Bully protection 3

I was absolutely mortified. My mother had just watched me masturbate myself to her blow bang and bukkake video which she had done with the guys on the basketball team. What the hell do I say to her? (Prev story Bully protection 2)

She sat there in her pink hot pants and sports bra staring at me with a bemused expression on her face. I couldn’t tell if she was angry or not. I just stared back looking and feeling stupid.

“Well?” she said


“Errrm” I replied

It was about all could do at this point until she said something I knew how to answer. She stood up and folded her arms and then paced my room for a few moments.

“Marcus told me you’d seen us in the bathroom that night he stayed over. I’d apologise but it seems like you enjoyed. Maybe you should be thanking me!” she said calmly

She began to smile a bit, almost trying to hold it back. She didn’t appear to be angry at all with me.

“I’m sorry mum I didn’t think you’d find out I knew” I said apologetically

“And I didn’t think you would find out but it’s happened. Do you know why I’m doing it?” she said as she sat back on the bed

“To stop brad and his friends bullying me”

“Yes that’s right. If you want me to stop I will absolutely stop doing it but Brad and his friends will start bullying you again”

“I don’t want them to bully me again but I can’t stop you from enjoying yourself so to be honest I think if you want to suck off the basketball team you can, keeping Brad and his friends off my back is a bonus. Did you enjoy it?” I asked

“That’s very sweet of you Sam. If it keeps Brad and his friends away from you I’m definitely going to keep doing it as long as its ok with and yes I did enjoy it” she said with smile

We both stood up and hugged for a moment. I didn’t expect her to react so calmly. I also didn’t expect to be ok with my mum giving blow bangs to the basketball team. At least I’m not in trouble, though I think we both had too much dirt on each other. We pulled away from each other when I realised I still had my cock out and had spunk up my belly which by now had been wiped over mums belly.

“Oh crap sorry mum” I said

“It’s ok baby, it’s not the first cock I’ve had push against me and it’s not the first load of sperm to be spread on me recently. The other cocks were twice the size of yours and had more spunk come out of them so this is nothing” She said as she giggled

“Actually that’s three loads of spunk” I said sheepishly

“Oh, well I’m going to take a shower now so um, don’t stay up all night watching that video, the boys will need you in the morning”

She turned and smiled at me as she walked out of the room. And left me standing there with my pants around my ankles and an erection. Feeling a little stupid I turned the computer off and went to bed.

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It was Friday and as usual I was late home because I was washing the kits for the game on Sunday. It was a quiet walk home and it was getting dark. As I approached the house I saw a few lights on and movement inside. I opened the door and saw 5 of the basketball players including Marcus. I recognised Jay and Bob who gave mum a lift home at the end of the video. I also recognised Dwaine and a guy they nicknamed Mr T because of how angry he gets in the games.

“Hey Sam” said the guys simultaneously

They were all sat on the couches around the coffee table. I hesitated as I moved forward into the living room curious as to what would happen next. My mum entered the room wearing the thong bikini she wore in the hot with me an Marcus. She was carrying a tray with five beers on it and placed each one in front of the guys.

“Hey baby, your home just in time to help with dinner!” she said happily

“Errrm ok, great” I said back

So I followed behind mum towards the kitchen with a full view of her arse swaying left to right. She was wearing high heels that were clopping away as she walked across the wood floor. We entered the kitchen and we began to prepare for tea. She turned to me

“You don’t mind the guys staying around for while tonight do you?” she asked

“No, of course not”

“Great, they’re looking forward to using the hot tub” she said

“Is that all they will be using” I replied

“I thought you were ok with it”

“I am ok with it, it’s just were should I be when you are all in the hot tub” I said

“You can be with your friends silly, I’ll just be wearing this sexy bikini or not but besides you’ve seen that entire tape so seeing it in person isn’t going to make a difference” she said confidently

“Yeah I suppose so” I conceded

“Hey Rose could you bring us some more beers please gorgeous” shouted Marcus from the living room

“Of course honey I’m coming now” she shouted back

She grabbed five beers out of the fridge and put them on a tray and left the room. I heard her giving the beers to the guys and heard them say

“Aw thanks gorgeous, sevice with a smile and a sweet arse to match” Marcus said to her

I heard a loud SLAP of the unmistakable sound of her arse being slapped followed by

“OOH, Marcus you should have dinner before desert” she said giggling

She re-entered the kitchen and continued with dinner. I could see a huge red hand shape on her arse.

