Mom camping with son

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Paul stuffed the last of the camping gear into the back of the little blue Volvo. He wasn’t particularly looking forward to this holiday weekend anymore. It had started off as a grand multi-family adventure, with their all of their neighbors and friends going along, but life, as it will, intervened.

There were all kinds of last minute business and family emergencies. Paul and his best friend, Richard Jones, had made plans for jet skiing, rock climbing, portable video games and all kinds of other stuff. It was supposed to be an epic last big weekend before his friend left for college. They had both just turned eighteen.

Richard’s family had had to go out of town to attend to a death in the family. Their other neighbors, The Smiths, all came down with food poisoning and then Paul’s dad had gotten called into work at the last second. He was the head of security at an emerging tech firm. They had been the victims of a huge electronic security breach that required his immediate presence, probably for the entire weekend.

“Let’s make the best of it, Paul,” his mother said, coming out of the house with several bags of food. “It’s not up for discussion.”

Paul knew better than to argue with his mother. Sure, he could have just said no and walked away. He was eighteen after all, but that would have been bad. He had heard his mother that morning, nearly in tears, arguing with his father about having to go into work.

They hadn’t been getting along for what seemed to Paul years, and it was only getting worse. Paul had hoped the weekend would fix things between his parents, but now it was going to be a long weekend alone with his mother. He figured he could get some reading done and go on some hikes by himself. He sighed and got in the passenger side of the car.

His mother started the Volvo and off they went. “I’m really sorry, Paul.”

“It’s okay,” he said, meaning it. “I’m going to make the best of it, and you should too.”

“We already paid for the camping site. I already asked off work for these days and I really need to get away. You can still go fishing and canoeing and all that. I won’t bother you at all. Okay?”

“Yeah, Mom. We’ll have a great time,” Paul said, looking out the window at the passing scenery.

A few hours later they reached the camping site. They had reserved two spots right next to each other; with one big enough to park the neighbor’s RV and plenty of room for several tents. It had a huge picnic table, large shade tree and was close to the rest rooms and shower facility.

“Oh, this is nice right?” Paul’s mom said happily. “And look how close to the lake we are! This will be great. Plenty of privacy in this little corner. You start setting up the tents and I’ll go check in and get us some firewood.” She hurried off to the ranger’s office.

Paul started unloading their equipment and setting everything up. He just about had both tents up when his mother came back. “Okay, we’re good to go, I think.”

They finished setting up the camp together. When they were done it was well past lunch time and Paul’s mother cooked up some hot dogs.

“Thanks again for going camping with your old mother,” she said as they finished eating.

“Oh, you’re not old. Let’s go rent a canoe this afternoon.”

“Okay, that’s a deal. I’ll make us up some cheeseburgers tonight after we get back.”

Paul was surprised, but he had a great time out on the lake paddling all over the place and exploring the little coves and beaches with his mom. They found one beach that was almost completely hidden from view until you were almost on it. It was there that they took a rest and some water.

“Are you doing okay, Mom?”

“Yes, I just forgot how much hard work this was,” she replied before taking a big drink.

She was still a little out of breath, even though Paul was trying to do all the work in the canoe.

Paul worried about his mother and her health. She had gained a lot of weight in the last couple of years. The dock master even had a hard time finding a life vest big enough to fit over her round belly and her enormous breasts. She had taken it off as they took their break. Paul caught himself glancing at her massive, heaving chest and turned away.

“You okay, dear? Your face is so red.”

“Yeah,” he said, getting up. “It’s just a little hot. We should head back.”

“You’re right. Here, help me up,” she said, holding up her hand for him.

Paul helped her to her feet. As he readied the canoe for the return trip to the dock, he looked over at his mother. She was having hard time with the clasps on her vest, and he couldn’t help but stare as she wiggled and jiggled and grunted and mashed her breasts together; squeezing the vest over her mountainous chest. It was a mesmerizing spectacle.

“Shit,” he muttered as he turned away. For the first time in his life, he had been perving on his own mother.

“All ready,” she said a moment later. “Let’s get back, I’m famished.”

They made it back to the dock in good time. Paul looked back at the western sky and saw some black clouds heading their way. Usually it was his father’s job to ready the campsite for any incoming storms, but it would be up to him this time.

When they got back to the campsite, Paul set about making sure the car windows were up, picking up anything that might blow or float away and rechecking that their tents were set up on good high ground. Satisfied, he went over to help finish setting up for dinner.

“Wow! Just last year, in fact, we would have been yelling and looking all over for you to help and now you’re doing everything on your own. I didn’t even notice the clouds over there till after you started putting everything up. Thank you,” said his mom.

“Oh. Well, you know. Dad’s not here and I figure I have to take care of all his duties on this trip.”

Paul’s mother looked down at the ground for a moment before continuing her preparations. It was quick and she recovered well, but Paul could see that his talking about his father had upset her. He didn’t know what to do.

They ate in silence and afterwards, he helped clear everything away. His mother went to the car to grab a couple of bags and Paul went to work on starting the fire.

He had it roaring in no time and was playing a game on his phone by the fire when his mom came over. She had changed into sweat pants and a white T-shirt. “My camping PJs,” she said, handing him a soda from the cooler.

“Thanks,” he said, looking over at the large cup his mother was holding.

“I hope you don’t mind, but we still had all that tequila and whisky and mixers in the car, and I really need to unwind.”

“Of course I don’t mind,” Paul said, although he did, a little. His mom was prone to drinking when she was upset, usually ending up sloppy drunk and stumbling around. He figured she’d be okay here and he wasn’t tired in the least, so he’d stay up playing his phone and keep an eye on her. She would probably pass out early.

She took a big drink and then looked at him lovingly. “You’re so grown up. You know I’m very proud of you.” She took another big drink. She wasn’t going slowly tonight.

“Thanks, Mom. Are you okay?”

“Yes. I had so much fun today. Tomorrow, I’d like to hike up to Stone Peak together.”

“Think you can handle that?” Paul joked.

“What? I can handle anything you’ve got,” she replied, laughing. Then she drained her glass and made to stand up. “I guess I’ll—”

“Not on your life,” Paul interrupted. One of his father’s responsibilities was getting fresh drinks for his wife while they were camping. Well, at least that’s how it went in happier times, Paul thought. “I’ve got this. Remember that I’m handling all of his work on this camping trip!”

