CUCKOLD: Wife has sex with another man while her husband watches

CUCKOLD: Wife has sex with another man while her husband watches

This story began quite a few years ago. My company had transferred me from Georgia to California. I did not know anyone there other than a few business associates but it was a promotion and with the promotion came a large increase in my salary.

The company maintained a small apartment near the office in which I worked and I was given the apartment to use until I could find more suitable living quarters. Everything at work went quite well and the transition was much smoother than I had anticipated. The weather was sunny and warm almost all the time and golf was my biggest passion so I looked for a place with convenient access to a golf course.

I found a reasonably priced two bedroom condo which was located at a small country club. After looking at the condo and the golf course, I decided it would be perfect for me and since it was also located relatively near to my office I thought I would be able to play nine holes of golf almost every morning before I had to leave for the office. On weekends, the course was usually very busy so I usually just spent an hour or so on the driving range instead of actually playing out on the course.

I had a very limited social life but I did meet a few ladies and slowly I began to develop a social life by dating some of them. One Saturday morning I met Jim. At the time, we were both 38 years old so we were the same age. He was a very likable man with a quick wit and a good sense of humor. We hit a couple of buckets of golf balls each and as we were about to leave Jim asked me to join him in the clubhouse for a drink so I did.

As we talked and got to learn a little more about each, Jim told me he and his wife had been high school sweethearts and continued dating throughout their college years after which they got married and settled down. They had bought one of the condos at the country club but later sold it and moved farther out of town. He said they both liked the country club so he had maintained his membership even after they moved.

I shared my own saga about being divorced and relocating to California. He asked if I had met many of the people who lived at the country club. I told him most of my time was spent either at work or out on the golf course. We exchanged telephone numbers and said we would keep in touch. For me, this seemed to be a good thing as I knew very few people other than those with whom I worked.

The following Wednesday, Jim phoned me to tell me he and his wife, Marie, were having a little barbecue get together on Saturday at their home. He said that since I was new to the area it would a good opportunity for me to meet some other people. I accepted the invitation and thanked him. I asked what I could bring and he told a bottle of wine would be nice adding that Marie liked chardonnay. I chuckled and told him I was sure I could manage to find one. He told me to bring a swimsuit since they had a pool. I asked him if I should bring a date and told no. He added that there would be a few couples there but he was sure Marie would also be inviting a few of her single girlfriends.

Jim had given me the address so I the next day I took a drive out there to make sure I could find the house on Saturday. As I had expected, the house was in an upper middle class neighbor with neatly manicured lawns and an array of late model SUVs were parked in various driveways. I did not stop at Jim’s house as I had merely wanted to be sure I would have no difficulty finding it on Saturday. I am a bit of a punctuality Nazi and Jim had told me to be there at about 2:00 pm on Saturday so I had no intention of arriving “fashionably” late.

When I arrived at their home, I noticed there were no cars in there except for two in the garage so I parked at the curb in front of the house. I picked up the bottle of chardonnay I had brought and went to the front door. Jim came out smiling and said he was really glad I had come. He led through the living room and out to the kitchen to meet his wife, Marie.

When she looked up and smiled, I could have sworn someone had turned on flood lights. Her smile was almost as brilliant and the midday sun. I know my jaw must have dropped to my chin when I saw her. She was absolutely stunning. I glanced over at Jim and his was beaming with joy knowing I thought Marie was just as beautiful as he did.

She was wearing an almost transparent white silk blouse which was tie around her amazingly flat tummy. I could see that she was wearing a bikini top underneath the blouse but all the buttons were open and her breasts seemed to be trying to spill completely out of the bikini top. The white matching shorts she wore were so tight I thought they had to have been painted on her. There was a very obvious camel toe protruding at the crotch.

As I looked at her face, brilliance and radiance of her smile was matched by shimmering sparkle of her emerald dazzling green eyes. Since she was facing me, I could not determine the length of her copper red hair which seemed to almost glow with a light of it own. Her skin was perfectly clear and golden tan with none of the freckles I had noticed on other red haired girls. All of this only took a couple of seconds but to me it seemed I must have been staring at her for hours.

Jim turned to me still smiling and said, “Michael, I forgot to tell you Marie is beautiful.”

I could barely speak but somehow I managed to stammer, “Jim, please forgive me for this but beautiful does not even BEGIN to describe Marie. Marie, I also ask you to forgive me but if I was 18 years old you would be the only lady on my MILF list.”

Marie dropped her eyes as her face turned almost scarlet red while Jim roared with laughter and I just stood there somewhat amazed that I had said such a thing to her.

Marie looked at me and replied, “Michael, I am delighted to meet you and there is no need for you to ask my forgiveness. It seems a little strange but that is the nicest compliment I have ever received. Jim told me I would probably find you to be very charming. Well, the truth is “probably” does not even come close to that. You are awesome and all I can say is, thank you.”

Then she walked over to me, put her arms around me and hugged me closer and tighter than I could ever remember anyone ever doing at a first meeting. My cock was already as hard as steel but it seemed to get harder and I felt her breasts crush against my chest and her hips press almost imperceptibly against my erection.

When she released me from her hug, I felt her exhale her breath. I realized she had intentionally taken a deep breath so I would feel her breasts as she crushed them into my chest. As she turned to walk back to the cooking island, she smiled at Jim and whispered loud enough for me to hear, “You may finally get your wish, my love.”

At that time, I did not understand what she meant by saying that.

She seemed to give a little extra sway to her hips as she walked and I could see that her beautiful red hair hung almost to the top of her magnificent ass. Trying to regain my composure, I told Jim I was going out to my car to get some beer in a cooler.

“Don’t bother with that. I notice the other day at the club you ordered Guinness Stout so when you told me you would be here for the barbecue I picked some up. It in the refrigerator out in the garage,” he said.

