Indian Family, Son marries mother and sister

Indian Family, Son marries mother and sister, It was 15 years ago my mom and dad had been separated, my dad had left my mom when she was 23, saying he was going for a business meeting and never returned, all she had got was a letter saying he was sorry and he was not happy with her. The event left my mom in charge of her two kids, my sister, Uma, a year older than me, now at 19, a shapely young woman, full of joy and life, a perfect figure you might say, a 36-24-36, and myself, Raja, at 18 just out of junior college, well built, very fiercely protective of the two women at home after seeing Mom go through the tears as we grew up, I always wanted to make sure no one dared to take advantage of them.

My mom, Rukmini, was a dynamic woman, who inspite of having two young kids to support started her own small business and in a short time became successful enough to give us kids a comfortable living, and all this she managed from a little shed she rented near our home.

My Mom, was very attractive, keeping herself fit, as this helped her business, people always like a business person who takes care of themselves, thinking their products would also be as well taken care of as themselves. Of course this also led to men ogle at her and as a kid I found this very strange. When people asked about my father, this would leave me angry and my sister in tears. Mom would then comfort us saying she would take care of us better than any man in her life would and decided she would not entertain any proposals from any men and just devote herself to us. She did a great job raising us, both of us very independent in our thinking.


After finishing my matriculation, at 16, I started helping out mom and mom was glad as she needed the help, my sister was more content with her make-up and thinking about boys. She really did not care much about her studies and mom made up her mind to get her married and asked her if would like to be married. My sister was happy and rather glad to quit her studies and be with a man. After making sure, she was not in love with anyone, she started searching a groom for her. This was really a tiresome exercise as the one question we could never answer was “Where is the father?”. Mom would wind up in tears and I would end up getting angry and would yell and walk away. I ended up consoling mom, saying that she made us better than anyone with both parents would have. Mom would listen to this and smile and rest her head on my shoulders thanking me. My sister, understanding that she was, told mom, she should not worry about all these things and there will be someone who will marry her (my sister) inspite of all these odds. “There are good people in this world” she would console my mom and asked her to stop.

My sister, had felt bad throughout this whole ordeal, even though the guys had never really rejected her, it was more like the parents who cared about it than the boys. My sister and me both decided, that mom should get married, after all, she was only 38 and she looked very young and there was no shortage of well to do men who wanted to marry mom. We needed to get mom to talk about this and make her feel that we are comfortable now that we were all grown up and having a man in her life would not threaten us. So we asked mom and started talking to her.

“Mom”, I said , “We have something to say”.

My mom thought it was strange we were sitting like this and talking, it was always very informal and all of a sudden we were talking making it look very serious.

“What is it? I have never seen you like this?” Mom said.

“Mom, You have been a great mom to us, but …” Uma started.

“But …. What?” Mom looked at us, her eyes getting smaller and looking curiously at us.

“You have neglected yourself in the process” Uma continued.

“We want you to be happy” I said.

“I am happy, my lovely ones, thanks to you, you have never given me cause to worry” She replied

“No, mom, he means that you should also have fun” Uma said looking at me.

“What fun?” she enquired.

“We want you to go out and enjoy without us kids to think about” She said lowering her head and I did too.

“What are you kids saying?”, mom said looking clearly amused.

“Mom, We think you should go out, find a man you like and get married” I said looking up for a second and lowering my head down again.

“Get married? Get married? Have you two gone crazy?” Mom said still amused and breaking out in laughter.

“Kids” She just smiled and looked at us.

“I am happy, I don’t need a man to make myself happy, I have been happy with you kids around, besides I really don’t want anyone else and coming breaking us apart, we should always stay together and I will do everything to make us stay together, I cannot take a second break-up” She said a little serious.

“Mom” my sister replied, “We thought this would make things easy for all us, besides we could pass the person up as our father” my sister inadvertently said.

Mom was shocked and shouted at her “Is this about your marriage?”

“No, No, mom, it is about you having someone to be with, everyone should be with a special someone” my sister started sobbing

“Look, I have a problem trusting men, and I will marry any man if I cannot trust him” She said and hugged my sister, “Of course my son is the only exception” She continued and hugged me as well.

