Emergency Plumber

Emergency Plumber, A broken tap requires a quick fix, sex stories, loving wife, I received a request to head over to some woman’s place as she had a plumbing emergency. Apparently she’d been a little upset on the phone and hadn’t given a detailed explanation of what the problem was. All I knew was that something just broke and that there was water everywhere.

I arrived to find a young lady sitting out the front of the house, looking rather disconsolate. She jumped up when she saw me, relief flowering across her face.

“It wasn’t my fault,” she told me quickly. “I just turned it on and it came right off. I had to run outside and turn the water off. I can’t do anything now. Not even get a cup of coffee.”

She rushed me through to the kitchen and pointed at the sink. Actually, she pointed to the kitchen tap that was lying next to the sink. It was one of those lever type taps where you moved the lever from hot to cold and the further you moved the lever the more the pressure. Ingenious little devices with one small flaw. The entire ensemble is held together by a small plastic component and if that piece of plastic breaks the tap falls apart, maybe gushing water, maybe not. In her case the water was running, not everywhere, but into the sink, and she had no way to turn it off, hence her turning off all the water.

An easy fix, you might think. Replace the piece of plastic and all will be well. Except you can’t get those stupid little connectors. And if you do get one you need to be a mechanical genius to take apart the tap, install the connector, and rebuild the tap. It is easier and cheaper to just replace the tap.

I explained this to the young lady and gave her a price, pointing out that this was a fixed price. She was free to check online or to get other quotes. She wasn’t interested in doing that. She wanted the tap fixed and fixed now.

I asked her if there were any other little problems she wanted addressed at the same time and she said there was. Basically a leaky tap in the en suite and a tap in the bathroom had lost its filter. I told her they were nothing jobs and I’d include those in the quote I’d already given her. Clients appreciate it when they think they’re getting something for free.

I told her I’d have to go and fetch a tap as I didn’t have one of those types immediately available. I could see her shoulders sag with disappointment when I said that so I made a little suggestion.

“Stick your kettle under the tap,” I told her. “I’ll turn the water on for a few moments on my way out and then turn it off again. That will give you water for your coffee.”

She was all in favour of that so that’s what we did, after which I shot down to the hardware where the company had an account and picked up a tap.

Returning I replaced the washer on the leaky tap, replaced the filter on the broken filter tap, and replaced the kitchen tap. I also fitted a stopcock under the sink so that in future she could just turn off that specific tap if she had problems. (That was also built into the quote.)

With everything done I filled out the invoice and she whipped out a credit card and settled on the spot. I like that type of customer.

I also found that I liked her. She’d kept out of the way and let me work, which is something not all customers do. She was petite and what I considered to be very attractive. Hazel eyes, fair hair, and a svelte figure. Very attractive indeed.

With my tools all packed away and the account settled there was only one thing left to do.

“You, Yvonne Peterson, are a very attractive young lady. I’d like to undress you and make love to you. Will that be alright?”

“OK,” she said, smiling happily.

OK? She said OK? I was stunned. I’d expected a smiling refusal at most, ranging up to a horrified denunciation at worst. A happy smile and agreement was completely off the charts. What do you do in a situation like this? Personally, I decided to start taking off her clothes and see what happened. Reaching out I started undoing the buttons on her blouse.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

Now I was really confused. Had she agreed or not? It certainly sounded as if she had.

“I’m starting to undress you,” I explained. “I have to do that before I make love to you.”

“But aren’t you going to take me to the bedroom first?”

And give her a chance to have second thoughts? No way known.

“Ah, no. Why bother?” I was pulling her blouse apart as I spoke.

“But won’t you want to use the bed?”

I flicked open the catch on her skirt, letting it drop, leaving her in panties and bra and a becoming blush.

“Not really,” I replied to her question. “I think you’ll find we can do marvellously right where we are. You’re very lovely you know. Why don’t you finish taking your things off?”

Having me undress her wasn’t really committing her to anything. She could easily change her mind. Her taking off her own undies was a commitment, and she’d find it a lot harder to back off. She’d feel foolish if she did. A lot of people do things they shouldn’t for fear of seeming to be foolish or afraid.

Her blush deepened and she was nibbling on her lip. She was also reaching behind her to unhook her bra. It dropped and her panties followed and she stood there, still blushing, with her hands covering her vital spots. Not for long. I took her hands and moved them to her sides, leaving her nicely exposed.

“Oh, yes,” I said, my approval plain in my voice. “Very lovely. An exquisite delight to look upon.”

It never hurts to repeat how lovely a woman looks.

I reached up and gently stroked the sides of her breasts. She made a small gasping sound and her nipples puckered up, pointing at me. I promptly teased them, rolling them around under my thumbs. For some reason she looked a trifle confused.

“Something wrong?” I asked.

“Ah, no, no,” she said quickly, but she didn’t sound completely sure. I wondered if she was changing her mind. I gave a mental shrug. Time would tell.

Seeing her nipples were standing out so proudly it would have been wrong not to give them the attention they deserved. I bent my head and started sucking lightly on one, letting my tongue and teeth rasp against it. Then I switched and did the same to the other one.

Leaning back I Admired my work — and her breasts. They now seemed fuller, lovely and white with a pink pinnacle on each of them. I brushed them with my hands again, but this time my hands drifted lower. Her mons was silky smooth and my hand just glided over it and onto her mound. I could feel her flinch slightly as my hand rubbed across her lips and it seemed to me that her pussy was closed up tight, no arousal apparent.

I stoked her down there. The heel of my hand would rub firmly against her mons, pressing up against her pubic bone, then slide back over her mound, rubbing it lightly, stroking it, encouraging her to relax. It took time but she did start relaxing, finally to the point where I could slip a finger between her lips. But only the one. She tightened up as soon as I intruded.

