Cuckold vacantion

It was our first proper vacation in years. I breathed a sigh of relief as I gazed out our suite window towards the calm ocean waters of the gulf. After seven years of marriage and a limited amount of time off it felt therapeutic to finally have a week away all to ourselves.

We had selected Naples because it was quiet, and peaceful, and a drastic change of scenery from the drab winter we had just suffered through in Ohio. I turned and looked towards the bed, where my wife rested in slumber. Vanessa was approaching thirty-five but she appeared more a girl in her twenties. She’s a beautiful woman, really – standing she’s roughly five and a half feet tall. Her frame is curvaceous and thick, having filled out slightly after our two children. I drank in her image as she lay curled asleep, expensive bedding draped across her plump behind, barely concealing her large natural breasts. My dick stirred suddenly. Our sex life had been less than exceptional in recent years, the both of us succumbing to the routine and daily stresses that sometimes make an appearance in a relationship. There was something about the expensive bedding and the ocean air that this hotel provided though…

“Are you staring at me?” her voice snapped sweetly through the previously silent void of our hotel room. She had awoken.

I smiled at her, “Couldn’t help it, you look gorgeous.”

“Creeper.” she joked, tossing a pillow towards me in vain.

I mounted the bed, and moments later, her. I kissed her with passion, morning breath be damned. She opened her legs slowly, wrapping them around me seductively. I glanced down at her beautiful pussy, brown pubic hair trimmed and inviting, her glistening folds slowly pulling apart as her legs opened, exposing my home for the last decade, the place where I loved to be.

I shuffled my boxers down just far enough to allow my five inches to strike outwards, and I immediately planted my dick against her dampening mound. We kissed again, tongues swirling. There was a passion present in this bedroom that had been sorely missed in ours back home, and before we could speak another word I was inside of her.

Her moans were muffled but passionate as she buried her face into my chest. My wife’s femininely sweet voice is notoriously sexy, and her coo’s and gentle moans always aroused me to no end. I knew that I wouldn’t last long, but I was desperate to make her cum. My mind wandered to the perverse thoughts that sometimes made an appearance in my head. Thoughts that made me curse my genetics for not having a bigger appendage, thoughts that made me aroused to think how Vanessa might react to one. I quickly shook them from mind, and just as I was about to lose control, I felt her orgasm clamp down on my shaft. We both came pleasurably.

“That was great.” she said with a smile, breathing heavily as she now lay next to me. A light sheen of sweat had begun to make itself apparent on both of our bodies. I kissed her deeply, “Sure was. This entire week is gonna be great.” I said, meaning it.

The hotel, more resort really, was incredible. Vanessa and I weren’t wealthy, but we had saved up enough in preparation to really allow ourselves to enjoy this trip. On location there was a cavalcade of amenities, world class spa, world class gym, immense pool and exterior bar areas, a number of various restaurants, and not to mention the lovely surrounding beach. We spent that first full day wandering the premises, exploring the beach, and really soaking in the sights and sounds that would make up our surroundings for the week.

As dusk fell we showered and prepared for a ritzy meal at one of the hotels finer restaurants. I enjoyed a succulent sea bass with a wine pairing and Vanessa, for lack of a better word, wolfed down a perfectly cooked filet. We quickly ran through a bottle of red whilst sharing smiles, laughs, and great conversation. My wife looked absolutely divine in her black low cut dress, which did an excellent job at accentuating her large tits and ass. I was pretty certain one of the bus boys nearly tripped through the kitchen doors while gawking at her.

After dinner we decided to continue our escapades at the lobby bar, which was an immense room with crystalline light fixtures suspended from a massive vaulted ceiling above. We found a seat in between a few patrons and ordered a couple more glasses of wine. We sat for a moment to soak in our surroundings, and eventually struck up a casual conversation with the persons sitting next to us. Vanessa was chatting up another woman who was here on vacation, and myself – a gentleman who was in town on business. I actually quickly found myself enjoying the discussion I was having with Mark. He was visiting a local job site as a construction manager of sorts, and he often stayed at this particular hotel. I was in the same industry up in Ohio, so we quickly hit it off discussing our related careers, and then sports, and then a number of other topics.

“Is this your wife?” He finally interjected during a quieter moment, nodding towards Vanessa.

“Jesus, yeah. How rude of me.” I turned to Vanessa, momentarily pulling her out of her own conversation, “Let me introduce you to Mark babe. He’s in town as a PM, works hospitality construction similar to my line.”

Vanessa smiled wide, clearly somewhat loose from the copious amount of wine we had both been drinking. “Hi there!” She extended her hand, and that’s when I noticed how large Marks were. Her delicate hand was engulfed by his palm as they shook in greeting. I couldn’t help but notice that my wife’s immense cleavage was on full display as well, and I saw Mark steal a reactionary glance. It was more than understandable though, her tits were nearly popping out of her dress.

That was actually the first moment that I sized Mark up. He was maybe ten years older than my wife and I. I realized that he would probably be considered an attractive gentleman by most. He was black, tall, built, and with nice physical features.

“Mike and I were sharing stories about our careers, but what brings you to town? A nice little vacation I take it?” Mark seemingly asked us both.

Vanessa chimed in immediately, nodding, “Yep! It’s been years since we’ve had a vacation, we just got out here yesterday. Have the entire week to ourselves.” she smiled excitedly, her voice as sweet as ever.

Mark nodded, “That’s great. Yeah I’m actually here for about a week as well, but the wife hates it when I’m gone for this long.”

I glanced down at his hand, noticing his wedding ring for the first time. The conversation turned to home life, and we learned that he and his wife had been together for twenty years already, marrying relatively young. We discussed our kids, his kids, and a great many other things. It was clear that we both got on very well with Mark, but it was getting late – and we all eventually said our goodbyes for the evening.

The majority of the next morning and early afternoon was spent in our suite. Vanessa and I had discovered a newfound vigor on this trip, and we had an exceedingly difficult time keeping our hands off one another. It was a youthful rush of sexual energy and I hoped it wouldn’t end. After our bedroom romp we eventually headed down to the beach. It was late afternoon when we arrived, and we easily found a nice spot to stretch out. I watched as my wife peeled off her outerwear, exposing a lovely red bikini. I noticed that her skin was already slightly more bronze than when we left home.

