A married woman owes her boss a favour

Cat had never set out to cheat on her husband. Her wedding day had been one of the greatest experiences of her life and when she said her vows she meant them completely. She never intended to be anything less than a loving and faithful wife and she truly loved Graham more than anyone else in the world. She’d welcomed the feel of the white gold ring as he slid it onto her finger and committed herself to him forever, but now the sight of that same metal band seemed to mock her. It represented all of her broken promises and made her feel flushed with guilt. Even as she thought back over recent events, she couldn’t figure out exactly how she reached this point. The seduction had been so gradual that it was difficult to pinpoint when it changed from a bit of playful flirting into something sordid and she felt utterly, terribly ashamed at herself.

But strangely, those same feelings had a flipside. They intensified every minor detail and magnified each aspect of these sensations that were supposed to be forbidden to her. So as she lay there on the most comfortable bed she’d ever felt in her life, drenched in sweat, naked as the day she was born and with another man’s cock thrusting into her, her emotions were a heady mixture of lust and guilt that made the orgasm rising within her increasingly hard to resist.


It all started a few months earlier. She and Graham had been married for just over eighteen months and put a deposit down on their first house. The mortgage payments were noticeably higher than their rent though, so while she had been quite content working in a café up until that point, she’d been forced to bite the bullet and get an admin job at a legal firm to help balance their bills.

The office she found herself in was only one floor and wasn’t very large, but there were a lot of people working there and they seemed forever stretched for room. She was surprised therefore when the training was over and she was shown her work space, a desk in a separate office away from everybody else. Her supervisor Alison apologised for sticking her in there, but there simply wasn’t enough room for another person in the main area.

“That’s all right,” she had replied, “But don’t you think someone else should have this?”

“What do you mean?” the middle aged lady had said.

“Well, I love having my own office and all, but I’m only admin, this looks like it should be reserved for one of the bosses or team leaders?”

“Oh right,” Alison smiled, “It’s not just for you. You’ll be sharing this room with the area manager. I don’t think you’ve met him yet, he’s been away on leave since you first joined us.”

“Ah that makes sense,” Cat said, trying not to feel embarrassed at her mistake, “I guess that won’t be too bad. When is he getting back?”

“Not for another week yet,” said Alison, “But not to worry, I’m only at the other end of the corridor and you can always come and join the rest of us for coffee whenever you like. We certainly didn’t intend to isolate you like this, there’s just not enough room.”

“No, no it’s fine, I’m sure I’ll be all right.”

“Well then,” said Alison, “I’ll leave you to get settled in. You know where I am if you need me.”

“Thanks,” said Cat, taking in her surroundings as Alison walked off. She should have realised, they wouldn’t have put two desks in here after all if she was meant to be on her own and there’s no way they would give someone in admin their own room. She started to unpack her few belongings – a framed picture of her and Graham on their wedding day, a coffee mug and some home stationery – and decided to settle in.


The following week was one of the most boring she’d ever had to endure. She had no doubt that Alison meant well, but separated from the rest of the workforce like she was, it was difficult to ingratiate herself with her co-workers. She didn’t tend to drink more than two or three cups of coffee a day and the work she was completing was relatively straightforward so there were hardly any queries to bring up. All of which meant she had no reason other than boredom to leave the room and she didn’t want to make herself look work shy on her first week.

Consequently, each day crawled past at a snail’s pace and became increasingly tedious as the hours ticked by. When Friday finally came around, she felt as though she was losing brain cells with each second that went past and had seriously considered throwing in the towel, but when she vented her frustrations at Graham that night, he talked her out of it.

“Come on,” he said, “It’s only been a week. You can’t give up this early.”

“I know,” she said, “But it’s just so boring! I do nothing but file things all day and there’s no-one to talk to! I feel like I’m going to go mad.”

“It can’t be that bad,” he replied, looking at her with that sympathetic glimmer in his eyes that had first made her fall in love with him, “Besides, aren’t you getting a roommate next week?”

“Yes, the area manager,” she sighed, “The boss himself, I’m sure that’ll be loads of fun!”

“You never know,” he said, “they might be perfectly decent. Besides, even if they’re the most bookish, pedantic jobsworth in the world, it’ll be better than being on your own.”

“I guess you’re right,” she said considering his words, they did have bills to pay after all, “And if I don’t like him at least I’ll still be taking home a wage until I can find something better.”

“Exactly,” said Graham as he put his arm round her and pulled her close to him, “How bad can it be?”

She lay against his chest and listened to his heartbeat, how bad could it be?


When Monday came around she had dreaded going back into that cramped little room and squeezing herself behind that desk for five whole days. She was not looking forward to having to share the room with her new boss either and had mental images of a flashy, arrogant asshole to put up with, so when he stepped in to the room about ten minutes after her, she had to do a double take.

He was a huge man, standing at over six feet tall with broad shoulders and a barrel chest. Not only that, but she knew him, it was her friend Gemma’s father. And he recognised her too.

“My goodness,” he said, a smile coming easily to his face, “Is that you Catherine?”

“Hello Mr. Hembry,” she replied shyly.

“Please Catherine, we’re going to be working together, call me CJ,” he said effortlessly and suddenly, she was a sixteen year old again. She’d had a crush on Gemma’s dad as a schoolgirl, but hadn’t seen him since he drove both girls home from their graduation dance. She’d got herself doled up as glamorously as possible that night but he’d barely looked at her twice and now here he was, standing right in front of her. He had a few more grey hairs, but otherwise looked the same.

“Okay CJ, nice to see you again.”

“You too,” he replied, still smiling at her warmly.

Once they’d got over the initial pleasantries, Cat was pleased to find that she and CJ got on remarkably and they didn’t stop chatting for the entire day. She told him about her life since she’d last seen him, how she’d spent a year trekking through South America after she’d graduated from school and then gone to University when she returned home. She also told him about how she’d met Graham right at the end of her course, fallen in love and eventually married him, then pretty much everything that led to her putting in a job application. She found that he was easy to talk to, he listened attentively and seemed to value every word she said.

She was sad to hear about how his marriage had collapsed a few years ago. She knew about the divorce of course, Gemma had told her about it, but to hear first-hand how it unfolded and seeing the lingering traces of regret in him as he discussed it was tough. He still had a healthy relationship with his daughter though and also seemed very proud of the company he was in charge of.

He told her how he was one of the three senior partners, but had drawn the short straw when deciding which building they’d all be working out of and wound up here, although he did say that seeing her sat opposite him made it seem less like a bad position now. She’d laughed at that and called him an “old smoothie” which he seemed to like. They chatted so effortlessly that the hours flew by and for the first time, Cat left the office genuinely looking forward to work the next day.

The next couple of weeks followed just as easily. Graham couldn’t help but comment on how she seemed to be enjoying her new job and even teased her a little bit about the “lecherous old man perving over her,” which made them both laugh. What she didn’t tell him though was that their conversation had started getting a bit racy recently. She would never do anything of course, but as their friendship developed more innuendos and cheeky jokes worked their way into their everyday chats. It gave her a bit of a thrill actually, she’d fantasised about him more than once as a teenager, so to suddenly reconnect with him as an adult and flirt every day made her feel rather naughty. Sometimes she wondered if exchanging double-entendres with her friend’s dad was a bad idea but on the rare occasions she gave it a second thought, she brushed her doubts away. It was just harmless flirting after all, it was only fun to pass the time and no-one would ever know, what harm could it possibly do?


