Mom receives a drunken text from her son by mistake

Mom receives a drunken text from her son by mistake, I was reading in bed when I heard my iPhone’s distinctive beep as I received a new text. Glancing at the clock, I wondered who the hell was texting me at 2:30 in the morning? I picked up my phone and scrolled down to the message. It was from my 19-year-old son Luke.

“That’s strange,” I muttered to myself.

I had heard Luke drunkenly stumble into the house about 15 minutes ago. He was at a frat party earlier tonight. My ex-husband and I were pretty pragmatic when it came to drinking. We had one rule when we gave Luke the keys to his car at 16. If he went out to a party and happened to get drunk, do not drive home. We told him to have a designated driver, call a cab, walk…or even call one of us to pick him up. We would not punish him if he did any of those things. If we found out that he did drive drunk, then there would be hell to pay.


As I read his protracted and rambling text, I quickly realized three things. First, he was totally smashed to the gills as he wrote this. Second, he sent this text to me by mistake. It looks like he was trying to text a girl named, “May” but ended up texting, “Ma”. And finally, my son was attempting to get May to sneak over for another booty call.

What truly shocked me though was the attached image. I tapped on it and watched as the image filled the screen. For a moment, I didn’t believe what I was looking at. The pic was a close up of an empty, 12 ounce can of Red Bull next to Luke’s fully engorged penis.

“Holy Shit!” I gasped out loud. Not only was my son’s cock as thick as the can, but it was noticeably longer as well. He sure as hell didn’t get that from his father.

I realized moments later that I could feel my heart pounding in my chest as I stared at the image, dumbfounded. I tossed my iPhone down on the bed and started talking to myself like a crazy person.

“Lucy, what the fuck’s wrong with you? That is Luke’s dick, you idiot!! Just because you haven’t gotten laid since the divorce doesn’t mean it’s cool to get your motor revved up by your own son!”

I walked to the bathroom and splashed some cold water on my face. As I glanced up at the mirror, I instantly noticed that my nipples looked like they could cut glass. I say to my reflection:

“This is going to be one crazy-awkward conversation when Luke realizes what he’s done.”

I decide that I should just nip this in the bud and get it over with. I walked over to the other side of the house to Luke’s bedroom and gently knocked on his door.

“Luke?” I whispered through the door. I paused a moment, took a deep breath and slowly opened it.

I found my son passed out on his bed. The glow from his lamp bathed his body in warm light. He had managed to get his jeans off of one leg but he forgot to remove one of his sneakers. His jeans were tangled around his left ankle which was dangling off the side of the bed. His phone was lying across his lean torso and the Red Bull can was gently resting in his right hand. That’s not where my eyes lingered on though.

Luke’s boxers were down to his knees and his half-erect penis was flopped upwards, pointing towards his belly button. As I stood, motionless by the side of my son’s bed, I could hear him snoring soundly. I picked up his iPhone and silently placed it on his nightstand. I gently sat on the edge of the bed and stretched over him to grab the can from his hand. I put it down next to his phone. I should have stood up and gotten the hell out of there, but I just ended up sitting there awhile admiring my son’s impressive cock.

It was smooth except for a prominently thick vein that started at the base and weaved its way towards the head. The other surprising thing (besides me sitting there gawking at my son’s manhood) was that he was completely shaved bare.

“I was not expecting that” I whispered quietly to myself.

I should get my goddamn head examined for what I did next. I tentatively reached out and gently caressed it. As my fingertips slowly went back and forth along the underside of his shaft, I could see his penis rousing to attention. It took less than a minute for Luke’s cock to get fully erect. I just sat there, hypnotized by the way my son’s impressive dick bounced lightly over his belly.

Delicately, I rolled my fingers around the middle of his shaft. I couldn’t fucking believe that there was a gap between my thumb and middle finger as I lightly clutched his erect penis. It didn’t seem real. The length, the thickness…even the weight! Had I not been actually holding it in my hand, I would never have believed it!

I was quickly startled back to sanity as my son deeply inhaled and twisted his head to the right. I jumped off the bed like it was on fire and hurried out of his bedroom. As I walked back to mine, I took a quick detour as I walked through the kitchen. I opened the fridge and grabbed a bottle of vodka that was nestled on the bottom shelf. I took a solid tug off of it as I babbled to myself, “this is crazy…this is fucking crazy!” I took one more swig before returning the bottle where I found it.

I leaned against the kitchen island as I tried to control my breathing. As I was doing that, I kept staring at my pantry door as an incredibly depraved idea popped into my head. I entered the pantry and scoured the shelves until I saw what I was looking for. Over a dozen cans of Red Bull were lined up on the top shelf. I grabbed one and quickly darted to my bedroom.

I whipped off my shorts and panties in a hurried motion and bounded onto my bed. I began by rubbing the length of the can along my pussy. It began to gleam almost immediately from my juices. My camel toe was waxed clean except for a small, manicured patch of black pubic hair above my clit. I needed to feel the can’s girth inside me. I tried a couple times but I was having problems inserting it inside due to the thickness.

I rolled over into the doggy position and tried again. The thick can finally submitted to my endeavor, which caused my head to drop down into my pillow to stifle my moans. As the Red Bull can penetrated deeper and deeper, I couldn’t stop visualizing that it was my son’s virile cock drilling inside me with abandon.

It took me a few minutes before my tight pussy managed to engulf nearly all of it but I could only think of one thing as I bit down on my pillow. Luke’s cock had three more inches of length than this fucking can. As my orgasm approached I started getting more and more vocal:

“Ooh baby…Just like that. Just like that! This is so wrong but I need you to make me cum! I’m so close baby…hard, deep strokes! Mmm…just like that baby! You’re making mommy cum!!”

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