“His? Who—oh yes!” She laughed. “He, who shall not be named! Do you—?”

“Yes, I know what you’re having and I’ll be right back.”

A few minutes later, Paul returned with a fresh drink for his mother and another soda for himself. “Will you be able to sleep with all that caffeine?” she asked, draining half her cup. “Oh this is good! Much better than when I made it.”

“Thank you!” he said, proud of himself. “And yes, I will be able to sleep. Don’t worry about me.” He was even more proud of himself for making her drink twice as strong as usual. She’d be asleep soon and he wouldn’t have to deal with her drunken stupor. He smiled.

“Oh, very proud of yourself, aren’t you?” she said, slightly slurring her words and draining the rest of her drink. “It’s time to perform your duty, good sir,” she thrust her cup in his direction.

Paul laughed. He had forgotten that his mother and father fell into this mock-pseudo-Medieval dialogue when they were drinking. It used to be cute. He was their little page, back in the day. Now he wasn’t sure what he was. “Yes indeed, my fair, uh, Queen? I’m your, um—”

“Knight! You’re my handsome Knight!” she laughed hysterically. “And yes, I am the queen!”

“Uh…yes… um…well, your handsome knight will fetch a liquid refreshment suitable for thy great beauty,” he stuttered and went to get her another, stronger drink. He sucked at being a knight and he wasn’t sure if he had said something wrong. His mother was quiet over there. He was embarrassed and glad that she wouldn’t remember anything in the morning.

“Here you go fair maiden,” he said, kneeling down and offering her the cup as though it was a chalice. He wondered if fair maiden was an appropriate title for a queen or if that was reserved for princesses?

She laughed. “Verily, I am pleased by thy great servitude,” she stumbled on her words, laughed again and took a deep drink.

She took a little longer to finish this one and Paul enjoyed the peace and quite of the darkness and relaxing sounds of the crackling fire. Every once in a while they could hear another camper or children playing off in the distance but overall it was very quiet.

Paul lost himself thinking about his mother while staring into the fire. He loved her and hated to see her like this: drinking herself into oblivion. It had bothered him that she was out of breath during their canoeing session earlier, and he vowed to help her start a training regimen when they got back home.

“Hey, young knight!” his mother called over to him. She was leaning way back in her chair smiling at him and holding out her cup to him. “It’s time to perform your duty, good sir.”

Paul popped up and smiled. “Of course, fair lady,” he said, taking her cup and heading back over to the picnic table and cooler. He decided to make this the strongest one yet.

He hadn’t been paying close attention to how much alcohol he’d been putting in her drinks. He knew it had been a lot, at least double of what his father usually made for her. He brought the fresh concoction over to her, hoping this one would do the trick and knock her out. “Here we are, fair lady,” he said, remaining in character.

“Such a lovely young lord, thine are,” she said. Her eyes were glassy. It was starting to get chilly out and Paul’s eyes nearly popped out of his head as he realized for the first time that night that his mother wasn’t wearing a bra. Her large nipples were poking out against her shirt. He glanced away quickly and retreated to his seat by the fire and back to the games on his phone.

Paul was almost to the next level in his game when his mother’s chair fell sideways, with her in it! He rushed over to his mother. She was laughing hysterically. She still had her cup in her hand. It was empty. “I can’t…shit…baby…I think you better…better,” she giggled.

“I think I better help you to your tent,” Paul said.

“Yes!” She managed to say between fits of laughter.

He grabbed her hand and pulled her up to her feet. She stumbled into him, nearly knocking them both into the fire. It took all of his strength to keep them both on their feet. He was supporting nearly all of her weight.

“Come on…we’re almost there,” he said helping her across the clearing to her tent. He had his arms around her. She shifted against him, stumbling over a rock and in his effort to keep her up, he grabbed one of her large breasts. Her thick nipple was poking hard against his hand. He involuntary squeezed her boob.

His mother sighed and mumbled something into his shoulder. He was devastatingly embarrassed, and to his horror, a little turned on. His cock twitched in his pants. “Shit!” he said too loudly, hurrying his mother along.

“Whatsit…whatsit, baby,” she slurred incoherently against his shoulder, as they neared the tent. She never called him baby. In her drunken stupor she must be thinking that he was his father. Then she grasped his hand in hers holding it firmly against her breast. “I know…I know what you need.”

Paul only knew that he needed to get her inside the tent and away from him. They finally reached the front of the tent and Paul, somehow, managed to get her safely inside. She sprawled out on her sleeping bag and was snoring in seconds.

“Shit,” Paul said aloud as he walked back over to the fire. “That was some crazy shit.”

He thought he heard thunder off in the distance. He knew it was going to rain, but thought they still had a pretty safe spot. He took one last walk around the campsite, making sure everything was secure and safe, and then he went into his own tent.

It was a nice summer evening, so he stripped down to his shorts and put his phone into his bag and turned off his flashlight. He lay there thinking about Judy Summers from biology class. She wasn’t really his type, or to put it more realistically he probably wasn’t her type.

She was blonde, with enormous boobs and the cutest smile he had ever seen. He reached his hand into his shorts and started to stroke himself to full hardness. Oh, how he had dreamed of Judy and what he would do to her if he had the nerve to ask her out. He imagined them making out in the front seat of the family Volvo, and then crawling to the backseat, where he unbuttoned her blouse, revealing her amazing, round, young, firm tits.

As he thought about molesting Judy’s firm, young tits, they suddenly morphed into his mother’s bigger, heavier ones. “Shit,” he said quietly, but he never stopped stroking his cock. Those were the only tits he had ever touched and he had to admit that they were wonderfully heavy and full. He tried to imagine what that hard, amazing nipple looked like. It had felt impossibly long and thick against the palm of his hand.

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Just then a rain drop splattered on his forehead. “What the…?” Another rain drop hit his forehead and then another one, and another and another. He rolled out of the way, grabbed his flashlight and pointed it at the roof of his tent. There was a big Grand Canyon sized rip, running halfway down the seam that he hadn’t noticed earlier.

“Damn it,” he cursed. Some camping master he turned out to be. Before he had a chance to figure out his next step, the deluge started.