We relaxed for awhile, closing our eyes and soaking in the low hanging sun. I was about to drift off into a restful slumber when a familiar voice interrupted, “Hey there folks.”

I opened my eyes to see Mark, smiling down at the both of us.

“Hey!” Vanessa replied, lowering her sunglasses to properly greet him.

“Meetings ended early today, figured I’d hit the beach for a minute.” Mark offered.

I immediately noticed what excellent shape he was in for his age. His torso was chiseled and large, and he seemed to be even taller than he appeared the previous evening – but perhaps that was due the vantage point that lying down offered.

“Nice.” Vanessa replied, continuing, “Yeah we’ve had a beautifully lazy day.” she looked towards me, smiling and stretching. I noticed a blush appearing on her face. At first I thought she was feeling some mild embarrassment about Mark seeing her in a bikini, in which she looked impossibly attractive. However I glanced back at Mark and immediately realized that wasn’t the case.

Mark was wearing snugly fitted bathing trunks, not quite as showy as a speedo, but certainly within the realm. Men typically only wear the sort when they are proud of something, and it was obvious that Mark was proud of what he was packing. There was an immense outline of manhood bulging outwards and downwards within the blue trunks. It was almost obscene, and I quickly averted my eyes.

“Doing nothing is part of the appeal of a vacation.” Mark replied, smiling wide. He continued, “Well, I don’t want to intrude, maybe I’ll catch you guys at the bar later.”

“Yeah man, for sure. We’ll probably be down there later tonight.” I replied. Mark nodded kindly, and walked off towards a secluded portion of the beach.

Once he was out of ear shot Vanessa turned to me, smiling, “Was I imagining that?” She blushed.

“Dude is packing.” I said, in a matter of fact tone. I wasn’t the jealous type, even though the size of his junk did bruise my ego somewhat.

“How can his wife even handle that thing?” she wondered aloud.

Her comment caught me by surprise, but the uninhibited comment aroused me – which was another surprise. I had certainly never heard her openly discuss another man’s size before, and I decided to have some fun with her lewd pondering. “Don’t be jealous, I’m sure you could handle it too babe.” I quipped. It wasn’t the first time I had joked with her about taking a bigger man, sometimes comments slipped out during sex – especially when my fantasies were rushing through my mind.

Her blush deepened “Mike stop… Don’t tease me.” her voice was sweet and tinged with embarrassment.

“I’m just joking around.” I replied.

The ocean air had lowered my inhibitions, and I was feeling comfortable discussing the idea of Vanessa bedding another man – even if it was just in a joking manner.

“I have seen the way he’s been looking at you though. I’m sure he’d kill for a tussle with you.” I prodded her some more.

Her blush persisted, but she spoke in a joking manner – flipping her hair back flirtatiously in the process. “Who wouldn’t?” She replied. I laughed, amused by her mock confidence. Vanessa reached for a beer from our beach pouch, popped it, and took a large sip. She seemed to be full of thought, and a smirk flashed across her face. She spoke in an exaggerated tone. “Well, I have never been with a black man before.” shooting me a teasing look as the words escaped her lips. I guess the ocean air was doing wonders to lower her inhibitors as well. My dick instinctively twitched in arousal.

As we walked to the bar that night I couldn’t help but think about Vanessa’s comment on the beach. If she didn’t find Mark attractive she wouldn’t have even gone along with the joke. My wife had never really openly admitted to finding another man attractive, but it was clear she fancied him, and I’m sure his impressive manhood did nothing but intrigue her.

We had been sitting alone for nearly and hour and I was strangely disappointed at the thought that we might have missed Mark. I couldn’t help but notice Vanessa looking around for a sight of him as well. We were a few cocktails deep, snuggled against each other and riffing with the bartender when he finally arrived.

“Evening folks.” he said as he pulled up a chair next to me.

“Hey there.” I replied, oddly happy to see him.

The three of us immediately dove into friendly conversation, and the drinks continued to flow. I noticed that he was a tad more flirtatious with Vanessa than he had been the previous evening, and I also noticed that my wife was willing to reciprocate. It was harmless really, lingering smiles, gentle touches of the arm during laughs, but they both were certainly enjoying the interaction.

About an hour had passed when Mark received a phone call, he picked it up, still sitting at the bar. “Hey love.”

“Oh nothing, just down here at the bar.”

“Yep, I’m actually sitting with the couple I told you about.”

Vanessa and I glanced at each other in amusement. I guess we were worth mentioning.

Mark laughed, “No, no I didn’t. Not everyone is into that lifestyle sugar.”

Vanessa and I looked hard at each other this time, and I saw her face contort in intrigue. I had a similar reaction.

“Yes yes, I know.” Mark chuckled again.

“Alright, okay baby – Alright. Love you too.”

He put the phone down. “Sorry about that.”

Vanessa and I must have been staring because he sort of looked at us and said, “Everything okay?”

Vanessa was four cocktails in and incredibly free spirited when she was this far down the rabbit hole, “Sorry Mark, couldn’t help but overhear. What is this lifestyle that we’re not into?” Her face was red but her expression was engaged and her eyes lively.

I chimed in, “Yeah I’m kind of curious as well.” chuckling.

Mark looked suddenly embarrassed, “Oh, you heard that. Sorry about that.”

Vanessa was desperate for a clue, “Well?”

He fidgeted in his bar stool, looking momentarily uncomfortable, but replied. “Look, uh. My wife and I have an open marriage of sorts. We married very young and we don’t really mind the other one sowing some occasional wild oats, if you will. She actually kind of encourages it in my case.”

My expression was blank but my blood pressure had to have risen.

Vanessa smiled, blushing, intrigued. “Well that is certainly interesting.. But what does that have to do with us?” She asked, rather naively. I already had more than an idea.

Mark chuckled, “Well I casually mentioned to Cynthia that I met a couple at my hotel. I told her that you both seemed like well established, good natured people. I also let it be known that the wife was particularly attractive.” He turned to me mid explanation “Mike, I mean no offense.”

“Sounds like you were just being honest.” I quickly offered.

Mark chuckled again, continuing.

“So naturally my wife asked if I was going to pursue anything. She wondered if you two might be into sharing.” He seemed to look at Vanessa as he finished speaking, and I turned to her with a massive smirk on my face.