“I’ll go get you one, Michael,” chimed Marie in a voice which somehow sounded almost melodious.

“That’s OK, Marie. Jim, if you will kindly show me where it is I can get it,” I said.

“Nonsense,” replied Marie, “if there is anything you want you just tell me.”

I was sure I imagined it but she seemed to emphasize “anything.”

When Marie returned with the beer for me she said, “I need to go to the store for extra salad dressing. I’ll be right back.”

“We have …,” Jim tried to say but Marie flashed her eyes at him in mid sentence so he stopped without finishing it.

Marie turned to me and said, “Michael, I noticed you are driving a really nice little BMW convertible. I have never driven one of those. Would you trust me to drive it to the store and back?”

Without saying a word, I reached into my pocket, took out my keys, and handed them to her. At that moment I would have given anything I had.

“You can come with me if you like, Michael,” Marie said before she turned to leave.

“No, that’s OK. I’ll stay here with Jim. I’m sure you’ll be able to manage by yourself,” I replied, “but you may want to tie your hair back to avoid it getting tangled.”

She actually giggled like schoolgirl as she replied, “If my hair gets tangled while I’m driving your car, then you will have to brush out the tangles.”

‘Gladly,’ I thought to myself.

When Marie left, Jim and I went out to sit by the pool. No one else had arrived so I was a little curious about it.

“It seems everyone else must be running a little late, Jim,” I said.

“No. Actually, I thought it might be a little more comfortable for you if you got here a little earlier than the others. This way you got a chance to meet Marie and be here for a little while without so many other distractions,” he replied.

“Well, that was certainly most gracious of you. I’m OK being around people but I suppose I might have felt somewhat awkward as a total stranger to everyone but you,” I stated.

Jim smiled and said, “You certainly made quite an impression on Marie. She never warms up to anyone the way she has with you.”

“Jim, I’m sorry, I just wasn’t expecting her to be so…uh…uhm…captivating,” I tried to explain.

He just laughed, told me not to worry or even get apprehensive if Marie seemed to pay me a little more attention to me than I might think was necessary or appropriate.

I assured him I would be a perfect gentleman.

Jim laughed again and said, “Hey! Lighten relax, I’m a guy too. I completely understand. Marie got you aroused and I don’t blame you for having such a reaction to her. Hell, I know how hot she looks!”

I let that comment go without a reply. My hard-on was still there but it was beginning to subside now that Marie was no longer here.

I was just finishing my beer when Marie came bounding out onto the patio deck. Her face seemed to glow with excitement.

“Wow! That was awesome! I love your car, Michael. You are going to have to take me for a ride soon,” she said as she handed me another Guinness.

“Marie, you can borrow my car anytime you like,” I replied.

“No, I want you to take me for a nice long ride,” she giggled.

I was beginning to get a wee bit nervous about all of this as quite a few of her comments had seemed to be double entendre.

“Perhaps I can do that someday,” I replied.

“Well, right now I have a rather more urgent need and you’ll have to take care of it for me,” she said as she handed me a hairbrush.

I burst into laughter. I looked at Jim who was grinning like a “Cheshire cat” and asked, “Do I spank her with this or brush her hair with it?

Before he could reply Marie said, “Right now you can brush the tangles out of my hair. Perhaps, someday, I may want you to spank me.”

Sheepishly, I looked at Jim thinking I may have gone too far but he just smiled and said, “You heard the lady. Take care of her.”

Marie turned around and sat between my legs nestling in close between my thighs as she flipped her silky hair up into my lap.

I lifted her hair up and began to brush out the wind blown tangles. As I did that, Marie placed her soft right cheek against the inside of my thigh and looked over at her husband, Jim.

“Do you want to explain this, Darling, or shall I,” she asked him?

“I will, sweetheart,” Jim replied.

“Michael,” Jim began, “I don’t know how to explain what is happening but for a very long time I have had what can, at this point, be best described as a fantasy of seeing Marie have sex with another man. She and I have discussed this on many occasions and until today she has never been willing to even try it. Neither of us is “teasing” you. I want to see it and it certainly appears Marie is ready to do it for me. I hope you are not offended by this and will not be upset with either of us if, for some reason, we cannot go through with it at the last minute. I will try to explain more of this later but will you please consider doing this for us?”

“It is certainly a strange request but I am certainly very attracted to Marie and I will consider it over the course of the afternoon. I also promise both of you that I will not be upset should either or both of you decide not to go all the way with this,” I replied.

At that moment the doorbell rang. Jim told us he would get it. He got up to go to the door but stopped long enough to stroke Marie’s left cheek. He smiled at me. “Thank you, my friend,” he said just before he waked toward the kitchen door into the house.

Marie rolled her face against my now turgid cock as she grabbed my hand and pulled it down to her breast allowing me to cup and squeeze it. She moaned softly as I did do so and purred, “Michael, I’m NOT teasing you and if anyone back out of this it will be either you or Jim and not me. Just so you know, my pussy is so wet I feel as if I am sitting in a swamp. I could tell when I hugged you earlier than you are big and I want to feel you inside me. I’m not slut but I am going to be one for you if you will have me.”

“Marie, I hope Jim does go through with this because I don’t remember ever wanting any woman as much as I want you. You are the most beautiful and sensuous woman I have ever met. I’m not exactly sure of what is going on between you and Jim but I do know you love each other very much. Let’s enjoy the barbecue and see how things turn out later. I promise you I will go as far as you will allow me to go,” I replied.

“YES!,” she exclaimed as she jumped to her feet, “let the party begin but not the games. This is no game!”

She leaned down and whispered in my ear, “I don’t know how I know it but I DO know you are going to fuck me like I am a dirty little slut and use me like I am a whore. I can’t wait for this barbecue to end. By the way, I parked your car inside the garage in my spot and blocked you in with my car so don’t even think about leaving.”