A month after CJ had first walked back into her life though, they had an interesting conversation. It was a typical Thursday afternoon, the majority of the week’s work was done and they were both filling their time with odd little jobs that needed doing, rather than fighting deadlines and battling the clock. The pace was relaxed and easy and it was then that CJ mentioned he was considering dating again.

“Oh exciting,” said Cat, “What’s brought this on?”

“I’ve been considering it for a few weeks,” CJ answered, “I think it’s about time that I put myself out there again.”

“Good, you deserve somebody.”

“To be quite honest Catherine,” he said, “I’m more than a little nervous.”

“Nervous? Why?”

“I don’t know, I just…” he stammered, took a moment then continued, “Sometimes I think I’m too old to try my hand at this again.”

“Too old? No come off it CJ,” she said, “You’re…what? Fifty five? Fifty six?”

“Sixty one.”

“No way,” she said, “I never figured you for being in your sixties, I’m impressed.”

“Thank you my dear, but yes I’m what the more generous call the vintage type and what the less generous call an old fart,” he smiled sadly.

“Well I’m sure whoever you go out with will find you quite charming and be swept off their feet regardless of their age.”

“But everything’s so different now. I haven’t dated a woman, when my wife and I first met it was called ‘courting.'”

“You just need a confidence boost,” she said, “Come on CJ, I’ve seen you in meetings and working round here. You’re always in charge, try thinking like that when you meet someone.”

“Try acting like the bigshot boss?” he chuckled.

“Yeah, why not? Some women like that sort of thing.”

“Is that how Graham won you over?”

“Yes, sort of…well, he made me laugh and looked good in a suit,” she laughed.

“Oh I have plenty of suits,” he said.

“And I’m sure you’ll look incredibly dashing in them,” she said, “Why don’t I help you sign up to a dating website?”

“Uh…is that how people meet nowadays?” he said, a look of terrified uncertainty crossed his face.

“Yeah, Internet dating is the thing. All the singles do it.”

“Oh heavens, Internet dating? I have a hard enough time getting Youtube to work.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll help you set something up,” she laughed again, “Come on it’ll be fun. Besides, I want to help.”

“Really?” he said, his eyes flicking up at her.

“Yeah, let me give you a hand.”

“Well…if you really want to help, can I ask you a favour?”


“How would you feel about a dry run?” he said, shifting awkwardly.

“What do you mean?”

“You know, I was thinking maybe you could help with a…fake night out with me? So I can get some tips.”

“You mean like some sort of practice date?” she asked, starting to feel as awkward.

“Yeah…just to get myself back up to speed.”

A heavy silence filled the room.

“What…what would that entail?” she said.

“I don’t know, I only just thought of it,” he replied, “Maybe before I arrange a date with anyone I could go on a…a practice date with you? I’d take you out to a restaurant, get used to spending an evening with a woman again.”

“You…don’t mean…”

“Mean what? Oh Christ, good God Catherine, no,” he spluttered, “No funny stuff at all. Just a safe night out where I’d show you how I’d behave, what I’d dress in, how I’d talk…that sort of thing.”


“And at the end, you could give me some tips and I’d take you home. That’s all.”

“That’s all?”

“Yes, just a practice run before the real thing.”

They both went quiet. CJ looked unbelievably embarrassed and started playing with a pen, unable to look at her. Cat’s mind raced as she wondered what to do. He was a lovely guy and it all sounded innocent enough, but it was a bit unusual to say the least. She wouldn’t want Graham doing it with one of his co-workers and if anyone they knew saw them out…

“I’m sorry CJ,” she said, “I can’t.”


“No, I’m sorry. I really am. But it’s a bit…odd.”

“Okay,” he said sadly.

“Look, don’t worry,” she said, smiling and reaching across the desk to take his hand sympathetically, “You don’t need a practice run, you’ll be fine.”

“I’m a foolish old man, I…I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have asked.”

“No, no, it’s fine,” she replied, “It’s actually quite flattering.”


“Yeah, I’m glad that you feel you can trust me and if things were different I’d consider it. But I’m married and even if it is completely innocent, it’s…you know…”

“Okay, I suppose you’re right. Shall we forget we had this conversation?”

“If you wish.”

“Yes, now get back to work you. That’s enough slacking on the job.”

She laughed easily and went back to the spreadsheet she was updating.


The rest of the afternoon went by without a hitch and the following day, everything seemed back to normal. They spent the day sorting out the last few jobs before the weekend, chatting casually and engaging in some light banter, just like any other Friday on the job. But the following Monday, things changed.

That weekend had been Gemma’s Hen Party and as usual with her, things got messy. They started by doing shots at 5pm, were out until the early hours and when Cat woke the next morning, she had the worst hangover since her student days and no memory of anything after about 9pm. After spending all of Saturday and most of Sunday feeling rotten, she returned to work and found CJ already sat at his desk. But there was something different about him, he seemed very serious that morning which wasn’t like CJ at all.

“Morning Catherine,” he said.

“Morning,” she said with some trepidation, “Uh…is everything all right?”

“Sit down,” he said, “Do you mind if we talk?”

“No that’s fine,” she replied as she seated herself, “What’s up?”

“Cat, I know you went out with Gemma and the girls this weekend, but I need to ask you something…are you and Graham having trouble at home?”

“No,” she said with some worry, “Why? Has Gemma told you something? Graham and me are fine.”

“No, she hasn’t said a word. It’s just…well, she had some computer trouble at the weekend and asked me round to help her out. I had to go through her hard drive quite thoroughly,” he suddenly reached into his pocket, “And I found this.”

And with that he pulled out a paper print out of a photo from the Hen Party. It was a shot of a male stripper with his hand on the back of a woman’s head, his fingers wrapped in her hair as his dick went into her mouth.

Cat’s mouth.

“Oh my God,” she practically jumped out of her chair, panic welling up inside her, “CJ…what…what the fuck is this?”

“Catherine please, calm down,” he said gently.

“But…oh god CJ, I don’t even remember doing this?” Her mind was racing, this was the kind of thing that could end her marriage.

“Well you had a lot to drink didn’t you?”

“Gallons,” she said, “But…that’s…oh fuck CJ, oh fuck.” She held her head in her hands and tried not to cry.

“Look, don’t worry too much,” he said trying to soothe her, “Everyone does stupid things while drunk and besides, I don’t think you’re the only one who can’t remember this.”

“What do you mean?” she said, the first tears slipping from her eyes.

“Well Gemma was in a rough state all weekend and she told me she’d added these to her computer on the night itself. I think she was blind drunk when she did it and she didn’t even use it once while I was there. I’ve taken all the incriminating photos off her hard drive and put them on a USB stick. If you want them you can have them and confess all to Graham, but do you want to know what I think?”


“I think this was just a silly drunken mistake. You had no idea what you were doing and I think admitting to it would do more harm than good in the long run.”

She mulled that over for a few seconds, he may have a point. She didn’t want to end her marriage but at the same time, she felt terrible and wondered if confessing was the right thing to do.

“Now, I’m going to have to leave you for an hour,” he said, “I’ve got a meeting and I’m already late for it. But think it over and if you want to talk when I get back, I’m all yours.”

“Thanks CJ,” she smiled weakly as he stepped out.

“My pleasure.”

For the next hour she got nothing done. She weighed up all her options again and again and for a while, was totally lost. But when CJ got back slightly later than he’d said, she knew what she was going to do.

“Nobody else knows do they?” she said seriously.

