CUCKOLD: Shy wife enjoys a holiday in France

CUCKOLD, Shy wife enjoys a holiday in France, We had been working in Chile for two years now when my wife Gail suggested I ask for an extended three-week vacation. A trip to visit her parents in North Carolina and then some private time for holiday. It was too expensive a trip to for just two weeks away.

Gail had come to Chile willingly and even seemed to be enjoying my country. It was time for me to be as supportive and I pressed the company for my holiday and it was granted. I was even granted several extra days by agreeing to stop in Paris to make a presentation to a potential client.

So off we went for five days in North Carolina and sixteen days on the Cote Azure, with a week in Antibes and the rest in Monaco. We had our list of restaurants, boat schedules to Corsica, and of course an imaginary but healthy list of fantasies we hoped to realize.


If you haven’t read our first posting then I’ll tell you what we look like. Firstly, this is all real. I’m 5’10, just turned 31, brown hair and eyes and in reasonably trim shape. I met my wife while in university and we are married seven years now. Gail is an exceptionally beautiful girl. She is 5’7” with a young girls figure at 29, small hips, long very shapely legs, small breasted, a picture perfect behind, light brown hair that blondes in the sun and lovely green eyes. Gail is shy, sometimes my friends think her aloof. Even with me she keeps some things to herself but I attribute it to her very restricted upbringing, and it does not trouble me. Our sex life is full, imaginative, and though she never talked about desires, she is a willing participant in most of what I initiate. As well as my wife, she is my friend and I adore her.

After our five days with Gail’s family we bade them farewell and started our holiday. We planned to over-night in Paris and, after my meeting the next morning, head to Nice that same evening. Regrettably the next morning the company I planned to visit called and postponed the meeting until late in the afternoon. We asked the hotel concierge to help us book a later flight but everything was full. We were disappointed but I convinced Gail to go on to Nice and check into the Hotel in Antibes. I would join her the next day. She thought seeing Paris for a day would be just as interesting but she knew how hard I had worked to get our reservation at the Hotel du Cap and we didn’t want to endanger the rest of our holiday. So, we went to Orly and I saw Gail off to Nice.

After my meeting I called Antibes but Gail was not in the room. My host invited me for drinks and I didn’t get back to my hotel until after midnight. I called Gail the next morning and woke her. She told me that she had met and had drinks with an American couple then ate dinner with them last night. We were both invited again for tonight. She ranted on about how beautiful the hotel was and she planned to sit around the pool until I arrived.

I packed, checked out and made my way to a crowded airport with many delays. My rescheduled flight was in the evening and I landed in Nice two hours late. When I arrived at the hotel it was almost 8PM. Gail was sitting in the lobby having a drink with her new friends. She introduced me to Charlene and Andrew, from Chicago. A very attractive couple I judged to be a few years older then us. He said he was an attorney and he already knew all about me. We had a drink and chatted for ten minutes when Andrew suggested I get ready for dinner. Gail accompanied me to our room on the second floor. It was lovely, high ceilings, elegantly decorated, everything I had expected. A large framed bed separated by a small sitting arrangement, well chosen paintings, a louvered door leading to the bathroom, double all windowed doors to a balcony, a louvered closet near the entry, flowers near the sitting arrangement, every detail made it the perfect Mediterranean room. We were facing the city or roadside but I had been told that sea views were reserved years in advance.

Gail explained that she had met Charlene in the hallway when she first arrived. They were in the very next room. When she heard that Gail was alone that night she invited her to join them. We stepped out on our little circular fenced in balcony with one chair, our neighbors on both sides had the same just feet away. The hotel entrance was below with some cars parked at angles on both sides, vast kept grounds and the green mountain backdrop made the view spectacular. We held hands and simply enjoyed being there.

I started unpacking to get ready and made the mistake of sitting down. I almost fainted. I was exhausted. The drink, the night before, the jet lag, all heaped upon me.

Gail asked, “Are you all right?”

“Yes, I just feel lightheaded.”

“You’re overtired”, she said.

“Yes,” I replied, “I had a late night last night as well.”

“Would you like to pass for tonight? they’ll understand.”

I don’t want to but it would probably be wise to rest. Would you mind?”

She immediately responded, “Of course not, I’ll go down and tell them.”

Gail walked to me and kissed my forehead then started toward the door.

“Wait”, I said. “I’m exhausted so I’ll probably just pass out. Why should you sit around while I’m sleeping? Why don’t you go with them?”

Gail stood pondering for a few seconds then said, “I could do that I guess. I am hungry. That’s a good idea. I’m sure we won’t be late, Andy has a rented car and he seems to know his way around.”

Gail freshened her makeup, draped a shawl over her arm and with a brief kiss I watched her walk down the hallway to the elevator. I ripped my clothes off and let my exhausted frame sink into the thick soft cool bed.

I awoke for no apparent reason and felt disoriented. After a few moments I realized where I was and rose, went to the balcony doors, and walked onto the balcony. I thought the lights flickering across the mountainside and the soft grounds lighting made a very inviting view. Then I realized I was in my shorts. It was dark on the balcony and our room lights were out but I still felt uncomfortable. I went to the bathroom and put one of the dark blue cotton robes that was folded on the side table, and returned to the balcony.

I glanced at my watch on the bedside table. It was 12:15, Gail would be back soon.

I sat in the chair enjoying the cool air, daydreaming. A car pulled into the driveway and circled around to the right of the entrance and parked under the tall palm tree with underside lighting. I watched the lights of passing cars between trees and the smell of the sea was intoxicating. Minutes later I realized that no one had exited from the car that had driven in. It was a large Citroen and I was looking directly into the driver’s side. The tree lights shone through the front window and the driver was partially turned. From my angle I could clearly see to his right a woman’s skirt and her legs and her arm on his shoulder. I believed they were making out, and I smiled.

I watched lights go out a long distance away on the mountain. Then movement in the car caught my gaze and I could see the driver’s hands between her legs and the skirt being raised. This was getting interesting and I tried to concentrate my gaze. The couple were seriously making out. I could see his body bend as he was reaching his left hand between her legs. I noticed other movement but from where I was it was more a suggestion of movement. I was still to far away.

Ten or fifteen minutes after the car arrived the interior lights went on and the passenger door opened. A woman exited and seemed to be straightened her clothes. Then the driver stepped out. I was surprised a moment later when a third person, a woman, exited the passenger side. They gathered at the rear of the car and spoke. I was focused now because I realized it was Andrew. I could even hear his voice though not make out the words. I sat stock-still. Gail had been the third passenger out. Had she been sitting in the middle? My heart was pumping. I hoped they wouldn’t look up. It was dark enough to hide me but I felt like I was sitting in sunlight.

They were talking more loudly now as they walked toward the entrance. They were now below the canopy and could not see me. I quickly rose, closed the balcony doors, stripped the robe and got into bed. A minute or two later I heard them in the hall talking then Gail was putting her key into the door. I feigned sleep. She quietly closed the door. There were no good nights exchanged between them. I was peeking. She looked over to me then went to the bathroom and closed the door. About five minutes later she came out. She had closed the bathroom lights before opening the door. I had my hand resting in front of my face so she could not see my eyes. She stood in the bathroom doorway for what seemed like a minute or two though it may have been seconds. She was wearing the other blue robe. She then walked to the bed and stood beside it. I closed my eyes. A few seconds later I heard movement and I squinted to peek. She was walking toward the door, which she quietly opened, exited, and closed.