After this conversation, things became a little quiet, and I took mom and my sister for a small vacation to break the monotony. We took a hotel with a private balcony where we could view the waters. There was a man in the hotel, who was troubling my mom constantly, at first I was letting it go, hoping mom might get interested, then when mom complained to me, I went and gave him a big mouthful and stop looking at her. He looked at me, was pissed off and left. I came back to mom and she hugged me tight thanking me. My mom had been walking for a while outside, and I could smell her sweat on her forehead and I took my t-shirt to wipe it, as I was wiping it, my hand slipped on her breasts. I immediately took it away and apologized to mom. My mom smiled and said it was ok, as I was her hero and we both laughed.

My sister heard of the incident and I even told her of the brushing incident, she looked at me, always the hero, saving both your sister and mother. I had numerous times gotten my sister out of trouble of pesky guys trying to bug her. She kissed me on the cheeks saying this is for my hero.

On the day before, we went to the river, to a private spot and my sis wearing a swimsuit and mom in a lovely yellow silk saree. My sister was happy playing in the water and my mom was reading a book in the shade, I was in the swimming trunks and as I looked at my mom, my mom’s pallu (saree part covering the blouse and front) fell and I saw her cleavage and my member immediately rose. I had seen lots of times before, but this time when I saw it I was clearly not thinking like a son!!! I then looked at my sister and was appreciative of the body she had and as she called me into the water, I ran fast into trying not to show my cock’s appreciation of her as well. As we played a bit, me watching mom, still her cleavage visible and my sister, her perky nipples standing up, my hard cock would not come down even in the water. My sister, noticed it and smiled at me and teased me “Who are you thinking about?” and as I looked at her and then mom, she looked at me, “Are you thinking of some woman?” I was embarrassed and told her to shut up and ran from there.

In our home, we always told each other everything, it was like we were all best friends and mom got to know of the Riverside incident and she could not help smiling. Our journey back was a difficult one, for me particularly, my mom and sister giggling at me like little girls and teasing about me about some strange exotic girl. Little did they know they were the exotic ones!!!

I started noticing both my mother and sister more and more, I saw how attractive they were, my sister with her perfect figure, I knew why men found her really sexy, and my mother a little older version of my sister, beautiful carrying a 38-26-36 figure, her slimness making her look really young. I watched their every move more carefully, and was getting aroused at every instant. They were driving me crazy. I myself started going around without my shirt, as it was hot, it was an excuse I found convenient.

In the meanwhile, another guy tried to propose to my mom and I had to threaten him to chase him out. My mom was glad and hugged me a lot on that day, and kissing me on the cheeks and forehead and said she was very relieved as he was very obnoxious. The only man I can ever trust is my son, she repeated. As I separated from her, trying to avoid her from feeling the hard on I was getting, my sister noticed my pants and came to my room before I could shut it. She looked at me strangely and started questioning me making sure only we were in the room, my mom alone in the kitchen cooking.

“Raja, who is the mystery woman?” She queried still looking at my hard on.

“Nobody in particular” I said.

“Raja?” She again asked me “Tell me, I promise I wont tell anyone”.

“I don’t ask you about your mystery guys” I retorted back.

“Well, you can ask me, if you want to” She said

“I don’t want to, and I don’t want you ask me too, either” I said.

My sister sat beside me, and held my hand and I was struggling to keep calm “Raja, I am your elder sister and it is my duty to take care of a younger brother, I want you to have the woman you fantasise about, I promise you that” She spoke looking at my eyes.

“Oh, sis, you are so nice” and I hugged her while sitting avoiding touching with my member.

“Will you tell your sister?”.

“What if you are angry with me?”.

“I wont be, I promise”.

“I am scared to tell you”.

She patted on the back and crossed her pretty little fingers and whispered “It is safe with me”.

“You won’t tell mom?”.

She looked at me in a strange way and looked as if teasing.

“Oh no, you are going to tell her” I said.

“Do you want your mystery woman or not?” She asked back.

“YES” I almost shouted.

“Then tell me, I will help you get her”.

“Uma, you know how close we all are together, me , you and mom, I want us to be closer, I want to take care of mom and you all the time, I love you and mom”.

“Of course, silly, we know that” She said looking me “Now tell me who the mystery person is”.

“I want to marry mom” I blurted not wanting to say I wanted her as well.

“What?” She almost shouted as I closed my hands on her mouth.

“You are not being funny” She continued.

“You want to marry mom, be your own step-father, be my step-father, make mom her own daughter-in-law” She said looking at me just indicating I was crazy.

I lowered my head “Yes” .

