Mom’s sanity depends on son’s potency * Incest * par.2

“Experience,” I said, and then laughed. “Don’t move around too much yet. You don’t want to let it slip back. Now when you were hurting, you probably felt yourself stiffen up. This is called ‘splinting.’ Your body wants to keep an injury immobile, so it tenses muscles around it. This can be a problem if the muscles aren’t relaxed afterwards because they want to pull you back into the hurt shape. Does that make sense?”

“You REALLY sound like you know what you’re doing. I’m impressed.”

“So what I’m going to do is give you a back massage that will loosen the rest of those muscles. Then you should be fine.”


“Do you really have to?”

“You don’t want to hurt yourself again once I leave do you?”

“Oh … all right. If you must.”

For the next five minutes I gave a massage like I had gotten plenty of times when I was hurt. At first Mrs. Branch was tense. Then she relaxed and even said, “That feels so good” or “Yes, right there” a few times.

I finished with, “There, Mrs. Branch. You really do have a beautiful body. I’m glad you take care of it.”

“I don’t know how to thank you, Mike. Now I can get that dance recital back on track.”

I don’t know if being with Auntie Lee gave me more confidence, or really wanting to break up with Lori made me think I had nothing to lose, but on the last rub across Mrs. Branch’s back, I slid my hands forward, near her armpits. She immediately clamped her arms down, trapping my hands.

“What are you doing, young man?”

“I want to feel your breasts. I told you before I’d like to feel your tits. Your 36 C’s, full C. I want to know what they feel like in my hands.”

“How dare you. We’re done here.”

Her arms clamped harder.

I wracked my brain to remember some of the complaints Lori had shared about what her mother thought about being alone after her dad died.

“You can’t tell me you haven’t wanted to be appreciated, touched by a man. In all these years. Don’t you want to know what a male touch would feel like again. If only for a minute. I think you have a body that should be treated with admiration. When I was massaging your back, I couldn’t help think how attractive you are. You’re so toned and muscular.”

I tried to move my hands, but they were still stuck.

“That may have a ring of truth in it, but you are far from the person I would want that kind of attention from.”

“And how long are you going to wait or hope for that attention. I’m right here, right now. I’m probably the only one who’s given you this attention for years.” Mrs Branch had a great body, but she had a face that could scare off many a guy. I was betting what I was saying was close to the truth.

“You have no right to talk to me like that.”

I tried to move my hands forward. “Lift your arms. I want to feel your breasts now.”


‘Lift your arms. I want to cup them. I want to feel your nipples—how hard they can get.”

“Stop. Stop talking like that.”

“I just made you well. My hands did that. They were all over your body. Now I want my hands to know what your breasts feel like. Bring that same touch that healed you to another part of that beautiful body of yours.” I’m betting she didn’t hear the word “beautiful” too often as it applied to her.

“Stop it. I’m vulnerable and you’re taking advantage.”

“Lift your arms.” I could feel they were pressed as tightly as before.

“No. Please no.”

Was I being a dick? Yeah! Sure. But I was half convincing myself that I was orchestrating a breakup with Lori. The other half of me really wondered what Mrs. Branch’s big tits felt like. In fact it registered to me that I had a hardon at that moment.

“I want to squeeze your breasts; pinch your nipples. Lift your arms and let me do that.”

“Please don’t make me,” she said in a whisper.

“I won’t make you. You do it because you want to . You do it because you’re curious about how it will feel after all of these years. If it feels the same as you remember or even better now because it’s been so long.”

“Mike,” she said.

“Arms,” I said.

She relaxed her arms completely—to my great surprise. I didn’t want to blow it so I inched my fingers forward and angled below her tits. I rubbed my hands across her abdomen.

“Your stomach’s so hard. That’s so nice.”

I moved my hands upward, in tandem. They both got to the bottom of her bra at the same time. They snaked beneath it and lifted it up and over her breasts.

“Mike. Mike, please be gentle.”

Then I put my hands below her tits, palms up and slowly cupped Mrs. Brach’s breasts.

I had my hands on my girlfriend’s mother’s naked tits! I couldn’t believe it!

“Oohh!, Mike!” she whispered.

I lifted and squeezed slightly, then ran my fingers over her nipples, which were enormous … and hard.

“Oh … oh!” It was barely audible.

“You feel so good, Mrs. Branch. I thought your tits would be good, but this is unbelievable. I love your nipples.” I gently rolled each one around in my fingers.

“Oh my God!” she gasped.

“Does that feel good?” I knew it did, but wanted to remind her.

“So good. I forgot …”

I squeezed her breasts harder, which brought a little unconscious squirm from her bottom against the hassock.

I kissed her on the neck while massaging and exploring. This brought a sudden and violent intake of breath from her. Then I gently sucked on her neck.

“Mike, what are you doing to me?”

“Kissing that lovely neck of yours. Sucking it. I bet you’d like to know what it would feel like if I sucked on your nipples?”

“Oh my God. No! That would be so wrong. You’re my daughter’s boyfriend.”

“But, would you want to feel my mouth? This mouth?” I kissed, then sucked, then, with the flat of my tongue, licked a little path on her neck. “This mouth taking your nipples into them and sucking on THEM instead of your neck?”

“Don’t. Don’t tempt me. Don’t make me answer.”

I didn’t say anything, and let it sit there, and open question in her mind.

“Yes. Yes. I want feel your mouth on me.”

While I was working diligently on her left breast with my left hand, my right hand had been sliding its way south and had reached the elastic waistband of sweatpants. My fingers had made it about four inches inside her panties before it registered where I was headed.

She grabbed my hand. “NO! You can’t. This has gone far enough.”

I kissed her neck again and squeezed her boob. “Let go,” I said softly. I pushed my hand down. She remained firm.