You could see the realization move across her face as her expression changed. Her skin flushed beet red and she brought her hand up to her mouth to cover a dramatic gasp.

I burst out laughing.

Mark joined me with another chuckle, and continued, “So yeah, to answer your question. That’s what I meant by lifestyle.”

Vanessa quickly took another swig of the cocktail, seemingly terrified.

“Will you relax? You asked the man after all.” I scolded her, mostly jokingly.

She found her voice, “I- I’m a little confused. Your wife lets you sleep with other women?”

Mark answered candidly, “Yeah, well, I’m only allowed to sleep with married women – she doesn’t trust the single ones.” He took a large swig of his drink, and continued, “I bull regularly for a married couple back home actually, and I’ll occasionally meet a couple when I’m away on business.”

“Bull?” Vanessa asked, again rather naively. My wife was a brilliant woman, but this conversation had put her fast on her heels.

“A Bull is a term used in the lifestyle. It basically means that I sleep with married women. I love taking married women to bed.” Mark replied, bluntly.

There was something bizarrely arousing about Mark being so forward about the subject, especially considering that it was clear he would love to take Vanessa to bed, given the chance. I couldn’t believe that after all my years fantasizing about this particular kink, that someone like Mark would show up and discuss it so openly with my wife and I.

My wife took another sip of her drink, face still flush. I noticed her breathing was rather heavy, and she seemed to still be mulling over the realization. She spoke, “And the husbands allow it?”

“Encourage it, really. I’ll only partake if the husband knows about it, and wants it to happen. It’s a huge rush for most men to watch their wife cuckold them.”

He paused, and directed a follow-up question towards me.

“What about you Mike? You seem awfully quiet, and you don’t seem as shocked as your wife here.” Mark asked.

My mind was racing indeed, and every perverted thought that ran through it somehow ended with Vanessa on her back, writhing in pleasure. This was cuckolding that he was speaking about. Another man was sitting here, in front of Vanessa and I, laying the prospect of cuckolding right at our feet. I couldn’t believe it, and although I had fantasized about Vanessa with another man many times over the years – hearing a real life offer sent my mind into overload.

“Mostly fascinated really, just kind of soaking it all in.” I managed.

Mark replied, “So it’s safe to say you two have never done anything of the sort.” He chuckled again. “I told my wife I didn’t think you had.”

“Can’t say that we have.” I glanced at Vanessa, who was still blushing and visibly nervous. She shook her head in agreement.

“Well look, I don’t want to weird you two out any more than I already have. I also have a painfully early meeting tomorrow, so I think it’s time I took my leave. Hopefully I catch you guys tomorrow.”

He stood, pausing as he left his cash on the counter. “Have a nice night.” And with that, he turned and left us.

My wife and I were silent for a moment, and then I turned to her and spoke, “I told you he wants to fuck you.”

We both broke into a muffled, absurd laughter.

The elevator ride up to our room consisted of Vanessa and I pawing at each other like teenagers. I wasn’t sure what exactly had gotten into us, but I’m sure Mark’s kinky admission had influenced our arousal to some degree.

We hopped into bed still fumbling at each others bodies when I decided to reach for the remote.

“What are you doing?” my wife managed, between kisses.

The brazen conversation at the bar had stirred my perverted mind into sexual overdrive. I decided to push things.

“How about a movie?” I replied, realizing we hadn’t watched a porn together in quite a few years.

Vanessa smiled wickedly, blushing. “Go ahead.” She acted as if she was relenting, but I knew she was aroused by the proposition.

“You know what, I’m gonna clean up real quick – you pick the movie.” I tossed her the remote and headed to the bathroom.

I was near giddy as I showered, dick stiffening at the knowledge of what my wife might be doing in the other room. I was overly excited and cut the shower short to return to her. I still couldn’t believe that we had discussed cuckolding with an actual bull – just moments ago.

I quickly dried myself and threw on my boxers, rushing out the bathroom with erect curiosity. As soon as I opened the door the sound of feminine moans and bodies slapping hit my ears. As I rounded the corner into the main bedroom I was greeted to the erotic sight of my nude wife. She was lying on the bed with her legs wide, feet resting on the bedding below. She was massaging her pussy as she took in the images on the screen. Her tits rested sexually on her chest, jiggling slightly as she played with herself. I noticed that her cocktail dress was tossed on the floor along with her stilettos and panties.

“I didn’t mean to order this.” She blushed when she noticed me.

“Order what?” I replied, as I approached the bed finally glancing at the television.

I was shocked to see a woman being pounded intensely by a massive black cock, her head arched back in pleasure as she took the large organ inside of her.

A knot twisted in my stomach as my dick strained to full hardness. “Wow.” I looked at her, stunned. “I guess Mark’s proposition got to you?” I managed, blood pressure rising – simultaneously horrified and aroused that it might have. I was legitimately shocked that she would actually have chosen an interracial film, as we had never seen one together. A million thoughts began racing through my mind.

She stammered, but didn’t stop playing with her sopping mound. “No, I… I saw the Title, Naughty Wives – and tried previewing it. I don’t know how to work the remote, I guess I ordered it accidentally.”

I believed her, but teased her regardless, “Uh huh. Sure you did babe.”

She blushed, temporarily closing her legs momentarily in embarrassment. “I’m serious…” she whined.

I said nothing, but approached her on the bed.

Vanessa’s pussy looked divine, dampening and plump as her delicate fingers massaged her clit. I instinctively crawled towards her sex face first. She saw my intent and sexily opened her legs further, removing her hand.

I began smothering her naughty bits with kisses, up her inner thigh, around her mound, and eventually planting deep and passionate ones directly on her swollen clit. She moaned immediately in response, grabbing my head and hair as I licked her. I couldn’t help but noticed how incredibly wet she was.

I glanced up to see her eyes fixated on the television, the moans of the the woman in the movie echoing from behind me. I removed my mouth to catch a breath, “Well? Do you like the movie?” I asked, somehow hoping she did.

She nodded, and bit her lip, speaking in her sexy voice, “It’s crazy, but I do. I’ve never seen a black one before.”

Her admission sent my blood pressure through the roof, and I couldn’t help but further spur her arousal.

“I bet you Mark’s even bigger than that.” I don’t know why I said it.

She clutched into my hair, moaning deeply.