Sheets of rain came down and his tent rapidly filled with water. His sleeping bag was soaked within seconds. Paul, quickly grabbed his bag and his towel, ran out of his tent and sprinted over to his mother’s. He fumbled with the zipper and flap but managed to make it inside. It was nice and warm and dry in here. His shorts were soaked and he peeled them off, threw them outside, and toweled himself dry.

His mother was still passed out on her back where he had left her, snoring loudly. He turned on his flashlight and looked around for her bag of clothes. He needed something to wear but, she must have stashed it back in the Volvo. All he had were t-shirts in his bag.

“Fuck,” he muttered. “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!”

The tent was big enough to accommodate them both though, and his mother was sprawled out on a blanket. Her sleeping bag was unzipped on her sleeping mat off to her side, and one of her pillows was there. She always slept with two pillows. Paul figured that he could sleep under her sleeping bag and then explain things in the morning. If she got cold she would just crawl under the blanket, besides, she still had her sweatpants and t-shirt on. He took a deep breath. Everything would be okay.

Despite the calamity, he fell asleep a short while later to the hypnotic sound of the rain, dreaming of Judy Summers.

Sometime in the middle of the night he awoke from an amazing dream, featuring Judy, of course. He didn’t know where he was at first. Everything was pitch-black and someone was snuggled up against him. It was his mother. Somehow he had worked the sleeping bag off of himself and his mother had moved over to cuddle against him in her sleep.

He still had a raging hard on from his dream with Judy and then he noticed something truly horrifying. His mother was naked. He could feel her heavy doughy, breasts against his arm and chest, and her leg was snaked over his. She had one hand on his lower stomach, dangerously close to touching the tip of his throbbing cock. Her head was resting on his shoulder.

He had to admit that it felt amazing to be cuddled up against a real naked woman. It was just too bad that it was his mother.

He had to think. He had to disengage himself from her without waking her. How could he ever explain why he was snuggled against her, naked in her tent in the middle of the night? “Fuck,” he muttered as he slowly pulled away, tying to disentangle from her. As he did so, her hand slid down his stomach and touched his cock. He stopped breathing and froze.

Her breathing hadn’t changed. She was still asleep, he thought. Then she did something astounding and truly terrible. She moved her hand down further and firmly grabbed his cock. “Where you…where you going, baby,” she whispered, as she started to stroke his cock. “So hard for me…mmmm…country air good… doing you good, hunny-buns.”

Paul was paralyzed with fear and horror. He couldn’t move and he couldn’t talk. He could barely breathe. His mother obviously thought she was stroking his father. They had similar builds and she had to still be drunk with as much alcohol as she had consumed just hours ago. Then, thankfully, she pulled away from him.

Paul started to sit up so he could run away to the Volvo, but before he could move, he felt her hot breath on his cock. She had maneuvered around so that her head was in his lap.

“Oh, no,” Paul thought, frozen in place.

“I think baby-cakes found something she likes,” she said, giggling just before sucking his cock into her mouth. “Mmmm,” she purred around his shaft as she bobbed her head on his cock, obscenely drooling all over it.

“Oh… My…God!” Paul groaned a little too loudly. This was the most intense, incredible sensation he had ever felt.

His mother pulled her mouth off of his cock. “Keep it down, honey-buns or you’ll wake up Paul.” Then she sucked his steel-hard, throbbing cock back into her mouth. Paul felt the tip of his cock touching the back of her throat. She was making obscene slurping noises as she bobbed her head on his shaft. It was way too much for Paul and without warning he grunted and flooded her mouth with his cum. “Oh…uh…”

His mother never even flinched. She kept the suction on his cock as he emptied his balls into her mouth. She pulled off of his cock when he was done.

“God, baby,” she laughed. “You almost drowned me! Next time…give me some warning.” She still had one hand on his cock. “You’re still rock hard, hunny-buns! Think you can keep going? Baby-cakes needs it.”

Paul was paralyzed on the sleeping bag. He had never had an orgasm so intense. This was nothing compared to his hand. He was trying to come to terms with the fact that he had just cum in his mother’s mouth. She rolled over onto her back beside him.

“Come on, baby, while it’s still hard,” she yanked hard on his cock, forcing him to roll over onto her. He found himself on top of her with his cock head at the entrance to her pussy. “Fuck me,” she hissed at him. “Love me like you used to.”

God help him, but Paul pushed his hips forward and the tip of his cock was slowly enveloped by the warm folds of his mother’s pussy. This was even more amazing than her mouth. He froze there a moment realizing what he was about to do.

“I need to cum too, baby,” she whined, reaching for his hips, and trying to urge him inside her.

Paul slowly pressed forward until his cock was balls deep inside his mother. “Oh …my… god…uh…”

Paul had been a virgin until this point. His body knew instinctively what to do though. He thrust forward and backwards sliding his cock in and out of his mother’s hot, wet pussy, building up to a strong, quick tempo.

Paul’s mother lifted her legs up against his sides and pulled him against her soft, plump body, pulling his head down towards hers and kissing him hard. He was fairly inexperienced with kissing, but his mother did all the work, mashing her full lips against his and sucking his tongue into her mouth. It was another new amazing sensation and he paused a beat.

She broke away from the kiss, breathing hard. “Don’t you dare stop! Fuck me! Keep fucking me!” she demanded, and Paul obliged.

Paul got into rhythm again, plunging his cock deep inside his mother again and again, as they sucked on each other’s tongues. She had her legs locked around him now and she was grunting into his mouth with each powerful thrust. He loved being against her fat belly like this. They broke the kiss for some much needed air. She was writhing beneath him as he continued to plunge his cock into her.

“Oh god, your baby-cakes needed this…uh…uh…I’m…uh…I’m cumming,” she squealed. Her body quivered beneath him and she rolled her head back taking in a huge lungful of air. Her orgasm lasted for several minutes and Paul never stopped fucking her.

He felt his own orgasm approaching. He knew that he couldn’t cum inside his own mother. She had relaxed her legs and had only a gentle grip on his arms now.

“That’s it…uh…can you cum again? cum for me.”