Shock or surprise would be an understatement. I lay in bed my heart pounding. I kept trying to calm myself, my heart was racing. It took some effort but I managed to stabilize my thoughts. She was probably visiting with her friends, I told myself. But, hadn’t she been the one in the middle, making out? I walked to the balcony doors and looked out. Obviously still a beautiful view but I didn’t see it now. What had changed so much in the last half hour? I donned the robe again and opened the door to breath fresh air. My mind still racing I walked onto the balcony. The balcony to my right had light coming through the doors. Gail had said that Charlene was in the next room so I assumed it was their lights shining through.

Now I tried to listen but I couldn’t hear any sounds. I went to the far right of our balcony and leaned over the rail. Still no sound. I could partially see into the room but just against the wall. I looked at the balcony distance and wondered how crazy it would be to crawl over to the next balcony. I felt driven now so it did not take long for me to quietly move the chair close to the railing. I then stepped on the chair, my hands leaning on the wall, and literally stepped onto the next balcony. I lowered my bare feet quietly.

I edged cautiously towards the doors so as not to get caught in the light. The curtains were only covering the sides of the windows, as in our room, I could clearly see inside. Their bed was on the left side of the room and Charlene was sitting on the far side and at the bottom of the bed. She was wearing what looked like a large tee shirt and had a Champagne glass in her hand. She was looking across the room and talking. I lowered myself almost crawling and moved toward the center of the doors. A wooden armless chair with a solid wood back and a green cushion was placed in front of the doors and I was looking under the chair and through the legs. There was Gail in the famous blue robe facing me from across the room. I could see up to her chest. She held a glass of Champagne and her body was angled toward Charlene and she was speaking, though I could not make out the words.

I felt really strange. Here I was almost on my belly spying on my wife. Her robe was properly covering her legs, and she was innocently chatting away. We are educated, trusting intelligent people. What was I doing? What about the car? I asked myself. They were making out. Could it have been Charlene? Again I answered my own thoughts, then why with Gail in the car? No, it had been Gail.

Lost in my reverie I was surprised to see Andrew enter the room, coming from the bathroom I assumed. He was wearing the same robe in white and had a Champagne bottle and glass. He topped up Charlene then walked to Gail and filled her glass. While standing in front of her they were speaking about something then all three laughed together. Andrew turned and walked straight toward the balcony doors and me. I was shocked, and froze in place. When he reached the chair he spun around and sat down.

I was now lying on my stomach resting on my arms looking through the chair legs into the room. They were chatting. The first movement was from Charlene. She stood and walked to the top of the bed and placed two pillows atop one another then lay upon the bed, propped on the pillows, legs outstretched. I had to move to the side of the chair to watch her. I could see most of her body. To see her face I had to almost put my face against the glass door.

Looking toward Gail through the chair legs was a good view, as Andrew must have had his legs crossed and only one leg was on the floor. He eventually moved and now both legs were on the floor and well spread apart. Then I looked over at Charlene. To my surprise she had her right hand between her legs and her left hand on her breast. She was touching herself in front of Gail. The conversation between Andrew and Gail continued. I wanted to look at Charlene but I also wanted to see Gail’s face so I inched ever so slightly forward. Now I could see the side of Gail’s face, especially when she turned to look at Charlene. While continuing to talk with Andrew she would look over toward Charlene. She seemed to find it exciting.

I noticed movement then realized that Gail was walking toward the doors, toward Andrew. When she reached him she knelt down in front of him. The first words I was actually able to hear were “Andy, this is magnificent”. There was movement, no more words. My heart was thumping in my chest, I believed that Gail was touching or sucking his cock but I couldn’t see around the side of the chair. Andrews head was now leaning back on the chair.

When Gail stopped whatever she was doing she said, “Watching you jerk off is about the hottest thing I have ever seen”.

He replied, “Watching you was much hotter.”

So he had been jerking off while sitting there. Now I wondered when had he seen her “…doing it.”

I also noticed that I was hard. Very hard. Charlene had been watching Gail play with Andrew while she continued to play with herself.

Gail rose from in front of Andrew and walked to the bed. She sat on the edge looking at Andrew and smiled. A moment passed when I thought she had seen me. She then stood up and slowly took off her robe and sat down again. She was completely naked. I lost my breath and I could feel my heart thumping in my ears. Her nipples were rock hard and jutting out. Her breasts are perfect, small and firm, and her nipples sensitive to the slightest touch. I knew she was very excited and that whatever she intended to do, she was not stopping now. I felt my cock twitch. If I had not seen movement to distract me, I could have come. Andrew rose and went to Gail and stood before her and they kissed.

Charlene rose from the bed and disappeared, to the bathroom. My wife continued kissing Andrew. Moments later Charlene came back, also completely naked, and carrying what must have been a foot long black rubber dildo and a towel. Her breasts were large with huge aureole and she was cleanly shaven except for a small patch just above her vagina. She had a beautiful very womanly body with an hourglass figure. She placed the towel on the bed and lay down again, placing her vagina over the towel. She was concentrated, not paying any attention to Andrew and Gail. She reached to the nightstand and returned with a tube and proceeded to spread jelly on the dildo. When she was ready she looked down at herself in what I thought was a most erotic sight, and slowly placed the head of the dildo into her vagina. Then she looked over at Andrew and Gail and started to push it steadily into herself..

My wife was still sitting naked on the bed passionately kissing Andrew. I could tell her hand was on his cock but I could not see it, he still wore his robe. Occasionally she would move lower and I knew she was reaching for his balls and all the while they continued to kiss deeply. He massaged her breasts and rubbed around her belly but he did not reach to touch her vagina. I now realized that I was on the verge of coming and I had not even touched myself. Here I was watching my wife make love to another man and I was excited enough to come. And, what I saw was lovemaking. They did not seem intent on fucking for hot sex. They were slowly, passionately, making love.

Charlene now had the dildo deep inside her and she would alternate between throwing her head back and pumping it in and out of her vagina, then looking over toward Gail and Andrew and rubbing her clit with the dildo still inside.

Gail and Andrew broke their kiss. Gail immediately started to lie down and Andrew took off his robe. Still standing he moved toward the front of the bed and Gail reached to hold his cock, bending her head forward. Now Andrew turned sideways and I could see the object of Gail’s attention. If Charlene’s dildo was a foot long, Andrews’s cock was solid competition. It was the longest cock I had ever seen. Average in thickness but very very long, crooked, and uncircumcised. Gail held it, lovingly rubbed it across her face, while continuously kissing it. Andrew in turn was playing with her nipples with his left hand and her vagina with his right hand. Gail put a part of his cock in her mouth then took it out and rubbed it across her face and cheek. She held it close to her face and pulled the skin back then put the exposed head in her mouth. She opened her legs further, obviously enjoying his touch. Charlene was concentrated on watching them and vigorously fucking herself with the dildo.