I kissed her clit again, continuing “You can admit you find him attractive, it doesn’t bother me.”

“Mike, stoppp…” she whined, but clearly liked the direction I was going with this dirty talk.

I shuffled up on my knees, and plopped my throbbing dick against her mound – entering her with ease.

She began moaning immediately, louder than I had heard her in many years. In a moment of drunken arousal, I admitted it to her – again. “You know that I fantasize about you with a bigger man, right?”

Vanessa clawed into my shoulders as I fucked her, “Oh god Mike! Keep fucking me!”

My newfound arousal combined with the drinks down at the bar had removed my typical filter.

“Oh I will baby, and when I’m done I’m gonna call Mark up here for his turn.”

Her eyes began to glaze, and I could sense a powerful orgasm brewing in her. I pushed her over the edge with my words, “I’ll sit right there on that chair, and watch as he pounds you with that big cock of his. I know you want it Vanessa!”

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as her body began to convulse, I had only seen her cum like this once or twice in our many years together. She bucked hard, moaning in pleasure. I looked down at her and came immediately. The lust, her beauty, and the admission of my cuckold fantasy was too much to bear.

We clutched at each other as our bodies shook into post-orgasm relaxation. I looked at her, and her at me – we kissed passionately, and both soon fell into a deep slumber.

We awoke late the following day, eventually heading down to the lobby for brunch. We both seemed be to gathering our thoughts on the evening until we finally sat down to eat. I looked across at her, she was as beautiful as ever, using her fork to delicately organize the eggs and bacon on her plate. Just as I was about to speak, she did.

“Were you serious about what you said last night?”

I was immediately excited to revisit the admission, and I spoke honestly to my wife, despite some embarrassment. “Yeah… I mean it’s not something I think about all the time, but the thought of it does turn me on.”

She blushed, speaking quietly so as to not have others near us hear. “You’re all I need Mike. I can’t believe you’re such a perv.” She said it jokingly, and she smiled more – still blushing. She spoke those words, but the look on her face indicated that at least the thought of it aroused her as well, and that did nothing but inspire me.

I matched her hushed tone, “I know I am babe, but it’s just a kinky fantasy.” I paused, “I guess hearing Mark admit to… what he does. I don’t know, it breathed some life into it.”

Her face turned flush, and I pressed her. “Would you fuck him?”

She played with more bacon on her plate, “Mike…”

“Judgement free zone Vanessa, I know you find him attractive.”

“Yes, he’s attractive – but we are married Mike – so no, of course I wouldn’t fuck him.”

“Of course we’re married, and we’re always going to be married.”

I paused, and decided to paint an erotic picture to gauge her reaction.

I spoke in a lighthearted, mater of fact tone.

“We are at the bar tonight, Mark’s there. We have a few drinks, you flirt with him a bit like you did last night. We go up to the room, the three of us. We strip you down, and he fucks you with that big cock of his. I watch – probably jerk off because I’ll be so insanely turned on. Then we go to sleep, never see him again, and wake up knowing we had some kinky fun on a vacation one time.”

She dropped her fork and it clashed loudly against her breakfast plate, causing some people to glance over at us. Vanessa’s face was flush and her eyes wide. “Okay Mike, that’s enough.” she spoke in a whisper – and I decided it best left alone for the rest of the meal.

She refused to speak of it for the rest of the morning, and after a nap we eventually decided to head back down to the beach.

This time we didn’t stop to lay down our blanket, and continued walking along the shore, soaking in the lovely day. I kept glancing at her, making knowing faces, causing her to blush. We had never had a conversation like we did that morning, and I desperately wanted to revisit it.

We had been walking for quite awhile when we approached a gathering of trees, and a sign. ‘Clothing Optional Beyond This Point – No Phones – No Cameras’

Vanessa looked over at me, shrugging playfully. “Might as well, seems to be that kind of vacation.” On a whim we continued through the brush. At first it wasn’t noticeably different than the portion of the beach that we had just left. We continued strolling, some couples fully suited, swimming in the ocean. We walked past an older Hispanic man, nude – with a small penis and a large gut. I saw Vanessa quickly avert her eyes. Then we soon ran into a slightly younger couple who were also nude, and not unattractive – but we both avoided staring. I had never been on a nude beach before and it somehow felt surprisingly normal, even relaxing after a time. That is, until I saw Mark.

Vanessa stopped dead in her tracks, frozen, seemingly caught in a bad joke. I too, was kind of shocked by the chances of the encounter, having no idea Mark would be here, not even having the thought cross my mind. Suddenly I remembered him heading in this direction after our beach run-in the other day.

He was walking over to us, entirely nude except for a towel draped over his shoulder – his massive cock was swaying below his waist as he strode. We stood there like idiots, unsure how to react. I quickly tried to gather myself as he approached. He smiled, greeting us. “Hey there guys. Surprised to see you at this end of the beach.”

His cock was obscene, massively thick and long, with a huge set of balls. I had never seen anything like it, and I quickly averted my eyes – finding words, fighting through the awkwardness of the encounter. “Yeah, it was kind of a spur of the moment decision. Carefree vacation mode and all.” I vomited out a reply without coherency.

“First time on a nude beach?” He offered, to both of us. I quickly replied, “Yeah – not many in Ohio as I’m sure you know.”

“Vanessa’s idea?” He spoke, smiling at her. To my horror I noticed that my wife’s eyes were locked on his manhood, Mark noticed as well.

She didn’t even realize that she’d been asked a question, My terror turned to amused arousal as I tried to snap her out of her trance, “Well babe, was it your idea?”

Vanessa suddenly realized that she had been caught staring, her face once again blushing a deep shade of red. She put her hand up to her mouth. “Oh my god. How embarrassing.”

Mark calmly assuaged her. He seemed to realize that we were out of our element. “No worries, I’m used to that.” He chuckled as he removed the tower from his shoulder, and began draping it around his waist to cover up. The damage, however, was already done.

Vanessa continued to blush, stuttering, “I… I’ve just never – seen one that big.”

My blood pressure skyrocketed, and I was unsure of how to interject in the conversation, or whether I should at all. I couldn’t believe my eyes, or my ears. My wife openly admitting to this man that he was larger than me, clearly much larger than me – aroused me to no end.