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“How will you explain that to anyone who may ask,” I questioned?

“I’ll deal with that when and if it arises. For the rest of the afternoon, I want you to think about me. I do have some of my single girlfriends coming over but please save yourself for me at least for tonight,” Marie said almost as if she was begging me.

People kept arriving for the next hour or so and both Jim and Marie made sure I met everyone. Two of Marie’s girlfriends, Sheila and Vickie, made certain that I did not feel neglected in any way. Each of them gave me their telephone number and told me to be sure and call them soon. Cheryl, one of the married ladies slipped her number to me secretly and told me her husband traveled frequently for work and made it quite obvious to me that she would be thrilled to have dinner and more with me anytime her husband as out of town.

By 8:00 pm a number of the guests were preparing to leave soon and Sheila had begun to become aggressive about me leaving when she did. Marie had been paying much more attention to everything than I realized so she took it upon herself to find a remedy for the situation. I had intentionally not been drinking very much. I had only drank four beers since I had arrived about six hours earlier. Marie came over to where Sheila and I were sitting and I could see the green in her eyes had a very different intensity than they had earlier. The “green eyed monster” of jealousy awakening within her.

A few couples were still dancing on the patio so Marie grabbed my hand and said she wanted to dance with me. We danced but not close or erotic. She told me she had noticed I wasn’t drinking very much. I told her I wanted to be sober for her later. She smiled when I told her that but told me she was concerned about Sheila’s intentions. She asked me if I would switch to drinking gin and tonic and if I would that she, herself, would be my personal bartender. I didn’t even like gin. I laughed and asked her if she was trying to get me drunk to which she replied she was.

After our dance, I called Marie over and asked her if she would fix me a gin and tonic. Sheila jumped up saying she would do it but Marie said she was the hostess so she would do it herself. Marie was a very cunning and sly girl. The first drink was a normal gin and tonic. Sheila immediately wanted to taste it. She said she didn’t like the taste of gin. I was sure Marie must have known that. When she noticed my drink was getting low, Marie came over and told me she would fix me another one.

This time she winked me slyly so Sheila did not see her. I took a sip and realized there was no gin in it. Marie was again right about her friend. Sheila did not bother to sample this drink.

A little later when Sheila excused herself to go to the ladies room, Marie came over and whispered, “thank you for staying sober, Michael.”

I told her I stayed sober for her because the only way I was going to let her down tonight would be if it was onto her back on her knees. She told me before this night was over she wanted it to be both ways. She also added she had given a lot of thought to something else. When I asked her what that was she told me her back door had never been opened and she was ready to change that and reminded me once more that she was going to be a slut for me tonight.

By 9:00 pm all the guests had gone home except for Sheila and me. Sheila said she wanted to spend the night. She said since I seemed to be OK I could drive her home and we could pick up my car or hers tomorrow. Marie’s green eyes flamed from jealousy to near outrage at that idea. Both Jim and I could clearly see where this might lead so he interjected that he would drive Sheila home in her car and Marie and I could follow to bring him back home. Sheila balked at the idea but finally gave in and agreed since Jim would be driving her home.

On the way to Sheila’s house, Marie told me Sheila had always had a crush on Jim but he never gave her an opportunity to act upon it. She also told me she and Jim had a few minutes alone to talk about what to do after the barbecue and they had both decided to let it go all the way. They were both secure in their marriage and in their love for each other.

When we got Sheila home, it was obvious she was far more than just a little drunk. Marie took her to the bathroom and by the sounds Jim and I heard she would not be feeling very well in the morning. Marie finally managed to get Sheila to go to bed and the three of us left her there alone.

We had driven Jim’s SUV so as we were getting inside he suggested that Marie and I sit in the back seat together. I sat on the passenger side and Marie started out in the center of the seat. Marie and I started making out like a couple of high school teenagers. Only when I reached inside her blouse to caress her breasts did I realize that at some point during the evening she had removed her bikini top. We kept everything as calm as we could under the circumstances but when we returned to their house Marie was in no mood for any further delays. She almost dragged me to the door.

By the time we reached their den, Marie was naked having left a trail of clothes from door to the den. She started to tear my clothes off of my body soon as we entered the den. Jim came in and sat in his recliner and watched us. When Marie finally stripped my boxers off my legs, she looked at my raging swollen cock and screamed, “OH MY FUCKING GAWD!”

She turned to Jim her eyes filled with lust, passion, and desire. “Jim, I love you. I will always love you. You are my husband and I am your wife. Those two things will not change but I AM going to have Michael’s cock in my mouth, my pussy, and even in my virgin ass if I can possible stretch open enough to get it in there. For almost all the 15 years we have been married you have tried to get me to have sex with another man while you watch and I never once even thought about it until today. Well, today I have not only thought about I have also masturbated four times while thinking about it and if you have any doubts, regrets or do you not want this to go any farther you had better say now because I’m about to drop to my knees and become Michael’s SLUT! I am going to have this big hard beautiful cock anywhere and everywhere inside my body he wants to put it s often as he wants to put it there. I’m not trying to humiliate, demean or belittle you in any way but since you are giving me to Michael I am giving my body to him. Do you understand and agree to this?”

“Yes, Marie, I do understand and agree to it. I hope I can watch everything you do together but even if I can’t watch it all I will not stop either of you from doing whatever you choose to do. Michael, I really am OK with this and with both of you. I’m not into the humiliation part of being a cuckold but I’m enough of a cuckold to see that Marie both needs and wants this. Marie, I know you will always be my wife but I can clearly see even before you begin that you want to be Michael’s woman. Both of you make it mean something for the three of us,” Jim said as a tiny tear trickled down his cheek.