“Don’t you want me to feel between those great thighs of yours—so strong and lean. Don’t you want to have someone feel your heat, your wetness?” More kisses.

“Don’t. Please don’t ask me again.”

I nipped at her neck and pinched her nipple hard.

She let go of my hand, and I slid it farther into the dark regions of her panties. It wasn’t far to the black forest. She had a full, thick bush.

“Oh my God!” she said loudly.

I could hear the steady splash of Lori’s shower, so I was sure she couldn’t hear.

I split the dense tangle with my middle finger and ventured all the way to the opening of her vagina. It was soaked down there. She was lubricating like crazy. This whole episode my have taken Mrs. Branch to horny levels she hadn’t reached since Lori was born. Probably. Maybe. Okay, so I was making that up in my mind.

“That’s enough. Please.”

I slipped my finger deep into her vagina. I was fingering Lori’s mother.

“OOHH!” Her head drifted back against me, her mouth open.

I repeated the motion a few times, then decided to leave for a more productive area. My now well-lubricated middle finger’s next stop was ground zero: Mrs. Branch’s clitoris. Lucky I had just been schooled about its zip code. Hers was easy to find though: it was big … and hard … and super-sensitive from the reaction I got.

Her hips ground against my hand. “AAHHH!” burst from her lips.

I thought time was going to run short and I didn’t want to draw this out any longer, so I started a gentle rubbing and pushing and followed my instinct and the reactions I was getting from Mrs. Branch.

Within 90 seconds, she let out a tremendous “YEESS! and fucked against my hand as I struggled (and succeeded) to never lose contact with that little nub between her legs. She ended with a long “OOOHHHHH!” that seemed to drain all her strength.

She slumped back against me, almost lifeless. Her breathing was heavy and ragged.

Finally, she asked, “Mike? What did you do to me?”

“I made you cum. You had an orgasm.” I thought it was obvious.

“So THAT’S an orgasm!” She laughed, and couldn’t stop laughing.

The shower stopped.

“I have to go upstairs and straighten out. I can’t let Lori see me like this.” She got up and headed for the stairs, stopped and came back and kissed me on the lips. Then headed for the stairs.

“How’s the back?” I asked.

“Forgot all about it,” she said over her shoulder.

Lori came out a few minutes later, all fresh and washed.

I had washed my orgasm-inducing finger to lose any evidence of my activities (okay so I washed both hands while I was at it).

“Where’s my mother?” she asked.

“Using the upstairs bathroom, I think.”

“Upstairs? You got her out of the chair?”

“Success!” I said. “Turns out I was able to fix her back.”

“Well, I hope she’s in a better mood now.”

“I’m pretty sure she is.” I WAS pretty sure. She would be in an afterglow until she started obsessing maybe about how a boy one-third her age gave her an orgasm.

“Mom, we’re leaving!”

“Wait! I want to thank Mike!”

Lori looked surprised. “When did she start wanting to thank you?”

“About ten minutes ago,” I said.

Mrs. Branch came down with a little envelope. She handed it to me. “A thank you,” she said.

“Mom, you look like new.”

“Better than new.”

“I told you Mike had the magic touch.”

Mrs. Branch looked into my eyes and said, “You weren’t exaggerating!”

Later, after I dropped Lori back home, I opened the card. It had flowers on the front and the words “Thank You.” It was one of those blank cards where you write your own message. On the top half, in beautiful handwriting it said “To Be Continued!!” That’s right, with four exclamation points. On the bottom half was one word, a name taking up the whole space: “Joan”—and it had a heart drawn and colored in.


Uncle Zack and Auntie Lee invited me over for dinner. Auntie Lee made the call and let me in on the reason, which was obvious: they were going to officially tell me I was a dad, or Auntie Lee was pregnant—or they were going to be parents. It was a perspective thing, I guess.

Auntie Lee also coached me about how to behave around Uncle Zack because of me being the father and not him. She also told me not to act stupid because of the other day, because of the way we fucked each other like crazy. In other words, act like we DIDN’T fuck each other like crazy. Like we never would even think of doing something like that.

I rang the bell and Auntie Lee answered the doon, a big smile that got bigger when she saw me.

She pulled me in and when the door was shut, draped her arms around my neck and gave me a slow, lingering kiss on the lips.

“I’ve been thinking about you,” she said.

“Uncle Zack?” I was scared of her surprising show of affection with my Uncle around.

“Out getting a fresh Italian bread and dessert.”

She kissed me again, real feminine—even did that thing where a girl bends one knee and lifts her foot so her lower leg is parallel with the floor and stands kind of on tiptoe. It looks way more cool and sexy than I made it sound.

“You made me cum so, so, sooo hard. I can’t believe it. We did it all. All except you cumming in my mouth. There wasn’t enough left for that!” She laughed.

“Or anal,” I joked.

“Don’t do that one. Never have, never will,” she said with a little frown. “Come help me finish dinner: macaroni, meatballs, and antipasto!” The frown was gone.

She walked in front of me with tight, worn jeans and a loose yellow cotton top. My eyes followed that great ass and I thanked heaven that I had had a chance to see that butt naked and to hold it in my hands. It seemed like a dream.

“Taste the sauce,” she said, holding up a wooden spoon with a little puddle of red in it. She blew on it before offering its contents.

It was spicy, garlicky, and delicious.

“You got some on your chin,” she said. “Right there.” She stuck out her tongue and licked, licked up to my lips and then kissed them. That tongue pushed and I opened my mouth to accept it. There was no rush to her, just a calm exploration—pause and move, pause and dart.”

We heard the door. She broke the kiss and said, “Now, you be a good boy and cut the lettuce for the antipasto. And hide THAT thing!” She giggled and pointed.

My pants were about to break from my hardon. I turned to the counter, grabbed a knife and hoped lettuce had healing properties that shrunk swelling—swelling of a penis.

