A mature woman is attracted to her stepson

A mature woman is attracted to her stepson, Jim had just settled in to his apartment after returning from a six-week stint working at a mine in the far north. It was strange re-adjusting to life on one’s own after weeks of living in a company-controlled environment of work, bunkhouse living and cafeteria food. Suddenly you had to plan your own day and activities. He was out for a long break and was considering a variety of options that included some time in the sun.

He was 28 years old and had been on his own since age 18, with very little regular contact with his family. His parents had divorced after he and his siblings had left home and he was the only one that maintained contact with his father. His sisters had written their father out of their lives while staying close to their mother. Both parents had moved on, his father remarrying while his mother had entered into a long-term relationship with another man. There had been no apparent reason for the break-up, no infidelity involved, no fights or disagreements apparent, just lack of commitment to each other. The parting had been amicable and organised.

Jim was easy with both of his parents, they had provided all physical requirements that he had ever wanted or needed. At the same time his feelings towards them were ambivalent and it bothered him that he did not feel the deep love one normally has towards one’s parents. It was possible that their lack of affection for each other accounted for his outlook towards them.

He had skipped the opportunity to attend college and became attracted to a nomadic life style. He developed into a skilled and much sought after underground contract miner with a preference for working at remote sites. He liked the lifestyle, hard work with big pay and nowhere to spend it, lonely while on site but with the freedom and cash to do what he wanted when he came out for extended periods. He dated often when he was out but his way of life suppressed relationships of any length. What woman wanted to put her life on hold for six to eight weeks at a time?

He had just completed unpacking his clothes and setting his apartment in order when his phone rang. It was his father Bill, calling from Maui where he had recently purchased a condo. Maui had been a favourite vacation spot for the family, one of the few places that Bill had played the role of father to his son. He had been a busy executive with little time for his family and vacations had provided him an opportunity to be more of a father and husband.

“Hi son; how was the trip out from the north? Settled back in yet? Is everything in order? What are your plans?” Bill’s voice was a little strained, not normal when he was in Maui. There was obviously something on his mind and he was struggling with how to get it out.

“Hi Dad, everything’s fine. Had a good run at the mine, ended up with a great partner underground which always makes life in the north more bearable. Trip out was a little rough, especially the floatplane on the first leg. Not sure yet where I will go or what I will do, just settling in.”

“Hey then, why not join Shelly and I here in Maui. We have a nice big condo, lots of room, and maybe we can relive some of our Maui memories together.” Bill sounded nervous; he normally was in full control of the world around him but now he sounded vulnerable.

“Ah well Dad, come on now. I would love to see you, and love to visit Maui again, but I doubt that Shelly would want me underfoot. How long will you be there?” Spending his time out of the wilds with his father and stepmother was not high on Jim’s bucket list.

Bill sounded deflated, “Well son, I am sure Shelly would be pleased to have you around, but I realise that you have plans of your own for your free time. We will be here for another month at least. If you change your mind, just let me know.”

They continued to chat, talking about friends and family and Jim’s life in the north before saying goodbye. Jim had no qualms after it was over, life moves on, telephone calls and Emails were enough to satisfy his need for family contact.

The phone rang again about 30 minutes later. This time it was Shelly and she blurted out, “Bill’s gone for a walk, he’s really down now, he wanted to spend a little time with you. I hope that you will reconsider and come over, even if it’s only for a week or so. I would love to see you too Jim, you are the only one of the family to even talk to me and I appreciate that. Please think it over and call back. But if you do, don’t tell him that I called you. You know what he’s like, too damn proud to beg a little. Please come.”

Jim was caught flat-footed, with no idea of how to respond. He did like Shelly, she was a calm and pleasant woman; probably ten years younger than his father, but the thought of spending a week in the same condo as them did not resonate. He said, “Ah Shelly, thanks for the call. I’ll reconsider and call back if I change my mind. It does make it easier that you wouldn’t mind me being around.”

“Thank you Jim, please come.” Her voice was tremulous and struck Jim in a fashion that reminded him that treating others kindly did much for your own soul.

