How I fucked my Bhabhi in Bangalore??

How I fucked my Bhabhi in Bangalore??
This story is about Pallavi bhabhi and how we ended up having great sex in afternoon.

Hey, This is Rahul with a real-time experience. Today I want to share the hot story of my Pallu bhabhi who was my owner when I was living in my old rented house.
This incident happened long back when I was new to Bangalore and ended up living in a 2BHK home. My owner was a Govt employee who had 2 school going kids and his wife Pallavi was hot a hot bomb with ravishing looks.

I was not okay with the house but agreed to stay with 2000Rs extra because of her. I used to play with her kids whenever I got free time. So, coming straight into the story, her husband was a 9-5 employee without much passion towards life and just into mundane jobs. His wife was socially interactive and used to mingle with all and used to treat me as her friend. My dream was to pump her hard with my dick and make her cum multiple times. So I started to interact with her more and more and used to give gifts to her kids. I remember it was Saturday, she was back from some marriage and was wearing some designer saree when the rain started to drip heavily and all the clothes which were hanged to dry were getting wet.
She immediately came to the balcony and started to pull off all clothes from the string. It was the right time to get her attention so I just rushed towards the scene and started to help her then I saw her nipples popping out from her blouse due to rain and her structure was perfectly visible to me which made my little partner very hard but I controlled myself then while taking the clothes in a hurry her saree got caught to the plant which was there in the pot and man her boobs were perfectly visible for me with the red lingerie and blouse but she got hesitated because she came to know that I saw her beautiful assets.
Later that day I just remembered her structure which was 35-30-34 and just opened my dick from the boxers and slowly started to stroke it by remembering her. She was an Arabian horse fair complexion, hot ass, perfect boobs with a cute smile. Nobody can say that she was the mother of 2 children. I was not able to concentrate so from that day I started to observe her hot assets more and more.
After some time it became a habit for me to see her assets daily but was not able to get close to her but I came p with an idea to become close to her so I blocked the taps in my home and broke 2 taps in the bathroom and told to my owner about the problem. He was so busy doing his job, he didn’t even react to it and told her wife to look after this.


So for the 1st time, she came to my house after so long and I invited her with a warm welcome and she was very happy to see the house in a very good condition. After seeing the tap she told, we should call the plumber to look after this and he will rectify it. The damage charges would be deducted from the monthly rent but my intentions were something else. She called the plumber and he took his own time to land up in the home till then she went to the kitchen and started to prepare tea for both of us with a steamy conversation.