“There’s the man!” Uncle Zack said.

“I’m the man?”

“All will be revealed,” he said with a mystical gesture. Then he stuck out his hand.

I had sufficiently recovered to turn, bonerless, and shake hands with him.

“Good to see you again, Mikey. And, thanks for saving my ass the other day and trudging over here to send me those files. I hope your Aunt Lee as least gave you something tasty to eat as a reward.”

“He was in such a hurry, he bolted out of here the minute he was done,” Auntie Lee said, maybe a bit too fast and nervously.

The truth was she DID give me something tasty to eat: her juicy red-haired pussy. But, it was best my Uncle Zack didn’t know THAT had been on the menu.

“Yeah, things to do. But, I was glad to help. After all you two have done for me all my life.” I hoped that covered up for her anxiousness. She had told me to be cool about what happened. I hoped she would do the same.

“Dinner about ready?” he asked.

“All except the pasta,” Auntie Lee said. “And Mike is going to test it right now.”

“Al dente!” Uncle Zack sang. “That means—”

“To the tooth,” I said. “Which is all the Italian I know!” I laughed.

“Limited oral skills. Unlike your Aunt.” He kissed her cheek. She looked at me with wide eyes.

All I could think was my aunt’s face buried in my pubic hair. I felt a little jolt in the pit of my stomach. It stopped when my uncle continued:

“She knows what? five languages?”

“Four, so don’t exaggerate.”

Funny how guilt makes everything, even innocent stuff, feel tense.

I tested the pasta, it was good and hard—unlike me, thankfully.

We sat at the dining room table and ate and laughed at the stories my uncle told. All the people he met and all the places he had been—they all seemed to be full of quirks and little details that go invisible to most of us. Uncle Zack sees them, remembers them, and reinterprets everything in a way that’s either funny, sad, or just plain interesting. It made me glad I was related to him, and it made me hope I was something like him.

Uncle Zack said, after all the pasta, meatballs, and bread we could hold was eaten, “Let’s all go sit in the living room before dessert. I’ve got something to say.”

“I’ll clear the table,” Auntie Lee said.

“I’ll help; get it done quicker,” I said.

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At one point, my aunt leaned close and whispered, “I know what I’D like for dessert!”

Then we were in our standard locations: me in the chair facing them on the couch.

“Hopes,” he started. “We all have hopes. Some of them good, some of them wrong, and in some of them lie our futures. Your Auntie Lee and I had a hope; we had it for a long time. But, as the years passed, it kind of faded and became maybe a wish, which is just a dilution of a real hope.”

He looked at his wife and she put her hand on his arm. From the look she returned, I could tell she loved him more than she loved a good fuck—by a lot. But, on the other hand, she DID love a good fuck.

“Something happened that made us renew ourselves and get creative. You know how strong a bond your mother and I have, right?”

“Twin power, zygosity, or whatever,” I said. “The feeling that someone is there and you’re connected. Mom and I were just talking about that. And about how I’ve felt a hole not being able to feel another person, being an only child and everything.”

My uncle and aunt looked at each other. I saw Auntie Lee tighten her grip on his arm … hard. She shook her head in a little “no.”

“Only child. Right. That’s true, and your mom has wanted to remedy that for as long as you’ve been alive. Lately, with your leaving soon, it’s been a lot more intense. I could feel it, even when she wasn’t talking to me about it. It just never happened for either one of us.”

“Yeah, she’s been real weepy at times lately. Dad and Mom have tried everything, but I think now she’s run out of options or ideas. And that makes her sad.”

“Your uncle and I had felt the same way,” Auntie Lee said. “We had tried everything that society offers. Everything.”

Uncle Zack took over: “Then we said ‘Fuck society’ and started to think of what else we could do, even if society ignored it, or prohibited it, or condemned you for it. We thought ‘so what?’ So what the fuck what!”

“That’s when we thought of you, Mike,” Auntie Lee said.

She was using “Mike” not “Mikey.”

“That’s when, just when we thought we were out of ideas, we had the best idea possible: you. At first we were unsure, then we were intrigued—then we were excited and knew in our hearts it was the right thing to do.” Auntie Lee’s smile showed she STILL thought it was the right thing to do.

“When I asked you last month, asked you at the birthday party, I thought it was a long shot still. And I respect you enough that if you had said ‘no’—well that would be it. And I would understand. It took a lot of courage. Courage to say ‘yes’ and then courage to actually be able to perform. And you did like a trouper.”

“Uncle Zack, I was so nervous at first. You mean so much to me. You always have. I didn’t want to let you down.” Now comes the part that Auntie Lee coached me to say: “And, at first I was scared having you right there, but then I really felt that that’s where you belonged, and that we were all three of us part of something great—part of something that should be.”

“Mikey, you’re a man. A real man. You didn’t let us down. Not by a long shot. You proved you’re a man. Tell him, Lee.”

Auntie Lee hooked her arm in Uncle Zack’s and looked at me with those green eyes. They were shining, and I noticed for the first time that the shine came from tears about to fall.

“Mike … I’m pregnant! I’m pregnant!” Tears got too big for her eyes and decided to travel down her cheeks. She made a gesture with her finger, outlining a circle that encompassed us all, and she said: “We’re pregnant; we’re going to be parents!”

That’s when she lost it and put both hands over her face and sobbed. “Sorry,” she managed, “I’m just so happy!”

Such a different reaction from the giddy, intoxicated way she told me. The importance of becoming a mother and the relief of finally having it happen must have made their way into her emotions. Looking at that extreme joy she was feeling made me feel the same, but also made me sad Mom couldn’t find a way to experience this liberation of spirit.

Auntie Lee had said to act surprised. I didn’t have to act much after what had just happened. I got up and extended my hand. Uncle Zack gave me a crushing handshake. “We did it!” he said, and then said it again: “We did it!”

