Hi I’m Rahul and now I’m here to describe an incident which happened few months before.
It is all started in a bus travel from Bangalore to Coimbatore. Some of my friends were working in Bangalore so went there to meet them. I have reached there on Friday and spend 2 days with them in their house. We went to Nandhi Hills one day and the next day we spend the evening in a pub. So while the weekend celebration goes on I forgot to book the return ticket. At last I got a ticket in a Non AC bus which starts at 8pm from Madiwala. I was a bit late to reach at the bus and it was already filled by the passengers. When I was looking for my seat I have seen that it is already acquired by a lady (age 30 approx) and she is sleeping by keeping the adjacent seat vacant. Actually I have booked the window seat since it is a Non AC Bus so I have called that lady. She was very tired and I got the smell of beer when she has opened her mouth. She told that she has the vomiting tendency so can you please adjust. With a big hesitation I agreed to her and sat near to her. Time is around 11:30 pm and I was watching film in my mobile. Suddenly I felt some disturbance and when I looked I found that she is not feeling well.

Me: what happened?
She: nothing. A small fever I think
Me: do you need any tablets
She: no. thanks

Suddenly she vomited and a part of it fell up on me. I was very angry, but she was not fully conscious. I have called the bus conductor and asked him to stop in any hospital. Actually it was a village and they have dropped us in a small public health centre. I have thought that someone other will come to help me. But no one came and instead they have given me her luggage too. Now I’m carrying all the luggage’s in my one shoulder and herself in another shoulder. You may think it as a bit awkward that that bus person has dropped down an unknown lady and a boy in some unknown places. But for they the trip matters, for other passengers too. All they want to reach their destination in time no one will be ready to spare their time.


I have taken her to the hospital and it was a very small one. When the receptionist asked me about her details I have told them all the matters that happened in the bus. They have smiled and told its quiet natural here. All the bus people doing so, nothing to worry. Since it is night doctor won’t come now, we will give her a drip and you can take rest too. Doctor will come in the morning and by that time she will be ok and you can leave then.

I have taken her to the room and the nurses have given her the drip. The nurses told me don’t disturb her and let her sleep. That time only I have looked at her in full. She is her early thirties or late twenties. She is having mangalsuthra in neck. Well built structured body. Then I slept in the chair available in that room.

My phones alarms starts making sound at sharp 5:30am which was my scheduled dropping time at Coimbatore. I got freshen up and the nurses told me that they will come to check her temperature at 6am so by that time make her wake up and give something to eat. I have bought tea and bread for her. I tapped on her shoulder and she woke up. Actually it was a shock to her

She: who are you? Where am i? what happened?
Me: hey relax relax
She: hey who are you
Me: Madam I am Rahul. Your co passenger and I were seated just adjacent to you. Actually you were sitting in my seat, the window sit and you was looking so tired. When I asked you what happened you have told that you are having fever and after sometime you vomited on me. Do you remember that?
She: yeah like a shade
Me: and then the bus people dropped you here. Since you are alone and not in a situation to do things by your own I also stepped down. Then I have taken you here and for the last 7 hours you were sleeping. The drip is just over and the nurses will come to check the temperature. The doctor will come only at 8am, if the fever is ok then we can move from here at 10am I think. Anyway nurse will come now and before that please have this tea and bread
She: I don’t know how to thank you.
Me: hey no problem.
She: Thank you
Me: hey leave it
She has taken the tea and bread.
Me: how’s you now?
She: ya I am ok now
Me: ok. By the way I am Rahul from Kerala and working in Coimbatore
She: ok. I am Rekha from Coimbatore.
Me: Coimbatore which part? I am from Ukkadam only
She: I am from Peelmedu
Me: oh ok.
Nurses came and checked the temperature. After that she got freshened up and got ready to leave. Meantime I bought Idli and chatni from outside and came back to the room
She: oh. I thought you went to freshen up
Me: hey no. Let us have some breakfast. You have taken that bread only na. Come let us eat.
She: I think I am creating much difficulty to you. I suggest that you can leave na? why you have to spare a day?
Me: stop it madam.
She: you can call me Rekha
Me: ok Rekha. If I don’t have to spare a day then I can leave yesterday itself. No one will ask me anything. Is it? If I can be with you till now then its my responsibility to take you to your home safely.
She: But
Me: But what?
She: Ok

