Couple attends their first swing party in Ontario

Couple attends their first swing party in Ontario… It was a warm and sultry fall evening. Lori, my wife of fifteen years, and we decided to open our marriage and attend an adult swing party. It would be our first time. Between both of us, we didn’t know what steps to take. Add to the fact, I didn’t have to convince Lori because we had discussed an open relationship between a few rounds of alcohol. The discussion had proceeded between the silk sheets of our bed as we finished off with intense orgasms.

The next evening I had decided to-surf-the-web for an adult club, or swinger’s clubs. It didn’t take long to find one in the Ontario city we were living in at the time. The process was easy. There was a form to fill out and it did not take long. However, while I was filling out the form, I began to feel a little embarrassed. I mean, the scariest part was, what if someone I knew would be reading this, or better yet, what if someone I knew would be attending the same club if we are invited? So, the anticipation was somewhat exciting, my heart begun to pound, just by filling out an online questionnaire. The first step was done.

A few days went by, I had already forgotten about the application to the swinger’s site. It wasn’t until the children where in bed when Lori told me that she had received a phone call confirming, if in fact, we were an actual couple. I was surprised by her actions throughout that day, she had logged-on to the website, scrolled all over the place, and even went as far as to retrieve the party’s bi-monthly itinerary and print it off. She also was given the address to the house. We had everything for the making of our first swing party. Little did we know that our second step was done.


Before the evening’s event, we had discussed the rules during an intense love making session. Lori had asked. “How far do you want me to go with someone else?”

I replied. “I wanna watch you ride someone.”

“You won’t get jealous?” She asked sheepishly.

How else could I respond but enthusiastically. “I’ll be there with you, and you know I am not the jealous type-I don’t want to get jealous ever again.”

I reached over and turned off the lights.

I whispered into her ears while she was grinding my hips. “I wanna watch you fuck someone else.”

She began to ride me with fiery only to slow down upon reaching an intense orgasmic rush.

Lori whispered back. “I would love to give you a show.”

I was turned on by her reply. I couldn’t believe that she had agreed. I mean, I know that she wouldn’t have any problems getting us hooked up with another couple. She is a very attractive blonde. Her natural waves are enough to make anyone want to comb their fingers through it. And her eyes are as blue as the fresh water lake overlooking our old apartment balcony. Her breasts are small but perky enough to hold in a fistful way. Her petite body stands at a staggering five foot two. Add to the fact, Lori’s ass is curved perfectly to grasp when it comes to making love— slightly rounded and firm. As I am writing and thinking of all of the alluring attributes that my wife possesses, I suddenly find myself twitching under by shorts and boxers. Excuse me for about an hour while I go and find her…

My apologies. O.K. maybe not. I will tell you this though, I am a modest person at heart. But, I got back from throwing my large frame chest on hers. This is from years of sports training in my earlier years (Lori had just told me that I have to describe myself now, after all we are a couple that plays together). There have been a number of times, she has caught other girls looking and staring at her prize. She says that she loves to hug me. Mushy, mushy, mushy – sorry gentlemen, women like to say things like that. Lori says it makes her feel secure when she can wrap her arms around some guys stocky chest, let alone my chest. This does not only apply upstairs but around the waist, as well. Why would I brag? It is Lori’s suggestion that I have to give some visual elements to you, the captive audience. She says that I am a large. Not long, but one who can stretch it to a fist, like holding a coffee mug. Of course right now, she is standing over my shoulder. She wants to comment on my dark and handsome voice. She says that I could sexually entice any lady with it. And, my brown eyes could melt tears away. Well, I don’t know about that. I think she is just hanging around for some seconds? O.K. enough of the modest person from you and let’s get back to that evening- Lori!

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It was a Saturday evening in November. Our most difficult time was trying to figure out what we were going to wear to the party. I thought the most difficult time was going to be convincing her to attend. But as I walked into the bedroom, she had a beige shawl wrapped around her breast, with no bra, and a black mini-skirt, tan sandals to match the shawl. She was hot, tasteful and ready to go. She styled her blonde hair with waves and curls. Something you would see on one of the covers of a glamour magazine. She applied a light red lip stick, something different that she would do and I felt myself beginning to bulge at the luscious sight. She’s only thirty-five and still can dress to kill.

For myself, I threw on a pair of beige dress pants over my black silky boxers. I put on my gray, loose-wearing, sweatshirt. Lori temporarily left the bedroom and came back in. She put a small cup size of hair-gel on my head and brushed it back with one of her brush.

I replied. “Getting my head wet already?”

She giggled and replied. “Plan on finding someone’s wet spot tonight?”

Lori knows that I am enticed by a whole lot of muff diving. After all, I love it. Personally, I find it to be my favorite sport and passion. After the joking around and trying to look as sexy as we possibly could, the time had come to depart the apartment for the party. We entered our vehicle. The third step was done.

