A family’s dark secrets come to light

Family taboo, A family’s dark secrets come to light, Carter and Caitlin Crafton lay head to toe on the couch in Carter’s third floor apartment. The late summer sun streamed in the old stained glass windows warming their naked bodies. The interplay of colored light and shadow added an ethereal quality to their lovemaking.

Languidly, Caitlin licked their comingled juices from her brother’s cock, reveling in the heady taste of that forbidden nectar. There was no hurry. Their frenetic lovemaking had temporarily sated that urgent need. Now was the time to savor the feel and taste of their bodies, to languish in the warmth of afterglow.

She loved how her twin’s acorn shaped head slid comfortably into her mouth and touched the back of her throat. The corners of her mouth ached slightly as she opened wide to accept him down her throat. Years of practice had taught her how to take all of his considerable length and girth into her mouth and throat. Until she dated her husband, Johnny Hampton, she foolishly thought all cocks were this large.


Carter French kissed his sister’s pussy, forcing his tongue deep in her flooded tunnel savoring the heady blend of their essence. He could feel the slipperiness of her pussy lips on his mouth as he tongue fucked her. He smiled as he felt their juices slip past his tongue and run down his chin and neck. He had come in her pussy twice and her mouth once in their morning of play. They always ended like this, laying head to toe, kissing, licking and cleaning each other. He savored the intimacy of these moments

This and similar scenes were repeated many times over the years. Their love for each other knew no bounds. Unlike most siblings, they never fought. Their closeness was the result of ambitious parents whom seeking to make a better life for the family, neglected their children during the formative years. Nannies provided supervision; the siblings supplied the love. The one stabilizing force in their lives was Halvatia Curry, the longtime cook/housekeeper.

At 22, carrying her brother’s baby, Caitlin hurriedly married John Hampton and moved into the coach house behind the Hyde Park home. She suspected her husband knew the baby was not his. She was sure he did not know it was her brother’s baby.

The main house was an old three story Victorian that Tom and June Crafton bought cheap and rehabbed. The first floor was a ballroom, foyer and kitchen. They left the large foyer intact. They split the enormous ballroom in two. The part adjacent to the kitchen became the dining room/breakfast area. The rear portion became the solarium with a large Jacuzzi. It fronted the newly installed Japanese garden with its pagoda.

The second floor had been the four bedroom family quarters. June Crafton turned it into two large bedrooms with a central living/sitting area between the bedrooms. Each bedroom had its own bathroom.

The third floor was Carter’s apartment. It was the old servants’ quarters. Originally, it was four small bedrooms with a kitchen and tiny bath. June turned it into an en suite large bedroom with game/media room. One feature of the apartment was a rear staircase so the servants could enter and leave the house without entering the main house. It started in the game room and let out between the back of the house and the coach house.

They upgraded but kept the old elevator with its ornate hand crafted wrought iron cage and its Tiffany glass ceiling and cage inserts.

The Crafton’s were not wealthy but comfortable. Judicious real estate investments provided a steady income.

“I’d better go! Mom and dad will be home soon!”

“Aww Caitlin, you know how much I miss doing this!”

“I know, little brother, but I’m an old married woman now. I have a husband and baby to look after!”

“How is our daughter?”

“She looks more and more like you each day!”

Carter slipped a finger in his twin’s swollen pussy lips. She grabbed his hand and held it tight.

“Stop it! I’m already sore from us fucking and sucking all morning! What if Johnny wants to fuck?”

“The way he smiles at me sometimes, I wonder if pussy is his thing!”

“You are so bad! I’ll have you know he takes good care of his homework! He may act effeminate but he knows how to lay pipe!”

“Has he figured out that your super wet pussy is really you full of my come?”

“No, Caitlin giggled, but he says he loves the way I taste!”

They laughed at her husband’s developing taste for her come-filled pussy.

They lost their virginity together. For four blissful years, their educated each other about sex. The curriculum was books, porn movies and a copy of the Kama Sutra. They thoroughly explored the many and varied positions. Their sexual knowledge had a lot of depth but its breadth was limited.

They shared a bedroom for most of their life. Then their mom had Caitlin move into the second floor bedroom of the newly remodeled house. When Caitlin protested, June admonished her saying that she and her brother were old enough to have their own rooms.

Caitlin was a petite Jada Picket Smith look alike. At 5′ 0″, she carried her 115 pounds in her wide full hips and the soft curve of her 34B breasts. Her skin was the color of dark chocolate with cream. Carter religiously kept her pussy shaved. He loved the smooth clean puffy look of her prominent labia.

She retrieved her denim shorts and shimmied them over her hips causing her breasts to sway gently. Caitlin was a fuller body version of her mother’s 5′ 2″; 105 pounds while Carter’s 6′ 2″ 210 pounds and dark chocolate complexion mirrored his father’s frame and skin save for his father’s prominent belly pooch.

“How serious do you think mom and dad’s problems are?”

The siblings were aware that June Crafton moved into Caitlin’s old bedroom shortly after Caitlin’s marriage.

“It’s serious, but the arguments have stopped since mom moved into your old room.”

Caitlin pulled the soft cotton of her oversized tee shirt over her head. She reached back and pulled her dreadlocks from under the shirt. She had them tinted so alternate strands were a reddish blond. She knelt between her brother’s legs and took his semi hard cock in her small brown hands. She stroked it slowly, her face a study in concentration.

“Hey, you said you were leaving!”

“I am, I am, she said peevishly, it’s just that when I’m worried, your cock is my pacifier!”

She leaned down and lovingly kissed the head of his dick while her brother stroked her head.

“Mom confided in me that she was seeing a doctor. She think she is in menopause!”

Caitlin held her brother’s dick in one hand and licked it from root to tip. Then let her tongue circle the helmet.

“Catlin, I have come three times today! You’ll be sucking a long time before I come again! And what the hell is…whatever you said?”

Caitlin shook her head at the ignorance of men about women’s issues. “She thinks she is going through the change of life. She told me her emotions are all over the place. She told me she goes from horny as a cat in heat to cold and dry.”

“Maybe that is why I don’t hear them pounding the sheets!”

“Well, you know dad is at least ten years older than mom. With his age and her problem, maybe sex is in the rearview mirror!”

“If that is true, then what did they fight about?”

“It’s a little strange to me also, but I have become her confidant! I think mom needs a no strings attached lover. She needs to have someone show her she is still sexy and fuckable.”

Caitlin eyed her brother speculatively.

“What about you, Carter?”

“What about me what?”

As intimate as the siblings were, as much as they shared, sometimes Caitlin could surprise the hell out of Carter.

“You could be mom’s lover!”

“Catty, you have absolutely lost your fucking mind! I am NOT going to fuck mom! That would be….”

Incest?” Her full lips pulled back in a mischievous grin. “We have been fucking for years. We even have a baby together.”

Carter opened his mouth to protest. She raised one cocoa colored hand.

“You’re always talking about how much we look alike! If she is anything like me, she is a tiger in bed! Besides, it could save our family! Think about it! I had better go!”

Carter shook his head in bewilderment as his sister ran to the rear stairs and left.


Halvatia Curry eyed her friend and employer with concern. June Crafton had just returned from an appointment with her gynecologist. Her doctor told her she was in the early stages of menopause. However, it did not explain her periods of incredible sexual arousal.

“Here, Miss, I fixed some more of my tea fo’ ya’! Drink it down!”

Halvatia Curry, Miss Curry, was 62 years old, had eight kids, buried three husbands and was practitioner of obeah. Obeah was not a religion. There were no churches, no temples. It was a collection of beliefs. Practitioners believe they can channel the essence of the world for good or evil. It centered on potions, spells and talismans. In her small room off the kitchen, she kept the tools of her art.

For her beloved employer, she prepared a special tea. It was a blend of herbs that would ease her through this change. She was concerned that the Miss’ doctor was prescribing some kind of hormone treatment. She knew it was not necessary. Her potions would help her employer through her change. Also, she was not sure how that would interact with her herbs. Her herbs were powerful drugs also.

June sipped quietly at the steaming hot cup of tea. It had a slight tang as it crossed her tongue. The aroma she inhaled was musky, heady stuff. It refreshed and soothed her. There were no misgivings about letting Miss Curry use her potions and herbs on her. She trusted Miss Curry implicitly. Her parents were killed when she was just an infant. Their will designated Miss Curry as her guardian. She was the only mother she ever knew. She was housekeeper, guardian and confidant.

“I guess it’s just as well. I mean, Tom has no interest in me whatsoever. Hell we even sleep in separate bedrooms now!”

“Men be about whatever it is that moves them. Dey don’t know themselves what it is. It’s women who see and know change.”

June sat back in her chair. Somewhere in that statement, there was a kernel of common sense.

“But what’s a woman to do! She wants to protect her family. But she has needs!”

“Honey, we all have needs. We all go through changes in life. Dem men, dey change. Dey don’t have a monthly so dey don’t see a physical change. But dey change. Some change and go back; others change and move forward.”

“The only change Tom is going through is not fucking me!”

Halvatia chuckled. “Miss, take it from an old woman who had three husbands and mo’ men than I can count. Fucking and love ain’t the same thing! You can fuck someone you don’t love. But loving someone you fuck adds spice to it, like the seasoning in my gumbo!”

June took a sip of her tea and looked at Miss Curry appraisingly. Here I am 45 years old and she still educating me. June had taken Miss Curry’s concoctions before. Sometimes they seemed to work.

“Is Carter home?”

“Yes, Miss he be up in his place!” He just done fucking his sister, Halvatia thought with a shake of her head. Dem children and Miss June gona be the death of me yet.

Chapter 2

The whine of the elevator pulled Carter from his nap. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and set up on his elbows. The pressure of a full bladder caused him to get up and pad barefoot to his bathroom in his boxers. As he relieved himself with the door open, he heard the elevator rattle to a stop on his floor. He tried to reach back and close the door but it was too far away.

At 45, June Crafton was antithesis of the stereotypical Black woman. She was not a big busted, big butt statuesque woman. She was petite Creole with tiny sensitive 32B breasts. Her skin color and her strawberry blond hair looked for the entire world like that female United States senator from Louisiana.

She was trying to process the advice her doctor had given her. They were discussing the side effects of her hormone replacement therapy. Initially her doctor told her the side effects had to be tolerated. She would only be on HRT for a short time. When June balked, her doctor moved around her desk and sat next to her patient. She advised her that while she could not prescribe it, marijuana might relieve the symptoms.

She was distracted as she made her way down the hall to her son’s room. The doctor had also said her hormone replacement therapy seemed to be going well despite her periods of almost intolerable sexual arousal. She said that happened in some women. Even now, her panties were soaked with her secretions. She wondered if Miss Curry’s tea has anything to do with it.

As she passed the open door of Carter’s bathroom, she froze. The commode was parallel to the bathroom door. She could see her son in profile. Her knees almost buckled as she saw the yellow stream spewing with the force of a fire hose from his dark Coke can size cock. It drooped fully 3″ from where his hand gripped it.

“Dammit, Carter, I have told you repeatedly to close this fucking bathroom door!”

“I’m sorry. Mom, but I thought I was home alone until I heard the elevator!” Carter felt an odd thrill as he noted that despite her rant, his mother’s eyes stayed glued to his cock. Thinking back to the conversation with Caitlin, he exaggerated shaking the last drops off before stuffing his cock back in his shorts.

Unconsciously, June Crafton licked her lips. Her eyes trailed up his lightly muscled body with the faint hint of a six-pack. She took in his broad shoulders, thick neck, neatly trimmed beard and gleaming shaved head. She felt her pussy juices gush and run down her leg. Lord, she thought, I hope this new lower dose HRT patch works better than the others do. I am chafed from being wet all of the time.

“Carter,” she said haltingly, her lips dry, her legs weak and trembling, “we need to talk about your marijuana smoking!”

Lord, you know it is bad when my 22 year old son turns me on. A frown played quickly across her mouth as she thought about Tom’s disinterest in her sexually. Had he found some young slut who would spread her legs at the drop of a hat? Or maybe the drop of a check, she thought.

“But mom the agreement was I could treat this as my place!” Carter added pointedly, “you all would respect my privacy!”