By now I was at a loss. She’d said OK, she’d helped me get her undressed, she was permitting liberties, but she was tense and seemed confused. Didn’t her husband believe in foreplay? Still, she was slowly getting aroused. Nothing I could do but carry on. I couldn’t help but think everything was going to fizzle out before I got too far.

Seeing she was a little relaxed I sank to my knees, my mouth coming up against her pussy, my tongue darting out and starting to tease her.

“What are you doing?” she asked in what I can only describe as a scandalized shriek. I pulled my head back a little and looked up at her.

“Just a little oral foreplay,” I said with a wink. “Doesn’t your husband do it?”

She shook her head.

“Well, consider what it feels like. If you like it you can ask him to do the same sort of thing.”

“Ask him? Oh, I couldn’t. I just couldn’t,” she muttered.

Why the hell not? That’s what husbands are for.

I bent my head (and tongue) back to its duty. I tasted and teased and probed, and I could feel her relaxing more and more. It shouldn’t take much more and she’d be ready to move on with the game. I guess my tongue must have moved a little too close to her clitoris because she suddenly screamed and pushed my head away.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“What did you do?”

“Mm. Just touched near your clitoris, is all,” I told her. “Like this.”

I bent my head back and my tongue touched the same spot, eliciting the same scream, but this time she just clutched my hair tightly, not trying to push me away. A third touch and she shrieked, “No. Don’t,” but now she was holding my head in place. Conflicting signals so I went with the one I wanted. My tongue flicked out again and she screamed again. She was so near a climax it wasn’t funny.

I pulled away and stood up.

“Why’d you stop?” she wanted to know.

“Who said I’ve stopped?” I asked, undoing my trousers.

My trousers dropped and my jocks followed. Yvonne’s eyes dropped to my groin and she started looking nervous, swallowing air hastily.

“Y-you want a bed now?” she asked, and I could hear her nervousness in her voice.

“Why?” I asked. “Here’s as good as anywhere else. Better than some places. Just lean back against the bench.”

I pushed her back against the bench, encouraging her legs further apart. She automatically put her hands on the bench behind her to prop herself up. She could now look down the length of her body to her pussy and my cock which was adjacent to it.

“Oh, lord, I’m not too sure about this,” she muttered.

I swore silently. If my cock was any harder I could use it crack coconuts. I smiled.

“Don’t let it worry you,” I said softly. “You can just relax there and watch it enter you. We can always stop if you want to. I’ll just take it slow and easy so you can get a feel for what it will be like. Now, just keep watching.”

I eased her lips apart and just slipped a little into her, feeling her lips close around me. Then I slowly pushed into her, her eyes glued to me the entire time. She gave a little gasp when I finally gave that last little push, filling her up and my groin rubbing against her. I held myself like that, pressing firmly against her.

“OK now?” I asked, trying to put some warm humour into my voice.

Her head jerked as though I’d startled her, her eyes coming up to meet mine. She just looked at me, her face holding no expression. It seemed to me that she was almost quivering, but damned if I could tell if it was from passion, lust, or fright. I don’t think she knew herself.

“How does this feel?” I asked, pulling slowly back. Just as she opened her mouth to say something I drove back into her, nice and hard, my groin slapping firmly against her again.

It turned out she was closer to a climax than I’d guessed. That single hard thrust was all it took to send her screaming over the edge, and I mean screaming. She climaxed hard, her whole body shaking with it, and she screamed nice and loud as she did so. I just hoped no neighbours were in hearing range.

All I could do was hold still and let her go, waiting for her to come down off it. While I waited I lifted my hands to her breasts and started rubbing them, enjoying the feel of them. As she started to come down from her climax I started moving again.

She relaxed her death-grip on my cock and I started using it, pulling slowly back and returning, but returning fairly slowly at this stage.

“Come on, love,” I coaxed, “push to meet me. And again, there’s a girl.”

It didn’t take long and she was moving with me, pushing to meet me as I drove home. I slowly picked up speed and it wasn’t long and we were progressing nicely, me finally getting to really enjoy myself. The only thing I had to do was not rush her or she might have climaxed again before I was ready.

Yvonne had an odd, almost dreamy, look on her face as we moved. She wasn’t clinging to me or anything like that, just leaning back, hands propping her up, and pushing firmly to meet me. Her eyes were half closed and she was looking towards the ceiling, and it seemed to me that she was practically purring as we progressed.

I only kept a little of my attention on her reactions. She was relishing what was happening, which was the main thing, and so I let it all flow, taking my own enjoyment.

I did spot when her breathing started to tighten up a bit, a sign that she was going to climax again. That was OK. I was about ready to do the same. I shifted my hands from her breasts to her hips and held her firmly as I let rip, giving my all as hard and as fast as I could. It didn’t take long and she was climaxing again, just as noisily as the first time, the big difference being that I was letting her milk me as she went, giving her everything I had.

This time when she released me I withdrew and pulled up my trousers while she was taking a few deep breaths and getting herself together. I didn’t give her a chance to say anything. I simply told her how marvellous she was, how tender a lover, etcetera, my hand on her back as I talked, steering her towards the door.

When we reached the door and I started to open it she finally remembered she was still naked. She gave a squeal and hurriedly backed away.

“Oh my god, I can’t see you out like this,” she gasped. “I have to go and get dressed. You’ll have to see yourself out.”

I did so, giving her a quick kiss before I left. She blushed and looked guilty, but I noticed she still lingered until the door was shut. I wondered if she’d start demanding a bit more foreplay from her husband. How would he react to her asking for oral sex? How would she explain how she knew what it was? Saw it on the internet, perhaps.

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