“No, I really don’t think they do.”

“Okay,” she took a deep breath, “I’m not going to tell him. And don’t give me the USB stick, if I have it there’s every chance he’ll find it. It’s better if you take it and just delete them.”

“No problem,” he said, “I won’t tell a soul.”

She breathed an immense sigh of relief. She wasn’t sure if this was the right decision but she’d made it and she was going to stick to it.

“Right,” she said gathering herself, “Let’s get back to work. These files aren’t going to sort themselves.”

“Of course,” he said and just for a second, she thought she saw the ghost of a smile cross his face.


After that, things got back to normal pretty quickly. Cat felt pretty guilty for a short while, but she soon put it behind her and tried not to think about it. She’d been encouraged when Graham didn’t seem to pick up on anything different in her behaviour. Slipping back into his hugs had been easy and she still felt an overwhelming love from him at all times. Nothing ever happened really, just a silly mistake, so she put it in her past and never said a word. Besides, it was difficult to think of herself as a cheater when she had literally no recollection of the event.

She also found a chance to concentrate on something else. One morning CJ let slip that he’d met someone online through the dating profile she’d helped him set up. They were due to go out together the following Thursday and she did her best to encourage him. For one thing it took her mind off things, but for another he seemed genuinely lonely sometimes and she thought he deserved more.

“I don’t know,” he said as they discussed it, “She seems lovely from what I can tell, but I must confess to being ever so petrified.”

“You need to start believing in yourself Mister,” she said in a stern, but jokey manner.

“That’s easy for you to say,” he replied, “I have been through rather a long period of solitude.”

“It can’t be that bad,” she said, “How long?”

“I…um, promise not to laugh?”

“Pinky swear.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means I hold up my little finger and…it means I promise.”

“Not to laugh?”

“I won’t laugh CJ,” she said.

“I’ve not been out with a woman for nine and a half years.”

“Okay, that is a long time I grant you. But…”

“And that was with my ex-wife. It was an attempt to rejuvenate our marriage and it didn’t go well.”

“Ah. Yeah I can see how that might not be the best,” she said, feeling slightly embarrassed.

He nodded and for a moment looked so crestfallen that her heart leapt into her throat.

“CJ, you know that ‘practice date’ you mentioned?”


She paused for a moment, was she really going to offer this? What the hell, she owed him one for keeping quiet about the Hen Party.

“Are you free Tuesday night?”


And so the practice date rolled around. CJ offered to take Cat to a particularly exclusive restaurant and when she looked up the menu online, she couldn’t believe how expensive it was. He had offered to pay and she could only dream of eating at a place like that normally so even before the day came around she felt like he was spoiling her.

He wasn’t really though. It was the same place he was planning to take his real date a few nights later. Everything needed to be identical or else it might not work. She wasn’t sure if there was a science behind this but keeping things on a similar level seemed a sensible idea. He wasn’t spoiling her, he was spoiling the woman he was taking out later in the week.

That being said, the restaurant’s website made it look so nice she figured she’d best get doled up, it was a significant step up from Pizza Express after all. After returning home from work she began to get ready immediately. She sat in front of her bedroom mirror in her underwear putting on make-up and as she had done many times before in her life, thanked the heavens she didn’t have to use much on. With her sparkling blue eyes, shoulder length brown hair and her wide smile, she was naturally pretty and didn’t need much to bring out her best features at all.

Then she moved to her wardrobe and selected her dress. There was only one she could wear to a place like this, a stylish black evening dress that she’d bought for her university graduation. It had cost her a fortune but been worth every penny. It was glamorous and looked so good on her she figured it must have played a major part in making Graham notice her the first time they met. It was also stylishly sexy and she was glad to see it hugged her curves just as well as when she first bought it.

She was admiring her reflection when she heard the door key turn and her husband come in. He shouted a greeting up to her which she returned, then she heard him go into the kitchen to make his traditional end of day cup of tea, which was when a moment of worry struck her.

Should she tell him what she was doing tonight? She was going on a date with her boss after all. He probably wouldn’t be happy with that even if it was just a practice and explaining how it had come about could raise an awkward question or two.

“Well, hello gorgeous,” he said walking into the bedroom behind her.

“Hi honey,” she said.

“Holy crap, you look incredible,” he said walking up behind her and putting his arms round her waist, “Is this for me?”

“You wish,” she winked at him.

“Are you sure? Because while I appreciate the effort you’d look much better out of that dress,” he said kissing her on the neck. She giggled as she playfully tried to escape his grasp.

“Afraid so horn dog, I’m off out with Gemma tonight,” she lied without thinking.

“And on a school night?” he teased, squeezing one of her buttocks through the dress, “Bad girl.”

“Easy tiger,” she giggled, “This is for girl’s night out.”

“That’s a pity,” he said, kissing her neck again, “You’ve given me a few wicked ideas wearing that again.”

“Well if you wait up for me I might be feeling generous when I get home,” she laughed, “But for now, you’re going to have to calm down casanova.”

He let her go and smiled widely at her, watching as she finished her preparations for the night ahead. Then when she was ready, he took her downstairs and gave her a lift to Gemma’s house.

“Thanks honey,” she said getting out, “I’ll see you when I get home. I’m getting a lift back later.”

“No problem, love you,” he said.

“Love you too,” she said, shutting the door then stood on the pavement, waving as she watched him drive away. She waited until he was round the corner, then counted to thirty. When he didn’t reappear she walked past Gemma’s house and went down three adjoining streets until she reached the address CJ had given her. It was a block of expensive apartments and he lived in the top one. She knew he owned a proper house out in the countryside, but he had this other property for when he was in the city and had to attend work regularly. He’d called it his bachelor pad.

When he answered the door to her, his eyes practically popped out of his head.

“Hello, you must be Mr. Hembry,” she said smiling at him as he was momentarily lost for words.

“My goodness,” he said, “You look stunning.”

“You’re not too bad yourself,” she said honestly, he was wearing a fitted charcoal suit and looked very stylish indeed, “Now let’s go get some food, I’m famished.”


They certainly made a striking couple when they turned up at the restaurant. Cat barely reached 5’5 in her heels and CJ stood almost a foot taller. She was petite where he was well built and the age difference between them wasn’t exactly avoidable either, so they attracted a lot of looks from the other well-to-do patrons. There were going to be a few tongues wagging in polite circles for certain and not least because of what she was wearing, for while the dress was beautiful, it showed off her ample cleavage perhaps a bit too much. Cat had always had large breasts, maybe even disproportionately large for her frame and she caught CJ’s eyes wandering to them more than once. She didn’t mind too much, but she made a few light hearted jabs at him for it nonetheless.

And as the evening progressed, she had a wonderful time. CJ was indeed a charming host and after a few glasses of wine, she could certainly see how attractive he really was. He was like an old fashioned bachelor, a classic silver fox and as they flirted casually, the wine mixed with the secretive nature of the evening began to make her feel horny.

“Honestly CJ,” she said as she finished off her dessert, “On tonight’s evidence I don’t think you have anything to worry about. You’ve been quite a wonderful host, wandering eyes aside.”

“Well you can’t blame an old man for looking,” he smiled, “Besides, they’re rather difficult to avoid.”

“You cheeky devil,” she said, “If this were a proper date you’d get in trouble for that.”

“I don’t doubt that for a minute,” he said, “Thank you Cat. Really, this has been a big help.”

“My pleasure,” she said happily.