Her hands flapped uselessly in the air as she turned and walked across the hall into Carter’s media room. She was uncomfortably wet. She should have showered and changed before coming to her son’s room but she needed to ask him about marijuana.

“I know, I know! By the way, you need to do a better job of venting this room so the house doesn’t fill with that marijuana smell!”

Carter brushed past his mother as he entered the room. His nose twitched and his cock stiffened as the aroma of her arousal caught his nose.

“I’m sorry, mom! Caitlin stopped over and I forgot to open a window.”

June massaged her temples with her fingertips. Aspirin or nothing else helped these headaches. She walked toward the couch in her son’s room. Her doctor told her that the HRT patch would cause some discomfort as her body adjusted. She plopped down, uncaring that her above knee yellow print peasant skirt billowed and settled across her lower thighs.

“Do you have another joint?”

Carter ogled his mom’s slim legs. She was bare legged with open toed sandals on and no makeup. Her matching blouse draped slightly off the shoulder. Her slim build and flat chest made her look like a teenager. Her toenails and fingernails were done in a complimentary gold color.

“Uh, what?”

“A joint! A reefer! Something for the head! Do you have any?”

“Um, yea, hold on!”

Carter went to his small bookshelf. What the fuck, he thought. Mom chews on my ass about reefer smell than ask me for one. A lot of weird shit was going on around here. He removed Webster’s New World Dictionary and took out his stash: a large baggy and one large spiff.

“Mom, This primo weed! If you are not used to this stuff, it can knock you on you’re as…, uh butt!”

“Boy I was doing doobie before you were born! Now get that shit over here!”

Carter lit the J, inhaled deeply and offered it to his mother. She took it, inhaled and started coughing. Carter quickly strode over and patted her on the back. As she was bent double coughing, her blouse gaped open. Carter stared unabashedly at his mother’s tiny tits. Her nipples were prominent and seemed to be hard.

June’s eyes were red and watering as she took another deep toke and held it. When she exhaled only a little smoke came out.

“Just like riding a bicycle, she laughed, you never forget how!”

She offered her son the reefer. He took a deep toke, held it and offered her the J. Trooper that she was, June took another deep inhale, held it and then exhaled slowly. Half the joint was gone.

“More mom?”

She waved off the offered joint. The reefer had caused her arousal to change from an intense wetness to a warm glow suffusing her body but her incipient headache was gone. She had the relaxed otherness that reefer gave you. Your time sense slows. You become an observer of life. Your inhibitions are not gone but you have an altered sense of what is important.

She looked up at her son standing in front of her. She could see the bulge in his shorts. My lord, she thought, my baby is a full grown man. Her gaze fixed on his crotch. And he looks bigger than his daddy does. She reached out and rubbed her open palm up and down her son’s shorts.

“You’re bigger than your father!”

A part of Carter’s brain recoiled as his mother’s open palm rubbed up and down the outside of his boxers. The part influenced by the marijuana enjoyed the sensation of her warm hand. He stood stiff watching her hand slide across his hardening cock.

“Mom, you should stop!”

June eased her fingers through the slit and pulled her son’s cock out. It sprang out as though spring loaded and flopped down the front of his shorts. Her small hands could barely encompass it as she tugged gently. Hell, she thought, I can make a fist around Tom’s cock.

Fascinated, she watched a large thick glob of pre cum ooze from the enormous slit on Carter’s cock. She leaned forward, letting her tongue just touch the glistening droplet. She pulled back slowly, watching the droplet stretch wetly from the Carter’s slit to her tongue. It drooped obscenely, connecting a mother’s tongue to a son’s cock. It parted and she drew her tongue into her mouth, savoring the musky, salty taste. Sometimes Tom would let her do this. However, he was more about fucking than sucking. Not that that was bad thing, she thought. A good hard dick and a hard fuck were always good!

Carter groaned. He reached out and gripped his mom’s head in both hands. Their eyes locked. The fires of lust burned in each of their eyes. Carter pulled his mom’s head forward until her lips just touched the helmet. Fuck, my mother is kissing my cock! My mother! He moved his hips from side to side, smearing his pre come over his mom’s lips. It glistened wetly as if it were some new type of lip gloss.

June sensuously licked her lips, savoring the taste of Carter’s juices. It has been so long, she thought, so fucking long since I had a man’s sperm in my mouth.

A light went on in Carter’s head. As much as he wanted to jam his length into her puckered red lips, he knew she was high. Tomorrow she would remember and there would be hell to pay. Reluctantly, he stepped back and released June’s head.

“Come on mom, I’d better get you downstairs before this gets out of hand.”

“Oh pooh!”

June’s mind whirled under the influence of the reefer. She was at once horrified and incredibly aroused. She could not remember the last time Tom let her suck his cock. She knew she loved doing it. She loved that feeling of control. And the taste! The incredible taste! Her pussy juices leaked past her soaked panties and coated her thigh. She giggled as her thighs made sucking sounds when she pulled them apart. June swayed as her son pulled her to her feet. She followed as Carter led her by the hand to the elevator.

Carter was trying to get her on the elevator when June got a painful grip on his tool.

“Mom, you have to stop! That hurts!” He looked down and saw both of her small brown hands gripping him.

“Just a taste, just a little taste, June slurred; I need to get the taste in my mouth!” June recalled how good it felt to have Tom’s hot jizz fill her mouth. She shivered as she recalled feeling it slide down her throat into her belly.

Carter watched helplessly as his mother knelt with her back to the elevator. Using his cock like a handle, she pulled him to her. Carter groaned in pain and arousal as June licked his pre cum coated acorn. She looked up at him, her eyes unfocused and watery.

“You taste good, baby!”

Carter managed to pull her hands from his cock. He put her in the elevator and pushed the button for her floor.

“Good night, mom!” His mother stuck her tongue out as the elevator door closed and it started down. Carter walked into his room and lay on his bed. He idly stroked his rigid cock as he reviewed with amazement his mother’s behavior. He had never seen reefer do that to anyone. Maybe it was the combination of the hormones and the weed. He would ask Caitlin tomorrow.

* * *

As he lay on the couch stroking his cock, he realized he did not hear any activity downstairs. He should have heard the elevator door open and close. He rose and walked into the hall and over to the elevator. He looked through the open wrought iron cage and saw his mother slumped on the floor of the elevator. Carter took the stairs two at a time as he rushed to his mother’s aid.

He wondered what had happened. The reefer was potent. Maybe she had too much. Should he called 911? What would he say? My mom smoked too much weed. She smoked so much that she kissed my meat. Yea right! That would go over good!

He was sweating profusely as slid to a stop in front of the elevator door. Frantically, he poked the button several times. The door on the old elevator creaked slowly opened. His mom, who was leaning against the door, fell out on her back. Her mouth was open and drool ran down her cheek. Her eyes fluttered and opened.

“What’s wrong, she mumbled?”

Carter went to his knees next to his semi-conscious mother. He glanced down. Her skirt was around her waist. Her panties were soaked. Her small thighs gleamed wetly. He wondered if she had an accident.

“Mom, are you ok?”

“Just help me up, she slurred”

Carter moved to his mother’s head. He slipped his arms under her shoulders to her armpits. Her heard June hiss and realized his hands were cupping her breasts. He quickly moved them further down. He levered her to a sitting position. Then he stood, pulling her to her feet. She kept mumbling incoherently as she slumped against him.

“Mom, I am going to take you to your bedroom. Should I call a doctor?”

“Just get me to bed!” Her mumblings were soft and slurred

Carter scooped his mother’s slight frame into his arms. She was as light as a feather. He felt the wetness from her thighs on his hands. She wrapped her arms around his neck. She mumbled something Carter could not understand.

“What mom?”

“Feels good!”

Carter entered his mother’s room. Gently he lay her on the bed. Her full skirt billowed up and the front settled around her waist, revealing her black lace boy shorts. He could not help but noticed the crotch was dark with her wetness. Her thighs gleamed wetly with the excess moisture. The aroma of her arousal was like a strong incense, filling the room and his nostrils.

“Just so fucking horny, she mumbled!”

Carter watched in amazement as her hand squeezed her tit. He knew he should leave or at least get his sister to look after her. However, he could not stop ogling her sensuous self-feel up. The other hand moved between her thighs and rubbed her wet panties. For several moments, Carter watched his mom squeeze her tit and rub her pussy. He watched Caitlin do this but it was never this hot. This was his mother! His mother!

She stopped, raised her butt and slid the panties down to her ankles. June was aware that her son was watching her. She was not drunk and inhibited. She was in heat and a man, a man who happened to be her only son, was watching her frig her hole. Her husband had not watched her masturbate in years. Once he even told her to stop because he was watching a show on TV! A motherfucking television show!

“Wet, she mumbled, chaffing!”

Her son was watching her. He was rubbing his cock. He liked what he saw! A half remembered phrase floated through her mind. Something about fucking the one you love or loving the one you fuck or some such doggerel. What was Miss Curry saying to her?

Carter’s hand touched his cock as June’s hand returned up her thighs and found her pussy. He watched as her finger slid up and down her dripping wet neatly trimmed slit. Her pubic hair gleamed wetly. He pulled his cock out and began stroking as his mom’s finger plunged into her super-heated slit. Her hips bucked as she ravaged her pussy with first one then two fingers. Her other hand found the buttons on her blouse and ripped it open. She grasped her nipple between her thumb and forefinger and pulled it hard, gasping.

Sweat poured off Carter as he watched his mom’s wanton display. He was amazed that she could squeeze and pull her nipple so hard. She seemed to enjoy the pain. He knew he was close and slowed his stroking. He knelt at the end of the bed. His mother’s slim legs framed his head as he got a close up view of her pulsating dripping sex. He sniffed, relishing the powerful scent of her flowing pussy. Unconsciously, he crept forward on his knees, slowly stroking his cock.

Suddenly June wrapped her legs around his head. He tried to pull back but even her small legs were powerful enough to hold him in place. She released her tit and grabbed his head. Before he could react, she simultaneously slid down the bed placing her pussy on the edge and pulled his head between her open legs. She held his head against her wetness, her legs wrapped around his neck so tight he could barely breathe. He tried to pull back and she grabbed his head with her other hand.

June began humping her son’s face. Her juices smearing across his mouth, his chin, covering all of his face. “Lick it, she slurred, lick it!” The unusual mix of hormones, Halvatia’s potion in her tea and the reefer had her on a sexual high like no other she ever experienced. Perspiration drenched her body. Her pussy burned, smoldered. She had to have someone kiss her, lick her and fuck her.

The first man ever to put his mouth on her private parts was between her legs, licking her pussy. The sensations ran from her thick wet pussy lips up her cunt and through her womb. Her entire body trembled at the exquisite feel of a mouth on her most private of parts. Her son’s mouth! Her son was the first man to kiss her pussy!

The heat of her cunt almost scorched his tongue as he ran it down her slit. He brought his hands up and cupped her small ass. Hungrily he licked her wetness, feeling it run down his chin like the thick sweet juice of some fruit. His tongue found her clit. June’s back arched and she pressed her son’s head even, tighter between her legs. Even as a part of her screamed for her to stop this perversity, another part reveled in illicitness of the incestuous act.

“Eat me, baby! Eat mommy!”

Carter’s thumbs discovered June’s starfish. As he cupped her ass, his thumbs massaged her twitching asshole. June was repulsed and tried to scoot away. Her exertions were causing her reefer high to lessen. His touching of her anus awakened prohibitions that were at least as strong as the ones against incest. She needed to stop this.

June felt pressure on her anus. Her eyes popped open. She tried to scoot back up the bed. Carter had a firm grip on her ass, preventing her from escaping. Her legs kicked in the air hitting his back. No, not this! Not there!

“Stop, Carter, please stop! I…I…can’t…!”

She jumped; her ass lifting off the mattress as her son simultaneously sucked her clit into his mouth and forced a thumb into her virgin anus. Her eyes rolled in their sockets as the ceiling swam in and out of focus. Then her hips pumped up and down causing Carter’s thumb to slide in and out of her tight starfish.

June felt like her body was on fire. The pressure and pain on her anus became an intense unfamiliar feeling. She could feel his mouth on her clit. Sucking. She could feel his fingers in her pussy, massaging her G-spot. She felt his fingers turn in her pussy. He began rubbing his thumb in her ass through that thin membrane.

