Fucked My Sexy Neighbour

Hello, guys, I’m Karthik and this is my sex story. I’m from Bangalore and I’m 23 years old. After completing my engineering I got a job in Bhubaneshwar and I had to relocate there. It was a completely new place for me and I had to go there 3 days before the joining date to find myself a PG or a flat.

Fortunately for me, our neighbor’s daughter who is a single woman worked in the same city. Our neighbors were very close to our family asked their daughter to help me find a new place in the city. And apparently she agreed and her parents gave me her number to contact her for any help.

So one day, before leaving, I called her to inform that I will be leaving the next day. She sounded a bit sexy in her voice. I had never seen her face closely as when she was in Bangalore, she used to usually wear a Burqa (my neighbors are Muslims). That was a few years back. I had not even started my engineering when she was in Bangalore. She used to visit Bangalore now and then but I had never seen her closely nor I had noticed her that much as she always used to cover herself fully. I was told that she is around 29-30 years of age.

So I left on Friday morning by train and I told her on the phone that I will be reaching by Saturday morning. She had told me that she will come to the railway station to pick me up. I reached Bhubaneswar on Saturday morning. It was around 9.30 AM and I called her to tell I have reached. She told me that she is at the railway station itself and she is waiting for me for 15 odd minutes.

I was really grateful that a neighbor whom a don’t even know was helping me so much. So after 10 minutes, I met her and I was shocked (in a good way) to see her. She was wearing a hot white t-shirt and jeans and she was looking like a bomb. She had an awesome figure and God her boobs were so big and those boobs were looking even bigger in that white T-shirt. And she was as beautiful as a Goddess. Her long hair, beautiful face and a sexy figure to die for.

I just couldn’t believe my eyes. I had expected her to wear typical Indian clothes or even a Burqa but I just saw was mind-blowing. I had never expected that she will be so hot. She was sexy as fuck. Her figure was 36-28-36 (which I got to know later of course). Looking at those 36D sized big boobs I couldn’t control my erection. She was looking like a Pakistani Bombshell.

We exchanged pleasantries and we walked towards the parking lot where she had parked her car. We both sat in her car and she started driving. She put her sunglasses on she was looking more sexier. I couldn’t stop staring at her fucking hot body. I was wearing sunglasses too and it helped me staring at those big boobs without getting caught. She told me that she was unable to contact the broker to find a PG and as the next day was Sunday it would be easier to find a PG for me and I can stay in her flat that day.

I was on cloud nine after listening to that. As a guy, I imagined a lot of sexy things at that time thinking I could stay with her for the whole day. After a while, she took out a cigarette from her cigarette pack and started smoking. I was a bit more shocked as I had not expected her to smoke. But she was looking really sexy even while smoking. I saw her and told her that “Whenever I had seen you earlier you used to wear a Burqa and now when I saw you, you are wearing modern clothes and you are even smoking.” ( I said this in a joking manner ).

She started laughing and told me that she wears Burqa only when she is with her parents as they are a bit orthodox. And about smoking, she told that her friends who work with her taught her to smoke and now it has become her habit to smoke cigarettes. She sounded really sexy while saying all this and after 30 odd minutes we reached the place where she stayed. She stayed in 2 BHK leased flat and when I entered her home I was a bit disappointed to see that a flatmate too lived with her. She was a really nice girl. She may have been around 24 years of age.

Three of us talked a lot that day with all us sharing our life experiences and it was really nice to hear from both of them. Ayesha (name changed) too was really a nice woman. Everything was really sexy about her except that she smoked a lot. I may have seen smoking at least 15-20 cigarettes that day.

Then at the night, the two ladies slept in their rooms and I slept in the living room. I got up at 9 am in the morning and Ayesha and the other girl(let’s say Radhika) had already woken up long back. Radhika was preparing breakfast and Ayesha was the one who woke me up and told me to freshen up and then we will leave to search a PG for me.

I went to the bathroom and after a while a realized that I had forgotten to take my towel with me and I came out the bathroom and pushed the door in which Ayesha was there ( I had kept my bag in her room) What I saw was shocking. Ayesha was only in her leggings and she was completely nude from the top and I saw her nude boobs and she was putting on her bra. She had thought that I was in the bathroom so she didn’t lock her door from inside.

She saw me at shouted at me, “What the fuck are you doing here?” I felt really embarrassed and asked her sorry and ran back to the bathroom. I was really kicking myself for not knocking the door before entering. I really didn’t know how to face her after getting out of the bathroom. I finished bathing and I slowly went out of bathroom expecting some shoutings from her. I saw her and asked her sorry again. She understood that it was by mistake and just smiled at me and told me it’s okay.

We had our breakfast and me and Ayesha left at around 10.30 to find a new place for me. She was again dressed to kill. She was wearing a black kurta and leggings and was looking fucking hot. She again started smoking her cigarettes while driving and after roaming for about 2-3 hours with the broker we were finally able to get a PG. I paid the deposit to the owner of the PG and he asked me to come next day and he will clean up the place by then.

It was around 1.30 in the afternoon and we decided to have lunch together. After lunch out of nowhere, I asked her if we can go to a movie. I thought she will refuse but surprisingly she said that it was a great idea. So “Jagga Jasoos” was playing in the nearby theatre. I gained the courage to hold her hands while we were walking. The movie started and it was quite boring I was feeling really horny sitting next to her.