We had discussed our boundaries on our drive to the party. The only thing she required me to do was, pick up a box of condoms from the pharmacy. Other than that, there were ultimately no boundaries. Traveling down the road and just minutes away from the party, Lori made a second request. She wanted to be assuring that I was going to be present and willing with another partner.

My only reply was. “I’m going anywhere were you’re going.”

We drove up to the house where the party was taken place. We sat in the car for a few minutes contemplating. I have to admit that the time had come and we were both nervous! My heart was pounding. I could see the fear in her eyes and hear it in her voice.

Lori asked. “What are we going to do if someone in the house knows us?”

I didn’t know what to say. I just calmly replied. “We are opening our marriage and if someone is here that we know, I’m sure it will remain confidential.”

I was just making up stuff. “Plus, I read a disclaimer that assured confidentiality somewhere when we applied to the group.”

Lori sarcastically said. “Oh, Ok, well this ought to be fun.”

I wiggled my eyebrows in a mysterious kind of way, reached back to grab our alcohol and finally walked up to the door. I followed behind Lori and slapped her in the ass a couple of times. The fourth step was done.

As we proceeded through the door, we found that the atmosphere was soft. The lights were turned down. And, the music was something of a late-seventies love theme. We registered with the host. It did cost a few dollars. Plus, we were required to put name tags on. Lori giggled, I knew what she was thinking, where in the hell am I going to put this on? From there, we received the nickel-and-dime tour of the house from the hostess. The first place we were taken to was the bedroom. My mistake, I meant too say- bedrooms. There was a choice of two bedrooms. In both the chambers there were a number of candles illuminating the walls and the sheets. To our surprise, there were no blankets. There were a number of benches and chairs around the beds. The host was kind of us to show us where the condiment tray was, as he put it. All filled up with flavored condoms. By now I’m thinking, damn it, I could have saved six bucks! We left the bedroom area and went to the kitchen.

We put our refreshments in the fridge and took our place on a love seat with the rest of the party goers. We were introduced around the room and quickly we were given the label-Newbies. We had to ask what that meant, a term for virgin party goers, because we didn’t know. Our eyes kept glancing at the other couples, and of course on the big screen television set in the corner.

I turned to Lori and told her. “Now that’s some entertainment.”

Now when Lori was chatting with the host over the phone prior to this evening he said that there would be adult entertainment. Here was a porno-flick playing, a petite busty brunette actress getting banged by two guys at the same time.

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Lori tugged at my hand and whispers. “Do you see anyone in here you would like to do, yet?”

I replied. “Not yet.”

The soft music flowing in our ears. The host of the party got up from the computer – where the music was being played from. He began to thank everyone for coming out. He finished up by saying. “Let the games begin.”

Our host began with a real fun game. It was sort of a musical chair game with all the guys sitting on the chairs and the ladies had to run around jumping on one of the guy’s lap. Of course, one of the ladies came stag, that made the last lady standing disqualified with her partner. I don’t think that I won because Lori couldn’t get to a lap when the music quit.

The second game, it was the guy’s turn to walk around the ladies. Instead of us crushing their beautiful laps, we were required to put our face into their laps. I was in heaven. I got to put my face into three different laps, and all but one of them was wearing a mini-skirt. I thought to myself, now this is a party. I was getting excited. There was one individual, who I’ll call Ann Marie, that did not wear any panties. You can guess where I was trying to get every time the music stopped. I know Lori was getting excited because she had about six guys who plastered their face under her mini-skirt. Of course the imagination was running wild, because I knew she did not adhere too wearing any undergarments!

Lori and I did not win that game, so we took our place on the love sofa. We sat there like a couple, watching and waiting, waiting to be asked to dance. All we could do is just watch the action. But, within a few minutes we were approached by our first couple. They were blunt and came right out to ask us if we would be interested in going to the bedroom. This was the routine. The host and hostess gave us a little bit of advice in the bedroom.

They said. “We respect the word ‘no’ here. No means no!”

Lori had quickly asked the guy to ask his partner, to ask me, if it would be all right. I didn’t hesitate. Our fist swinging time was about to happen. Finally, the last step.

Ray and Muriel had taken us both by the hand and lead us into the sex chambers. Ray was an older guy. He had to be at least fifteen years older than Lori and me. He was tall. And, he had some grey streaks in his hair. I will never forget the way he was staring at Lori.