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I wanted to take my cock out and make myself come but I was still resting on my arms. It had been a good twenty to thirty minutes that I was there on the balcony and I was becoming stiff.

Gail had started to seriously suck and pull on Andrews’s enormous cock and it seemed to be getting bigger and he looked ready to come. After some five minutes of her loving his cock Andrew placed his hand on her head and held her back. He then climbed on the bed and moved between Gail’s legs. She was staring mesmerized at his cock as he held it in his right hand and placed it on her vagina. He looked at her and I watched his lips as I clearly heard him say, “Baby, do you want me to fuck you or love you?”

Gail replied in a passion filled voice, “Love me Andy, then Fuck me.”

Charlene had moved her head to the lower end of the bed. She was positioned to watch Andrew and to see Gail’s Vagina as well. She never said a word. Just stared at them and thrust the dildo in and out. I could see her pussy lips open and wrap around the dildo as it moved in and out. She looked so beautiful and turned on to their lovemaking that it was hard to look away from her.

Andrew was rubbing his cock up and down Gail’s slit. She was still starring at their readiness to join. When Andrew slipped his cock into Gail she threw her head back and opened her mouth in a silent scream. He kept inching in, then stopping, and sensing Gail’s readiness, inching in again. I could not believe that Gail would be able to take the full length of his cock into her body. He had already pushed deeper into her with cock then she had probably ever had, and still only half was in. At one point I noticed Gail’s toes curling. Another moment and she placed her hand on his chest to stop him. He held still. After a minute or so Gail reached behind him and placed both hands on his buttocks to pull him further in. This time he moved more quickly and buried himself even deeper.

Her legs were raised up and stretched apart in an effort to take him fully. Gail was looking at his face her eyes glazed with passion. She was close to coming. In a dreamlike motion she again reached for him to enter more deeply and he thrust fully into her. He closed his eyes in utter satisfaction at being full into her and Gail let out a low guttural moan of Ahggg..ohhh, ahgg..and started to violently orgasm. I had never seen her twitch and twist in orgasm and I immediately came in my shorts.

Andrew waited a few moments then started to steadily pump in and out. Sometimes fully out then back, sometimes partially. Gail alternately had her legs up and splayed apart or wrapped around his back, and her behind rose to meet his every thrust. She would close her eyes and concentrate on the feeling then open her eyes and stare straight into his face. Within minutes I could see she was building to another orgasm. Charlene could tell too and she started to rapidly fuck herself with the dildo, it seemed she was intent on coming with them. Gail now started her soft moans leading to coming. Andrews’s cock seemed to have grown a little fatter and he was obviously reaching into the very depth of my wife’s womb because Gail was moaning and her legs were shaking uncontrollably.

Then Andrew said, “I’m coming baby, now, I’m coming.”

Andrew was thrusting, long deep plunges, he was slightly raised above Gail and she was looking down watching his cock piston in and out of her body, moaning the whole time.

Then Andrew groaned loudly, and started to hump his behind as he shot his come deep into my wife. He kept jerking, five, six, seven times, and with each load Gail kept saying “yes, oh yes, do it.”

Andrew collapsed to the side of Gail. She slowly rose to reach his mouth and they kissed deeply, for a long time, deeply, using this nearness as closure to the passion they had shared. They remained entwined for several minutes then looked into each other’s eyes and smiled.

I was shaken, thrilled, still turned on, and confused. This is my beautiful, shy, trusting wife, my friend. Gail rose and moved toward the balcony doors. She stopped far enough away not to see me but I was still shaken. She spoke still facing the doors.

“I’ve got to get back. Rian might wake up. If he sees me like this he will know.”

Charlene got up from the bed and walked to Gail. Gail turned and Charlene wrapped her arms and naked body against Gail. Their breast touched. It didn’t seem sexual to me.

“You’re a dream,” Charlene said to Gail.

“That tool is the dream,” Gail said nodding toward Andrews soft but still very long cock.

While they were still talking I crawled backward to the balcony edge and leaned against the wall. It was a bit more of a stretch getting onto the chair on our balcony but I managed. Once inside I checked the time, it was1: 45AM, I had been watching for about an hour. I quickly jumped into bed and rubbed around hoping to build up some warmth. I lay there with my head reeling between thoughts of anger, excitement, lust, and consternation. Gail my only love. Did I know her? Five minutes later the door opened. She had not even locked it when she left. She headed straight for the bathroom and two minutes later emerged with her short nightgown and crawled into bed with a sigh.

She moved her leg across the space to touch mine and within minutes was breathing the regular rhythm of sleep.

I awoke next morning and Gail was sitting up in bed reading the Herald Tribune. She smiled.

“Hi love, sleep well,” she said.

Not answering I said, “What time is it?”

It’s like we’re still on a US schedule, its 8:15,” she replied.

“Well I certainly feel rested.”

“You should, you had a solid ten hours, did you sleep well?”

I thought momentarily, “I had an interruption or two but nothing major.”

Gail reached over and tousled my already tousled hair. I rolled to my side and reached over to her, my hand touching her upper thigh. She touched then rubbed my arm in a soft caress.

“How was dinner last night?”

“Great,” she said. “The food was wonderful.”

“When did you get back?”

“About 12:30, she replied. “Afterwards we sat downstairs and chatted a while.”

“Did you all miss me?” I asked.

“Well I don’t know about the others, But I missed you,” and she reached to touch me.

I still had my hand on her thigh so I gently rubbed between her thighs, inching toward the inside.

I brushed the back of my hand across her bush

“Oh gosh Gail, no underwear?” I stated as if she didn’t know. Gail just smiled.

I moved closer and started to run my hand across her thigh and between her legs. She parted her legs slightly but instead of continuing to caress her I reached for her vagina. She closed her legs but I forcefully pushed towards her clit. Gail relented and I gently moved my hands across her clit.

I Continued, “I’m so looking forward to making this a special holiday for us. We promised each other we would fulfill our fantasies on this trip.”

“Rian, you’re the only one with unfulfilled fantasies. I told you I would try going out with no underwear, showing a little, but I have to feel comfortable.”

I answered, “Of course you must feel Aren’t there any fantasies you would like to explore.”?

“If I had any I’d prefer to keep them a fantasy,” she replied.

“What are they?”

“What are what?” she asked.

“Your fantasies, any fantasy.”

“I don’t know that I have any.”

“If you did, would you tell me?”

She thought for a moment,”Yes I think I would.”

“Oh come on baby,” I reacted. “You have no fantasy and you would tell me if you did. Would you tell me anything you would do?”

“Of course I would” she immediately replied.

I smiled looking at her still gently rubbing her clit.

“What are you smiling about? She questioned.

“I do believe you sell me short. You are my great love. I know you better then you think.”

She looked a little annoyed. “Now what does that mean?”

I tried to look as serious as possible. “ It means I know when you are open and closed.”

“What do you mean by open and closed?” She asked.

“I mean that when I ask you a question I know when you are forthright or hiding things?”

Gail was now looking questioningly at me. I still kept touching her clit. She had opened her legs a bit further.

“Give me an example of what you are talking about.”

“Well when I asked you about last nights dinner for example. There are other things.”