June screamed like a trapped animal. Her howls reverberated around the room. And she squirted! She squirted with a force that caused her essence to flood her son’s face! The animalistic howl waned like a siren’s wail as she collapsed back on the bed. The intensity of her orgasm drained her.

Carter felt his cock pump his seed onto the carpet at the foot of the bed. His mother’s orgasmic scream was the most erotic thing he heard in his 22 years. They both collapsed. He still on his knees, his cheek on the spreading wet spot on the duvet. June lay flat of her back her arms extended in a Jesus on the cross pose. Her head lolled to the side. Oh fuck, she thought, oh fuck! What have I done? She struggled once, trying to stand. She had expended too much energy. She rolled on her side, her legs in a scissor pose, and her small ass pointed at the ceiling and passed out.

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For a moment, Cater knelt between her legs with his cheek against her wet thighs. He felt her juices stream down his cheek. Slowly, he pulled back. A large wet spot spread covering the duvet. He stared open mouthed at June’s juices streaming from her pussy and on to the bed. He rocked back on his knees and looked at the dinner plate sized stain of his ejaculate on the rug.

He placed one hand on the bed between his mom’s legs and got unsteadily to his feet. He turned and walked unsteadily to the door and out of June’s room. As he made his way up the back stairs, gripping the rail tightly for balance, a stray thought crossed his mind. There will be hell to pay in the morning!

Chapter 3

Groggily June came down from her hormone and drug induced sexual high. The faint whine of the elevator was her first coherent sound. She heard the clangs as the old elevator door opened and then closed. Although the solid construction of the old house prevented it, she stared at the ceiling imagining her son walking from the elevator to his room.

With an effort, she elbowed her upper body up. Her stomach turned as she stared down at her wet matted pubic hair. Her labia were red and swollen, her clit large and distended. Between her legs, the duvet was ruined with a large wet spot. Her throat convulsed as she swallowed her bile several times to prevent vomiting. Her son, her baby had licked her pussy.

June struggled to a sitting position and scooted back, resting her back against the ornate highly polished oak headboard. A lone tear ran down her cheek. I have ruined both of our lives and cheated on my husband, she thought.

Her husband Tom was only the third man she ever had. The first two had been fumbling inept teenagers. Though older and more experienced, Tom was old school and did not do oral sex. As the old saw goes, you cannot miss what you never had. Although she heard and talked about it, even saw it in the occasional porn movie, she had never had someone put their mouth on her private parts.

Privately she came to think of it as a perversion. Something that only certain low types did. June was an urbane, sophisticated woman. This rationalization was like others people do to justify something they cannot have. It’s called the sour grape principle. The fox could not reach the grapes after repeated tries. He rationalized that they are probably sour anyway and not worth the effort.

She felt dirty. She needed a shower. She swung her feet over the side of the bed and stood up. As she moved around the foot of the bed, she recoiled as she stepped on the wet rug where Carter had cum. She stared from the soaked rug to the ruined duvet. She glanced at the door leading from her bedroom to the sitting room that separated her bedroom from her husband’s bedroom.

She knew he was not there. He was never there physically or emotionally anymore. He was wherever he spent his time.

June unbuttoned the remaining buttons on her blouse and slipped it off. She grimaced as the cotton silk material slid across her sore nipple. She gingerly rubbed it with her forefinger. If they were bigger, I could lick it and make it better. She looked again at the large residue of her son’s orgasm. Jesus, how much did he come?

She unzipped her skirt. It dropped from her slim waist and fell in a pile over her son’s mess. When she picked up her skirt, her fingers inadvertently touched the wet spot. She snatched it back and used her foot to kick the skirt away. She held her moist hand with her fingers up and spread. She looked around for something to wipe her fingers, to remove the residue of her incestuous act, to cleanse her fingers and herself.

She turned toward the bathroom and stepped again into the wet spot. She stood naked with both of her tiny feet fully contained by the circle of Carter’s ejaculate. As she wiggled her toes, she brought her cum moistened fingers to her mouth and licked them. A shiver when through her body as she tasted the salty stickiness.

Disgust caused her stomach to turn. She knelt and rubbed that hand through the sticky mess. She hated herself for being so weak. She brought her hand to eye level. The thick liquid was cold and congealed. She licked it from her fingers one come coated finger after another, smacking her lips as if it was some delicacy. She ran her hand through the rapidly drying pool. She opened her legs and stuffed the hand into her pussy. Her swollen clit pulsed as she frigged herself to orgasm with her hand covered in her son’s cum. For the second time in her life, she squirted, adding her juices to her son’s on the rug.

I am a sick bitch, she thought as she rose shakily to her feet and moved into the bathroom. She had to balance herself briefly against the ornate door of the Kohler shower as she waited for the shower to warm. She stepped into the water and adjusted the temperature to as hot as she could stand it. The steaming hot water cascaded over her body as she stood with her eyes closed and head raised. I am a very sick bitch.

Unlike the fox, June had sampled the grapes. At a visceral level, she wanted more. Moreover, she hated herself for it. She was sinking to a level of depravity of epic proportions. And she did not care.

She wondered how Carter became so skilled at cunnilingus. As she lathered her body, a wry smile played across her lips. How would she know if he was skilled or not!

She had never cheated on her husband. She considered her vows sacred. Idly she wondered if oral sex was really sexual relations. The president of the United States had used that claim as a defense against impeachment. She did not have sexual relations with her son; she only let him expertly lick her pussy. A shiver ran through her body.

June stepped from the shower and dried herself with the large fluffy towel. Uncharacteristically she dropped it to the wet floor as she strode back to her bed. She stopped and stared at spot on the floor. She mentally shook herself and climbed naked into the bed. For several minutes, she stared at the ceiling. If his come was in a bowl, she thought, I would get on my knees and lap it up. As she drifted off to sleep, she thought she would have come up with a plausible lie for Miss Curry for the condition of the duvet and the floor


Carter, on the other hand, experienced oral sex many times with his sister. It was one of their favorite things to do. They would spend hours teasingly licking and sucking each other before they had sex. Then spend additional time afterwards licking each other clean. They both loved the act and the taste.

However, for Carter licking his mom was special. She came almost continuously and did that delicious squirting thing. Caitlin’s orgasm were like waves on an ocean, thundering ashore and then receding only to repeat. And she did not squirt, only constantly oozed a thick tasty creamy liquid. Both were good but mom’s was new different and special.

Chapter 4

Carter walked out into the hall and pressed the call button for the elevator. He listened to it clatter and whine as it made its way to his floor. He climbed aboard, closed the door and pressed the button for the first floor. As it approached the second floor, he saw his mom standing waiting for it. His stomach turned in fear even as his cock stiffened in anticipation.

June saw her son’s feet first as the elevator made its slow way down to her floor. She made a mental note to ask Tom to see about speeding the dam thing up. Carter’s hips came into view, then his crotch. Was it her imagination or did it take an inordinate amount of time to get past his crotch with its bulge.

As the elevator stopped, she stared nervously at her son. What must he think of her? As she turned to call Tom, he told her to go on down. She did not know when the bastard got in

She stepped on the elevator

“Good Morning Carter”

“Good morning mom. Look, about last night…!

Nervously June glanced through the wrought iron door toward her husband’s bedroom. She held her hand up for silence as her head past floor level. She turned to her son.

“We must never talk about last night or ever let that happen again. Do you understand?”

“I understand mom and I’m sorry!”

As the elevator clanked to a stop on the first floor, a disturbing thought crossed June’s mind. What was her son sorry for? Sorry that they did it? Or sorry because it wasn’t satisfying. She knew dam well it was satisfying to her. Her pussy was leaking now as she watched his well-toned skintight jean clad ass move from the elevator into the foyer and start toward the large kitchen.

Hell, if she had more experience, she show that young shit something!

Halvatia watched Carter and June walked toward and into the kitchen. Her sharp Bayou sense of people detected a change. The Missus had a glow about her. I ain’t seen her glow like that in years. And, Carter had the nervous look of a boy who had his hands in the cookie jar! Or maybe his mom’s pussy, Halvatia mused.

They seemed to walk a trifle closer together. When they talked as they crossed the ballroom and entered the kitchen, their heads would run toward each other, their lips close to touching.

Dose herbs I been giving her may be working too well. Instead of her husband, she be loving her son. Dey look like two lovers, she thought, lovers that are trying to keep it a secret. Now what done happened dere?

She did not fancy herself an expert on sex and relationships. She laughing thought of herself as a lifetime student of the art of fucking. Dese two be fucking she thought. Miss Curry had no deep seated prohibitions against incest. She and her brother and sister used to play with each other back in the swamp. They did not have much choice. Everybody for miles around was relatives. She glanced down at the bulge in Carter’s jeans. Nice work if you could get it, she thought. She knew the boy could fuck, she taught him herself!

“Good morning, Missus, Mister! Dis morning we got my special Spanish eggs and thick sliced maple cured bacon. My cousin do this himself in his smokehouse. Also I baked some bread this week so the toast is my homemade bread. Da butter and jam is on the serving table and the coffee is fresh made and hot. I added a little chicory to tot it up some.”

“Thank you, Miss Curry! Have Caitlin and her family ate yet?”

“Dey grabbed some toast and coffee and headed for the beach with the baby.

Dey say dey gona walk before dey eat!”

Carter sighed in relief. Caitlin had been almost apoplectic when he called her cell this morning to tell her about eating mom. She sounded jealous even though she suggested it. Carter thought he would never understand women.

He watched Miss Curry’s large ass jiggle as she pulled toast from the toaster oven. She was as big as his mother and sister were small. He was not great at guessing bra sizes, but based on some porn he saw, he put her chest at about 40D with hips to match. She worked for the family for as long as he could remember. She was as much family as his mom and Caitlin. Her earthy sexuality attracted him. She had kids his age…but still! He realized his mother had said something.

“I’m sorry mom! What did you say?”

June felt a twinge of…something as she watched her son ogle Miss Curry’s large ass. Was that the kind of woman who attracted him? A big obvious Creole who sometimes went without and bra and should wear a girdle on her big floppy ass!

“I said you promised to help me plan and shop for the Halloween party this weekend. Right after breakfast I want to go to over to the party store and start getting some ideas.

“Sure, mom, I am yours for the weekend!”

June’s eyes widened at the obvious double entendre. She felt a little warm and sweat broke out on the bridge of her nose.

“Ah, good! I need to change. I’ll be ready in a few minutes!”

Carter watched his mother move quickly from the kitchen and across the ballroom to the elevator. He idly wondered what she wore under that peignoir.

Miss Curry watched Carter watching his mother. A smirk played across her face. Dis might be better to watch then dem soap operas on TV

* * *

Caitlin walked briskly next to her husband as he pushed the pram up the bike path for their daily exercise. The baby gurgled happily, as she enjoyed the bouncing over the path. They usually walked about three miles a day, weather permitting. While she was enjoying the walk, her mind was busy assessing what was going on with Carter and mom.

He sounded excited this morning when he called to tell her about licking their mom to orgasm. His excitement caused her to regret suggesting it to him. He seemed to be so excited. He sounded like he really enjoyed it. She suspected her mom was much more experienced than she was. She wondered what else they did.


Carter trailed behind his mom as she walked through the party store. Her full summer dress flowed sensuously over her ass. She was bare legged with strappy Jesus sandals. The white straps covered her brown legs to just below the knee. He studied her rear end surreptiously, wondering if she wore panties. He knew she rarely wore a bra. The thought of her naked under the dress caused him to flash back to last night and the sweet taste of her pussy. He could almost hear her animal like screams as she orgasm repeatedly from his oral on her. He regretted not fucking her.

June Crafton listened as the clerk enthusiastically described various Halloween themes and the associated decorations. The unusually warm late September day did not seem to fit the October theme. That and the fact that she was aware her son was watching her.

The clerk mistook her quiet smile as encouragement to continue her spiel. In fact, June was thinking back to her decision not to wear a bra or panties under this particular dress. She knew as she walked it flowed across her hips. It emphasized her small tight ass. She wished that she had a fuller behind like her daughter’s ass.

