I fucked my big dick cousin!

Welcome to my story. My name is Megan, I’m 21. My cousin I’m talking about in this story his name is Brendan, he is 16, I’ve wanted to fuck him for like a year and a half now. We don’t meet much, only for family gatherings. And I have a job, so its hard to get together for those kind of things. Let me describe Brendan. He is 6 foot, blonde. Blue eyes. Just a mf dream. Funny, plays guitar AND piano. My desire to fuck him came when he was about 15. He started playing piano and sruff, and I was at his house for a family gathering, and he showed everyone his piano songs. He’s super good. It wasn’t till midway through his show that I realized I was wet as fuck. I thought to myself “what the heck, this is my cousin, I shouldn’t be wet for him.” But I was. I was biting my lip the whole time. I just imagined being under that piano sucking his dick while he plays. Ever since that day I’ve been horny as hell for him. I fantasize about him every time I fuck my bf. But everything was always super awkward between us. We never talked. Just a hug to say hi and goodbye, and he would occasionally reply to my story on instagram, and I would do the same. I needed to start a plan. I knew I had the power to fuck anyone I wanted. I started hugging him harder, going closer to his face. I started wearing tighter jeans, and leggings. I wasn’t sure if he already wanted to fuck me or not. I always made sure I look my best, just for him. I wanted him pounding my pussy so bad, I would do anything. I wanted to get into more instagram conversations with him, starting with replying to his story (the easiest way to start a convo) and just carrying it on from there. We send memes and crap 😂. I strapped on my big girl panties and sent him a meme about alabama and fucking your cousin. He responded with “😂😂💀💀” so that was… Good? I said “love those alabama memes lol” he responded with “same” I sent some more and he kept laughing. I “jokingly” said “if we were from Alabama I’ll fuck you lmao” My heart dropped. If this went the wrong way, I could be in deep shit. He said “lmao fr” so I said “sure why not haha” he said “damn same” YES!! SUCCESS! I now know he wants to fuck me. I just need to seduce him. Fast forward a couple months to XMAS eve. Family fun day. Me. My parents, and his family. We’re all in the living room talking when somehow a conversation about the upstairs comes up. I jumped in and said “I haven’t seen the upstairs in a while” Brendan mom says “somebody go show her” And Brendan jumped in and said “I will” immediately. That got me horny. This could be it. We both went upstairs and everyone else stayed in the living room. I flaunted my ass through my jeans while walking upstairs to give him a sign. He smiled and slapped my ass 😭 I knew I was about to get my shit destroyed. I giggled. We immediately went to his room and he threw me onto his bed. We laughed and he said to quite down. He shut his door quietly and said “are we really about to do this” and I said fuck yes. We started making out, I started running his dick and he was running my pussy through my jeans. I was as FUCK. I was nearly cumming and I wasn’t even naked yet. Fast forward 3 minutes and I’m sucking the soul out of his 8 inch cock. You should see my reaction when I saw it. I was choking, gagging, tearing up, fucking loving it. I strip naked and throw him on the bed and start riding his big cock. I had to be quite. 2 minutes later, I’m still riding him, keeping quite. When everyone goes into the garage to play pool and other activities. I hear the door slam shut and let out the biggest moan ever as I was cumming on his dick. He laughed. I flipped over and we started doing reverse cowgirl. I came again. I was so horny. He threw me off and started fucking me doggy. 😍😍😍 loved it. I was basically screaming the whole time my pussy was being MURDERED. I CAME LIKE 3 TIMES JUST DURING DOGGY. I was in tears it felt so good. He pulled out and announced he was cumming. And being the whore I am I turned and stuck out my tounge. He sprayed a huge load all over my face, a load I will never forget. I tasted So fucking good. I sucked every last drop out of that boy. That’s a night I will never forget, and I know we will keep doing this 👅

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