There started the Rahul-Rekha Romantic Journey..
As it is halfway between Bangalore and Salem it is not possible to get in to an AC bus, for that we have to go to Salem. So from there we get in to a bus to Salem. I have found out a seat for her in the bus and made her to sit, but I was standing since there is no seat. After that when I looked at her to check whether she is sleeping or not I have seen her she is looking at me with a small smile, just like school girl looking at her crush. I asked her by nodding the head “what happened” she just smiled and told “nothing”.we both smiled at each other.
We have reached Salem at 1pm. We directly hired a cab and went to the main bus stand, but we disappointed by the reply from the station master that the next AC bus to Coimbatore is at 5pm only.

Me: I think it is better to go to a hotel and take a lunch now. Rest of the things will discuss there
She: yup. I too think so
We have moved to Annapoorna Hotel and ordered 2 meals.
She: so how did you taken leave today?
Me: nothing I messaged my superior that I am having stomach trouble
She: hi hi. Between I think we both need an introduction na?
Me: of course. I was about to say it
She: ok then introduce yourself
Me: no no ladies first
She: ok. I am Rekha Raghav. Basically from Cudallore but from the last 1 yr I am staying at peelmedu. I have studied BFT and now looking for some online garment business.
Me: ok cool, but?
She: what but?
Me: you haven’t told about your husband
She: yup. Between who told you that I am married?
Me: I have seen your mangalsuthra.
She: ha ha. He is Raghav and we got married 2 years before. He is working in Abudhabi in their military wing as electronics engineer.
Me: ok fine. So you are staying here in peelmedu with his parents?
She: Yup I am staying with his mother.
Me: kids?
She: not yet
Me: ok cool
She: ok now it is your turn
Me: ok I am Rahul, a keralite and working in Coimbatore for the last 2 years. I am engineer graduate and family consist of mom and sister
She: Married?
Me: no yar. A typical Single guy who is always ready to mingle
She: hi hi.
Me: by the way why did you come to Bangalore? to meet any friends?
She: No No. I have come to meet a person to discuss about my business venture
Me: ok. So when did you arrived?
She: I came here only yesterday night and stayed in a hotel. Today morning I met that person and then came back that’s all
Me: from where did you get that sudden fever
She: actually I don’t know. May be the change of water costs the fever I think and what about you?
Me: I came to meet my friends. I came here on Friday night and spend 2 days with them. I use to come here in alternate months, most of my friends were working here and I don’t have much friends over there in Coimbatore so whenever I gets time I will come here. I just like Bangalore
She: true. City of happiness and freedom. We can go anywhere at any time and no one will question you
Me: exactly
We have laughed and by the time our lunch has arrived and we have finished it within no time.
We have paid the bill and checked the time it is 1:30pm to be precise
She: what is next plan?
Me: few options are there like any walking park?
She: are you mad. Just look at the atmosphere it is 37 degree hot and I am not going with this plan as I am having fever
Me: oh yes yes. Next is roaming in any mall or watching film
She: any mall is there in salem?
Me: let us ask
She: wait wait. What about film?
Me: that’s a good idea I think. Since we both having luggage bag it is not easy to roam around the mall by keeping all these
She: exactly
Me: wait I will check the films list in book my show app
She: go ahead
At that her phone rang and she was bit angry to see the name in the screen.
She: one minute please
Me: go ahead
She attended the call and went some distance away from me and talked, meantime I have checked the films list
She: I am sorry. It is him from abudhabi asking whether I have reached home or not
Me: ohk
She: I have already called to his mom in the morning told that I am having a small fever so iw ill start from Bangalore only in the afternoon
Me: so you haven’t told the actual things na
She: no yar. If says them that I am with a guy yesterday onwards they will kill me
Me: ha ha. Ok then keep it as a secret
She: of course. Hey what about the films? Did you check it?
Me: yup. Mayanadhi (Mystic River) Film is featuring one show in carnival cinemas. Did you see that movie?
She: no. I didn’t
Me: it is a must watch movie yar. You should watch it. I have watched it already
She: then it will be boring for you na
Me: no no. I love that movie
She: then fix it
Me: ok so we can now to carnival cinemas