With a great effort he pulled his throbbing cock out of her pussy and pressed it hard against her soft, fat belly shooting his load across it. He pumped several streams of semen onto her with some of it splattering against the underside of one of her big, fat tits. He finally stopped cumming, knowing that his mother was covered with his ejaculate.

She giggled in the darkness and told him to find her a towel. He reached around him, finding one of her white washcloths that she never traveled without and handed it to her. She wiped herself clean, in the darkness, as he kneeled there in the tent trying to wrap his mind around what had just happened and what he would say to her. He needn’t have worried, as she was snoring contentedly seconds later.

Paul covered her up with the blanket, and, this time, he zipped up the sleeping bag, cocooning himself, inside, safe and sound. He tried to stay awake, but soon exhaustion overcame him and he was asleep too.

He awoke with a start, looking around quickly. It was daylight, and thankfully his mother was still sleeping peacefully under her blanket. Paul quickly got up and peaked out of the tent. It was very early in the morning and no one on this side of the campgrounds was up and about yet.

Paul grabbed his big towel, wrapped it around his waist and ran over to the car. He found his bag of clothes and toiletries and headed over to the shower facility. The rain hadn’t caused much in the way of damage or flooding. In fact, the only thing ruined was his tent and the soaked contents inside.

When Paul got back to the campsite, his mother was up stoking the fire and working on breakfast. She stopped what she was doing when he approached, looking at him in a panic and running over to him. Paul nearly choked on his own saliva and dropped his bag on the road. He broke out in a cold sweat. Why was she looking at him that way? Did she know? Her tits were flopping obscenely as she ran towards him. He looked down at the ground, quickly.

She reached him and grasped his wrist. Paul nearly ran the other way, but as his legs tensed up her hand lifted up his chin. “Oh god, Paul,” she said pulling him over to the fire. “I’m so sorry! What happened to your tent? My god, I slept right through everything! What happened?”

Paul inwardly heaved an enormous sigh of relief. He almost cried he was so relieved. She didn’t know anything or she would have said something.

His mother handed him a mug of coffee. “This will warm you up,” she said. She didn’t know. His secret was safe.

“Thanks,” Paul said, recovering and giving her a G-rated version of last night. “After we went to bed, we got a downpour. I hadn’t noticed, but there was a huge gash in the top of my tent. It’s a lake in there, still.” He took a big sip of coffee.

“What did you do?” she said, serving them both up a plate of the breakfast she had been working on.

“Well I grabbed my stuff and ran into your tent. You were sleeping soundly under the blanket so I borrowed your sleeping bag and that’s it.”

“I’m so sorry, Paul,” she said, taking a drink of her own coffee. “I guess there’s no way we can repair it?”

“I can’t, I’m sorry,” he said, digging into their breakfast. They finished eating in silence. Paul, all the while wondering if his mother suspected anything. He felt like he had to ask something but couldn’t find the right question. He was so confused. His own mother had taken his virginity last night and he couldn’t share that fact with anyone else in the whole world, especially not her!

When they finished eating, they both went over to inspect the tent and see what could be salvaged. They hung his sleeping bag over a tree branch to dry and then dismantled the tent and set that aside to dry before stowing it in the car. His mother gave him a few contemplative glances as they sat down with another cup of coffee.

“Well, here’s the question, honey,” his mother said as they set about straightening up the campsite. “I’d still like to stay up here, at least one more night, but that would mean sharing a tent together.”

She looked at him hopefully, flashing Paul her best smile. She had her hands on her hips, causing her chest to thrust out towards him. She wasn’t doing it on purpose, Paul knew, but he had to fight to not stare at her massive boobs.

All Paul could think about was that he had been thrusting his cock between those wide hips last night and that he had cum between those white teeth, smiling at him now. His cock twitched involuntarily in his pants. He wanted to tell her that they needed to get home, but the dark side of his mind was wondering if he could get his mother drunk enough for another round tonight. She would never know.

“Paul?” she said walking close to him and grabbing his hand. “Want to try it?’

“Yes,” he said without thinking. “Let’s try another night. How did you sleep?” he blurted the question out, without thinking about the consequences.

“Okay, I think I had a bit too much to drink and I had some wild dreams. I really need to take a shower though. I’m all sticky and sweaty. I’ll be back in fifteen minutes and then we’ll go on that hike we were talking about.”

Paul set about putting some water and snacks in his little bag for the hike. He knew why she was sticky and she hadn’t acted like she suspected anything. He took a deep breath and started to relax.

“Hello,” said a soft, high voice from behind him.

Paul spun around. “Hello there,” he said smiling.

There was a young girl, not much older than Paul standing there holding two gallons of water. “I’m Jenny,” she said. “We just pulled into the camp site next to yours.”

Oh, great, Paul thought. All he needed now was neighbors. “I’m Paul,” he said.

Camping alone?” she asked looking at his lone tent.

“No,” he said, and then paused. What was he going to say next? I’m sharing a tent with my mother?

Jenny looked at him expectantly; waiting for his answer.

“Uh…I’m camping with my girlfriend,” he blurted. Fuck, fuck, fuck! Why did he say that? How was he going to explain that to his mother?

“Oh! I’m here with my fiancé!” she said cheerfully. “We’ll have to have drinks later. It’s very romantic up here, isn’t it? See you.” She briskly walked over to her own campsite. Paul saw that they had forgone tents in favor of a giant RV. He absently wondered what it looked like inside.

Paul’s mother came back a short while later looking refreshed. She had on khaki shorts and a tight green t-shirt that really put the accent on her large breasts. He found himself stealing glances at her bust.. Her thick, curly hair was loose and flowing over her shoulders. She caught Paul looking at her and gave him a quizzical look. He snapped his head away.

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“Are we ready?” she asked, grabbing her small day pack.

“Yes!” Paul said, too enthusiastically.

“Okay. Let me just put my rings in the car so I don’t damage them or lose them on the trail.”

They took off for Stone Peak trail.

It was a fairly steep, winding trail and they were hard pressed to make it to the first overlook by lunch time, but they did. Paul’s mother was red-faced and breathing hard when she sat down on a log beside the trail.

“I think we pushed it too much,” Paul said, handing his mother some water.

“No, I’m glad we did. I’m okay. Lord knows, I need the exercise!” she said, patting her soft belly.

