First Time Sex with Mom, She finds comfort with mom after a bad day

First Time Sex with Mom, She finds comfort with mom after a bad day. I got home from school one day. In fact it was the worst day of my life. My boyfriend dumped me and I failed my math test. On top of that I have detention for the next week for being late. And that was because I was in the toilet crying over my boyfriend dumping me. As I walked through the door I found an unusual site, my mum was standing nude in the kitchen cooking my afternoon tea.

I’ll tell you a bit about my mum. She has long stunning, shiny blonde hair, a gorgeous round arse, long waxed smooth legs, huge 36D breasts and from the look of it a baby smooth pussy. She got divorced earlier last year and hasn’t had a boyfriend since.

“Mum what are doing?” I asked her.


“I’m cooking your afternoon tea, what does it look like?” she said feeling unimportant.

I could smell the hash browns cooking in the oven too! “I mean you have no clothes on, I asked wondering what was going.

“Oh you mean that. Well I was getting kind of hot in this weather and all, and seeing it was only going to be you who was coming home I thought it wouldn’t bother you cause there is nothing to be ashamed of as we are both women and all. But if you are embarrassed I can put my clothes back on,” she replied as she continued cooking and stirring.

“Nah don’t worry about it mum,” I replied as I lifted my tight shirt over her braless chest revealing my 34C chest to my mum for the first time.

Then I pulled down my skirt and panties to reveal my sorta hairy pussy to my naked mum. For my age I had pretty big breasts (I think I got it from mum).

For a 44 year old woman my mum was beautiful. Her breasts were sagging a little but they were perfect as they were hanging on the table while we were eating afternoon tea. I couldn’t stop staring at how beautiful they were. None of the girls in my gym has breasts as beautiful as them. I think mum took my staring as a compliment. But all the while I was getting up the courage to ask mum why her pussy had no hair. I thought she would have some there seeing I’m 18 and have some.

We finished afternoon tea and I volunteered to wash the dishes for mum seeing she cooked the food. I started washing the dishes when mum got a tea towel and started to dry them. After drying a few of the dishes mum flicked my ass with the tea towel. With that I grabbed a handful of bubbles of detergent from the sink and rubbed them over my mother’s breasts. She flicked me again and I grabbed a handful of water and bubbles from the sink and through them at her. We played for 5 or 10 minutes before I was so comfortable around my nude mum that I finally asked her what had been on my mind.

“Mum, how did you get your pussy so smooth?”

“I shaved it with a razor babe. Why? Do you want me to do it to your pussy as well?” she asked as a big smile climbed onto her face.

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“Would you? That would be great,” I said as my mum grabbed my hand and we ran to the bathroom.

I climbed in the bath while mum was getting the razor blade she uses to get her pussy so baby smooth. As she was getting the shaving cream I turned the tap on to make a nice warm bath. I put my pussy underneath the running bath and started to moan at the pleasure I was getting from it.

“Not now darling,” my mum said in her sweet seductive voice.

She sat down behind me, her pussy and clit rubbed up against my arse and arse crack. It felt great, the warm water and the feeling of her up against me. It was a great feeling. She squirted out a fair bit of shaving cream onto her hands making her hands all white and foamy. She reached her arms out in front of me and smothered my hairy pussy in the foamy shaving cream. She rubbed it well into the hairs of my pussy to make them all nice and soft while occasionally flicking my clit, which made me release a small moan.

After my mum was satisfied with the job she had done rubbing in the shaving cream she grabbed the razor and started to glide it up and down my pussy removing the hair that covered it. She did it slowly, with slow long swipes to make sure she did a good job for my first shave. With each stroke the lips of my pussy began to bulge with my attraction to my mother and the feeling I was getting every time the razor flicked over them or my clit. And without even realizing my mum had finished shaving leaving me a nice clean and shaven pussy, just like hers.

She rubbed some baby lotion all around it to make it nice and soft, rubbing around my thighs, softly and sweetly, then around my bulging pussy lips, teasing me, then finally on my erect clit. She massaged my clit with her left hand and without noticing through the heavenly pleasure my mother was giving me she slid two fingers into my dripping wet pussy. It was obvious she was getting horny as her hard nipples were pressing into my back.

She slid her two fingers in and out of my tight, virgin 18 year old pussy. The pleasure was unbearable. I was moaning so loud by now. With each thrust and her fingers in my pussy and each rub with her other hand on my clit I could feel more pleasure creeping its way inside of me. I tried to hold on as long as I could to keep the feeling for longer but it was impossible.

“Ahhhhhhhh, I’m going to CUMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

And with that I let loose and released my nectar all over my mother’s hands, gushing out of my pussy like a broken tap. It was by far the best orgasm I had ever had. She removed her fingers from my now slick pussy and pulled me around to face her and gave me a long passionate kiss. I broke the kiss and took one of her large 36D breasts in my hand and started to play with her nipple while softly massaging her round breast. With my spare hand I grabbed her other breast and did the same to that, but not touching her nipple, teasing her, making her want it more.