She was enjoying teasing her son. She had not had this much fun in years. This big muscular 22 year old hot black man who every woman in the store was ogling only had eyes for the ass of his 45 year old mother. She loved it! She had not reconciled the act but she decided to embrace the salaciousness of it.

“Let’s get some lunch, Carter!”

“Um sounds good, mom! Where do you want to go?”

“What about that little bistro in Harper’s Court? I’ve heard they do a real nice light lunch and have an excellent wine list!”

“Ok, mom! However, you had better watch the wine! We don’t want you losing control!”

June giggled and then quickly covered her mouth as the clerk looked at them questioningly.


The reputation of the restaurant was well deserved. The lunch was excellent and the Australian Shiraz had just the right sweetness and potency. Mother and son were experiencing a pleasant buzz and there was half a bottle to go.

The waiter gave them an intimate booth in a secluded corner of the restaurant. They started lunch sitting at opposite ends of the booth. By the second glass of wine, they were sitting hip to hip. June was feeling expansive. She emphasized her conversational points by tapping lightly on her son’s hand or squeezing his thigh. As they wrapped up lunch, her hand rested comfortably on his upper thigh.

Carter was acutely aware of his mom’s hand on his thigh. Occasionally she moved it and bumped his cock.

“I have an idea, mom! Let’s get a “to go cup” and walk over to the Japanese Garden.”

“Lord, I haven’t been there in years! Let’s do it!”


Mother and son sipped their wine as they meandered through the quiet peaceful Osaka Garden. The heavy foliage muted the noises of the city. The gurgle of the miniature waterfall and the buzz of dragonflies replaced traffic noise. White Erns walked stiff leg through the shallow water of the lagoons. They crossed one of many Japanese style wooden bridges.

Their conversation rambled aimlessly over themes for the Halloween party and the unmistakable beauty of this hidden gem of a park. There was no mention of the night before. Even though its presence influenced every word, they spoke. They were mother and son. However, mother and son with an incestuous secret. One of them was aroused and confused by what happened. The other plotted to take it farther.

“I’m getting a little giddy from this wine,” June said as she sipped from her cup, “could we sit for a moment so I can collect myself?

“Sure, mom, how about over there?”

Carter indicated a grassy area. It was opposite the miniature waterfall. Behind this miniature island was the placid waters of a lagoon. The designers of this miniature paradise wanted to create the illusion of seclusion amidst the bustle of a vibrant metropolis. He took his mother’s elbow and guided her to the spot.

The early fall sun shone warmly. Some of the trees were starting to show their fall colors. Even with warming son, the slight nip in the air presaged the fall.

There were few visitors this day. They sipped their wine and discussed party ideas. June had tucked her dress under her so she would not be sitting bare assed on the grass. Her dress rode up in front exposing her legs to her upper thigh. Only Carter’s position at her side prevented him from seeing her pussy.

June felt a delicious wickedness. It belied her nausea the previous night. She knew what happened was wrong. However, it happened. She decided to enjoy the moment.

She was not surprised when Carter leaned over and kissed her lightly on the lips.

“Um, nice! But young man, I want you to know I’m not a cheap date!” June tittered at her little joke.

“Mom, there is nothing cheap about you! You are a classy sexy woman!”

“Didn’t you leave off the “old” after sexy?” June laughed.

Carter shook his head. “Mom you are like a fine wine that improves with age!’

June leaned over and let her lips touch her son’s lips. Her tongue traced the outlined of his full lips. “Now that kind of flattery will get you a lot, she said laughing.”

“I’m going to give you about 15 minutes to stop that, Carter said jokingly”

June wrapped her arms around her son’s neck and pulled him with her as she lay back on the grass.

“Oh, you mean a quickie; she breathed as her tongue entered his mouth.”

Carter returned her kiss, their tongues playing with each other inside the confines of their parted lips.

Carter used one hand to touch his mom’s breast. Remembering how she pulled on her nipples the night before, he squeezed one and pulled on it.

“Aww fuck, baby, Stop that! They are sooo sensitive!”

“I know, mom, I watched you last night!”

June blushed. “As the old movie title says, about last night! We need to talk!”

Carter undid the top three buttons on her dress. Both tiny tits were on display for his hungry eyes. He leaned down, sucked one nipple into his mouth. He took the 1/2 inch long nipple in his teeth and pulled on it.

“Do you really want to talk?”

Halfheartedly, she pushed at his head. “Baby, I’m your mother. We are creating an unmanageable situation!”

June’s hips pumped up as a deep growl emanated from her tiny body as her son nibbled and sucked on her nipples.

Her hand snaked down and rubbed her son’s cock through his jeans. “Oh fuck, she groaned, this is so wrong, so wrong!”

Carter inhaled so she could unbutton and unzip his pants. He transferred his attention to the other now diamond hard nipple. He took it in his teeth and bit down. The salty taste of blood entered his mouth. June’s hips were pumping frantically up and down. She freed her son’s cock, pulled, and yanked on it.

“Do you want it mom?”

Carter released her tit. He could see the outline of his teeth on her nipple. He glanced around then pulled his jeans partially down. He turned head to toe with his mother and pulled her skirt up around her waist.

“Did you leave your panties off for me, he hissed!”

“Yessss, Yessss for you and only you!” June took her son’s cock in her mouth. Try as she might, she could only get the head in. Her head bobbed as she tried to force more of Carter’s cock into her mouth. She screamed as she felt her son take her clit in his teeth and pull lightly. Spontaneously she started cumming, not squirting this time but oozing a thick clear cream

Carter heard voices and quickly sat up. His mother tried to reach for his cock as he pulled it out and stuffed it back in his jeans. Her eyes were unfocused as he pulled her dress down, grabbed her hands and sat her up. She watched with vacant eyes as another couple walked by. They smiled and nodded at mother and son and continued done the path.

“Jesus, baby, I was so far gone I didn’t hear them.”

Carter stood, reached down and took both of her hands in his. Effortlessly he pulled her to her feet.

“We better go. Someone might call the police. Then we would have to explain why mother and son were 69ing in a public park!”

“God, what would your father and sister say?”

Carter smiled quietly. He knew half of the answer.

* * *

Later that night, Carter lay in his bed thinking. The situation with his mother was becoming complex. They were inexorably moving toward a full-blown sexual relationship. He was certain when Caitlin encouraged him to fuck his mother, she did not mean on a regular basis!

He heard soft steps coming up the back stairs. There was no doubt who it was. He heard the stairway door open and close. Then the soft pad of small feet. Caitlin entered his bedroom clothed only in flip-flops and an oversized tee shirt with a large Tweety bird on the front.

“Hey hottie!”

She waved and crawled onto his bed. She pulled the sheet off his naked body and took his limp cock into her mouth.

“Ummm, you hungry?”

Caitlin raised her head and held his stiffening cock in one hand.

“I’m always hungry for you! How is it going with mom? She seems to be glowing lately”

Carter related the experience in the Japanese Garden.

Caitlin chuckled. “You mean our straitlaced mom was 69ing in public?”

Carter nodded his head. “Yes, and really getting into it!”

Caitlin licked Carter’s cock wetly from his shaved root to his bulbous head. “Is she better than me?”

Skillfully Carter avoided the obvious trap. “No one sucks cock like you do!”

“Good answer, Caitlin laughed,” Her mouth opened in a large O. She took his cock deep in her mouth until she felt the head touch the back of her throat. She let her saliva run out of her mouth and around his cock as she raised up.

Carter answered the unasked question. “And no, she can’t deep throat me!’

Caitlin swung her leg over Carter’s and walked forward on her knees until his now hard cock slapped her belly. She bent it down, rose up on one knee to get it under her. Carter watched the play of emotion across her face as she sat down on his cock and let it fill her pussy.

“Is her pussy tight?

“I haven’t fucked her”

Caitlin’s eyes closed as she slid back and forth on her brother. Her breathing became more labored. “Liar, she moaned!”

Carter gripped his sister’s waist and began bouncing her forcefully up and down on his raging hard on, slamming repeatedly into her cervix. “You little bitch! Do you want to fuck or quiz me about our mother?”

“Both, she groaned.” Her head dropped to her chest. She leaned forward and balanced herself on his chest with both hands. “But first I want you to fill me up! I want to feel your seed splash against my cervix. I want to know that your swimmers are in my womb, searching for my eggs. I want to know that we could create another life!”

Carter reached up, grabbed her nipple and pulled it hard. “You want us to have another baby, don’t you?”

“Yes, little brother, yes! I miss feeling the life we create growing in me. I miss that ultimate intimacy of our love!”

Sweat poured from their bodies as they increased their pace. Several times, he felt her vagina contract as wave after wave of orgasm overtook her body. As he felt his balls began to swell, announcing his orgasm, he wonder if his mother’s pussy felt as good as Caitlin’s pussy. As he fired rope after rope of his thick life giving sperm into his sister’s womb, an image of his mother pregnant, her large belly resting on his as she rode his cock swam into his mind.

Afterwards they lay next to each other. Caitlin’s head rested familiarly on her brother’s chest. She idly played with his chest hair.

“What do you think is going on with dad?”

“I’m really not sure!”

“Do you think it’s another woman?” Caitlin ran her hand over Carter’s hairy chest to his shaven crotch. She lifted his cock, feeling the heft.

Carter picked up one of her dreadlocks and tickled her nose with it. “No, he said with force, I don’t see the signs of that!’

“Should I try to have sex with him to see?”

“Are you looking for an excuse to fuck daddy, Carter laughed!”

Caitlin rose up on one elbow and slapped his chest with her open hand. “No silly! I’m already fucking two men. You want to make a total slut out of me?”

“Well, Carter chuckled; you thought the solution for mom was a dick. Maybe the solution for dad is a pussy!”

Caitlin got that look that told Carter she was thinking. “I’d do it if I thought it would help, little brother, but I’m not sure if it would help.”

Chapter 5

Miss Curry watched as June Crafton sipped her coffee and nibbled her toast. Halvatia’s formal education ended at the third grade. In those day’s children were needed as field hands. An education might be helpful down the road but right now, there was cotton to be chopped, chores to be done. Everyone had to earn their keep in the hardscrabble existence of the 40’s and 50’s in the Deep South.

No, she did not have much formal education but she had advanced degrees in people. She knew them like she knew the back of her hand. Mrs. Crafton had man trouble. One was at best ambivalent about her and the other offered a confirmation of her womanhood with forbidden pleasures. Add menopause to that and the poor woman was about to snap.

“Carter be sleeping in this mawning, Miss?”

June looked up at Miss Curry. She was more friend and confidant then employee. In some ways she was the mother she never had.

“Yes and as usual his father is up and gone!”

“Well, neither one of the men in your life gona have breakfast with you!”

Had she just hinted that she knew about her and Carter? Before she could answer, Halvatia continued.

“Course now, in bayou country, we looked at life a little different. Tweren’t no bodies business what folks did as long as they didn’t hurt nobody.”

“Lawd I need to get busy with my work. Else you be looking for some young thing to replace me.” She stop and looked pointedly at June. “Do what you want, Sweety! You ain’t hurting nobody!”

June flopped back in her chair as Curry blew past her in swirl of flour and cheap lilac water. She knew! She knew and approved. And she was right! Whatever she and Carter did, they would both moved past it at some point. As far as, Tom, fuck him! On the other hand, more accurately, he could fuck whomever he wanted. She would get through this phase of her life without him.

“Miss Curry!”

Halvatia turned to face her employer. “Yes Miss?”

“I’ll be out most of the day!”

“Yes Miss!”


Halvatia picked up her laundry basket and strode over to the elevator. She hummed tunelessly to herself as she waited for it. She frowned as she boarded it and waited as the old elevator rattled and clanked its way to the third floor. Dam thing was going fall and kill somebody one day.

She walked unannounced into the sleeping Carter’s room. He lay bare chested with a single sheet covering the bottom half of his body. The tent in his sheet announced the morning wood all young men sported this time of morning. She surveyed his youthful hairy chest. She breastfed this boy when his mom took ill right after his birth. She remembered him hungrily suckling at her huge teat.

She sighed as she turned into his bathroom to empty the hamper. If he sucked one of these big ole tits now, the end might be more than just a full belly. Halvatia position in the family was unique. When she realized no one had “The Talk” with Carter, she took it upon herself. She was part of his sex education in more ways than one.

