Adarso Paribar ( Ideal Family ) : Ch 1

Smt. Anuradha Bandyopadhyay, 55 yrs.old Headmistress of “Maa Saarada Vidyapith”, moaned softly into her 20 yrs old Adibasi driver Ramu’s mouth as he skinned the tight, silk panties she was wearing, down over her fleshy, womanly hips. She had been looking forward to this since noon when she began to get the familiar, unmistakable urge for sex. It had been hell to take class, trying to stop herself staring at her teenage student’s tight bulge that walked past, and her pussy had been wet and tingly all afternoon.

Now a young-looking matured Anuradhadevi had always been a very highly sexed woman, even in her teens. This had of course attracted many boyfriends in her school and college life, but after her husband, Animeshbabu’s unexpected death just one month ago, Ramu had been able to regularly satisfy her lustful cravings. They were two peas recently in a pod, and sex between them had always been fast, furious and frequent, although it occurred in a strict confidential way.

“Are you sure the all are asleep?” whispered Anuradhadevi, wrapping her long, slim fingers around her driver’s rapidly lengthening cock.
“Maybe, don’t worry about that.” he replied, squeezing her breasts with one hand. Dadabau ( Ashim, Anuradhadevi’s son ) and Boudimoni ( Sabana, daughter-in-law ) went to bed hours ago. They are anxious about Boudimoni’s next day’s recording of a Rabindrasangeet album.”


Anuradhadevi pulled gently up and down on her Adibasi driver’s stiff joint, rubbing her thumb up over the fat, darkened head, “What about Anusree ( granddaughter )?” she moaned as his hands caressed her tingling flesh.”

“Anusree’s light was on, may be she was preparing her home task, but you know how she always falls asleep reading. Right now honey, all I’m interested in is this hot puffy pussy of yours.” Ramu grinned.

Opening her thighs, Anuradhadevi let her driver’s other hand have free access to her cunt and moaned loudly as his fingers cupped her sex, slipping inside the tight, juicy slit with practiced ease. “Mmmmmmmm! Yeah, that feels so good!” She murmured, as she hunched her slick pussy up around her driver’s fingers. “Ohhhhhh Sona, I need fucking so badly! Don’t waste too much time, I’m already wet!”

Indeed she was… as soon as Ramu’s fingers entered his Memsaheb’s flooded pussy, a veritable stream of warm, fragrant cunt juices bathed his hand and her fluttering vaginal muscles nibbled delightfully at his fingers.

“Oh God, baby you’re hot… and your pussy’s so wet!” The young Adibasi driver whispered, inserting a third stiff digit into his Memsaheb’s quivering hole.
“Fuck me then! Stick it in and fuck me hard! I want your big, fat cock baby!” Anuradhadevi hissed.

Anuradhadevi rolled onto her back and spread her legs, pulling her Adibasi driver’s snake-like black prick into her seething snatch like a woman possessed. Spurred on by Anuradhadevi’s obvious desperate need, her driver wasted no more time in driving his huge nigro cock into the tender, delicate, hungering flesh of her cunt. Her long, milky legs swept higher, capturing her young driver’s powerful muscled body, her heels locked just above the crack of his ass, giving her the added leverage she needed.

Ramu Soren felt the walls of his Memsaheb’s pussy spread apart, molding around his invading black cock like a glove as he slid easily into her, his mighty cobra snake impaling her hot snatch until his huge balls came to rest against her pinkly puckered asshole. “Arhhhhhhgghhh! Oh Bhagaban! Oh, God you’re hot and sweet baby” he gasped, as her clinging flesh enveloped his prick.

“Ohhh mago, Chod Bokachoda, Thapa Gudmarani Khankir bachha, ki aram !” whimpered the matured widow Headmistress, screwing herself urgently up against her Adibasi driver so that her clit rubbed deliciously against the shaft of his cock. Ramu braced himself with both hands and pulled out of his Memsaheb’s sucking hole, only to plow back down into her tightness again with added force, thrusting in and out with all his strength.

“OH! OOHH! FUCK, YES! That’s it! Throw that hot pussy up at me Memsaheb !” Ramu grunted, ramming his thick cock into her eagerly upthrust twat. Anuradhadevi bucked her ass up off the bed in time with her driver’s savage thrusts, moaning with pleasure at each deep penetration.

“Unnnnnggghhh! Ohhhhh! Fuck! Oh, baby! That’s it! Yes, harder! OHHHH, YESSSSS!” she squealed. Both of them were completely engrossed in their energetic lovemaking, oblivious to all but their own bodies in their frantic search for sexual release.

