Black Woman Fantasy, agree to erotic photo session

Black Woman Fantasy, agree to erotic photo session, I love pornography. I regularly download videos and pictures from the Internet and love reading erotic stories. I am particularly drawn to pictures of black women with their chocolate brown skin, nearly black nipples and velvety pubic hair. I am a white male in my thirties and have never been with a black woman. I’ve been married for about ten years and my wife and I enjoy an adventurous sex life. She gets turned on watching x-rated movies and reading erotica as much as I do, but doesn’t understand my fascination with dark skinned women.

I work as an analyst for a securities company and my wife is a lawyer specializing in corporate mergers. She travels a lot and is frequently out of town for several days at a time. Whenever she’s gone, I surf the web or use my file-sharing program to search for pictures and videos of beautiful black women. Most of the models on the web sites I’ve found look like junkie whores instead of models. Where are the gorgeous black babes? I have this fantasy of taking matters into my own hands and inviting a young black female over to the house for a photo shoot. My wife worked her way through law school as a photographer and still has all the camera equipment, lights and backdrops. My ultimate fantasy is that the photo shoot leads to hot sex with a beautiful, young black woman.

The current star of my fantasies is Katrina, a sexy, black, 18 year old intern working in our office for the summer. She is the daughter of one of my clients and this is her third summer working for us. She sorts the mail, does filing and general clerical duties for the analysts working on my floor and we interact frequently with good rapport. She is a knockout. She has shiny black hair hanging down to her shoulders, beautiful big brown eyes set between high cheek bones and a smile made more inviting by a thick, pouty lower lip. She’s about 5′ 8″ with long shapely legs usually covered with black nylons. She wears short skirts that fit tightly across her round ass cheeks that gently curve up to her slender waist. Her ample breasts push out her clinging tops creating perfectly round orbs high on her chest. Everyday I watch her push the mail cart through the hallways and imagine caressing her naked ass or sucking on her black nipples. I fantasize taking her home with me and photographing her in a variety of lewd positions before pounding my hard cock into her tight, young pussy. I have to stay behind my desk whenever she’s around to hide the bulge in my pants.

“Hey, Mr. C, I’ve got a few envelopes for you today. Looks like some papers to sign do you want me to wait for them?” Katrina has walked into my office with the mail. She’s wearing a white blouse with the top two buttons undone giving me a generous view of the top of her tits as they disappear into a black, lace bra. She’s wearing a gray skirt with a pink belt cinched across her flat stomach.

“That would be great, Kat. It should only take a minute or two, have a seat.” I motion her to one of the chairs across from my desk. She sits down, her skirt riding halfway up her thigh even before she crosses her legs. I’m trying not to leer at her as I open the manila envelope. “All ready for college?” I ask, “When do you leave us this time?” I’m staring at her lovely legs as I sign on the designated lines on the documents. I watch her uncross her legs and catch a glimpse of bare thigh above her black nylons.

“Three more weeks, then I’m a college freshman. My dad’s driving me up to school and staying the weekend to help me get settled. I’m going to miss it here.” Her smile is captivating and it pulls my eyes away from her legs.

“We’ll be the ones missing you, Kat. You’ll be too busy studying and partying and living the coed life to miss us. I almost envy you, although I must admit there are aspects of my college days that I wouldn’t want to relive.” I say laughingly.

“Really? Like what?” Katrina asks, leaning forward to listen to my answer. Her blouse gapes open on one side giving me a clear view of most of her left tit. I am awestruck at the sight of this smooth, milk chocolate colored globe and my cock reacts accordingly creating an even bigger bulge in my pants.

“Well, for some of us the freedom of being away from home for the first time was a little more independence than we could handle. Let’s just say that my first couple of semesters didn’t make my parents proud.” My mouth is dry and I’m hiding a raging hard on as I finish signing the papers. It’s not the head on my shoulders that’s driving my actions when I impulsively ask Katrina to have lunch with me. “I suppose you should deliver the rest of the mail rather than sit her and chat with me. Would you like to continue our conversation over lunch? I usually just go downstairs to the deli, what do you say?” I ask, as I finish addressing the envelope and hand it to her.

“That would be fun, Mr. C.” Katrina gives me a dazzling smile, stands up and walks toward the door. “I get my break at twelve, okay?”

“Perfect” I say, “I’ll meet you there.” I watch her firm, round ass swish back and forth as she pushes the mail cart down the hallway away from my office. It’s eleven-thirty and I don’t get any work done for the next half hour as I plot how to make my fantasy come true. I realize that I need a scapegoat to avoid being seen as a dirty old man when I propose a photo session to Katrina. My idea actually seems plausible by the time I reach the elevator and push the button for the first floor. Katrina is waiting for me at a booth in the corner, reading the menu when I arrive. I sit across from her and thank her for having lunch with me.