They stood there together gazing out at the beautiful valley until Paul’s mother got her breath back. Then she pulled out the lunches she had made them. They ate together at the edge of the clearing.

“Oh! Hi, there, Paul!” said a familiar voice rounding the corner.

Paul and his mother both turned to see Jenny walking up to them with an older man following close behind her.

“Hi,” Paul and his mother both called out.

Jenny and the older man reached them and stood there holding hands, smiling at them. She looked over at Paul’s mom. “I’m Jenny and this is my fiancé Larry. We’re neighbors at the campsite!”

Paul and his mom stood up. Paul was inwardly cringing at how this was going to play out, but Jenny took care of that for him.

“You must be the girlfriend that Paul said he was camping with,” she said walking over to Paul’s mother.

Paul’s eyes locked on his mother’s as she shook Jenny’s hand. He was afraid of what she was going to say, but she played along.

“Yes,” she said pulling back. “I’m Michelle. It’s so nice to meet you. Join us?”

They all exchanged pleasantries and handshakes and sat down together, enjoying the view and eating lunch. Paul was flustered and uncomfortable the entire time. When they had a moment together, as Larry and Jenny walked to the edge of the bluff, Paul’s mother leaned close to him.

“What was all that about? I’m your girlfriend now?”

“Well, um,well Jenny came over while you were in the shower and she asked who I was camping with and I looked over at the one tent and…”

“God, I’m so sorry Paul! I didn’t even think about that. Shit!” she giggled.

Paul chuckled with her. “You see why I said that, right?”


“I didn’t really think we’d see them again, you know?”

“Yeah. Okay, so I’m your girlfriend today, right?”

“You’ll play along?”

“Yes, but did you notice how old Larry is? He’s old enough to be her father.”

“I guess couples with big age differences are the norm these days,” Paul said, regretting it.

His mother laughed. “Stop it, I’m not that old.”

Before Paul had a chance to respond, Jenny and Larry came back over. “Hey, you two!” Jenny said, cheerfully. She seemed to always be in a constant state of excitement. “Let’s go up to the lover’s leap. It’s so romantic up there. Come on.”

Paul and his mom gathered up their stuff and then followed them up the trail. Thirty minutes later they were at the lookout and it was a spectacular view.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been here,” Paul’s mother said, walking to the edge with Paul following.

“You know the legend, right?” Jenny asked, raising her eyebrows.

“No,” Paul and his mother answered in unison.

Jenny clasped Larry’s hand and pulled him tight to her side. “The legend says that if lovers kiss up here they will be together forever.” Jenny looked over at Paul and Michelle frowning a little. Then she nodded, as if she had made a decision.

“That’s cute,” Paul’s mom said, absently.

“There’s more, though!” said Jenny, giggling.

Paul and his mother both gave Jenny their full attention.

“The legend continues, that if two lovers come up here and consummate their love, you know?” She said giving them an intense look. “If they do that, the seed that they plant will blossom into a blessed harvest. They say it always happens. This was like an ancient fertility temple or something.”

“What do you mean,” Paul said, stupidly.

“It means you two will make a baby,” Jenny giggled.

Paul turned beat red.

Jenny called them both over to the edge. “You two have never been up here?”

“No,” Paul and his mother both said at the same time.

“Then you have to kiss if you want to be together forever,” she said, turning towards Larry and kissing him passionately.

Paul and his mother stood there stupidly, until Jenny pulled her lips away from Larry’s and poked Paul’s mother in the ribs. “Come on you two,” she said, “get busy!”

Paul’s mother turned to him, grasping his hand. “Well, we have to play along, right,” she whispered, and then pressed her lips against Paul’s. Paul put his arms around her, loving the feeling of her huge breasts against his chest. He opened his mouth a little and his mother darted her tongue inside, just for an instant.

“Much better,” Jenny said from behind them.

Paul and his mother broke off their kiss, eyes locked on each other, breathing heavily. “Wow,” Paul mouthed.

His mother quickly grabbed his hand in hers and squeezed it.

“I told you there was something magical about this clearing,” Jenny said, happily. “I just knew there was a reason that we met up here today.”

“I’m feeling a bit tired,” Paul’s mother said. “I think we’d better head back.”

“Sure,” Jenny said. “I think we’re going to the top of the trail. See you too love birds later.” They headed up the trail, leaving Paul and his mother behind.

Michelle held her son’s hand all the way down the trail.

When they got to the campsite, she excused herself to go to the restrooms and Paul took up his phone to play a game. His mother came back a short while later. Paul stood up clumsily, dropping his phone and picking it up. “I—”

“Shh, you don’t have to say anything.” She went over and started making herself a drink. “I need a strong one after that though.”

“Uh, Larry invited us over for burgers and beers later. I think he thinks I’m like twenty-one or something.”

“Hmmm,” Michelle mused, looking up from her drink preparations. “I think one beer will be okay. Don’t tell anyone, especially you know who.”

Paul laughed, not believing his luck. “Really?”

“Yeah.” She looked over at Paul, smiling at him. “Can’t have my boyfriend be a killjoy at parties.”

They both laughed and then Michelle sat on her camping chair, took her hiking boots off and took a big sip of her drink. “I’ve got to take a load of these feet and relax for a bit.”

Paul took out his phone and lost himself in one of his games. It started to get a little dark out and his mother was well into her third drink when Jenny popped in to the campsite.


“Hey,” Paul and his mother said at the same time.

Jenny laughed. “You too do that all the time. You say things at the same time. I think you were destined to be together. Either way it’s too late now! You kissed in the clearing.” She laughed again. “Larry’s got the burgers on and the beer is ice cold. Come over when you’re ready.” Then she left as quickly as she had appeared.

Paul was getting extremely hungry and excited to have his first beer. “Ready?” he asked his mother.

“Yeah,” she said putting her cup away. “Let me get my flip flops on and change my top.”

Paul put his phone away and changed his shirt too. When his mother came out she walked right up to him, hooking her arm in his. “I’ll try to be more affectionate this evening so that Jenny lets us alone and doesn’t suspect anything.”

“Good idea,” Paul said, relishing the feeling of his mother’s arm in his and her heavenly, plump body pressed against his side. “Shall we?”