‘What the hell,’ he thought. ‘I can give up a week or so to make the old man happy.’ And there was Maui as well, a favourite place in the world. Maybe he could find a lady while there. It was a great place for sex. Everyone was easy and relaxed in a world of warmth and soft breezes. He could hear the sound of the surf on a beach while making slow passionate love with a willing partner. ‘I’m goin,’ he grinned to himself.

Two days later he was stepping off of the plane in Kahului airport.

He could feel his body go on standby just as soon as the plane door opened, all tensions expelled. His Dad had a big grin on his face as he watched Jim emerge from the arrival tunnel. He looked relaxed and tanned standing there in shorts, tee shirt and sandals. Jim felt uneasy with his own pasty white body, sun-tanning not being an option on an Arctic Island.

And then he spotted Shelly, standing away from the crowd, smiling nervously in his direction. God, he had never really noticed what a great looking woman she was. She had always appeared strained and nervous in previous meetings, sort of hunched over in a protective posture. No doubt because of the tension in meeting his unforgiving sisters. But now, dressed in attire color-matched to his father, her body appeared soft and relaxed. And God, those tits! How had he missed them before?

He smiled at her as she approached; they kissed each other’s cheeks and embraced briefly. She whispered, “Thanks for coming.”

His father was at ease and they soon were in the bantering mood that they had only ever enjoyed while in Maui. Shelly drifted around, proud and pleased to see the relaxed relationship between the two of them. But she could not take her eyes off of young Jim, what a beautiful man.

Later at the condo she caught her breath as he emerged from his room in Maui attire, his strong muscular arms and bursting pectorals filling his tee shirt. A tight butt and hard thighs strained the cloth of his shorts. She thought, ‘God, I will have to be careful, my hands ache to touch him.’ But life seemed good.

Jim was pretty much an open book in his talk and expression. He seldom made an attempt to hide his thoughts and could be both frank and abrupt. People either admired his demeanour or were put off by it, assuming that it was arrogance. His father accepted his manner easily but Shelly was uncertain how to react.

He smiled at her often, looked at her tits and ass without any attempt to disguise his admiration, all of which frightened and excited her. Frightened because his looks at her matched her thoughts of him, and excited for the same reasons. It might be difficult for all to remain happy and relaxed for an entire week. She assured herself that she could control matters and that all would be well.

Maui life soon sucks one into it. Do what you want, when you want to and don’t do anything if you can put it off until tomorrow. Jim was always up the earliest, a carryover from his mining life. He loved the early morning here. The breezes were usually quiet until a stirring of palm leaves preceded the sunrise. Doves began to coo and myna birds chattered as they sought crumbs around the lanai. The warmth increased as the breezes died down. It was a paradise to Jim as he puttered away making his own breakfast, a chore that provided enjoyment for him only while being in Maui. He felt at peace.

Shelly would be next up. Jim could hear her moving in the bathroom. She showered first thing and Jim allowed his mind to fill with the thoughts of her naked in the warm water. She would come into the kitchen wrapped in a robe to prepare coffee for Bill, a notorious late sleeper. She would whisper, “Good morning Jim,” with a smile while appearing a little uncomfortable facing a strange man in her kitchen. She carried her husband’s coffee into the bedroom, later returning dressed in shorts and halter-top before preparing a light breakfast to eat on the lanai.

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Jim was fully aware of her as she moved around the condo, watching and staring at her unabashedly. Fuck she was beautiful, breasts floating back and forth in the halter-top, bared mid-rift, the hems of her shorts just barely covering her round ass cheeks highlighted by attractive long legs; she provided a beautiful vision to start a day. Jim grinned to himself as he thought back to his early mornings in a mining camp. Every cold dark morning beginning with a grumpy hung over roommate, each of them vying to hit the shower first, followed by a line up of sour miners in the cafeteria and then changing to grubby mining clothes for eight hours of noise and danger. It did enable one to really appreciate some time in Maui.