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Since I have already watched the film my full concentration was on her. But she was watching it with very interest. I have seen her tears when Maathan dies in the end. After the movie we rushed to the Bus stand and got seated up in the bus.

She: Thank you Rahul
Me: for what?
She: for suggesting the movie
Me: oh thank you. Do you like it?
She: i just loved it and still im having its hang over.
Me: yup it is that like a movie and only due to that hangover i have seen it twice in the theate itself
She: yeah very nice one like a love poem
Me: i have seen you are weeping in the climax
She: ha ha. You have seen it ah.. ya i couldn’t control my tears then
Me: so you must be had a school or college term affair na?
She: ha ha. No no
Me: hey you are lying
She: you have told that you also watched it twice if so you had a school affair is it?
Me: hey how cunning you are
She: thats me
She: ok then tell me about that affair
Me: nothing. It is happened back in 2006. I was studying in 8th standard and there was a girl in my class. She was an introvert but i liked her very much. I was very afraid of proposing a girl at that time so i didn’t opened my mind and after comleting 10th she went to another school. But later in 12th standard i have proposed her and she said ok
She: wow. How cute, so you as behind her from 8th standard na?
Me: yup
She: ok then what happened?
Me: after 4 years relationship we got broke up in 2013 due to some family problems in her family
She: oh
Me: i was in depression that time but later i came back to normal life. And now when i says all these to someone else it is just a comedy story
She: what so comedy in it?
Me: Nothing
She: Hey tell me yar
Me: Nothing yar. Actually we were on a bet that she told that she will fail in one subject in the last semester exams which was seems to be tough for her and i told that no you will win. So we agreed for a bet that if she wins she will give me a kiss or else i have to do whatever she says
She: ha ha crazy challenge na
Me: ha ha
She: Then what happened?
Me: it’s exactly before one week of result announcement we go break up and what happened in the end is she won the exam
She: ha ha
Me: hey yar why are you laughing. It’s my love story
She: i am sorry. I was thinking like it was the perfect time for the break up na?
Me: ha ha exactly. So i missed that kiss
She: so poor
We kept on talking till the bus reaches coimbatore and everyone else in the bus was staring us thinking like what all things are these people discussing.
After reaching coimbatore she told that she has to rush to her home but I insisted her to take dinner first and then go because she has to take medicine. We had food from Coimbatore and after that we hired a online Taxi and rushed to her flat in Peelmedu. We have exchanged our phone numbers.
I dropped her infront of her flat and went back to my room. After sometime i got a message in my whatsapp saying a hi. It was she.
She: did you reached?
Me: yup 10 minutes before
She: ok. I think that you will inform me
Me: Oh I’m sorry. I was very tired so directly went for a bath and only now came back
She: ok. Anyway thank you for giving a wonderful day
Me: ha ha. I have to say this to you
She: ha ha
Me: how’s the fever now?
She: almost ok
Me: did you take that tonic?
She: oh i forgot it
Me: go and take it
She: ok thanks for remembering
Me: ha ha
She: ok good night
Me: good night
I had a wonderful sleep actually and woke up in the morning very lately. When i checked the time in mobile i have seen a message from her in whatsapp. When i opened it i got stunned. It is her selfie. In reply i have sent her a pleasing smiley and wished her good morning.
She: just now i came back from temple and just clicked a photo.
Me: its really cute
She: Thank you
Me: i will message you later. I have to rush to the office
She: ok carry on
After getting dressed up i got an idea. I just clicked a selfie and sent her
She: oh its nice but.
Me: but what?
She: i think it is nice to wear a light colur shirt because yor pants were black na?
Me: oh here comes the Garments Business Rekha
She: ha ha. We have to dressed up according the colour combination na
Me: ok madam. Wait
I have changed my shirt to a light one and clicked a selfie
She: yup. This is a cool one.
Me: ok catch you later. Bye
She: Bye

