CUCKOLD: Shy wife enjoys a holiday in France

CUCKOLD, Shy wife enjoys a holiday in France, We had been working in Chile for two years now when my wife Gail suggested I ask for an extended three-week vacation. A trip to visit her parents in North Carolina and then some private time for holiday. It was too expensive a trip to for just two weeks away.

Gail had come to Chile willingly and even seemed to be enjoying my country. It was time for me to be as supportive and I pressed the company for my holiday and it was granted. I was even granted several extra days by agreeing to stop in Paris to make a presentation to a potential client.

So off we went for five days in North Carolina and sixteen days on the Cote Azure, with a week in Antibes and the rest in Monaco. We had our list of restaurants, boat schedules to Corsica, and of course an imaginary but healthy list of fantasies we hoped to realize.


If you haven’t read our first posting then I’ll tell you what we look like. Firstly, this is all real. I’m 5’10, just turned 31, brown hair and eyes and in reasonably trim shape. I met my wife while in university and we are married seven years now. Gail is an exceptionally beautiful girl. She is 5’7” with a young girls figure at 29, small hips, long very shapely legs, small breasted, a picture perfect behind, light brown hair that blondes in the sun and lovely green eyes. Gail is shy, sometimes my friends think her aloof. Even with me she keeps some things to herself but I attribute it to her very restricted upbringing, and it does not trouble me. Our sex life is full, imaginative, and though she never talked about desires, she is a willing participant in most of what I initiate. As well as my wife, she is my friend and I adore her.

After our five days with Gail’s family we bade them farewell and started our holiday. We planned to over-night in Paris and, after my meeting the next morning, head to Nice that same evening. Regrettably the next morning the company I planned to visit called and postponed the meeting until late in the afternoon. We asked the hotel concierge to help us book a later flight but everything was full. We were disappointed but I convinced Gail to go on to Nice and check into the Hotel in Antibes. I would join her the next day. She thought seeing Paris for a day would be just as interesting but she knew how hard I had worked to get our reservation at the Hotel du Cap and we didn’t want to endanger the rest of our holiday. So, we went to Orly and I saw Gail off to Nice.

After my meeting I called Antibes but Gail was not in the room. My host invited me for drinks and I didn’t get back to my hotel until after midnight. I called Gail the next morning and woke her. She told me that she had met and had drinks with an American couple then ate dinner with them last night. We were both invited again for tonight. She ranted on about how beautiful the hotel was and she planned to sit around the pool until I arrived.

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I packed, checked out and made my way to a crowded airport with many delays. My rescheduled flight was in the evening and I landed in Nice two hours late. When I arrived at the hotel it was almost 8PM. Gail was sitting in the lobby having a drink with her new friends. She introduced me to Charlene and Andrew, from Chicago. A very attractive couple I judged to be a few years older then us. He said he was an attorney and he already knew all about me. We had a drink and chatted for ten minutes when Andrew suggested I get ready for dinner. Gail accompanied me to our room on the second floor. It was lovely, high ceilings, elegantly decorated, everything I had expected. A large framed bed separated by a small sitting arrangement, well chosen paintings, a louvered door leading to the bathroom, double all windowed doors to a balcony, a louvered closet near the entry, flowers near the sitting arrangement, every detail made it the perfect Mediterranean room. We were facing the city or roadside but I had been told that sea views were reserved years in advance.

Gail explained that she had met Charlene in the hallway when she first arrived. They were in the very next room. When she heard that Gail was alone that night she invited her to join them. We stepped out on our little circular fenced in balcony with one chair, our neighbors on both sides had the same just feet away. The hotel entrance was below with some cars parked at angles on both sides, vast kept grounds and the green mountain backdrop made the view spectacular. We held hands and simply enjoyed being there.

I started unpacking to get ready and made the mistake of sitting down. I almost fainted. I was exhausted. The drink, the night before, the jet lag, all heaped upon me.

Gail asked, “Are you all right?”

“Yes, I just feel lightheaded.”

“You’re overtired”, she said.

“Yes,” I replied, “I had a late night last night as well.”

“Would you like to pass for tonight? they’ll understand.”

I don’t want to but it would probably be wise to rest. Would you mind?”

She immediately responded, “Of course not, I’ll go down and tell them.”

Gail walked to me and kissed my forehead then started toward the door.

“Wait”, I said. “I’m exhausted so I’ll probably just pass out. Why should you sit around while I’m sleeping? Why don’t you go with them?”

Gail stood pondering for a few seconds then said, “I could do that I guess. I am hungry. That’s a good idea. I’m sure we won’t be late, Andy has a rented car and he seems to know his way around.”

