Mom and Daughters, The only three women I have fucked in my life

Mom and Daughters, The only three women I have fucked in my life
I realized in my teens that the only way I could fuck a girl was by getting married to her. I was the usual very gawky, shy, not so smart, not so manly man, growing up in a stuck up, conservative Indian society. I wasn’t handsome or cute or rich or any of the things that are girls and found attractive. I had talked to girls some, but was scared to get into any relationship or have any sort of contact, afraid of what society would make of it.

Of course, I fantasized and masturbated a lot until then. But suddenly at 23, I had a degree in engineering and a government job and was a great prospect as a husband with a great future. I found girls’ families lining up and girls themselves interested in talking to me though I am sure I came through as a blubbering idiot.

My wedding was arranged to a girl from one of the good families we had known for a long time, as long as I remember. She was the younger of two sisters with the older one being of my age. At the time of my wedding, the older girl was married for about 3 years, but had had no children as yet. Rumors has started floating that she was barren and the chances were that the second girl (my prospective wife) would be barren too. But a rich dowry put paid to all those rumors in my parents’ minds. A new car can make you deaf.


Anyway, as required by society I got married at 25 and my wife and we had loads of sex during our honeymoon which lasted about a month. (I will narrate how my wife and i both lost our virginities to each other in another story!). Soon afterwards, she informed all that she was pregnant. There was much rejoicing. In some places at least. The news of our pregnancy spread a gloom over my in-laws house, with my SIL and MIL getting depressed the SIL not yet able to produce a child.

Now, as I had said, I knew my mom-in-law before my marriage and our families were familiar but not too close. The summer after the announcement of my wife’s pregnancy we were visiting our in-laws’ for the break. While everyone was enjoying the summer, I could sense something different with my MIL, and to a certain extent with my SIL.

One hot summer afternoon, when most of the family had planned to go down to the river bank for a picnic, my MIL asked me to stay back to discuss some ‘documents’. Thinking that she wanted to talk about some property and excited at the prospect of inheriting some land I agreed and stayed back. What she told me and asked of me was quite shocking.

She started off with some meandering story about offspring and gifts from gods, but finally came to the point. Her first daughter was not barren. She and SIL had consulted with many specialists and doctors and performed multiple test to prove that. they had gone to the doctors on the pretext of getting SIL treated but actually was to get all the tests done. The fault lay with her husband. Who better to talk to the husband but me?

She said, “Why don’t you talk to him? Have him go to the doctor and get some tests done to see if he is OK. We need a child from my first daughter soon.”

I was in a pickle. How am I supposed to tell am man he is not a real man? But I tried. I took my ‘brother’ to a local watering hole to discuss, but drink only makes a man boast about his prowess and I could get no word edgewise. So that was a mistake and a failure.

I reported my failure to my MIL and she said she’d expected that, with a sigh and disappointment.

“So now, everything is in your hands, son,” she whispered.

“What?” I asked, “What Can I do?”

She looked down and said quietly, again almost in a whisper, “What you gave your wife, you need to give her sister as well. Please think about it.” And she looked up at me, expecting an answer.

“What, you want me to be a donor or something? That is something the rich high-faulting people do. That is not for us. Sorry.” I said, dismayed and amazed at what she was suggesting.

“I wasn’t talking about donating. Some thing more direct. Something a man and woman do.” she said.

“What? You want me to lie down with your older daughter? I am married to your younger one.”

“A man marrying two sisters is not uncommon in our culture,” she continued.

“No way I am that man. What will my wife say?”

She seemed to have an answer for everything, “She doesn’t have to know”.

“What about your elder daughter. Does she have a say in this? And how exactly are you planning I do this?”

“She has agreed,” she said quietly.

“What, to sleep with me?” I asked.

“Yes. We see that as the only way. Her husband has work and he is going away tomorrow. I will send the rest of the folks to a movie. She will stay back with some excuse. You should try to stay back as well”.

“You have thought of everything,” I said “What if I don’t want to do it? What if it comes out?”

“No one will know. And I don’t think you will not want to do it. I have seen you looking at her. I see you noticing her body, when she is bending down to collect things and working on the yard, even when she is serving food and the like.

She held my eyes, “She may not be very beautiful, but she is willing and able, and will do whatever you ask of her. We have talked about it.”

“So, tomorrow afternoon?”

“Yes,” my MIL said. “I will keep others out of the house. Not to worry.”