“Plus I finally got to see some of what you’re hiding under your work clothes,” he said.

“Oi you,” she said, slapping his wrist playfully.

“So if this were a proper date, what would happen next?” he said smoothly.

“Well, if I was as young and reckless as I once was, who knows?” she said, “But I don’t think your first proper date will get off as easily as me.”

“Planning on getting off are you?”

She almost choked on her wine through laughing when he said that.

“Because if you were, I could always help you,” he said smoothly.

Whoa, that was a bit much. She wiped spilled wine from her chin and felt her cheeks burn as she watched him smile at her. Was he hitting on her for real?

“Um…I think that might be…I mean you’re very attractive and all, but I’m married and this isn’t…”

“Haha, relax my dear,” he said, “I wasn’t being serious, this is just practice remember.”

“You had me worried for a second there,” she said as the tension evaporated and he refilled both their glasses, “nice pick-up line though.”

“Thank you,” he said, “I read it in a Mills And Boon novel once.” She found herself laughing again, he really was easy company.

“So…” he said, “I’m very attractive am I?”

“Shut up,” she slapped him on the wrist playfully.

They continued their light-hearted flirting for a few more minutes until he paid for the meal and drove her home. She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before getting out the car and going into her house. Once inside, she had practically jumped on Graham and they were both naked before they got to the top of the stairs. Later as he moved within her, she found her mind wandering onto CJ and she came almost instantly, trying hard not to shout her boss’s name into the night.


A few days went by and Cat was delighted to hear that CJ’s night out with his mystery woman was a success. He didn’t tell her much (“a gentleman never tells my dear”) but he’d managed to secure a follow-up date the next Thursday and was clearly looking forward to it. She offered him encouragement all week and when he left on the afternoon of the big day, she was fairly confident he wouldn’t be in early the next morning.

It was a bit of a surprise therefore when she found him at his desk the next morning looking utterly deflated.

“CJ,” she said, “Are you okay? What happened with your date?”

“Well,” he said as a sad smile creased his features, “Let’s just say it didn’t go as well as I’d hoped.”

“How come?”

“I don’t know,” he sighed, “I thought everything was going fine. We seemed to get along okay but she was a bit stand-offish. Maybe I am just too old for this sort of thing.”

“Nonsense,” she said, “I’m sure it can’t have been that bad.”

“Well here we are,” he looked so broken then that she could have burst with sympathy.

“I’m sure it was just a bad date,” she said, “Everyone has one of them. We had fun didn’t we?”

“Yeah, we did,” he sighed again, “I don’t know Cat. Maybe it was just because we were already friends, maybe I’ll just give up.”

“Don’t you say that CJ Hembry,” she said firmly, “You’ll get it back. You just need more practice.” His eyes lifted at that.

“You’re not busy tonight are you?”

“No…” she said cautiously, “Why?”

“Well, would you be at all willing to do an old man one more favour? I’ll cook you dinner just like I did for her, show you exactly how I treated her and maybe you can tell me where I’m going wrong?”

She stopped in her tracks for a minute. The previous practice date was really enjoyable but being asked to go on a second one was a bit much. If she continued to do this would things get weird? If Graham found out she was doing this it might look a bit suspicious to say the least. One practice date was fine, but two? And if he crashed out on his next proper date, would he want a third? Was he going to ask her for a refresher run every time this happened until he got a girlfriend?

But on the other hand it had done wonders for his self-esteem and no-one seemed any the wiser. Graham wouldn’t approve, but he’d left yesterday evening for a business trip to Germany and wouldn’t be back until Monday night. She’d also get a free meal and she didn’t have anything in the fridge, it would be better than sitting alone with a Chinese takeaway and a movie.

“Okay, you’ve got yourself another practice,” she said, “But this is the last one. After this you’re on your own.”

“It’s a deal.”

“And don’t get any big ideas,” she joked, “It’s just a practice.”

“Of course, just practice.”


It was a slightly different date this time around. Rather than taking her out for dinner, CJ invited Cat back to his flat and said he would cook a meal for them both. It was to be an exact recreation of his proper date, right down to the food. Sitting in her bedroom in the early evening she was initially unsure of what to wear, play it casual and go with jeans and t-shirt? Or bring the dress out again?

What the hell, it wasn’t like she got many opportunities to wear it and it cost too much to spend months in her wardrobe without being worn. Besides, it made her look damned sexy and she knew CJ liked her in it. She owned nothing else that made her confidence soar that much and the thought it might give him a few fantasies later on was exciting. If her teenage-self could see her now she’d be stunned at how things had turned out.

After putting it on she admired herself in the mirror again, marvelling at how it enhanced her figure. Her tits especially looked magnificent, practice date or not, there wasn’t a man alive who wouldn’t fantasise about her after spending an evening looking at her in this. For a few minutes she toyed with her own desires, imagining her boss seducing her and enjoying the warm glow of arousal, but then reality came rushing back. That wasn’t going to happen in a million years, she’d never let it for one thing. Casting the thoughts aside she picked up her handbag and dialled a taxi.

Thirty five minutes later she arrived at CJ’s apartment block. He buzzed the door from upstairs to let her in and she walked up the stairs to his place. He lived on the top floor in the penthouse because of course he did, living anywhere else just wouldn’t be CJ.

“Evening handsome,” she said as he opened the door.

“Well good evening my dear,” he said, “Won’t you come in?”

“I’d be delighted,” she replied, stepping over the threshold and accepting a glass of wine. He was wearing an expensive fitted suit, a white shirt with the top button undone and no tie. His smirk was wide as he watched her take the first sip and closed the door.

“So…what are we having?” she asked.

“Only the finest,” he said, “At least it will be if you like Sea Bass.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever tried it.”

“Well, tonight you’re in for a treat,” he said.

“I don’t doubt that,” she smiled, “Would you take my coat?”

CJ grinned and held his arm out, then feeling unbelievably sexy Cat took her coat off. She was delighted to see CJ’s jaw drop when he realised she was wearing the dress a second time and for a moment, he looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights. Then he composed himself and the innocence was gone.

“My, you do look elegant,” he said, taking her coat and hanging it up.

“A lady has to look her best,” Cat replied, taking another sip of the wine.

“Well naturally,” he replied, then suddenly looked uncomfortable again, “Cat, before we go any further can I ask something?”


“Well…we had fun last time right?”

“Yeah of course we did, I had a great time.”

“Good, good, only I’ve been thinking,” he said, “Maybe that’s where we went wrong.”

“How do you mean?”

“We already knew each other,” he said, “We were friends before we ever went on a practice date so maybe it wasn’t the same. I can’t help thinking that this doesn’t really count as a practice so much as two friends spending time together.”

“Right,” she said, feeling rather puzzled, “So…do you want to cancel?”

“Cancel? Oh lord no, I’ve been cooking for ages and…I wonder if we could perhaps try a different approach.”

“We can do, but what did you have in mind?”

“Perhaps we could pretend we don’t know each other and this is the first time we’ve met?”

“We can do, but are you going to try and put your moves on me?”

“I can do…but only if you’re comfortable with it?”

“I suppose you’d better,” she said, “If I’m to give you all my expertise I’ll need to hear what you said to her.”

“I’ll do my best to remember the exact words,” he chuckled, “But you can call a halt at any time you like.”

“Good, let’s not let this get too weird. Shall we have a safe word?”

“What’s a safe word?”

“My god, you really are old-school aren’t you? Oh fuck…sorry, no offence.”