With consternation in her look she asked, “What would I want to hide from you about dinner last night?”

“I don’t know, but I feel things with you, a sixth sense. Take my hand and hold it,” I said, smiling as I spoke, “look me in the eye, knowing my love… no our love, and answer again. Have you told me everything about dinner last night?”

I gave her my right hand and kept my left hand on her clit. Gail looked at me for a long time, ten seconds felt like a minute. I was smiling and looking at her. Slowly her face broke into a smile.

My heart skipping a beat, “I’m right aren’t I? I asked,

“Well, in a way,” she said, still smiling

“In what way? I asked

“Well something happened when we were out last night and I thought I’d try what you asked me to do. Just too see.”

“That’s a good start baby, and I love you for it, but just tell me about it, don’t force me to ask question by inch.”

“Do you remember the skirt I had on last night?”

I tried to look apologetic, “No I’m afraid I don’t.”

Well let me just fill you in she said smiling at me. I wore the skirt that has the slit on the side the one you like. Andy took us to a lovely restaurant in Cannes. It was crowded, very jet set I think. We were seated along the wall. Mostly single tables. The waiter put the corner and adjacent table together for us. Charlene and I sat on the wall, on a bank. Andy sat in a chair facing us. The wall and mirror were on my right and Charlene on my left. The place was busy so we had a bottle of wine while waiting for them to take our order. Eventually a man I would say in his late thirties or early forties was seated at the table to the left of Charlene. He too was waiting and he eventually chatted, first with Andrew then increasingly with Charlene. He was French.

We were well through our second bottle of wine when our order was taken.

During dinner Andre suggested to Charlene that she try his sparkling wine. She liked it and he asked if she would share a bottle with him. She agreed and he ordered a bottle and the two of them drank it. Andy and I talked together almost exclusively, and about everything. He is interesting you would like him. After dinner we were waiting to order dessert and Charlene left for the ladies room. A moment later Andre left as well. I thought it strange and figured that Charlene and he were meeting outside. I think Andy felt the same but he ignored it.

Since Andy was facing the wall, after Charlene left he came around and sat beside me in her seat.

While he was seated there I had my back to the sidewall and I was facing him. I had my left leg up on the bank and my right one on the floor. When I first sat that way I kept the tablecloth on my lap so I was well covered. But I thought about you asking me to show a little so I slowly, over some five minutes, slide the slit of my skirt to the front and let the tablecloth fall. When Andy faced me to say something he could easily see well up to my thigh. He had noticed all right and I liked the feeling so I slowly let my skirt ride up higher until I was sure he could see my panties.

It was affecting Andy. He was talking less and staring at my crotch. Finally looking at me with an ever so slight smile he said,

Gail, that part is absolutely beautiful.”

“What part I said, “truly wondering what he was talking about.”

“Your pussy”, he replied and he placed his hand on my leg.

I laughed and he did too, but I didn’t move, and he was feasting on the view. I knew that if you could see this you would love it.”

I just nodded to him, Gail went on.

“His hand eventually found it’s way up my leg and even touched my pussy, through my panties. He ran his finger up and down my slit, then cupped my whole pussy in his hand. I must admit I liked it. Andy caressed me that way for a few minutes then asked me to sit facing forward. When I did he hoisted up my skirt and placed his hand in my panties on my pussy. It was so exciting, being in this crowded restaurant, though I don’t think you could tell what he was doing. I asked him what if Charlene came back. She had been gone a good ten minutes. His reply was, “she’s deep into things right now, and she’ll be a while longer.”

I was surprised that he was unconcerned about Charlene and pleased to know he would continue to touch me, and he did. Honey, I came just from his touching me with his hand, sitting right there in a crowded restaurant. It only took minutes.

The waiter came and poured wine then Andy asked me to touch myself. He took his cock out and we both masturbated there in our seats partly covered by the tablecloth. It was the most erotic thing I have ever done.

I was still touching her clit and I could tell she was aroused just in the telling. I had a raging hard cock just imagining what was to come.

I asked her, “Were you pleased to know that you were doing it because I had asked?”

“Actually honey, once we got into it I didn’t think of anything except coming,” she honestly replied.

“Baby”, I said, “you are something… that’s about the hottest thing I’ve heard.”

She smiled. “You’re not upset honey? I was afraid to tell you thinking you would get angry.”

“No, I’m not angry.” I touched my hard cock, “and this will prove it. So what happened next? I asked.

“Nothing else really”, she said, and my heart sank, then, “Oh yes one other thing. When we drove home Charlene made me sit in the middle up front. Andy put his hands on my legs and touched my pussy during the drive. When we got to the hotel we sat in the car a few minutes and kissed and we touched.”

“Did you take out his cock?” I asked.

“No but I rubbed him a bit.”

“Where was Charlene all this time?”

Gail replied, “Sitting right beside me, touching herself.”

“I questioned, “Did she say anything about being gone so long.”

“When we first left the restaurant she excused herself saying, our French friend was fully loaded and now I am, and she went back inside. Andy laughed. We were waiting for her outside and Andy leaned me against the car and started touching me again. When she came back out I think she saw us and that’s why she asked me to sit in the middle.”

“So what happened next,” I asked.

“Nothing baby,” she said smiling.

“Didn’t he want to be with you, to make love?” I asked.

“ I don’t know, maybe. But that’s not what you asked me to do.”

“How about you, did you want to?”

“Yes honey,” she answered, and my heart skipped, “I was hot, but you were sleeping when I came in.”

“Is that all that happened?” I asked again.

“That’s enough, isn’t it? Gail replied. “So now you know the intimate details. Is it exciting for you honey?

Now was not the time to push her further. I put my arms around her body and hugged her and said, “It’s very exciting baby, you are one very hot woman and I love you. Lets make love.”

Gail slid down close to me and took my now raging hard cock in her hands. She wanted to continue down and suck me but I stopped her saying I wanted to be in her. We made love. I told her she was very wet inside, “Is that because you were so worked up?”

Her simple “Yes”, belied the issue. I made love frantically, a bit too roughly, and Gail acted like she enjoyed it. We left the room at about ten and had breakfast on the outdoor veranda.

We returned to the room, changed and headed down to the pool. Twenty odd hotel guests were scattered about on lounge chairs. Half of the women in the place were topless. I was still so turned on from thinking about what I had seen the night before that I was semi hard most of the morning. Ten minutes later a couple our age choose to sit in loungers a few feet away. I smiled hello. The man nodded mouthing a, “bon jour.”

Again a half hour later two men ensconced themselves to our left. One looked to be in his early forties, graying, distinguished and the younger man looked strong and fit and handsome in a very rough way. I thought they were gay. The younger man immediately introduced himself as Karl, he was from Switzerland. He asked us where we came from, acted very interested when we said Chile, and we continued the exchange throughout the morning. Long periods of silence went between spurts of chatter; some with the French couple on our right as well as with Karl.

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When Karl rose to swim in the pool his black bikini barley covered his behind and when he turned to walk away he was facing us, I could see Gail silently gasp. It looked like he had five pounds of meat stuck under his very brief trunks. I laughed at her expression and she squinted over at me smiling, a little embarrassed at having been caught.