My sister just smiled at me, understand everything from the riverside incident to numerous times since then she had seen me peeking.

“Now you know my horrible secret, what about you?”.

“Well, My step-father can search a groom for me, and I will marry anyone he suggests” and she winked at me and my cock immediately rose in agreement and she patted it understanding and walked out before I did anything.

We were all having dinner that evening and my sister was looking at both mom and me smiling. My mom asked her what was so funny, she said it was some joke she remembered and winked at me.

“Mom, I am going to find a man for you” Uma spoke.

“Not that again” Mom replied.

“No mom, this time you will not say no, I want to see you with a man, and a good man to boot” She continued.

“Oh Uma, stop this, I told you I cannot risk another break-up”.

“There wont be any break-up if there is a hook up” She said.

I almost choked and excused myself.

“You better not go anywhere,” Uma warned me, winking at me.

I sat there frozen not knowing what she was going to say.

“Mom, then you have no objection if you can get into a marriage where you think we won’t break up, right?”.

“Uh, that’s right” She said.

“Then I am going to find that perfect man for you and our family” She declared.

“Ok, honey” Mom replied slightly amused.

“Mom, you have to promise, if you think the man is great, and will not cause problems for us both, you will marry him” She said placing her hand on mom’s.

“Yes, dear, I will marry the person who will be good for us, Does Raja also agree with your views, you know men are more difficult to please in this aspect” Mom said looking at me.

“Yes mom, I am sure she will find a wonderful groom for you” I managed to say.

“Great, let’s eat” Sis was pleased.

I was relieved and completely had my food. Uma told me to take mom to the movies, restaurants and outings alone, she would excuse herself with some activity or something. I thought that was a good plan and took mom out regularly, my sister excusing herself on one pretext or the other. Mom was always classy and well dressed and people would often mistake us for a couple. My sister would order a book at a book shop and ask us to get it and tell them her parents were coming to get that to them, so when I would go into the shop, they would address me as Raja(I wore a moustache to look older) and my mom as Mrs.Raja, mom was embarrassed at first, but did not make an effort to correct it as I whispered into mom’s ear she looked young enough to look like my wife, mom smiled and went along with it. In fact the book store was something we went frequently to, so I could hear the thrill of mom being called as my wife. I flirted with my mom openly there, holding her hands, and my mom used to smile and look at me. Finally I had the courage to tell her, I would love to have a wife that was like her, mom smiled and said she would find one for me. I just held mom’s hands and walked the streets, this went on for a couple of months, I used to leave my shirt out to conceal the hard on I used to have constantly. I noticed my mother hugging me more and not making much of an effort to conceal what was behind her clothes, our hugs sometimes lasted almost half an hour, my hard on, sometimes feeling her, but still I was afraid of telling her. My sister asked me, if everything was going well and was angry I had not moved faster than that. “She likes you, a lot more than you think, just tell her” I was still hesitant, so my sister decided to join in on one of our walks. “This will make the feelings inside you come out if you two are romantic enough” She said.

As all three walked on the street, it was the first time, I was not holding mom’s hand while walking for a while, my mom kept looking at me and I kept looking at mom, my sister obviously enjoying our discomfort, she went into the bookshop and I said I would stay outside, telling mom to go with her, my sister would have none of it and made me join both her and mom. Immediately the shop keeper came out of nowhere and addressed and started talking to me. Mom was trying her best to avoid him, he went up to her, “Mrs. Raja who is your lovely companion, is that your sister, You and your husband are very welcome” Mom was so embarrassed she looked at my sister, then me and muttering “Thank you” to the book shop guy walked out of the store. My sister ran out too and then I came out. The ride home was silent, nobody talking, but I could not help notice my sister’s grin.

We had our dinner quietly and then after dinner , Uma sat in front of mom and I was in a chair beside her.

“Mom?” Uma started.

Mom just looked at her and was quiet.

“Mom, I have found the perfect man for you” She said.

“What?” Mom gasped.

“Yes, He is wonderful and I have seen him, and I think he will make a perfect fit for this family”.

“But, but, I don’t agree” She said.

“Oh mom you told me the other day, if I find the man who will be everything he should be for you and me and Raja, you would not hesitate to marry him” Uma continued.

“Oh no, Uma, please be reasonable, I am happy, let us be just the three of us” Mom said.

“Mom, You agreed, a promise is a promise and you will love him, I know” She said.

