Husband shares wife’s sexy Polaroids with friends

Husband shares wife’s sexy Polaroids with friends, loving wife, sex stories, I don’t know how things got this far out of hand. It started simply enough. Several years ago my husband began taking boudoir photos of me which I thought were for his enjoyment only. He said he wanted to take them with him on business trips to have something to look at while he masturbated. Secretly it excited me, thinking of my husband in a motel room somewhere looking at the Polaroids of me in lingerie, or naked, his cock in his hand while he jerked off as he gazed at my photos. I was fine with that. Until…

One day I had to go into his briefcase to find some papers, and much to my surprise, there were my photos. I guess I hadn’t realized he was carrying them around with him. Then I began to wonder if he had shown them to anyone, so one evening during our before dinner cocktail hour I confronted him about it.

“I found my photos in your briefcase, Bob,” I began. “You told me you got rid of them. You haven’t shown them to anyone have you?” I asked.

“No. Well, I mean… not intentionally,” he murmured. “At least not at first.”

I felt an instant rush of heat coursing through my body when I began to consider what he meant. “What the hell does THAT mean, Bob? Has someone seen my pictures? Answer me, and you tell me the TRUTH, damn you!”

“I won’t lie to you, Jill,” he said. “Yes, someone has seen them. Andy. I forgot they were in my briefcase, and he was in my office and we were going over something and I pulled some papers I needed out of my briefcase, forgetting about your Polaroids. A couple fell out onto my desk, and he saw them.

“What the hell, Robert! Are those of JILL?” he asked. And then before I could stop him he picked one of them up and stared at it with this big grin on his face. Then he picked up the other one and said, ‘You DOG, you! My God she’s gorgeous. Look at those TITS… and that furry bush!’ Or something like that.”

“And you didn’t stop him? You just let him SEE ME…NAKED?” I gasped.

“Yeah. I did,” he said quietly.

“WHY, Bob? Why didn’t you take them away from him?” I questioned.

“Truthfully, baby? Because it excited me. My fucking cock even started getting hard. And I was so proud of you. AM so proud of you. I realized I WANTED him to see you… how beautiful and sexy you are. I loved showing you off in your lingerie and letting him see your gorgeous tits and naked pussy! So I did something I never intended to do. I was aroused, and he was clearly excited over seeing the pictures, so I… I got up and locked my door, and… I showed them all to him.”

“My God! HOW COULD YOU?” I gasped, but somewhere deep inside me I felt it, too… a tingling… a growing feeling of excitement, knowing a friend of ours had seen my naked body. “What… did he say about them? He must think you’re married to a slut now!”

“On the contrary, my sexy wife. Do you want to know what he did?”

“Yes, of course I do,” I scowled, the tingling increasing in my pussy.

“He said he had to borrow them for a few minutes. Then he winked at me and said he had to take them to the men’s room and jerk off while he looked at them in there.”

“NO!” I gasped, the image of our friend Andy playing with his cock as he looked at my photos causing the dampness in my pussy to increase. “So did you LET HIM? Tell me you didn’t let him take my photos into the bathroom to use as JERK OFF MATERIAL!”

“Oh, but I did, Jill. And you know what? I loved him doing that. I had to reach inside my trousers and adjust my cock because I was so hard. And just remembering it now is making my cock hard again. Look!” he said, unzipping his pants, taking out his naked, growing cock.

“I can’t believe this.”

“But it’s at least a little exciting, too, don’t you think, baby? To know a friend of ours, a good looking, married friend of ours used your photos to jerk off to? Doesn’t that excite you at least a little, Jill?”

I thought about how I could play this. I could deny it and continue to pretend to be furious with my asshole husband for letting this happen. Or I could admit it. Admit that it WAS exciting to me, and then just see where things went from there. So that’s what I did.

“I guess in a way it’s a compliment. To think that one of our friends admired me enough to masturbate while looking at my photos. But doesn’t that bother you? I’m your wife!” I exclaimed.