An hour later dinner was ready and me and mum were serving the meals to our guests at the dinner table. Marcus sat at the head of the table and I sat next to him. Jay and bob sat across from me on either side of mum and Dwaine and Mr T sat opposite mum and I was next to Mr T and Marcus.

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Conversation was flirty between mum and the guys. It varied from compliments to her dinner and to how sexy she was looking and to how well she did raising me on her own. After we finished our meals the flirting continued. As I was talking to Marcus I noticed Jay and Bob were erring in mums ears causing her to giggle. Dwaine and Mr T were also closely listening in when I looked down and saw mums feet rubbing on the crotches. I also noticed mums hands were under the table make long stroking movements.

A few minutes later Dwaine and Mr T leaned back in their chair and grinned at each other. They both reached down and pulled out their already hard cocks out of their trousers. They must have at least nine inches and were as thick as my forearm. They dropped their trousers to their ankles and I saw mums foot rub against them both. Their cocks dwarfed mums feet as she rubbed against them. The suggestion was then put forward by Jay to get the hot tub started.

“What a great idea, Hey baby could you go out and start up the hot tub then change and you can join us” said mum

“Ok mum” I replied

So I went out and turned on the hot tub and went upstairs and dug around the drawers until I found some shorts to wear. I headed downstairs and didn’t see mum or anyone in the kitchen so I moved into the kitchen and there was nobody in there either. I saw clothes on the floor making a trail out to the back door. I followed them through the door and mum grab her thong by the sides and push them slowly down her legs. The guys were also staring at her and they were all naked with their cocks in their hands. They stroked their huge cocks as she did this then they climbed in the tub.

“C’mon baby jump in” said mum

“I don’t think there’s any room” I said back

“Move over guys, let him in” ordered Marcus

They made room and I climbed in the tub. Mum was sat opposite me Dwaine and Jay were on my right and Bob, Marcus and Mr T on my left. Mum swapped kisses with the guys and was stroking their cocks. They began to feel her tits and arse as she moaned. It wasn’t long before the guys stood up and their rock hard cocks were standing upright to attention and mum dropped down to their height and swallowed Marcus’s cock first and grabbed a cock in each hand and was stroking as fast as she deep throat Marcus’s cock.

I leaned around to get a better look at mum. She looked directly into my eyes as she swallowed his cock and gagged a little, she pulled away and giggled then moved to the next cock. For the next 30 minutes or so I watched mum swing from cock to cock, slurping and gagging on them like her life depended on it.

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The guys moaned and grunted as she did this until eventually one by one they began to cum. First was Mr T, he made a loud roar as he erupted and just like that mums face was covered in jizz. Bob was next, he moaned as cum exploded from his cock and into mum’s mouth. She played with it in her mouth and spilt it down her chin when Jay stepped forward. She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out as far as she could. He groaned and cum spurted from his cock in ropes and landed all over her face. Cum was running down he face and neck. Dwaine moved in and exploded his cum over cheek as he grunted like a bull. Marcus stepped forward and instead of erupting over face he rammed his huge cock down her throught to her surprise and emptied his load down her neck. He pulled out and she gagged and coughed on his spunk.

They stepped out the hot tub and then I realised that the cum on mums face was now circulating in the tub. So I stepped out and joined every one inside. Soon the guys put their clothes back on and said their good byes to mum and then left. Mum turned and said to me

“So, did you enjoy the show? A silly question judging by that tent in your shorts” she giggled

“Yeah I guess I did”

“Well you’d better take care of that right away, sit down on the couch and rub that out”

“What here?” I said

“Sure, I’ve got a wet pussy that needs to be taken care of so I’m just gonna sit right here and rub until I’m dry”

She sat down on the chair in front of me and spread her legs in full view for me. She started to rub herself and was moaning softly. I sat down as instructed and pulled my shorts down and began to stroke my cock. Mum put two fingers in her pussy and began to shake her hand up and down as fast a she could when she screamed and squirted and at the same time I erupted and sprayed cum up my torso. We cleaned ourselves up and agreed to clean up in the morning and went to bed.

The next few weeks were more of the same except sometimes the guys who came around were different each time and sometimes there were more of them. It’s safe to say that my protection from brad and his friends was secure for now. I knew Marcus and the team wouldn’t be at the college for ever but for ill just bask in the security my mom provides for me for now.

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