She dumped the hamper into her laundry basket. On top was a pair of his boxers. Dried jizz encrusted the opening. Because it was on the outside and not the inside, she speculated someone sucked his dick. Probably his sister. Those two been going at it for years.

Sex stories:   Lonely son comes home to mom

She brought his soiled shorts to her nose and sniffed. The boy’s scent was strong. It meant he was a potent baby maker. If they were not careful, they would have another baby to match the cute little girl they already had.

She walked back into his bedroom.

“Carter Crafton! Get your lazy ass out the bed! It dam near 10 in the morning and you laying there farting and snoring!”

“Miss Curry! Leave me alone! I want to sleep!”

Halvatia snatched the sheet off him and took in the hard thick pole of his sex. She knew the boy was hung since he was a baby. However, he shore had grown. She reached down and slapped his thigh as he turned and tried to hide his cock.

“Boy, you promised your ma you go see about the costumes. Now get up and get busy, I left some breakfast in the warmer for you.”

Carter grabbed the sheet and held it around his waist as he hurried to the bathroom. He smiled. She treated him like her son.

Halvatia licked her lips as she watched his tight muscular ass retreat into the bathroom. Dat boy had two women mooning over him. Three if you count me.

* * *

June Crafton paid the cab driver and stepped out of the cab in front of her home. She paused in took in with pride the labor of her remodeling. Behind her the cab driver whistled silently as he surveyed the slim hourglass of figure of the 5′ 2″, 105 pound Black woman. She was smoking hot. The only thing missing were the tits.

The old Victorian kept its character while being upgraded with modern conveniences. She strode up the short driveway to the portico sheltering the entryway. She punched the code into the security and heard the click of the door unlocking.

The smell of baking bread wafted out to her as she entered the large ornate foyer. The afternoon sun streamed through the old stained glass windows giving an interesting play of colored light to the foyer and adjacent living area. She reflected that sometimes the flickering light looked like a fire burning as it danced across the walls and furniture.

The click of her 3″ heels echoed hollowly as she strode from the foyer through the large living area with its burnished oak floors and molding. She greeted Miss Curry.

“Good afternoon, Miss Curry! That bread certainly smells good!”

June’s Cupid’s bow lips pulled into a thin line as she surveyed her long time housekeeper/cook. As usual she was dressed in a neck to mid thigh button up the front housedress. Her large muscular legs sprouted like twin trunks from that too short dress. The dress spread across her substantial hips, pulled tight across incongruously narrow waist and then jutted out across the mounds of her large breasts. The dress was tightly buttoned at the neck. Her face was so dark it looked like blue-black leather. Her age was indeterminate from her face. However, June knew she had been her wet nurse.

“Thank you, Miss! It be for dinner.”

“Is my husband home?”

“No miss!” Halvatia turned back to the stove to hide her smile. “What goes on in the night…!”

June frowned. She and her husband had not shared a bed in years. He left early in the mornings and got home late at night. If he came home at all! She still expected him to maintain at least the appearance of propriety for the children and their social standing.

“Are the children home?” June Crafton was a dutiful mother. She loved her twins dearly. She always wanted more babies.

“No Miss! Dey be gone!”

June turned and strode toward the elevator. She boarded the open basket wrought iron elevator and pushed the button for the second floor. It whined and clanked as it made its way to the second floor. She turned and opened the waist high door opening on the short corridor, leading to sitting room. She glanced at her husband’s bedroom door then entered hers and locked the door.

June tossed the sky blue bolero jacket on her dressing bench. She struggled a little with the zipper on the back of the dress. This is one of the few things a man is good for, she thought, as she captured the toggle and pulled the zipper down.

She stepped out of the dress and tossed it on top of the jacket. She surveyed her naked form in the full-length mirror adjacent to her dressing table. At 45, there were little signs of aging on her petite body. A slight belly pooch with a faded bikini cut Caesarian scar were the only signs she had given birth to the twins.

Her 32B cups never needed a bra and still stood pert and erect. Until she started secreting so heavily, she eschewed panties. She smiled as she touched the wet gleam of her neatly trimmed pussy. Was that a grey hair? June smiled as she thought about the cab ride home. She had given the cab driver quite a show as she crossed and recrossed her legs. She played this exhibitionist game often. It seemed she was doing it more lately.

So many things were changing in her life. Her husband was distant and indifferent. Caitlin was happily married with a beautiful daughter. She frowned. Giving a choice, she would have had her marry someone else. John Hampton was nice enough. However, something about him made her uneasy.

Then there was Carter. Most boys would have left the nest by now. He had his share of girlfriends. However, he seemed content to live at home. And lick his mother’s pussy! Now where did that come from?

She walked over to her queen sized bed. She crawled in and lay flat of her back. For several minutes, she let her hands explore her body. When the touch of her fingers were like electric shocks causing her body to shiver in anticipation, she reached over and opened the drawer of her nightstand. She extracted the long fat vibrator. She held it up and admired its 9″ length. The girth was half its length.

She recalled buying it last August. The clerk was professional. She walked her through the various types and functions. June was drawn to this one. The clerk, noting June’s slender frame, suggested something smaller. June drew herself up to her full five feet and slapped her credit card on the corner.

It took her weeks before she could comfortable take the entire thing in her small tight pussy.

She licked it, moistening it thoroughly. She pushed the slider button and felt the vibration in her hand and arm. She inhaled sharply as she touched the tip to her nipple. She circled the diamond like hardness of that nipple slowly. Her small ass gyrated slowly. She moved it across her cleavage to the other nipple and repeated the circling motion. Small orgasms flowed through her body as she trailed the tip down her cleavage, across her abdomen. She stopped and let the tip play across her navel.

Saliva drooled from the corners of her mouth. Her eyes were closed tight. In her mind’s eye, the image of her naked son stood over her. It was his cock that slid across her belly and teased her engorged clit. It was his cock that plunged into her pulsating dripping pussy. As she thrust the vibrating toy repeatedly into her cunt, it was Carter who thrust his enormous cock deep in her hole.

“Fuck me, baby! Fuck your mommy! Give her your sperm! ”

June passed out as her orgasms washed over her like the waves on Lake Michigan during a storm.


Carter strolled through the eclectic atmosphere of Hyde Park Boulevard. The multicultural trappings of the quasi college town that surrounds the University of Chicago surrounded him. He was on his way to the large costume shop but decided to stop in the Wing Joint for a beer and some wings. The other reason was that he wanted to see that hot waitress, Anne.


It was a quiet day for Anne at the Wing Joint. On days like this, her boss was ok if she stole a few moments to study.

She was sitting at a back table when she saw Carter enter. She knew he was a regular and she had served him many times. Usually he was with his interracial posse of Hyde Park residents. A few times, he came in with a petite Black woman. Careful inquiries by her determined it was his sister. She recalled they seemed into each other, particularly when she was pregnant.

It was during that period that he began to stand out from the crowd. She noticed that he was solicitous of her, helping her in and out of her chair, chiding her about what she ate and so on. She found that endearing because her family tended to be more standoffish. The fact that a brother could care so much for his pregnant sister made him something special in her mind.

Therefore, when he came in alone, she waved off the other waitress and hurried over to serve him.

“Good afternoon, Carter! What can I get you?”

“Hi Anne! Let me have half dozen buffalo wings, onion rings and a large draft beer!”

“Got it! Sounds like somebody is hungry!”

Carter leaned over and whispered conspiratorially, “I got a case of the munchies!”

Carter had taken a walk over to the Point before heading to the costume shop. The Point was a large park that jutted into Lake Michigan. It was adjacent to the 57th Street beach and just north of the Museum of Science and Industry. It was one of the social gathering places for Hyde Parkers. Carter loved to walk along the breakwater, listen to the waves breaking and smoke a joint.

He woke up that morning feeling a little uptight. While he was comfortable with hi

“s relationship with his sister, the budding sexual relationship with his mother made him a little uncomfortable. He was having trouble reconciling his sexual feelings for this mature woman with his deep seated love for his mother.

“God, I wish, Anne said, but I don’t have the time or money to score any good stuff!’

Carter glanced down at Anne’s uniform. It was a mini dress with vertical aqua stripes against a white background. It hit her mid thigh and showed of her long slim legs. Over that, she wore a short apron with deep pockets.

Anne jumped as she felt Carter’s hand brush her waist. Her first instinct was that this nice guy was actually some kind of perve trying to get free feels.

“Check it out, Carter said, and if you need another just holler at me!”

Anne felt the large patch pocket on the apron and felt something. She pulled the pocket open and saw a large well-rolled joint nestled in the bottom.

“My man, she chortled!” She high fived Carter and went to place his order.

As she walked back toward him, she quickly made a decision.

“Look, if I smoked all of this alone, I’d be on my ass! Why don’t we hook up and share it?”

“Sounds Good! Your place or mine?”

“I can’t toke in my dorm. So your place or we could go to the beach.”

“Let’s make it my place. I got some beer and we can listen to some music! Now get my order or I’ll have to eat you!”

Anne laughed as she walked back to pick up Carter’s order. Not a bad idea, she thought.


Carter felt a warm glow as he left the Wing Joint and crossed the busy boulevard. The costume shop was just across the street. Anne was nice people. He looked forward to spending some time with her. It occurred to him that the other two women in his life each had someone else in theirs. He loved his mother and sister. However maybe it was time he had someone in his life.

The shop was famous and infamous for its large and varied collection of costumes. It was also known as a hangout for the large LBGT community. The place was dimly lit. The costumes were in various groupings and rooms. There was a grouping of super hero costumes, dominated by flavor of the month the Guardians of the Universe, the reprised Mutant Ninja Turtles and Captain America. There was a room of BDSM paraphernalia. A grouping of witches, ghosts and goblins.

The sales clerk who approached was not swishy but carried himself in way that his sexual preferences were no doubt. He closed on Carter, placed a hand familiarly on his elbow, smiled broadly and said:

“What can I do for you?”

Carter smiled. The man was professional but the invitation was obvious. “Could I look around for a bit? We are having a Halloween party and I am more looking for ideas than ready to purchase!”

The salesman beamed at him. “Certainly! My name is Allen. I and the other salesman will be here to help you. If you see something you want to try on, the dressing rooms are behind the curtains!”

The emphasis on the word try caused Carter’s smile to broaden. “Thank you, Allen!”

Carter wandered through the store, touching and feeling the costumes. He had no real idea of what he wanted. He wandered into the dimly lit BDSM room. Some of the costumes looked interesting. He and Caitlin tended to play a little rough sometime. Maybe they could work on a BDSM theme together.

He saw a leather female jerkin. It was little more than a leather bra with shoulder straps. The leather panty was bikini style. His in initial mental image of Caitlin in that suggestive outfit faded to be replaced by his mother’s image.

Out of the corner of his eye, he thought he saw a familiar figure move past the door of the BDSM room toward the back of the shop. He stepped to the door just in time to see Allen lead Tom Crafton into the dressing rooms.

A chill moved over his body. He glanced around and saw the other sales clerk was busy with customers. He moved quickly and quietly to the hall leading to the dressing rooms. Soft moans emanated from the furthest one. He stealthily moved toward the sound, his stomach tied in knots.

He stopped just outside the curtained dressing room. He could hear wet slurping sounds. He reached slowly out with his hand. He used his fingertips to create a small opening.

Allen’s back was partially to him. His starched and pressed jeans lay at his ankle. His enormous cock stuck out from his white cotton jockeys. At the end of that tool, on his knees, was his father, hungrily sucking Allen’s cock.

Carter felt a cold sweat break out all over him. He knew now what he suspected before. His dad was bisexual.

Frozen, Carter watched his father expertly bob on Allen’s cock. Somehow, he always knew. Little niggling bits of life’s scenes flooded into his mind. Johnny used to work at the costume shop. He recalled Caitlin’s husband, Johnny, and dad were unusually close. It was dad who suggested, nay, insisted they live in the coach house after they got married. The fact that Johnny had not fought marrying Caitlin. He suspected it was not his baby. However, that would get him closer to his lover, Tom Crafton.