“No problem at all, it’s not the first time I’ve heard that.” He smiled wide, clearly proud. “I’m actually gonna head back to my room, been out here baking in the sun way too long today. I don’t suppose you two would want to meet for a drink later?”

I looked at Vanessa, wondering just how much shame she might be feeling right now. I almost felt bad for her, but I realize it ultimately wasn’t a big deal. “Babe? We didn’t have any plans.”

She nodded slowly, coming to her senses but probably not even hearing my question, “Sure.” she said.

“Great, I’ll see you guys at the bar.” Mark replied, and quickly walked off.

Vanessa stood frozen for a moment, seemingly with her mind blown. We looked and each other, saying nothing, and eventually turned to head back to the hotel. We were both silent the entire walk back to our room. Once we were finally inside Vanessa began to undress, for a moment I thought she was feeling intensely horny from the big cock sighting, possibly wanting to jump on me to quench her thirst. She walked up to me, kissing me deeply, but then she quickly made a move into the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

I stood there dumbfounded, wanting to hear her thoughts on the afternoon, on the bizarre and arousing encounter at the beach. But the only sound I heard was the showing turning on. Just as I was about to go take a seat on the bed the door re-opened. I saw Vanessa’s head pop out.

“Babe… Why don’t you head down to the convenience store and buy some condoms. Magnums please. I’m gonna start getting ready for tonight.” She closed the door behind her again.

My mind exploded, and I stood still for a moment. When her words registered with my brain I rushed to the bathroom door smashing it open. Vanessa was naked, heavy tits hanging with one leg on the counter, shaving her legs.

“You’re going to fuck him?” I asked, breathing heavily, panicked, stunned, aroused.

She glanced over at me, calmly. “Of course not silly, but I want to make sure we aren’t being irresponsible in-case something stupid happens tonight. I’m not on the pill right now.”

I was confused, lost in a maze of perverted arousal, “I don’t understand. You know I don’t fit into Magnums.” I recalled one of the first times Vanessa and I made love, me naively thinking I could use one of my roommates Magnum condoms. I assumed it would fit fine despite its larger size. However my dick went swimming in it, and it wouldn’t work for sex.

She replied, huskily. “I know you don’t.”

I continued to be at a loss, asking again. “I don’t understand. If you’re not going to fuck him, and I don’t fit into them… Why do we need them?”

She pulled her leg down from the sink, turning to me. She leaned in, kissing me sexily, breasts mashing against my chest. She reached for my trunks, massaging my hardening dick beneath the fabric.

“I just want to have some large condoms on hand, in case.” She kissed me again, this time tantalizingly on my neck.

“In case what?” I managed.

She was toying with me. I hated it, and I loved it. She spoke again, looking at me with sex in her eyes, “Are you going to get them?” was all she said.

In a trance, I nodded.
A couple hours later my wife and I were headed down to the hotel lobby. Vanessa looked absolutely divine in a tightly fitted green dress, her brown hair cascading down to her shoulders. She was glowing with sexual energy. As for myself, I was filled with a more nervous energy. I was enamored with my wife’s condom teasing earlier in the afternoon. There were a thousand butterflies in my stomach as I wondered where the night might lead us. We had a light meal and headed over to our typical spot at the hotel bar, for whatever reason it was quieter than usual on this particular evening.

We ordered a couple glasses of wine and sat, simply regarding one another. Few words were spoken. I would graze her ear and fix an earring, and she would rest her hand on my knee, smiling sexily. We would lean in and steal the occasional kiss, and my eyes would linger on her cleavage, lightly glittered from moisturizer. It wasn’t long before he arrived.

Mark was wearing beige slacks and a snug dress shirt, he immediately pulled up a chair next to me.

“Evening.” He greeted us with a smile.

“Good evening.” Vanessa spoke sweetly.

He quickly ordered a drink, and made sure to tell the bartender that we were on his tab tonight. I tried to stop him but he wouldn’t have it. “It’s the least I can do after the embarrassment I caused on the beach.”

“Nonsense.” I replied, “Serves us right for exploring in places we shouldn’t have.”

The conversation flowed naturally, despite the nude encounter earlier in the day. It wasn’t long before we were all a bit tipsy, and I couldn’t help but notice the lingering stares between Mark and my wife. An hour passed and the three of us were laughing and having a good time. Sexual energy was present in the room, and my mind continued to wonder about the possibilities for the end of the evening.

Mark received a phone call, and it was apparently his wife. “Yeah babe.” He replied, and stood from his chair, pacing near the bar in a conversation with her. I leaned in for a kiss with Vanessa, who smiled back at me with lively eyes.

“Are you having a good time?” I asked, implying more, somehow.

She nodded.

“She wants to talk to you.” Mark suddenly reappeared, phone in hand – directed towards Vanessa.

“Huh?… Me?” My wife awkwardly replied.

“She probably wants to embarrass me. Here, talk to her.” He handed the phone to my wife, and took a seat, this time next to her.

My wife’s face began to turn red, “Hi! This is Vanessa.”

Her answers were all rather short, as if she was answering a session of rapid fire questions from Marks wife.

“Yeah.” A laugh. “Yeah.” Another laugh. The appearance of a deep blush, and a quiet gasp.

Her voice became rather hushed on occasion. “No.” “Yeah.” “I can’t believe you’re asking me that!” More laughing.

She glanced up at me, “He does, actually.”

I was dying to know what they were talking about. I glanced down to noticed my wife adjusting her legs in her chair, her eyes now appeared somehow aroused, and my confusion was at an all time high.

“I don’t know.” A nod. “Yeah I know.” “Alright, well – It was really nice to talk to you!”

“I will. Thank you.”

Her face was beet red as she handed the phone back to Mark.

“Well, did she embarrass me?” Mark inquired quietly, joking.

Vanessa was stammering to find the words, “Um… Not exactly. She was actually very complimentary of you.” She took a sip of her drink as she said it.

Mark laughed, pulling the phone up to his ear and began pacing again, finishing up his conversation with her.

“What did she say?” I asked of my wife in a hushed voice.

“You don’t wanna know.” She replied.

“I do, actually.”

She looked right at me, “She was bragging about him, his endowment. She was trying to encourage us to go back to his room tonight. She was trying to encourage me to cuckold you.”

I nearly dropped my glass, time freezing, fantasy further creeping into the reality of this vacation – and right when I was about to reply Mark sat back down next to Vanessa.