“Frankly, baby… as I said, it turned me on. Big time. Just like it is now!” he said, stroking his growing cock now.

“Well how would you feel about it if he wanted to do more than just jerk off looking at my pictures. What if he wanted to fuck me? How would THAT make you feel?” I asked.

“Frankly I’d love that, too, Jill. I’d love to watch Andy, or any man, fucking you, baby. I’m proud of you and would love to share you with other men as long as it was just SEX and LUST and not love! You know how much I love porn. It would be like being married to my own porn star! So that’s why when he came back from the men’s room and told me how much he lusted after you I told him I’d ask you if he could fuck you,” he said, his voice low, husky. Clearly he was excited as we talked about this and he stroked his growing cock in front of me.

“You’re not serious…are you?” I asked. When my dickhead husband just grinned at me and squeezed his growing cock I said, “No, it probably WOULD turn you on to see me acting like a porno slut, wouldn’t it, you pervert!” I continued. “Or maybe sucking a guy’s cock… licking his balls… letting him FUCK me!”

“YES!” Bob hissed. “Look… look what’s it’d doing to me just hearing you talking about it, baby,” he said, squeezing his stiff cock as some pre-cum goo drooled out. So I decided to enhance his fantasy even more.

“Hmmm, Andy… your big cock is sooo hard,” I teased. “Is this what you wanted to see, Andy?” I asked, quickly stripping off my tee shirt, then my bra. “See the tits you saw in the photos my pimp husband gave you for you to jerk off with?” I said, cupping my tits for “Andy.” Then I continued, “My husband said you liked seeing this, too… is that right, Andy?” I said, tugging off my shorts and panties, then framing my hairy cunt with my hands. “Did you like seeing this, Andy? My CUNT? And while you jerked off looking at my photos what were you thinking? About possibly me doing this to you?” I purred, moving over in front of Bob’s cock. I wrapped my fingers around it then and slowly lowered my petite size 6 body to the floor in front of him. “Is this what you were fantasizing about me doing to you, Andy… sucking your cock, like this?” I said, before sliding my mouth over my husband’s twitching cock, licking it, sucking it.

“Oh God, baby… yes… suck it,” Bob moaned as I fondled his balls while sucking him.

“Are you going to fuck me, Andy? My husband thinks it would be hot to see me getting fucked by you. But if you fuck me you can’t wear a rubber, Andy. You’d have to fuck me bareback, like this,” I teased, pushing Bob down on our sofa, moving over him then… naked now, the nipples on my 36C tits stiff, aroused, my pussy sopping wet.

“Want me to do this to you, Andy?” I asked, spreading my legs apart, straddling my husband’s cock, then lowering my spread pussy down to the crown of it. “Like this, baby? Is this how you want to fuck me, Andy?” I asked, sinking down onto Bob’s cock, feeling it sliding up inside my wet pussy.

“Hmm, God, yes, Andy… do it. FUCK ME while my horny husband plays with his cock watching us,” I said, feeling Bob’s cock sliding deeper inside my cunt. “Oh God, yes, Andy! Fuck me. Fill my hot cunt with your big, Andy cock,” I moaned.

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In seconds Bob was pounding his cock into me, calling me nasty names, which he knows I adore.

“Fucking slut… WHORE! You’d LOVE Andy to fuck your nasty hole, wouldn’t you, Jill. You’d let him, too, wouldn’t you, you fucking cum bucket skank.”

“Of course I would,” I moaned. “But you ARE Andy, aren’t you… with your COCK in my CUNT… in Bob’s WHORE’S cunt. So fuck me, ANDY. And COME in my slutty cunt!” I gurgled, bouncing up and down on my husband’s dick.