From that day onwards we were in regular contact and will message each other every day. From her messages and calls I came to know much about her.
Her marriage was an arranged one and it happened within a time of 2 weeks. Actually that was something embarrassing for me. Her father is running a garment factory and her plan was to do MBA and to going for a start up to market the garments in online shopping sites.
But things got changed suddenly. One day night her father told her that one guy is coming tomorrow to see her. She had cried allot but her father is a hard person. That guy came on next day they have “fixed the deal”. He is working in Dubai and since he don’t have much leave they have fixed the marriage after 14 days, and they got married. She buried all her dreams within her. Her husband is also a hard type, he don’t like her wife working anywhere. In spite of the odds she is now trying to restart her dream of online garment business. Through one of her friend she got the contact of a garment dealer in bangalore and to meet him only she went to banglore on that day. Then she told about the garment business to her husband he got angry and told won’t invest in it and if you are going to take up it then you have to look after everything, there wont be any support from her husband. What she says is that she had waited all these years ad its the time to take a decision whether to forget her dream or to chase it.

One day she messaged me
She: Rahul what do you whether i have to forget about the business plan or take up it?
Me: See Rekha. I can’t say that. Because it is your life matter na. Ask your parents and husband
She: cut the crap. If you are considering as a best friend then tell me. Otherwise leave it
Me: hey please
She: ok then bye
Me: hey don’t go
She: then tell me
Me: you go and chase your dream. I don’t know how i can support you
She: thank you. These words mean allot to me. You are such a big mental support to me. You don’t your importance that’s why you are saying so.
She sent me a kissing smiley
Me: ahaa thats cool. Kiss is my weakness
She: ha ha ya the one who just missed a kiss from his ole lover
Me: hey dont pull my leg
She: I will
Me: see how cruel you are
She: ha ha. So we will do this
Me: what kissing? Ah ha ha
She: shut up monkey.
Me: ha ha ok madam
She: yeah we will do this business
Me: of course. As per the new proverb behind every successfull lady there will be a man. I am ready to be that man madam
She: ha ha. You are so sweet.
By saying that she again sent me kissing smileys
Our relation got stronger day by day. On one Sunday while i was at my room suddenly i got a video call from her. It is the first time that we are making video call. At first i thought it is by mistake she made that call. So i just disconnected it, but then again the call came and i attended it. she was in a blur saree
She: why did you disconnect the call?
Me: i thought its by mistake you made that call
She: donkey. I am not drunk
Me: ha ha ok madam. Now come to the matter. Are you getting ready for an outing?
She: yup. I have to attend a reception so I’m in hurry. Called you to just show how i look like. Actually I am bit confused that is it a matching or i have wear some other saree
By saying that she placed the mobile on the table and moved back to show me her full size fgure.
Me: yup it is good but i think if it is a green one then it will be better and also try with a hanging type ear ring
She: is it? Ok just wait and i will be right back
Me: ok
After 5 minutes she came in a green saree
Me: yup this is awesome. Now you are looking like an angel
She: stop bluffing
Me: im not bluffing
She: so it is ok? Are you sure?
By saying that she has given me a front show and then turned around and showed me her back
Me: wow nice back
She: what?
Me: hey nothing
She: tell me yar
Me: nothing i mean it is a nice back
She: ha ha is it?
Me: yup. All the guys will look at you today
She: sounds good. Actually i not use to dress up well for functions but after we have talked about our business i got thrilled and thought to seek your suggestions. It will be boring when i am alone
Me: ok anyway it is good and sexy
She: ok thank you. Catch you later and take care.
Me: take care dear