Muriel had blonde hair and blue eyes. She filled out to a staggering 38C. She had a gorgeous body, with a couple extra pounds around the waist, but she looked good. I remember Muriel had taken a seat on the bench in front of the bed. She began to undress me. She took my shirt off. I took Muriel’s name tag and ripped it off with my teeth. She had it glued to her bare-chest. She laughed and I was beginning to get aroused. Muriel undid my pants. And, I slipped out of my boxers. She picked them up and folded all of my clothes on the bench next to her. She held my cock in her hands and I was standing there. She put it in her mouth and made her introductions with her tongue. I had turned around to see Lori and Ray.

I remember seeing Ray go down on Lori’s pussy. She was already undressed and sprawled out on the bed. Ray was going down on my wife. At this instance, I was getting an enormous erection. I don’t know what was more exciting at the time, watching my luscious Lori getting eaten by this new stranger, or me getting my cock swabbed by this gorgeous lady. When we entered the love chamber, we were the only couple in the bedroom. But by the time I was just getting my erection, the whole party seemed to move in. Lori was making sounds of passion. I was familiar to her sounds of ecstasy. I knew right where Ray was hitting her. I knew in my mind that he was tugging on her clit with his tongue. I couldn’t see all of the action from where I was standing. I could only watch because Muriel’s mouth had encased my cock. I dared not walk away from that. I took a glance down at Muriel and she caught me staring at her.

She looked up and smiled and said. “Do you like that?”

I was trembling and said, “Of course I do.”

I pulled Muriel up by her hands and turned her around. I wanted to watch my wife and do a little muff diving myself. So I decided to take Muriel’s skirt off. I placed her on the bed next to Lori and Ray. We were almost side-by-side. A few minutes later, Ray had taken Lori’s body off the edge of the bed by wrapping his forearms under her thighs and pulling her down. He fell down on his knees, raised her thighs, to get a better angle at her pussy. I could see Lori’s pussy pulsating with every intake Ray was making with his tongue. Her shaven pussy, that resembled a tiny triangle, was glistening in the light of the candle. He was leaving wet spots all over her pussy.

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I took the time to put my finger in Muriel’s pussy. I played with her clit while I kept an eye on Lori’s sensuous encounter. By now, Ray had moved on to sucking her perky breast. I could tell that Lori was excited. Guys, you know your wife is excited when her checks are flushed and her nipples are over erected. And, every time Ray would do something magical with his tongue her blue eyes would rise to the top of her eye lids and disappear. By now, I had already found my way around Muriel’s pussy and I kept playing with her button. My mouth was enticing her clit. I was circling it with my tongue and gently pulling on with my teeth.

I turned to see what my Lori was doing and she was going down on Ray. I was impressed with my babe. Lori was giving him head on his long cock and at the same time she was pulling a condom down with her mouth. At that time I was thinking, damn they’re fast.

Muriel had lifted me up and began to stroke my cock. I was watching Lori slowly lifting her body onto Ray’s. We were like an orchestra of love makers. The four of us keep in unison with each others move’s. While Lori was beginning to straddle Ray. I had my cock in Muriel. Muriel and I were so caught up in the passion that I didn’t even slip a condom on. I didn’t plan it that way. But, as Lori began to rock Ray’s world, I was rocking Muriel’s inner and outer pussy lips. By now, the intensity of a stranger under my command had overcome me. I began to pick up steam with my cock, my strokes in Muriel became faster and quicker. Her lips were making sounds of passion with every stroke. Within several minutes of this intense fucking, Muriel came. She came with an overflow of flooding of fluids dripping from her pussy. I could feel the climax releasing from her button and saturating my head before it escaped her lips.

I looked at Ray and Lori, Ray had her legs sprawled up and over his command. Lori was getting a good fuck underneath Ray.

To make this stranger more unaware of her surroundings, I intensified my fuck skills by going quicker and faster, she lost control and gave out a little scream and yelled an obscenity. I continued on without stopping. I glanced over and noticed Ray and Lori looking over and taking in on the pleasures that his wife was getting.

Lori confessed later and said that he must have busted his load right away because his fucking, came to a slow and gentle pace. A pace where only one knows, when the climax has built up from the inner balls, it progresses fast thereafter, finally exiting through the love shaft. Lori said that he filled up their love balloon right away. I on the other hand came several minutes later. I fell upon Muriel’s body and gave her a kiss. She looked at me and smiled and whispered, “Can we take both of you home with us tonight?”

We got up and were surprised to see the whole party of people standing around us. As I got up to get dressed, Ann Marie and another lady were looking down at me and giving me a nod of approval. Lori had said that while she was dressing a few of the male patrons where rubbing her clit and nipples, and I was in total surprise that she gave them the approval.

We finished off by walking out of the bedroom and entered the living room. We sat there until the party was over. When the host thanked everyone for coming. Everyone proceeded to the door. There were a few stragglers.

Everyone who attended exchanged phone numbers and left the party. Lori and I got into our van. As we were leaving, Ann Marie came up and asked us for a ride to her motel room just a few blocks away from the party.

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