Luckily only two of us were sitting in the entire row. I just took my hand out and placed it on her back. I was touching her back and hair and she didn’t stop me at all. I touched her back and I started touching her thighs and she kept mum. She said nothing. I just continued touching her shoulders and back. Movie interval came. Lights went on and all the other people in the theatre were walking around. She looked at me and asked me “What are you doing?” I told her “You are really really hot Ayesha.

I just can’t stop myself touching and feeling you.” She suddenly got up from her seat and asked me too to get up. I got up and she told me to let’s leave. I didn’t understand why she wanted to go back and I just kept quiet and walked out of the theatre with her. I was in two minds whether to ask her sorry or to say something else. I was really not understanding anything and kept walking with her. We sat in her car and she again lit her cigarette and started smoking.

She was driving and after a while, she stopped near a medical shop and out of nowhere she suddenly told me to go and get condoms. Now I understood what she wanted and my dick had fully up. I was on the moon just by imagining that I will fuck such a sexy woman. I quickly went out and bought condoms and came back. She started driving again and asked me, “What do you find the sexiest about me?” Without any hesitation, I replied her, “Your boobs. They are just fantastic boobs and any guy would love to place his hands on them.”

I started touching her boobs while she was driving. I was moving my hands around her boobs as I couldn’t control. She smiled and pushed my hand away and asked me to wait for a while. The journey back to her place took around 20 minutes and all the way I just couldn’t stop touching her. I touched her thighs, her boobs, her back and whatever I could touch while she was driving. She even responded by touching my thighs. My dick was just on cloud nine.

And then we reached her flat. Radhika was sleeping in her room. Ayesha quietly took me to her room and locked to her room. We both started kissing each other passionately. She laid on her bed and I was on the top of her. I was kissing her left, right and center. I was also squeezing her both boobs my hands. We kissed each other a lot for about 15 minutes. I started kissing her neck and my hands were on her boobs.

She too had placed her hands on my back. Then I took off her kurta. She had worn a cream-colored push-up and those boobs looked mindblowing in that bra. I fondled her boobs on the top of her sexy bra for about 5 minutes and I was also kissing her neck and navel. Now I pulled her towards me and unhooked her bra. She made me take off my shirt too. Now I could see those yummy melons in front of me. Those boobs were simply so big and were in awesome shape. Her boobs were really comparable to the boobs we see in porn. I pounced on boobs like a wildcat and started squeezing, pressing and fondling her big boobs.

Just as I was squeezing her boobs I could feel a bit of cum coming out of my dick. I started sucking her boobs and she too was enjoying it. She was asking me to suck it more. I planted a lot of kisses on her boobs. I held her boobs in my both hands and I was fondling them and sucking her nipples at the same time. I used my tongue all over her nipples and boobs and she was moaning in pleasure. I must have squeezed and sucked those boobs continuously for at least 20-25 minutes if I remember.

Those boobs were just awesome. I then removed her leggings and started touching and kissing her thighs. I went near and started kissing her again. I was also rubbing her pussy against pussy. I started rubbing faster and harder and meanwhile, I was kissing her too. She started moaning really louder and was breathing heavily. Suddenly her panty got a bit wet from inside while I was rubbing her pussy. I quickly took off her pussy and started kissing her thighs all the way down to her pussy.

Her pussy was cleanly shaved and that made my dick harder. I started licking her wet pussy by rolling my tongue all around her pussy. She was pulling my head towards her pussy and moaning. I started fingering too while licking her pussy. She started moaning loudly. Then I placed my hands on her big boobs again and started fondling her boobs while I was licking her pussy. Her pussy had got really wet.

She then got up and took my pants and boxers off. My dick was fully erect and a lot of cum had already exploded out as I was unable to control my dick. She was that hot and sexy. We again were kissing each other and one of the hands was pressing her boobs. She held my dick in her and started moving her hand to and fro while kissing me. It felt soooo good. Then the sexy goddess went down to my dick. She quickly put my dick in her mouth and she started blowing my dick. My God, she was a fucking hot dick sucker.

She was sucking my dick like a pro and she was using her hand too while sucking my dick. I was in heaven while she was sucking me off. I was touching her hair while she blowing my hard rod. She even took my dick in deep in her mouth and lot of pre-cum exploded out of my dick. My dick had got really sloppy and she was going on sucking it. She was giving me naughty smiles while she sucking my dick. She started blowing my dick really faster and I couldn’t control myself and came in her mouth. Wah, that feeling was something. Best ever feeling. I came in the mouth of such a sexy woman.

We both went to the washroom and got cleaned up after I came. She didn’t want to swallow semen. We got cleaned up for about 5 minutes and by that time my dick had reloaded and now it was time to fuck her hard. We again had foreplay for about 10 minutes and she helped me put a condom on my dick. She laid on the bed and spread her legs for me. That was dick raising.

The way she spread her legs and she was touching her own pussy. I started fucking her in the missionary position. I was also kissing her and squeezing her boobs while fucking her really hard. She was screaming in pleasure “Harder, harder.” I fucked her harder and really faster. I fucked her in missionary for about ten minutes. She had really got an orgasm and I could assume that just by looking at her face while I was fucking her.

Then I fucked her doggy style. I fucked her way harder than in the missionary position and it was feeling awesome. Then after a while, we switched to cowgirl position and this position is my favorite. I had placed my hands on her boobs while I was fucking her. It took around 25-30 minutes of intercourse before I came again (remember it was my second time).

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