Incest stories: Mother and son listen to each other pleasuring

Incest stories: Mother and son listen to each other pleasuring

My husband, Jeffery, died four years ago. It was peaceful for him, it seemed, though, with three sons, all teens, it was my life’s hardest challenge. One good thing was he left us well covered financially. It’s the emotional coverage that has been lacking and there was nothing he could do about that.

So, you cope.

Our two oldest boys are in college and there’s only Neil, the youngest, eighteen and a senior in high school, left at home. While, of course, I miss my two older boys, Neil is a good student, never any trouble, and nice to have around.

The emotional vacuum left by Jeff’s passing, has not been filled in any measure by anyone new and I’ve been left, like many single women, I suppose, to deal with matters as best I can.

For the first time since I was in college, I’ve now got a few vibrators and a dildo that provide me some sexual relief though never a good substitute for the real thing attached to a caring and attentive man.

So, my sex was strictly solo and, well, it’s all I had.

I mostly tried to take care of my sexual needs when Neil wasn’t around as I do like to enjoy my masturbating as much as I can and, well, sometimes, I get a bit spirited and vocal. But finding just the right time isn’t always possible so, one night, I’d gone to bed and was using the dildo, I often forgo the vibrators when Neil is home, and I was in just the right mood for the feelings to be much better than usual.

So, I suppose I was a little louder than normal when I began hearing sounds from his end of the hallway. Of course my door was closed, his usually is as well but, after all, the rooms in the house are connected by heating ducts so I suppose that might be how I heard him.

There was little doubt of what I was hearing, my son was obviously masturbating as was his mother down the hall from him, masturbating as well.

Knowing Neil was doing the same, I tried to hold down my orgasm but, well, maybe there was a bit of extra eroticism in us doing it together in time if not space, and I was a little louder than I’d intended.

About a minute after I’d orgasmed, Neil, quite obviously, had a roaring orgasm himself that could not be mistaken for anything but. I lay there, part of me rather turned-on by it all, part of me rather wanting to put the whole thing out of my mind and fall asleep.

At breakfast the next morning, it was a Saturday, I fixed him bacon and eggs, the usual weekend fare he likes, and when I sat down with him while he ate, he said, quietly, “I really enjoyed last night, Mom, you know, when we were both, um, you know, getting off.”

I felt my face warm and I just sipped some more of my coffee not knowing how to respond or even if I should.

When I didn’t reply, he added, “I really thought it was cool to hear you cum when you did, I’m glad you have some enjoyment, you’re still too young not to.”

I just sat there, really at a loss, when he went on, “When I heard you, it just made me so hard, well, that I just had to do it myself.”

I finally said, “Um, I did hear you as well, at the end, especially.”

“We could do it together, Mom, it was really pretty cool last night, might even be better that way, doing it together. I’ve heard you before and, well, it’s always been pretty hot listening to you. When I do, it helps me get off and, well, I would’t mind if you saw me doing it.”

I simply had no words that would come out of my mouth as he added, “I’ll bet we would both be happier doing it together.”

I soon left the kitchen, still unable to voice anything about his suggestion. But, it did not leave my thoughts, especially when I masturbated later that night. There were images of Neil, naked, stroking his penis as I lay opposite him, legs splayed, fingering deeply, both of us looking at each other as our passion erupted in unison. I tried to shake these thoughts away but they kept coming back unbidden.

Then, several days later, he returned to the subject as we were finishing supper.

“Have you thought about my idea, Mom, that we get ourselves off together?”

If I’m being honest, as soon as he said it, there was a feeling between my legs. I am human, after all, and some things happen whether you want them to or not.

“Honestly, Neil, I haven’t, it just seems, well, improper for a mother and son to do something like that.”

“We both have needs and desires, Mom, they’re natural, you taught me that yourself.”

“Yes, I know, but…well somethings are private.”

“Okay but answer me this: Does the idea turn you on some? Be honest.”

Shit. Be honest. Now what?

“Well, I don’t see what that has to do with it,” I put right back to him.

“It has everything to do with it, Mom. Look, we’re both lonely, single, unattached. A little fun for ourselves is all we have, why not try to make it more fun, more, um, erotic, more enjoyable. I won’t ever tell anyone, you know that. It’s just you and me.”

“But, well, I’m your mother not your girlfriend,” I said, knowing it was a pretty lame argument.