“No. Thank you, Mr. C. Being the only intern in an office of executives and assistants, I usually eat alone. This is a real treat for me.” Katrina is sharing that intoxicating smile with me again and this time her whole face is lit up in a smile that extends up to the sparkle in her eyes. I definitely want to capture this girl on film or I should say on memory card.

“A beautiful girl like you should never have to eat alone.” I say, reading the specials on the menu.

“Why Mr. C. Are you flirting with me?” She laughs, playfully batting her eyelashes at me. “It’s not everyday a girl gets invited to lunch by a handsome executive.”

“Why Katrina, are you flirting with me?” I laugh. “If so, you should probably drop the Mr. C and just call me Chris, okay?”

“Okay, Chris and please keep calling me Kat, all my friends do.” The waiter comes by and we both order salads and ice tea. After the waiter brings our drinks and some bread, I decide to broach the subject of my fantasy.

“Katrina, I mean Kat. There’s something I want to ask you, but I’m afraid I might offend you or lessen your opinion of me by asking it.” I’m looking directly in her eyes and wait for a response.

“Nothing would lessen my opinion of you, Chris. You’re the nicest person in the whole office. My daddy speaks very highly of you. Just ask me whatever you want.”

“Well, this isn’t something I would ever want your father to know about. So what I’d like to do is ask the question, but if you’re offended or uncomfortable, we can forget I ever asked it and get back to discussing college life. Is that alright with you?”

“Wow, you really have me intrigued now. I can’t wait to hear what this mystery question is so I’ll agree to your terms, but I doubt I’ll be offended by anything that you say.” Katrina is smiling again and leans forward in her seat. My eyes are again drawn to her milk chocolate cleavage visible through her gaping blouse.

“I have a photography business that I work at part time out of my house for a select group of clients with specific requests.” I speak slowly and stress the specific requests. “I photograph models and provide pictures to my clients strictly for their individual use.” This is where the “client” becomes the scapegoat for my own desires. It’s not me it’s the client that wants these pictures.

“And these pictures. I assume they are nudes or semi-nudes.” Katrina seems more curious than offended. This could go better than I thought.

“Yes. My clients provide specific requests including the model’s age, appearance and even the exact poses they want. Sometimes they request video, but usually it’s just still photographs. Now for the question.” I pause and take a bite of my salad.

“Yes, I can hardly wait for the big, mystery question. I have to say that you’ve already taken me by surprise. I can only imagine what comes next.” Katrina picks up her glass of ice tea, her big brown eyes smiling up at me as she sucks the ice tea through the straw.

“I have a client who has requested pictures of a young, black woman. He specifically wants an 18 year old who is not a professional model and has not previously posed nude for anyone. That means I can’t rely on my usual sources and I don’t know any young, black women besides you. So I thought there might be a remote chance that you would know someone willing to do this. The pay is quite lucrative but she would have to be very attractive. Maybe not as beautiful as you are, but as close to your look as possible. There that’s the question. If it offends you, please accept my apology and we’ll forget I even asked it.” I stop talking and look at her. She has her head titled to the side and is studying me intently. I dip some bread in the salad dressing left on my plate and take a bite, still looking at Katrina.

“How lucrative?” Katrina asks, raising her eyebrow and speaking slowly.

“I usually pay $500 per four hour session. It normally takes one or two sessions to get all the required pictures. Anyone you suggest, I would have to interview and make sure they have all the qualifications.” I had decided before lunch that Katrina naked in my bed was worth $1,000. I could see on her face that she was considering it. It took a few minutes before she spoke.

“Would I do? Do I meet the qualifications for your photographs?” She’s looking at me coyly and I’m trying not to show how excited I am by her answer.

“Are you serious? I really wasn’t thinking of you for this. What would your father think? I’m not sure this is a good idea, Kat.” My god! I may actually see this young black teenager naked on my bed before the week is out. My wife is going out of town day after tomorrow and will be gone for four days. The timing couldn’t be more perfect.

“First of all, it’s not something I would tell my father and I don’t think you should either. He doesn’t know about your photography business, does he? He’s not one of your clients is he?” Suddenly the conversation takes an unexpected twist and Katrina is looking at me intently.

“No, your father doesn’t know about it and is not one of my clients.” I answer her honestly. Of course, there aren’t any clients so how could he be?

“Okay. Secondly, I’m 18 years old, can think for myself and I think it might be fun. You didn’t answer whether I would qualify.”