Carter was a twenty first century person. What his father did was his business as long as it did not damage the family. Being bisexual was a life style choice. Maybe dad was gay. If so, in fairness to mom, he needed to let her know. What had Miss Curry said to him once? “You can’t run with the foxes and lay with the hounds!”

Allen groaned and grabbed his father’s head as he pumped his load into Tom Crafton’s mouth. Quickly, Carter stepped back and made his way back to the BDSM room. He returned the costume and strode through the shop into the light of day. He crossed the street and headed over to pick up Anne. Could he trust even Caitlin with this knowledge? Perhaps he should discuss it with Miss Curry first. She always had a way of leading you to a good place.


The evening turned cool as the sun set. Anne shivered a little as she made the short walk to Carter’s house. All she had was a sweater she wore that morning and her work uniform. She did not regret accepting Carter’s invitation but she was not prepared for the walk back to her dorm later. That is, if I have to go back to the dorm tonight she smiled to herself.

Carter had that mellow after reefer feel that you get after you get the munchies monkey off your back. He was not as high but still felt relaxed and mellow. He stole glances at Anne’s slim body as they chatted on the walk to his house. She was relatively tall for a woman. She was 5′ 6″ to 5′ 7″ with long bare slender legs. She could weigh no more than 120 lbs. or so. Her breasts were small but gave a soft swell to her chest. Her raven-haired ponytail swing freely around her shoulders.

Carter was debating which entrance to use. If he took her through the front, there was always the chance of meeting family members. That translated into his sister or his mother. He was beginning to realize the complications of having sexual relations with people who lived with you. They limited your opportunities to entertain other women. On the other hand, if he used the back entrance, Anne might think he was sneaking her in or was ashamed of her.

Carter took a deep breath and opened the iron gate leading to the side portico. He quickly entered his code into the security lock and opened the door.

To say Anne was impressed is to understate her feelings. Carter’s hand on her lower back ushered her into the huge foyer. It was easily as large as the whole first floor of her California home. As her eyes got used to the muted lighting, she looked up at the two story vaulted ceiling.

“Wow, she whispered this is really…BIG!”

“Most people say that when they step in here! Let me give you the tour. He showed her the remodeled ballroom and the solarium with the Jacuzzi. He commented that he would show her the garden but it was getting a little cool. As they walked back past the kitchen, Miss Curry stepped out and nodded.

“If y’all want some dinner, I ken whip sumthin’ up!”

“No thanks, Miss Curry, We ate at the Wing Joint and brought some in case we get hungry. By the way, Anne, this is Miss Curry. Miss Curry, Anne. Anne is a friend of mine.”

Curry nodded at the skinny white girl. She smiled inwardly that Carter did not say what she was or what she did at the house. He treated her like family. She watched as he escorted his date to the elevator. She chuckled to herself as she thought about the shit this would stir up. The boy was having sex with his momma and his sister. Now he done brought this skinny White girl in the mix. Hell, she thought, I wish I could sell tickets. They were both out tonight but eventually the shit was going to hit the fan!

“How many people live here?” Anne held on to the rail as the elevator whined and clanged its way up. She was not sure what she expected. However, she impressed with the ornate Victorian.

“Me, my mother and father. My sister lives out back.” Carter was a little embarrassed. To him this was just home. His other friends lived in similar homes so they accepted this ornate old mansion as being the norm. He could see Anne was a little overwhelmed. As the elevator clanked to a stop at his floor, he opened the door and ushered her out into the short hall leading to his rooms.

Anne turned slowly as she surveyed Carter’s apartment. After the ornate ostentation of the rest of the house, this was homey. The room was large and uncluttered. A 50″ flat screen dominated one wall. Under it was a long onyx table with and Xbox and DVD player. Below that were neat rows of games.

Opposite the TV was a large grey overstuffed divan. It was as wide as a double bed. An Annie Lee painting hung over the couch. It showed stylized Black people sitting around a table. One was standing with a playing card over her head. The caption on the painting said “Seven No Trump”. On the wall adjacent to the television and couch was a small bookcase. Opposite it was an open door leading to the bedroom. A large stained glass window dominated that wall.

“Nice place, she said with measured understatement.”

“Thank you! Would you like a beer?”

“Gawd, I’d kill for a cold beer now! You got any Schnapps?”

“No, but I have some homemade brandy!”

Anne nodded her approval. Carter indicated the couch for her to sit and then made his way through his bedroom to the small kitchen behind it. He retrieved two Coronas and poured three fingers of the potent brandy into each of two glasses.

* * *

The air was thick with the aroma of the marijuana. On the cocktail table sat four empty bottles of Corona. Next to them, the dregs of Miss Curry’s homemade brandy covered the bottom of the glasses.

Anne’s short work skirt was around her waist. Her yellow polka dot bikini panties lay on the floor next to Carter’s knee. Anne’s head was thrown back, her legs draped across his back as he expertly licked her pulsating pussy. Her hands gripped his head, alternatingly pulling him in and pushing him back as her orgasms rocketed through her body.

“Please, she pleaded, please stop! I am so weak from coming I could pass out!”

Carter and Anne spent the last hour 69ing and alternating giving each other oral. Anne had never experienced the intensity and time spent in foreplay. Her experience was that guys did foreplay to get you ready for fucking. And that was okay! However, Carter treated it as if it was the sex act itself. He was an incredible lover! Tender and giving! And that cock! Her jaws still ached from trying to get it all in her mouth. She licked her lips, tasting him still in her mouth.

Carter rocked back on his heels. His head spun as he tried to focus on Anne. She was naked from the waist down; her furry pussy was gleaming from his ministrations. He watched bleary eyed as her juices streamed down her ass crack. He had been licking her a good hour, using all of the techniques he and his twin learned and practiced. Her clit was red, swollen and distended. Even in his altered state, he could see it pulsing. Her pussy lips were red and glistening with her lubrication and his saliva.

Carter used the cocktail table to lever himself to his feet. He grabbed Annie’s hands and pulled her to her feet. They staggered into the bedroom.

Ann crawled across the bed with her ass pointing at Carter standing at the foot of the bed.

“My pussy is too sensitive from you sucking on it, But we can start with my ass, she purred.”

Carter smiled and walked around to the nightstand. He opened the top drawer and pulled out a bottle KY Jelly.

“Mmm, I see you are prepared! How many women you bring up here?”

“The only one that counts right now is you!”

Carter sat on the bed next to Ann. He squirted some lube into his hand. He leaned over and kissed her ass cheek as he slid his fingers in her anus.

“Ohhhh, that always feels so good!”

Carter laughed. You asked me how many women been here. How many men been in this delicious ass?” He rotated his fingers in her ass as he rained kisses on it.

“The only man that counts right now is you!” She said, paraphrasing his answer.

Carter squirted KY Liquid on the palm of his hand. Anne looked back over her shoulder and smiled as she watched him slide his hand up and down his cock. She watched as he squirted more lube on his hand.

“Your turn, he smiled!”

Ann turned her head to face the head of the bed and scooted back, presenting her ass to him. Carter took first one finger and eased it slowly into Anne’s anus. He felt her shiver. He squirted more lube on his fingers and added a second finger to her ass. He slowly worked his fingers in and out. Anne turned and looked back over her shoulder at him.

“God, that feels so good!” Her back undulated as she pushed her slim hips back, getting his fingers deeper in this most private of places.

Anne moaned as Carter withdrew his fingers. She looked back over her shoulder, her eyes smoldering. She watched as he squirted more lube on his cock.

Carter walked forward on his knees and positioned the head of his cock on her starfish. He pressed forward and met the resistance of the anal ring. He felt Anne push back and relax, puckering her anus for his entrance. Carter pressed forward and felt his acorn head ease pass the first anal ring. He stopped and stroked her ass with both hands in large circles.

“Your turn, baby!” He waited as Anne moved her ass in small circles, moving his cock head around in her ass. Cater could tell when she relaxed as she began to slide back, accepting his cock deep into her anal cavity.

“Jesus, Carter, you’re so big!”

Anne slowly slid her slim ass back. She experienced the incredible pain/pleasure feeling as Carter’s large cock filled her. He was easily the largest she ever had in her. She began rocking back and forth on her hands and knees, savoring the amazing full feeling. She started as Carter slapped her ass sharply. She loved that feeling. She was a strong independent woman. Nevertheless, she loved the feeling of a man taking charge, satisfying her needs while dictating the pace.

“How does that feel, Anne?” Carter fought for control. She was so tight he could pop at any moment. However, he wanted it to last. He smiled as she groaned when he slapped her ass again. Like Caitlin, she liked a little pain and dominance.

“Aww fuck Carter, Fuck! Fuck me hard! Harder!”

Carter smacked her ass twice in succession. First, the right hand WHAP! Then the left hand. WHAP! He could see the red imprint of his hand on her creamy white ass. They found their rhythm. She thrust back hard as he plowed forward. It was as if they had done this all of their lives. They came together. Anne’s sphincters gripped Carters cock in her ass in a vise like grip as she came. That forced him to thrust forward filling her bowels with his seed. They collapsed on the bed in a heap of sweaty sated flesh.

“Wow! Carter exclaimed. That was incredible!”

Anne rolled from her back to snuggle her head against his chest. “Tell me about it! That felt like more!”

“You little minx!” Cater laughed. “You drain me and then ask for more!”

Anne scooted down and ran her tongue up and down his semi hard tool. “Let me clean you up and we’ll try round three. I want to feel you fill my pussy just like you filled my ass!”


Chapter 6

It was mid October. Carter waffled back and forth about discussing his father with Miss Curry. He had just about decided not to when she blew unannounced as usual into his bedroom.

Miss Curry had her laundry basket under one arm and was headed to the bathroom to empty the hamper. She saw Carter sitting in bed, a sheet over his midsection, playing a video game.

“Mawning Mister!”

“Good morning, Miss Curry! You know one day you are going to come in here unannounced and catch me doing something!”

“You mean like fucking that skinny white girl?”

Carter smiled.

“Baby, whatever you might be doing, it won’t be nuthin’ I ain’t seen and probably done!”

“I don’t know, Carter laughed, new things might have come along!”

“Carter, a woman got three holes and a man only has on dick! Dey be only so many things you can do. Ain’t nothing new under the sun!”

“Ok, Ok, Carter chuckled.” Then he grew serious. “Look there is something I have wanted to talk to you about!”

Innate human instinct told Halvatia he had something serious on his mind. She decided to keep the atmosphere light and ease into it.

“Now we done had that birds and bees talk. As I recall, we sat down in my room and I pointed out the parts and how they work.”

Carter’s face grew hot with embarrassment. He recalled that talk. It happened shortly after his eighteenth birthday. He and Caitlin had just began heir sexual relationship. Somehow, Miss Curry knew. Curry had sat him on the side of her bed. They both stripped and she pointed out her pussy, clit and breasts. She took his cock in her hand and explained how it worked and how the two things made babies.

Then she had taken him in her bed. For most of the afternoon, they fucked and sucked. When they were done, he knew how to please a woman.

“Now boy, we ain’t going to be doing this on no regular basis. But I always figured a hands on demonstration be better than pointing at pictures in a book. You got a nice size cock. It’ll get you all the women you’ll ever need. But if you need a refresher course, ole Halvatia will be right here!’

“Yes ma’am! How could I forget! But this is about dad. He is either gay or bisexual! I saw him sucking cock.”

Halvatia was not surprised. There was nothing that went on in this family that she did not know about or suspect.

“Yes, baby, I know, Halvatia sighed, but he got a right to his life too!”

“But what about mama? He just dropped her. He stopped…doing anything with her!”

“Like your mama, Mr. Crafton being going through a change. It’s been in him all de time and just come out! Ain’t no telling where it may take him. Yo’ job is to hold the family together until he decide. Take care of your mama! She all up in de air too. Right now, you de glue that holds this family together. Your sista’s love for you is unconditional. Why, she even accepted another woman in your life cause she love you so much. Yo’ mama need that same kind of love from you. You da man of the house in all ways!”

As Miss Curry made, what for her was a long speech, Carter sat entranced as she, in effect, told him she knew he was having sex with his sister and told him he needed to do the same with his mother to help her through her change.

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“Now I need to get back to my work!”