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From that day onwards she has started to make video calls regularly. Our daily routine was that she will come in video call at 8:30 pm and will place mobile in the kitchen stand. Then she will go for cooking and while we will speak on simple and simple things. We will continue that till she sleeps after dinner. In night mostly she will be in Nighty or Shirt with short pants, whatever be the dress she doesn’t concerned about it because she is talking to the one whom she trusted very much.
One day she messaged me.
She: Rahul are you free tomorrow?
Me: yup. What is the matter?
She: can you come with me for the shopping?
Me: double ok.
She: then let us meet in the city bus stand at 10 pm and from there we will go in bus?
Me: done

Since it was Sunday, the bus to the shopping mall side was full of passengers. Both of us were standing. Then happened the most “usual” thing in a lady’s life.
I have seen that she is not happy; I can read it from her face. She is feeling some sort of uneasiness. The matter is the guy who is standing behind her keep on pushing his body to her body. I got very angry and slapped on his face by saying
“Get away you fucker”
Everyone in the bus came for my assistance and we have beaten that guy badly. We handed him over to the traffic police.
After that the bus resumed its journey and then I came near to her and tapped on her neck saying
“don’t worry. No one is gonna touch without your permission”
Then I stood behind her till we reach the shopping mall.
While we were getting down from the bus, one lady passenger has told her something which I couldn’t hear. But after that talk I have seen that Rekha is smiling, when I asked her what the matter is, she just told.
“Nothing, its ladies matter”
“oh secret”
“Yup secret”
We then moved to the Reliance Trendz shop.
She: do you want anything to buy?
Me: nothing actually. Then you please wait 5 minutes I have to buy some under garments and I will be right back
Me: ok. I will be here
She: ok dear
After the shopping while we are leaving the shop, she told me
She: hold on Rahul
Me: what happened?
She: I think they have taken the wrong product
Me: does the material changed?
She: yup. It is a normal bra only
Me: ok. Come
We came back to the counter and said to the sales girl
Me: hey she is purchased a Padded Bra and you have packed a normal one. What happened?
Sales girl: sorry sir, please wait and we will change it. Madam size is 33B na?
She: Yup
By hearing that I have started to laugh
She: what?
Me: nothing
She: you crazy. Shut your mouth
Me: ha ha
We have spend the day till evening in the mall and I reached my room at 7:30 pm
In the evening while we were in video call I have asked her
Me: can I ask you one thing?
She: ya tell me da
Me: what did that lady told you in the bus stop
She: ha ha. You didn’t leave it?
Me: no never
She: it is nothing da
Me: hey you have told na there should not be any secret between us?
She: yeah
Me: then tell me
She: ok. What she told is “Most of the women who travels in bus has to face this activities daily, but most of them will ignore it by thinking why we have to create a mess, even some husbands will also think like it. This ignorance is the confidence of those dirty guys. Even myself also faced this problem in this same bus. But at that time I couldn’t react and no one has come for my rescue also. Your husband is a different person; he stands by you when you are in trouble. You are a lucky person. He loves you and cares you a lot madam. I can see it in his anger.”
Me: ha ha. Promotion from best friend to husband na?
She: yeah
Me: why silent?
She: no yar. I am lucky to have you. Why did you beat that guy?
Me: I felt like to kill that guy, but I could only beat him.
She: ha ha. But did you see that it is nice to say Rekha Rahul than simply Rekha
Me: ha ha exactly. What did you told in reply to her?
She: just smiled
Me: so you liked that whe she told
She: yup to be frank.
Me: that’s cool
She: I felt like.
Me: felt like what?
She: nothing
Me: hey tell me yar
She: felt like to give you a kiss
Me: ha ha. Again history repeats and I misses an another kiss too
She: ha ha …
Me: ok then give me the kiss
She: sorry offer expired
Me: no no. I won’t go. Give me now
She: chi poda
Me: no yar
She: ok
Me: yup I am ready
She came closer to the mobile screen and given a kiss on the mobile screen.
She: hows it?
Me: not bad
She: can I sleep now?
Me: take care dear. Good night
She: good night dear
We have disconnected the call. Suddenly I got an idea and called her back
She: what yar? Do you need more kisses
Me: ha ha not now.
She: then what?
Me: I have a doubt. If you don’t mind please clarify it
She: ok ask me.
Me: while we were in the shopping mall you have told na that you have purchased padded bra and they have packed a normal bra. What is the actual difference?
She: naughty boy. Trying to take advantage of giving a kiss ah?
Me: hey no yar
She: ok Rahul. I am already in bed so I will clarify it by tomorrow morning
Me: sure?
She: sure dear
Me: ohk then Rekha Rahul give me a goodnight kiss