Charlene and Andrew made it to the pool in the early afternoon and joined us for lunch. The whole group that was sitting around wound up lunching together and we all got to know one another. Andrew and Gail barley shared a glance, at least that I noticed. Karl’s friend Tomas wasn’t gay at all and obviously fancied Charlene. I was sure he was fondling her in the water, as they stood against the wall side by side.

After lunch we sat around the pool. Andrew invited us to join them for dinner and I accepted. At 3:30 we headed back to the room.

“How about we run over to take a look at Juan Le Pins?” I asked Gail.

“Great”, was her reply, and in no time at all we were dressed and taking a taxi for the few minutes ride to the next town. We roamed the seafront, I gawked at the topless ladies and we wound up in a small sidewalk bistro for a drink. Ten minutes after we sat down Karl and Tomas came walking by. We exchanged greetings and invited them to sit with us. They ordered drinks and Karl started speaking with Gail. While chatting she did her best to show as much leg as possible, and from his vantage point I believe panty too. I was getting excited again.

That evening we had a leisurely drive to Nice and dined in a wonderful seafood restaurant. Charlene and Andrew were great company and no one did anything to renew the conversation or deeds of the last night. Back at the hotel we had a nightcap in the hotel and went our respective ways.

“Did you enjoy the evening? I asked Gail.

“Very much, and you?”

“You were right, they are great company, but I noticed electricity in the air.”

“Now what are you talking about? Gail sounded annoyed.

‘“Nothing of import except I sense a hesitancy in you, I can’t place my finger on it now.”

We were in bed in minutes. I moved close and put my arm under her head. She snuggled in and we started touching each other. Ten minutes later I was kneeling between Gail’s legs and rubbing my hard cock across her vaginal lips. It was easy to make her come just smacking my hardened cock against her opening. After playing with her for ten minutes I started slipping into her, thrusting for a minute or so, then slapping my cock against her clit and slit. Soon Gail was arching her back beginning her orgasm, “Ohhhh yes baby, do it, do it to me.”

“You sure are one hot lover tonight”, she said smiling.

“I don’t know what’s gotten into me,” I said, “but all I want to do is endlessly fuck you and watch you come.”

Gail smiled contentedly, “That gets my vote,” then she proceeded to roll me over and quickly mount my still hard cock. I knew I was not providing the same stretch as she had received last night but she rode me for a long time and I could feel her pussy clenching as she made ready to come again. When she finished she kissed me and I greedily probed her mouth with my tongue. I felt tears on my face. She was crying.

“Was it that good? I asked.

Gail just looked at me lovingly, smiling. “I love you Honey, very much,” she said.

I was still in her and hard. “And I love you too, more then ever, in spite of the secrets you think you need to keep.”

She smiled. “Well I eventually told you.”

“It was easy,” I said, “wasn’t it?”

“Yes” she said, smiling her enticing look, “you loved it, you got so hard.”

I replied “Like now,” then I rotated my still hard cock in her.

“I love this place, can we come back next year?” she said.

“Of course”, I said, “as long as there are no secrets.

“There won’t be, there aren’t any… what are you talking about?” she asked questioningly.

“I told you. I have a sixth sense about you.”

“Well you certainly did last night,” Gail said. “And, I’m sure I told you everything.”

“Think hard, what happened in the car,” I asked.

She looked like she was concentrating, thinking. I moved my cock around in her.

“We were petting, he was touching me, putting his fingers in my pussy, pumping me while I was pumping him.”

She hadn’t said ‘pumping him’ when she told me earlier.

“ Did you take his cock out? What is it like?” I asked.

“Yes” she whispered, “I did. I was pumping it a bit. He’s pretty big.”

“Did you suck his cock?”

Gail hesitated, “Yes, I think I did for a short while.”

“What is his cock like?

“It’s long, a little longer then yours. He’s not circumcised.”

“Was it exciting for you baby?” I questioned.

With just the hint of a smile, she nodded, “Hmm honey. It’s real exciting, part is probably because it’s forbidden and I guess because he is a stranger, I could act a little wild.”

I was ready to burst now. Rolling over I kept myself in her and started to maul her nipples while forcefully pumping into her. My balls were slapping against her behind and her nipples were thumb length and I could feel my cock swelling. Gail was holding my waist with both hands, her eyes were closed and squinting in concentration.

“Can you imaging another cock in you now baby?” I asked in a husky voice.

“Yes”, was all she replied.

“You’re so wet, does it feel good baby?”

“Yes,” she paused, “ Yes honey.”

I was still pumping, ready to explode inside my wife at any moment when I asked,

“Whose cock could you imagine now?” and, after a few seconds pause I continued,

“Andrews long cock,” I paused a few seconds, “maybe Karl?

Gail didn’t answer. I was pumping furiously and again I asked in a husky voice,

“Which cock would you like to imagine fucking you now baby?”

“Karl” she gasped.

That’s what it took to make me explode.

“Oh, baby, I’m cumming” and I exploded thrusting with each spurt.

“Do it honey, do it to me”, Gail said, “Aghhh, I’m coming too, oh yes”

And we both orgasm’d intensely, one of the deepest most complete we ever shared. We both sensed it lying together holding one another, and we went to sleep.

The next morning was a replay of the day before. Breakfast, then out to the pool. The whole group from the day before eventually found their way to the pool The view over the Mediterranean was spectacular and the Hotel Du Cap had it’s usual array of celebrities. Most of the guests acted unimpressed but Gail and I did our share of gawking at Hollywood celebrities, Producers and TV personalities. We swam in the pool, a dip in the Med, lots of cool drinks and jokes, everyone seemed to know a funnier then the last one joke, and a few were risqué.

At about 12:30 Andrew asked Gail and I if we wanted to accompany Charlene and himself into Monte Carlo for a few hours. It was a about a 45 minute drive, he’d do some quick business and then lunch there. I thought it would be great. Gail declined saying she was enjoying the pool and that she would be in Monte Carlo all next week. Charlene also withdrew because she had been hoping Gail would join her in some shopping. Andrew said,

“Well, I guess I can go it alone,” and started to get his things together.

Then looking across to me, he said, “How about it Rian, you feel like coming along.”

“Actually, I wouldn’t mind. Honey would you mind if I popped off to Monte Carlo for a few hours?”

Then grinning I quickly said, “It felt very chic to say that.”

They all smiled and Gail replied, “No Ri, of course I don’t mind. Take the cell with you.”

So Andrew and I bade the group adieu kissed our respective wives and off we went. As we were approaching our rooms we heard a phone ringing. Only when I opened the door did I realize it was our phone. Andrew headed off to change and I took the call. A director of or company was calling from Chile. It seems that our Paris client had decided to complete the transaction I had presented. The call was to ask me a few more questions about our meeting, and to see if I was available in the event it was necessary to return to Paris. I asked a few questions of the Directorwhich he was unable to answer.

“Rian he bellowed, wait there a few minutes. I’ll try to get answers from Gonzalo or I will have him call you back.”

He didn’t ask me to wait, it was an order. I quickly ran over to Andrews’s room and told him what had happened.

“If I know Gonzalo, he won’t be easy to find, it may take a while.”