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“Suck my nipples, please,” she said in her seductive and sweet voice.

I ignored her request and kept massaging her breasts.

She asked me again, “Suck my nipples, please.”

Once again I ignored her remark and kept teasing her rubbing her breasts everywhere but her nipple, making it grow larger although I thought I was already and its full length.

“SUCK MY FUCKING NIPPLES YOU STUPID SLUT!!!” she yelled. It worked, she wanted me bad and I was going to make her pay.

I started with her left breast, slowly sucking around her very hard and erect nipple. I finally got to her nipple and sucked it softly and tenderly, rolling my tongue over it making my mum squirm in the tub. But then I shocked her when I bit it as hard as I could. This made her jump. She let out a small yelp of discomfort before all the pain was pushed aside with the pleasure she was getting.

Just as I was making her moan on her left breast I stopped sucking and biting her nipple and gave her a soft kiss on her lips then put her right breast and nipple in my mouth softly sucking it and giving her more pleasure in return for the wonderful orgasm she gave me earlier.

As my mother started to moan from the nipple sucking I was giving her I stopped and started to kiss my way down her body. My mum jumped up onto the side of the bath and spread her legs to give me easier access to her pussy. I kissed my way down her stomach to reach her erect clit. I took it in my mouth and started to lick and suck making my mum moan with pleasure. Just as her sexual experience was beginning to heighten I kissed her inner thighs, teasing her once again, making her want me more.

The lips of her cunt were now bulging furiously as I started to kiss them, making her moan softly. I rubbed my finger up and down her slit. My finger was starting to get sticky from my mum’s wet cunt. My mouth and tongue started to explore her wet pussy. While I was licking her pussy I started to rub her clit furiously, making her moan ever louder.

My tongue was licking as deep into her pussy as it could go, feeling the walls of her love hole. Her breathing was starting to get heavier and faster. Then all of a sudden a large moan of pleasure of released and a rush of her womanly juices flowed out of her pussy all over my mouth and face. I licked around her cunt trying to lap up as much of her sweet tasting juices as I could as they continued to flow out of her into my waiting mouth.

I got up to kiss her on her lips but instead she licked around my face removing all of her juices that I couldn’t reach. Once all of the nectar was removed from my face we got together in a long passionate kiss, our erect nipples mashing together getting even harder at the contact.

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My mother broke off the kiss and moved towards the cupboard under the sink. She opened up the door and reached into a secret compartment in the back of it. She removed a plastic bag full of dildos from the compartment and emptied them all over the floor. I had always wondered how she could go without sex for so long. She sorted through the large pile of dildos and found a purple one with bumps along all 9 inches of it.

She sucked on all of it, deep-throating it all to lube it up ready for my tight snatch. I moved down onto the floor and lay back on the mat because the tiles were cold. My mum bent down and gave my clit a little suck before slowly pushing the 9 inch dildo into my virgin pussy. She inserted the first inch into my tight canal as I let out a moan of pleasure. I was getting my first fuck. She then retreated and pushed two inches of it into my dripping cunt. She slowly fucked me with half of the dildo letting me get used to the size of the monster. Then all of a sudden she rammed all nine inches of it into my tight virgin pussy.

A loud yelp of pain was accompanied by tears running down my face as I finally became a woman. “Are you ready for some more?” my mother asked ready to fuck the living daylights out of me.

I nodded and mum started to move the whole dildo in and out me. The whole thing she pulled out before pushing it back in. I was letting out small moans as the dildo stretched the walls of my cunt. It started slowly then became faster and faster.

Each thrust into my cunt brought out a new moan each getting louder and louder as the dildo fuck brought me ever closer to an orgasm. “AHHHHHHHH SHITTTTTTTTTT, I’MMMMMMMMMMMM GGGGOOOOOOIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGG TOOOOOOOOO CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I couldn’t keep the pleasure contained in me as I came all over the monster ‘cock’. My mum pulled out the fuck toy and brought it up to our mouths as we both licked it clean of my juices. We shared a long, deep passionate kiss.

“How did you like that dear?” she asked me, flustered at the session she had just experienced with me.

“It was fuckin awesome. I hope we can do it again some time soon,” I replied as juices were still slowly oozing from my cunt.

“Don’t worry about that darling, we will,” she replied as I smiled at the words that made my dreams come true.

We hopped back in the bath to clean ourselves up for dinner, rubbing each other clean, nothing sparking from our bath. We went down to dinner naked, staring at each others beautiful bodies as we cooked and ate. We went up to mum’s room and jumped onto her queen size bed.

I climbed underneath the sheets as I said, “Goodnight mum, I love you.”

“I love you too sweetheart and goodnight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite,” she replied with a cheeky smile on her face.

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