Me as a cuckold watched my wife getting fucked

Myself Mr. dinesh, working in top management of one MNC. My wife Vidya is a sexy and beautiful lady at 50 now. She is very lusty and wants to experiment new things in bed with different guys. One of her strong fantasy is that I should become a cuckold and watch her when she is enjoying with another guy. For her sake I agreed. I offered my wife to Mr. Diamond D’souza, a young and energetic bull of age 33. And the game started.

I was sitting on a small chair in the room. Then Diamond and Vidya entered. They kissed each other as if they did not notice me. She was wearing a red half skirt and a thin white slip. Her red bra was visible through the white slip. He was wearing a jeans and a T-shirt.
He said “darling” and stood few feet away from me. She said “yes my diamond” and embraced him. He stripped her white slip and red the half skit. She looked very sexy in red pantie and bra. Then she did kneel down before him and gave a naughty smile to him. She unzipped his jeans and pulled it down. She looked at his face, gave a naughty smile again and pulled his Jockey also down. His cock came out and started raising. She held it in her hand and massaged it. It grew very hard quickly. She kissed it a few times and turning her face towards me, she took the dick in her mouth. Gave naughty smile to me and sucked his cock.
She told Diamond about me ” see that guy. His cock is very small. I don’t like his cock. I want a big one like yours”
He asked, ” how big is your husband’s dick?”
” very small. may be 5 inch or less.”
” ohh too small. Mine is 9 inch”
“Yes. i want big tools like yours; not like my husband. No woman can be satisfied with his tool”
“Don’t worry. I will fuck u today. You will be fully satisfied today”
Diamond turned his face towards me and said. ” Look dear. how big is your cock?”
I was ashamed to say that mine is 5 inch. So I said, “mine also big. Big enough to fuck her”
He said, ” your cock belongs to this sexy lady. It is her property. she knows the size correctly. Don’t tell lies before her”
He further told me to prove the size of my cock. He ordered,” strip”
I removed my shirt. He told to remove pant .
I removed pant and stood wearing just underwear.
He ordered, ” remove that also. Stand full naked now”
I removed my underwear. My small cock got half erection only. It was less than 5 inch.
He said, ” ha ha ha. you dirty fellow. u don’t have even 5 inch. Then how can this sexy lady be satisfied. She is a bitch. She wants big cocks. That is why she is here with me now. See my cock. How big it is. She can be satisfied only with my size. With your tiny cock u can not fuck her properly. So helplessly your wife is my whore today. See how I am going to fuck her. U watch and learn from me how to satisfy a wife
Saying so he removed her bra and gave it to me to hold. Then he removed her pantie and gave it to me. I took them. Then he told me to wear them. But I could not think of wearing a woman’s pantie and bra. So I did not wear. Then he shouted at me ” u wear them now and stand like a l transgender woman to watch how I fuck this whore today”
I simply obeyed.
Then Diamond became fully naked. Vidya lied down on the bed. Diamond started licking her pussy saying, “oh very nice. How do u feel. Are you happy”
She replied., “great. continue licking.I enjoy it”
” Does Dinesh lick u like this?”
“No. Not at all.”
“Dont worry. i will make him lick u today. Not now, but after I finish fucking”
His hands were playing on her boobs. he was kissing her now and then. He mounted on her in 69 and licked her cunt when she was sucking him. Like this lot of games continued for sometime.

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She was very hot by that time and badly needed to be fucked. He observed her face and got ready to fuck her. Hardened his cock again and mounted on her to fuck in missionary style.. He kept the tip of his 9 inch hot rod in her pussy.
She turned towards me and said, ” oh my useless hubby, see how this man is going to fuck me now.”
Turning his face to me, Diamond said,” You are a useless man to her. U can not fuck properly. See how I am going to fulfil her needs now. From now onward she will be my bitch permanently. U don’t think of fucking her anymore .”
Diamond asked Vidya, ” should I use condom or u want raw fucking?”
She said, ” u make me pregnant”
Diamond said to me, ” Today I will make your wife pregnant.but you have to own the child”.
Saying so he pushed the 9 inch rod into her vagina. Moved it in and out several times. She was enjoying with ecstasy. Pumping continued for few minutes and she reached orgasm. She was unable to bear any more strokes from him. She started shouting “stop. stop. Enough”
He increased the speed saying her ” u my bitch. my whore”
And finally ejaculated inside her vagina. He stopped and the cock came out. Both were sweating.
He ordered me to lick her pussy and eat cum.
His cum was oozing out. And I licked.
The game was over. My wife was fully satisfied. Till that day I had read about cuckold stories. On that day I experienced.
After that we had few more cuckold sessions with different guys. Each time the game was different according to the fantasies of the bulls. Every time different bulls, and the bitch was same, the cuckold hubby was same. Some bulls made me lick her ass hole also. Slowly I got accustomed to all these things . Now I like it, I enjoy. I never hesitate to offer my wife to another man and be a obeying cuckold.


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