“Sorry about her, she’s a loose cannon that one.” He offered.

“No, she was very nice.” Vanessa’s tone was innocent in her reply.

Mark looked across at me this time, excitement in his eyes. “Is it true that you’re actually keen on the idea, Mike?”

The earth seemed to stop spinning as I pieced together what was discussed on the phone a moment ago. I glanced at Vanessa who’s face was bright red and eyes wide.

I didn’t know how to reply, so I took a deep breath, and a long sip of wine, really searching for the right words.

“In theory.” I managed.

Mark smiled, “Most men are, really. Most are also afraid to admit it – to themselves, to their wives.”

Vanessa was nearly shaking with nervous excitement, and Mark decided to help her relax by placing his hand on her thigh.

“Here.” He adjusted his seated position, moving slightly to face more towards Vanessa. “This is a little test I do with new couples. May I?” Mark gently reached for Vanessa’s hand.

Vanessa’s face was crimson, but she delicately laid her palm into his. I later learned that Vanessa already knew what he was going to attempt, his wife having told her during their bizarre conversation. I was locked in a trance, a strange feeling present in my stomach, an aroused one in my loins.

“Stop me at any time if this isn’t working for either one of you.” Mark somehow seemed extra genuine with the comment.

I looked on in aroused horror as he deftly placed it right onto what at first appeared to be his upper thigh. However I quickly noticed the bulge running down his pant leg. My wife’s hand was on his cock!

Vanessa reached up to cover her mouth with her free hand, seemingly in shock. After years of fantasizing about such a perverted scene, to finally see it – it wreaked havoc on my mind. But I was immediately aroused.

I quickly shot down a huge gulp of wine whilst glancing around the bar. I was relieved to see no one else on our side of the counter, Mark probably having already noticed that.

He calmly removed his hand from hers, speaking softly. “Just leave it there Vanessa, explore it while you enjoy your drink.”

“My god.” My wife let the words out in a whisper. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

“Bah, it’s just a little fun on your vacation. Right Mike?” He looked in my direction to gauge my reaction.

“No harm at all.” I managed, somehow. I continued to look as my wife’s small hand slowly moved up and down the length of his concealed cock, gently grasping at his thickness through his thin pants.

“Have you ever felt one that big?” Mark offered, calmly.

Vanessa’s blush deepened, but she managed a reply, “God no.”

We all sat in a totally delirious trance of lust and heightened arousal as my wife explored his manhood.

After a few minutes of heavy breathing and high blood pressure Mark offered, “Seems like you’re both enjoying this.”

Vanessa looked at me with worried, lustful eyes.

“Mark, why don’t you give us one minute to talk.” I spoke.

“Certainly.” He stood, seemingly unconcerned with the massive tent in his pants as he headed to the restroom.

“Do you want to go up to his room?” I asked, anxious, panicked, hopeful.

“Oh god Mike what are we doing?” was her reply.

I leaned in and kissed her. “We have been married for years Vanessa. We love each other and we are just spicing things up on a vacation – it’s completely normal, and incredibly exciting.”

“Aren’t you worried, embarrassed?” She asked, concerned.

“No, I’m excited. I can’t explain it but I’m completely fucking excited.”

I decided to see just how excited she was, and I reached into the bottom of her dress, rummaging for her panties. She gasped, eyes bolting wide. They were absolutely soaked.

“I think we should go up to his room.” I said, smiling.

“…Okay.” she whispered.

We both stood in a sexual trance. I looked around in a fog of impending sexual doom. Mark saw us both and returned.

I spoke, “I think we’ll take you up on that offer Mark. A night cap up in your room.”

He smiled, excited. “Great.”

The elevator ride up to his room was probably the most sexually charged in human history. Mark stood behind Vanessa, snug to her rear. At one point he reached around and gently grasped her tummy, pulling her ass into his crotch. Her eyes once again darted wide, blushing. “I can’t believe we’re doing this.” She spoke to the cab, to no one, to herself.

“You’re gonna have fun tonight Vanessa.” Mark confidently replied.

I was delirious with arousal, feeling like I was in another dimension with how fast things had progressed. The looming reality of my cuckolding was both sending my mind into a spiral, and turning my dick into steel.

When we arrived at this room he gently grabbed Vanessa by the hand, ushering her to the couch. I immediately noticed that his room was a presidential suite, and that this living room was much more spacious that ours, complete with a kitchenette.

“Mike, why don’t you grab a cocktail out of the bar there. Make yourself comfortable.” He sat my wife down next to him on a plush beige couch.

I opened the mini-fridge door in a fog, leaning down to grab some soda and some rum from the side panel. When I stood back up I saw my wife kissing another man for the first time in my life.

The moment would be burned into my mind for all time. My heart began pounding as their lips met, my stomach tied in knots, my dick stood rigid. One of her legs was draped over his as she continued to play with the massive erection beneath his tenting slacks. I stood frozen as one of his large hands cupped her breasts, seemingly tickling at her nipples beneath the fabric.

He paused and glanced up at me, Vanessa looked in my direction as well – eyes wild and blushing in deep embarrassment. “Why don’t you have a seat Mike.” He pointed to the single across from the couch.

As I slowly walked over and sat Mark leaned back onto the couch. I looked on in terror as he slowly began unbuckling his belt, it wasn’t long before he was sliding his slacks down. He wasn’t wearing any underwear and his massive black cock sprung immediately upwards, incredibly aroused, and incredibly thick. He shuffled the pants to the floor, tossing them to the side along with his loafers. His cock was now the center of attention in the room, his large balls rested on the sofa cushion, and he leaned back looking at Vanessa.

My wife’s expression was wide eyed, fixated on his manhood. For the second time tonight he gently grabbed her hand, encouraging her to touch him. She did. I watched awestruck as her small hand tried, hopelessly, to encircle his girth. Her tiny fingers had no hope of reaching all the way around his thickness. She slowly began pumping his cock, completely entranced by it. Mark reached out and groped her tits as she jacked him off, leaning his head back in pleasure.

My dick began straining hard against my own pants, but I didn’t move to adjust it – I was frozen. My mind couldn’t process the scene occurring before me.

“It’s so big.” I heard my wife say through a haze of lust.