And he was horny as well. He had not been able to hook up with the manager of his apartment block before he left. Clare often welcomed him home from the bush with a sex filled night. But her traveling salesman hubby was back in town and she reluctantly declined his invitation. She loved taking that hard edge off of the young man when he returned from the wilds, horny and virile. Sex with older women was one of Jim’s pleasures in life and he seldom shied away from an opportunity to enjoy it.

Jim was the first to grab his snorkel and head down to the beach for a swim around the coral reef. He loved that part of the day, preferring to be alone, but joined by his father at some point. It had been their favourite pastime in Maui, and almost the only activity that his father had actually taught him in life. Jim had never taken to golf, while his father was a low handicapper and loved playing the game.

Shelly would show up at the beach around 10 am and stretch out to sunbathe for an hour or so before the heat became too much. Jim quite enjoyed coming out of the water to stand beside her while towelling down. He made no attempt to disguise his interest in her bikini-clad body while his attention did not appear to impact on his father.

That was life in Maui. If one wanted excitement and bars and exciting events, go to Honolulu. They went for drives often, sometimes just to one of the towns for supplies, but mostly to enjoy the widely varied views on the island. It never seemed tiresome or repetitive.

Building in the background however, was an undeniable attraction between Shelly the stepmother and Jim her husband’s son. Jim was at ease with the situation and his intentions were reasonably honourable. He loved watching her, loved her touch, and also the realization that she had a consuming interest in him. She was a gorgeous woman but he had no plans to move on her. Just was not in the cards, he enjoyed what he saw and felt, period.

Shelly’s issues were much more complex. Her marriage to Bill was the best thing in her life. She felt free with him, he looked after her interests and they enjoyed living together. She had lived through an early divorce, went through a series of sexual affairs before marrying Bill and becoming completely content as his wife.

This intense attraction for the young man bothered her considerably. She saw no good answer, but at the same time did nothing to limit looking at or touching him at every opportunity. She fantasized being in bed with him and doubted that, should the opportunity arise and he decided to screw her, she would refuse. The need burned in her, her senses acutely aware of his presence at all times.

The touches and looks were becoming more intimate as they adjusted to each other, encouraged and emboldened by the erotic vibes exchanged. She leaned ahead when his eyes went to her breasts, providing him a better view of the valley between them or even a nipple. Her hand would linger on his arm as she laughed at something he said, and his hand would slide down her side from her breasts to hip with a hint at circling her hip to caress her butt. She took note of his erection building as they jostled and brushed against each other in the kitchen. ‘Good morning’ cheek pecks evolved into soft lip kisses. Tension mounted.

Matters reached a new level one day after returning from the beach. Bill had settled down with a drink on the lanai to read a book. Shelly was in the kitchen still clad in her beach bikini. Jim joined her to search for a cold drink in the fridge. Shelly was watching him, leaning against the counter top nibbling on some crackers. He smiled as he turned to face her, eyes dropping down to view her bikini clad body. He shook his head, “God, you are one beautiful woman Shelly.” She was unfazed by his comment and stare, and if anything appeared to revel in his attention.

Her eyes fixed on his as he moved closer to her. There was a bar type opening over the counter that Shelly leaned against, with a view to the living room and the lanai beyond. Jim could see his father stretched out on a lounge chair facing away from them.

He reached out and with open hand rubbed the tip of her breast with his hot palm. Shelly gasped a little, encouraging him to close his hand around the breast still tucked into the bikini top. She bit her lip but made no move to pull back or to stop him.

He moved his hand to her side, slowly lowering it down to her hip, which he caressed slowly before moving his hand to the front of her bikini bottom. He rubbed her mound with the heel of his hand. Shelly closed her eyes in submission, leaning back against the counter top. She dropped one hand to cover his as his fingers pushed between her legs, probing and then pushing the crotch of the bikini to one side. His fingertip found her bare slit and slipped easily back along the length of it.