Mom looked at me pleadingly “Raja, you also have a say in this, don’t you?”.

“Yes mom” I replied.

“Do you want me to see me married?” She queried, a worried look at her face, asking me to say no.

“Yes, mom, I want you married and happy”.

“You want me married??” She looked a little angry at me.

“He is the one who wanted you married” Uma interrupted.

“What?” Mom was angrier.

“Is there someone on your mind, mom?” Uma continued.

“I want this family, not be a part of someone’s family” Mom sobbed.

“You will be, mother, you will be” Uma tried to console her.

Mom looked up, and looked at me “What do you mean?”.

“I want the book shop keeper’s word to be true”.

“What?” mom was shocked.

“Yes, I want you to marry Raja, I want you to be my sister-in-law, I want Raja to be my step-father, I want you two to do my kanyadaan (giving away of the bride)”.

Mom looked at me shocked and there in the corner of her eye, I could see a smile “I am supposed to marry my son, my Raja, Do you know this?”.

“Yes, mom, I want to marry you, you are my dream girl” I replied looking at her.

“I want you to be Mrs.Raja” I continued.

Immediately I got down on one knee and held her hand and slipped a ring on her hand

“Will you marry me, Rukmini?”.

Mom was so shocked, but as she looked at me, then Uma and then her hand, she got up, and I then got up and she hugged me and said “YES”.

We all screamed and hugged each other, my sister kissing both of us, then retiring to her room “You lovebirds should be left alone” winking at us.

We both were silent and just hugged each other, and then I finally kissed mom, our tongues touching, as we explored each others mouth, “I love you, Rukmini” I moaned, my mom moaning “I love you Raja” My hands went to her waist and I squeezed and her soft breasts as I touched her there. She stopped me and told me, “Darling, I want this too, but let us wait for the marriage and do all this, for now let us just limit to kisses” I was disappointed but happy anyway mom was willing to marry me.

Uma fixed our marriage in a small town nearby within a torturous week, inviting a few people who did not know of our relation like the shop keeper, who was surprised to find out we were only engaged and not married. As the mantras were being chanted, my mother looking so beautiful in her bridal dress smiling at me, I smiled at her, my sister smiled at both of us, her task of being matchmaker accomplished successfully. As the priest then asked me to tie the mangalasutra, my mother’s neck looking so spotless as I slightly pushed her hair aside, my little finger lingering on her neck as I tied the sacred thread, even as I was having a hard on all too evident through my dhoti(similar to a sarong). She looked at me smiling and everyone asked the bride and groom to get up. The people gathered around threw the akshata(raw rice) at us blessing our holy union. My sister whispering to us, for a nephew or niece soon. My mother heard that and smiled at her and held her ear in a painful way and then looked at me longingly.

Our first night arrangements were all made by Uma, and I was on the bed waiting for my dear wife, also my mother. My mother entered in a beautiful cream saree, with jewels and gold, and gold belt around her tummy. She had milk in her hands and she looked shy handing it to me. “Sit down, Rukmini” I said placing my hand on the bed beside me. She obeyed and sat down and my hand went around her to her hands. “I love you, Rukmini”

Mom was still silent, shy looked at me her eyes wide open, as she handed the milk to me, I took her hand slowly towards my mouth and sipped at it. I then pointed back to her and had her take a sip still looking at me eagerly, I pushed harder so the milk would spill a bit on her face, she was having the cutest milk mustache as I kissed her mouth and licked her milk on her face, she was closing her eyes, not uttering a word, I slowly dropped her pallu down, and noticed her lovely breasts held by her blouse, “I am my mother’s husband” I whispered to her and she just smiled the sexiest smile back to me, “I love you, mom” I said as my hands started slowly to pinch her waist and I rubbed her backless blouse. My mom who had been silent until then suddenly screamed “I love Raja, I love you, I love my son, I am my son’s wife” I looked at her and kissed her mouth getting more aroused in the process as I slowly laid her on the bed, I removed my shirt and my cock was already protruding out of the dhoti, I started pulling out her saree from underneath as she looked at me longingly content to have me take the lead in our union as man and wife, now she was just in her jewels and I saw her in a see through yellow colour bra and panties, she was so sexy and she smiled at me shyly. I lay on her just like that and kissed her mouth, my hard cock trying to make a dent through her panties, she lay there just smiling as I kissed her on the nose, cheeks and ears.