Auntie Lee, once I was able to disengage my hand, gave me a big hug—then she gave me a big, rough kiss—right on the mouth, right in front of Uncle Zack, who didn’t seem to mind one bit. What’s to mind about a little kiss, right?

We had delicious cream puffs—Uncle Zack knew they were my favorites and we laughed and celebrated with dessert and stories. The only time it got a little bit serious was when I said:

“I only wish Mom could find a way to have another child. It would make her just as happy.”

Uncle Zack said, “Sometimes the answer in right in front of you, closer than you think.”

Then, finally, it was time for me to leave. Auntie Lee packed up the rest of the cream puffs and a big container of pasta and meatballs for home.

Uncle Zack’s phone rang, and before he answered, Auntie Lee said, “I’ll walk Mike out to the car.” He nodded and shook my hand one more time before she started talking.

As we got to the car, Auntie Lee said, “That couldn’t have gone any better. I’m so happy … so damned happy. I’m going to be a mom. It sinks in more a little bit every day. And I get happier. Because of you, Mike. Other than your uncle, there’s no one on the face of this big planet i would rather have a child with. I may not have thought that at the beginning, but I’m damned sure of it now.”

“And I’m glad … glad it’s you, Auntie Lee. You know I love you and always have, but even more now.

I opened the door of the car, and before I got in, Auntie Lee giggled and kissed me, painting my lips with her tongue. Then she said in that soft purr of a voice that gives me an erection just remembering it, “I’ve been thinking all night, and … any time you want … you can own my tight … pink … virgin—” she bent close and whispered in my ear: “asshole!”


“Put that final box up there, Mike.” Mrs. Branch pointed to the top shelf in her dance studio’s office area.”

“Sure,” I said as I hefted it with a grunt, “the heaviest one belongs on the TOP shelf!”

She laughed. “Good thing you’re a good, strong boy.”

It was the morning after her dance recital, her extremely successful dance recital, according to the mood she was in.

Lori had volunteered me to pack up everything at the hall Mrs. Branch had rented and bring it back to her studio in the van rented for two days. Lori was going to meet us with the car at the rental office in an hour, when Mrs. Branch returned the van.

Mrs. Branch and I had been mostly silent except for a little chitchat and whatever needed to be said about getting the work done. We both hadn’t mentioned anything about the other day.

She began though, “I want to thank you. Not only for today, helping me with all those heavy things. I would have had to hire someone. But I want to thank you for having the patience and the skills to so thoroughly heal my back that I haven’t given a thought to it since.”

“I was glad to help in any way I could.”

She looked a little nervous and rubbed her hands over her jeans, along her thighs. “And … that other thing. We should just be able to put that all behind us without another word. Shouldn’t we?”

It wasn’t like she was ordering me to, or even asking me to. It was more like she didn’t know what she should be asking … or expecting. I saw, or more exactly, I felt an opening here. An opportunity.

“We could,” I said. “But, I don’t think that’s the right thing to do … yet.”

“Then, you want to talk about it, clear it up?”

I walked up to her and said, “The only thing I want to clear up is some unfinished business.”

“What do you mean?”

Now was the moment of truth, the make-it-or-break-it moment when I would know where this was heading.

“I said I wanted to suck on your beautiful tits, and I thought you thought that would be a good idea.” I reached up and unbuttoned the top button of her blouse.

“Mike … I … we …” Then she walked to the back door. I half expected her to go into the parking lot and get in the van. What she did was lock it. I had already seen her lock the front door.

“Don’t need any surprise visitors,” she said. Then she leaned forward and kissed me on the mouth. “I’ve been wanting to do that for two days,” she said.

“I kissed her back and teased at her lips with my tongue. She opened her mouth, and I found her own lively tongue.

My hands, in the meantime, were busy with the rest of her buttons. When the last one was unfastened, I pulled the bottom of her blouse free of her jeans. Then I guided it over her shoulders and tossed it on the long couch she had sitting against the wall.

“Oh my God,” she said.

She had a white lace bra on. There was plenty of cleavage, and two round dark spots showed through.

I kissed her again and my arms went around her and found the clasps on her back. I unhooked the first. “One,” I said. Then the next. “Two,” I said.

“I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it,” she managed to say.

“And three!” And I parted the bra and relocated my fingers to the straps on her shoulders. I pulled them down her arms and she let me continue to slide her bra completely off.

Her breasts were gorgeous. Magnificent. Even better than you would have imagined from their outline and silhouette when clothed. They were big and symmetrical and still firm. The only sign of age might have been a slight relaxing, which made them even more attractive, in my opinion.

Her areolae (you didn’t think I knew Latin, did you!) were dark tan and the diameter of a poker chip. Her nipples were a couple of shades lighter. they were big (the size and shape of raspberries) and they were so completely hard that their surface was puckered and contracted.

I didn’t even touch them—not with my hands. I immediately dipped my head down and took her right nipple into my mouth.

“Aaaaaaaaahhhh!” she gasped.

If I hadn’t been holding her, she would have collapsed. I held her up and the strength returned to her legs. She steadied herself, but I disengaged and guided her to sit on the couch.

“Oh, Mike, it’s been so long. So long.”

I kissed her lips then returned to that delicious breast. This time she was more prepared and let out a satisfied “Mmmmmmm!” when I sucked. I took the elongated nipple only in my mouth and sucked it, swirling my tongue around it. Then I sucked more of her breast in, opening my mouth wide to possess it.

She loved both, and fed me for a minute, her hand on the back of my head. Then I switched breasts and got a big “Aaaaaahhhh!” from the new sensation.

I couldn’t believe it: I was sucking Lori’s mother’s tits. I had sucked Lori’s tits. She “allowed” me to do it when I was a “good” boy and did her bidding and didn’t make her angry.