Then, switching roles, I continued. “And remember, Bob, YOU started this, my asshole husband. You’re the one who showed our friend my naked photos. And you did it on purpose, didn’t you? That bullshit about them falling out of your briefcase was just that… bullshit… wasn’t it, you bastard.”

“Yeah. It was. We were talking about something, and Andy said how hot he thinks you are, Jill. It aroused me, so I told him I had some photos of you that would show him just how hot you really are. He said he’d love to see them and said he’d never tell anyone about them. So I did it, Jill… I showed them to him and I’m glad I did. I’ve been wanting to show those pictures to some of my buddies ever since I took them because I knew it would turn me on, and it did. And it made YOU hot, too, didn’t it, Jill. Admit it.”

“Maybe,” I said, squeezing my husband’s cock with my cunt muscles. “I guess it is kind of flattering.”

“Andy’s not the only one either, babe,” Bob said.

“WHAT!” I gasped, his cock pounding into me

“I showed them to a couple other guys, too, Jill. After Andy saw them and I saw how hot it made him, and me. And I loved it. I’m so proud of you, and these!” my husband said, fondling my tits.

“So who else has seen them, you fucker?” I growled, pissed off but also excited. Bob’s cock is very thick, and he hadn’t fucked me like this in a long time, pulling me down onto it, pounding it up inside my wet pussy.

“Tom…and Jimmy,” he said. “I showed them to both of them, and I’ve been posting them online, too.”

“You showed my naked photos to those guys, TOO?” I said, thinking about each of them as he identified them. “And you POSTED THEM… ONLINE?” I gasped.

“Yeah. I did. But I didn’t show your face in them online, baby. And all my buddies think you’re smoking hot, babe,” my husband said. “And your pics are getting great comments from the men who’ve seen them online.”

“Oh God!” I groaned, not knowing whether to be more pissed or more excited over knowing our friends had seen my pictures…my NAKED pictures. And that ANYONE we knew might have seen them online.

“And now that our friends have seen you, Jill, they all want to fuck you. And I want them to do it to you, too, my slutty hotwife. I want to watch our friends ALL… FUCKING… YOU… IN A… BIG… GANGBANG!” he gasped, his cum rocketing up inside my pussy now as he pounded into me.

“Oh God! I’m coming, you bastard. You SICK FUCK! I know we’ve fantasized about something like this while we’re fucking, but I never thought you were serious!”

“But I am, Jill. So would you do it? Would you let our friends all fuck you, my hot slut wife?”

Again I knew I had a decision to make. I could refuse, in shocked indignation. Or I could satisfy by husband’s warped desires and do it. I could agree to it. My mind cautioned not to do it, but my pussy didn’t listen, so I said, “I guess it could be hot. I think I might like that, too… ALL OF THEM FUCKING ME… in my CUNT, Bob. Without wearing condoms!” I cried out. “One after the other… me just lying in our bed… all of them surrounding me… their cocks hard, taking turns using me, fucking me… COMING ON MY FACE!” I screamed, my orgasm rocking by body as I jerked and jumped and twitched on Bob’s dripping cock, his sloppy cum oozing out of my cunt lips, onto my thighs, and onto his trousers.

After a few moments I climbed off him, and fell onto the sofa. Cum was running out of my pussy as I lay there, breathing hard, gently rubbing my swollen clit.

“My God, Jill. That… that was incredible,” Bob grinned.

“Yes… yes it was,” I sighed, thinking about what I’d said, thinking about how decadent it really would be to engage in a gangbang with my friend’s husbands.

“Baby…” Bob said.


“Would you ever really do any of those things? With my buddies?” he asked.

“Why? Would you want me to?”

“I think I’d fucking LOVE it!” he gasped, grasping his cock, squeezing it as another small gob of cum seeped out of it. “So would you? Would you do it?”

“I guess I might,” I admitted. “But not right away. Maybe we could just start with Andy first and go from there?” I said, amazing myself at what I heard coming from my mouth.