“If that’s supposed to mean that you’re not sexy any more, well, I can tell you that you are wrong, very wrong. Maybe you’ll be mad at me but I can tell you that you give erections to your youngest son, you’re pretty hot, Mom. Why not enjoy it? We’re both lonely, why not?”

Damn, I thought, he’s right in a way. What would it be to get naked with my son and for each of us to have some solo fun?

So, I told him, “Well, we could try doing it in the same room, maybe with a sheet over our middles. But that’s all I’m prepared to do.”

“Okay, we can try that, why not?” he said with a rather mischievous grin on his face.

So, we watched TV until about ten, then he asked me, “Think we could try our new thing?” again, with that cute grin of his.

We got up and I went into my bedroom and got down to my bra and panties and got in bed, pulling the sheet up to my stomach. A minute later, in walked my youngest son in his briefs, quite tented-out, with a bottle of hand lotion, a beach towel and the grin he had on earlier.

He sat in a chair and put the towel over his lap and slid his briefs to the floor. I guess this was it, I thought, as he squirted some lotion on his palm and put his hand under the towel which began spearing straight up and down leaving no question as to what was happening underneath.

I suppose my part of the bargain was to also supply a bit of erotic interest by baring my breasts, which, thankfully, had mostly maintained their shape and lift over the years, I did look pretty good for a thirty-nine year old woman who has had three children. I was MILF material, I felt sure, but I was still hoping that my son would find me attractive, I am human, after all.

So, I reached around as I caught his eyes glued to me, unhooked my bra and pulled it off my arms.

I was hoping he wouldn’t say anything but he did, “Oh, Mom, you’re beautiful, really beautiful.”

I’ve never read any advice column that said what a mom should say to her son when he compliments her on her boobs so I just did a simple, “Thank you,” and put my hands under the sheet and pulled my panties off, bringing them out and with a bit of drama for the occasion, dropped them on the floor.

Then my hand went back under as I widened to begin rubbing.

“Mmm, oh, this is good, Mom, don’t get mad but you’re hotter than Playboy,” he moaned as the towel went up and down.

Well, I knew that for my age, my boobs were pretty nice but I also knew that I couldn’t compare with the hot, young women in the standard of men’s magazines. But, well, it was still nice to hear such sweet words from my son.

I didn’t really want to use any toys, that just seemed a little too much this first time out and my fingers have always been pretty effective at bringing me to orgasm, so I rubbed and fingered and rubbed some more, all the while underneath the sheet.

I tried to look elsewhere and not at Neil all the time but my eyes kept being pulled back to the rising and falling of the beach towel covering his lap. Thoughts of what he looked like underneath kept popping into my head, completely unbidden as I pressured myself on. There was no question about one thing: it was more arousing and erotic this way, no doubt about it. Much more.

“Are you close, Mom, I’m getting there. I’ll slow down if you aren’t,” my son groaned as his arm moved up and down.

“Go ahead, if you want, Neil, it’s okay,” I panted as my breathing was beginning to become labored.

“No, I’ll slow down, I really love it when we’re together at the end,” he said as his movement under the towel slowed.

I know as you read this it must sound somewhat strange but, though it had started out as pretty uncomfortable, it was becoming easier to be sexual in front of my son, it was seeming more natural and familiar.

I kept fingering myself getting myself closer as I knew Neil wanted and when I was finally panting, finger-fucking myself rapidly, I told him, “I’m close now, go ahead I’m right there,” and his towel began going up and down much faster as his eyes closed and head fell back.

“OH, OH, UUH, huh, mmm, mmm, oh, Mom, that was go good, mmm,” he groaned as I cried out, “OH, OH, MMM, SO GOOD, YES, YES, oh, oh, oh, it’s sooo…” and I was laying back, out of breath, panting after the most wonderful orgasm I’d had in quite a few years.

“Wow, Mom, that was good, huh?”

I never thought one of my sons would be asking me about the quality of my orgasms but there it was. And, well, the truth is that he was mostly responsible for how wonderful it was.

Catching my breath, I told him, “Yes, Neil, it was quite wonderful. I guess I have to admit that you had a pretty good idea, it’s quite erotic doing it this way.”

“Think how good it would be if we could really watch each other, you know, without this towel and without your sheet.”

“Hmm, well, I think it’s time for bed. We can talk about that another time,” I told him and he went off to bed as I turned out the light to lay there wondering if he was right, if we, both lonely and sexually alone, should try to have the best sexual experiences we could. But I just didn’t know if I could get naked and masturbate in front of my son. I was pretty sure I’d enjoy watching him do it but for him watching his mother? Oh my.