Lori’s tits were nothing like these. Not in size, and not in sensitivity.

I had sucked mother/daughter tits. Just that thought made me super hard.

While sucking, I took Mrs. Branch’s hand and slid it over my running shorts. Her palm made contact with the outline of my cock and she pulled her hand away like she had hit a live wire.

“What!” Mike! No! I can’t! Lori!”

I kissed her. That stopped her words. Then I took her hand again and rubbed it over my cock. There was less resistance. I took my hand away and her hand remained on the outside of my running shorts—right over my cock.

I sucked on her tits again and her hand slowly began to trace along my cock’s length.

“Oh my God! It can’t be! Mike, it can’t be this BIG!”

I took her hand and stuffed her fingers Just inside the top of my shorts and left it there.

“No!” she whispered.

“Why don’t you find out,” I said.

When i gave her a lingering kiss, I felt her hand drift lower and lower inside my shorts, sliding along my skin until she met my cockhead, which was pointing north. She hesitated and then her hand skimmed over the entire length of my naked cock.

“Oh, Mike … so big. I can’t believe it.” She grasped it and gave little tugging motions.

“You want to see it, don’t you?”

“No … no.”

“Don’t you?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

I stood up and dropped my shorts to the floor and kicked them aside. My cock was at full attention, pointing slightly to the ceiling.

I didn’t have to ask her to touch it. Mrs. Branch’s hand encircled it and gave it small pumps. Precum was already starting to drip.

“You’ve seen me naked. I’ve told you lots of times I wanted to see you naked. I want you naked, here and now. Get up.

She stood up, never letting go of my cock.

I undid the belt of her jeans, unbuttoned them, unzipped them and slid them over her hips and down her thighs. Then I tugged them all the way to the floor.

With a few kicking motions, she was free of them, leaving her with only a modest pair of panties. I took hold of the waistband, and her hand stopped me.

“Are you sure you want to see me—all of me?”

“I’m sure,” I said, and dragged her panties down to her ankles in one smooth pull.

Mrs. Branch had a magnificent body. Well-proportioned and muscular. Her legs, now that you could see more than her bulging calves, were equally impressive. You would never have guessed she was in her fifties.

Except that she had the thickest, fullest bush you could imagine—and it was almost totally gray.

“You’re beautiful. Let me look at all of you.”

Instead of having her turn around, I walked around her and was greeted by a fabulously muscular dancer’s butt. When I got all the way back in front of her, I hugged her close and reached around and down, cupping her cheeks. They were firm and full in my hands.

“You feel great, Mrs. Branch.”

“Joan. Call me Joan when we’re alone. Please.”

“Okay … Joan.” I kissed her and sat her down on the couch.

I knelt between her parted knees, leaned forward and sucked in her nipple.

“Mmmm! So good. It’s been so long. I can’t believe it. How good this feels. That I’m doing this. That I’m doing this with my daughter’s boyfriend, no less.”

I left her breast and kissed her ribcage, then her stomach, then lower.

“Mike. Mike! What are you doing. No! No!”

“Relax, Joan. Relax and trust me,” I said.

She had first protested when my lips hit the top of the triangle of her pubic hair. It was a mixture of pure white hairs and pure black hairs. More white than black by far.

And her hairs were longer and coarser than Auntie Lee’s.

I pulled her hips forward to the edge of the couch and lowered my face. I brought my tongue out and in contact with the entrance of her vagina.

“AAAAHHHHH!” she yelled. “Mike. No! Not with your mouth. I’ve never … never!”

“Now you have” I thought as my tongue drank in her liquids. Her fragrance was much stronger than Auntie Lee’s—muskier, almost animal-like. But delicious, and exciting. My tongue went round and round, bringing soft inarticulate sounds of approval from Mrs. … I mean, Joan.

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I stuck my tongue as far as I could up her vagina: “OOOHHH!” she crooned in a singing sound. I was betting she had never had her pussy eaten before.

So she really didn’t know what to expect when I took my tongue and split all the knitted-together pubic hairs along her vaginal slit and hit the center of attention: her clitoris!

She jumped when my tongue made contact, and then tried to shrink back to protect it. It must have been super-sensitive.

So I teased at it gently until Joan relaxed enough to let me start sucking on it. She let out every sound in a human female’s repertoire. Finally, I started sucking for real and it didn’t take long for the inevitable to happen:

Joan had a tremendous orgasm.


Her hips tried to buck me off, but I wouldn’t lose my ride. Finally, she collapsed.

I made my way up on the couch and sat beside her, taking her into my arms and cradling her semi-conscious bodyfor a long time.

Finally she whispered, “That was an orgasm again, right?” Then she laughed.


“That was better than the last one. By a lot! By a whole LOT!” She cuddled against me. “I was delirious. What was I saying during it?”

“A lot of my name, and the word ‘yes.’ Very positive.” I laughed.

“Is that what most people say. Is it an unconscious thing? To say ‘yes?'”

“I think most people say ‘I’m cumming!'”

“Good to know,” she said.

“Are you ready?” I asked.

She sat up a little and looked at me: “For what?”

I pointed at my still-stiff boner and said, “To get on top of me. We can do it like that best on the couch here.”

“You mean intercourse?”

“Yeah. That.”

“Me and you? Intercourse?”

“Uh-huh. Don’t you want to?”

“Want to, maybe. But I can’t allow myself to actually have full intercourse with my daughter’s boyfriend. That’s a line I just won’t cross. Period.”

“Come on,” I said. “Look at what we’ve done together already, Joan.”

“No, Mike. That’s a definite, hard no.”

“Joan, get on top of me. Don’t you want to feel me inside you? Don’t you want me to cum inside you? I want to know my cum is somewhere deep inside your body. That beautiful body.”

“No. My daughter. I couldn’t bear that. I don’t know why, but what we’ve done doesn’t make me feel guilty. That would.”