“It’s okay,” he laughed, “But I do need to know what a safe word is.”

“It’s a word or phrase we can use, a way of calling a stop when it goes too far.”

“All right, how about the words ‘and scene?'”

“And scene?”

“Yes, like a movie. If I say or do anything too much, just say those words and I’ll stop instantly.”

“Okay,” she said, taking another sip of wine, “This could be fun. What was your date’s name?”


“I guess I’m Sandra tonight then,” she said, “Now would you be so kind as to refill my glass? Someone appears to have drunk all my wine.”


The next couple of hours went by in a flash. CJ was easy company and pretending not to know one another put an interesting spin on the evening. He asked ‘Sandra’ about her life and thinking on her feet, Cat made up a backstory which was remarkably similar to her own. There were a few differences, Sandra went travelling in the Far East rather than South America and earned a degree in Sociology instead of English & Art, but otherwise their lives were more or less identical. Sandra was even married and going on a date behind her spouse’s back, what a wicked woman.

CJ meanwhile was back to his confident self and the talk and wine flowed easily. Plus, it turned out that he could cook. The food was on a par with the restaurant they’d visited and if she hadn’t seen him in the kitchen with her own eyes, she’d have sworn he’d got a professional chef to sneak the meals in and pass them off as his own. The chocolate mousse he served for dessert was so nice she had to force herself to eat it slower.

“I have to hand it to you,” she said, taking the last off her spoon, “That was good food.”

“Thank you,” he replied, refilling her wine glass, “I aim to please.”

“Honestly, that was delicious,” she was scraping the spoon round the bowl, trying to gather up enough of the mousse to form another mouthful, “Were you a chef in a former life?”

“No, I just adore cooking. It’s one of my passions,” he said, “It’s all things I’ve picked up from cookbooks and television; I copy celebrity chefs and get more credit than I deserve.”

“You deserve all the credit,” she said, finally putting the spoon down and accepting that dessert was finished, “The best I can normally manage is sausage and mash or a frozen pizza.”

“Well my philosophy is, not being able to cook is like not being able to make love,” he winked at her.

“Is that so?” she laughed, “How do you figure that?”

“We have to do both for the rest of our lives so we might as well do them properly.”

“Ha, well if you can do one as well as the other I’m in for a treat later,” she grinned.

“My goodness Sandra, here I thought you were married.”

“I am, but my husband can’t cook,” she smirked.

CJ looked at her for a moment, the corners of his mouth turned up and then they were both laughing heartily.

“‘My husband can’t cook?'” he managed between gasps for air, “Cat, that’s cheesy enough to come from a Carry On film.”

“I know, I couldn’t resist,” she giggled, “But don’t break character, I’m Sandra remember?”

“Sorry…so Sandra, I take it you enjoyed your dinner?”

“I did, it was exquisite.”

“Excellent, I hope this means I can tempt you back for more some other time?”

“Of course, you’ll have to fight to keep me away,” ‘Sandra’ replied, “Provided I can sneak away from my other half.”

“Sandra my dear, you are a bad girl.”

“I’m dreadful aren’t I?” she was starting to enjoy playing a villain, “But you like bad girls don’t you? I bet you’ve been dreadful in the past too.”

“Would it surprise you to know I haven’t?”

“It would.”

“I hope you’re not let down then, but I don’t often entertain women. In fact, my wife is the only person I’ve ever slept with.”

“Really?” she grinned mischievously, then noticing the look on his face, realised he wasn’t joking.

“Wait…” she said, dropping character, “Really?”

“As God is my witness.”

“Well there’s much to be said for such old-fashioned chivalry,” she said, “People nowadays are a bit more…shall we say open about these things.”

“Oh yes?” he said grinning, “Care to tell me more?”

“So long as you promise not to tell, I had three boyfriends before my husband,” that was a lie, she’d had six, but she didn’t want him to think she was a slut, “and two one night stands.” Five.

“Well you certainly put my record to shame,” he said smiling, “There’s a few lucky men out there.”

“Who said they were all men?” she teased.

“Heavens, you’re just full of surprises aren’t you?” he replied, “I had no idea you swung that way.”

“Haha, I don’t really,” she said, “I’ve never even kissed a woman, I just wanted to see your reaction.”

“Nice try, but I might be harder to shock than you think,” he said, “Gemma went through a phase like that and actually brought a girlfriend to spend Christmas with us once.”

“I did not know that,” she laughed, “Your daughter is full of surprises. Wait sorry my bad, I mean…who’s Gemma?”

“My daughter, she’s a bit of a wild one but she’s getting married soon. Want to see something really wicked?”

“Go on then, I’m intrigued.”

He got up from the table and disappeared into the adjacent bedroom, returning seconds later with a small bundle of fabric.

“Just take a look at what Gemma has me hiding, she says she’s going to treat Charles on their wedding night, the things my daughter lets her old man know!”

Cat took hold of the silk and realised it was a set of underwear. Very skimpy underwear and it felt expensive too. It was made with the finest material and looked like it cost hundreds, if not thousands of pounds.

“Wow, lucky Charles,” she laughed, “these things are tiny.”

“Oh I bet you have loads like them at home for your husband,” he said.

“Not at all, I doubt I could ever afford them,” she said, then emboldened by the alcohol, “Never mind fit into them! I’d probably spill out!”

“Oh I bet you could,” he said turning the charm right up, “You’d probably look like a Goddess if you tried them on.”

“You suave devil,” she laughed, “I might consider trying.”

“Well there’s a bathroom over there,” he said nodding towards it.

She glanced over to the door, then looked back at CJ as he continued to smile at her. Was this still harmless flirting or was he genuinely asking her to do it?

“If you want to call scene now, that’s fine,” he whispered.

“Ah okay,” she breathed a sigh of relief, “For a moment I thought you meant it.”

“Of course not, you’ve done my confidence a few wonders already,” he said.

“Good,” she said, looking down at the underwear again, it really did look expensive.

“Could you just tell me what you’d do now if this were a real date?”

“Well…I think…” it had to cost more than the dress she was wearing, “Can you keep a secret?”

“To the death.”

Good God, was she seriously considering this?

“Do you swear never to tell my husband?” Did she mean Sandra’s husband or Graham?

“I swear.”

“Well, why don’t I show you what I’d do?” She grabbed her glass and drained it of wine, then got up from the table with the underwear in her hand. Then walked over to the bathroom and closed the door behind her.


Fuck! How had this happened? Was this her fault? She stared at herself in the bathroom mirror and splashed cold water on her face, trying to clear her thoughts and still her racing mind. In the charged atmosphere at the dinner table this just felt like the next step in a naughty game of chicken, but here in front of the sink the reality of it was hitting her. She wasn’t seriously considering stripping down into some skimpy underwear and letting her boss ogle her was she?

But she was. She’d been enjoying herself all evening and she was genuinely thinking about doing exactly that. Maybe it was the clandestine nature of the night, or the fact that pretending to be a bad girl was more enjoyable than she’d expected, but CJ had left her feeling incredibly sexy and she didn’t want that to end yet.

After a few minutes she’d made up her mind. She’d do it. He’d only had sex with one woman so if she stood in front of him undressed like this, he’d probably go off instantly anyway. She’d give him something to wank about for years and then go home with her head held high and her marriage vows intact. She was playing a tease sure, but that was all. He was expecting her to say ‘and scene’ at any moment, he was pushing her and she didn’t want to be the first to give in. It was a game of chicken and she wanted to win.