“Rather than try to address each of you individually, I must say to both of you I find myself to be in a unique and somewhat awkward position. Both of you are truly amazing people and I respect you for that. Jim, you are my friend. Marie, you are, at least for tonight, my lover. This dynamic may change completely by tomorrow morning so let’s just enjoy the rest of the night for what we have and let tomorrow take care of itself,” I told them.

Marie said, “Enough talk, My pussy is like a flooded swamp and I intend to have you dam it up for me, Michael. My mouth and my throat may not be able to take all of you but I am going to give it my best college try. As for my ass, I can only hope you don’t split me wide open but I am going to try my best to give you my anal cherry. Jim, I’m sorry I didn’t let you have that cherry too but you were my first lover and you are the only man who has ever had me. I have always been loyal and faithful and I am doing this tonight because you want me to do it. Michael, at least for the rest of tonight, I belong to you. I am YOURS C-A-T! (Completely-Absolutely-Totally)”

Marie crawled to me and took my throbbing aching cock in her tiny delicate hands and stared at it as it was a priceless work of art which, to her at that moment, it must have seemed to be.

She looked up at me, her eyes once again gleaming like freshly faceted and polished emeralds, grabbed my hands, pulled them into the beautiful copper colored long silky tresses of her hair and said, “Fuck my mouth! Use me like the nasty slutty little cunt that I am!”

I knew she wouldn’t be able to take it all on this first attempt so I teased her a little by giving her a few rather gentle slow easy strokes. I looked over at Jim and he had his cock out was rapidly stroking it. I was quite surprised. His cock really was quite small. It appeared to be maybe 5 inches long and about an inch or so in breadth. I Wound my fingers in Marie’s beautiful hair and thrust my swollen cock her mouth to the back of her throat. I held it there for a long count of three as she gagged and tried to breathe. I knew I would have to be patient with her and teach her how to take my entire 10 inch cock into her mouth and throat.

I sat back on the sofa with Marie still kneeling at my feet and told her to take it slowly as it was only about 10:00 pm and we had a long night ahead of us. She leaned up against me, pressed her soft warm lips against mine, and whispered, “I don’t want this night to end.”

“Lay back and let me pleasure your sweet hot pussy. I need some girl protein. I want your first orgasm to be on my tongue,” I told her.

“I’m going to do whatever you want me to do. I’ve always been treated like some kind of little prima donna princess. First by mt father and then by Jim. I know I’m beautiful, that’s all I heard for my entire life. I want and need to be treated like a worthless little cum slut. Please don’t be gentle with me. Make me be raunchy, dirty, and nasty. This afternoon when I handed the hair brush to you and you wanted to know if you should brush my hair with it or use it to spank me I nearly dropped to my knees and begged to you PLEASE spank my ass until you made me bleed and beg you to stop,” Marie confessed.

‘What the hell have I gotten myself into with this fucked up pair? He’s a wannabe cuckold and she’s a drop dead gorgeous masochistic pain slut,’ I thought to myself.

I was no longer sure I really wanted to be a part of this. Maybe I should drive over to see Sheila. No! She’s a fucking drunk who could not or would not be faithful to anyone. At least Marie, I honestly believed, wanted to be faithful and loyal.

I looked over at Jim. It appeared the alcohol and his orgasm had taken their toll. His chin was on his chest and he was softly snoring. I told Marie we should get him to bed. She whined a little saying he would miss everything. Suddenly, I knew what I had to do.

“Cunt, get your slutty ass up and help me get him to bed in the guest room. I’ll be claiming you, my woman, in your own conjugal bed with you tonight. Now get up you worthless slut and do as you are told,” I said commanded sharply.

“Yes, Sir,” Marie replied.

Jim moaned a little but he did not wake up as I lifted him up and carried him slumped over my shoulder to the guest room.

“Get him tucked in and then change the sheets on your bed,” I ordered her.

“But I changed the sheets this afternoon, Michael,” Marie replied.

“Slut! I did not ask what you did this afternoon,” I said as I arched my eyebrows at her.

“Yes, Sir…I mean Master,” Marie responded.

She was much farther into to all of this than I had previously realized.

“Marie, I’m not going to dominate you as if you are a slave. Whatever you do must be done because you are my woman and you wish to please me. I do not wish for you to call me Sir or Master. Do you understand what I am saying?

“Yes, Michael, I do understand and thank you very much. You have not even fucked me yet and I know I am already your woman,” she stated as a matter of fact.

“I’m going down to the den. Come get me when you have finished everything up here,” I told her. “Oh, put on some sexy lingerie for me. I’m not ready for us to go to bed just yet. You may be my hot little slut, but I also want to spend some time with my beautiful sexy woman,” I added.

Marie’s face lit up with one of her radiant smiles then said, “I’ll do everything as quickly as I can and I’ll be down very soon. I want to you to enjoy every moment you can with me. I will do anything to please my man. I hope you don’t mind that I think of you as my man as well as my lover.”

I smiled at her before replying, “I do not mind that at all. You realize we will become much closer both emotionally and physically during the coming weeks, don’t you?”

She sighed and said, “I am sure we will. I’m still stunned at how I feel about you now. It has not even been 12 hours since we met and I am an owned woman.” She blushed as she continued, “You still have not yet fucked me nor taken my anal virginity. I haven’t even tasted your cum. I can only imagine how I will once we have “cum”…pletely consummated our relationship.”

“Marie, you are a true slut,” I said before turning to go down downstairs.

“I am YOUR true slut, Michael,” she stated.

I went to the garage and got a beer out of the refrigerator before going back to the den to wait for Marie. As I sat there waiting, I could not help but reflect upon everything that had transpired which had led me here. I felt sure this would end as being a one off thing. It turned out that way then I was OK with it but somehow I realized both Jim and Marie wanted this to develop into something more lasting. I did feel a little sad Jim had drank too much during the day and was going to miss out on the rest of the night with Marie and me.

