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Sex stories, An Indian Exhibitionist Wife, Malti Babbar stretched her body and glanced towards the screaming alarm clock, 5.30 AM it’s time to get up, lazily she reached for it and punched the stop button. The early morning sun was pouring in through the window and she slowly slipped out of the bed. Without disturbing her sleeping husband, she quickly freshened up and before six o’clock she was out of the house for her regular jogging.

Outside her small bungalow was a vast stretch of greenery as they were residing in FRI complex (Forest Research Institute) at Dehradun along with her husband and a 6-year-old daughter. Her husband Ravi, a botanist was working with FRI for last six months. Malti loved the place which is full of 450 hectares of forest all around and colonial style main building at the center. In front of the main building lies a large lush green field and on sides were several offices, staff quarters and bungalows, one of which was occupied by them.

She wore a tight-fitting track pants with matching top and tied her shoulder length hairs in a ponytail. Adjusting her headphones and tuning in her favorite music she started to run towards the field. She saw the usual people walking or jogging and greeted the uncles and aunties from neighborhood. Two rounds of the large field were enough for her regular exercise. She whisked past several people out for morning walk and even the grandpas in the lot couldn’t help but stare at the perfect round ass in those tight slacks. As she jogged, the round shapely ass produced an exotic view when they sway with every step she took. Malti have kept herself in a great shape with this daily routine, a 34C breast, narrow and flat abdomen and a round 36 inches of meat below her waist.


She finished her jogging and reached home around quarter to seven and after relaxing a bit she set about for her daily routine. After the quick shower, she prepared the tea and went in the bedroom.

“Rise and shine,” she cheerfully spoke and kept the tea on the bedside table. Ravi listened but feeling lazy he tried to ignore until Malti climbed on the bed and shook her wet hairs on his face.

“Um… no… let me sleep,” he murmured as the small drops of water splashed on his face. Malti giggled and some more drops of water sprinkled on his face. He opened his eyes and in mock anger he tried to grab her but she slipped away.

“Get up and have your tea before its cold,” she spoke, “I have to wake up Rini also.”

“Yeah… but first wake me up,” he spread his arms for a hug.

“Get up and don’t be naughty early in the morning,” she giggled but slipped in his arms for a quick good morning kiss.

She went about preparing the breakfast while Ravi run around getting Rini ready for school. The hectic morning came to an end when she packed Ravi’s lunch and send him off to the office. Now she has ample time to relax till her daughter is back from school at around 2.00 pm. This is the time Malti is alone and free to do whatever she wants. This is the time she went for shopping to the city as the large complex has no shops but only some offices, some residences and vast area of forests. The back of the forest area stretches far and looks as if meeting the foothills of Himalayas. She loves to walk deep in the forest, all alone with her thoughts.

Today was no exception, she walked out of house and saw the gardener busy in the small garden of the bungalow. He was a boy named Langa Dorji, not more that nineteen years old and was son of the peon working in her husband’s office. To help the family he use to work as part time gardener in the bungalows.

“Good Morning Madam,” he greeted Malti as she walked by him.

“Good Morning Langa, what are you doing today,” she enquired.

“Just watering these plants and then will mow the lawn,” he answered respectfully.

She nodded and walked towards the forest area. She wore her favorite long skirt with a top and carried just the keys of the house. She walked admiring the nature and soon the offices and the bungalows were left far behind and what was around was just tall trees and small bushes. The April sun was not hot and cool shade of the trees was chilling. She admired the hills of Himalayas far away as the cool breeze blow her skirt. The jungle was quite except for some occasional chirping of birds. She stepped behind a large tree and rested her back on the trunk. Her heart beat increased and she glanced around the place packed with trees and bushes limiting the sight to a few yards.

She fumbled with the hook on the skirt and opened them letting the skirt fall to her feet. She was standing in middle of the jungle in just her small panty and top. With increasing excitement she stepped out of the bunched skirt and slowly pulled the top out and placed it over the skirt. A squirrel squeaked and looked at her from the top of the branch.

Malti felt aroused and her nipples were tout begging to be freed and that is exactly what she did and threw the bra over the rest of the clothes. The long and pointed boobs were standing proudly on her chest with nipples so erect that they started to give an itchy feeling. She grabbed one of the titties and massaged the erect nipple between her thumb and finger. The other hand she pushed between her legs onto the wet pussy which was starting to soak the panties. She quickly pulled it out of her slender legs and threw over the pile of clothes.

Malti, a wife of a respected scientist at FRI was standing nude in middle of the jungle. She understands the danger and the scandal it would be if someone found out but this was making it even more thrilling for her. She grabbed both her breasts and pulled the nipples hard.

She looked around and strained her ears to listen for any noises which would alert her of anybody approaching, but she heard none. She looked towards the pile of clothes then slowly walked ahead on the uneven grounds. As she moved farther from clothes the danger increases and so does her excitement. She reached behind bushes, far away from her pile of clothes. If someone happened to come by she will not able to get to her clothes immediately and she will be caught totally nude, the thought itself increased her excitement. She lies down on the soft grass still massaging her boobs and pinching her nipples. She moved one hand between her legs to touch the aching clit and a groan escaped her mouth.