“Oh my God, baby. Yes! Let’s do it with Andy first!” Bob said, excited, squeezing his cock. Then he stood in front of me and said, “Look how hot this is making me, Jill.”

So I stared at his still erect cock, as he moved closer to my face, continuing to masturbate, aiming his cock at my mouth.

“Open it, you fucking slut. Pretend it’s Andy’s cock, and SUCK IT, you whore!”

So I did it. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue, then said, “Come on, Andy. You came in my cunt, and now I want you to come in my mouth, too. Do it, you fucker. Come in my mouth and all over my face while my cuckold husband watches it,” I said, reaching out to gently squeeze and fondle Bob’s balls. And then he came again. Long ropes of cum splattered against my face and into my mouth.

“Yes, Andy. Do it!,” I gurgled, moving my face back and forth under my husband’s spurting cock. Make my face a scummy mess so my husband can lick your cum off my face.”

Afterward, with my face dripping with cum I pulled Bob’s head down to mine and kissed him. At first he resisted, and then he opened his mouth and gave me a long, wet French kiss, tasting his cum in my mouth, even licking it off my cheeks as I’d suggested, his eyes glazed with pure lust.

“Now eat me, Bob. Suck Andy’s cum out of your slut wife’s cunt,” I said, pushing him down in front of me as his cum oozed out of my pussy.

He got on his knees in front of me then, and I raised my legs and draped them over his shoulders. “Eat it, Bob. Do it,” I said softly. And he did it.

“Oh God, baby, that feels so good. So nasty, isn’t it, darling. To be sucking another man’s cum from my freshly fucked pussy. I love it, and I want this as much as you do now, Bob. I WANT Andy to fuck me in front of you. When can we do it, baby? How soon? I’m still really horny,” I moaned, rubbing my cunt over my husband’s face.

“I’ll talk to him tomorrow, babe. If you’re serious about this,” Bob said.

“As hot as I am right now you could call him to come over tonight and I’d love it,” I said, meaning it.

“Really, Jill? Are you serious?”

“There’s the phone, Bob. Maybe you better hurry and do it before I change my mind,” I said, my heart pounding in my chest, the fire in my pussy still raging. And so he did it.

As I watched, slowly masturbating, dipping my fingers into my pussy, sucking the cum and my cunt juices from them, my husband picked up the phone and dialed, grinning at me.

“Hello, Andy? Bob. You’re not going to believe this…”

Chapter 2. Fucking Andy

“He’s coming over right now,” Bob said, grinning proudly.

“Are you sure you’re okay with this, Bob?” I asked. “You’ve just come twice, so I know your cock isn’t doing the talking for you right now.”

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“I’m sure, Jill. I’ve dreamed of this moment for a long time… being able to watch you with another man. And I want it, baby. More than I’ve ever wanted anything,” he said. And I knew he was telling me the truth because incredibly his cock was slowly growing again!

“Shouldn’t I go shower and get more presentable?” I asked.

“No. Stay here just like you are, Jill. Naked, sweaty, with cum on your neck and dripping from your cunt. I want him to see how slutty you look, and you DO look slutty, my amazing wife. You’ve even got some of my cum in your hair.”

So I lay back on the sofa, one leg straight out in front of me, the other with my foot on the floor, my pussy gooey, spread, my cunt hair caked with cum as I continued to fondle my pussy.

While we waited for Andy to arrive Bob fixed us drinks… a single malt Scotch for me, a Bombay gin martini for Bob. And then the doorbell rang and our lives changed forever.

“I can’t believe this,” I heard Andy tell Bob as he walked into the foyer. And then he came into the living room and saw me lying on the sofa… naked… my legs spread, nipples on my large breasts stiff.

“Believe it now, buddy?” Bob grinned.

“Hello Andy,” I purred. “I hear you want to fuck me,” I teased, rubbing my pussy in front of Andy and my husband.