Mark slowly removed his shirt, exposing his impressive torso. He moved to stand, lifting my wife up out of her seat in the process. In one swift motion he unzipped the back of her dress, peeling it upwards and exposing my wife’s sopping panties, and bursting bra. He wasted no time, Vanessa under his spell, he deftly unclasped her bra – allowing her large breasts to spill out, pale nipples as erect as I had ever seen them. His dark hand cupped them both, raising them, jiggling them – and then he buried his mouth onto her tit. It caused her head to tilt back and the first moan of undoubtedly many to escape her mouth.

My mouth went dry, it was the most erotic scene I had ever seen, my entire body was frozen, gripped to the chair – as I watched this well hung man control my wife.

Mark gently sat her back down on to the sofa, taking a seat next to her once again. He leaned back, allowing her to feast her eyes and her hands on his manhood. “Go ahead baby, play with my cock.”

Vanessa immediately began pumping it again, I noticed her biting her bottom lip as her arousal dominated her body. Her tits were jiggling sexily as she jacked his huge cock. She began moving faster, inspired by the sexual site of her delicate white hand traveling up and down the entire length of his black shaft. His huge balls began flopping up and down on the sofa, and she reached out her other hand to massage those as well. Mark tilted his head back again in pleasure, now letting out his own reserved moan.

“God.” He looked right at her. “I can’t wait to fuck you baby.”

Vanessa froze, seemingly remembering something important. She glanced at me for a moment, eyes lost in her own desire, and then she reached for her handbag now plopped on the side counter. She immediately pulled out the condoms I had purchased earlier.

Mark noticed what she had grabbed, and that they were Magnums. He let out a chuckle. “I don’t think that’s gonna fit sugar.”

She glanced at him, and then his cock, and broke the seal on one of the packages. She began giggling as the latex condom snapped hopelessly against the wide girth of his cock head. It had no hope of fitting. “Don’t worry Vanessa.” He kissed her gently. “I’m gonna cum all over these big titties anyway.” Vanessa leaned back into the sofa stunned and aroused by the lewdness of his comment. Mark then leaned in for another passionate kiss, massaging again at her breasts. Her legs instinctively splayed open, and he grabbed her pantie lining, peeling them down around her plump ass. She lifted her legs, allowing him access to do so, and I watched in perversion as my wifes panties slipped off her feet. Mark tossed them to the side.

Her pussy was inflamed and ready. They regarded each other with impossible lust, and Mark slowly leaned my wife down against the couch cushion, shifting his knees in between her legs in the process. He leaned atop her, looking down, and began to align his hulking member above her pussy – eventually resting it down against her folds. She squirmed in anticipation, momentarily covering her eyes in disbelief.

I swallowed hard, clearing the lump in my throat. He spoke to her, “Watch baby.”

She looked down at the impending collision. Mark jostled his shaft against her folds which caused Vanessa to squeal in delight. I leaned in, unable to grasp the gravity of what was occurring. Slowly his large head began bumping at the entrance to her womanhood. She spread her legs more, inviting him inside of her. She titled her head back with a loud moan as his head entered her for the first time. She placed a hand on his chiseled abdomen to prevent him from entering too fast. “Go slow Mark, you’re so big.” She whispered it.

“I will sugar.” He leaned down and kissed her. Their tongues met as he began another thrust – pushing another couple inches of his manhood inside of my wife. Her next moan was louder. “Oh god!” Every time he reversed you could see more and more of his organ covered in my wife’s wetness, until eventually more than half of his huge cock had entered her.

I knew he was already deeper than I had ever been, and I wondered how she was feeling having that much dick inside of her.

“Oh my god, Markkk!” Her cry was loud, her pleasure obvious.

“Almost home love.” He replied, and thrust back into her once again. It took several minutes, but I looked on in shock as my wife’s delicate pussy lips clung to his cock. She was impossibly stretched as she finally took all that he had to offer. His massive black pouch was mushed against her plump lily rear – his huge shaft completely inside of her.

They looked into each others eyes. “Do you like this dick, Vanessa?” Mark asked, already knowing her answer.

“Yes.” Was her reply. She bit her lip, continuing, “I’ve never felt so full.”

“I’m gonna fuck this pussy good baby.” He kissed her, she moaned, and he followed up on his promise.

He began to churn into my wife, huge shaft pumping in and out of her pussy – a white lathering developing on his length as she creamed all over him in delight. Her legs spread wide, and then around his lower back as she latched on for his ride. Her moaning ramped up slowly, but quickly turned feverish. I had never heard her react to sex in such a manner. “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Mark! Markkk!” She would grunt in between her words, clawing into his shoulders as he ravished her. I began to hear his large nutsack flopping against my wife’s ass as he drove his huge manhood into her pussy. Juices squirting out all over the couch cushion as their organs collided with one another.

“Oh god! Oh god! Oh my goddd!” Another groan, another moan. I could hear it building rapidly.
It was too much to bear, I had to unzip. I exposed my dick which was about to explode from delirious arousal. However I relented from touching myself for fear of premature release.

“Ohhh! Ohhh! Mark don’t stoppp! I’m gonna…! Ohhh!”

Mark grunted, sweat developing on his brow as he took my wife to a place I never had – a hard vaginal orgasm.

He spoke, “That’s it baby. Let it go! I’m gonna make that pussy cum!”

Her body convulsed, legs flailing as the orgasm surged through her body. She clawed hard into his back, screaming as loud as I had ever heard her. I looked on in disbelief as her eyes rolled back into her head. “Ohhh!! Myyy!! Fuckkk…!!” Her pussy was bucking on his huge cock as she unloaded her essence all over his shaft. Mark held onto her as the waves of pleasure took control of her nervous system. My wife gave herself to him as she achieved the highest sexual peak of her life.

He leaned down and kissed her as the orgasm finally subsided. I blinked for the first time in what felt like hours.

“Jesus christ.” Was all she could manage.

“You’re fucking hot Vanessa.” was Marks reply. He pulled her up off the couch, smacking her ass as he began to position her back down on all fours. “Look at this ass too.” My wife was still recovering from his first onslaught, blinking heavily as she steadied herself for him. He smacked his heavy member against her plump rear a few times, causing some of their sticky sexual essence to cling to her skin. Then he lowered himself and smacked upwards into her clit from her underside. She shuddered as more pleasure returned to her body. That’s when she noticed me again, staring at her slack jawed and lust filled.