Carter stripped the sheet off. His cock sprang up tall and hard. “You offered me a refresher course. I don’t need one. But I do need you!”

Curry sat her laundry basket down. She unbuttoned her housedress and stepped out of it. Carter was again amazed at her body. It could belong to a twenty year old. Her breast were firm with a minimal sag. Her waist was slim; her hips firm. She was 62, but time had not hurt her body. Her body seemed to glow in its almost bluish black grandeur.

“We got to start shaving you, Carter offered.” Her bush was thick and luxuriant.

Halvatia walked over to Carter’s bed and knelt on the side. “If you want! You da boss now. Now lay back. I want to fill me belly with yo’ seed befo’ you fill my pussy.” Halvatia lay head to toe next to Carter. “One thing I didn’t teach you. I like my pussy spanked! Hard!”

Carter drew his, back, and slapped her pussy hard. Halvatia jumped and moaned. “Now let’s get busy! I ain’t got long! I got housework to do! She scooted forward and expertly took Carter deep down her throat. She groaned as she felt his finger slide into her ass and his thumb into her pussy. Yes, boy, you be the man of the house now and we be yo women.

Halvatia lifted one large thigh, her foot flat on the bed, allowing Carter total access to her. Her large shapely thighs began to pump as he took her clit in his mouth. Fuck, she thought, fuck I have missed this. She moved her head slowly up and down, feeling his cock slide down her throat. Saliva dribbled from the corners of her mouth.

Carter inhaled deeply as he rooted in Halvatia’s pussy. It had a sensual earthiness to it. She creamed copiously and constantly, covering his face in its juices. It had a tang and sweetness like no other pussy he had ever eaten.

Halvatia let Carter’s considerable length and girth slide down her throat. Then she flexed her throat like she was hiccupping, causing it to spasm and grip Carter’s cock. As she drew back to breath, she tasted the strength of his pre cum.

“Turn around, baby! As much as I like sucking you, I want to feel you in me”

Carter turned and lay on his back. Halvatia mounted him. She reached back and guided his dark chocolate dick into the folds of her bluish black pussy lips. They parted, revealing the rich wet pink of her sopping wet hole. He groaned as her pussy enveloped his cock.

“Aw fuck, Miss Curry, you are so damn tight!”

She smiled down it him as she slowly worked her Kegel muscles, massaging his dick with her pussy muscles. “Baby, ole curry can do mo’ things with her pussy and a good hard cock then any woman you ever had. You just lay dere. I do all the work!”

Carter leaned up and took Halvatia’s big hard nipple in his mouth. He sucked on it hungrily while staring up at her face. Sweat poured over her in huge rills. Her eyes fixed on him sucking her tit. He saw love and lust on her face.

Halvatia let her body undulate on Carter’s cock. She smiled as she watched him suck her tit. She flashed back to when he was a baby and she was his wet nurse. She knew then it would be like this. He was the child of his mother’s womb but she was the mother of his flesh.


Halvatia redoubled her efforts, almost frantic as she slid back and forth on Carter’s massive tool. Her tits bounced, sweat streaming off them in torrents.

“Come on, baby, fill Curry up! I cain’t have your babies but I need your seed to fill me!”

“FUCK CARTER! FUCK! FUCK!” Halvatia screamed as she felt his seed fill her as her pussy flowed with her ejaculate.

She collapsed forward, breathing heavily. “Now I needs to get back to work!”

Carter smiled up at her and nodded. He watched as she rose on one leg. They both looked between her legs and saw his seed leaking from her. Curry took one finger and slipped in the flood coming from her overflowing pussy. She took it out, put in in her mouth and sucked it cleaned.

Carter raised one eyebrow questioningly, a slight smile on his face. Halvatia smiled down at her lover. She put that finger in her pussy again. She took it out and offered it to Carter. He sucked her finger clean and then with a grin smacked his lips.

Miss Curry slapped his thigh. “Boy you terrible!”

Chapter 7

It was going to be a small Halloween party, maybe 20 people total. Miss Curry was given charge of the finger foods and drinks. She hummed to herself as she prepared the punch. She reached in her apron pocket and pulled out a large shaker containing a dark purplish black powder. She grew these mushrooms herself and knew their power. At the low levels she was using, it would just help everybody relax a little. At higher levels like in her brandy, it caused sexual arousal.

Halvatia wore a modest French maid’s costume. It consisted of a mid-thigh black dress, white apron, wristlets and a maid’s headpiece. She added fishnet stockings with garters and modest heels. Under the dress, she wore a sheer bra and no panties. She smiled quietly to herself. She that knew sometimes these parties got out of hand. Somebody might want an old Creole woman. She knew she would be doing a lot of serving and wanted to be comfortable.

Upstairs the Craftons were donning their costumes. June stepped naked from her shower. She dried herself using the large fluffy towel. A shiver went through her body as she dried her pussy and the terry cloth fabric rubbed across her pussy. She closed her eyes and gently rubbed her swollen clit. Abruptly she stopped. I will never get dressed if I start this.

It had been nearly a month since that day in the Japanese Gardens with Carter. She was not avoiding him. In fact she ached for that intimacy. But the rush of preparing for the party and his new girlfriend prevented her from sharing time with him.

A small frowned played across her face as she thought of Anne. She seemed to be a nice girl. She was Carter’s first serious girlfriend. She was also one of the reasons she had not had time with Carter. She spent the night three or four nights a week.

She recalled the night when she finally had to see Carter. She was laying naked in bed. Her vibrator lay next to her. That night it just was not satisfying her. She rose and slipped on a white sheer thigh length robe. She walked purposely from her bedroom into the sitting room. She glanced only briefly at Tom’s closed bedroom door. Instead of taking the noisy elevator, she walked to the rear of the sitting room. She opened the door and took the servants’ stairs up to her son’s apartment.

The scent of marijuana over laid the distinctive aroma of sex assaulted her nostrils. Her pussy twitched. She walked boldly to Carter’s open bedroom door. Her stomach flutter as she thought about what she was about to do.

She saw two naked forms laying in the semi dark of her son’s room. One was Carter. The other was Anne. They both were snoring. She stood there briefly.She turned and went back downstairs.

She walked to the bottom of her bed and glanced down at the floor. The only sign of Carter’s come was a slightly cleaner irregular square shaped patch. Miss Curry had done a good job cleaning it. She surveyed her costume laying on the bed.

The four-piece Queen of Hearts costume featured a royal corset with a big heart on the front, the matching skirt with heart appliques, the ruffled checkerboard neckpiece, and the heart crown. It also included red bikini panties, petticoat, hosiery, and 5″ Heels.

She slowly dressed and inspected herself in the mirror. She frowned as she saw how flat her small breast looked in the corset. As she turned, she saw the ruffled petticoat hid the panties. She hesitated, then stepped out of the panties and tossed them on the bed. What the fuck she thought. Why not?

June walked through the sitting room to her husband’s bedroom. She tapped lightly on the door. “Tom we better get downstairs! Our guests will be arriving soon. Tom Crafton opened the door. He wore a King of Hearts costume in red brocade. The puffed upper coat sleeves had alternating panels of velvet & diamond print satin with gold edging. Diagonally across his chest was a white sash with printed red hearts. The crown had fur band, velvet cap with stuffed gold points. The leggings were skintight and red.

“Jesus, Tom isn’t that a little over the top? You look like you are done up for a gay ball!”

Tom Crafton smiled indulgently at his wife. “Well, it’s Halloween and it’s about fantasy! Besides, your outfit leaves very little to the imagination!”

June turned sharply and headed for the elevator. Tom rushed to catch up with her. “It’s obvious you don’t want what’s in the costume anymore. Maybe, I’ll shop it around!”

The elevator clattered to a stop at their floor. “Now, Honey Bun, you know I have been busy!”

“Yes, I know! But busy doing what?”

They spoke no more as the elevator stopped at the ground floor.


Carter inspected his costume, what there was of it, in his mirror. It was a back lizard print brief with a soft vinyl cup covered in metal stud details. The leather Collar had an O-ring for the chain leash. I guess I could be more obvious; he thought, but going naked would outrage his parents. He slipped on the leather half boots and headed for the elevator.

As the elevator stopped, he saw Caitlin and her husband. Caitlin’s leather jerkin with matching bikini panty was smoking hot. He smiled as he recalled giving her a close bikini shave this morning.

Her husband was in a Joker outfit like in the Alice in Wonderland cards. He saw his father in the king of hearts costume. The irony of Johnny and his dad dressed as playing cards with Johnny as the Joker was not lost on him.

Carter wished that Anne could have come. She begged off this morning before she left. She had a major quiz coming in class and needed to study. She was a regular overnight guest since that first night in September. At first, Caitlin was miffed. It turned out it was not all jealousy. Some of it was the loss of full time access to her brother. They talked about it and worked it out. The discussion was should they tell Anne about them.


The night had turned warm for late October. The party spilled into the Japanese garden. Halvatia’s punch had the desired effect. The guests were relaxed and enjoying themselves. As the night progressed, innocent flirting heated up to intense lip locks on the dance floor.

One prominent 50ish lawyer dressed as Gorgamel had his plump wife dressed as Honey Smurf pressed against the wall behind the elevator. His robe was open. Her plump legs were wrapped around his waist and for the first time in months, he was plombing the depths of her pussy.

A few spouses lost track of their partners for a while during the party, only to find them later sweaty and their clothes disheveled. Others used the pagoda in the garden and were more obvious. Her mushrooms were an unannounced hit.

Carter had danced a few times with both Caitlin and June. June feigned outrage at the brevity of his costume. Carter had pressed his sizeable crotch into her belly. He reminded her of their day in the Osaka Gardens. June had blushed furiously. However, as she turned to work the room like a good host, she let her hand slide across her son’s leather clad crotch.

To everyone’s amusement, Caitlin spent time leading Carter around by the leash on the collar around his neck. Some of the guests playfully suggested that they were keeping it in the family. To which Caitlin replied they were. It brought loud laughs from the partygoers, unaware of the truthfulness of the comment.

He watched his father move easily among the guests. Carter had not told anyone with the exception Miss Curry about seeing his father sucking cock. The knowledge of his incipient affair with his mother tempered his outrage. People who live in glass houses, etc., etc.

It was late in evening. The party was winding down. Carter wandered out into the garden. He was surprised that he felt like he did after smoking a joint. Kind of relaxed and detached.

June Crafton watched her son walked out into the garden. She was ashamed of herself. She actually was happy Anne could not attend the party.

As she followed him, she stopped to chat with various guests. She stopped and refilled her cup with Miss Curry’s excellent punch. Finally, she caught up with him at the pagoda.

“Why are you hiding out here?”

“Not hiding, mom, just taking a break! I got tired of smiling and having old women grab my crotch!”

June’s hand dropped to her son’s thigh. She casually stroked it, feeling its warmth.

“Oh, so you have something against old women, she laughed!”

Carter placed his hand on his mother’s thigh. He let it slide under her costume to her bare pussy.

“I have told you! You are not old! Old women don’t walk around with no panties!”

June shivered as her son stroked her pussy. She glanced quickly toward the patio door. “You know you shouldn’t do that!”

“Who did you think of it when you decided not to wear panties?” Still facing the patio door, Carter eased a finger in his mother’s pussy. If anyone turned at that moment, they would have seen a son finger fucking his mother. Only Halvatia saw them and she just smiled.

June grabbed his hand and held it. “Stop, baby, stop! We can’t! People might see us!”

Carter drew his finger from his mom’s pussy. He placed it on her lips. June pulled her head back. “Stop it, she squealed, you are terrible!”

“Lick it, mom, and see how good you taste!”

“Carter Crafton! You stop that, she giggled!” However, her tongue flicked out and sampled her juices.

He took her hand and led her into the shadows behind the pagoda. The weeds hid an old brick fence. It surrounded an old well from the days when the old house provided its own water. He picked his mom up and sat her on the enclosure.

“Carter, please don’t! This is not right! We just can’t…!”

Carter unzipped the front of his leather pants. He pulled his cock out and stepped between her legs. In the moonless night, they both could see it bobbing inches from June’s pussy

“Put it in, mom!”

“No Carter, no I can’t!”

“Put it in, mom.”

June’s hand shook as she reached out and clutched her son’s tumescent tool.