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Marie walked into the den in what seemed to be only 5 or 10 minutes later. She was wearing an emerald green teddy which matched her lovely shimmering eyes almost perfectly. She had pulled her hair over her shoulder and it cascaded down and over to her perky 36C left breast. She had retouched her makeup. To me, she looked like a goddess. Once again, I was almost overwhelmed by her dazzling beauty.

She smiled softly at me and asked, “Do I look alright?”

Instantly, an Eric Clapton song flashed into my mind and I whispered, “My darling you look wonderful tonight.”

Marie smiled and said, “I was afraid you might be gone.”

I laughed and asked, “How could I leave since you had my car blocked inside the garage?”

She walked over to me and knelt on the floor at my feet. She looked up into my eyes and said, “I want to finish the blowjob we started earlier. I know I’m your slut and your woman but please take it a little slower with me this time. You are so big I will learn how to take all of you down my throat but please try to be patient with me and give me time to learn.”

“Take all the time you need my beautiful little fuck toy” I told her.

“So I’m your little fuck toy, am I? I like the sound of that,” She giggled.

I was still naked from earlier so she reached out and began stroking my cock very slowly wrapping the fingers of both her delicate hands around the massive turgid shaft. She leaned over and gently licked the precum which was seeping from my urethra and massaged it seductively over her lips.

“If you are in a hurry for this, go ahead and use my mouth as you see fit but I hope you will let me go very slow so I can savor every delicious moment and taste of you,” she said in a lustful pleading voice.

“Go as slowly as you want and need to go, baby. This should be a wonderful and pleasurable experience for both of us,” I said softly to her.

Marie swirl her tongue all around the corona of the swollen head. She paid very close attention to everything she did. She sped up and slowed down while she continuously stroked her hands up and down the full length of my 10 inch cock. She began trying to take it a little deeper into her throat but she was unable to control her gag reflex even as I gently massaged her throat and told her to remember to breathe.

She licked my entire shaft and dropped her mouth down to lick my balls. Finally, she took each of them in turn into warm inviting mouth. After sucking and licking both of my balls, she looked up at me and said, “Darling, I never dreamed I would want to do this but I want to try to tongue fuck your ass. Will you please let me do that?”

I just moaned and told her to do whatever she wanted to do. She licked slowly almost tentatively all around my sphincter before finally slipping the tip of her tongue inside. I could feel her flexing and probing her tongue as she tried to get it deeper inside my ass. I relaxed and let her do it however she liked. Finally, she asked me to turn over and hold my cheeks apart. When I did that she got behind me and reached around with one hand to stroke my cock while she probed into my ass with one of the fingers of her other hand.

After a moment or two she slipped a second finger inside and finally she worked a third finger as well. When she began massaging my prostate I knew I would cum soon so I told her she needed to stop or I would empty my cum laden balls all over the sofa.

She laughed and told me she did not want that to happen this time. She wanted me to cum in her mouth. I was going to turn over but she asked me not to do that.

She rolled onto her back and said, “I’m your slut. Fuck my slutty mouth. Mark it as your property. Ram your giant cock down my throat if that is what you want to do. I know I’ll gag. I’ll probably puke but I’m your woman now so use me in any way you choose.

I began to thrust into her wanton mouth while constantly reminding her to breathe. When I felt my balls start to tighten, I told her I would be cumming in a few more strokes.

“I’m cumming NOW,” I screamed as the first volley blasted through my cock into my eagerly sucking mouth. She swallowed hard a quick as I withdrew my cock. I grabbed the back of her head tightly in my hands as I roared, “This one is going down your cock sucking throat you little cunt!”

I felt her gag as I forced all 10 inches of my cock into Marie’s mouth and all the way into her throat as my second volley exploded into her. As I pulled back, she was gagging and coughing so I held only the massive helmet of my throbbing cock inside her mouth. When I finally pulled out of her mouth, there wear tears streaming down her cheeks leaving streaks of mascara trailing behind them. Somehow she had managed to swallow all my cum or at least I thought she had. She opened her mouth to show me the pool of cum on her tongue. She closed her mouth and swallowed one last time. She opened her mouth again to show me it was all gone.

I pulled her close and gave her a deep passionate kiss. I could taste my cum in her mouth as our tongues danced back and forth between our mouths. “Are you OK, Marie,” I asked her.

“I’m better than OK. That was fucking AWESOME! When you forced your cock down my throat for your second ejaculation I thought I was going to puke. I am sure I would have had I not had a gut wrenching orgasm at that very instant,” she gasped.

She looked down at the carpet on the floor beneath her. As she ran her hand through it, she said, “My God, I must have squirted. The carpet is soaked. No wonder that orgasm was so good. I’ve never squirted in my entire life.”

“As soon as you have recovered a little, we are going upstairs to the bedroom where I will drive you over the edge with my mouth and tongue.” I whispered to her.

“I am yours and I will do anything you want me to do but if you don’t mind I really want you inside my pussy and then I want you to take my tight hot virgin ass. I bought some condoms earlier while I was at the store because Jim said he wanted us to use them but I’m in a safe part of my cycle and I want to feel your hot cum inside me if that is alright with you,” Marie said quietly.

“mmm…there is nothing I would like more than to have you sleep with my sperm inside you tonight, my precious little slutty girl,” I said with a grin.

Can we please go upstairs now,” Marie asked me.

When I stood to go upstairs, I took Marie into my arms and carried her like a newly wed bride upstairs to the bedroom. She didn’t say a word. She merely sighed, wrapped her arms around my neck, and placed her head on my shoulder as I carried her.