They both groaned at the touch of flesh on flesh, just as a sound from the lanai forced Jim to pull back from her. He glanced out to see his father beginning to rise from the lounge chair. Shelly’s eyes were desperate with emotion as Jim moved back out of sight of his father and put his finger to his lips, tasting her essence. She hurried off to her bedroom. Jim sucked his breath in as he watched her ass cheeks jiggle as she retreated. Damn close, good thing that his time was running out. He had never wanted a woman as badly as he wanted to screw his stepmother.

She sought sex with Bill every night. If he fell asleep earlier than she, she would move her tits against his back and reach around to find his cock, stroking it until it was hard and the excitement awakened him. If he refused or made excuses she went to the bathroom and got herself off. But this night she would not take no for an answer and went down on him to get him hard and then rode him like a cowgirl, her ass slamming down on him as if it was she with a cock.

Bill was up earlier than usual the next morning. He had a weekly golf date with some buddies. He apologised to his son for taking off for a good part of the day and told him that they had a reservation at a favourite restaurant for that night, Jim’s last night in Maui. Jim was easy with it, be good for the old man to have some time alone and a break from an extra person in the condo.

He was on the lanai when he heard Shelly get up and shower. He lay there a while in the warming sun before rising to gather his snorkel gear. A “Good morning Jim,” alerted him to her standing in the lanai doorway, clad in her early morning robe. Jim’s eyes roamed boldly down her body, at her breasts shifting freely under the robe, at a round hip thrust to one side as she smiled, “Are you off for a snorkel? Had breakfast already?” Still facing him, she backed hesitantly into the condo as he approached, partially blocking his way.

Shelly was in a quandary, her action totally involuntary, or was it? She looked down at his body clad only in tee shirt and shorts, as he said, “Yep, had breakfast with Dad, now have to change into my swimmers.” She did not move as he pushed past her, their bodies brushing, her breast automatically pushed out to rub on his arm. He paused, eyes burning into hers, moving his arm ever so slightly against the tit. Shelly returned his stare; her tongue circled her parted lips, her body on fire at his closeness. She was ready for anything but not ready to make the first move. Nor was Jim.

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He deliberately left the folding door open as he entered his bedroom and dropped his shorts to the floor. Shelly was in an almost hypnotic state as she followed to stand in the opening. He paused as if considering his next move and then pushed his undershorts down to the floor. If she didn’t want a peek she did not have to watch him. He was turned away from her but sensed her watching him.

She willed him to turn around, she had to see him, she had to. She released her robe tie allowing the robe to fall open to expose her beautiful hanging tits and reddish blond gray speckled bush. Jim looked back over his shoulder, as if surprised to see her standing there and froze as he drank in her naked body. Clutching his swim trunks he swung slowly around providing Shelly a full view of his half hard cock and big balls. He put his hand on it as if ready to stroke it.

“Jim, what are we doing?” Shelly moaned, but remained standing staring intently at his hard body. His cock was starting to stiffen and rise up to a horizontal position; she could not take her eyes off of it. If she had had any doubts about his desire for her, they were quashed right there.

Jim was as direct as ever as he stepped into his swim trunks and pulled them up his legs. “We’re looking at each other because we like to, and we’re thinking of sex with each other, but neither of us really want to do it. Correct?” He tucked his semi-hard cock into the trunks. He grinned, “I’ll have to wait a few minutes before I head down to the beach.”

Shelly relaxed a bit, the elephant in the room acknowledged. She smiled wistfully, “Correct, you pretty well covered it. I could never live with myself if we did anything. But God, I want to. Could we just touch a little?”

Jim shrugged as though it was not a big deal, but his heart was pounding as they closed on each other, their eyes locked and arms outstretched. He slipped his hands into the opening of her robe, circling her waist before dropping down to cup her bare ass cheeks. Shelly’s knees almost collapsed at his touch. She moved her hands up under his tee shirt along the rippling muscles of his back and shoulders while grinding her tits against his chest. He pushed one knee between her legs and raised it to rub her pussy. They stood like that for some time before she moved her face to his, licked his lips with her tongue tip and then opened her mouth as his thick tongue surged suddenly between hers.