She was right, though. I did start noticing my SIL ever since I came here. My wife was pregnant and she had let herself go, eating everything in sight, putting on weight with pregnancy as an excuse. My SIL though, had a svelte figure, with right sized boobs, a bit bigger than my wife’s. The sari she wore did nothing to hide her curves. When she hiked up her sari to work in the yard, I could see her well defined legs up to a few inches above her knees, with a promise of thick welcoming thighs.

Come to think of it, I had also seen her a few days ago hanging her clothes out to dry after a bath and noticed how firm her body was, her nearly flat belly – and most importantly, the pair of panties she left on the clothes line. Left me imagining that on her, the gusset on her crotch, the think waistline of the cloth across her belly. Man, I think I jerked off that night rubbing against my wife’s ass after a few minutes of BJ and HJ, but obviously thinking about my SIL. I could make this work. Permanently. I was excited and I realized I had a hard-on, and I could see that my MIL noticed my expression and change in attitude. She had a slight smile on her face as we parted.

I could hardly contain my excitement that night. I knew I had to conserve my cum for the next day, so I did not go all the way with my wife, though she had pulled up her night clothes to have my cum on her bush as I finished after the customary BJ and HJ. But she did not say anything as I complained of a headache and pretended to sleep.

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My SIL and MIL tried to avoid me, and I avoided them as well as much as I could next morning. But once I almost bumped into my SIL, and she looked quickly at me and hurried away blushing. I almost came in my shorts.

Past noon, I went out ‘looking’ for my friends. And them came back home, filled with excitement, my cock hard as a rock. I wanted to feel my SILs hands on my cock, her mouth and tongue on my balls, my hard cock deep in her as I plowed into her repeatedly. Quiet ones are the horniest I told myself. I will make her scream like my wife, as I have her doubled over with her knees next to her ears and me kneeling and pumping. Maybe she likes a finger in her asshole as well. Man, this is great I told myself as I reached home.

My MIL was waiting at the door. She motioned me inside, and closed the door.

“She is waiting in her room. After you finish, please go to the terrace and make like you are reading your newspaper. Others will be back in about 3 hours. I will see no one come in, ” she said all at once, breathlessly.

I entered the room and quickly turned and locked it. When I turned back I saw my SIL sitting on the edge of the bed. Our eyes met for an instant and then she dropped hers. It was mid afternoon and bright outside but she had the windows closed and curtains drawn. Some light creeped in though and I could see that she was prepared. Instead of the usual sari, she wore a full length ‘maxi’ nightgown that covered her from neck to feet.

She fidgeted and looked away slightly as I went near her. I expected to be nervous, but to my surprise I was not. She looked edgy and nervous though, almost scared and I think I also heard a whimper from her, close to a sob. I put my hand under her chin and lifted her face to mine. She held my gaze for a few seconds and tried to smile, and said, “I am scared, I am sorry”.

I said nothing. I only wanted to fuck this woman very badly now. I took off my shirt and threw it on the ground. I dropped my pants and I kicked it away. She was still looking down. I then pulled my underwear all the way down and pushed it away as well. As I straightened, so did my cock. Man. it felt so long, it felt so hard, and it was jerking slightly up and down. I stood doing nothing for a few seconds, waiting for her to move. She got the message, and she looked up at me, and then at me cock. She gasped at the sight. Her eyes widened. She put a hand to her mouth to stifle a sound. I grasped my cock and pulled the remaining foreskin from the head and exposed the dark purple tip.

Now, my wife’s condition to giving me BJs was that I remove every trace of hair from my cock and balls and butt cheeks and asshole. So what my SIL saw was pure unadulterated stiff cock muscle. I could smell my own cock and it smelled like heaven. Her head was closer so I was sure she smelled it too. I took her hand and lifted it. She resisted. I persisted. She gave up and allowed me to direct her hand. Her eyes never left mine. I put her hand on my cock and she immediately took it away. I repeated the process. This time I kept my hand on hers and curled it around my cock and direct her to pump. When I let go, she continued pumping slowly. The smell from my cock was overpowering. I could feel pre-cum oozing out of it. I placed a hand on the back of her head and pushed it towards me.

She took her other hand and placed it on my thigh for support and as I pushed my cock towards her face and her face towards my cock, she turned her face and her mouth missed the tip of my cock and landed on the side. I held her head in place and thrust my cock. He mouth opened to the thickness of the side of my cock. “Lick it”, I hissed. Her tongue came out and licked the side of my cock. After a few thrusts, I moved her head around with one hand, and lifted my cock with the other and her mouth and tongue moved on the thick vein under my cock. I thrust again in this position up and down, up and down. My cock was getting harder, harder than I ever felt recently, like a thick steel pipe.