“Well. If we’re going to pursue this I have to ask you a few more questions. First, though, I want you to understand these are very intimate photographs with some extreme close ups that you might find embarrassing, Kat.”

“Chris, I’ve never done anything like this, but I trust you. Just knowing the kind of person you are, I expect that you do whatever it takes to set your models at ease. I’m okay with the types of pictures you’re talking about. What are the questions?”

My cock is pushing hard against my zipper as I contemplate the questions I want to ask, especially since I’m making this up as I go. “Okay, first, are you a virgin?”

“No.” Yes! First hurdle cleared. That’s all I care about but I ask a few more questions to make it seem realistic.

“Okay. Do you have any birth marks, blemishes or tattoos that I should know about before we start taking pictures?” I’m again staring at her cleavage.

“Hmm. Let’s see. I have a small tattoo on the inside of my ankle, but aside from that, nothing.” I get a quick flash of upper thigh and black panties when she lifts her leg up to show me her tattoo. I can barely see a small flower through her nylons.

“Okay, no problem. Are you trimmed, completely shaved or natural?” I ask, looking directly into her sexy, brown eyes.

“What? Oh that!” She’s laughing as she tells me, “Trimmed, I guess. I do trim it, but I don’t shave down there.”

“Perfect. What’s your bra size, Kat.” I’m just curious about this and I’m trying to make it seem like there is specific criteria.

“36C. Wow. Your client requests a specific bra size?” Katrina has gotten past her initial apprehension and is now very intent on meeting the client’s criteria.

“No. But once I’ve found a model, I e-mail the specifics for approval before we do the photo shoot.” I’m trying to sound very businesslike while by heart is pounding in my chest and my cock is throbbing in my pants. “There is no doubt, my client will approve of you.”

“Umm. Tell me again how these pictures are going to be used. I’m not going to show up in some sleazy magazine or all over the Internet am I?” Katrina is starting to think through the ramifications of what she’s agreed to do and I’m afraid she’s going to back out.

“Absolutely not. First of all, I know this client and he keeps pictures strictly for his own personal enjoyment. Secondly, I have a written contract with each of my clients that forbids publication or distribution of any of my photographs. I retain the copywrite for all of my pictures, which makes the contract legally binding. I can guarantee you there is nothing to worry about.” I reassure her with a lot of bullshit, but she seems to be buying it.

“Nothing to worry about except having my trimmed, not shaved, private area and my 36C breasts photographed close up for some unnamed client to gawk at while he…. while he…. whatever he does while he’s gawking.” She settles back in the booth, laughing while she says this and I watch her tits gently bounce with her laughter.

“Basically, yes. Are you still up for it?” I ask. I certainly am, my cock is especially up for it.

“Sure, why not. When do we do this?” she asks.

“When is your next day off that you don’t have anything planned?” I know she doesn’t work on Thursday, which is my wife’s first day out of town.

“I’m off Thursday, is that too soon?” she asks. Nothing could be too soon for me. I can hardly breathe as I once again assume a businesslike tone.

“Thursday would work well. We can start early, around 9 a.m. and see how far we get.” I am amazed at how far I’ve already gotten with my fantasy and expect I will get a lot farther on Thursday.

“Now, we have to talk about wardrobe for the shoot. I can supply wardrobe if necessary, but I’ve found that it’s more effective if you can wear your own clothes. The fit will be right and we don’t have to waste time making adjustments. The client wants three different series of photographs, a conservative school girl look, a sexy, street look and a seductive bedroom look.” I tick off each of these on my fingers as I describe them. “Each series will consist of you posing in various stages of undress. The schoolgirl look should be a conservative skirt and blouse with plain white bra and cotton brief panties. The sexy look will be a tight, short skirt and sleeveless blouse or tank top with lace bra, sexy nylons and a thong. The seductive look is a sheer nightgown or negligee with matching panties or thong and no bra. Which of these can you bring and which will you need me to supply?” I ask her in my most disassociated, businesslike tone.

“Well I think I have skirts and tops for both the school girl and street girl look. I don’t have any white underwear, I mainly have black and purple.” She starts laughing, “You know, it’s weird. I don’t mind telling you whether I’m shaved or not, but talking about what type of panties I own is embarrassing. That’s really weird.”

“I start laughing with her, “It’s true. Some of my models are more shy exposing their underwear than when they are posing totally nude. How about the rest of the clothing.” I’m starting to sound like I’ve been doing this for years.

“I have a black thong and a black lace bra.” She glances down and I get the impression she’s talking about what she’s wearing right now. My cock reacts to the image of her sitting there in a thong under her short, tight skirt. “What else do we need?”