She again given me a kiss and then we slept
Next day was Friday and I woke up at 8am and when I checked the phone I have seen 2 photos fromher. Both of those photos were her half size figure and in same costume. Then she sent me a message, “did you see any difference in these 2 photos”.

I have checked those photos. In one picture her boobs are much more uplifted and pointed than in the other photo.
“In the first picture you having nice shape than in the other”
She: yup that’s the difference. Padded bra is for uplifting the breast and hence it will give a good shape to the breast and to your body as a whole
Me: oh ok ok
She: now do you understand
Me: yup madam
She: hi hi naughty boy
Me: hi hi.

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On that same Friday I got a call from my home asking me to come home as soon as possible, because it’s the time that kerala getting flooded. My home area also getting affected so they got afraid and asked me to come home.
In the evening after the office I have taken my friends swift car and started to home at 9 pm. She called me
She: is everything ok at home
Me: ya dear. They were little tensed that is why I am going
She: are you sleepy?
Me: no yar
She: don’t take chance
Me: what will do then?
She: ok don’t cut the call and we will speak up to you reach home
Me: hey yar. Go and sleep. I will manage it
She: obey me
Me: hey yar
She: obey me
Me: ok. If I obey you what will you give me?
She: oh negotiation
Me: ya sort of
She: ok one kiss I will give you
Me: in real?
She: yup in real
Me: that’s cool
She: ha ha naughty
We have started to talk on many useless things and later she told that she will ask a question and find the answer for it. I said ok
She: so the question is “one of your things which will be big at sometimes and small at sometimes. What is it?”
Me: what
She: is “one of your things which will be big at sometimes and small at sometimes. What is it?”
Me: very hard one
She: not really. I have to take bath now. So you have 15 minutes with you. You think and I will be right back
Me: ok
I was driving though the road by thinking about the question. I have struck with an answer in my mind. “DICK, IT IS DICK”
It will be big when I get erection and will be small in normal times and as she told its keep on increasing and decreasing its size daily.
After sometime she called me
She: did you get the answer?
Me: yup. You know I am very brilliant
She: then tell me
Me: Dick
She: what
Me: Dick, Penis
She has burst in to laugh. She keeps on laughing loudly.
Me: why are you laughing?
She: ha ah monkey it is not dick it is shadow man
Me: shadow?
She: yeah it will be small in morning and all and it will be big in the evening and night
Me: oh yeah
She: ha ha
Me: hey don’t laugh
She: I couldn’t control my laugh yar
Me: my answer is also a correct one na
She: but that will not as big as you shadow na
I also burst in to laugh
I have reached home at 1 am and the battery charge was 3%. It was heavy rain outside and there is no power too.
Me: ok I have reached and now you go to sleep
She: ok take care. Come back soon.
Me: sure dear
I have given a kiss over phone
She also responded it with a kiss

Things have changed drastically on that night. The heavy rain leads to the flood in parts of kochi which is only 20 km away from my home. I got a call from my friend saying that one of mutual friends home in under water we have save them at any cost and while we are talking my phone got switched off. I was very anxious and went directly to the place with my friend. We have rushed to the spot and started the rescue mission along with the other peoples. As time passes situation got even worse. Most of the places in kochi were under the water and people moved to temporary rescue camps. Me and my friends even haven’t eaten anything other than biscuit for the 2 days and were in full swing to rescue the peoples.