Chapter 2

The thoughts didn’t leave my mind all the next day and, when it came time for bed again, Neil asked me if we were going to have a repeat session. I told him we could and soon he came into my room in his briefs with the beach towel again.

He settled into the chair, covered his lap and slid the briefs off onto the floor.

I had taken my bra off which prompted him to comment, “You sure are making it easier for me when you look like that, Mom. You are so hot.”

It was nice to hear but I decided not to comment. He had his lotion with him which he applied to his hand, then slipped it under the towel as it began to rise and fall.

I had already slipped off my panties so my fingers began pleasuring myself as I closed my eyes to enjoy it. It was definitely more erotic this way, feeling better and better as I opened my eyes to see my son stroking his cock up and down, the towel now on the floor. His head was back and I decided not to say anything, just watch as I began fingering myself, curving my two middle fingers in and out as he moved his fist up and down.

He was beautiful as he masturbated across from me, simply stunning, his young and muscular naked body softly shadowed in my bedroom’s light as he stroked his long, lovely cock up and down as my heart beat to his rhythm. I hadn’t felt this aroused in, well, years, many years. He was right, I thought, this is the way to do it, we should be able to see each other enjoying our masturbating to the fullest.

I pulled the sheet away and spread open as I ran my fingers in and out while my other hand pinched my nipples.

“Mmm, oh, so good, mmm,” I murmured as I saw his eyes open, now realizing that I was naked and exposed.

“Oh, UUH, UUH, UUH, UMM, mmm,” he groaned as spurt after spurt of his cum arced out of his cock falling onto his leg and wrist as he smiled at me so happily, so satisfied.

“You are so beautiful, Mom. Don’t ever hide yourself, please,” he asked while he stroked slowly in his chair.

His hand moving up and back was so hot, so erotic that I was getting nearer and nearer, then, the dam burst as my orgasm consumed my whole being. It was like I was swept up to the heavens, the most rousing self-pleasure I’d ever had. I had always enjoyed masturbating ever since my first time in the bathtub many years ago. And this was the best ever.

“Oh, Mom, you look so beautiful when you get off. I love seeing you like this. I could do it again, I’m so pumped.”

Again? My son wants us to masturbate again? Then I realized that I was still running two fingers in and out of me as I leaned back against the headboard.

So, I told him, “Well, if you’ve still got the desire, I guess I do, too,” and went on now in earnest to masturbate for the second time that night, now, openly for each other.

There was no question that being naked for each other was so much more sexy. Of course, nakedness is usually sexy but the fact that he was my son, my youngest son, and I was his mother and we were each being highly sexual for each other, intentionally turning each other on, well, that’s more erotic than I’d imagined.

Now, seeing just how sexy and wonderful openly masturbating with my son could be, I opened my legs fully for him as I watched his eyes feasting on my nakedness as I fucked myself looking right at him.

He was stroking so purposefully, so into it, looking at me as he did. Yes, it was a turn-on, a gigantic turn-on.

“Oh, OH, MOM, I CAN’T WAIT,” he cried out as his semen began streaming up, spurting out of his cock landing on his legs. I thought it terrible at the time but I wanted to jump up and plunge my mouth over him and suck it all in. It was an image that kept coming back to me for days, every time making me flood with wetness.

Watching my son cum so beautifully, so sweetly, pushed me right over into a wonderful orgasm, one of the shaking, trembling, really wild kind of orgasms that I always hope for and never happen often enough. I lay there after for a minute, just awash in the pleasure, my eyes closed as I felt Neil’s lips press against mine.

He had gotten up and come over to kiss me. Then, two things happened; his tongue slid between my lips and his hand settled on my breast and squeezed gently. Then it was over, he pulled back and silently left the room leaving me with the feeling of a warm handprint on my breast and the memory of the first time a part of his body entered mine.

I lay there with my eyes still closed, my head spinning full of erotic thoughts and images of my youngest son, his perfect body so solid and male, as I realized how much I wanted him.

It was the first time I really saw that I wanted more with my son. I wanted to masturbate him, I wanted to hold his lovely cock in my hand, stroke it up and down, make it cum so hard, spurting his love juice all over me. I lay there filled with all kinds of sexy and salacious thoughts of my son as I hugged my spare pillow to me, wrapped my legs around it and drifted off to sleep.