“Let’s go upstairs,” Bob said, so I got up and walked over to Andy and hugged him, pressing my naked body into him, feeling his hands on my ass, pulling me into his crotch where I detected his growing cock. And then we all went upstairs to turn me into a true slut wife.

“When Bob told me about what you did while looking at my photos, at first it pissed me off that he showed them to you, Andy,” I began, crawling onto our unmade bed, on my back, my fingers still stroking my swollen clit. “But the more I thought about you looking at my naked pictures with your cock in your hand, playing with yourself, the more it turned me on, and when Bob suggested I let you fuck me I couldn’t resist. It made us both so hot he fucked me just before you came over tonight and then came on my face he was so turned on. But I didn’t shower afterward, Andy, so I guess you can probably smell my dirty cunt because I know I can. Do you want me to shower, Andy, or would it be more exciting for you to fuck me as the nasty slut I am?” I asked, as Andy and Bob quickly got naked.

“I don’t care how many guys you fucked today, Jill. I can’t wait another minute to have you. I’ve dreamed about this for years,” he said, quickly undressing. And then he crawled onto the bed next to me, on his knees, stroking his growing cock as his eyes took in the vision in front of him of me lying there, naked, masturbating, looking and smelling like a total slut as I waited for his cock to pleasure me.

“Put it in my mouth first, Andy,” I said in a low voice. “I want to suck your cock for you before you fuck me.” So he moved over next to my face and gave me what I wanted.

“Hmmm, yes,” I purred, taking his cock into my mouth, tasting his salty flavor, my fingers gently massaging his balls as Bob watch, his own cock hard yet again as he stroked it and grinned at me. He also had undressed, and was standing next to the bed watching, his eyes glazed with lust.

“Oh God, Jill!” Andy groaned. I slid my lips off his cock then and said, “What would you prefer, Andy. Do you want to finish in my mouth and then fuck me, or fuck me first and come in my cunt or on my face.

“Both! Either! I don’t care!” he gurgled. I was stroking his cock then as well as sucking the head of it, and as my husband watched, I opened my mouth and told Andy to come in it.

“Do it, Andy. Come in my mouth and on my face, then put your cock in my cunt and fuck me,” I said. So he did it.

In seconds Andy began moaning, loudly, jerking on his cock right next to my face, until suddenly huges gobs of cum began splattering down on me, coating my cheeks in cum, and my tongue, as our friend drenched me in his sticky, nasty jism.

“Hmm, yes!” I purred, smacking my lips as I ate and swallowed the pearly ejaculate. “So nasty, isn’t it, darling,” I said to my husband. “This what you wanted to see, you fucker?” I grinned, pushing Andy’s cum into my mouth, sucking my fingers.

“Put your cock in the slut’s cunt now,” Bob said, trembling with excitement, and Andy did it. As I held my cunt lips open for him, my new lover quickly moved between my legs and slid his cock into my naked, unprotected pussy.

“Ahhhh!” I cried out as he buried his cock inside me, fucking me furiously, as though he’d not just already come. I wrapped my legs around his waist, locking them together as he pumped his cock into me. I smiled at Bob, and said, “Is this what you wanted to see, Bob? IS IT? Your slut wife getting fucked by another man? Well get used to it, Bob, because I love this, and Andy isn’t going to be the last of our friends to fuck me. You started this, Bob, and I’m going to finish it. I’m going to be the perfect slut wife for you, baby. All our friends are going to fuck me and you’re going to watch it. I’ll even let them gangbang me, Bob. Isn’t that what you want to see, too, darling?” I smirked.

“Yes, you fucking whore. It IS what I want… you FUCKING SLUT!” he gurgled, his fingers flying over his cock as he approached the bed where Andy was pounding his cock into me.

“You can come in my pussy, Andy. Unprotected. I don’t care. I’m on the pill so go ahead and come in me for my fucking wimp husband. Look darling… see how hard a real man fucks me? And he’s going to come in my cunt and YOU, Bob, are going to eat his cum out of my pussy. Aren’t you? AREN’T YOU?” I screamed.