“Lead the way, good sir,” she said, and off they went.

Larry was busy at the grill when they got there and Jenny handed them both a cold beer. Paul took a quick sip before anyone could take it away from him again. He didn’t really like the taste but that was totally, beside the point.

Jenny pulled Michelle to the side to show her something in the camper and Paul walked over to help Larry.

“Hey champ.” Larry was pulling burgers off the grill.

“Hey,” Paul said, taking another sip of his beer. He was a real man now, drinking and hanging with other men at the grill. Life was good.

“Let me give you a tip,” Larry said.

“What’s that?”

“You and Michelle should do it in the clearing. You know?”

“Yeah,” Paul said, not really knowing and not really knowing what he wanted to do. He was having second thoughts about tonight in his mother’s tent.

“We’ll be up there. Oh, you can count on that. I’m giving Jenny a baby this weekend. You know? Michelle’s really into you, but you’re too uptight, man. You need to relax.”

“Yah, you’re right, I—” he stammered.

Larry put his hand on Paul’s shoulder. “Older women want romance. Okay?”

“Uh, okay,” Paul said, trying to sound manly.

Let’s eat!” Larry shouted, and Michelle and Jenny emerged from the RV.

The burgers were delicious. They ate together and then Larry got their campfire rolling, and the four of them sat around drinking more beer. Paul was already feeling a bit of a buzz off of his first one. He couldn’t imagine what it would be like to drink as much as his mother did. True to her word, his mother was snuggled right next to him and Paul had his arm around her.

“So, what do you two do for work, Michelle?” Jenny asked.

Paul wondered what his mother would say to that. She put her hand on his leg and his cock twitched.

“I’m actually between jobs. I’m going to beauty school and Paul just got hired at his uncle’s tech support company. This is our last little fling before we get busy.” She squeezed Paul’s leg and smiled at him, then whispered in his ear. “I always wanted to go to beauty school and your uncle did offer you a job.”

“Who needs another beer?” Jenny interrupted, going over to the cooler.

“I do!” Paul and his mother said in unison, again.

Jenny laughed. “You just did it again! You’re so in tune with each other. The sex must be amazing.”

Paul nearly spit his beer out.

“It is,” his mother said, giggling. Then she snuggled even closer leaning her head against his shoulder.

Jenny got them all another beer and Paul was really feeling buzzed after his third beer, he was sure his mother was feeling it too. She was practically melted against him. He loved the feeling of her against him. It was almost like having a real girlfriend. Something he’d never known. He had a raging hard on the whole time.

Jenny stood up and pulled Larry to his feet and went inside their RV. They left the door open. Paul and his mother sat there for a while.

“Where did they go?” Paul asked her.

“Probably making out,” his mother said. “I need something a little stronger. Let’s say goodbye and head back.”

“Sure,” Paul said. He stood up trying to adjust his erection as he did; hoping that his mother hadn’t noticed it and glad it was dark out. They both walked over to the RV and stepped in with Paul’s mother in the lead.

“Oh!” she gasped stopping suddenly, just inside. Paul stumbled against her grabbing her hips to keep his balance, his cock slammed against her large, round ass.

“Oh!” Paul gasped too, now that he could see what had stopped his mother in her tracks.

Larry was standing in the kitchenette with his shorts down to his ankles and Jenny was kneeling in front of him, sucking his cock for all she was worth. She had most of it in her mouth and was noisily slurping around it.

Paul’s mother backed up to get away but only succeeded in pressing her wide ass against the bulge in his pants. “Oh!” she said.

Jenny and Larry noticed them and Jenny pulled her mouth off of her lover’s cock, saliva running down her chin. “It’s okay. I wanted you to watch,” she said. Then she opened her mouth wide and inhaled Larry’s cock again, this time bobbing her head on it and making obscene noises.

If it was possible, Paul got even harder. He heard his mother whimper and then she reached a hand behind her and grabbed the Paul’s crotch.


“Shh,” his mother cut him off and turned her face towards his. “Kiss me.”

Paul did, and his mother moaned into his mouth as they mashed their lips together. She squeezed his hardness through his pants. Paul gasped, moving his hands up from his mother’s hips, across her plump belly, cupping her huge boobs and loving how big and heavy they were.

“Yes,” she moaned into his mouth, as he roughly squeezed her boobs. “You’ve been looking at them all day, uh…”

Paul was embarrassed. He hadn’t thought his quick, little glances had been noticeable. He pulled his hands away backing up a little. Reality was setting in. This was his mother. He was not right. He turned and nearly jumped out of the RV’s door.

Larry was leaning back against the counter and Jenny had taken her mouth off of his cock again, slowly jerking him. “Michelle.”

Michelle was immobile. She stared open-mouthed at the lovers in front of her.

“Michelle,” Jenny said again, continuing to stroke Larry’s cock. “You need to go to him. Love him tonight, or you’re going to lose him.”

“I can’t lose him,” Michelle whimpered.

“Then go to him,” Jenny said. “Suck him like this. Show him how much you love him. Tell him you love him. Then let him be a man and let him fuck you all night long.”

Jenny turned her face to Larry’s throbbing cock, and sucked him back into her mouth. Michelle, left them and stumbled back to the campsite, where she caught Paul taking his sleeping bag and backpack over to the Volvo.


“I’m sleeping in the car, mom.”

“You can’t. I—”

“What? Why? We—”

Michelle moved over to him, pressing herself against him and trapping him against the car door. “Because I love you. Jenny told me—she told me—I can’t lose you.” Then Michelle kissed him, reaching around and grabbing his ass, pulling his hardness against her.

“Mom,” Paul weakly protested, as she pulled her lips away from him.

“Into the tent,” she said, walking ahead. She stumbled and Paul reached out to steady her.

Regaining her balance, she entered the tent, turning on the electric camp light inside. Paul followed her in. He watched in wonder as she sat down, facing him, peeling off her tight blouse, unclasping her industrial strength bra and exposing her big, heavy tits.

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“Wow, you’re so big. I mean…not you…uh…”

She giggled, hefting a giant boob in each hand. “I know what you mean. You mean these; they are big and you’re overdressed.”

Paul peeled his own shirt off and then pulled off his shorts and boxers. His mother squeezed out of her own shorts and panties. They were both sitting there, naked, breathing heavily and looking at each other.