Two Aristocratic Bengalee Families : Ch 3

( Flashback : Just after seven days of Anuradhadevi’s husband’s death )

After finishing Madhyamik exam. Ramu realized that he wouldn’t be able to pass any more. Being a orphan and labourer, he decided to leave his village and went to Kolkaka where his maternal uncle arranged a nice job of driving in a reputed Hindu Brahmin family. They offered more than ten thousand rupees per month with fooding and lodging. He was more than happy and thanked the God.

One sunny day he reached Kolkaka by train, his uncle Kalu Soren received him and led him to the famous “Rashmoni Bhavan” where he introduced his nephew to Anuradhadevi.
Just 10 minuets from Howrah Stn. the taxi stopped in front of a very nice bungalow type huge apartment. Ramu’s uncle pressed the door bell and after few seconds a twenty yrs old Nepali servant ( Bahadur ) opened the door.

“Where is Madam, I bring my nephew for her driving ?” said Kalu Soren. The young Nepali servant said “Madam is sleeping, just wait for some time.” and immediately went inside the house.

Within minutes Anuradhadevi came. He saw a white saree covered remorsed widow was stepping in slowly. May be she was weeping for her expired husband, her beautiful eyes were moistened with tears. But OMG! In this pitiful atmosphere also, Ramu became amazed witnessing her tremendously sexual outlook. He couldn’t believe his eyes.This is his Memsaheb!

He was even more stunned watching the aged Hindu Brahmin widow wore sarees so seductively. Her full deep navel was exposed through her white chiffon saree.. He thoroughly read her body, top to bottom. Her extra large boobs were jutting under her clearly visible pink bra through the thin white blouse. And her big round ass cheeks are producing lust in his evil mind. His 10 inch member was getting a raging hard on watching all this. He couldn’t believe a matured Hindu widow Headmistress could dress up such a way.

“Saali Raandii” Ramu said to himself.
“Memsaheb ! This is Ramu, my nephew. He is a very hard working young man and an excellent driver just as you wanted” said Kalu Soren.
“OK! Lets see! “ as Anuradhadevi asked Ramu “Hey! What is your name”
“Ji Raamu..Memsaheb.” Ramu stammered.
Then as Kalu left the house, Anuradhadevi turned to Ramu, “Come upstairs, Ramu, you have to do other jobs also except driving, OK ”.

Ramu nodded and entered a big hall room, following Anuradhadevi. Ramu found that there was no one other than he and his Memsaheb in this floor. The hall room was well decorated and full with latest furniture.

“Sit over there” Anuradhadevi pointed to a chair at the corner.
“Ok Memsaheb,” said Ramu staring at the floor. He is confused.
“Now listen carefully! You are selected not for a usual driving. You have to……” said Anuradhadevi with a nice smile.
“What I have to do Memsaheb? I’d do anything for money” said Ramu .
“You have to fuck me, Amake Chudte parbi to ?” grinned the widow Headmistress with a shameless smile.
“ What???” He couldn’t believe his ears. He thought, he was dreaming.
“Yes.. actually my beloved husband died just seven days ago and I’m without any hard cock in my pussy since his death” said Anuradhadevi with another huge smile, ”I know you want it! You’d love to do it ..wouldn’t you?”
“Yes Memsaheb, yes…..”Ramu almost cried out with joy.
“Ok! But remember, anything about our relationship must not disclose, otherwise you have to…..can you guess. Now remove my clothes, I gotta take bath” Anuradhadevi ordered him.

Ramu nodded with extreme fear and excitement, with trembling fingers Ramu removed her clothes one by one. Being totally naked Anuradhadevi sat on the commode and started pissing with a siiiiiiii. ……..hisssss…..sound. His Bnara (dick) got its maximum length right at that moment.

Cousin Baby

“Ok… now come here .. “ Anuradhadevi didn’t stop pissing. Rather she put a huge smile in her beautiful innocent face and turned to him. When Ramu was moving towards his Memsaheb, he experienced something that is very taboo for a sophisticated mature honorable widow Headmistress.

Anuradhadevi hold her pussy like a hose pipe and showered some warm golden pee on Ramu’s thin body. She laughed out loudly while doing this slutty act. Ramu enjoyed his Memsaheb’s depravity but couldn’t digest of this orthodox Brahmin lady’s perverted act as he just observed her moistened eyes for her expired husband.

“Hi hi hi…see what I have done to you .. hi hi “ Anuradhadevi kept on laughing. ”You know why I did this?”
“Why Memsaheb ?” Ramu queried.
“Are Maa Chodaru Bokachoda !! ( mother fucker ) I did it to make you hot, now put your lungi off …show me your Leora (dick)!!” Anuradhadevi shouted.