I awoke the next morning, still with the pillow snug between my legs as I pulled it out and lay my head down on the large wet spot, softly fragrant with my inner scent reminding me of my arousal and bringing me back to thoughts of our intimacy the night before.

Chapter 3

It was Saturday so I got up, still naked from masturbating, and walked down the hall to Neil’s room and realizing the worst thing I might see would be him masturbating which I was now quite familiar with, I opened his door, tiptoed to his bed and got in next to him, spooning him from behind.

“Uhh, Mom, oh, Mom,” he groaned as I reached around him to take his hardening cock in my hand.

“Mmm, I’ve wondered what it feels like. I can feel it growing in my hand, that’s pretty exciting. Feel good?”

“Oh, Mom, it feels wonderful, I’ve dreamed of this, you know, of you doing it for me,” he said as he rolled onto his back pulling off the sheet as I began jacking him up and down.

“Do you have any hand lotion? I don’t want to make you sore,” I whispered as he slid the drawer open next to his bed and pulled out the bottle. I held my palm up and got a squirt and went back to pleasuring my son.

“Happy?” I asked him as I moved my fist up and down. I hadn’t masturbated a man in years but, of course, it all comes back pretty quickly as I began twisting my hand when I got to the top.

“Oh, Mom, yes, this is so good, so hot, you are the best. I hope you’ll let me do you,” he said.

Well, it was one thing to be pleasuring my son but, well, did I really want him rubbing and fingering me? Of course, the image of him doing just that came into my mind and wouldn’t leave, no matter what I tried. So, I concentrated on giving him the best release I could.

I took my time, his head was thrown back in obvious enjoyment, I knew I didn’t want to rush it, I love my son and want the best for him, yes, even this, maybe even, especially this.

I went on up and down, then moved my hand up to the tip and twisted my slippery hand back and forth as he groaned, his hand reaching over to my breast and holding it firmly.

He had only touched me once before in a sexual way but, after all, I had a grip on his cock so I wasn’t surprised as I felt his fingers flex so sweetly.

“Uhh, Mom, oh, I’m…I’m…UUH, UUH, UUH, uh, mmm, mmm,” he moaned as semen fountained up out of him as he cried out, “Oh, so good, so good, oh, mmm, mmm,” while I continued to stroke him, now slower, letting him down easy, trying to not stop too quickly, just letting him glide back down to earth.

I leaned over and kissed him as I felt his tongue enter my lips and french me. Well, I thought he needed more than just a motherly kiss at this point, I still had my hand on his cock, so I tongued him back while he fondled my boob.

Then after a few minutes of kissing, we slid into each other’s arms and held each other so contentedly.

“Thanks, Mom, that was incredible. I love you so much.”

“I’m glad you’re happy, I love you, too.”

We lay there in each other’s arms as I felt his hand move between us to cup my pubic mound and begin to rub his fingers along my pussy spreading the wetness.

“I’d like to do you, Mom, make you happy, too.”

I didn’t say anything, just raised my leg to give him better access as he continued to rub.

Neil’s touch was quite wonderful, he told me later that he’d had a girlfriend when he was fourteen, I remember her, Melanie Griffin, a very pretty girl two years older than my son, who, he says, taught him how to masturbate her, all the little ‘ins and outs’ of doing it right. And he learned well. Little did I know that I would someday be the recipient of her welcome teaching of my young son in the intricacies of bringing a woman to orgasm.

And, good he was. Yes, he knew a woman’s body perfectly as he moved to position himself better, bending down to suck a nipple as he pleasured me so wonderfully. His hands and fingers were the best my body has ever had. Honestly, most men are only so-so when they use anything other than their cocks or mouth and some, well, I was literally in the hands of a master and I concentrated on that.

As he pleasured me, I pleasured him as well, slowly stroking him in the soft morning sunlight filtering in the window, falling on us as we made each other so very happy.

He had his two middle fingers curved into me, rocking them in and out while the heel of his palm pressed against my clit, rubbing it around as his fingers caressed the walls of my vagina. Oh, he had learned well.

“Am I doing it all right?” he asked softly as I breathlessly told him he was.

The heel of his hand was just making me so aroused as it pressed and rubbed over my clit, I knew I was close and began to shake and tremble.

“Oh, oh, OH, OH, OH, uh, mmm, mmm, oh, Neil, mmm,” I cried as his hand and fingers kept going. “Oh, mmm, yes, oh, feels wonderful, mmm.”