“Raja, I love you” Mom said.

“I will be a good wife to you, Your wife will do anything you want, have me, my love”

As I heard mom speak thus, I kissed her breasts and sucked her nipples , sucking harder and harder as she moaned, I then removed her bra and continued to suck her nipples, my tongue moved down circling her navel touching it with the wetness, as I noticed her pussy wet and sticking to her panties, I ripped apart the panties and kissed her cunt, enjoying the sweet smell, I licked at her cunt my tongue relentlessly moving in and out over and over as she wriggled her legs and then clasped them together holding my head in them, my tongue submerged in her pussy, the juices circling on it, as I played with her breasts, I again kissed her over and over again, “Raja, my husband make love to me” I looked at her and then slowly kissed her, removing my underwear and dhoti, placed my hard cock on her stomach. Her eyes widened as she brought her hand and held my throbbing member, she squeezed tight and circled her fingers on the tip, sending me in raptures, “Oh mom, that is so good” I cried, she smiled and brought herself up and kissed it, licking the top, “How is that honey” she asked as I moaned in appreciation, mom continued to lick, I was just so hard, “Darling, I want everything inside me, the first time” she said. I did not say a word, just smiled at her as I thrust my cock inside her cunt slowly kissing her in the mouth as I started banging her in and out, my mothers cunt was at my disposal whenever I needed, she was my wife and I was her husband, and I was having my mother, as I banged in harder and harder, the moans got louder, out sweaty bodies against each other, the sounds of the liquids inside making it that much more erotic as I pushed and pulled in and out, towards the sides, trying to reach her every space as we both had our eyes closed, me grinding in her lovely sexy motherly cunt which was now mine for ever, as I looked at her indicating my readiness to come, she nodded silently saying she was ready, I deposited my entire cum in her , her cunt taking everything inside and not wasting a drop. I lay on her just like that for a while both kissing each other, my mother wearing nothing but the jewels on her. My first experience being so joyful and that too with one of the two woman I loved most and had made her my wife.

Our whole night was spent in both of us exploring each other, mom sucked me to a climax and made me deposit that in her cunt as well, she would not let me suck it that night as she did not want my cum to go waste in her. She wanted our incestuous child as soon as possible!!!!

Our honeymoon was wonderful, we went to the same hotel where my sister first teased about the urges and I fucked her on the river banks, my sister accompanied us proudly sometimes calling me her step-father, other times calling mom her sister-in-law!!!! Mom used to smile and we both thanked her for uniting us. My sister always accompanied us and we always had a good time, just like the previous times, except now I and mom slept together.

Mom was pregnant within the next month, and as she announced it me shyly, I was so happy and lifted her up, I was glad that she was even though I wished I had some more time for some fun to which mom said, “I am only pregnant, does not mean I cant do it”.

Uma was highly excited as she heard the news and she remarked, we were too fast in this.

We just smiled and I told her, when she is married, she will have one soon.

“When will you find me a groom, dad?” she mocked

“Is my pretty daughter ready?” I mocked back.

“Well, mom, what do you say?” She asked mom.

“You dad and daughter decide” She smiled at us.

This made me horny, and I just grabbed her and kissed passionately and groping her for almost a couple of minutes, “You are so bad, kissing your wife in front of your sister, and daughter” trying to wriggle free.

“I am ok with it” Uma said looking at mom.

“I am in love with a man” She announced boldly.

This caught both me and mom by surprise as we looked at her.

“Will my brother and sis-in-law help me get him?”.

“Of course” Your brother wont forget you helped unite him with his lovely wife and I kissed mom again.

“Of course, we love you, and we will marry you to the man you love” Mom said.

“I love both of you, mother and my mother’s husband” she said.

“Yes, continue dear” Mom said.

“I also want this family always together” She said as I looked at her knowing where she was going.

“I want to marry your husband, mother” She told mom.

“You want to marry Raja?” Mom questioned her back.

“Yes, I love Raja, I want my brother” She said to both of us.

I looked at mom and mom looked me, she smiled at me and hugged her,

“I am completely for this marriage, if a son can marry a mother, why can’t a daughter marry her step-father, or a sister marry her brother, I love you, my Uma, Now we will be a real family”.

I was pleased and just smiled at both of them and hugged both. My hard cock rubbing against my mother as she pushed me towards her daughter, my sister feeling that and moaning.