“YES! I AM,” Bob wailed, jerking off in front of my face now, as Andy began pumping cum inside my pussy.

“Oh GOD, Bob… he’s coming in my cunt! Do it. Come on my face again!” I screamed, reaching down between Andy’s stomach and my clit, finding it, then rubbing it as my orgasm began just as Bob began shooting cum on my face again. He had come THREE TIMES! Never before had he even come twice in one session, so I knew how hot this was making him. And I loved it…

Chapter 2. Party time

For the rest of the entire week Bob fucked with my mind, telling me how hot it made him to show off my photos to our male friends, and post my photos everywhere, and how hot it had especially made him to watch Andy fucking me. He knew it was turning me on, too, and it was. Sometimes he would leave my Polaroids out on the coffee table in the living room, or on the kitchen table, where anyone who walked in might see them. And he say things like, “See how you’re holding your cunt open here, babe. See how pink and wet it was inside your gorgeous pussy fur? Tom loved that shot. He said he’d love to be able to smell your pussy when it’s that wet, and when I told him it tastes as good as it smells he said he couldn’t wait to find out for himself.”

Then Bob told me he’d arranged for my first gangbang. He said he’d invited all the guys over and told them to tell their wives it was to “play poker” one night that week, but said he’d told them all what it really was for.

“I told them you wanted a gangbang and said they were all invited to check with Andy if they didn’t believe I was for real. And I told Andy he could tell anyone he wanted about our new ‘life style.’ So they’re all coming Wednesday night, Jill. To fuck you, my hot slut wife.”

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I admit it. It excited the hell out of me, but until they all really showed up I wasn’t going to believe it. Then Bob really shocked me. “By the way, I didn’t tell you about this yet, but I also posted some of your photos online with your face showing.”

“You WHAT?” I yelled.

“I want someone to see them who knows you. I want you to never know when you’re at the store and a guy looks at you funny if he’s seen your pics or not. I WANT people to be able to identify you, Jill. You’re a true slut now, so deal with it.

And then the doorbell rang and he went to open it.

My heart was still pounding when the guys arrived. Bob had selected my lingerie and dressed me to look like what I was going to be that night… a total slut. I was wearing a purple and white corset, with my tits sticking out above it and my pussy naked under it. Black stockings were attached to the corset with suspenders, and I also had on a pair of black stiletto heels. My long black hair hung down over my shoulders, and my ice blue eyes were anything but cold… I was on fire. To complete the scenario, Bob had attached my wrists and ankles to the bed with me wearing black fur cuffs attached to them, securing me on my back to our bed. I even had a pillow under my ass to raise my pussy for easier access by the men. And initially I was blindfolded.

Hearing the men coming into our bedroom, not knowing for sure who had arrived, and thinking about my photos showing my faces being displayed online for anyone to see had my cunt absolutely dripping. Even though I had showered before the men came I was so hot now I could smell my essence and knew the men would be able to as well.

And then I heard them talking about me as they entered our bedroom, making complimentary as well as crude remarks about my naked tits, my nipples, my cunt hair and my wetness. And I almost came without anyone even touching me, much less doing anything else to me.

“Well, guys… didn’t Andy and I tell you?” Bob said proudly. “So use the slut. She wants it… anything you want… just make sure she’s fucked properly all night and when you leave make sure she’s coated in cum,” he said, and as I heard the men undressing I also heard the click of Bob’s Nikon and saw a flash of light under the blindfold.

“You’re taking pictures of this, aren’t you,” I said.

“Of course. And after you’ve been properly fucked are and covered in cum I’m going to take your blindfold off and take photos of you that way, too…for posting online,” he said.