After sometime I pushed her head away, held it front of my cock, and slowly eased my dick in the direction of her mouth. Her eyes were open now, seeing my cock coming towards her mouth and she knew what was expected of her. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth sightly. As the tip of my cock hit her partially opened mouth, she parted her lips and then allowed the width of my cock to expand her opening to accommodate it and then my cock was in her mouth. I thrust it as far as she could take it and stopped. This was ultimate heaven for me. A woman opening her mouth to take a cock in it is one of the most erotic things I have known, seen, experienced. This was a terrific turn on, and if I thought I could not get any harder, I was wrong. My cock felt a mile long and a thousand pounds heavy.

I Put both my hands on her head and held it in place while I fucked her mouth. I must have thrust about ten times, when she started moaning. I increased my pace a little and she kept pace of her moaning with my thrusts. I was not about to finish in her mouth. My cum, after all, was needed to make a baby. I pulled out of her mouth and she gasped and panted. Her body rose and fell and she wiped the spit from her mouth using the back of her hand.

Without allowing her a break, I put my hands on her arms and lifted her to a standing position. I bent down and put my hands on her ankles and rode my hands up her legs as I rose. I could feel the soft supple calf muscles turning into hard thick thighs as I stood up. I did not stop until my hands were up to her arms and then she helped the nightgown off of her body. She was naked underneath. No Bra. No Panty. And I noticed – no bush. Her husband didn’t like it maybe? Her breasts were a little conical.

I recall my wife’s being well rounded when we married. I bent and took a nipple in my mouth. It was as hard as a marble. My other hand went to her other breast and started kneading. It was soft and firm and the nipple was hard on that one as well. I transferred my mouth to the other nipple. And I felt her hand cradling my head as I sucked. Her other hand came up between us and cupped the breast I was sucking and squeezed it. I think her second nature as a woman kicked in as she nursed me from one breast to another. After a while, I moved my hand from her back to the front of her body and started dragging it down to between her legs. She signed, and a moan escaped her lips as she parted her legs, and I turned my hand and cupped her mound.

She shuddered as I slid my hand up and down. I then slid a finger down her slit. I was looking at her face, her eyes were closed. And as I tried to slide my finger into her hole, I encountered a little resistance. I pushed my finger in a little harder and I felt something wet. The next time I pushed my finger it went in up to my second knuckle. On the next try it went in completely and her juice oozed out on to my fingers and at that she opened her eyes and locked on mine. I pumped my finger in and out, and she grabbed my fist with her hand and followed it as it plunged in and out of her. Her gaze softened and she smiled at me. At that moment we were not SIL and BIL. Neither were we strangers. We were just a man and a woman doing what a man and a woman were supposed to do. Her other hand slid from my neck and looked for and found my cock which was as stiff as ever. She fisted my cock and pumped it in rhythm to my finger in her cunt.

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When she was sufficiently sloppy down there, I pulled my finger out and gently pushed her on to the bed. She fell on it on her back, lifted her head and pushed her hair above her. She looked at me and went to engulf me in an embrace and simultaneously spread her legs to receive me inside her. But I had something else in mind. I pushed her legs down and bent and took a nipple in mouth. She gasped once more as I bit lightly on the first, then the other nipple. I was not done. I lifted my leg and straddled her chest and slapped my thick cock on her breast. Seeing this, she brought her hands and cupped and offered her tits to my cock. I rolled my thick staff on each of her nipples and slapped them hard. She let out gasps and her breath came out hot with each slap. I then lifted my legs and crawled over and straddled her face.

She knew what was coming as I adjusted the pillow to give her a proper angle. I raised myself and brought my cock down on her face. She opened her mouth almost instinctively and I slid my penis into her mouth. I assumed the yoga plank position with my body balanced on my toes and elbows and I attacked her. My thrusts into her mouth were slow and long and exquisite. I looked down at her face. Her eyes were closed, but her lips slid effortlessly on my cock. I could see the blood thickened veins on my cock. This was my favorite position. My wife liked it as well, and by the look of her it appeared that my SIL also had some experience in this area. Somehow this position did not make we want to cum and I was in no rush.