“Well I can’t say I’m not disappointed but, it happens. I’ll see you guys this evening and off he went.

I returned to the room. It was a good twenty minutes before Gonzalo called and we hashed over the options and decided that he would get back to me the next day.

I put my swimsuit back on and proceeded downstairs to the pool. Rounding the hallway from the elevators into the lobby I noticed Gail standing in the doorway speaking with Karl. I was walking slowly enough to spin around and return to the elevator without being seen. I returned to the room wondering if Gail had been making plans to meet Karl.

Once in the room I felt like a fool. So what do I do, I thought, sit here. I was about to leave when I looked at the small closet door near the entry. I opened it. We had our suitcases stacked inside and only my raincoat was hanging. I walked in and closed the door. Looking through the louvers I could see into the room. But, I could only look down. The most I could see was near the closet to the sitting arrangement. I took the suitcases off the shelf and placed them in a corner on the floor and I stood up on the suitcase rack. Now, looking through the louvers I could see the bed, balcony, chairs, everything except into the bathroom. I could even see the entry door. I was standing full height, I could lean on the wall and still look out, and I was looking through the very top two louver spaces, looking down.

It didn’t take long for Gail to arrive. She opened the door, threw her pool purse on the chair and went into the bathroom. I could hear the toilet flush and the water was running. A few minutes later she came out wiping her hands on a towel. She was still wearing her wrap with her swimsuit underneath. She tossed the towel over the chair and picked up the phone. When the operator answered she asked for the restaurant. My thoughts immediately ran to thinking she was ordering wine to be delivered. Gail asked for the restaurant and made a reservation for six at 8:30 this evening, and hung up. I felt the fool standing there and was about to step down and out of the closet when the phone rang.

She listened a moment then said “Hi,”

“Making reservations for this evening,” she said to whatever the caller had asked. Then,

“Yes, of course”, and after a moment, “Bye.”

She placed her pool bag on the floor and took a bottle of Orangina from the mini fridge.

Minutes later there was a knock on the door. Gail walked to the door, opened it and stood aside. Karl walked in smiling looking directly at Gail. She closed the door slipped the security bolt and walked to the chairs. Karl followed. He was wearing the short robe he wore to the pool.

“Would you like something cool?” she asked.

“The same,” he said, pointing to her Orangina.

While pouring it in a glass she looked at him, smiled and said, “Drink it slowly, it’s the last.”

“When she handed him the glass he reached out and touched her above her hips, almost at waist height. She stood still and he traced his hand down to the front of her thigh, then looked at her and pulled his hand away. Gail sat down reaching for her drink.

“Is this your first time in Europe,” Karl asked.

“We have been in England and Germany once before.”

“Do you know you’re the most elegant lady out there?”

“Thanks,” Gail graciously replied, almost in a whisper.

I had never seen anyone try to seduce Gail and I was surprised at her actions, and her reaction. She seemed reserved, almost afraid, looking away from Karl with just an occasional glance or smile. Maybe she was acting.

Karl rose and moved to Gail’s chair. “Stand up,” he asked her softly. Gail rose. Karl placed his arms around her and she leaned into his chest, her head turned sideways, her arms at her side. Karl held her with one hand and started to rub her back. Soon Gail’s arms rose and held him lightly at his hips. Karl took her head in one hand and turned it to face him. Gail looked up and closed her eyes as he lowered his head to kiss her. They must have kissed for five minutes. I could see Karl bending his knees and twisting his body from time to time as if he were trying to get his tongue deeper or in at another angle. Gail now had one arm around his neck and her hand on the back of his head.

Then both their hands started to move. Touching, probing, her back, her neck and ears, her behind, kneading her ass cheeks even reaching back and feeling between her legs from behind. They were entwined engrossed in their marathon kiss , Karl still had not touched her sensitive nipples. I actually looked down at my cock that was throbbing so forcefully that I had to take it out of my trunks. Gail was the one to break the kiss.

“We can’t be gone too long,” Gail said as she moved towards the bed holding his hand.

She undressed as Karl watched in fascination. His back was to me. I watched her too. She looked at him, a slight smile on her face, while undressing. Karl moved to her pulling at his robe and stripping his trunks in two very brief fluid movements. Now it was Gail’s turn to look. Not taking her eyes of his cock she reached and though I could not see, it was obvious she was holding him with both hands. He started to touch her breasts. Gail slowly fell backward on the bed never letting go of his manhood and Karl leaned forward with her. They both slide back into the middle of the bed never breaking their hold. I was looking at them from their feet at a slight right angle, the full bed in view. Now lying side by side they kissed again. His hands were on her breast, her hard nipples jutting straight out. Karl fixed his mouth to one nipple and Gail groaned. She watched him sucking her nipple then closed her eyes and sighed holding his head gently against her breast.

Gail was already moving her hips in a humping motion just from his sucking her nipple. She was still holding his cock, which I could not see, it was between them. Karl moved his left hand down her stomach and softly touched across her thighs running his fingers through her light bush. He found her slit and opened it with two fingers then slipped one across her slit to stop at her clit. He used his finger and thumb to pull at her sensitive nub, like he was jerking it off. Then he placed his palm flat on her mound over her clit and started rubbing. Gail was now thrusting her hips in a fucking motion that was frenzied.

Karl broke from her nipple and moved his face down to her stomach, softly kissing, licking and touching every inch of the way. Gail had to let go of his cock and when he rose to his knees to place his mouth on her pussy, his cock sprang into view. No explanation justifies the size of this fellows cock. Not being prone to men in any fashion, even I was mesmerized by the size, perfect color and formation, a massive circumcised work of art. Karl licked and sucked her pussy into his mouth in loud sucking sounds. Gail wreathed and humped and came at least once for certain.

Karl abruptly stopped, spread her legs and climbed between them. He placed this massive organ at the mouth of Gail’s pussy and unceremoniously placed the head of it between Gail’s engorged lips and pushed. The head slide in. Gail groaned, I was sure it was causing her pain. Karl inched forward, pushing stopping then pushing. Gail was starring at his face her eyes were glassy. Karl leaned forward and they kissed again. While they were kissing he kept probing and his cock went deeper and deeper into Gail’s pussy. I could see between hers and Karl’s legs. Her pussy lips were stretched around his cock so tightly that each time he pulled back it looked like her pussy lining was coming out attached to his cock. When about three quarters was in, Gail said with a breathy voice,

“Oh… ohhhh.. do it to me, Ohhh, I’m coming now… ahhh do it.” She had her legs straight up in the air and her arms out on both sides like she was crucified to the bed. Karl kept inching his cock deeper. Gail kept breathing deep sighs eyes closed, her legs trembling involuntarily.

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I could actually see his cock pistoning into her, and from the angle I could see her face just bathed in ecstasy. Occasionally she would look at him. Her eyes were glazed she looked like she was oblivious to everything except the sensation being created by his cock. I had my cock in my hand but I was just squeezing, any further motion and I would have come.