Shelly ground her pussy on his probing knee and sought to feel his cock with her mound. She wanted to take it out but preferred that he make the first move. Jim pulled one hand from her ass and eased it around her hip to her belly, than pushed his fingers down to rub her mound, sifting through her bush to locate the top of her slit. “Feel me Shelly, put your hand in my trunks and feel my cock.” She cried a little as she obeyed his request. She teased his knob with shaking fingertips and then clasped her hand around the shaft and pushed down feeling the hot pulsing cock slide up her palm until she felt his balls.

They continued to stand in the doorway, kissing madly and masturbating each other until Shelly groaned, “Take me to bed, we’ve gone this far, we might as well go the distance. I want you in me.”

Jim took in a big breath and pulled back from her, “That what you really want Shelly? I’ve been dying to touch you and this was all quite beautiful, but that’s as far as we go. If this happens again, there will be no stopping for conscience, I’ll fuck you.”

Shelly stepped backward, pulling away from him, embarrassed and surprised at his rejection. Tears welled up in her eyes and her face reddened as she turned and raced to her bedroom.

Jim grabbed a big towel and headed for the beach. He was not happy. He should have been gentler; he had encouraged her for days now and should have expected something like this to happen. But if he did screw her, it would have to be something more than a heat of the moment decision on her part. The cool water did wonders for his erection as he paddled out to the reef. Jim was fatalistic and soon back in normal mode, shit happens and one cannot undo anything in life.

Shelly was easy and relaxed and smiled at him as he returned to the condo. She just said, “Wow, that was close,” and giggled. She felt relieved now, it had been exciting, her hunger for the young man assuaged to some degree, the exchange had served a purpose. She made lunch and they sat comfortably out on the lanai to eat together. Jim’s eyes continued to roam her body, smiling as he took in her breasts swinging in the halter-top as she moved.

She said, “What are you grinning about?” She learned once again that with Jim you don’t ask a question unless you really want to hear his answer.

He grinned back at her, “Just reminding myself that I had those two beauties free and bare, and I didn’t even feel or suck them.”

She giggled, “I think your mind was elsewhere, as was mine.”

He turned serious momentarily, “Just so you know Shelly, if anything like that happens again, it will not end were it did this morning.”

She said, “I know that. And if it happens again, it will be because I want the rest of it. Now, take me for a beach walk. I love the feel of the warm sand and water on my feet, but don’t like to go alone. Come with me.”

The rest of the day was relaxed, Maui fashion, no apparent fallout from their hot embrace. But to say that the attraction was over would be untrue. They had a beautiful dinner in a beach restaurant with Bill that night. They watched the sun disappear into the ocean as the palm trees rustled with the late evening breeze and a light surf gurgled on the beach. When Bill excused himself for a few minutes to go to the men’s room, their knees met under the table, fingertips engaged erotically and their eyes locked in a virtual embrace.

Later that evening, Bill was reading in bed when Shelly came out of the bathroom. He looked up as she dropped her nightie to the floor. It was obvious what she wanted. Bill said, “God baby, you’ll wear me out, I only have so many bullets in my gun now, I’m getting older you know.” Shelly climbed into bed and pressed herself to him, reaching down for his cock.

Bill pulled his head back a bit until he could see her entire face and eyes. “What’s up babe? I’ve never seen you so amped up for sex. I don’t suppose it is that young stud staying with us? I see the interplay between the two of you. Admit it, he is turning you on.”

“Oh Bill,” Shelly protested, “of course not, you know how much you mean to me, I would never do anything to push us apart. I want you for the rest of my life.”

“I know babe, you might not do it, but you do want to do it. There is very little difference. Was it Jimmy Carter who admitted to ‘lusting in his heart’? Face it, you have an itch that you want scratched, and sex with me is not helping. Maybe you better let him scratch it for you.”

Shelly pushed up on her elbows to peer into her husband’s eyes. “I can’t believe that you just said that! I admit, I flirt with him and he looks at me like he wants to eat me. But that’s all there is to it.” She had decided to admit only so much about her interest in Jim; their exchange earlier that day would remain a secret with attached guilt.