“A sheer nightgown.” I answer without intonation, wondering whether this lovely young teenager owns any sexy nightwear.

“I have a baby doll, but I’m not sure how sheer it is. It’s pink with little frills around it. “She’s using her hands to show me where the frills are around her hips and just below her tits.

I look at her and ask indifferently, “Do your nipples show through when you wear it. It has to leave almost nothing to the imagination.” I can’t help but look right at her tits when I ask her this and I might be imagining it, but I think I see her the points of her nipples pushing at her blouse. Could this conversation be having the same effect on her that it is on me?

“Well, I… uh… no. I don’t think you can see that much.” She is flustered and I see her blush for the first time. Her complexion seems to have taken on a dark brown glow compared with the light brown coloring it had a minute ago. She takes a deep breath and I watch her breasts swell under her blouse and I definitely see the outline of her nipples in the white fabric. This girl is getting turned on from our conversation.

“Okay, well bring it anyway and we’ll see. How about if I give you money to get the white bra and panties and I’ll take care of the negligee?”

“Sure that’ll work.” She smiles at me.

“You’ll need to bring your make up. For the schoolgirl look, I’ll shoot you very naturally without much make up but for the sexy street look you’ll need some bright lipstick and some eyeliner to match your outfit. For the seductive, bedroom look you’ll need more subtle shades of eyeliner and lipstick, okay?”

“Yeah. I’ve got all that, no problem.” She’s recovered from her embarrassment and is leaning forward again, engaged in the conversation as if we were planning a field trip to a museum instead of a naked photo shoot in my bedroom.

“Good. I’m excited that you’re going to do this. Stop by my office before you leave today and I’ll give you directions to my house.” I stand up while she’s leaning over the side of the bench to retrieve her purse from the floor. The front of her blouse spreads open as she bends down and her bra cup hangs about a half inch away from her body. I can see most of her soft chocolate colored breast, and about half of her black nipple with it’s surrounding areola before she sits up. I turn toward the door before she can see the bulge in the front of my pants. This is just a tease for what I’ll see on Thursday.

When Katrina brings the afternoon mail I give her my address, some shopping money and tell her to wear the schoolgirl outfit when she comes over Thursday and we’ll start with that.

Wednesday night, after my wife leaves for the airport I set up the camera equipment in the guest room. The feminine dŽcor in our guest room will make a great place to do the photo shoot. I also go to the Lingerie shop at the mall and get a sheer pink teddy with matching thong for the bedroom shoot. I’m so excited that I can hardly sleep.

Katrina rings the doorbell right at nine o’clock Thursday morning. I lead her down the hall and detect a bit of nervousness as we stow her make-up and extra clothes in the guest bathroom. I realize that I’m going to have to take it real slow and help her relax. My plan is to get her so heated up during the photo shoot that she wants me to fuck her. Worse case scenario I get great pictures of her naked body. I have her complete a release form that I created last night in Microsoft Word then explain to her what we’ll be doing.

“We’re going to shoot you in various stages of undress in the schoolgirl outfit and then do the same for the sexy, street look. We’ll save the nude shots and do them all together, finishing with the negligee shot. Okay?”

“Sure what do you want me to do first? ” She’s like a student on the first day of school, all wide-eyed and eager but extremely nervous.

“Just stand between the bed and the dresser and let me get some shots of you fully dressed. Just smile and strike some poses. I’ll shoot and give you direction, as needed.” She’s wearing a plain white top tucked into a pleated brown skirt, socks and saddle shoes. I can’t believe how much like a high school girl she looks. Even without make up her face is beautiful and she’s giving me one of her most dazzling smiles. I take a few shots, as she turns left then right, standing as she thinks a model would. I help her pose, moving her chin up, adjusting the position of her arms, just touching her a lot so she feels it’s a natural part of the photo shoot.

“Okay, now turn around, bend over, lift up your skirt and show me your panties.” I’m starting to think about how slowly I’m going to undress her. Katrina turns around and lifts up the back of her skirt showing me her schoolgirl cotton briefs. “Okay, look back at me over your shoulder and smile.” Even with sexless schoolgirl panties, her ass is perfect. I study her shapely thighs as I shoot a few pictures. Her milk chocolate coloring gradually becomes darker brown up towards her ass. I can’t wait to see her dark, round cheeks when she removes her panties.

“You’re doing great! Now, let’s lose the blouse.” Katrina takes her blouse off and I pose her for a few shots then have her remove her skirt. She’s standing before me in her plain white bra and panties, trying to figure out what to do with her arms and looking very nervous. My cock is starting to push against the zipper of my shorts as I walk over to pose her. Close up I can see the hint of her dark bush under the white cotton panties and notice how dark brown her skin is from her naval down into her panties. I take a variety of shots of her standing, bending over and lying down on the bed before asking her to remove her bra.