“Jesus!” I breathed. Then someone crawled up next to my face and turned it toward the cock that began probing my lips. Opening my mouth, I took it inside as someone else crawled between my legs, kissing my thighs at first. Then fingers spread me open and I felt lips on my cunt, a tongue lapping at my juices, then lips sucking my pussy…and I came.

“Oh FUCK!” I cried out, my body bucking on the bed, pushing into the face at my cunt.

“Okay, I can do that,” I heard a voice I recognized as the man sucking me moved over my helpless body, his cock touching my pussy as once again fingers spread me open. And then I felt it… his cock sliding slowly into my cunt.

“Oh my God YES! DO IT! FUCK ME!” I screamed, pumping up into the hot shaft as it penetrated my wetness. And then he was fucking me… long, slow strokes sliding in and out of my pussy as the man at my face suddenly began jerking off on my lips and cheeks. Then someone from the other side of my face was shooting cum on me and I turned toward the cock, my mouth open, tongue extended, as more hot cum rained down on me.

The man fucking me… probably, I thought, Jimmy… started coming in me then, in my cunt, as he pounded into me, hard, two, then three times. Hot cum began rocketing into my pussy and I came again.

And so it went. Finally Bob removed my blindfold and when I looked around the room I saw all of the men Bob said he had invited to fuck me. No one had declined. And I grinned. Grinned at how hot they all looked. Grinned at how proud I was to be such a total slut. And I grinned at the pride I saw in my husband’s eyes as well.

Afterward, when the guys had all left and we were alone I asked my husband, “So what did you think? Was it what you thought it might be?”

“Hell yes, it was… and more. I love you now more than ever,” he said, moving to the bed, crawling between my thighs, my scummy thighs, and well-used cunt. He had untied me, but not given me a washcloth to use to clean up with and I was sticky and coated in puddles of cum on me everywhere.

“I loved it, Bob,” I said softly. “I’ll want to do it again.”

“I know,” he smiled. “And so you shall.” Then he moved his face to my drooling pussy and began licking it, sucking the cum from my truly slutty pussy, moaning as he tasted them, and I knew our life had changed forever…for the better.

I’m a true slut now and love it. As he threatened he would, my husband posted photos of me online showing me being fucked, sucking cocks, and with my face showing, dripping with gobs of cum from it and my hair. I know people have recognized me by the way they look at me, some in disgust, others with desire in their eyes, and I love it. Whenever a man looks at me with that knowing smirk on his face and excitement in his eyes I know he’s seen my photos and a thrill instantly courses through my pussy. God I love sex. I’m devoted to it now. Nothing is more important to me than sex and having more of it. Not love. Not relationships. Just raw, pure sex. It’s the greatest feeling in the world to feel my cunt grow wet and tingling when a stranger looks at me and we both know he’s seen my photos. I love it. And nothing is going to ever make me go back to the dull way our lives were before. Lately Bob has been arranging for black men to fuck me, and while some have larger cocks than white men, it isn’t the size of their cocks that thrills me. It is the fact that I am “debasing” myself… the “fallen” Baptist daughter of a Southern minister… allowing the biggest taboo of all according to my father… a Southern white girl letting black men fuck her. But of course that is part of the thrill of it for me, isn’t it. The fact that it is taboo… forbidden… something a girl raised like me should never do. God I love it so…

What’s next for my husband and me? More sex, of course. More perversion, mainly, since we’ve done just about everything we can regarding what most folks consider sex… we’re branching out into more decadence now… Golden showers… bisexuality for both of us… public sex… just more of everything. It’s a good thing we don’t have kids or I’d probably be sucking and fucking them, too, although who knows… perhaps not. We will always restrain ourselves to sexual acts the participants all want. I abhor rape and forced sex, but am not above whipping those who want and enjoy that kind of perversion.

So we continue to seek new ways in which to find sexual excitement. There are always new boundaries to cross, no matter how sick and demented they may seem to others. Our intent is to seek and find them, and to cross them. And we shall…


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