My son gave me a spectacular orgasm, one of the best I’d ever had. I lay there completely drained, his fingers still slowly caressing me inside as I came back down. It was pure bliss.

“Oh, Neil, I never knew you had such talents,” I whispered.

“I’d do anything to make you happy, Mom, you know that. I loved doing it, I loved seeing you get off so wonderfully, it makes me happy to do it.”

I kissed him again as we snuggled together warmed by the morning sun falling on our bare skin.

Finally, I murmured, “Mmm, as nice as this is, I’ve got things to do and you’re probably hungry, right?”

“Yeah, but this is nice,” he said as he kissed me softly on the lips as his fingers kneaded my breast. “But you’re right, I guess we can’t stay here all day. But I’d like to,” he added with a devilish grin.

“You guys are all alike. Even you, my own son, come on,” I kidded him as I pulled him up and he fell into my arms. He pushed me over backwards and ended up on top of me, his hips nestled between my splayed legs as he began pushing his cock at my pussy.

“Neil, we’ve done enough, come on, let’s get up. Please, now.”

He rolled off me and stood next to the bed. I looked up at him, standing over me now, his beautiful, hard cock wavering near my face, his handsome, youthful body brightly lit by the morning light streaming in the window, he was both beautiful and so virile as a droplet of precum glinted from the end of his erection showing me his eagerness and desire.

I got right up and went right to my room and pulled a robe on and went down to start the coffee.

He came down a few minutes later, still naked, coming up behind me to hug me from behind, his hands slipping in my robe to fondle my breasts as he pressed his hardness at me.

“Neil, you’re my son, not my lover,” I told him as I moved away from him. He went and sat down at the table as I added, “Do you mean to go around naked like that now?”

“Would you like me to?”

Of all the answers he could have given, that’s the one that really went to my heart. The truth was that I was, perhaps, never so sexually aroused as I’ve been since Neil and I had begun our adventures together. It was a super-turn-on that just kept me wet all the time.

Our initial masturbation sessions were wonderful and with each increase in the level of intimacy, well, you’ve read what I’ve written. It has been nothing short of breathtaking. And, rather unexpectedly, I suppose, I feel even closer to my youngest son than ever before. And, I sense that the same is true for him. It just feels as though there are no walls or barriers between us at all. I’m really taken-aback by it all but so happy as well.

“What I’d like is for you to put some clothes on, Neil,” I told him even though I wasn’t so sure that I really wanted that at all. But he did go off and come back a few minutes later with a pair of shorts on.

We had a nice breakfast and spent most of the morning doing various chores that were the usual for us.

Then, Neil went off with some friends so I went to have some ‘quality-time’ with my vibrators. After about ten minutes, I clicked off my favorite wand, a two-headed one that I’ve always preferred, and just tossed it back into the drawer, got up and got dressed and went shopping.

Walking through the mall, carrying a bag with some sexy, new shoes, I walked by the Victoria’s Secret store, went in and walked out a few minutes later with a thigh-length eyelet-trim nighty in a delicate rose floral print. It showed my cleavage quite nicely and might just be the right thing to wear around the house. We’d see.

I also went in one of the large department stores and in their young men’s department bought several pair of bikini briefs in various colors. Just the thing for the sexy young man to wear around the house.

Chapter 4

When I got home, I took out my purchases and looked them over, even holding the briefs to my nose. I know I shouldn’t tell about that but I did. Then I tried on the nighty and turned to see how I looked from all sides, even raising the front and back. I was to be forty in seven months and, well, it is my own opinion, but I looked damn good.

I went in and shaved extra close, giving my pubic area a double dose of moisturizer, then dabbed just a bit of my favorite fragrance between my thighs. I know what that sounds like and, well, yes, I was deciding to seduce my youngest son.

It was when I was looking at the nighties in Victoria’s Secret that I realized that I wanted one to wear around my son after he’d become my lover. Yes, my lover, I wanted Neil in my bed, as my lover.

I laid the bikini briefs out on his bed, there were five of them, and I had them all lined up in a row. Then I changed back and went downstairs to wait for him to come home.

About five-thirty, he came in the back door as I was sitting at the kitchen table reading a magazine.

“Hi, Mom,” he said cheerfully as he leaned down to kiss my upturned face. I opened my lips and he slid his tongue inside for a quick little french. Then I told him, “I bought you something to wear around the house, Neil. Why don’t you go up and change, try on what I bought you and come see what I bought. I’ll be in my room.”