He obeyed as his Memsaheb ordered. His already erect cock was pointing to the roof. “OWO!! You get a very large dick!! I have taken only one dick so far, and that is my expired husband’s, but noticed more than fifty ..and this is surely the largest and nastiest ..owww… I’m so lucky to have you as my driver” said Smt Anuradha Bandyopadhyay while looking at his dick. Ramu moaned with a husky tone.

She moved close to her Adibasi driver and hold his hard cock .She spitted on it and started to message firmly. “You know I like nasty sex. While having sex I do lots of pissing ..!! Have you any problem?”

“NOOO.. Memsaheb .. kintu ami apnar mai chudte chai.. eta amar anurodh ( but I want to fuck your tits, it’s my request )” said Ramu closing his eyes.
“My dear chodu… You not only can fuck my tits, you are also allowed to piss on those … happy???”
“Yes …Memsaheb“ Ramu trembled with nasty excitement.
“And another thing.. you must lick and fuck my dirty asshole .. that’s compulsory … are you ok with that?” said Anuradhadevi shamelessly.
“Sure .. I’ll eat your shit also in my breakfast if you want “ said Ramu with a smile.

Anuradhadevi took his black cobra in her mouth and started to suck gently. She brought her tongue to the dark head of his cock, licked the head and then took only the head inside her mouth. The charcoal black cock filled her milk-white mouth completely. Being a orthodox Hindu Brahmin widow, Anuradhadevi felt nasty by sucking her lower-caste Adibasi driver’s dirty dick. She licked his nigro dick like she used to suck the stick candies in her high school days. She took more than half of the cock inside her mouth and gave the best blowjob in Ramu’s life. Ramu simply couldn’t say anything, but came with strong force in Anuradhadevi’s mouth. She swallowed all the cum her driver has to offer.

Ramu was unable to think what a slut his Memsaheb was. If she was so much sex crazy at this age ,what might had she done at her early age .. he just couldn’t think much.

“Say dirty things to me … “Anuradhadevi shouted .. still tasting her Adibasi driver’s salty sperm.
“Saalii Randii  Khankichudi Besyamagi…( slut ) I’ll fuck your brains out you nasty whore “ scolded Ramu loudly.
“Ohhhh yes fantastic…say it me whoreeee…call me bitch….!!” highly educated Headmistress went mad with lust.
“Whore.. stinky bitch …randiiiii Gudmarani Khanki Magi…..” shouted Ramu while fondling her huge pendulous tits.

After 5 minutes Anuradhadevi told her driver to turn around. Ramu asked “Why randiii..?”
“Sala .. tor gnarer phuto chusbo sala (I’ll lick your asshole)”
“Ure sala Beshya Magi…” Ramu moved his black ass closer to Anuradhadevi’s mouth. And the honorable Brahmin widow Headmistress of “Maa Saarada Vidyapith”  spread his ass cheeks wide apart by one hand and started finger-fuck his dirty and hairy butt hole by another hand.

“Ahhhh…..Anuradha Magi re…that feels so gooodd” Ramu cried with pleasure as his Memsaheb kept on fingering his asshole furiously. After 10 minutes of ass fingering, Anuradhadevi put her finger in her mouth and tasted Ramu’s shit-juice and smelled the kinky aroma.”Ohh…your shit tastes so good.. Ummm!!”

Then Anuradhadevi licked his asshole with her tongue and sucked all the gooey shit-juice coming out from his asshole. His ass was full of her saliva.

“Owo! I don’t think I deserve such a lovely Memsaheb,” Ramu was mad with pleasure.
“Now I want to fuck your tits” Ramu requested his Memsaheb while she was taking rest.
“Sure .. come on “

Ramu cupped her both tits with his hands, closed tightly around his 10 inch weapon and began to hump his cock deep into his Memsaheb’s cleavage. He kept on pushing through her fair moisture tit valley. He was moving his dick in and out while holding the tits tightly. After 10 minitues of vigorous tit-fucking, Ramu was about to cum. Then he got another idea to make thing dirtier. He pulled his dick out of her tit valley and started to rub on her face with a great force.

”Ooohhh!… Anuradha, my sweet Anu…Dhar Khanki magi !” He started to shoot his thick jeez all over her beautiful face and tits. And the slut was fingering his ass to make it worse.
“You are really a nasty whore Memsaheb” said Ramu with great pleasure.


Futanari Family: Secrets

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