A Short Love Story

Hi All dear readers, im a regular reader of this site, This is the first time for me n its a Love story n also how i lost my virginity to my love (girl frnd). First of All pls apologise for my gramatical mistakes. About me im 28, living in bangalore. She is 27, from murudeshwara, lives in bangalore, vry fair n super character, i just loved her for her character.

Coming to the we both worked in same office recently on sept 2018, n She on oct. Im in IT dept n She cal center. For first two months we never spoke since im in IT i was free always so i use to go n speak with All n make fun but with girls i dont speak much. One day One customer scolded her n She was crying n i went n consoled her as, take it easy that was when i spoke with her there it started her entry in my life. Then She started to observe me. Then after One week as i was chatting with another frnd She took my make id n started msging me. For two weeks we chatted just hi bye n gm so on. But never exachnged our nunmber, n slowly She asked me y u did take my no still. I told its not Good frm my part to take no n i dont like speaking with girls slowly it lead to love n im vry carefull.

Then She gave her no n the same day after office She called me n spoke more than two hours this continued evryday till She reaches her home. N for three weeks i warned her not speak with me becoz its wrong speaking with a boy. As days pass one day i did not speak with her she started crying in the office itself.


So frm next day onwards i started liking her more n we were attached more both use get more upset if i get hurt she cries n i cry when she gets hurt. After one weeks i told her that i love her first she did not accept later two weeks she slowly started loving me which she did not tel me. Then in month of jan 2019 she left office Then one day while speaking with her i wnt to her home. Then we were speaking just laying on bed next to each other Then slowly i kissed her forehead n on chicks n when i tried kiss on her lips she resisted n i stoped for some time n agian kissed on lips forcefully she started responding Then frm afternoon 12 to till 2 pm we just smooching n hugging tightly. Then we had lunch n agian went to bed n started our kissing section Then slowly i started reached her lower area first she resisted n i told just wnt to see she agreed n i removed her skirt n underwear my god most beautiful view for first time im cing a girls vagina so close n just touched it so so soft. Then agian i started smooching for some time Then she told if u wnt u can do down i said what Then she said agian u can do whatever u wnt Then slowly i inserted in her after 8 – 10 minutes i injected All the sperm in side her Then we agian clensed ourself agian came to bed n started our smooching section. After for hours around 10 pm agian we had another round this it was super experience n so wonderful to Have to be inside her this time she was wet n hot .

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This is how i lost my virginity till today those incidence is like just hapnd yesterday. Now she left me due some misunderstanding. I love her n miss her so much.

Thanks for All the readers dont be disaapointed since this is my first experience n a pure love story any comments pls mail me to [email protected]

Thank you all

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