She spread her legs wide as if opening up for an unknown lover to get between them and fuck her brains out. The danger of being caught in such a state was making her horny, the only thought in her mind was ‘If someone caught me lying spread eagle, all alone in the jungle, he will not let me go without fucking me.’ She shivered with excitement and rubbed her clit vigorously.


Malti enjoyed exposing herself since a very young age. As soon as her body started developing the boys around her started showing special interest in her and she always enjoyed the attention. She soon realized the importance of her body and what effect if causes on the opposite sex, maybe sometimes to same sex also. She enjoyed knowing that a man is drooling over her and that she is giving him a hardon. In school itself she started enjoying ‘accidently’ exposing herself. She gave innumerous hardons to her teachers and fellow students and she loves the fact that she was the subject of thousands of masturbations. Whenever she had such an incident where she exposes herself and knew that someone is watching, she touched herself in privacy and bring herself to a massive orgasm. Today lying in the woods naked, she rubbed her pussy imagining someone watching her and stroking his large penis.

She remembered the incident when she was young and travelling with her parents in a train. It was an overnight journey and she was wearing a knee-high skirt along with a t-shirt. The t-shirt was tight around her bust and the shape of her round boobs were producing a mouthwatering scene. She was busy reading a book when she noticed a man in the opposite seat was checking her out. He was a grown-up man in his forties and she noticed that he was surreptitiously glancing at her legs and breasts. Malti felt a chill run down her spine and she looked at her parents who were busy talking amongst themselves.

She checked herself and found that her skirt has ridden a bit over the knees as she sat on the seat with legs pulled up and folded. She innocently moved her legs a bit giving him a better glimpse of her thighs deep inside the skirt and from corner of her eyes she watched for his reaction. The man saw the movement of her legs and the delicate thighs exposed for a split second giving him deep view upto her black panties and then they were closed again, but still the skirt rode higher and he was mesmerized by the sight of her soft and creamy legs.

Malti saw awe on his face and felt the tingling sensation between her legs. She continued flipping pages of the book and in between opened and closed her legs giving him fleeting glimpses of her gorgeous thighs. At one point their eyes met and he smiled but she looked away. The game continued till it was time to sleep and Malti was on fire. Her parents took the top berth while she occupied the lower one just opposite the man.

By this time, it was clear to the man that she was deliberately teasing him and the guy didn’t mind the show, but he was getting greedy for more. In the light of night bulb, he could see her lying face up and the sheets not yet pulled up. He looked intensely in her eyes and mouthed ‘please.’ She knew what he wanted and she felt naughty pulling up her skirt inch by inch. She kept an eye on her sleeping parents and on anyone passing through the aisle and pulled her skirt high enough to expose the triangular black panty covering her pussy. She could literally feel his gaze on her pussy. She left it like that for a long time for him to feast his eyes and only pulled it back when she heard someone walking down the aisle.

Everyone in the carriage seems to be sleeping and Malti was getting hornier and hornier. This is the first time that she has done something like this, she has never gone beyond ‘accidental’ exposing but this time all barriers seems to have been broken, she was playing on the ‘requests’ of this man. She pulled her t-shirt up and exposed her bra covered boobs and then alternated between showing her panties and bra.

Suddenly she heard a loud noise, nervously she pulled down her skirt but then realized it was snoring sound produced by his father. She giggled and saw the man was also grinning. After couple of seconds he again gestured with his hand trying to communicate through sign language, asking her to continue with the show and reveal more. Malti was a bit scared that the noise might have woken up someone so she shook her head refusing to comply. The man made a bad face and continued to coax her.

When she started to pull the sheets over her body he desperately begged not to and started to point towards the aisle. Malti was confused as she was not able to understand what he wanted. He got up from his seat and stood in the aisle and signaled her to follow him as he walked towards the toilets. She now understood that he was asking her to come to the toilets at the end of the carriage and continue the show, maybe in the toilet. She felt scared at the prospect of being alone with him, but then the excitement overpowered her, the taboo nature of the act made her breath heavy. She peeked in the gallery and saw him standing at the far end. He signaled her to come to him when he saw her looking.

Hesitantly she got up and checked on her sleeping parents, when she was sure that they were fast asleep she walked down the aisle. Her heart started to beat hard as she reached the toilets.

“Why you called me,” she whispered acting all innocent.

“I was not able to look at this beautiful body in the dark over there,” he too whispered in a hoarse voice, “I want to see you properly.”

Malti’s face turned red and she looked down at the floor unable to meet his gaze. There was no one around and he slowly opened the door of the toilet. He held the door open and looked at her meaningfully.

“Come… here no one can disturb us,” he whispered. Malti’s was feeling excited and nervous at the same, however she hesitantly stepped in. He closed the door behind and they were cramped in the small space.

“Show me,” his voice was barely audible.

Malti was trembling as she lifted her skirt and pulled it above her waist.

“Now the panty.”

She shook her head.

“Please,” he whispered, “you are so sexy… now don’t hide yourself… I want to see all of you.”

Her heart was beating so hard that she thought the sound could be heard by her sleeping parents. After he coaxed again she let go the skirt and put her thumbs in the elastic waist band. She pulled the panty down to her knees and then inched her skirt up to reveal the soft pussy mound partly hidden in small pubic hairs.

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