My cock comes to full attention with the first sight of her gorgeous tits. Her black nipples and areolas stand out in stark contrast to the light chocolate color of the rest of her skin. I go for a closer look under the guise of helping her pose, the bulge in my pants couldn’t be more obvious.

“They’re perfect,” I tell her. “Now, just hold them up with your hands like you’re offering them to me.” She reaches her hands under her breasts, lifts her tits, squeezing them slightly and pushing the nipples out toward me. I adjust her hold on her breasts so she isn’t squeezing them so tightly. I replace her hand with mine to show her how I want her to hold her beautiful tits. My cock is so hard now that I can probably cum in my pants without even touching it. I’m doing my best to maintain an air of professionalism, while I’m slowly undressing and touching this lovely black goddess.

“Good, now smile.” I tell her as I snap some more pictures. I again shoot a variety of poses, front and side views, bending forward on the bed with her tits hanging down and lying on the bed with her legs spread. “Okay, now, slip your hand inside your panties and put an ‘oh that feels so good’ expression on your face.” She laughs nervously as she slides her hand down in her panties and tries for a dreamy look, but can’t hold it without cracking up.

“I’m sorry,” she says, still laughing, “It’s just kind of a weird pose. I mean I guess I can see why someone might want it, but it’s just seems funny to me.”

“It’s okay.” I reassure her.” You’re not the first model who’s had trouble holding character during specific poses.” I sit next to her on the bed and adjust the position of her legs, then straighten her panties over her hand. “What if you actually put your finger inside your vagina.” I say, thinking vagina sounds more professional than pussy. “That might help you imagine what the client is looking at when he sees you in this pose.” She blushes from her neck all the to her forehead, but I see her hand move around inside her panties and she lifts her knees slightly, pushing her finger inside her pussy. “What do you think? I ask, “Can you hold that for a couple of pictures?” Her face is flushed with embarrassment but she nods her head and I go back to the camera with my cock about to bust out of my shorts.

Next, I pose her kneeling on the bed, her panties down just enough to show her thick, black triangle of hair. Lastly, I turn her around and shoot her from the back with her panties just below her beautiful black ass cheeks. “Okay, wardrobe change. It’s time for your sexy street outfit. How are you doing, Kat? Do you need a break? Something to drink?”

“No, I’m fine.” She says, getting off the bed and heading for the guest bathroom. She doesn’t bother closing the door, since she’s been practically naked for the last twenty minutes.

“I wonder what it’ll feel like seeing you at work tomorrow when I know you’ve seen me naked like this.” She says loudly, leaning out the bathroom door as she puts on her black lace bra. “Do you think it’ll be weird? Would you feel weird if you knew I’d seen you naked?”

This might be just the opportunity I’ve been waiting for. Thinking on my feet, I say, “It’s funny, a couple of my models insist that I’m naked when I’m photographing them. They say they like to see my physical reaction to their poses. I think they just want to even things out.”

“I didn’t know that was an option.” Katrina says from the bathroom. “I think that’s a great idea. Will you do it?” She asks.

“What? Get naked for this next shoot?” I ask, watching her pull her tank top over her lace bra and zip up her skirt.

“Yes. I think I’d like that.” She says, smiling at me as she walks back into the bedroom. Her sexy street outfit looks like a sailor’s wet dream. Her shiny gold tank top is clinging to her stomach while the scoop neck stretches tightly across her tits leaving an ample amount of cleavage. Her tight black skirt outlines her perfect ass, stopping just below her cheeks to expose most of her black nylon covered legs.

“Okay.” I say, taking my shirt off. “Just be warned that you are exposing yourself to my natural reaction to your beautiful body.”

“Looks more like you’re the one exposing yourself.” She laughs, watching me remove my shorts and boxers, leaving me completely naked, my 8″ cock, sticking straight out in front of me. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” I laugh.

Katrina laughs again and says, “Be careful where you swing that thing, Chris, you could get hurt.” Either the sexy outfit or the fact that I’m exposing my hard cock is having a positive affect on Katrina. The nervousness is gone and she actually seems playful.

I walk her through all the same poses that we did with the schoolgirl outfit. I continue to help her pose, touching her as much as I can. I’m pleased to see that she spends a great deal of the shoot staring at my cock, unless I specifically ask her to look at the camera. When she gets down to just her thong my cock is throbbing. I have her bending over, smiling over her shoulder at the camera and I put my hand on the inside of her thigh, telling her to spread her legs a little wider. I brush an imaginary speck off her ass and adjust her thong. Her dark brown, almost black, ass checks are about 3″ from the end of my rigid cock and I fantasize sliding it inside her hot, young pussy.

