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I’m Lakisha, 34 years old. A very pretty Indian girl with big brown eyes and long, wavy black hair. The first thing people notice about me are my eyes and I’m always getting compliments on them. I’m slim with a size 34 B boobs, tanned skin and my boyfriend is a part time DJ named Blaze, he’s 28, very handsome and charming. I met him online and we kicked it off immediately.

He’s very horny and so am I. We matched sexually almost immediately.

The first time we met, he flew down to see me and booked a room at the Hilton hotel. Once in the room, we kissed passionately and undressed each other, he lifted me to the bed and started to lick me all over my body, squeezing my boobs and telling me how he’s been dreaming of fucking me, the moment we met. We’ve had online sex many times and now he was going to have me for real. I rubbed my hands all over his body, I loved the feel of his warm body on mine. He gently sucked my boobs while squeezing my ass. I moaned and started to rub my clits with my hand, he caught hold of my hand and said “No, that’s my job”. He got some rope from his bag and tied my hands together. He brought his 8 inch thick cock to my pussy and rubbed my pussy with his dick as he watched my face while I moaned loudly. “ Blaze… baby… put it in…” I begged but he just smiled in a really sinister manner and continued to rub my pussy with his huge cock. I moaned louder and he stopped, brought his cock to my lips and ordered “suck it”. I immediately obeyed, I licked his shaft and started sucking him as he moaned, he rubbed my clits as I ducked him and I was getting so wet while he got harder in my mouth. He removed his cock from my mouth, stood up and started jerking himself while he watched me tied up and unable to do anything. “Please fuck me babe…” I begged but he kept smiling in a sinister manner and jerking himself off… I screamed “Fuck me baby, fuck me please…,” but he continued to jerk himself faster. I was almost in tears but he wouldn’t give in. He came in his hands, got back on the bed and kissed my nose while I looked at him upset at what he had done.
“Baby lick me please…” I begged as he lay there playing with my boobs. I was dripping wet and he inserted two fingers into my pussy and finger fucked me, I moaned… and just before I could cum, he removed his fingers from my pussy. “Ohhhhhh please… please…” I begged. “You want my cock, honey bunch”? He asked me as I moaned a long
He was still limp so he got up, spread my thighs and started to lick my wet pussy, he inserted his tongue in my pussy licking up the juices, I moaned as he continued to lick and tongue fuck me.
In a few minutes he was hard again and started to rub his cock on my pussy, “ put it in please….” I begged and he finally obliged. Inserted his big 8 inch, thick cock in my pussy and pounded me gently at first and harder and harder until I came. I screamed loudly as cum flowed down my pussy, he kept pounding me until I stopped moaning, removed his hard cock from my throbbing pussy and hugged me, his cock still hard.


End of part 1

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