But after what seemed 100 thrusts, she put up her hand on my belly and pushed me off. I accepted this and as I pulled out and crawled back down, she let out a heavy breath and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and smiled at me. She then spread her legs and reached down and grabbed my cock. I fell down between her legs on my knees and elbows and lowered my waist and looked down as she guided my distended shaft into her. Her cunt was highly lubricated with her own juices and my cock still had her spit on it. It went in effortlessly. I looked up at her and she was looking at me to see my expression. I closed my eyes as the walls of her cunt engulfed the entire length of my shaft. In that position I thrusts a few times and then gently collapsed on her. And looked into her face. She was still staring at me and now she smiled. I did too, and after a few seconds of respite, I assumed the position again and lifted myself on my elbows and started pumping. The pleasure was immense. They say that all pussies are same in the dark. But I beg to disagree. It is more mental. At this moment, at the first fuck with this woman, I would venture to say that it ranked right at the top. May be the best.

I stopped and lifted her heavy thighs and pushed myself into a kneeling position, and from there I pumped into her. I as able to see my cock sliding into her and hear the sloshing sound it made. I grabbed her legs further up and held on to the back of her knees and pushed them down almost to her ears as I doubled her up. I extended my legs back and lifted and thrust into her with increased force. Every grunt and thrust of mine was reciprocated with a grunt and a moan. It was almost poetic. My voice matched hers and we were in rhythm.

I knew I was about to come, but did not want to be in this position. I let go of her legs and she gasped in relief. But that was short lived. I fell on her, put my hands under her shoulders, and grabbed them for leverage and plunged into her with an animal ferocity. Our thighs made the sweet slap-slap sound of sex, and my grunts and her responses melded into a blur as I pumped uncontrollably until my dam burst and I could feel my cum explode into her. I came in immense spurts and with each one I slammed into her and she received me with a painful grunt. I collapsed on her, spent, exhausted and in incredible pleasure.

She said nothing and until after what seemed like an eternity I pulled my semi erect cock from inside her and rolled off her. She immediately looked for her night gown, grabbed it and rushed into the attached bathroom and soon I heard the water running. She had washed herself and when she came back and sat at the edge of the bed I could smell the soap on her. She had put her nightgown back on. I patted her side and went to the bathroom to relieve myself and wash.

When I came back, naked, she was lying on the bed with her face turned away from me. I lay down next to her and pulled her towards me and she turned and looked at me.

“Did you like it?” I asked.

She said, “I only want a baby.”

“OK. But did you like it?” I asked again.

She blushed, and said, “You are horrible. No one asks that.”

“Everyone does. Your sister likes it.”

She tensed, “Let’s not talk about others now”.

I waited for a few seconds and then asked again, “So, you liked it”.

She slapped my hand playfully for an answer. And then said, “You are big.”


“Yes,” she giggled,

“You mean, when I am inside you?”

“Yes!! Oh my, what do you want me to say.”

“Inside where?” I asked, getting a little horny. “Here,” I touched her mouth, “Or here?” I put my hand between her legs.

“Get out! ” she exclaimed.

“Say it – cunt or mouth. Say it!” I almost shouted. I was hard by then.


“You have to, or else I will get out now.”

“I don’t say bad words. It’s obscene. It’s vulgar.”

“It’s only me. Say it, say it. I like vulgar and obscene,” I insisted.


I waited. And waited. She then looked at me and held my gaze. “You are big when you are inside me, everywhere… in me, in my…my cu…cu.cunt. and mm… mouth. There I said it.”

“Once more.”

“oh..k… cunt, cunt, cunt”

“What is big?”

“You.. your thing… cock. Your cock.”

“Say ‘your cock in my mouth. Your cock in my cunt.”

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She just giggled and did not repeat it. I took her hand and placed it on my now hard penis. Her eyes widened. I did not wait for her. I just reached down to her ankles and raised her gown and bunched it around her waist. She was ready and opened her legs. She went to reach down to my cock but I held each of her hands in mine and held them away from our bodies. I then pushed her thighs with mine and then lowered myself into her.

My cock was a self guided missile targeting her cunt. I missed the first time. I jiggled a bit to get it into the correct spot and missed again. She looked up at me and laughed softly. I gave up and looked down and pointed my cock into her now open hole that was creaming nicely. One soft push and I was inside her.

She was moist and warm and smooth all at once. I pushed all the way in and waited. Our breaths started coming heavy and in sync. I let go of her hands and fell on top of her. She hugged me with her arms and her legs and thighs wrapped around my lower body and we lay like that for a few seconds.