“Just get on top and rub yourself against me.”

“I’d be afraid I couldn’t stop myself. Mike, you have to know a part of me really wants to. A part of me wants you to be the only other man I’ve made love to. You see, it was only Mr. Branch … my Frank that I could do that with. And I want to do that with you, for myself, surely, but also because I want to please you sexually. I want to satisfy you like you satisfied me. Not because I owe you that, but as a woman, I feel a need to please my man.”

I didn’t say anything for a while and thought about what she said.

She added, ” And another thing is fear.”

“You’re afraid? You don’t have to be afraid of me. Not in any way. Not ever.”

She kissed me. “You, dear boy, no—I’m not afraid of you. I’m afraid of THAT!” She pointed at my penis.

“I’d be gentle,” I said.

“I’m sure you would, but it would take a lot of coaxing, not just my mind, but my body, to accept that length, that girth. I honestly don’t know if i could do it. Mr. Branch, God rest his soul, wasn’t half your size. His seemed just right for me. Comfortable.”

“And he satisfied you with that?”

“I had a different idea of satisfaction back then. I had a false impression of what a woman should feel. Certainly, I didn’t know what a true orgasm was. You taught an ignorant woman about that. Now my body recognizes it, and craves it.”

“I’m glad you finally found what your body is capable of.”

“Mike, Mr. Branch passed away twelve years ago, and I’m ashamed to say I didn’t have sex with him for the last year of his life. That makes it thirteen years since I’ve had intercourse. I’m not ready, not mentally or physically. Can you understand that?”

“I guess. It’s just kind of frustrating at this point.” My cock hadn’t heard it wasn’t going to do any fucking today, and stayed rock solid.

“Remember I said a woman wants to satisfy a man?”


“I want to make you ejaculate,” she said as she slipped to the floor on her knees between my legs. She took hold of my cock and began to jerk me off. She meant business right from the start.

“Easy,” I said. “Slow at first so I can enjoy it.”

“Sorry. I guess I’m not very sophisticated about sex. Not as much as I had thought. Be patient with me. I’ll learn. I’ll make it a point to become better at this. I really want to please you, Mike. I really do.”

“That feels good,” I said. I thought that was the right thing to say. Plus, it DID feel good. Having your girlfriend’s naked mother jerking you off, her bit tits swaying with each stroke—what’s not to like?

Within seconds I was leaking copious amount of liquid from the tip of my cock. Joan’s eyes were on it with a concentrated fascination.

“Lick it,” I said.

“Mike, don’t ask me. I’ve never done that. Never would for Frank. Never wanted to. It seemed … demeaning for a woman to do that.

“Lick it … for me.”

Joan stuck out her tongue and glided it up about half the length of my cock where my precum had overflowed. When she got to the top she swirled her tongue around the head. That must be a female instinct.

“There, my first time. For you and you alone. You used you mouth on me, and I just did the same.”

“That felt good. Now, Joan, suck it. Suck my cock.”

“Put my whole mouth over it? I’m not prepared to do that.”

I placed my hand on the back of her head and applied ever so slight pressure. Her head moved toward me.”

“Mike, I can’t. Really. I can’t. Maybe next time, if there IS a next time. Maybe. But don’t ask today.”

My hand was just resting on the back of her head, but it kept moving, on a collision course with the tip of my cock.

“Okay, but you be sure to let me know when you’re about to ejaculate. I couldn’t stand the thought of getting any of it in my mouth. Promise me.”

“Promise. I’ll let you know. Trust me. I don’t want you to do anything that would bother you in any way.”

“Okay. I hope you appreciate how difficult this is for me.”

Those are the last words her mouth said before it was introduced to a thick, hard cock. Her lips wrapped around the tip of my prick and she slid them down about three inches and hollowed out her cheeks when she sucked.. Not exactly deep throating like Auntie Lee, but pretty exciting to watch a 52-year-old woman with a great body with big tits (and did I mention she’s my girlfriend’s mom) suck on your cock.

She got innovative very quickly and soon was bobbing her head, using her mouth to fuck my thankful penis. Her hand increased its speed and a few seconds later I was getting to the point of no return.

“Mrs. Branch—Joan—take your mouth away. Quick. Take your mouth away!”

But, she didn’t take it off my penis. Her eyes met mine, and her free hand reached for mine and I grasped it.

And while looking at this good, kind, sexy woman, I came in her mouth. String after string of hot, white cum left my cock and washed across her teeth and tongue. She didn’t budge. And not one drop escaped.

Finally, I was done. Joan dragged her lips up and off, her mouth full of my sperm and semen.

“You don’t have to,” I said.

But, she nodded a “yes” and I saw her throat convulse.

She swallowed my whole load of potent, baby-making cum. For the first time in her life, she had allowed a man to cum in her mouth, and then she went even further by sending it down her throat and into her stomach. For me.


“I wanted to please you so much. I hope that was good for you. I so hope I satisfied you well enough.”

She jacked my cock unconsciously and a little drip of sperm was squeezed up to the tip. She leaned forward and licked it off and swallowed it.

She climbed up on the couch and we held each other for a while. My cock went into hibernation after its recent efforts.

Joan took this opportunity, on her own, to get up on her knees and straddle me, resting her sopping wet pussy on my deflated cock.

My cock was touching my girlfriend’s mother’s pussy. Why did I find that so exciting?

“That feels good Joan.”

“You won’t hear me use this language often, but—Mike, I want to fuck you. I want you to fuck me and make me have an orgasm that way. My body wants to be filled by you and I want you to cum inside me. It’s just not the right time.”

“At least my cum is inside you now, although if it’s looking for an egg, it will have a long way to travel.” I laughed.

We rested, cleaned up, and made our way to the rental agency. Lori looked pissed.