I went up and quickly changed into the little nighty and waited. I heard him coming down the hall as I felt my pussy get wet, then he turned into my room and stopped.

Neil stood there looking at me, his new bikini briefs all bulged out as my son’s cock hardened.

“Oh, nice, Mom, you look beautiful, wow, really sexy.”

“Come on, you can help me start supper,” and I walked past him and down the stairs to the kitchen and began getting our meal together.

“Is this what you want me to wear around the house? I liked what I wore this morning but if you like this better, it’s okay by me.”

“Well, sometimes being covered a little is even sexier. What do you think about you old mom in this?” I asked him as I twirled around for him.

“Perfect, it really makes you look so hot. Are you, um, wearing anything under that?”

I lifted the hem above my smooth, silken pubic mound.

“Oh, Mom, you fox, you,” he said as he embraced me, our lips open, tonguing each other, as his hands caressed my butt.

“Mmm, come on, we need to get this finished,” I told him as I went back to making our supper. “Pour us a glass of wine, Neil, it might just put us in the mood.”

“Mood for what, Mom?”


“That seems to leave a lot of room.”

“I suppose it does,” I dropped right between us.

“Hmm, okay, I’m for whatever with my sexy Mom,” he said as his hand slid up under onto my butt to give me a squeeze.

I turned and squeezed him, yes, on that nice, large bulge.

“One nice squeeze, deserves another,” I grinned and turned back to the stove.

Over dinner, he told me how much he was loving the way we were with each other now.

“I’m so glad, Mom, we’re both happier now, right? It’s just so much nicer this way. And, I love us dressing like this when we’re home together. You look so nice, so hot. You’re my Playmate of the Month.”

“Well, I know I’m a bit past all that, Neil, but thanks, that’s sweet,” I said leaning over to kiss his open mouth as my hand reached under the table to squeeze his erection.

“Help me clean up and then we can go up and see what happens tonight,” I teased him and it was just a few minutes until we were headed to my room together, Neil following me, no doubt focussed on my pussy from behind me.

“Oh, Mom, beautiful,” he said and I knew then what he was looking at. For a thirty-nine year old woman, his words sounded pretty nice, I was feeling quite good about myself as a woman, his attention and my effect on him, easily observable in his briefs, was buoying my self-image to new heights. I, for the first time in a long, long time, felt highly sexual, that I was desirable, perhaps as desirable as I’d ever been.

He followed me into my bedroom and I turned and he was instantly in my arms as his lips sought out mine and his hands were hungrily everywhere. Then, I moved away from him, reached down and pulled the nighty off and lay down in the middle of my bed.

“Neil, I’m here for whatever you want of me. I want you to be happy and have whatever you want.”

He stood there, I think, even with the somewhat salacious hints earlier, I had caught him off guard, I think he had given up on us ever going further in our sexual play together. Now, I was offering him everything, I was ready for my youngest son to become my lover.

“Do you really mean anything? Anything I want?”

“Come here and find out, Neil,” I said raising my arms to him.

He got up on the bed kneeling next to me, bent over and kissed me, then kissed each nipple, sucking it in briefly, and went kissing me down my stomach and abdomen. I knew enough to know exactly where he was headed and I was drenched in anticipation. I love nothing more than a man’s tongue probing my pussy.

As he shifted down, I opened for him to get between my legs as I raised them up onto his back and felt, for the first time, my son’s tongue licking me so sweetly.

“Oh, Neil, oh, that’s so good,” I moaned as he licked and sucked and tongued me. I reached down to hold myself open as he began circling his tongue around and around inside me while I tried to hold myself still.

I really hadn’t had a man make love to me in years now and Neil, even though he’s just eighteen, he was sending me right up to the heavens with his oral caresses.

I simply exploded. How the neighbors kept from hearing me, I don’t know. It was uncontrollable, I writhed, shook, humped against his face, screamed; it was pure ecstasy as my body was consumed in the purest joy imaginable. He kept tonguing me, not stopping, not slowing, just pleasuring me on and on and on.

“Up here, Neil, come, I want you so much,” I begged, pulling him up over me as I felt his swollen cock press into me, pushing it in, deep in where I wanted him so. I was so wet that he just plunged into me, we were both so ready, we both wanted this so much.

I lifted my legs high so he could go deep, I wanted him fully inside me and asked him to just push hard and keep it there, to keep pushing as I moved my hips around, the tip of his cock rubbing me so deeply inside. It was delicious.

