Indian family, marriage and sex between son and mother

Indian family, marriage and sex between son and mother..
After my mother gets divorced to my father, I just wanted to fulfill my long desire of making my mother my wife. It became true when I told I mother that I love her. She saw the passion in my eyes for her.

“You…you said you loved me.” My mother said slowly, staring deep into my eyes.


“Yes, Mother…I love you more than anything,” I murmured.

It was several seconds before she spoke again as she continued to stare into his eyes.

“You…you mean, in, in that way,” she slowly stammered out.

“I…I just wanted you to know,” I said softly. “I just wanted you to know that I love you, no matter what happens. I have always loved you. I always will, and I’ll always be here for you.”

She looked confused. Like she didn’t know what to do. Or say. But her eyes never wavered from me.

“Funny, isn’t it?” she finally sighed. “The only man in the world that loves me…truly loves me, is my son. That is so distressing.”

She gave his thigh another gentle squeeze. My eyes bore into hers

“If only. If only,” she whimpered softly. “What that it were…”

“I just want you to know,” he murmured. “I’m here for you, Mother…here for you in any way you need me. Just tell me what I can do to make you happy again.”

She continued to stare into my eyes. It was as if she was looking for an answer. An answer to her unhappiness and loneliness.

“I could never commit myself again,” she said softly, then paused for several seconds before she slowly went on, “to any man. Unless, unless he promised to give me his undying love.”

“I’ll love you forever, and ever,” I whispered back.

I could not but stare at her, her saree had fallen off her chest and her breasts in her dart blue blouse were heaving…

My mother saw the hunger in her son’s eyes, the passion, the love for her – for her body.

Finally, her eyes dropped away from me, and her hand slowly floated up away from my throbbing cock. I’d gone too far, I told myself. Way too far.

But as I watched her hand, it was joined by her other hand at the top button of her blouse. Then, looking down at her hands, she timidly unhooked the first hook. Gulping, he tried to swallow the bale of cotton that had suddenly materialized inside his mouth. Her fingers opened the second hook as he looked on with dazed astonishment. Then the third hook popped free, bringing her lacey black bra into view between the edges of her blouse.

I watched her slowly spread her blouse open. His heart was now pounding mad as she reached up to his hand on her shoulder. Not saying a word, she lifted it and brought it down to the opening of her blouse. Pressing his hand, palm down, into the opening, she let go of it. I could hardly breath as she dropped one hand down to her lap and the other back down to his thigh. But just as her hand touched down on my thigh, she moved it over to the obvious swell of my cock pressing up against my pants.

Dazed, I sat with his arm around her shoulders, his palm pressed against her hot flesh inside her blouse. Suddenly a jolt of pure excitement tore through my cock as I felt her give it a gentle squeeze through his pants. Not daring to even breathe, I eased his hand over above her right breast. Finding the lacey top edge of her brassiere with the tips of his trembling fingers, I eased them down under it onto the soft, pliant flesh of her breast. As I continued to ease his fingers down into her bra, I felt my mother’s fingers tickling down the underside of my cock. Looking down, I saw that she was slowly unzipping my pants.

Then my probing fingertips brushed over the swollen hardness of her nipple, as the lace on the bra tickled up the back of his hand. Another shiver of excitement sparked through my cock as I kept easing his fingers down inside her bra. At last, I could cup the heavy, firm breast resting there. Now the big, jutting nipple was burning a hole into the palm of my hand.

Watching on with feverish anticipation, I saw her daintily spread the opening of my pants apart and ease her hand down inside it.

Pulling my fingers out from under her big, heavy tit, I once again found her hard, jutting nipple with the tips of my fingers. Teasing and toying with the rubbery pap, I gently twisted and tweaked it.

Then my mother’s fingers found my steel-hard prick and I heard a small, audible intake of breath. She must be surprised by the size of his thick, seven-inch penis, I arrogantly thought as she fondled and measured its girth and length with her fingers.

I had never felt a woman’s breast nipple in all his life, I giddily told himself. She must be just as hot as I was.

Savoring the touch of her nipple on my fingers, I saw her looking over and felt her maneuvering my big, stiff cock up, out through the opening of my underwear. Slowly, its big, purplish-red head appeared. It was slowly followed by the brown shaft, crisscrossed with bulging, blue veins. Then, the last of it came slithering out with my mother’s hot hand curled around it.

Her eyes widened momentarily, as she stared down at the big, jutting shaft of teenage cock-meat.

“My…” she softly murmured, daintily gripping her hand around the thick shaft, twisting and running it up its impressive length. “Son… you are …….”

After a few long, delicious moments, she opened her hand. Letting his cock jut up into the air on its own, she reached up and pulled his hand out of her blouse.

What now, I deliriously wondered? In a testosterone-induced fog, I watched my mother, lean forward, put her hands on the cushion and slowly push herself up to her feet. Then, she peeled off the saree from her body. She was wearing a blue petty-coat, and I groaned as I saw her naked belly and deep navel inches in front of me. It was so sexy, so sensuous.

my mother held my face and pulled me to her. I buried his face in her belly fleshly and started kissing her there with passion. Her skin felt like butter, and I kissed her all over – and when my tongue dipped into her deep navel Namratha, my mother groaned with pleasure. She knew what was happening…

I felt her fingers in caressing his hair and slowly pulling him back. “Oh Beta….what are we doing dear” she sighed caressing his cheeks.

Then looking into my eyes, she removed her blouse from her body.

I had never seen anything so erotic. So telling. So titillating, I thought as I stared up at her breasts covered by the lacy black brassiere.

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