Then she moved, and taking that as my cue, I raised myself on my elbows and knees and started slowly thrusting in and out of her. My thrusts felt long and smooth and unending. I felt I could go on forever. My cock became harder after every thrust. She got hold of the folds of her gown at her waist and pulled them up over her tits. She cupped one with her hand and with the other she pushed my head down on it. I sucked her nipple as she wanted. I opened my mouth and tried to take as much of the tit in my mouth as I could. I bit down, but not hard. She gasped every time my teeth made contact with the soft mound. I lifted my head and made to switch tits, and she cupped her free tit and fed it to me.

As I sucked, I put my hand down between our bodies, down to her cunt and then up the slit to where I could feel the hard knob of her clit. She moaned a long, deep moan as my fingers made contact. Then moaned in sync with my rubbing her clit. I did that for a long time. My finger rubbing her clit, my mouth sucking her tit, and my cock thrusting in and out of her.

By this time, both of us were drenched in sweat. When I took a break and made myself free from the breast, she lifted her head and pulled the gown over her body and threw it away. She was now completely naked as I was, and was ready to resume where we left off.

I knew that if I continued to be inside her I would ejaculate quickly, so I eased my cock out of her.

“What happened?” she asked, “Why did you stop?”

“Taking a break,” I said. “Give me a minute. I am not a machine,” I giggled.

She giggled back in response.

I lay down next to her, my penis still hard against her thigh. I put my hand between her legs, inserted my middle finger in her cunt, and my index finger on her clit and proceeded to twirl my fingers and hand and finger fuck her. She knew what I was doing. She reached down and put her hand on my wrist, but not to stop me. Her hand followed my motions and with each thrust she made a soft, sensual, erotic hissing sound from her mouth. Her sounds increased in frequency as she neared her climax, and then as she came, her sound became one long drawn out moan she tried to muffle with the back of her other hand as her body shook once, twice, three times. She continued to gasp and moan and pant as her climax subsided, and she turned away from me blushing.

“Oh god, what are you making me do. What is this you are doing!!” she managed to ask between her panting.

“You just came. Don’t tell me this never happened to you before.”


“OK, this is what it feels like then.” I said, as I turned her towards me and mounted her.

This time my cock made no mistake and it slid into her sloppy hole with ease. I took my fingers that were in her cunt and that had all her juices from her climax and put it near her mouth. She smelled them and turned away grimacing. But I did not give up. I pressed the fingers to her mouth until she opened it, and then made her suck her juices off of my fingers. She swallowed and closed her eyes and mouth and started shaking her head violently as if to shake the tase and smell from her. I looked down and smiled at her, and she swatted at my arms in protest.

I lifted myself and started pumping. She placed her hands on my arms, looked up at me, completely relaxed and giving all of herself to me. We held that gaze as I thrusted, and my thrusts became faster and harder. She was receiving me without any complaints, and matching my thrusts with her own slight upward thrust of her loins and her grunts. I stopped after a while (people now call this edging, but I did not know the phrase then). I only wanted to delay my cumming.

I took one of her hands and slid it between our bodies and placed it on my cock. She held it with two fingers as I began thrusting again and again. When I knew I was going to come in a few pumps, I stopped and moved her hand that was holding my cock down to my balls. She held my small ball in her hand unsure of what to do. I reached down and directed her hand to hold and rotate my balls like, well, like balls. I took her other hand and she did the same. Now she had one ball in each hand and was rotating and massaging them.

I pumped harder and harder. She was grunting and moaning and so was I. Suddenly I could hold it no longer and with one final thrust I spurted into her. She lifted her body and met mine as I crashed on top of her. As I finished my first three spurts, I started thrusting again with the remaining cum spurts and finally I collapsed again on her after about six or seven thrusts. She hugged me tightly with arms and thighs, released me for a moment and hugged me again longer and then finally released me. I rolled off her and went once again to the bathroom.

When I came back she had put on her gown once more. I put on my clothes and looked at the clock. It was almost time for the rest of the folks to come back. I slid out the door and through the back staircase to the terrace. My MIL was there, on the lookout for anyone who might come and interrupt my session with her elder daughter. Our eyes met for a fraction of a second, and then she looked down and away and walked quickly past me down the stairs. I picked up some newspaper that was lying on a chair and pretended to read. I felt spent, fulfilled, satiated and excited. I had a lot to look forward to.

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