“Hey, keep that thing away from me.” She teases, “It looks dangerous.”

“You should talk.” I answer, “Your sexy ass looks dangerous to me!” I laugh and am tempted to smack her playfully on the ass, but resist, biding my time. “Let me get this shot, then we can take a break before the nude shots.”

We finish the shot and I direct her to one of the soft chairs along the far wall. “Have a seat and I’ll get us something to drink.” I bring lemonade and pastries from the kitchen and set them on the table between the chairs and sit opposite her.

“What do you think, so far, Kat? Is it what you expected?” I ask her, taking a drink of lemonade and studying her bare flesh while she takes a bite of pastry. I’m enamored with the subtle changes in her skin color across her stomach and thighs and her dark, almost black nipples perched on the front of her breasts. The hardness in my cock hasn’t receded one bit and it’s sticking straight up, almost pointing at her as we talk.

“It’s kind of like I expected, I guess. It still seems kind of unreal, sitting here talking normally, like we would if we were at work except that we’re naked.”

“Well, technically you aren’t exactly naked, you still have your thong on.” I laugh. “But we’ll fix that in a minute.”

“What does your wife think about you doing this type of photography?” She asks, her eyes focused on my aroused cock. “Doesn’t she get jealous?”

“Well, my wife is in the same situation as your father when it comes to my photography. She doesn’t know about this. She’s out of town right now.” She smiles and just sits there drinking her lemonade.

“Chris, do you think I can see some of the other pictures you’ve taken sometime, you know, of the other models?” She shifts in her chair turning towards me and I watch the gentle motion of her breasts as she moves.

“That’s not really a good idea, Kat. You wouldn’t want me showing your pictures to them would you?” I ask.

“No. I guess not. ” She answers, then asks another question, “What about you, Chris? Do you ever go back and look at the pictures you’ve taken? You know, later on maybe when your wife’s out of town?” She’s looking at me with a mischievous smile on her lips, her eyes dropping to my lap where my cock is pointing at her.

“Would it bother you if I wanted to look at your pictures, Kat?” I ask, smiling at her. “It’s no secret that I’m turned on by looking at your beautiful body.” I laugh, looking down at my fully erect cock then back at her face.

She laughs too and says, “I think I might actually find that flattering.” She’s again starring at my cock. She’s finished her lemonade and I tell her it’s time to resume our session.

I have her remove the thong and I get my first real look at her young pussy. I pose her lying on the bed on her side with her elbow down and her hand supporting her head. With her left leg bent exposing her pussy to the camera, I make quite a production out of posing her and getting everything just right. I even run a comb through her triangular patch of velvet, black pubic hair.

I take the camera from the tri-pod and hand hold it for some close-up shots. Her thick black lips are closed creating a thin slit down the length of her pussy. I take a couple of shots, and then with my fingers, I spread them apart about a half an inch exposing the pink entrance to her pussy. Her lips are wet with juice and hot to the touch. Katrina gasps when she feels my hand touch her pussy lips and let’s out a little audible, “ohhhh.” She doesn’t say anything else so I’m ready to move this to the next level.

“Okay, now I need some shots of your fully erect nipples. Some of my models use ice cubes to make their nipples hard, some pinch and twist them between their fingers and a few prefer a more natural approach, asking me to make their nipples hard for them. What’s your preference, young lady?” I ask as if it’s the most innocent question in the world.

“Hmmm,” she says, “definitely no ice cubes.” I watch her glance at her tits and then up at me with my hard cock pointing right at her. She lifts her breasts with her hands offering them to me exactly like she did in the earlier pose. “You do it,” She says, smiling seductively.

This is what I’ve been waiting for all morning. I’m going to suck those, thick, black nipples and caress her soft, round tits. I move onto the bed, lean my head down and suck her right nipple inside my mouth. I wrap my hand around as much of her breast as I can, squeezing it gently while I suck her nipple. I nibble on it and lick around the 2″ black areola then take the nipple between my teeth and flick my tongue across the tip. She lets out a low moan and lays her head back on the bed, clearly enjoying the sensations. I suck and bite and nibble until her nipple is rock hard and sticking out about half an inch from her tit. I switch to her left nipple and do the same thing. I’m using both hands now, continuing to massage her right tit as I minister to her left nipple. When both of her nipples are fully erect, I lean up on my knees and grab the camera.

