How i lost virginity with an aunty in Chennai.

Hi all reders, i’m raj from chennai.

about me : I’m 6 feet height. tool bit more than 6 inch. working in chennai mylapore area.
im 29 living ina seperate home in chennai. i was looking for real sex in chennai to break my virginity and to have my first sex in chennai.

i was using Facebook in [email protected] mail id. i once put an ad in it asking for female in chennai for sex. after sooo many days i got a message on FB from an unknown user. stating that she was a lady in chennai.


I first really dint believe it. just replied ok.

This was our conversation,

She (S): hi, im 48f from chennai
Me (M) : ok

After few hours : S: i saw ur ad on fb.
M: which ad?

S: female for sex.
M: oh, ok .. are u female ?
S: yes, im 48.
M: ok ..

S: not interested in aged person ?
M: noting like that, just need to know if u r really female.

S: wer r u now ?
M: in home, mylapore

S: come to guindy in evening. 4pm
M: give me ur number.

S: first come, if we meet i ll give u number.

Having no hope i said ok ..
M: ok

I then went to gundy and waited for her in bus stand. and pinged her .

M: im in gundy, busstand (3:45pm)
F: after 5 min, wer in busstand

M: mentioned place
F: shirt color?

M: brown.
F: i saw, u.

F: come near puncture shop.
M: ur dress color.

F: blue, saree
M: coming.

I saw her in blue saree, and stopped there. hi.

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she just smiled at me.

she looked short, and 5.2 height, looked like 35 years old lady.

very naturally, she asked me to sit near by.

i talked to her for 15 mins, exchanged numbers, left the place. she asked me soo many times.
do u like me ? (Pudichuruka?)

i said yes.

S: i ll call u in few days.

M: ok
In few days i got a call from her number.

Hello, dai paiya.. veetuku va. evening variya?
ok .. veedu yenga?

she said the place.

I went there at 8pm . from evening she called me nearly 5 times. as no body was at her home. she asked me to come in.

I went in.

She dint waste any time. directly came and sat on my lap. and smiled on me.

i started to sweat a lot. i was waiting for her to do the next move.. seen me a bit nearvous. she started talking to me generally sitting on me lap.

then in few mins, i took my hands and kept on her thigh. she was also getting comfortable on me. and i started to rub her back with other hand.

our conversation slowly stopped. we just had eye contact. she came and started kissing my lips directly .. actully bitting my lips.

and i started to respond and kiss her , and also my hands from her thigh moved to her boobs. as i pressed her boobs , her breath was going heavy.

i liked it, i think it continued for 5 or 6 mins i guess. and then i slowly started to leave her lips and moved to her neck. and pressed her boobs heavily. i knew she was getting very hot. and i continues it. she was moaning which ever i kissed on her neck. slowly playing with her i started to remove her saree. and we had a small game. she asked me to remove her bra hooks with out removing her blowse. i won it. and it was really fun.

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then we both got naked. see saw my dick standing and started to give me a blow job . i was n heaven when she did it. and i slowly started to go near her pussy . she under stood my intention , and spred her legs. i licked her pussy happily for nearly 15 mins taking every part of it in my mouth .. she came 2 time and moaned .. (yennanga .. yennangaaa.. yennangaaaaaaa) this was her moaning pattern..

i went in to missionary position, jumped out of the bed,.. she was asking y raj, wat happened.

i took the condom packet from my jeans pant and came to bed. she said we no need it.

i said we need it and within the time my dick went to sleep.. again i started to tease her .. and she seeing my dick. she gave a nice blow job again .. and that came to position . and i wore a condom . she helped me as it was new to me.

i went to missionary position .. tried to insert my dick in her pussy . it was not getting it. i felt it difficult.. she cant wait.. she pushed me on the bed and climbed on me and sat on my dick . in few seconds i was not able to see my dick out.. and she strated to dance on me.. with the dick in her i came to missionary position again .. and she loved it..

i fucked her till 11 pm in night. 2 rounds.. and we both where tired .. i said i want to leave.. she was happy with me and said ,, thanks for comjng . and kissed me . we both dressed up and she went out to see if some1 was outside..

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as nobody was there she let me go..

hope u enjoyed it.. this is how i lost my virginity ..

forgive me for the spelling mistakes and if u can give any tips to improve the story writting its this is my first story.

THank You guys..

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