“Baby, don’t make me do this, please!”

Carter took a step forward. The head of his cock brushed the wet lips of his mom’s sex.

“Put it in, mom!”

June pulled gently on her son’s rigid member. He stepped forward and she guided him into her.

“Oh, fuck, baby, oh fuck!”

“Say it, mom, say fuck me!”

June scooted forward. She flinched as her son’s massive acorn head slid between the inner folds of her pussy.

“Oh my god! Oh my god! Wait, baby! I need… I!”

Carter eased forward. The incredible tightness of his mom’s pussy caused him to slow down. June placed her hands on her son’s hips. Slowly she pulled him forward, grimacing as he began to fill her.

“How does it feel mom?”

Behind them, they could hear people laughing. The driving rhythm of Miles Davis’ “Witch’s Brew” wafted from the ballroom. Carter could feel his mom’s juices running down his balls.

“I just don’t…I don’t think….!” June Crafton shivered as a mini orgasm shot through her body, releasing a flood of juices, she felt her son’s cock slip farther into her, aided by her lubrication.

“Fuck me, darling, please fuck mommy!”

Carter drove his full length deep in his mom’s cunt, bottoming out against her cervix. He watched as her eyes rolled back in their sockets. Then she dropped her head to his shoulder. He drew out until just the head was caressed by her inner folds, then he slid slowly back in. He felt his mother shiver and her pussy spasm as another orgasm rocked her, flooding her pussy.


Tom Crafton stood and wiped the come from his mouth. He placed his hand on his son in law’s chest and pushed him toward the ballroom. “You had better get back in there before we are missed!”

Caitlin’s husband slipped off the edge of the desk. He leaned in and kissed Tom, tasting his come in his mouth. “But I didn’t get a chance to do you this time!”

“We have to be careful. You can do me next time! Now you go out through of the library into the ballroom and I will go out through the garden and come in the patio door!”

Johnny pouted, pulled his pants up and walked back into the ballroom. He saw his wife, walked over and embraced her. He leaned down and pecked her lightly on the lips. “Great party, dear!”

Tom walked out into the garden. He carefully made his way toward the patio door opposite the pagoda. A noise caused him to freeze. He listened intently. He was probably safe but he did not want to take any chances. The sounds appeared to be coming from the rear of the pagoda. It sounded like someone fucking. He smiled and turned toward the patio door. He stopped. Curiosity got the best of him. He tiptoed over to the pagoda and looked behind it.

He almost passed out from shock. He recognized his son from his costume. He also recognized the woman. He could see her sweating lust filled face. It was June, his wife and she was fucking their son.

“Harder, Carter, fuck me harder!”

“Say it again, mom, say it!”

“Please fuck me son, fuck mommy!”

Tom Crafton sank to the floor of the pagoda. Outrage mixed with humiliation filled his chest. His heart pounded in his chest like a trip hammer. He thought he was having a heart attack. His breath came in short painful gasps.

“Whose pussy is this?”

“It’s your pussy, Carter! Mommy’s pussy is all yours!”

Hot tears ran down Tom’s face. As anger replaced outrage, he started to stand. He would confront them now. Let them know he was no cuckold. Make them stop. He rose to all fours and placed one hand on the back of the pagoda. Then a chilling thought hit him. What if they would not stop? What if they laughed at him and kept fucking?

“I’m coming, baby! Come with mommy!”

Tom could hear the tempo of the flesh slapping flesh increased as they thrust toward their peak. In spite of himself, he was getting hard again. His hand strayed to his crotch.

“I’m coming, mom, I’m coming!”

“Fill my pussy! Give me all your seed! Flood my womb!”

Tom struggled trying to get the zipper down on his costume. His wife’s ear piercing scream startled him. It was followed by the loud grunts and groans of his son coming in June, Carter’s mother and his wife!

Tom crawled on all fours out of the pagoda. He stayed in the shadows until he was near the patio door. Then he straighten up. He brushed the dirt off his costume and walked back into the party. He walked to the bar, poured him three fingers of bourbon, and downed it.

As he refilled his glass, he saw June and Carter enter the room. He saw the initial furtive glances. Then they separated and began bidding the guests good-bye. Tom thought he could see a faint gleam of wetness on his wife’s thighs. He choked back tears and outrage.

Halvatia smiled from her place behind the buffet table. She witnessed the entire scene. “What goes on in the night, comes out in the day!” She thought. There were very few secrets left in her family. Like them soap operas, the climax was near. She let her hand rub her shaved pussy through her costume. Maybe, she thought, it was like one of those old Westerns. There was a new sheriff in town!


In his monogrammed silk pajamas, Tom Crafton lay on his back in bed. He was disgusted with himself. He lacked the courage to confront his wife and son earlier. Now she was twenty feet away in her bedroom probably with Carter’s come still in her. He felt the bile rise in his throat. The perversity of it! And June seemed to actually love it! The way she screamed when she came! He never heard her scream like that with him!

He could not just let it go! Maybe Allen or Johnny could advise him. He grimaced as he imagined that scene, him asking his two male lovers to advise him. You see, guys, my wife and son are fucking. What do you think I should do? Yeah, that would work real well!

It made him think about how he got started in all of this. Aside from college, he had kept it straight. He still did not know why he went into the costume shop that day. Everyone knew its reputation. As he got older those urges from his college days came back.

He recalled 69ing with his roommate. The salacious feel of a cock in his mouth. The incredible rush as his roommate’s seed filled his mouth and slid down his throat.

His anus twitched as he recalled their first fumbling attempts at anal sex. The intensity of his orgasm as his roommates cock slid across his prostate gland.

When the campus rumors started, he broke it off. Even then, he knew career was the most important thing to him. Now, thirty years later, here he was again. Involved with two men! In addition, his son and his wife were fucking!

Tom Crafton drifted off to sleep, the sounds of his wife’s orgasmic scream as she came with his son filling his ears.

Chapter 8

Halvatia smiled to herself as she placed the breakfast on the serving table. Behind her, Carter, June and Tom Crafton sipped coffee and chatted. Tom Crafton had become a regular attendee at breakfast since the Halloween party two weeks ago. Why, he was almost courting his wife! As usual, Halvatia knew the cause. She had watched Mr. Crafton watch his son and wife fuck. Po’ thing! Things had changed. You cain’t go back Mister! You had better start thinking about moving forward.

Halvatia knew that June and Carter were fucking on a regular basis now. They were going at it every chance they got! Tweren’t no stopping that! They were like kids, with whispered secrets and furtive touches. Miss Carter just glowed! No Suh, they done changed and you the one gona have to live with it.


Later that day, Carter and Caitlin lay naked on the couch. It had been nearly a week since they played and they were enjoying the long languorous build up to sex.

“Mmmm, right there, Carter, just flick your tongue there!”

Caitlin raised up on one elbow. She held her twin’s cock in one and licked its length as if it was an all-day sucker.

“You know what was fun?”

“Oh, so getting your pussy licked is not fun?”

She playfully slapped his ass. Carter raised up on an elbow and looks at his sister.

“Yes, silly! I’ll always love you doing that! What was fun was watching you do it to mother!”

Carter had to relate to Caitlin every detail of him and his mother’s sex life. After a week of hearing about it, she decided she just had to watch. They conspired to have Caitlin hide in the old servants’ staircase. From there she could sneak into the media room, hide next to the door and watch.

“Lord, the way she screams when she comes! It makes me so hot!”

“You know what she told me? She said I was the first guy to lick her!”

“WOW!! Well she is making up for lost time! It seems that is all you guys do!”

“She is absolutely crazy for it! And she wants to practice deep throating my cock every time. She can get about half of it in before she starts gagging!”

Caitlin buried her head between her twin’s ass cheeks. She pushed up one thigh so she had easier access to his anus. She knew he did not care for it that much but she loved to do it. Johnny, her husband shot geysers of come when she did it to him.

“Mmmm that feels so good, Carter moaned!”

Halvatia told Carter he should not tell anyone about his father. She said knowledge was like bullets. You needed to conserve your ammunition. You only used them when you needed them.

Caitlin used her hands on either thigh to force his thighs apart. She used her lips and tongue to get her tongue into his anus. She could only get the tip in Carter’s but she could almost reach Johnny’s prostrate because his anus as bigger and looser. Caitlin raised up, planted a kiss on her brother’s starfish, Then she kissed both thighs as she raised up.

“I see dad is paying more attention to her also!”

“Yea, they actually went out to dinner the other night! I believe he spends the night in her room sometimes now!”

“So mom is getting dick from two men now, Caitlin chortled.”

Carter took his sister’s clit in his mouth and began sucking it. He used his index finger to finger fuck her ass. He knew she loved this.

“Uhhh, fuck I loved how you do that!”

Carter loved the soft screams coming from Caitlin as he sucked her clit and fingered her ass. He felt his cheek get wet as her pussy oozed copious amounts of juices.

Caitlin fell onto her back. Her brother had not fucked her yet but she was already sated from coming numerous times.

“Let’s take a break!”


June lay in bed next to her snoring husband. It seemed that they were getting their marriage back on track. And while that was great, she found she was in a different place now.

She loved her husband. He was a good provider and the father of her children. However, one of those children was now her lover. And fucking Carter was like being on drugs! There was no such thing as enough and you always wanted more. She had gone from walking around with her pussy dripping to walking wide legged because it was sore! Her son was HUGE! It took several minutes and lots of foreplay to get him fully in her. Then she just came continuously! It was like one long mind-blowing orgasm. In addition, she the feeling of her pussy full of his cum. And Jesus H Christ the incredible feeling of it splashing against her cervix!

Thank god in the near two months they had been having sex, her periods stopped. Otherwise, she would be concerned about getting pregnant. Her doctor took her off the HRT patch last week. She had a follow up visit this afternoon and that was it.

June affectionately stroked her sleeping husband’s back. Things were working out. It probably meant she needed to wind down her relationship with Carter. She wiggled her ass in the bed as she thought about it. She knew she would miss it but it had to be done.

She felt her pussy twitch when she thought about yesterday. He had her bring her vibrator to his room. She resisted initially, certain in the knowledge that she would eventually do it.

He had her lay on her back between him and while he played video games, he talked nasty to her. He actually made her get herself off while he watched and simultaneously played video games.

She felt like such a slut. She smiled as she recalled her son making her say she was his bitch.

He made her feel like such a slut! And she was loving every minute of it.


June was numb as she sat motionless in the back of the cab. The news from the doctor was devastating! Rather than tell her she was through the agonies and confusions of menopause and those damn HRT patches, she told her she was pregnant.

June almost passed out when she got the news. As she was trying to wrap her mind around being pregnant at 45, the doctor unknowingly dropped another bombshell. She was eight weeks pregnant! She and Tom had only been sexually active the last 6 weeks. If she was 8 weeks that meant she got pregnant around Halloween. It meant the baby was her son, Carter’s!

“We are here, Miss!”

“Huh, uh what…oh ok!” she gradually came down from her reverie and numbly paid the driver. She walked slowly up the driveway, holding her coat tightly around her against the late December chill. She entered the code and opened the door. As usual, the house was fragrant with the aromas of Miss Curry’s cooking. As she stumbled through the foyer and turned toward the elevator, she heard Curry calling her.

“Miss, Miss! Are you alright?”

Halvatia had watched June walk zombie like through the foyer. Her eyes were blank, her face drawn. Halvatia hurried over and wrapped her arms around this very special woman’s shoulders. Curry had eight children, all grown and gone, but she felt closer to this one than all of the others.

“Come, Miss! I got the kettle on! Let me fix you some tea.”

June let Miss Curry guide her into the living room and felt her sit her down. She slipped her coat off her shoulders and let it drape across the back of the chair. I am carrying my son’s baby. Forming that thought caused a flood of conflicting emotions. Joy that she had a life growing in her. Shame because she cheated on her husband and it was not his. Then horror! Incest created this precious life. She was dimly aware of Miss Curry sitting a cup of her tea in front of her and urging her to drink.

“That’s right, child, drink deep! Then tell ole Halvatia what’s bothering you.”

June took a deep calming draught of the hot tea. She turned to Miss Curry and blurted out her secret.

“I’m pregnant and it’s Carter’s baby!”

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