Resigning herself to this, she unzipped the back of her dress and wriggled it down past her hips, then stepped out of it and left it puddled on the floor. She paused again, took a few deep breaths to try and still her beating heart, then stripped off her own underwear and stood there, naked but for her high heels. She looked at the lingerie again and rolled it through her hands, the fabric was very thin and delicate and if it had been designed for Gemma, she’d almost certainly spill out of it. She might retain more modesty by walking out naked but it wasn’t like that was an option, so before she could think about it any further, she quickly pulled the lingerie on. She didn’t want to dwell long enough to talk herself out of it.

She had to admit, it felt wonderful and when she caught sight of herself in the floor length mirror, couldn’t deny she looked incredibly sexy. The thin knickers and bra were almost see-through but just about hid anything too much and they fit her curves perfectly. She’d always thought she was at least two bra sizes bigger than Gemma but her breasts were held firmly and looked amazing.

She then pulled a white cotton bath robe off the back of the door and slipped it on. She opened the door a crack and saw CJ across the room, still sitting expectantly on his chair. He looked incredibly pleased with himself too, as if he were waiting to see her poke her head out and say the safe words. She’d show him. Taking a deep breath, she opened the door and stepped out.

CJ grinned from ear to ear when he saw her shyly emerge from the bathroom. He leaned forward and the lust she saw there gave her a surprising rush of confidence. What the hell, it was only a look after all. She was in control here and if he wanted her sexy, she’d give him sexy. She walked towards him slowly, swaying coyly from side to side and twirling the end of the cotton sash in her hand.

“So,” she said, pulling the robe open, “Is this what you wanted to see?”

And with that, she slipped the robe off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor behind her.

CJ’s eyes bulged and his mouth hung open in awe.

“Cat got your tongue?” she said with a pout.

“Sandra my dear…” he replied slowly, “You are nothing less than utterly superb.”

“So,” she calmly placed one hand on her hip, “You like what you see?”

“I do,” he gaped, “Could you…come a little closer.”

“Only if you promise not to touch,” she said.

“I swear to all the Angels in heaven.”

She took a few steps closer. He was obviously incredibly turned on and seemed incapable of anything but staring up at her. She should say the safe words now, it was the sensible thing to do.

Instead she ran her hands up the side of her body seductively until they reached her breasts, squeezing them together and giving an exaggerated moan.

“Feast your eyes, it’s your last chance.”

“You are nothing less than perfect,” he said hungrily, “I shall not sleep a wink tonight.”

“Oh poor baby,” she pouted seductively at him, “And to think all of this is just out of reach,” she was starting to feel dangerously horny now as she closed her eyes and hissed the last words breathily at him. She couldn’t help wondering if he’d dimmed the lights and turned the heat up while she was in the bathroom or if she was just imagining it, but her body ached with a fierce longing to be touched.

And that’s when she noticed the tent pole rising in CJ’s waist. She’d been fixated on his eyes before, but now the increasing bulge was impossible to miss.

“You like this look on me then?” she said, running her hands teasingly down the side of her breasts.

“If I had my way you’d dress like that always,” he said, “You look magnificent.”

“You don’t need to tell me,” she said, “I can tell I’ve had an effect already big boy.”

He glanced down at his lap, then smirked arrogantly.

“Well I’m all yours whenever you want me.”

“You’re awfully sure of yourself,” she said arching her back, enjoying herself far too much. She should bring a stop to this soon but the wine had affected her inhibitions and the heat and naughtiness of this whole situation made her feel deliciously sexy and she didn’t want it to end just yet.

“I have a very good reason to be sure of myself,” he said, grinning.

At that, she instinctively took a few steps closer to him.

“Oh I bet you do,” she grinned back, “And to think only one woman ever got to find out.”

Without thinking, she got even closer.

“Want to be the second?” he said.

“Like I ever could, you’ve only ever had one woman, you can’t handle all this,” she swayed her hips and ran her hands smoothly down her curves as she said this, she’d got even closer and was now only inches away from him, “You’d probably go off before I could even touch you.”

“Well,” he smirked, “Why don’t we find out?”

“I have a better idea,” she said, “Why don’t you show me what you’ve got?”

“Oh yes?” he raised an eyebrow, “You want to see him?”

“I hardly think it’s fair that you get to see me and I get nothing in return.”

“Very well then.”

She hadn’t meant it. Well, not really. He was obviously equipped with something impressive, the bulge between his legs was unmistakeably large but while she was curious as to how big it was, she didn’t really expect him to actually show it to her. This was her attempt at winning their little game, to get him to say the safe words first.

Instead, he stood up, placed his blazer on the back of the chair then undid his trousers, dropped them to the floor, reached into his boxer shorts and pulled it out.

The sight that greeted her was the biggest cock she’d ever seen in her life. She was expecting something big, but it was enormous! It was at least nine inches long and looked to be nearly as thick as a pint glass. For a moment Cat wondered how she’d ever fit it all in but then stopped herself. She wasn’t going to try, this was just a game of chicken. She might be pushing very close to the line but she certainly wasn’t going to cross it. Graham, think of your husband Graham.

All these thoughts raced through her head in a split second before she realised CJ was amused by the stunned look her face, so regaining herself she smiled again.

Maybe say the safe words now?

“I’m impressed,” she cooed, stepping right up next to him and placing her hand on his chest, running the tips of two fingers across him and getting her second surprise. He felt muscular beneath that shirt.

“Perhaps you’d like to touch him?” CJ’s voice dripped arrogance.

“Oooh you want that don’t you?” she replied, running her hand down his body but stopping at the base of his stomach. Her heart was pounding in her chest and her mouth was dry, but she raised her hand up his chest then dropped it a second time. Then she did it again, going progressively lower but not touching him.

Say the safe words for God’s sake woman!

“Not as much as you do,” he said, reaching for her wrist and taking a gentle grip. He stared deep into her soul and she could do nothing as he lowered her hand down to his waist. She didn’t resist, she should stop him, say something…anything…

Cat felt the weight of his cock against her hand, then her fingers wrapped round it.

“I…um…” she managed to say. Then with his eyes never leaving hers, CJ leaned in and kissed her. She kissed him back.

Safe words! Safe words! Safe words!

What the hell was she doing? Kissing her boss in his living room that’s what! She was wearing nothing but underwear and her hand was on his cock! Why was she doing this? She had to stop, she had to…oh God, his mouth was opening.

CJ’s tongue darted forward and Cat’s mouth opened as well, enjoying the intoxicating thrill of it. She knew this was going too far, she had to stop…she had to…but her body wasn’t letting her. Maybe a bit longer wouldn’t be so bad?

Then CJ abruptly pulled away from her and looked her up and down. He saw her body, her hand on his member and then gazed into her eyes once more. He seemed completely in control, all she could do was stare helplessly at him.

“Come with me,” he said, taking her hand and leading her away. She followed him, heart racing, into the bedroom. There was an enormous double bed in there, covered in silk sheets and a clean duvet with a carefully arranged mound of pillows at one end. It looked like the most comfortable thing she’d ever seen.

CJ closed the door behind them then spun her round to face him, sweeping her up into another kiss. Cat closed her eyes as her arms wrapped round him and their tongues snaked together. CJ’s hands swept through her hair and down her back, pushing gently against her buttocks and pressing her up against him. Her breasts squeezed into his chest and his erection was rock solid against the base of her stomach.