“I’ve been waiting forever. What took you guys so long?” It was her classic whiny voice.

I said: “We ran into a problem at the studio, but we licked it.”

Mrs. Branch hid a smile; Lori was angry … and oblivious.


“Your aunt and uncle are coming over for coffee this morning,” Mom said.

I could smell something deliciously cinnamony baking in the oven. Mom’s cinnamon rolls. She makes a crazy good glaze for the tops.

“Any reason?” I asked.

“He just said he had something important to tell us all. Knowing him, another big deal that he made. You know how he is about his work.”

“Yeah, that’s probably it,” I lied. Uncle Zack had told me to keep the secret to myself. I was getting used to keeping secrets: from Uncle Zack, from Mom and Dad, and from Lori.

“But, even before he called, I felt something was up. Twin super power you know. We have a connection.”

“Must be nice,” I said.

Mom stopped working at the counter and turned to me: “You know your dad and I have tried, really tried to have another child. You know that, right?”

“Mom, I didn’t mean anything—”

“I know you’ve felt alone. Only I know what you must be feeling. Anyway, I want you to realize I would have done … would do anything in the world to give you a sister.”

I wondered what brought this on. And, give me a sister? Why hadn’t she said “brother or sister?” Weird. I knew what she had gone through with Dad. At first it was low sperm count and all sorts of tests and artificial insemination and all that. Then Dad got impotent. I guess erectile dysfunction is the word. Couldn’t get it up any more.

It had to be real bad. I mean, not to be able to get it up for Mom. I know, she’s my mother, but the guys in school all called her a “MILF.” And even I could see that she was super beautiful and, if she wasn’t my own mom—sexy.

They had gone to all kinds of therapy together. One after another, and nothing. Even some “alternative” stuff (which I didn’t understand and thought to be kinda crazy). Everything short of magic potions and voodoo.

And still, nothing. Nothing but Mom going into a few depressions that really had me sad and worried. We were lucky she pulled out of them, but I was always afraid another one was whispering to her around some future corner.

Suddenly, something I hadn’t thought of hit me like ice water: I had been a part of something that may make Mom go into one of her funks—maybe the biggest one yet. I was responsible for Auntie Lee getting pregnant, and that pregnancy may make Mom feel like she failed—again—at the most important thing in her life. That is, being a great mother. Which she was, even if she never had another child.

I would do anything to help Mom out. Anything so she wouldn’t get depressed again.

What Uncle Zack planned as another joyous announcement now made me dread it. We’d have to see.


The cinnamon rolls were a hit. Of course, Mom made the best.

Uncle Zack told his stories and made us laugh. Auntie Lee joined in and bubbled up with that extra happiness that now infected her. Every once in a while she would throw little gestures my way like licking her lips, winking, or running a casual hand over her boob. You know, normal aunt/nephew signals.

My dad finally said, “So Zack, what’s the big news. You running for President?” He laughed.

“Bigger even than that, Gavin. Much bigger. So big that I’m going to quit blabbing and let my beautiful wife tell you.”

Auntie Lee put both her hands on the kitchen table, leaned forward and said, “I’m pregnant. Zack and I,” and at this point she made eye contact with me, I guess to include me silently in her news, “are going to have a baby!”

I watched Mom’s face, and a big smile crossed it. A great big, fake smile. I knew when Mom was faking.

Mom got up and put her arms out to Auntie Lee. They hugged. “I’m so happy for you. You must be so thrilled after all this time?”

“It’s like a dream,” Auntie Lee said. “I had almost given up, and then Zack said ‘think of only positive possibilities.’ He kept me believing until—”

“Until a miracle happened. Something that—” Uncle Zack seemed to change his mind about what he was going to say, and then ended with, “well … actually it was a new position that I would describe in intricate detail if Mikey were not present!”

Dad laughed, Mom and I didn’t; Auntie Lee made a sexy wide-eyed “Oohhh!” expression in my direction. Made me think, regardless of Mom’s state of mind, of the positions I had bent my aunt into.

“Come here, big brother,” Mom said. She hugged him. “I can’t tell you how happy I am for you.” She had tears in her eyes.

“Thanks, Zooey. I love you, Sis! Love you so much. You have such a great son in Mikey. Even you don’t know how much he means to me, and how glad I am to have him in my family, and in my new expanded family. I’ll finally find out what it’s like to have a child, and I hope that child turns out a lot like Mikey.”

Little chance that it wouldn’t—it being my child.

Mom’s tears started flowing, and she said, “Look at me. I’m just so happy. Excuse me a minute.” And she ran for the bathroom.

I shook hands with Uncle Zack, for show, and for real too. Auntie Lee hugged me and whispered in my ear: “Congratulations … Daddy!”

I went to check on Mom and knocked at the bathroom door. “Okay, Mom?”

“Be right out.” He voice was soggy.

I waited, and a second later Mom reappeared. Her eyes were red and her faced freshly washed. “Mom—”

“Come on. This is a happy day for us all,” she said.

Mom is a real trooper and for the next half hour, put up a good show of being happy for her twin brother and his pregnant wife. She didn’t suspect that she didn’t just have a niece or nephew on the way, but also a grandchild.

Wow! I hadn’t even thought of that before: Mom was going to be a grandmother.

Finally, Uncle Zack said, “Time for us to go. Don’t want to sew too much joy in any one spot, yanno.”

I thought to myself “How can Uncle Zack not recognize how this is affecting Mom? Him with his Twin superpower telepathy and all?”

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“Mikey, walk us out to the car.”

Final goodbyes at the door and then it was the three of us alone in the driveway.

“You know what you have to do, right Mikey?”

“Wuddaya mean?” I said, a little bit surly. I guess I was mad at my uncle for making Mom feel like that. I was also afraid of where this could lead. I definitely could see her diving into another depression. And with me heading to college in another month, I would be a mess for sure being away and being guilty I wasn’t there for Mom … and Dad.