Mom wanted the engagement right then and there and she made me sit on one side and my sister and herself on the other. I told Mom that her daughter was acceptable to me and asked “Where is the father?”, my mom looked at me and pulled me by my cock next to my sister and kissed me with the sister looking at us. “Here is her step-dad” she spoke in my mouth and we all laughed as I slipped a ring my mother handed to me onto my sister’s finger.

Mother arranged for our wedding the within the next two days and as I tied the sacred thread around her neck, Mom was in joyful tears as she watched me and whispered to us to have a wonderful life. She told that I was the best son-in-law she could ever find and knew her daughter would always be happy with me. I felt a jolt of joy passing through as I heard these words.

My first night with my sister was beautiful like her. She entered the honeymoon room decorate with flowers on the bed in a red silk saree suiting her outgoing nature. She came to me and handed me the glass of milk as was the custom. I handed it back to her and we both drank off the cup at the same time. She put her pallu on the head and our faces hidden inside the pallu rubbed our noses together.

“I love you, my darling Uma” I said looking at her.

“I love you, my darling brother, my husband” She replied.

“You are so beautiful and sexy” I gasped

“That’s what wives are supposed to be” She replied

We looked at each other for a while as my hands clasped her bosom and felt the soft breasts, I played with her nipples and I made her grip my hard cock in her hands, and saw her eyes widen with delight, I kissed her on the mouth as I started to slowly unbutton her blouse, my mouth reaching her nipples and sucking on them. I stopped and looked at her eyes closed and chin up towards the ceiling. I then kissed her neck and moved my hand down her tummy to her skirt she was wearing under the saree, as my hands teased her inner thighs, she started moaning, “kiss my thighs ” and I lifted her skirt up and kissed her thighs and started loosening her skirt. It fell down on me and my head popping through, my sister now took her skirt off me and I kissed her silk panties and licked it from outside. I started pulling her panties with a my mouth and down to her knees and then it fell down on its own. She took my hard cock and made me rub it all over her body and then pressed it against her left breast, “It has taken over my heart” she cried as I looked and we smiled at each other. I then bit her in the stomach and she moaned, she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking slowly, this being her first time, I guided her to touch my sensitive parts of my cock, she was sucking so hard and fast and I was rubbing her clit to get it wet before I could enter her, I came in her mouth as she choked , but completely swallowed and then looked at me. I now went down her tummy to her cunt and started licking it, her outsides and then her insides moving ever so slowly at first and then increasing the tempo in a fast motion as she moaned,

“FUCK ME, my husband, fuck me, please fuck me now”,

I kissed her and inserted my huge cock big again just looking at her and her constant rubbing into her sweet bushy cunt, it was very tight as I pushed harder in her. “Are you ok, my love?” I asked and she nodded as I rammed inside fast and she moaned. My strokes slowly increased as I looked at her and kissed her over and over again as my cock continued to pound my sister’s virgin cunt, we held each other tightly and said she was ready and I increased my strokes pace and emptied my semen in her cunt. We continued to play the whole night and finally slept with her face on my chest.

In the morning, as I walked off the room for a pee, I saw mom standing beside the door, I kissed her hard and told her “Your daughter is so sexy, just like you” to which she replied “How would you know, you have not fucked her mother-in-law, only fucked your wife and mother”. Hearing this made me so horny I just pushed her against the wall in a closet nearby and lifted her saree and making sure no one was around, started pounding her and letting loose my cum all over her. “Now, I have fucked my sexy mother-in-law as well” and she smiled nodding.

My oral fantasies with mom were finally realized during her pregnancy as she sucked me and I sucked her, now all three of us sleep in the same bed and the same room. Uma did not want to get pregnant for a couple of years and we both agreed to it. When mom started lactating, both me and Uma spent hours just sucking it, Uma used to love to see me fuck mom as she stood naked rubbing her clit.

Soon my first child was born, we were all happy, mom invited me to suck her milk ever pointing her milky breasts covered with milk to me telling I caused all this. As I sucked mom’s milk, I realized I was indeed a lucky husband, son , son-in-law all at the same time. I was pleased this was just a loving family my mother, sister and me had wanted. It has been 5 years now, I have had another child through my sister and we have not let them know about our relationship and we do not intend to. Mom and sis are both happy and we just carry on having fun. My wives never let me sleep without banging them, and I have no complaints about it either!! We did move to a different town and set up our successful business there. We are happy as any normal family would be!!!!

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