“Mmmmm, that was nice.” She says through half-closed eyes, as I shoot close-up pictures of her tits with their hard, black nipples sticking straight up in the air. “Much better than ice cubes, I’m sure.” She says, smiling.

“Glad to be of service.” I answer, “You have very lovely tits and I thoroughly enjoyed making your nipples hard.”

“Funny, I thought they were already pretty hard before you started.” She laughs, “But I guess I underestimated your capabilities.”

“Just don’t let it happen again.” I tease. “Which brings me to our next project.” I tell her smiling, “I need to shoot your pussy when it’s fully aroused, just before an orgasm.”

“Let me guess, you are again offering your services to help get me fully aroused?” She seems amused. “This is a hell of a job you’ve got here Chris. Not only do you get to gawk at naked women all day, you give them a choice of letting you watch them play with themselves or allowing you to do it for them. My only question is why do you only do it part time?” she’s laughing when she says this, but rolls onto her back and spreads her legs. “I’m certainly not going to masturbate in front of you, so I guess you’re stuck with the chore of getting me aroused.”

I look at her lying spread eagle on the bed, her pussy lips glistening from her juices indicating that she is already pretty aroused. Her taut nipples are pointing straight up at the ceiling. She’s staring at me as I move my head between her sexy, dark colored thighs and lick one long stroke up the inside of her puffy black pussy lips. I repeat the stroke a couple more times before burying my tongue deep inside her wet, hot pussy.

“Oh, my god.” She moans, “No one has ever used their tongue on me before.” She’s lifting her ass off the bed and pushing her pussy into my face, pulling my tongue deeper into her hole.

“You’re kidding, right? You don’t know what you’ve been missing.” I tell her as I take a breath, and attack her pussy more vigorously than before. I’m eating her delicious pussy, lapping up her sweet syrup while she’s bucking her hips up off the bed, crushing my face into her thick velvety pussy hair. Her scent is intoxicating and I’m getting high on the taste of her. I could eat her all day, but I want to stop just before she cums to take pictures. She’s bucking wildly now, jerking her hips against my face and sucking my tongue into her hot, steamy hole. I lift my head and look at her face. She’s staring at me bewildered.

“What? Why did you stop?” She moans. “I was just about to….” Her voice trails off as she sees me getting the camera. “You stopped to take pictures? I’m about to have this wonderful orgasm and you stop to take frickin’ pictures?” She is panting and I’m enjoying the rise and fall of her beautiful breasts with their fully erect nipples. I move the camera between her legs and start snapping pictures of her sopping, wet cunt. I move her pussy lips around, like I’m posing them and she lets out another series of moans, then expletives about what I can do with the camera.

“The pictures are why we’re here, right?” I ask her, knowing that we’re really past all that now. She doesn’t answer me.

“Want to know what the next shot is?” I ask, teasingly. “I think you might like it.”

“What, Chris? What is the next shot?” She is clearly irritated that I stopped eating her before she came.

“The next shot is a close-up of your pussy after your orgasm.” I say smiling at her from between her legs. “Shall we continue?” I ask.

“Please, yes, continue.” She pleads, stretching her legs wide apart, her juices seeping out of her pink crevasse. This time I put my arms behind her knees and lift her legs off the bed, giving me unfettered access to her generous, black pussy lips. I push them open and suck one thick, puffy lip into my mouth nibbling on it before I move on to the other one. I am fascinated by the contrast between the pink center and the black outside of her lips. I suck on them for a few minutes before slipping my tongue deep inside her pussy, tongue fucking her with fast, deep strokes.

“Oh, Fuck, Chris!” She yells, bucking her hips up off the bed and shoving her pussy in my face. “That feels so fucking good! Ohhhh God!”

I move my tongue up to her clit and lick across it a couple of times before sucking it into my mouth. I flick my tongue across her long hard knob, as I gently suck on it. She goes wild.

“Oh my God! That is fucking amazing!” She is out of control slamming her hip up into my face, twisting her body back and forth and pulling my face tightly against her pussy. I push two fingers up inside her sopping wet pussy and start finger fucking her while sucking her clit and flicking my tongue against it. This puts her over the top.

“I’m cumming! Don’t stop! That’s perfect! Oh Chris! Just keep doing that! Oh Fuck!” Katrina is like a mad woman, humping my face, wrapping her fingers through my hair so I can’t pull away. I feel her pussy clamp down on my fingers, and her juices gush around them, running down my arm. I move my mouth from her clit down to her pussy, lapping up her delicious thick cream. Her chest is heaving and she’s working to catch her breath as I lick all around her pussy savoring the taste of her sweet nectar.