Bill shrugged, “Whatever, suit yourself. But hear this and take it however you wish. I just swallowed a sleeping pill, you know how I react to those, I’ll be bye-byes until morning.” Bill had always been a sound sleeper and particularly here on Maui. She had seldom known him to take one of her sleeping pills and knew it would be lights out for him until morning.

She released his cock and rolled away from him. “God Bill, whatever do you think of me?”

He pulled her to him and kissed her softly. “I think that you are beautiful and desirable and I love you and plan to keep you forever, no matter what happens.”

Shelly’s heart was pounding, both enraged at her husband’s comments and thrilled at the apparent permission to live out her dreams. Her mind was made up despite her denials to herself and to her husband. She wanted to feel that young man on her and in her. And then she thought, ‘what if he turns me down?’

Jim was reading an E-book in bed; sitting with his back against the bed-board clad only his undershorts. His packsack was open on the floor beside him, all ready to leave early tomorrow for home. He had called Clare to see if her hubby had left town again. She had responded, “Yeah babe, he’s gone. Why? Got a problem that I can help you with?” Jim said, “Oh yes, big problem, might be too big for you to handle.” She responded, “Ah damn, hurry home babe. I love solving that sort of big problem. I’ll let myself in and wait for you in bed.”

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He looked up as the folding door was pushed open with Shelly standing hesitantly in the opening. She wore a sheer nightie, her naked body highlighted by pink nipples and the shadow of her bush. “Can I come in?” she pleaded.

Jim was surprised to see her but remained in control and said, “Sure, come in, as long as you know what will happen with you dressed like that.”

Shelly was emboldened by the lump quickly forming in his shorts and smiled at him, “Oh yes, I recall your warning.” The only movement in his body was in his shorts. She stood close beside him.

He reached out and teased a nipple through the nightie and asked, “What warning was that?”

She glanced down at his fully erect cock now tenting his shorts and edged closer to him. “The one where you warned me that you would fuck me if I came close to you again.” She could barely speak, her throat tight with tension and desire. He squeezed a nipple as she bent down to kiss him, her hand reaching down to rub his cock, the head of which was pushing out from under his waist band.

“Take it off,” he ordered, “let me play a little.”

Shelly quickly pulled her nightie over her head and tossed it to one side. Her tits dropped down from under the nightie as she returned to standing mode beside her very horny stepson.

He lifted one breast up and kissed and licked underneath it and along the crease with her chest, and then repeated it with the other. She fed him a nipple to lick and tease before he clasped it and sucked it hard into his mouth. She pulled that nipple free and tucked the other one between his lips.

“Spread a little Shelly,” Jim said as he slipped one hand between her legs and moved it upwards between her silken thighs.

“Oh God,” Shelly moaned as the edge of his hand engaged her swollen pussy lips, gently at first, sliding slowly back and forth along the length of her slit. He moved his thumb to rub her mound and tease her clit as she rubbed her wet pussy on the edge of his thick miner’s hand. She spread more as one finger found its way between her lips and into her entry hole.

Shelly braced herself on his shoulders, legs spread widely as he sucked her nipples and finger fucked her in an ever more desperate fashion. She whimpered and raised one foot to the bed to spread and allow two thick strong fingers to penetrate deep into her pussy, the heel of his hand crushing her mound. She struggled to maintain her balance. God, she was going to come, she wanted more than fingers in her, but she could not stop him.

He sensed that she was right on the edge and quickly moved her to one side and stood up. “Sit there,” he ordered as he stood to drop his shorts to the floor. Shelly positioned herself on the side of the bed with her feet on the floor. His cock was in front of her face, so hard it was bowed upwards like a boomerang. The shaft was throbbing and pulsing. She made a move to pull it to her mouth, but Jim pushed her to her back and moved between her legs.