“Everything seems almost surreal. You make me feel like both a dirty little slut and a royal princess at the same time. It is incredible,” she moaned as I lay her down on the bed.

Don’t you think you should remove the teddy, Marie,” I teasingly asked her.

She laughed softly and said, “Oh my God, I am not only a wanton little slut, I’m also an airhead. I didn’t even realize I still had it on.”

I smiled as she slowly slipped the teddy off her beautiful body. She got up taking the teddy with her.

“What are you doing,” I asked?

I am putting this away. No one has ever seen me in it but you.

“What,” I asked incredulously?

“I suppose a little confession is in order. Jim has talked about you numerous times since you met and for some reason my thinking about his desire for me to be with another man became more possible in my mind. He told me he thought you had a big cock. Apparently, he had noticed you got hard upon seeing one of the ladies at the country club. Anyway, the more her talked about you the more interested I became so yesterday on a whim I bought this teddy to wear for you,” she told me.

“When you got here this afternoon, I guess the last of my inhibitions about Jim’s fantasy dissolved. I saw the way you looked at me when you first saw me and when made the comment about me being the only woman on your MILF list, my pussy juices started flowing like a river. I felt your cock against me as I hugged you and I knew it over for me. All my inhibitions were gone. It was only a matter of time and I was going to let you fuck me,” Marie continued.

My cock was hard again but Marie wanted it to be even harder. She sat down on the bed beside me, grasped my cock with one of her lovely soft hands, and slowly stroked up and down its full length.

“I can’t believe this is actually going to fit inside me but at the same time I never imagined anything this size could go down my throat either,” she said in amazement.

“What about your tight little ass,” I asked her?

“Any part of me you want is yours to take,” Marie replied shyly.

“Michael, I may regret all of this later but right now nothing seems to matter except finally feeling “full”filled as a woman. Everything is so strange and yet it also seems to be exactly what I want and need. I want you to bite my tits hard. Leave teeth marks on them. Let my husband know that you have claimed me and marked me as your property. One of these days, I also want him to fuck me immediately after you have so he can feel for himself how stretched and distended you left my pussy. You haven’t been inside me yet but I know you will stretch me out when you do,” Marie said.

“Marie, we’re going to take care of some of those things right now. Lay down for me,” I told her.

Marie obediently lay down on the bed and instinctively reached her arms up for me to hold her. I leaned down and kissed her passionately probing my tongue into her eager mouth. I cup one of her breasts in each of my hands and bent my head down to lick her already hardened nipples. She moaned softly as I did so. I began to nip gently at the flesh of her breasts. Finally, I clamped my mouth hard over her left nipple and sunk my teeth into her tender flesh. She gasped when I did that and I felt her body tremble from the pain of my bite. She gasped quickly for breath when I released her from the grip of my teeth. Before she had a chance to recover from the first bite, I repeated it on her right breast.

When I looked at her breasts, I could see they were both clearly marked with my teeth prints. Marie looked down at breasts then cupped them in hands and lifted them up to see the red marks around her swollen nipples. She sucked in her breath sharply as she gasped, “YES! Thank you, Michael, you have made it very plain to see that I belong to you. Give me a moment. I want to see myself in the mirror.”

Marie got up and slowly walked over to her closet. She opened the door to reveal a full length mirror which was mounted on the back side of the door. She continued to smile as she looked at the reflection of her magnificent body in the mirror while caressing herself her silky smooth soft skin with her hands.

The mirror on the door reflected a full front view of her and seeing the full back side of her at the same time made this an extremely erotic sight for me. The marks on her breasts made an indelible impression in my mind. I knew at that moment that these would not be the only marks I left on her. Before this night was over she would bear many, many more of my marking both on visible parts of her skin but also and more permanent would be the marking left within her own mind. The passionate fires of true desire were raging inside this beautiful woman. She was slowly being consumed by the urgency and the hunger to be claimed and owned.

She did love her husband, Jim, and she knew he loved her but her true need ran much deeper. I knew I could fulfill that need. I got off the bed and walked over to her. I reached out and grasped her long silky hair with my hand and spun her around to face me. As I crushed my lips against her and probed my tongue deep inside her mouth, her entire body trembled. She pressed herself firmly against me so hard it felt as if she was trying to climb inside my own skin with me.

When we broke the kiss, she looked up into my eyes and with tears beginning to roll down her lovely cheeks she said almost breathlessly, “Make me YOURS!”

When she said that, I unceremoniously spun her body around and pushed her to the floor so she was facing the mirror. “Look at us in the mirror while I stake my claim on you and make you MY woman! You may be married to another, but you belong to ME!” I screamed.

There would be no gentleness in this. There would be no tenderness or pretense that we were making love. I was staking my claim on her. She was on her knees in front of me with her ass and pussy lifted high making her totally vulnerable to the full power of my brutal onslaught. At this moment it was as though I was a wild stallion about to mount and breed his mare. The head of my massive cock found the soft wet opening of her now fully flooded pussy and with no thought of tenderness or gentleness I drove the full length of my rigid 10 inch into her yielding body. The urgency of my need and desire to possess her was matched completely by her own craving and total surrender to the passion of her ultimate submission.

With one long, deep, powerful thrust I entered her soft trembling body not stopping to even think about any pain she might feel. Her pussy slick from the flow of her juices that only our pelvic bones could stop my the power thrust of my hips as I rammed my cock into the very depths of her womb. She screamed like a banshee as the head of my massive cock found the opening of her cervix and plowed through it. As I looked t our reflections in the mirror before us, I did not recognize either of us. I pulled slowly out of her and then without warning I thrust my hips forward again. Her eyes were wide open as she stared at our reflection in the mirror and tears were rolling down her cheeks as I continued to pummel in and out of her marvelous body.

