immediately.
She stood up from the tree trunk almost completely naked except for her
socks and shoes and the shear g-string , knealt
down on the ground and began to unzip my shorts. She pulled down my
shorts and underwear down to my ankles just stared
with delight at my cock. This was the point of no return and the fact
that my own sister was about to suck my cock was
unbelievable, I was in disbelief. My sister just grabbed my cock with
both her hands and began pumping it in her hands. I
already had pre-cum on the head of my cock and my sister took no time to
lick it off my cock head. My knees were locked
and my sister began to suck my cock with her small mouth. Her green eyes
looking up directly into my eyes while she
continued to suck my cock. I overs the years dreamed of many sex
senerios with my sister, but I never could have
imagined this and how could it feel this good. My sister now reached
back and grabbed my ass cheeks with her hands and
requested that I cock fuck her tight mouth. I began slowly thrusting my
hips back and forth pushing my cock into and out
of her waiting mouth. I would completely pull my cock from her mouth and
the proceed to thrust it back into that open

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We were both moaning and groaning with delight. I was about to cum at
any second, and was unable to hold back my cum
any longer. I pulled my cock out of her mouth, she begged for more . I
just shot my load of cum onto her chin and neck.
My cum was falling down her neck onto her tits. My sisters mouth still
open looked up at me in disappointment, she wanted
my cum much to my surprise. I wipped off some of my cum from her chin
and she licked if off my fingers. She then started
to suck of now limp cock for every drop. I told her I’ll be hard again
in a few moments. My sister not satisfied got up sat
back on the tree trunk then leaned back started to spread those creamy
thighs and started rubbing her pussy through her
panties. My cock soon got hard again and my sister slyly smiled in
delight. She pulled aside her g-string to expose tight
pussy lips.She began speading her pussy lips with her fingers to tease
me. Her pussy lips were wet with cum and she further
spread them to show me her pink glistening hole. Her pussy was the most
inviting pussy I ‘ve seen. My sister began putting
her index and middle finger in and out of her moist pussy , while gazing
at me with her deep green eyes. She asked me to
eat her pussy, So with my cock now full on bonner from my sisters tease
show, I knealt down as my sister spread her legs
wider. I began licking up her juices and sucking my sisters pussy and
clit. She was continually moaning in delight , her eyes
closed, head moving side to side. I reached up with my left hand and
began to feel her right tit, her nipple still hard as a
rock. My sister’s pussy was so sweet and wet, I could have spent hours
there eating out her hole. I was pushing my tongue
in and out of her moist pussy, But my sister wanted my cock inside her
and I also wanted to pump that tight pussy with my
rock hard cock.

I stood to my feet grabbed my sister by her legs, lifted her legs up and
spead open her legs wide and placed just the head of
my hard cock into her moist hole. Her eyes opened wide looking at me ,
she asked me to go deep inside of her. I was
continually teasing her willing pussy with my cock by slowly moving in
the head of my cock and pulling it out of her wet
pussy. I could feel my sister attempt to tighten her pussy around my
cock head to keep it in her. I continued to tease her
waiting pussy with my hard cock. I then much to her surprise thrusted my
whole cock deep into my sisters tight hole. Her
eyes opened wide and she gave me a full smile as her body began to
quiver. I then stated a deliberate slow paced rhythm
pumping my sisters wet pussy. She was gripping real tight with her pussy
lips around my cock and I was barely able to
contain myself.

As my sister’s pussy was gripping tight around my whole cock she asked
me to continue harder and faster and deeper into
her. I continued to pump rhythmically in and out of her pussy harder and
harder. I pulled my cock completely out of her
wet hole, my cock shaft wet with her pussy juices. My sister opened her
eyes as if to wonder what I was doing. Her pussy
was completely open just waiting to be filled again, I now pumped my
cock hard into her waiting hole , my sister enjoyed
that hard push and then continued to pump her pussy hard. My sister now
moaning in delight and my knees getting weak
as I continued to pump my cock into my sister. My sister then then said
she wanted my cock deeper in her and from
behind. My sister then sat up and started to suck her pussy juice off my
cock , then continued to get on the ground on all
fours, placed her ass in the air and I followed her on to my knees. I
gripped her tight ass checks with my hands slightly
spreading them apart a put my cock into her smooth wet pussy. She just
looked back at me with a full smile and sexy gaze
in her eyes. I began pumping my cock deep into my sisters pussy. We were
both slightly moaning in delight. I contiuned to
pump her pussy while she arched her back in pleasure. I reached with my
left hand a was caressing her left breast while
continuing to fuck her pussy. We both were sweating and lost in each
other. My sister continually was asking for it harder
and harder, I was pumpering her pussy at a feverish rate. My sister was
breathing shorter and shorter breathes and
groaning in extascy. Her pussy was gripping my cock with full intensity,
we were locked into each other. My upper thighs
were slapping against my sisters ass checks creating a slapping sound as
I wascontinually pounding her wet cunt.

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She was shaking and quivering violently, All of a sudden I felt a warmth
engulf of my cock. My sister was moaning in
delight and she was cumming. She was trying to catch her breath and
squirmming in my hands. I stopped pumping for a
brief moment, my sister looked back at me her face glistening. I then
stared a fast pump of my cock back into my sister
she began moaning, I pulled my cock from my sister pussy almost
immediately and shot my hot load onto my sisters ass.
My cum was dripping down from her ass unto her pussy then to the ground.
My sister immediately turned around much to
my surprise grabbed my cock with her hands and began to suck every last
drop from my cock, My knees were involuntarily
shaking like jello as my sister drained and last drop of cum. She stood
up we then both embraced and kissed each other for
a minute, while wipping off the dripping sweat from each others faces.
Each of our hearts were pounding in unison as we
slowing slowed down our breathing. After a few minutes, I help my sister
put on her bra while kissing her neck. We were
both exhausted from the sex more than the hike and heat and while now
sitting on the fallen tree truck began getting
dressed, our knees were both scratched and scraped , however we weren’t
feeling any pain, just sheer extascy. I wipped off
the remaining cum from my sisters ass and pussy and then she adjusted
her g-string panties. I pulled up my shorts and she
with my help put back on her tight top. We had a quick snack and some
water both our legs were unstable and shaking as
we slowly walk back toward the trail. We were holding each other,
occassionally kissing as we started to hike the last mile
of our hike. We we both looking into each other eyes with amazement that
this whole event took place. We both talked
about how we each hope this had happened eairily in our lives, however
glad that it happened in our adult years. While we
finishing the hike we feverishly were making plans for our next hike.

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