She raised her ass up to receive him as he grasped his cock and circled her wet slit with his purple knob. She raised her knees to clamp against his hips and then shut her eyes to concentrate on the feeling of his cock pushing relentlessly inside her. This was followed by a few intermittent strokes as they accustomed to each other’s bodies. He lifted her legs up over his shoulders while still buried inside her. His eyes burned into hers as he loomed over her, he thrust into her three times without pause, waited, then five more before saying, “I warned you Shelly, I warned you.” As he paused Shelly’s used her fingers to spread her pussy lips as he ground against her.

He fucked her steadily until he got off, apparently ignoring her needs, although she had no idea what her needs were except to be pounded like a drum. His cock slipped out of her pussy on the third spurt of cum and shot a stream up her belly to her tits, before he shoved it back into her. Shelly grasped his arms to brace for his thrusts as he continued to stroke her.

He lifted her and rolled to his back with Shelly on top of him, settling down on her knees each side of his hips, his cock still buried in her. She leaned ahead, her eyes closed, her tits dangling over his face as she rode his cock mindlessly until her ass cheeks began to constrict and tighten. She flattened down on top of him with her legs thrust down between his, pressing sideways for leverage as she ground her pussy at him, twisting and turning around his still stiff shaft. She froze there after getting off, clamped against him, his hands full of her cramping ass cheeks, tugging and pulling them apart.

“Leave it in me as long as you can,” Shelly groaned, “that’s the best feeling in the world.” He rolled them to their sides facing each other, her upper leg hooked over his hip, his lithe hard body still grinding her, not able to get enough of the feel of her. They slow fucked, his cock staying hard enough to keep working into her. They kissed and rubbed their bodies on each other. They took turns, he running his cock in and out while she remained passive, and then the reverse, she thrusting at him as his hand clasped one ass cheek and his fingertips teased the crease and her butt hole.

She tried to mount him again, pushing him back, wanting to ride him as before. But he held her still, “Let’s get off like this, love the feel of your naked body wrapped around me.” He took over and began to slide his cock in and out relentlessly, his hip providing the driving force as he hooked an arm under her upper leg to spread her wider. His cock was back at full hardness as he stroked her without pause. She surrendered to him, allowing him to use her and pleasure himself with her, wantonly open to him for anything he wished. Then he was back on top of her, fucking madly. She must have passed out as she came again. All she could feel was his hot cream spurting inside of her once more.

They lay there quietly, his cock finally squeezed out of her pulsing pussy, sliding out but still jammed against her creamy lips and bush. “My God,” giggled Shelly, “I just knew it would be great, but that was beyond great. My pussy will be sore tomorrow. But it feels wonderful right now.” She clamped her thighs tightly, enjoying the sensations. “What now? We’re all sticky. Do we dare shower together? What if Bill got up for a leak.”

Jim laid back, one arm stretched up over his head, totally relaxed and not caring one way or the other what was next. But he finally said, “Let’s go to the beach with a blanket. It’s dark as hell, nobody up anywhere. We can wash off in the ocean and lay on the sand in our robes.”

“And then what?”

“We can do anything we want can’t we? Have you ever been screwed on a beach like in the movies? I haven’t, but would love to screw you there. Are you game for it? It’s safer for us than in the shower. No way you don’t get fucked in the shower Shelly. Let’s do it, chance of a lifetime.” He was as serious as he was kidding, but it would be her call.

Shelly rolled against him, kissed his shoulders and upper arms and then found his mouth with a searching tongue. A lingering hot kiss was followed by, “Yes, let’s do it. Ever had a blow job on a beach?”

Jim had an early flight next morning and his father and Shelly drove him to the airport. There was no tension in the car; if Bill suspected what they had done the previous night, he did not show it. Bill parked the car giving Shelly and Jim a few minutes alone after he checked in for his flight. They kissed lightly, bodies just touching. Shelly looked directly into Jim’s eyes and whispered, “Any time, any place.”

But Jim was already thinking about Clare waiting in bed for him and simply smiled and gave her a peck on the cheek. Bill arrived, they embraced and Bill said, “Come back soon son, you’re welcome anytime. Right Shelly?”

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