Why couldn’t she remember the safe words? ‘And scene,’ woman, the safe words are ‘and scene.’ You know that. Just stop kissing him and say them for fuck’s sake!

CJ stepped forward, pushing her before him. They didn’t stop kissing as they moved, then the edge of the mattress pressed into the back of her knee and she was being lowered onto it. Cat found herself on her back, CJ lowering himself with her, his feet still on the floor.

Then their lips separated and he kissed her neck instead. Cat sighed softly, almost completely overcome with the eroticism of what she was doing. She wriggled up the bed slightly as CJ planted kisses across her chest, then pushed her breasts together and licked her nipples through the fabric of the bra. She’d almost lost control entirely but her conscience was still loud enough to be heard. She had to say the safe words and she would, just let her enjoy this for a few seconds more.

Then CJ’s hand reached between her legs and his fingers touched her, sending a jolt of electricity and panic through her. He slipped beneath the hem of the knickers and nudged the fabric away to one side. He leaned back to full height and standing beside the bed, and moved into position to penetrate her. Cat felt the unmistakeable weight of his member against her and looked up in fright as the tip of his cock pressed into her entrance. Enough! This ended now!

“And sc…oh…” she managed to say, cut off as CJ entered her. He didn’t push particularly hard but she was so slick with excitement that a good four inches carved their way in with no effort at all. He was big…oh God he was big.

“Did you…say something Sandra dear?” he said smoothly. She’d never heard a more arrogant voice in her life.

Yes! She’d said ‘and scene.’ She’d said the safe words…almost. And it was time to stop! For fuck’s sake woman…

“No,” she heard her own voice from somewhere far away, “Nothing.”

“Good,” he replied, then pushed deeper. Cat arched her back as another inch of that thick knob entered her, then another and another. He’d already reached as far as Graham normally did but he kept going and as more of him slid inside her, Cat wondered if it would ever stop. Then finally, he hilted in her and all she could was breathe, her chest heaving with excitement as she gripped the duvet beneath her.

He was so fucking big! Oh God this was wrong…how had he even managed to get it all in? It didn’t hurt, she just felt stretched but the feeling of it was breath-taking. He was buried in her deeper than anyone had ever gone, deeper than she thought it was possible to get and her body was singing it’s ecstasy to her. Every lover she’d ever had in her life had been just as slow when they first entered her, but that was because they were hesitant and unsure. CJ wasn’t, he’d glided into her like it was nothing at all. She opened her eyes to look at him and could tell; he knew he was making her feel good, he needed no reassurance at all.

Lying helpless on her back, she watched as CJ reached down and hooked one of her legs up at a ninety degree angle, allowing him to slip into her by a few centimetres more. Cat’s body began trembling and she almost came right then but managed to hold on. CJ was rock solid in her but he’d stopped moving, instead he was casually unbuttoning his shirt with his free hand. He’d speared right into the core of her being and now he was taking his time, leaving her to wrestle with the conflicting thoughts of adultery and physical need. Tell him to stop, make him pull out…no, it’s too good, just leave it in for a few seconds more…

For what seemed like an age she watched him undo the buttons then shrugged his shirt open. He pushed it off his free arm, then with some careful movements removed it from the other and cast it aside, letting her see him completely naked for the first time. He was in remarkably good shape for a man his age, his body was muscular and toned and you could replace his head with that of a younger man and it wouldn’t look out of place.

He glanced at her face and saw her watching him. That winning smile returned to his face.

“Hi,” she panted, begging him with her eyes to start fucking her.

CJ said nothing. Still with her leg hooked up, he reached between her legs with his free hand and gently stroked her. A warm and exotic sensation of illicit pleasure rushed through her as he expertly played with her wetness. She gave a few gasps of desire before he stopped, then lifted his wet fingers to her mouth. She sucked them clean, tasting herself on him. Then CJ moved his hand to the side of her face, cupped her cheek lovingly and gave the first thrust.

It was all she could do not to cum right then. The weight and heat of him inside her was intense, the taboo nature of what they were doing only adding to it. He was her boss, she was married…Christ in fucking heaven, it was Gemma’s dad! And she was having sex with him. They weren’t using any protection, he was totally unsheathed and if he went off in her she might be impregnated, but the risk only added to it. She could take the danger for now, she’d find a way to stop him before he finished…

Agonisingly slowly, CJ pulled out slightly then re-entered her. Cat bit her lip and whimpered with delight as he did it again, rolling his hips and sliding in and out of her at a leisurely pace. On the next thrust she rolled with him, joining his rhythm and adding to it. Then suddenly he stopped and began to withdraw. Cat started to panic, thinking the incredible sensation was about to end but he was just getting into a slightly better position and his weapon worked its way back in. Her pussy clamped round him as he glided in and her body was awash with sensation, saying the safe words was going to take an Olympian effort of will now.

As CJ started to build up speed, Cat heard herself crying out. Each time he speared himself into her, a squeal escaped her mouth. She wasn’t entirely lost, she still remembered she was married and could feel a burning guilt already. But it was buried in her, hidden somewhere deep. It would emerge later and she could tell she was going to feel dreadful at the end, but at that exact moment her conscience was getting quieter every minute, the physical need was winning.

“Take off your bra,” CJ grunted. It was a command, not a request. Cat arched her back and reached behind her, unclipping the clasp and trying to wriggle out of it. The thought of disobeying him never entered her mind. As the straps slipped over her shoulders, CJ grabbed one of the cups and pulled the bra free, tossing it away into some corner of the room. Cat noticed that he was sweating when she looked up at him, one of his arms still holding her leg up.

Feeling deliciously naughty, she wriggled from side to side, making her heavy breasts swing playfully until another thrust caught her off guard. She grabbed hold of both tits and moaned loudly as her boss continued to fuck her. CJ was getting faster but he slowed momentarily, using his free hand to pull her arms away from her chest and over her head, holding her down. Then he leaned forward to suck and lick at her orbs, his hips rolling slightly as he did so. Cat squirmed beneath him, enjoying the roughness of his tongue against her stiff nipples. He lapped enthusiastically at her, men loved her breasts, they always did. One of her hands wriggled free from his grasp and she reached round his broad shoulders as their hips ground together.

“I never thought…oh God CJ I never…”

“Call me Mr. Hembry,” his voice rumbled from her chest.

“Mr. Hembry, I didn’t think we’d…” she gasped and then it hit her, “Oh God, I think…I’m…I’m cumming Mr. Hembry! Oh God I’m cumming!”

A thousand spots of colour appeared behind her eyelids and the warmth between her legs exploded into life. She felt her insides spasm and tighten around him and she gripped his shoulder tightly as a moan of pleasure turned into a scream. As the orgasm took her, CJ increased his pace, pushing her up the bed as he fucked her maniacally. Cat writhed like an animal, the primal sensation enveloping her until she couldn’t even scream anymore. Her eyes rolled back and her mouth gaped open, her breath coming in broken, ragged gasps.

It seemed to last an eternity but finally she went limp, CJ slowing his pace until he was gently fucking her with only slow, smooth motions. He let her calm down, her body drenched in sweat and abuzz with post-orgasm glow. Letting go of her hand he reared back up to full height, looking down at her and admiring her quivering body but not pulling out.

“You…you can cook,” she said softly.

CJ said nothing, he just reached between her legs again and lightly stroked her. Cat whimpered softly, then a little louder as he gave a few short, deep thrusts. They were much gentler than the battering he’d just given her, but after an experience that intense she wasn’t sure she could take them for long.