“Jenny told me what I needed to do,” she said, crawling over to him. “Lie on your back.”

Paul did. His hard cock pointing straight up at the ceiling. “Mom, you’re drunk.”

“No. You call me Michelle, or baby-cakes from now on. I’m your girlfriend, here and now, and I’m gonna suck that big cock of yours all the way down my throat and drink your cum. How does that sound?”

“It…it sounds—oh my god!” he stammered and gasped as she bent her head over his cock and then sucked his entire length into her mouth and throat in one glorious movement. He was in his mother’s throat! “Oh my god!” he cried out again as she bobbed her head up and down his shaft.

Michelle took her son’s thick, hard cock into her throat, again and again and again. She slurped on him noisily, drooling around his shaft. She came up for air. “I need some relief too. So wet. Eat me too, yeah?”

“I don’t know how,” Paul mumbled, embarrassed.

“Just lick me,” his mother gasped, moving her leg over him and straddling his face. Then she leaned forward, sucking his cock back into her mouth again as she pushed her sex against his face.

Paul knew he was in a sixty-nine position. He had seen it in porno movies before, but never dreamed in a million years that his first time in this position would be with his mother.

Her heavy, breasts were molded against his torso, and she ground her wet pussy against his face. He instantly loved the smell of her. He loved the feel of her soft, fat belly against his body. He loved the weight of her on him. He reached up to her ass, pulling her closer and he licked her.

“Yes!” his mother shrieked, pulling her mouth off of his cock. “Like that!” Then she sucked his cock into her mouth again.

Paul proceeded with gusto, loving that he was pleasing her; feeling proud; Loving the way she tasted.

“Oh yes!” she shrieked again, grinding her pussy against his face. “That’s it! You’re a natural!”

Paul lapped at her pussy like a man possessed, moaning against his mother’s wet, hot sex with his cock buried in her throat. The two lovers ate each other for a long while, grunting and moaning against each other, pleasing each other.

Paul’s mother rolled off of him. “I think—” she was breathless. “I think you could make me cum like that—uh—you had me so close.”

“I was close too,” Paul chimed in.

“I know hunny-buns,” she said, laying back. “I wanna cum with you inside me though. Make love to me.” she spread her thick thighs wide, inviting him inside of her.

Paul crawled over and on top of her. She pulled him down towards her face, but he hesitated. “Your, um, it’s on my face…”

She giggled. “I have so much to teach you. It’s called pussy juice, and I love to taste myself on my man’s lips and tongue. Kiss me.”

Paul stiffened in pride. He was her man. All weekend, it had been about him becoming a real man, he thought. He wasn’t about to disappoint his new woman. He leaned forward kissing his mother passionately as he sank his thick cock inside her. The feeling was unbelievable.

“Oh, my fucking God, baby,” she moaned as he slid his length in and out of her. “Where have you been all my life? Uh! That’s it. Fuck me!”

Paul did fuck her. The tent was filled with the wet sounds of their sex and their grunting. They fucked forever it seemed. Paul was proud of how long he lasted. His mother squeezed her legs tightly around him as she came. He couldn’t breathe as she squeezed the air out of him.

“Oh Paul.” she whimpered as she came down from her orgasm, at last releasing her legs.

When he could breathe again, Paul told her that he was going to cum as well, and started to pull out of her.

“Don’t you dare!” she hissed at him. “Fill me with your seed. Cum deep inside me, baby. Inside me!”

Paul thrust his cock inside his mother, shooting his load deep inside her, filling her with his seed at her request. This was much better than skeeting on her belly, although that was pretty hot too, he had to admit. This was better though; much, much better.

Paul rolled off of his mother after he was spent. She moved against him pulling the blankets and comforter over them. “I love you,” she said, kissing his cheek and drifting off to sleep. Paul passed out a short time later, loving the feeling of his mother’s plump body against his. She really was the woman of his dreams. Forget Judy Summers.

Paul woke up the next morning alone in the tent. He dressed quickly and went outside. His mother wasn’t there. It was a little chilly this morning, so he got some jeans and a sweater out of the Volvo, grabbed his toiletries and headed over to the bathrooms. After brushing his teeth and changing his clothes, he went back to the campsite. There was still no sign of his mother. He grabbed a protein bar and some juice and sat there wondering if she was angry at him for last night. Would she still love him?

He tried to make sense of it, but his thoughts were soon interrupted.

“Hey Paul,” Jenny said, coming over to where he was sitting. She had two cups of coffee in her hand and offered him one.

“Thanks,” he said as she sat down next to him. “Have you seen my—I mean—Michelle?”

Jenny put her hand on Paul’s leg. “Yes. I saw her this morning. We talked. She needed some time to herself.”

“Why? What did she say?”

“Listen. When I was finished with Larry, I came over last night and looked in the tent.”

“You saw?”

“And heard. Everything.”

Paul turned so red, that he felt like the skin was going to melt off of his face. “You—I—”

Jenny giggled. “It’s okay, it was really hot. I could have watched you two fuck all night, but—”

Paul started to get up, but Jenny pulled him back down.

“Wait. I heard you guys. I know that Michelle’s your mother.”

Reality hit hard and Paul felt like a freak. He hadn’t thought any of this through. He felt like he was going to burst into tears.

Jenny scooted closer to him putting her arm around him. “You’re so uptight. Relax. It’s okay. I’m not judging you and I still think you two were made to be together. Michelle went up to the clearing we were at yesterday to sort things out. You need to go to her now, though; right now.”

“I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to say. What if she doesn’t—What if—”

“She does love you. Are you scared?”


“Let’s go up together. Come on. Finish your coffee and let’s go.”

Paul drained his barely warm coffee in one big swig, and let Jenny lead him up the trail to his mother. To his doom.

They found her sitting on a log, looking out over the valley, still and lost in thought. Paul started to back away, but Jenny gripped his arm. “Come on,” she whispered in his ear, pulling him along behind her as she walked over to Michelle.

Michelle stiffened as she heard their footsteps, turning around suddenly. Her eyes were wet. “Please, go,” she said, almost inaudibly.

“No,” Jenny said firmly. “Paul, sit down.”