“Mmm, oh, Mom, you are the sexiest woman alive. I’ve dreamed of this and it’s even so better than I’d imagined. I can’t hold out long, this is so good,” my son groaned as he held his cock deep while I circled around him.

“Yes, it is good, I think you’ll be sleeping here with me from now on, I don’t want that nice cock of yours very far from me when I get in the mood. And, you’re keeping me in the mood all the time now, I hope you know that, Neil. You’ve got your mother hornier then she’s ever been in her life.”

“Same for me, Mom, I’ve never wanted anyone like I’ve wanted you. You are the hottest woman I’ve ever been with.”

If you’re a woman, you know how wonderful those words can be when you hear them from someone who counts in your life.

“You’re sure making this woman very, very happy. I know I didn’t want to do this when you first brought it up but, well, now, oh, Neil, I love what we’re doing. I know it’s very unconventional but if we’re happy, well, I want us to be together like this as much as we can.”

He raised up, looking down at his cock going in and out of me and said, “Mom, this is just how I want us to be together, just like this, connected right here,” as he shoved deep into me.

“Mmm, yes, it’s a lovely way to connect,” I agreed as his long, youthful cock stroked so wonderfully in and out of me. I hadn’t had a man’s cock inside me in over five years and I relished just how wondrous a lovely cock attached to a man you love was, compared with a dildo or a vibrator. I was so happy.

“You make me so hard, I hope it feels so good for you, Mom, I want it to be really good for you,” he groaned as he slowly drew back and forth.

“Wonderful, Neil, it’s just wonderful. I’m so happy that you didn’t just give up on me, that you kept wanting me like this. I love this so much. And, I love you so much.”

“I love you, too, Mom, so very much.”

“And now we can express our love in such a deep, wonderful way,” I sighed as he arched over me, filling me and emptying me so thrillingly.

“And, fun, too,” he said grinning down at me.

“Yes, and fun, too,” I agreed as I wiggled under him.

“Are you getting close, I’m almost there?” Neil asked and I told him I was as well.

I had my legs folded back, holding my knees so he could get straight down into me as I urged him, “Mmm, just push hard and stay right there, don’t pull back, just push,” and he pressed down into me while I moved under him, up and back in small movements while also moving around a bit in a circle. I was also flexing my pelvic muscles over and over squeezing and relaxing on his cock as I felt it begin to throb.

“Oh, oh, UUH, UUH, mmm, mmm,” he groaned as his warm cum spurted deeply inside me.

“Oh, yes, yes, cum in me, mmm, oh, Neil, OOH, OOH, OOH, mmm,” I cried out as my whole body convulsed in pure ecstasy and I was flooded with sensual pleasure from head to toe but especially in my middle, my pussy was throbbing with joy and love as my son and I entered our new life with one another.

We made love again that night and fell asleep in one another’s arms, totally exhausted and totally happy. Our sleep was interrupted several times as neither of us had been used to sleeping with another person but those wakeful moments were also lovely little interludes of touching and affection.

As I woke the next morning, Neil was spooned behind me, one hand on my breast, his cock making itself known even as he slept. I turned and he rolled onto his back, tenting the sheet that had covered us as I now gently pulled it away and moved up over him to slide my lips down over his lovely erection to welcome him to a new day of love.

“Mmm, mmm, oh, Mom, that is so good, what a way to wake up,” he groaned as his hand stroked my cheek as I smiled up at him. His cock became rock-hard in my mouth, hard and warm and obviously alive, as I sucked and tongued around the tip and along the shaft.

“Mmm, oh, I’m in heaven, what could be better,” he murmured as I softly sucked my son’s lovely cock.

I took my time, after all, my son was also now my lover. And this day began with us being more like lovers and less like parent and child.

Neil left all his things in his room but did sleep with me from then on and when one or both of his brothers came home on break, we were very careful to revert totally back to our former selves.

Like his brothers, he did go away to college the following fall but he attended a university only about thirty miles from here so it was cheaper to buy him a good, used car than pay the dorm fees. And, of course, we both had other reasons as well.

He’s now in his third year, my two other sons, the older one is now married, living in a small city about six hundred miles away and is expecting his first child, a boy, so it seems, and the middle son is even more distant, Europe. He is a security analyst for NATO and is enjoying life in Brussels as an available single man.

That leaves Neil and I at home which, as you can imagine, suits us quite fine.

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