“Wow” she breathes. “I can’t believe no one has ever done that to me before! All the guys I know think it’s nasty tasting. Of course, they’re quick to want their black cocks shoved in my mouth. They don’t think that’s nasty!” she says, sarcastically.

“There’s nothing nasty about the way you taste, Kat.” I say as I slide my fingers out of her pussy and ease her legs gently down on the bed. “I could eat you for hours.”

To keep up the photographic charade, I reach for my camera and start shooting pictures of her thick cream oozing out of her slick, wet pussy lips. She raises her head and looks at me, still catching her breath.

“Chris. Please put down the camera.” She says, quietly. “You’ve been pointing that thing at me all morning. Right now, I’m more interested in that other thing you’re pointing at me.” She’s starring right at my rigid cock. “Do something useful with it, will you? You’ve made me so hot, baby. I promise we can take more pictures later. Right now I just need your hard cock inside my pussy. It’s burning up, Chris. I need you to put out the fire! I need you to fuck me!”

Yes! My fantasy is reality and I don’t hesitate. I move up between her legs and press my cock against her pussy lips. She is so wet that I easily slip the full length of my cock inside her in one stroke. Her hot, tight pussy encases my cock like a glove and I take long slow strokes as I settle my body on hers. Her hard nipples feel fantastic as I crush her large tits against my chest. I leave a trail of kisses from her neck up to her lips. She opens her mouth and eagerly welcomes my pussy soaked tongue. Our tongues mingle together inside her mouth as we pick up the rhythm of our fucking.

“Mmmm. I’ve never tasted myself before.” She says, licking her lips and gasping for air. “It’s an interesting taste.” She raises her ass up to meet my pounding cock and it’s getting harder to make conversation as I slam into her tight, young pussy.

“Yeah, I can’t get enough of it!” I manage to say, between breaths, “I love your taste!” I push my tongue back in her mouth and start pumping in and out of her like a jackhammer. Katrina is moaning into my mouth, clawing at my back and humping her hot pussy against my cock with a vigorous urgency that signals her readiness for release. I feel her long legs wrap around my ass and her pussy muscles clench my cock in a vice-like grip as she reaches her thunderous orgasm. Her throbbing pussy walls tightening around my hard cock puts me over the top and I erupt inside of her, spewing load after load of hot cum deep inside her pulsating pussy.

Katrina is the first to break the silence, “Oh Chris,” She whispers, “What have you done to me? That was incredible. I feel so… so… mmmmmm.” She hugs me tightly, pressing her whole body up against mine. My spent cock is still buried deep in her teenage pussy and my head is still reeling from the culmination of my fantasy. I am in awe that I’ve actually just eaten and fucked this breathtaking young black woman.

“Do all your photo shoots end like this?” She says, running her hands up and down my back and smiling at me.

“Never.” I tell her. Looking into her beautiful brown eyes, I feel my cock stirring already and I start gently rocking on top of her.

“I don’t believe you!” She says, “Now I know I have to see the pictures of these other models. If you did to them what you did to me…”

I cut her off, “There are no other models, Katrina. There’s just you.”

“What?” she says, staring at me incredulously.

“It was all a ruse. I’ve never photographed anyone before. I got infatuated with you, seeing you every day at work, fantasizing about you, I had to have you. This was the only way I could think of to try and make it happen and I wasn’t even sure it would work.” I figure I have nothing to lose at this point by telling her the truth.

She’s just starring at me and then starts laughing, “You did all of this just so you could fuck me? Why didn’t you just ask me out?

“We aren’t allowed to date employees.” I say straight-faced.

She laughs, shaking both of our bodies with her laughter, “That’s good. No dating, but you can shoot nude photographs, eat their pussy and fuck their brains out, huh? That’s okay?”

“So I take it you’re not mad?” Our bodies are still gently rocking together and I feel my cock recovering.

“Mad? No, Chris I’m flattered. The guys I date think that pizza and a movie should get them laid and they’d rather skip the movie. You did all of this, invented these clients and put on this elaborate charade, not to mention given me the best sex I’ve ever had, how could I be mad?”

“You’ll still get the money.” I tell her, “That wasn’t part of the ruse. I planned all along to give you the check no matter how this turned out.”

“No, keep your money, Chris. I’d feel like a whore taking your money after all this. Besides there are other ways you can pay me. What time does Mrs. C get home?” she asks, smiling coyly.

“Saturday, “I say, with a big grin on my face. My cock is hard again inside her tight, young pussy as we continue rocking together.

“Oooo Mr C, you are going to be so tired by Saturday.” She says, rolling us over and sitting up on top of me. As she starts bouncing up and down and riding my cock, I bask in the vision of my black woman fantasy coming true.

The End

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