Then at last, he gripped the base of his cock and pulled out. For a brief moment she wondered whether that was the end? It hadn’t felt like he’d cum too, but then he wandered round the side of the bed until he was level with her head. Cat propped herself up on her arms and CJ gently stroked her face, the realisation of what he wanted…no, expected, dawning on her.

“I’m not done with you yet,” he said sternly, then placed his hand on the back of her head and pushed her forwards. She didn’t protest and opened her mouth to greet him. Her tongue flicked over his bell end and she took hold of his shaft as she licked him gently. Then she stretched wide to accommodate him as he used his other hand to hold her hair back. There was no way she’d ever get him all in, but she was going to try, so tilting her head at an angle she worked three fat inches into her mouth, then pulled back slightly and repeated the process several times, gradually taking more and more of him in.

CJ moaned, so she pulled back and then looked up and stared him in the eye. She sucked down enthusiastically as she took over half of him into her mouth while pumping her fist along the length. CJ closed his eyes and groaned softly which encouraged her and she sucked harder but still he did not cum. Graham normally lasted less than a minute when she took him like this but she worked CJ for a while and still nothing happened. Her hand pumped at his shaft vigorously as a mix of pre-cum and saliva slipped over her fingers. CJ was thrusting now, fucking her in the mouth as Cat gave the best blow job she’d ever given anyone.

Then without warning, CJ looked down at her and pulled out. He then took hold of her shoulders and flipped her over so she was lying on her back with her head almost dangling off the side of the mattress. She grabbed hold of his swinging cock and angled it towards her again, opening her mouth wide as he re-entered her. Both of his hands grabbed her tits and he began to thrust again, harder this time as she sucked and pumped at him. The entire bed shook as he fucked her in the mouth hard. She’d never sucked anyone off from this position before and she surprised herself when she released her grip of him and he pushed so far, the tip of her nose reached his balls. His entire cock was in her mouth! She never would have believed she could do it, but he’d reached her throat and her mouth was stuffed full of meat.

He pulled out slowly and methodically pushed in again, sliding along the length of her tongue as he reached into her again, then simply stopped as if enjoying the feel of being so far into her. Then he pulled out entirely and she rolled forward onto her front. She sat up slightly, grabbed hold of his cock again and he took a handful of her hair and pushed her mouth onto him. She let him push her down on his cock, dominating her completely. Christ but she’d never enjoyed giving a blowjob so much! She felt dirty, used, filthy and her body was alive with lust.

But still CJ did not cum. She was eagerly awaiting that familiar twitch and longed for her mouth to be flooded with his seed, but he was still holding back. Then somewhat abruptly he pulled back on her hair until he slipped out of her mouth, then pushed her back, grabbed hold of her shoulders and spun her round so that she was on all fours. His fingers hooked into the hem of her knickers and pulled them swiftly off her backside and down her legs. She lifted each foot in turn, allowing him to peel the last of her clothing away and discard it, the last vestige of her clothing gone.

Then he climbed onto the bed behind her, reached between her legs and she opened them further as the tip of his cock pushed against her. CJ placed one hand on her shoulder and then with one push slid all the way in, making Cat squeal with delighted shock. He felt even bigger entering her like this and she had never been so utterly filled in her life. One of his hands ran smoothly up her back, took a grip on her shoulder and pushed down, forcing her head towards the mattress. He thrust hard and her fingernails dug into the sheets as he started to fuck her and soon, her already well-fucked pussy was alive with sensation all over again. Her breasts swung wildly beneath her as she bucked and writhed with him, trying to push back as he fucked forward and get as much inside her as possible.

“Come on then you old bastard,” she shouted as one of the pillows was shook free and fell off the edge of the bed, “Fuck me! Fuck me like you mean it!”

“You love this don’t you?” he grunted.

“God yeah, fuck me!”

“Fuck me Mr. Hembry,” he shouted at her.

“Fuck me Mr. Hembry, harder! Fuck me harder!”

And he did. His cock was battering her now, pushing in and out of her rapidly, filling and overwhelming her. He took hold of her hair in one hand and with the other grabbed one of her flailing breasts. If he had held back before he didn’t this time, there was no grace or romance to it, they were both simply overcome with a primal need to fuck. Cat hadn’t completely forgotten her husband and the guilt was still there. She knew what she was doing was wrong, but she was lost in the frenzied animalistic lust, the safe words entirely forgotten. The headboard was slamming against the wall so hard now that little flakes of plaster were breaking free, Cat’s fingernails were dug so tightly into the duvet she’d ripped a hole in it and the only sounds were her rapid gasps of pleasure and the slap of wet flesh against wet flesh as he continued to pummel her.

She could feel another sensuous wave awakening in her and when CJ let go of her hair and breast, took a grip of her hips and started to spank her, it all became too much. The warm sting of his open palm against her buttock travelled quickly to her pussy and she felt herself tighten around him. He didn’t slow down at all and she felt him swell and pulse within her, reaching deeper than he had all night and the sordid pleasure in her reached a crescendo.

“Oh my fucking God!” she cried as the biggest orgasm she’d ever experienced slammed into her. She screamed louder than she had all night, her arms gave way and she collapsed onto the bed as CJ pushed deeper. She was still screaming when she felt an unmistakeable twitch inside her, CJ was reaching the point of no return.

“And scene,” he grunted, a split second before erupting. He exploded into her, pumping an enormous load into her quivering body. His cock spasmed and she grit her teeth together, a long moaning cry emanating from her as his seed escaped into her womb. He wasn’t wearing a condom, she’d never made him put one on. Graham used condoms with her all the time, no-one had cum in her for years and never when she wasn’t on the pill. But it was too late to do anything, he kept pistoning into her, a jet of cum launched out of him with every aggressive thrust.

Finally, CJ gave one lingering deep thrust as he milked the last into her. She distantly heard him take a few deep breaths then he collapsed down on top of her, his large body pinning her to the bed. She lay beneath him in a post-coital daze, a satisfied exhaustion overtaking her. A distant part of her brain still protested that she should stop and get up, but the bed was so comfy and she was so completely satisfied that she barely registered it. Besides, it couldn’t hurt if she closed her eyes for just a few minutes. She wasn’t Cat, she was Sandra and no-one would ever find out.

Lying beside her, CJ stared at the back of her head and listened to her breathing, his cock gradually receding from her body. He couldn’t believe how well the night had gone. She’d believed every lie he’d told her, the one about his wife being the only woman he’d ever slept with was a particularly brazen one. The truth was he’d slept with dozens of women since his divorce, hell he’d spent the previous night with the real Sandra but while she’d been good, she’d been nowhere near as intense a fuck as Cat. No-one had, she was the biggest prize of all.

He’d wanted to fuck her since she was eighteen and he’d given her a lift to graduation but obviously it was out of the question back then. Ever since fate conspired to bring her back into his life though he’d wanted her ever more fiercely, but finding out she was married put a spanner in the works. He needed an angle and the lonely old bachelor asking for help was a good one, but when she’d turned down the first practice date he’d wondered if he’d have to resign himself to letting her get away. Finding that photo on Gemma’s computer had turned the tables though, from that moment on she was in his debt.

As he drifted off with the buxom young woman who was less than half his age purring softly in her sleep beneath him, he reflected on how lucky he’d been. It really was remarkable how similar Cat and Gemma’s friend Amy looked, take a photo from a certain angle and it was almost impossible to tell them apart.

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