Me: You are like Google(trying to crack a lame joke) know answers for everything.
Pallavi: Ho, common nothing like that just know to manage the house?
Me: From, when you are in Bangalore?
Pallavi: I was born here.
Me: You are very pretty(trying to break the ice). No one can say you have 2 kids.
Pallavi: So what would be my age?
Me: 26.
Pallavi: Really??
Me: Yeah or maybe 28.
Pallavi: No I am 35(blushing). You are flirting ha…
Me: Nah!! Just saying the truth.
At the wrong time, the bell rang and our convo ended. The plumber came and she was showing, where the problem was in the tap and started to bend near the tap with her light green salwar kameez. We both guys started to enjoy the show but It ended very soon. After that, she went to her home and I was happily getting wet in my home.
Next day I intentionally when to the bathroom to take bath around 11 pm and called her that there is a problem with the tap again. She came to my home and knocked on the door and the door was open, she called my name and I said Pallavi I am here in the bathroom repairing the tap come inside. Without any doubt, she opened the door with a bang and I made such an arrangement that my towel would be so loose it will fall if I do some movement. When she opened the door my towel fell down and saw me naked without anything and for a second she was stunned and closed the door immediately. I thought my plan was a success and acted as if it was an accident and again tied it loosely to my waist and told her to open the door now. She with a hesitation came and saw the tap and rotated it a few times but for no use and asked for a spanner. I went to the living room to get the spanner and she was looking towards me and while come=ing towards her I made sure that my towel would fall again and she again saw my massive cock with an erection and laughed without a stop. I asked her why you are laughing like that.
She said nothing and looked towards me again and went to her house saying if you are hungry come for lunch sarcastically.
I got confused and also afraid with her words what if her husband come to know about everything and screw me up but later I gained my courage and went to her house around 1:30 p.m, for lunch. When she opened the door I was stunned to see her beauty, she was wearing a silk nighty with no bra and exposing her juicy shoulders and back. She never wore such type of nighty in the house.
Pallavi: What will you have for lunch??
Me: Anything served with love.
Pallavi: Oh really, came closer to me.
(My heartbeat started to rise and slowly went backward)
Pallavi: Are you wearing the belt or the pant will fall.
Me: No, the pant will not fall.
Pallavi: Let us see.
She came near me and held my dick tightly and I was shocked and didn’t know what was happening and my heart was pumping fastly and my dick was rising slowly.
Me: What are you doing in a shock?
Pallavi: Doing what you need.
She slowly started to rub my cock and loosened my belt then I came back to my senses and took her hands on my shoulder and hugged her tightly. The feeling was awesome, er juicy milky boobs were pressed against my chest and my cock was rock hard.
I lifted her face towards me and kissed her lips gently, she reacted with a lot of passion and while kissing my hands were not steady and they were making their way towards her hot round ass. Her ass was voluptuous and I spanked it so hard that she shouted “CONTROL”, you have all day.
I lifted her and went to the bedroom, where she threw her lingerie on the bed. When we entered the bedroom she came close to me and whispered in my ears “Close your eyes”.
I was waiting for the surprise and when she ordered me to open my eyes, I was awestruck by her beauty, she was wearing a blue lingerie which was fitting on her so nicely and made her sexy ass even more attractive, she told me to remove my trousers and I obeyed like she said then she came close to me, bent over and started to rub my crouch.
I came to know on that day what is heaven? My partner was standing like a soldier saluting to her she took him out of the boxers and straightly it went to her mouth. She handled it with care and gave me an awesome blowjob. I was about to cum because of her blowjob then I stopped it and made her lay on the bed. Her panty was wet then I removed her bra and started to play with her round nipples. It was round like a 2 rupee coin. When I sucked her nipples by squeezing one boob in another hand she moaned loudly Aa aaa aaa a aaaa slowly baby, Then I made her lie on the bed and started to kiss her all over the body like her lover. She was getting tempted and was not ready to take it anymore then she startedto beg me “Please fuck me ” I can’t take it anymore.
I turned her over and saw her huge ass, when I touched her ass it was so soft and jiggling.
I said “Pallavi what an ass you have, I want to spank it ”
Pallavi: Go ahead baby.
This was the chance I was waiting for, I spanked it so hard that she was moaning in pain and pleasure aaa baby you are wild want to eat me ha??
Yeah, baby, I want to eat you today, then I removed her panty and started to lick her pussy and bit her thighs, she was feeling ecstasy. She took my face and pushed it over her salty pussy, she was shivering with joy and was moaning.
A aaa aaaa aaaaa Rahul what a boy you are?? You are making me mad today. Everything is yours eat me today. My partner was waiting to go inside her pussy she was also desperate and took my cock in her hand and inserted in her pussy.
It was so smooth and went deep inside her, while going inside she made a moaning face which I can’t even forget to this day man. She was holding her breath and said in Hindi(Kyaa chod rahe ho yaaar, aisa kabhi nahi hua).
First I pushed it slowly and started to pump her hard. THe view was awesome she was laying on the bed and her boobs were going up and down with the rythm and she was making sweet noises, then I went hard and started to pump her.When I was about to cum I took it mouth and went near her face. She closed her eyes and I splashed loads of cum on her face.We both were satisfied and exhausted. We slept like that side by side for 30 minutes and then she came on me and hugged me.There was not an inch of cloth on our body and her boobs and legs were pressing against my bode which made me partner to rise then took him and inserted hin into her pussy without her noisy. When she realised she opened her mouth widely and said. What the fuck your cock is already ready, when she was about to complete her sentence I inserted my finger into her mouth and started to bang her. She was struggling for breat then we both collapsed again. We took our time and went to bath seperately. She prepared for luch when I went for bath and I lether house in the evening with some happy talks.
I fucked her almost for 2 years and left the house when my company changed. We are in touch till today and make out whenever posiible.
If anyone in and around Bangalore just ping me, we can catch up.
Girls and ladies out there if you liked the story please share your opinion and keep sharing your fantasies with me on [email protected]
Thank you.

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