Gail freshened her makeup, draped a shawl over her arm and with a brief kiss I watched her walk down the hallway to the elevator. I ripped my clothes off and let my exhausted frame sink into the thick soft cool bed.

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I awoke for no apparent reason and felt disoriented. After a few moments I realized where I was and rose, went to the balcony doors, and walked onto the balcony. I thought the lights flickering across the mountainside and the soft grounds lighting made a very inviting view. Then I realized I was in my shorts. It was dark on the balcony and our room lights were out but I still felt uncomfortable. I went to the bathroom and put one of the dark blue cotton robes that was folded on the side table, and returned to the balcony.

I glanced at my watch on the bedside table. It was 12:15, Gail would be back soon.

I sat in the chair enjoying the cool air, daydreaming. A car pulled into the driveway and circled around to the right of the entrance and parked under the tall palm tree with underside lighting. I watched the lights of passing cars between trees and the smell of the sea was intoxicating. Minutes later I realized that no one had exited from the car that had driven in. It was a large Citroen and I was looking directly into the driver’s side. The tree lights shone through the front window and the driver was partially turned. From my angle I could clearly see to his right a woman’s skirt and her legs and her arm on his shoulder. I believed they were making out, and I smiled.

I watched lights go out a long distance away on the mountain. Then movement in the car caught my gaze and I could see the driver’s hands between her legs and the skirt being raised. This was getting interesting and I tried to concentrate my gaze. The couple were seriously making out. I could see his body bend as he was reaching his left hand between her legs. I noticed other movement but from where I was it was more a suggestion of movement. I was still to far away.

Ten or fifteen minutes after the car arrived the interior lights went on and the passenger door opened. A woman exited and seemed to be straightened her clothes. Then the driver stepped out. I was surprised a moment later when a third person, a woman, exited the passenger side. They gathered at the rear of the car and spoke. I was focused now because I realized it was Andrew. I could even hear his voice though not make out the words. I sat stock-still. Gail had been the third passenger out. Had she been sitting in the middle? My heart was pumping. I hoped they wouldn’t look up. It was dark enough to hide me but I felt like I was sitting in sunlight.

They were talking more loudly now as they walked toward the entrance. They were now below the canopy and could not see me. I quickly rose, closed the balcony doors, stripped the robe and got into bed. A minute or two later I heard them in the hall talking then Gail was putting her key into the door. I feigned sleep. She quietly closed the door. There were no good nights exchanged between them. I was peeking. She looked over to me then went to the bathroom and closed the door. About five minutes later she came out. She had closed the bathroom lights before opening the door. I had my hand resting in front of my face so she could not see my eyes. She stood in the bathroom doorway for what seemed like a minute or two though it may have been seconds. She was wearing the other blue robe. She then walked to the bed and stood beside it. I closed my eyes. A few seconds later I heard movement and I squinted to peek. She was walking toward the door, which she quietly opened, exited, and closed.

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Shock or surprise would be an understatement. I lay in bed my heart pounding. I kept trying to calm myself, my heart was racing. It took some effort but I managed to stabilize my thoughts. She was probably visiting with her friends, I told myself. But, hadn’t she been the one in the middle, making out? I walked to the balcony doors and looked out. Obviously still a beautiful view but I didn’t see it now. What had changed so much in the last half hour? I donned the robe again and opened the door to breath fresh air. My mind still racing I walked onto the balcony. The balcony to my right had light coming through the doors. Gail had said that Charlene was in the next room so I assumed it was their lights shining through.

Now I tried to listen but I couldn’t hear any sounds. I went to the far right of our balcony and leaned over the rail. Still no sound. I could partially see into the room but just against the wall. I looked at the balcony distance and wondered how crazy it would be to crawl over to the next balcony. I felt driven now so it did not take long for me to quietly move the chair close to the railing. I then stepped on the chair, my hands leaning on the wall, and literally stepped onto the next balcony. I lowered my bare feet quietly.

I edged cautiously towards the doors so as not to get caught in the light. The curtains were only covering the sides of the windows, as in our room, I could clearly see inside. Their bed was on the left side of the room and Charlene was sitting on the far side and at the bottom of the bed. She was wearing what looked like a large tee shirt and had a Champagne glass in her hand. She was looking across the room and talking. I lowered myself almost crawling and moved toward the center of the doors. A wooden armless chair with a solid wood back and a green cushion was placed in front of the doors and I was looking under the chair and through the legs. There was Gail in the famous blue robe facing me from across the room. I could see up to her chest. She held a glass of Champagne and her body was angled toward Charlene and she was speaking, though I could not make out the words.

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