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I did not last as long as I imagined I would. Our mutual passion was drawing each of us closer and closer to our ultimate orgasmic release which escalated us to the point of no return. Marie and I both exploded simultaneously. My cum erupted into her womb at the same instant her own cum gushed out as if it were propelled like lava from a volcano. The flood of our juices flowed down our thighs as if they were from a waterfall seeming to never stop. The carpet beneath us was soaked to the point it almost felt we were kneeling in tidal pool.

Suddenly, the expression on her face changed. Initially, she had looked surprised then she looked stunned and finally almost terrified. All of those looks were now replaced by a look that I can only describe as rapture. We had not “coupled.” We had not made love. We had not even fucked. We had bred like a stallion and a mare.

Marie looked up into the mirror to see my eyes. She was smiling though she seemed to be almost in a state of shock. Finally, she spoke and said, “I am wish this had been during my fertile time. Now I know what it feels like to be bred. That was incredible. Can we go take a shower and then I want you to GIVE you my anal virginity. Just please try to be a little my gentle about that. I don’t think my ass could take it that way.”

I smiled at her and said, “Yes, to all of those things.”

“It’s strange. I am not quite sure which of us owns the other,” I added.

“I don’t want to own you, Michael. I just want you to know I will do anything you ask me to do,” she replied.

Our time in the shower was not a sexual romp. We bathed each with tenderly and lovingly taking care to wash every part of each other.

After our shower, we returned to the bedroom. Marie wanted to freshen her makeup but I told her not do that. I wanted her, my woman, just the way she was. She seemed to be genuinely pleased by that. While we lay in bed whispering idly to each other, she turned to me and giggled. She told me she wanted me to go to bed with her friend Sheila.

I thought that was rather strange but Marie told me she was not insecure about it. She really just wanted me to know there would be a woman available to me when my need was great. Somehow Sheila knew that she would always be mine and I would not use her feeling for me as emotional blackmail against her. I knew I had no reason for that because she was mine without question.

Suddenly, Jim walked into the bedroom. He smiled as he said, “Damn! It looks like I missed everything.”

Sheila and I both laughed. “You only missed a little of it. Come over here and hold your beautiful wife. I need a drink and you two need a little time alone together,” I said as I got up from the bed to go downstairs.

“Thanks, Michael,” he said as I left to go have a drink.

I just smiled and nodded my head to him.

I went down and poured myself a strong drink. I was glad to find a bottle of The Glenlivet. Jim’s taste for scotch was obviously as good as taste for women. Marie was definitely top shelf.

About half an hour later they came downstairs chatting happily and holding hands like the love birds they were. Jim went to sit in his recliner as Marie took her place on the sofa beside me.

There was no awkwardness or even the “pregnant pause.” Jim noticed I was drinking liquor and asked me what it was. I told him I found The Glenlivet and that obviously his taste for liquor was matched only by his taste for women. We all laughed at that, even Marie. Jim asked her to fix one for him which she did without hesitation. Everything seemed to be very good between us all.

Jim and I decided to play golf the next day and none of us mentioned the sexual activities Marie and I had shared earlier. Jim said he was gong to bed so I told them I would be back tomorrow for our golf date.

“No, you have not yet scored the “hat trick” with Marie and I know she is anxious for that. I’ll be in the guest room so you two go ahead and spend the rest of the night together. I don’t know how far along the cuckold path I will go but I’m certainly OK with things as they are now. Marie is happy to be both my wife and your woman while you, Michael, are not acting like an arrogant jerk so I feel really good and very comfortable about all of this,” he stated.

“You are both very wonderful and amazing people. I will take good care of Marie,” I said making certain to say it in a matter of fact manner and not as if I was some conquering hero.

After Jim had gotten upstairs, Marie leaned softly into me to whisper, “Thank you, Michael. Both Jim and I are so happy you are the one with whom we have done all of this. You are a strong, dominate alpha male but somehow you maintain so much poise and grace that what could be awkward and uncomfortable it just seems so…so…natural. I guess natural is the word I want to use.”

“Let’s make sure we always keep it this way, my hot little slut,” I said teasingly.

“Yes, Master!” Marie replied in her own teasing voice.

“Jim wanted to make love with me after you left. I told him I would but you had stretched me out so much that I thought it would be better for him if we waited at least until tomorrow night,” she said.

Then somewhat sheepishly she added, “I did give him a blow though.”

I laughed and said, “You little minx.”

“A girl has to do what a girl has to do. Especially, when she has two men to please,” she responded.

“I’m ready to score the hat trick now, baby,” I told her.

Marie jumped up and squealed excitedly, “Me too! Let’s go!”

I lay down on the bed and watched Marie slowly approach me. “Please, Michael, go slowly this time. I know I shouldn’t be but I really am a little frightened,” she said.

“I think for the first time in my life I am going to lie to Jim and tell him I got really scared at the last minute and backed out of letting you do it. If I tell him we did it, he is going to want to do it too. It may be selfish of me but I want something to be very special and private for just you and me. I hope that makes sense to you,” She told me.

“Marie, I love how you think. Thank you, for such a precious gift. I am deeply honored and I will this gift forever,” I told her knowing that I, too, would tell Jim the same lie when he asked me and I knew he would ask me.

We lay there holding each other and kissing for a very long time during which I stroked and caressed Marie’s ass and gently massaged and probed her sphincter to try to prepare her for the final penetration. I knew it was going to be painful for her and I did not have any Anal Ease with me to help her. I told her this and she said it was OK because she wanted to feel every sensation be it painful or pleasurable.

I asked her if she at least had some KY Jelly. Again she said she didn’t want anything. She told me I could lubricate her with her juices and get my cock wet with them as well before I took her.