Karl lifted Gail with one arm and rolled over placing her on top of him. He had never fully had his cock buried in her. Gail bent over, and kissed him again. He had both arms around her head. Her ass was spread and I could see about three-quarters of his cock in her very stretched hole. Her ass bud puckered as she bent over him. When Gail rose from the kiss she placed her two hands behind her on his legs and leaned her head back arching her back. She started a slow rhythmic rise and fall, his cock shiny from her come. Gail was fully concentrated on fucking him and her rhythm increased. She was close to getting him fully into her pussy. At one point she leaned forward to look at her pussy sucking in his cock and when she leaned back again she thrust her hips and Karl’s cock was completely in her. Gail started to tremble her orgasm beginning, she was still moving but not as forcefully. Karl had both hands on her hips and he reached around to touch her behind. He pulled Gail forward; she was still trembling small continuous orgasms. He placed his finger on her puckered ass hole. He reached away, wet his finger in his mouth and went back to her behind, this time putting the tip of his finger into her ass. Gail groaned loudly,

“Oh Karl, aghhh do it,”

Karl pushed his finger further, Gail was shaking, her orgasm having taken control.

Karl asked, “Do you like fucking me Gail?”

“Yes Karl, I do” she managed to reply through a sigh.

“More then you like fucking your husband?”

Gail answered without a pause, short of breath, “Yes honey, much more.”

“Can I fuck you tomorrow and each next day?” All the while moving his cock in her pussy and his finger in her ass.

“Oh yes Karl. You can fuck me always,” she was trembling and looking at him with intense passion.

Suddenly Karl Stiffened, “Now, I’m cumming, Ohhh Gail, take my …Aghhh, “, Karl moaned bucking with each spurt, his cock now fully buried in her as he deposited his come very deeply into my wife’s womb.

Gail had spread her legs further on his sides in an effort to have him deeper inside while he was coming. Feeling his first spurt she let out a groan then began whimpering.

“Oh honey, do it to me, do it, I can feel you.” Her eyes were closed, her back was arched, I squeezed my cock and my come shot clear across the closet.

They stayed together for three or four minutes, not speaking. Gail was looking into his eyes and he was transfixed. His hand was resting flat on her stomach. They had been at it three quarters of an hour. Gail rose off his cock, turned around and to my utter surprise, placed her mouth over his now almost soft cock and sucked him, rolled his cock across her face, held it between her hands, then leaned over and rubbed it across her breast. Karl looked on, smiling warmly.

“We’d better get you downstairs,” Gail said.

Karl responded, “I hate to leave you now.”

Gail smiled at him, “I could stay here worshiping your cock all day long.”

‘It’s yours, lets do that”, he said.

She smiled again, rising from the bed. Karl rose too, picked up his bikini and robe and started dressing.

Gail stood near the door, just inches away from me, waiting for him to be ready. At the door they kissed. Gail held both his behind cheeks while she kissed him. Before opening the door she put her hand on his cock looked him in eyes smiling and said, “I do love it. I’ll see you downstairs in a while”

Wow I thought. When will she cross the line and love it more then me.

Gail closed the door and went back to the bed. She lay on the bed daydreaming, caressing her naked body. She looked fully sated. I could not remember her ever coming more then she did this afternoon. She rose straightened the bed covers and went to the bathroom. I noticed that my cell was still on the side table in the charger near the fridge. I hoped she would not notice it.

Gail showered and I waited. Fifteen minutes later she emerged, dressed for the pool again, and left. I went into the room sat in the chair. The room still smelled of sex. My head was reeling. I couldn’t figure out what emotion I should be feeling. I did know that watching her fuck another man was exciting for me and that I didn’t feel like I loved her less. What I found most confusing was identifying way she was hiding it from me, did she feel me inadequate, did she love or need them more?

My cell phone ringing startled me.


“Hi honey, Gail’s cheery voice responded, “meeting any charming ladies in Monte Carlo?”

Gail, I said questioningly, “Where are you?”

After a pause, “Don’t worry honey, I’m not at the pool, I’m in the lobby.”

“Oh, good. Are you enjoying,” I asked.

“Sure,” she said coolly, “Do you have a few minutes?”

“Yes, I’m alone.”

“Me too,” she said.

“What’s up?”

A pause then she started, “Listen, would you get mad or turned on if I told you about something that happened a bit ago?”

She’s going to tell me I thought. I felt a swell of love. “Probably turned on, maybe judgmental, never mad.”

A long pause. “You there Gail?”

“Yes. Honey, remember last night when you asked me who?

“Yes,” I replied. “About Karl?”

“Right. Well I had a bit of fun with him this afternoon..”

“Sounds interesting, tell me about it”

Gail started, “A little while after you left we walked down to the dock on the Med. We sat and talked a bit. He put his hand on my legs and I let him. When we walked back ten minutes later we went into the pool together.”

There was a long pause.

I questioned, “How together Gail?”

“We swam a few minutes, he swims like a pro. Then we were leaning on the pool wall on the far side, beside each other. He moved in front of me and took my legs between his arms while I was holding onto the edge. We were three feet apart on the surface but his hands were under my behind. Should I continue honey?” She asked.

“Should you continue, are you joking? If I could I’d have my cock in my hand right now.”

Gail laughed. “I knew you’d get turned on by this.”

“He actually slide his finger under the elastic and touched my pussy.”

“Did you come?”

“No, but I certainly was turned on.”

“What else did you do?”
”We moved away after a while and when he was close behind me I let him push his cock against my behind.”

“Did you touch him?” I asked.

“Yes. I put my hand in his suit. He’s big.”

I responded. “We saw that the other day didn’t we. Didn’t he want to…be with you?”

“He asked me”, Gail said.

“What did you say?”

“Honey? she questioned . “Of Course I said I could not?

“Did you want to?”

“Well”, Gail answered like she was thinking. “Maybe the thought is exciting, but I’ll just wait until you get back”

“We talked about it last night,” I said. “Maybe we can say yes when I’m around. All together so you’ll feel safe.”

“Oh honey. I couldn’t do something like that. Look, I’m in the lobby. I want to get back out there. I’ll see you when you get back. Dinner is here at the hotel. We’ll talk… and maybe more, before dinner. Ok?

“Yes my love,” I responded. “See you soon.

When I returned to the pool it was after 4PM. I had a drink in hand and just planned to sit with the group. Gail greeted me warmly and I sat on her lounge beside her.

“Was Monte Carlo exciting? She asked.

I smiled, trying to avoid a flow of questions, “You’ll love it” I responded, then turning to Andre I asked, “Andre, you being the culinary expert here, can you tell me who makes up the Michelin group that gives the star rating?”

Andre began to explain and while he was speaking Charlene came to join the group.

“Hi”, she said looking at me, “I see you’re back.”

I didn’t answer so as not to interrupt Andre.

When we were all clear about Michelin Guide ratings I asked Gail,

“Have you had enough sun for the day?

“Ri, it’s time to go” she answered, “Lets head upstairs I have a few things to do before dinner.”

We bundled Gail’s pool bag, said our ‘see you laters’, and left.

Half way to the lobby door Gail asked, “Was Charlene in Monte Carlo?”

“Not with me” I answered, “Why?”

“Well she left just about when you guys left and she just returned.”

We rounded the hall toward the elevators and someone called, “Rian.”

Both Gail and I greeted him. “Hi Andrew”

He had just returned and asked, “I’ll bet your call came five minutes after I left. I could have waited.”