Suddenly I remembered that my phone is in off situation and she must be in tension. Oh my God I forgot her matter completely. I rushed back to my home and still there is no power. I have checked the phone it is still off.
I have told to mom that I have to join on duty on Monday at any cost so I am leaving. And the time was 1am in the Sunday night. I have reached my room in Coimbatore at 5:30 am.

Immediately I put my phone in charging and switched it ON after it reaches 2 % of charge. When I enabled the mobile data whatsapp messages started to flow and she has sent me about 150 messages and 30 calls. From the messages I came to know that she was much tensed about me. But I struck with another one message

“Please contact me. I cannot do anything without you. I miss you very much. I love you very much. Please Rahul please I need you”
She is in love with me, yeah that’s the breaking news. My minds said to rush to her now itself. I have sent her a voice message and started my car to her apartment. My voice message was “Dear Rekha it was my fault, as you know well about the flood matter, hence no electricity is there in hometown. Do you why I came now it is just because of you. I know how much you loves me. Anyway I am coming for you to your apartment”
After sometime while I was driving I got a call from her.

She: Rahul..
Me: I am sorry dear
She started to cry
Me: Hey please don’t cry. I am coming
She: Hmm
Me: stop crying yar
She: k. Say to the security as you are my relative from Ooty.
Me: ok. Don’t cry. I have came na
She: ok ok
Me: But your mother in law is there in home na?
She: yeah. But no problem she will wake up by 9 am only.
Me: ok. I am coming
When I reached the front gate of that apartment, I have introduced myself as her relative then the security has called her and confirmed it.
Parked the car in the underground parking area and was waiting for the lift. But the indication showed that the lift is coming downwards. When it opened I have seen her.
She was in her nighty. Her hair was tied behind her head in a ball shape. No ornaments. No make ups. But she seems to be the most attractive and sexiest women in the world at that moment.
I promise you people, every lady seems to be the sexiest in nighty and not in a bikini or something with a lot of makeup.
She was in tears and when I entered in to the life she just pressed the door closing button and suddenly hugged me. She was crying
She: I could not bear this without you Rahul
Me: hey I have come na. So leave it
I patted her on her back and she kept me more tightly.

When the lift door opened we suddenly parted and she signaled me to stay back. She just looked around and asked me to follow her. After we have entered her home she went to the other room and checked whether her mother in law is awaken or not. Then she came back and asked me to come to her bed room. When I entered the room she locked the room and hugged me from the back. I turned around and made her to look at me

Me: tell me what happened?
She: do you know how badly I missed you.
Again she started to cry
She: I don’t want to miss you, please
I just wiped her tears off
Me: You won’t miss me again, I promise you
I kissed on her forehead and hugged her. Later we have moved to the bed. She was lying on my chest with fingers on my chest hairs. I have explained her all happened in Kerala. She noticed a small wound on my chest. She checked it with her fingers
She: what is it?
Me: hey it is nothing
She: tell me what happened?
Me: nothing serious yar. While jumping from the boat, its edge touched there. That’s all
She: I am sorry.
Me: for what?
She: I am the only reason to stop you from being a part of this great flood rescue. I know it is only because of me you have returned now
Me: yup I have come only for you. These 2 days have shown me how much you missed me and how madly you loves me
She raised her head and gently placed a kiss over my wound
Me: now feeling well
She: hi hi
I was running my fingers through her hair
She: I want to sleep now
Me: Sleep my dear. I will set the alarm at 8:30 am
For the next 1 and half hours she slept on my bare chest. World’s wonderful feeling is nothing but your lover is sleeping on your chest. It shows her affection, trust and love.

———————THE END OF CHAPTER 1————————————————

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