I slipped my fingers inside her soaking wet pussy and eased them one at a time inside her very tight virgin ass. I worked them in and out of her slowly and methodically giving her time to adjust herself to each invasion. When I finally had all four fingers inside her I moved them back and forth as gently as I could until she began to moan with pleasure and push her hips back to meet my ever increasing thrusts.

I was kneeling behind her and my cock was gliding in and out of her now gaping but clenching pussy. She back at me over her shoulder and whispered, “I think I’m ready for it now.”

I placed the head of my cock on my fingers as I pulled them out very slowly. I did not want to allow her sphincter to snap shut quickly but rather to remain slightly open so the head would be ready to replace my finger tips. I heard her wince slightly from the pain as I forced the head into her anus but I stopped just after it entered to allow her to acclimate herself to it.

I reached into her pussy for more of her natural lubricant and smeared it on my steel hard shaft and around her clutching sphincter. Slowly I began to ease in and out of her stopping each time while leaving only the head inside her. I waited each time for a signal from her before pressing deeper and deeper into her bowels.

“Are you OK, Marie,” I asked when she had taken about 5 inches of my cock inside her very tight rectum.

“Ye…Ye…Yes,” she moaned, “and it hurts much less than I expected it would.”

“Just tell me when you are ready for more,” I told her.

She asked me to put my hands on her hips because she wanted me to give all the rest at one time with one forceful thrust.

As I grabbed her hips firmly, she took a deep breath and moaned, “Give it ALL to me, NOW!”

I gave her every thing I had with one full powered drive thrust of my hips. The same as I had done earlier when I took her pussy.

She crammed the pillow into her mouth to muffle her screams as I pulled back to launch a full assault on her no longer virgin ass. After a few strokes, she was into the rhythm and slamming her hips back against me to meet each of my powerful driving thrusts.

Mu cock felt as if it was on fire from the pressure and heat inside her flaming rectal passage. I was overwhelmed by the sheer ecstasy of taking this eager woman. I grabbed a handful of her fiery copper hair and jerked her head around to kiss her just as the first of five or six volleys of my cum blasted into her churning ass. I felt a torrent of juices flowing onto my thighs and I knew she was once again releasing her own flood orgasmic spray all over my legs, her legs and the bed beneath us.

Marie collapsed onto the bed and I collapsed onto her back. I started to pull my now shriveling cock from her but she moaned, “NO! Don’t pull out. Not yet. That is MY cock and I want it inside me. Please don’t pull out yet.”

I did not pull out but I did hold her very tightly and rolled onto my back with her own back against my chest. This got us out of swamp we had left on the bed from the torrential flood of her orgasmic juices.

After a few minutes, she sat up as if to leave.

“Where are you going,” I asked?

“To get a cloth to clean you,” she replied innocently.

“No, come over here and do it with your mouth. I just scored a hat trick. Now it is time to complete our “around the world,” I ordered her.

She looked at me quizzically but dutifully leaned down and began to lick and suck my cock cleaning it after I had taken her ass.

“Around the world, my innocent little slut, is taking all three of your holes and finishing where I began. When I cum in your mouth this time, we have circumnavigated the globe,” I told her.

Marie giggled, paused while thinking to herself and then said, “Well, my lover, you are She slapped her ass firmly as she said that to emphasize her point.

“There one thing I’d like to ask of you, Michael,” she said.

“And what might that be,” I asked?

“Well, since I am your claimed and well marked property, that also makes me your whore, doesn’t it,” she queried?

“Yes, it does, Marie,” I stated.

“Then my request is that should you decide to pimp me out as your whore would you please do it with my husband, Jim, as my only “John,” She giggled.

“My beautiful woman, Jim is the only man with whom I will ever willingly share you,” I replied.

Everything worked out well for all three of us. Jim still believes Marie is an anal virgin. I did take Sheila as a semi-regular lover along with a few more of Marie’s girlfriends. As Marie predicted, Sheila turned out to be a true slut. I caught her with another man, a guy with a tiny dick. Even a big cock is not always enough for a true slut.

Marie really did want to have my baby and she convinced both Jim and me that everything would be good. She and I decided to “marry” each other. It was a very private little ceremony on a small island in the South Pacific where Marie and I went together for a vacation. Once again, Jim gave Marie to me. This time he gave her to me as my bride. Marie got pregnant during the trip.

Marie gave us a beautiful baby daughter who believes Jim is her father and I gladly pay child support every month. The three of us decided to name “our” daughter Jemma which somehow seems appropriate, at least to us. The J at the beginning and the conjoined mm in the middle being a constant reminder of who our daughter is. Fortunately, for us, Jemma is almost a physical carbon copy of Marie having the same color of hair, eyes, and skin tone. If she also grew up to have the same body, we will all go insane try to keep the boys away from her. On the brighter side, if she inherits Marie’s tremendous sense of loyalty and fidelity that would be a major plus.

Jim and I are still very close friends and though we rarely discuss our individual relationships regarding Marie, we both believe she is a loyal, faithful and loving wife to each of us. I do believe that if something truly bad happened between Jim and Marie neither she nor I would hesitate to make our marriage legally binding. Yes, Marie and I do love each other and we are in love with each other but she is Jim’s wife first and foremost.

Jim went much farther along the cuckold path than any of us ever imagined he would. He and Marie are still married and love each other very much but since Jim is now such a cuckold, I pimp Marie out to him when he wants sex. Ironically, she uses the money he gives her for sex to pay her airfare to “cum” be with me several times each year and she always brings Jemma when she “cum” to visit “Uncle Michael. I am now living back on the east coast. One day we will have to find a way to explain all of this to Jemma but for now we just leave it as it is.

At some future time, I may or may not write more about Marie and I cuckolding Jim. Actually, we did not cuckold him. Jim did that himself. He showed us his desire and we fueled it for him.

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