“Not quite, about thirty minutes” I answered. Gail looked at me inquisitively.

“Andrew asked Gail, “Is Charlene at the pool?”

“Yes, everyone is out there.

“See you at dinner”, Andrew said and walked toward the pool entrance.

I followed Gail in the elevator without speaking. As the doors opened she stepped out and turned slightly,

“Were you I Monte Carlo this afternoon?

“No”, I answered and we walked to the room and I opened the door.

Once inside Gail sat on the beds edge and without looking at me asked quietly,

“Would you mind telling me where you were?”

I thought maybe she was figuring out that I had been spying. After a long pause I answered,

“I had a business call from Gonzalo I had to wait for. Then I just walked on the road all the way into Juan Le Pins”

After a long pause Gail looked up at me and said, “You were with Charlene, weren’t you?”

She had anger in her eyes.

“No, honey, I was not with Charlene or anyone else”, I responded, looking directly at her.

“You’re lying to me Ri. Why? she asked, acting certain of her assessment.

Gail my love, I don’t lie to you. You know that.”

“Why wouldn’t you tell me about something like this? You asked me, I told you.” Gail was working her way into convincing herself.

Gail looked at me, less upset now. “I’m not going to bring it up again Ri. If you want to tell me about it I would appreciate the honesty. If not, it’s your call.”

Now I was getting upset.

Gail, don’t fabricate a situation then attach conditions to the fabrication in an effort to give it credibility. It’s not true, I told you that. Is their some underlying reason that you are acting unreasonably jealous for the first time in eight years?

She answered calmly, “it’s not jealously Ri, it’s honesty we are talking about.”

Sarcastically I replied, “Gail baby, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. You make up a total falsehood and then, arrogantly I might add, speak about honesty.”

“Ri, you said you know me, I didn’t play with that truth, I fessed up and told you. Well my dear, I know you too. You didn’t walk four kilometers to Juan Le Pins, and we both know that. Anything else you would have said might have worked. If you don’t want me to know you were fucking Charlene, that’s your business. She said she would love to “do you…” her words Ri. It’s the lying that matters.“

What a dilemma. She was right, I was lying, but not about Charlene. I had to do something or this was going to deteriorate into a ruined holiday.

“OK baby”, I said, “you are right, I lied. I felt real uncomfortable with what I did.”

Gail interrupted, “Come here Ri,” she was patting the bed beside her. “Lets lay down on the bed together and you tell me all about it. I love you honey, I’m not angry.”

Gail quickly stripped completely and lay down to wait for me. When I was beside her she got on her hands and knees, went between my legs, and started to fondle my cock. I was hard in no time. She started kissing my cock and looking at me with a loving smile.

“Tell me what happened”, she said and went back to loving my cock.

I began at the beginning with Andrew and the phone ringing.

“I eventually went on the balcony. Looking over to Andrews’s room I saw Charlene using a black dildo. I was transfixed. I guess movement might have caused her to see me through the window. One thing led to another…”

Gail took her mouth from my cock. “Is her pussy nicer then mine?” she smiled coquettishly.

“Baby, no-body’s pussy is nicer then yours.”

“What is different about her? Gail asked, then went back to loving my now ready to burst cock.

“She is beautiful in a womanly way, sensual. You’re magnificent in universal way, sexy, exciting”, I replied. “Your nipples are much nicer, her aureole are a sight to see but aureole don’t excite… In all Gail, everyone pales beside you, plus I love you deeply.”

I sensed that this talk was turning her on. Gail was devouring my cock. I saw that her left nipple looked rough. Probably from Karl’s sucking. I had looked at her pussy earlier and it was still engorged, puffy.

“Did you come hard baby? She whispered.

Oh yes Honey, I shot a huge load… I’m going to come baby”

Oh yes honey, come for me” and she quickened her sucking and jerking and I bucked and shot my come, the first spurt shooting over her head and landing on her back, the rest into her hot mouth as she milked my cock until the spasms stopped.

Dinner was a delightful. Andrew and Charlene, and Renee, the first French couple we met, with his wife Deirdre. Dinning on the patio, large tables elegantly serviced, everyone in coats and ties, delicate cuisine not just food, and Renee chose both white and red wines to perfection. We went into the piano bar after dinner and continued drinking champagne. We were sitting around a circular table, Gail facing Andrew. She allowed him to see her bare legs to her upper thigh but only the outside. She kept her legs crossed and angled the duration of the evening. We broke up around midnight and headed to our rooms.

At the elevators Charlene asked, “You kids want to have a nightcap with us?”

Gail was immediate, “I’m exhausted, too much wine. Thanks Charl, see you tomorrow.”

We made small talk avoiding what I expected to be an onslaught about my supposed liaison with Charlene. Just the opposite. We readied for bed. I waited for her to finish her nightly ministrations. She climbed into bed smelling as sweet as a rose garden and immediately cuddled up to me.

“Did you enjoy my loving you with my mouth? She asked, almost in a whisper.

“Very much baby, it was the best”

Gail reached for my cock and held it through my shorts. I raised my hips to pull my shorts down and she continued to touch me. I started on her nipples and slowly started kissing towards her stomach. At her patch of hair I played running my fingers through the hair and I proceeded to kiss her inner thighs. When I reached her clit I flicked it with my tongue and took the whole of her vagina in my mouth. Gail sighed. I continued licking her clit, then sucking, and then probing my tongue into her depths. I slipped a finger in and out of her slit then slide further down to her ass bud. My finger was wet enough to slide around the bud then I placed it at her hole and pushed. Gail reached back and took my hand away.

I got on my hands and knees and positioned myself to enter her. I could see her pussy was still puffy. The head of my cock entered her and we both breathed a sigh of satisfaction. I entered her fully in a few thrusts and then stopped.

“This feels so wonderful just soaking in you” I commented, then added, “you were great this afternoon.”

“Did you like what I told you about fooling around in the pool?

“I sure did, it really had me turned on. What if you would have let him fuck you, where would you have done it?

“Oh, I don’t know, probably safest in our room, don’t you think?”

“Yes” was my response. “Would you have sucked his cock too?”

“Probably, you now I like that.”

I was still completely buried in Gail’s pussy. She had her eyes closed, as I did, savoring the feeling. Once or twice she would look at me with passion or for reaction.

“Would you talk with him, tell him to fuck you?

“I don’t think so” she sighed, as I started to pump in and out.

Would you like him to fuck you like this hard?” I asked, starting to pump forcefully.

“Yes, I would ask him to fuck me hard” Gail’s feet were hooked behind me pulling me into her in rhythm.

She was panting now, maybe reliving her afternoon liaison.

“Would you tell him you liked to fuck him more then your husband?

“I’d tell him he could fuck me all night,” she said in a rush of breath.

And then she tensed and started to cum.

“Do it to me Honey do it to… Ohhh yes Honey.”

I didn’t come. I stayed in her and she slept. We were on Holiday for three days now. She had secretly met and fucked two strange men. She talked about love and honesty and I thrilled to her liaisons as well as her small dabs of honesty. Wow, what at Holiday this was going to be, we still had thirteen days to go.

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