Hot blonde Ruhi :part-2

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Ruhi is in her parents home as we both brother and sister have enjoyed sex twice in last week (prev story Hot blonde Ruhi – part 1) .she is too afraid as shy while doing it with me,why?.she is afraid if she conceives during sex as I hate protected sex with condom on my penis but we have planned for sex with protection. It’s a nice evening as I walked for evening walk and reached our local market where I bought a cane of chilled beer and have it in a deserted park.while sitting there ,I am smoking cigarette as my mobile is ringing……..”hi Ruhi
(Ruhi) please buy Today pills for me
(Rohan) ok my sweet heart and anything more
(Ruhi)no Rohan .” It’s an invitation to me for a hot night as I moved towards a medicine shop and bought a strips of pill. I walked back to my home as my mom is in kitchen and Ruhi is sitting in balcony alone. I changed my dress and after refreshment moved to kitchen…….”mom ,I need a cup of coffee.” And walked towards balcony. I took a chair and sit on it near Ruhi she is wearing a Bermuda as well as tops.looking at him ,I put my hand on her breast and started massaging it hard as she is smiling at me.we two are voiceless as my hand is pressing her boobs hard and I can see her reddish face with some sensation on her face. I left her breast and mom is there with cup of coffee as we both brother and sister is having left us as I am drinking it with my other hand on her soft breast to press it hard.she is looking at me as she is not showing her resistance and we put cup on ground as I put my both hands on her boobs ,now I am pressing my sister’s boobs hardly as she is screaming in joy”oohh aahh nice massage of it” and than things changed as Ruhi sits on my thighs with her arms in my shoulder.she is pressing hard her soft ass on my strong thighs as she is kissing my lips and my hand is moving on her back and than Ruhi took my lips in her mouth as she is sucking it ,my hand moved inside her tops as I can feel her back without strings or hook,oh see is not wearing a brassiere.ruhi slowely pushed her tongue in my mouth as I am sucking it with her left breast on my chest.after a while Ruhi took out her tongue as she have put her head on my shoulder and I ………..”Ruhi ,we will enjoy at midnight
(Ruhi) yes but we can enjoy oral sex here
(Rohan) ok let me see what’s going inside .” As she left my thigh and I walked to dinning hall to see my mom as well as dad’s activity. I can see mom as well as dad in dinning hall watching t.v and it’s risky to enjoy oral sex in balcony.
I walked to my bedroom as my penis is semi erected and waiting for something to happen as I want my parents to move inside bedroom but they are sitting in dinning hall .my dirty mind is on Ruhi as I walked again towards I sits on chair as Ruhi is looking at me and I indicated him of parents presence in dinning hall.our chairs are closer as Ruhi put his hand inside my Bermuda and hold my penis in her palm,she took it out from the corner of Bermuda and started masturbating it.she is not shy or afraid in masturbating my cocks as I put my hand in her Bermuda. It’s too loose as my hand is in her Bermuda ,I can touch her panty with my hand as I put labias in between my fingers on her panty started pressing it ,she is too horny as she is feeling the heat”oohh Rihanna don’t do it” and I ask her to come in my bedroom. I walked to my bedroom as I can see mom in dinning hall and dad not present there. I moved inside my washroom as I took refreshment and after a while,Ruhi came in my room,looking at me she sits on bed’s corner as I am standing in front of him.she pulled down my Bermuda and hold my dick tightly as she is kissing my penis with her rossy lips.she is rubbing glans on her lips as well as face and lastly took my whole cock in her mouth as she started sucking my cock hard with her mouth giving a hard jerk on my penis.we both are on top of the world as she is giving me a nice blow job and I am screaming…….”oohh Ruhi suck my cock hard aahhh.”

And she is swinging her head as she is looking like a prostitute with penis in her mouth.later on ,she left my penis as she is rolling her tongue on my penis and suddenly I can hear some foot step as I took my Bermuda in hand and moved inside washroom. I put my Bermuda on waist and moved out of my washroom as I can see my hot sister not I slept on bed as my cock is rock hard inside my Bermuda.its 08:35 pm as I am on bed and we have to wait for 02 hours for our sexual session to I walked out of my room as I can see mom inside kitchen and Ruhi is not in balcony.oh,she is in her bedroom as I entered her room ,she is on bed with her mobile and I smiled on I am on bed as my next destination is her glory hole for my lips and tongue.whilr sitting near her waist,I pulled down her Bermuda and removed her panty .

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I put a pillow under her sexy ass as I put my face in between her thighs,now I started kissing her labias as my hand is on her waist. I am kissing her soft vagina as it’s smelling like she have urinated and not washed her cunt properly but who wants to leave vagina? And my hot sister put her fingers on it to open it’s vaginal hole and my tongue is licking her cunt as her vagina have little flexibility but my tongue is fucking her cunt fastly and she is shouting……..”oohh aahh Rohan fuck me soon ,my vagina needs penis.” And I rolled my tongue in her cunt for 3-4 minutes and than sucked her cunt for a while. I left her cunt as Ruhi is bit afraid of mom and she put her Bermuda on waist and now we both are in balcony again.while sitting on chair in closer position ,she hold my wrist as she pushed my hand in her Bermuda and I pushed my long finger in her hot cunt and while fingering it ,I am pressing her breast hard.


Her cunt is dry as my finger is fucking it and my hand is giving her boobs hard massage as she is in fire and after a while ,she screamed……….”oohh aahh my cunt will cum soon.” And I am fingering her cunt fastly as my fingers got the touch of juice and I took out my finger from it.she left balcony and I am waiting for my hot sister Ruhi to come .after some time ,mom came there and asked……”where is Ruhi ?
(Rohan) may be in her bedroom.” And she moved away.

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My penis is in full erection as it’s rock hard and I am looking for Ruhi as I have to fuck her soon.after waiting for 15-20 minutes ,I left balcony and moved to ruhi’s room.our bedroom’s have common washroom with two doors ,one opening in my bedroom and other in sister’s bedroom. I am sitting near ruhi’s leg as I asked……”Ruhi I am going to washroom and
(Ruhi) ok than I will also come inside.” And I left her room ,now I am in my bedroom as I took a towel and frisked inside washroom as I can see Ruhi there. I pulled down my Bermuda as she pulled her tops and Bermuda ,we both are nude under cascade,water is flowing on our body as I hold him tightly and two nude body are brushing each other but our mission will end soon after her Ruhi is on ground on her knees and elbows like a doggy as I am on my knees and I put my cock in her cunt just pushing it inside her cunt.while holding her waist tightly ,I am fucking her with speed as well as power. Ruhi is screaming in joy”oohh it’s hard fuck me aah.” As my penis is hitting her deep vagina and now like a wild lady Ruhi is swinging her ass fast.we both are under cascade as we are having bath and I am fucking my sister with my hard penis going inside her I put my hand on her hairs as I am fucking her while pulling her hairs ,she is moving her ass fast and “oohh Rohan go fast and pour your cum.” As I am fucking her glory hole for 10 minutes and my penis ejaculated cum in her cunt ,she sucked my cock and tastes it’s cum.

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