She smiled, blushing, impossibly embarrassed but as womanly as I had ever seen her. “You were right Mike, this was a good idea.” She chuckled absurdly, which caused a smile from both Mark and I.

“Mike’s having almost as good a time as you, trust me.” Mark said to her. Somehow, against all societal norms, he was entirely right. I had never, not since my developing years as a teen first exploring the female body, been as sexually excited as I was here tonight. It was such an absolute mind fuck cocktail of primal emotions that caused the most intense kind of arousal from me.

Mark slapped her ass again, causing it to jiggle. She looked back at him sexily. “Fuck me.” She said.

I almost came without physical provocation. Mark smiled, and stuffed himself in her from behind. Her eyes closed as she took him inside of her again. She loved it.

He began fucking her with passion, gripping tightly into her hips as he claimed her. Her heavy tits began swaying in the most erotic fashion. They bounced back and forth responding to this thrusts, the slapping noise and sexes meeting once again filled the air. Her moans and compliments weren’t far behind.

“Oh goddd. It’s so good.” She looked back at him, “You fuck me so good Mark.”

He smacked her ass. “I know it baby.”

That’s when she looked in my direction, locking into my eyes. I instinctively began pumping my dick.

“Oh god baby he’s really fucking me!” She squealed it in a sexy high pitched voice that nearly caused me to cum on the spot.

“I know baby.” I replied, throatily.

“Do you really like watching me?”

I drew her attention down to my throbbing dick, “What do you think?”

She moaned, “Oh my god this is so fucking naughty!” she buried her face into the couch cushion as Mark continued to pummel her.

Mark’s groans started to grow more frequent, and I had to figure he wouldnt last much longer.

Vanessa looked back at me, “Come here Mike.”

I stepped out of my pants, and approached her, dick absurdly sticking straight out. She balanced herself and pulled me to her mouth, engulfing my throbbing dick. It would take absolutely nothing to make me cum.

She sucked me for a few moments, eyes connecting with mine as Mark dominated her sex from behind. It was too much, and I was moments from cumming. Suddenly Mark groaned, pulling his cock out and twirling Vanessa onto her back, tits flopping wildly as she hit the couch. He unloaded, rope after rope of his heavy seed erupted from his engorged head, splashing against my wife’s breasts and tummy. The sight of it caused my own eruption, and I came all over her face. She looked on in completely disbelief as her husband and a man she had only just met came all over her body. Although Mark’s load was much more substantial than mine it made no difference to me – it was an insane sexual high for all three of us.

After the ejaculation had subsided the three of us were silent for a moment, and then Vanessa smiled. Suddenly we broke into a relaxed, relieved, satisfied laugh. Mark interjected, “I told you guys this would be fun. I’ve never had a bad experience doing stuff like this – I guess I know how to pick em.”

After a few panting breaths, my wife spoke. “I need to clean up.” Vanessa said, absurdly – standing. Cum was coating seemingly her entire body. Mark offered the shower in the other room, and she scurried through the door. Mark shuffled his pants on and moved to refill my drink. I strapped my own trousers back around my waist, and collapsed back into the couch.

“Good shit. Right Mike?” Mark offered, somehow casual.

I could only nod, still rather delirious. “I can’t believe how hot that was, it doesn’t make sense.”

“Hah, I know it.”

Before I could continue the discussion I found myself fast asleep, or rather, awoken to a darker room some hours later. I was groggy, and I realized that the sexual release, the drinking, the excitement – had all combined to sap my energy.

I glanced around to an empty room, but before long the noises made themselves apparent.

My wife was moaning, distant, but near. I soon saw a light shining through the cracked bedroom door. I stood, stomach once again in that now familiar knot, dick once again standing at attention. I slowly paced, barefoot, across the living room carpet.

Her groans grew louder, and the noises of their bodies mating began to make an appearance. I glanced into the door and saw them, naked, fucking on Marks large suite bed.

This was the site of my true cuckolding, where their honest admissions made an appearance. They were fucking freely, enraptured by one another’s sexuality. They had experienced that initial explosion of sexual exploration, and now they were aimed at something deeper.

He had Vanessa doggy style on his bed. I looked on as my wife’s large tits bounced violently as he took her from behind. Her ass jiggled as she received his assault. It was similar to the scene from earlier, but their words were more inciting.

“God I love this tight pussy.” Mark grit his teeth and smacked my wife’s ass, pumping his organ in and out of her as he spoke.

“Oh fuckkk…” Vanessa’s moans were passionate and unshackled, she looked back into his eyes. “I love that big cock.”

Their words were hushed, seemingly to avoid waking me. She moaned back at him as she spoke.

He grabbed some of her hair, picking up speed, his large nuts where smacking into her clit as he fucked her. He was in total control.

“Who’s pussy is this?” He looked into her eyes as he asked. I had never been so assertive with her.

Her eyes glazed over as she searched for the words. A lump formed in my throat as I began to fidget with my dick as I watched. Vanessa moaned low, “Oh! Goddd… No one has ever fucked me like you Mark!”

He smacked her ass again, this time harder. Her cheeks rippled in response. I looked on as her toes began to curl. It was, absurdly, the first time I noticed her nail polish all evening. “Who own’s this pussy Vanessa?” He repeated it.

She groaned again, closing her eyes as an orgasm brewed deep within her loins. He smacked her ass yet again, causing her to shake. “Tell me I own it Vanessa. This is my pussy.”

She moaned again, his pace quickening, her tits bouncing as his cock reached depths of her womanhood that no other man had ever been.

She looked back at him one last time, eyes fully distant, lost in the purest form of lust. “It’s your pussy Mark. Take it baby.”

They both moaned deeply, lowly, truly. Vanessa squealed as her ass bucked back into his crotch, milking him as he released his seed deep into her womb. Her hands clutched into the bed sheets, her toes curled violently. He roared, “Oh fuck yeah baby! I’m cumming in this married pussy!” His massive scrotum pulled up into his shaft as it pulsed, unleashing rope after rope of potent seed deep into my wife. She screamed in complete pleasure as this man claimed her in every primal sense of the word.

I came in my pants as their mating came to completion in front of my eyes, squirting my own load against the fabric of my trousers. Vanessa collapsed face first into his bed, completely satisfied.

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