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Hi this Raj from Andhra working in Tumkur Near Bangalore. This is my first story if any mistakes please ignore it, Please read this story and give me some comments. Firstly i should tell about me. I am normal average guy and 5’9” height 35 yrs old married guy have two kids and I want to explain to you about my first sweet sex experience. When I was working in vizag I met a lady through online named Syamala.she was also from Vizag and her husband working in a private company. Her aged around 30 and they had a 8years old daughter.

Daily we are chatting when we have free time. First she did not reply continue my messages due to some reason later she responded well when I send nice messages to her. We are increasing our chat day by day with romantic messages and she likes very much while I send many romantic pics. She told she likes me very much because her husband never shows interest on her and her needs.
She has a friend named Geeta she knows about our chat but she did not like me as syamala friend. One day she takes her phone and chat with me like you are not a goos man, I am not believe you don’t chat with my friend like that she scolds me. After That I did not chat with her but she like to send messages to me but I did not react any message.

After one week I replied her if u liked me then we will meet once. She immediately accept my proposal. So I went to near her place and met her in a small bus stop near her home. She looks stunning in a light pink color saree, we sit there some time and did some chit chat. She told sorry about her friend behavior and did not want to loose my friendship.you are killed me not talking to me for one week now I am very happy. Her daughter coming from school so she promised me we will meet once again don’t have much time right now.
We continue our chat much better than before and she likes my company very much, we shared our semi nude pics and non veg jokes daily. One month later I told her about my birthday and she promised me if she have any chance we will meet that day. My birthday came and she invites me to her home that too her husband on business tour and she send her daughter to her mother home. I reached near her home by 9.00 clock at night and she takes me in her home silently and locked the main door. She looks like new married girl in that white color saree and looking so hot. So I went behind her and hugged much tightly from behind and biting her neck with my lips.. but she stopped me we have much time so first we will eat some food and after dinner we will continue.. so we ate some food while watching TV. After cleaning table and plates she came and take me in her bed room, she showed the master cot. I went to the bed and my sweetheart switched on the night lamp and main light switched off. Raj, do you like me? Yes dear I said. How much you like? So much I said and I kissed on her forehead. She asked me, do you know how much I like you? I don’t know dear, I said. Do you want to know? Ya I Said. Immediately she got up and laid on me flat and kissed on my lips for a longer time. I was not able to breath and I pushed her down. I was really in heaven. She asked me, Do you love me? I said yes dear. Can you show me how much do you? She asked. I just kissed her on her lips. This much only???? She asked. Shall I show how much I like you? I said yes dear.


Immediately she pulled my shirt, and under wear and my dick was already in 90degree up and it was so much erected??? Hey, you have so much lengthy one, my god, you really love me so much by telling she held tightly in her hand and suddenly she started sucking it. I was not able to control and stated enjoying and moaning. I was feeling the best of my life and I never felt such a feeling. My wife never did like this .I was in heaven, All part of my body was so shivering.

She removed her saree and blouse with bra once and it was so nice feast for my eyes. I was shocked to see syamala completely nude before me and since she was so much beautiful and colorful, it excited me much more and she also in excitement. Without any cloth on her body, i was enjoying so much and I can not explain in words of my feeling and the joy I was enjoying. She pulled my hands and put it on her boobs. Touching the soft and cute boobs made me mad. She asked me to press it. It was so smooth and started pressing and the nipples became very hard. Immediately she asked me to bite the nipples. I was biting it very hard with my teeth and lips. Hey Raj, heyyyyyyyyy it feels so good. I love you so much dear. Do it do it hard haaaa do it dear, still she was moaning. I was also enjoying her full nude body in full joy.

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Suddenly she pushed me under her legs and asked me to eat her pussy. The pussy was well shaved and neat and I started kissing it hard she moaned. Aaaaaahhhh. Kiss it. It’s so nice I started tasting her pussy juices it was so nice and she caught hold of my head and pushed towards her pussy with more feeling. I take some honey from her cub board and opened her sweet cute pussy lips and filled that pussy with sweet sweet honey…now slowly I licked that honey pot with tongue and lips with full excitement…My face was wet due to her love juices and started sucking her pussy. I felt more encouraged and kept on doing for some time.This is my first time licking any pussy and I started and it was so sweet. I enjoyed like anything. She was shivering and said Raj you are killing me….. It is so nice. I did not have experience this joy with my hubby, it is something new for me. You are sooo sweet and sooo good. I love you so much, come on come on she started moaning but I was enjoying my part.

She came down and asked me, please put your cock inside, I cant wait, please, she was pleading to me…..but I asked her for blowjob she agreed immediately and we were in 69 position….she likes my cock very much and she takes my cock head in her mouth and sucking like a bitch, me too takes her pussy lips in my mouth and eating her pussy like there z no tomorrow.
She came normal position and sleeps on her back with wide open legs to invite me for her golden valley. I came near her and teased her pussy lips with my cock head from top to bottom. She cries with excitement and beg me for fuck, so I teased her pussy with my cock and suddenly pushed my cock in to her golden valley hole, It went very smoothly since she was already lubricated and mine was also lubricated with her saliva. I just pushed inside it went inside very smoothly. I started pumping slowly. I was in heaven and she was infact crying, fast raj, fast, please do it fast. I increased the speed little by little and the speed went fast. . I put her right leg up on my shoulder and held her tits as I fucked her pussy. Her warm juices were running down on her things.
I fucked her since 20 min and I almost lost and told darling I love you and started telling dalingggggg all my cum came very fast and went deep inside her cunt.

Both of exhausted and slept side by side for few minutes without a word. After few minutes, She hugged me and said I had a joy of my life today. I never had such a feeling of joy. My Hubby did not satisfy me I never felt this joy in my life time. My body and mind is full of joy she said. I was very happy for that and told thank you so much for your love dear. I also told, darling I too never felt such a joy in my life and I am so happy. She just hugged me and told, ur so sweet man!!!!, Now she take my cock head in her mouth sucking like a pro….again my cock fully erected and she came on top and slowly sit on my cock, my cock disappears in her golden valley fully, she rides my cock first slowly then fast.. yes baby you are doing so good hahahahaaaaa hmmmmm nice haaaa superbbb dear ur killing me haaaaaa……both are very tired and slept.
At mid Night suddenly my dick started lifting up and it touched my darling tummy. Heyyyy, you are ready again. She satrted holding the dick on her hand and started pressing very hard. I was enjoying it. I pushed her down and started going up and started pumping her. She asked her can we go doggy??? I pushed my cock inside and started pumping very hard, we both had full cry. Haaaaa coman dalingggg fuck fuck hard haaaaa ur soooooo gooodddd come on man, I also started shouting like hahaaaaaaa yaaaa nice baby ummmahhhhh yesssss, both were shouting like mad people and finally I pushed very hard and all my cum has gone deep inside her pussy. Both fell like that only for few minutes. . The whole night we were awake. We tried many positions and different styles we could able to enjoy .I enjoyed the full extend that night.
After that we both never wanted to get our respective family life to get into problem, so we never met again…..Now she did not chat with me and also changed her number. She was so sweet and I love her so much even now.
Hope you all liked it. If u like to read story in Telugu please send me mail with your comment to my mail id. Please give me your valuable comments to me on my email id “[email protected]

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