Paul did as he was told and sat down next to his mother. They both looked up at Jenny as she moved in front of them. She pulled two necklaces with some kind of Native American talisman hanging on worn leather. She leaned forward and put one over each of their heads and around their necks. Paul and his mother sat there stupidly, looking up at Jenny. The realization of what had happened this weekend had hit them both hard. They were embarrassed, confused and full of regret.

“You two,” Jenny giggled as she looked at their shocked faces. “You over think everything. You’re so programmed, so uptight, so utterly clueless and hopeless. I just knew I was up here for a reason. You’re under the spell of this place and you’re resisting it and it’s hurting your hearts; your souls; your spirits.”

“I don’t believe in—” Michelle started, but Jenny cut her off with a loud shush.”

“Quiet. Be quiet and listen to me. I don’t care what you believe or don’t believe, but there is one thing that I know. I know that you two were made for each other and despite any social stigmas or any of that shit; you two are here, now for one reason. You love each other, you made love to each other and that’s that. You have two choices. You can go insane with regret and guilt and embarrassment, which will ruin your lives for ever, or you can give in to true love and be happy. That’s really all there is to it.” Jenny knelt down in front of them. “Kiss,” she whispered.

Michelle and Paul turned towards each other. Paul started to say something but Jenny shushed him again and put her hands on the backs of each of their heads, pushing them closer together. “You have to do this, or it will tear you apart.”

“But it’s—” Paul protested.

“It never—” Michelle started.

“Who do you think Larry is?” Jenny giggled. “I seduced him as soon as he divorced my mother and we’ve been together ever since. Now shut up and kiss!”

Paul and his mother moved their lips against each other as if magnetically drawn and once their lips touched, their passion erupted.

“Yes,” Jenny exclaimed as Paul and Michelle kissed, open mouthed.

They were sucking on each other’s tongues in seconds and Paul placed his hands on his mother’s massive boobs, kneading them roughly. She moaned in appreciation. They pulled away from each other to catch their breath.

“You have to consummate your love, here and now.”

“What if someone comes up and—?” Paul started.

“Let me worry about that,” Jenny insisted. “You’re overdressed.”

Whether it was uncontrolled lust or the sacred necklaces they wore, it was if they were under a spell. Paul and his mother peeled off their clothes, exposing their naked bodies to Jenny and the warm morning sun.

Michelle went down on her hands and knees, offering her plump ass to her son. “I’m already wet and ready for you. It’s like I’m on fire, and so empty. Fill me up.”

“It’s the magic of this place. It’s so strong,” Jenny said quietly.

Paul moved up behind his mother and hesitated. Jenny gave a frustrated sigh and moved closer and grabbed his cock firmly, pulling it against his mother’s pussy. She grunted as she felt the tip of his cock against her. Jenny guided his cock where it belonged and stepped back. Paul plunged inside of Michelle.

“Oh God, baby!” she shrieked as Paul started to fuck her. The clearing was filled with the sound of their lovemaking.

Paul had a good firm grip on his mother’s thick, fat thighs as he thrust inside her. He reached one hand around to grab one of her heavy, swinging breasts.

“Yes,” she shrieked at him. “I’m almost there! Keep—yes, keep fucking me. I’m—ahhh!”

“I’m going to cum too, mom,” Paul stammered as his mother convulsed on the ground in front of him, slamming her hips back against him.

“Give it to her Paul,” Jenny said. “Give her your child. Fill her with your seed.”

Paul did. He shot the biggest load of his life deep inside his mother, pumping her full of his seed. His mother had collapsed forward onto her forearms, her face on the grass.

“God, baby, I could feel it shooting. I could feel it.”

Paul pulled his cock out and his mother turned to him, kissing him passionately.

Jenny clapped from beside them. “Oh that was so hot! Paul, you’re going to be a wonderful father! I’m so happy for you two!”

Paul’s mouth dropped open and Jenny giggled. “The legend! Don’t you listen to anything I say?”

Michelle grasped Paul’s hands tightly. “I listened. It’s okay. I want it and I’ll teach you. You’ll be great. I don’t know what we’ll do. I just feel. I just feel at peace. I know we’ll be okay.”

“Well, my work is done here,” Jenny chimed in, beaming at them. “That was so fucking hot. I’m off to find my man. I’ve never been so horny in my life. I’ll see you two later.” Then she left.

“Let’s get dressed, champ,” Michelle giggled. “Back to the tent, I have something to show you.”

Paul and his mother got dressed and made their way back down the trail. They could hear muffled squeals from Jenny’s campsite as they passed it. “She wasn’t kidding,” Michelle laughed.

When they got to the tent, Michelle zipped it up behind them. “It’s nearly lunch and I’m hungry.”

Paul looked at her funny and started toward the opening of the tent. “I’ll get—”

“No,” she said, pulling him back and pushing him down onto the sleeping bags. “I said momma’s hungry. I’m hungry for you, lover. I’m going to suck your cock and swallow my lunch. Get used to it, baby.”

She yanked down Paul’s shorts until his cock sprang up. “Ha, I knew you were ready,” she giggled and then leaned over and sucked him deep into her mouth. “Mmmmm.”

Michelle sucked her son until he flooded her mouth with semen. She swallowed every last drop and then cuddled up against him. “I love you so much, hunny-buns.”

“I love you too, b…baby cakes?” Paul responded.

“Yes,” his mom giggled. “I am your baby-cakes. Just think, we’ve got two more nights up here together if you’re game,” she said rubbing her hands on his chest.

“Yeah, I’d like that,” Paul said.

“You know my big tits are going to become gigantic when I’m pregnant,” Michelle giggled.

“I can’t wait,” Paul said, “What about—”

“Shhh,” Michelle said, kissing Paul on the cheek. “We’ll get our own place near the college, we’ll be okay. Fuck him.”

Paul knew in his heart that everything would be okay. Fuck Judy Summers. He had found the woman of his dreams. The lovers fell asleep together.

They did stay at the campground for the next two nights. Paul had indeed impregnated his mother and they moved in together by the college a few weeks after they returned. Michelle went to beauty school and Paul took his uncle’s job offer. They had a wonderful daughter together and Michelle’s boobs grew huge with milk and they lived happily ever after.

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