“I know how your mother thinks and reacts better than anyone in the world. Always have. I knew I was taking a chance by telling her Lee was pregnant. That’s why I came over—to see her reaction. Don’t think I was fooled by her. Not any more than you were.”

“So you understand why I’m scared.”

“I do,” he said. “I know that there’s one person in this whole world who can fix this. I know there’s one person who can literally save her life. That person is you, Mikey.”

“Me? Uncle Zack, I’d do anything if I could. But I don’t have a clue what to do.”

“I’m glad you said you would do anything.” Uncle Zack took hold of my shoulders and squared me to him; he looked deep into my eyes and said, “Mikey”:

“You have to fuck your own mother.”


“You have to get your mother pregnant.”


I sat on my bed—in shock. I sat there not moving, not seeing what was in front of me. I was alone and isolated in my thoughts that kept circling back over and over:

Mom was sad and would get sadder; the way for her to lose that sadness was to have a baby; that was impossible with Dad; but not impossible with me; but I couldn’t even think of having sex with my own mother; so Mom would get sadder and sadder.

I went over that loop again and again without seeing a way out of it.

And now Uncle Zack had made me feel responsible for my mother’s future. He put me in the middle with no way out. Well—with one way out that I found impossible. It would take some major miracle or revelation or epiphany to make me change my mind on that.

She was my mother. I couldn’t think of her in any other way. I had never even seen her naked—and didn’t want to!

And it wasn’t her age, obviously. Auntie Lee, just a few years younger. Mrs. Branch, twelve years older. Age didn’t bother me.

Mom just wasn’t a woman woman to me; she was a Mom woman, a female, but not in not in a woman way.

I couldn’t think of anything that could change that in my mind. No way.

There was a knock on my door. I opened it, hoping it was Mom so we could talk. I wanted to try and calm her down. Maybe it could stop her slide into that dark place she had been before.

But, it was Dad. “I’m going down the club for a while. Your Mother got into one of her moods and I can’t do anything, so I’m going to clear my head a little. Take a look in on her once in a while. You’re good at that. You have better luck than me.”

“Okay, Dad.” I felt like telling him that instead of having a few drinks he should be taking care of Mom. Just like he should be taking care of her in the bedroom so she wouldn’t have these problems. But, all I said was “Okay, Dad.” How lame was I?

I sat staring for another fifteen minutes. I promised myself to check on Mom in a half hour.

There was a knock on my door. By process of elimination, I knew it had to be Mom … or a playful spirit letting me know—


It was Mom. And she only called me Michael at certain times. I guess this was one of these times.

I opened the door. “Got time for your ol’ mother?”

“Gee, Mom, I was just going to cut my toenails!”

Her face didn’t register I was kidding for a moment. I had thought that getting her to smile was a good way to start. It was stupid. I said, “Aw, Mom, I always have time for you,” and gave her a big hug.

Instead of breaking away in a second or two. She stayed there cradled in my arms. Finally she pushed me to arms length and said:

“I have something to tell you. Something important that I’ve put off for a long, long time.”

“What is it?”

“Got time for a walk? Walk along the nature trail?”

This was where she went to think. Rarely had I joined her because this was “her space” where things became clear to her. She said it was a place where “the clouds and trees and wind talked” and she listened.

“You want me to come with you? There?”

“Yeah. It’ll be easier there for me.”


The trail itself was about twenty feet wide in most places. Worn hard and flat by a million hikers over the years. There must have been lots of them, but we met very few as we made our way.

It went through the woods at the nature preserve and showed us tall trees most of the times, with big open fields here and there, and once in a while there was a bench at what they called “scenic overlooks.” This is where steep bank dropped off and you could see the valley hundreds of feet below and all the way across it to the horizon.

We didn’t talk much at first, and I was glad about that. I really didn’t know what to say. Not yet. I was hoping for some inspiration or wisdom or guidance to be whispered to me by the clouds or trees or wind that Mom believed in.

“Michael, you are the most important person in my life. You are my earth and stars and heaven and everything seen and unseen all made real to me.” She reached out and took my hand. We continued walking, hand-in-hand.

“Because of what I had believed over the years, believed with all my heart, I thought I would never have to tell you what you’re about to hear. I thought you would never have to know the truth.”

“What are you talking about? What truth?”

She held up her other hand in a gentle “stop” signal. “Please let me get all the way through this. Then we can talk.”

“I’m listening,” I said. She gave my hand a squeeze.

“The day you were born was the most glorious, happiest, most joyous of my life. It was also the saddest.”

Mom looked at me and came close and kissed my cheek.

“My wonderful son, Michael had been born. But, a minute later, my daughter was born. My daughter, Michelle.”

My mouth was hanging open.

“The difference was that you were born alive, and Michelle, because of a heart defect, never saw this world. She lived in me for nine months, and couldn’t make it that last minute. It was too much for her little heart to bear.”

Mom stopped and cried. Her face scrunched up and got red and the tears flowed. I pulled her to me and she buried her face in my shoulder. Her whole body shuddered and her back got real hot and I could feel her get damp with the sweat of whatever that terrible knowledge was torturing her with.

After a minute, she pushed away. She pulled a tissue from her pocket and wiped her tears and blew her nose. Then she started again:

“So you see, we’re alike in a way. We’re both twins. You’re an identical twin, but without a partner. I was lucky enough to have your Uncle Zack, who I could feel whether he was with me or not.”

“Mom. That explains why I’ve had this feeling all my life. Like there was something missing. That there was a hole that was there. I never thought it could be real or needed to be filled. I thought that’s how every non-twin, only child felt.”

“Every time you talked like that—every time you expressed that void—it tore through me. I kept hoping to fix it.”

“How? How could you fix something like that?”

“On that day, the day you were born, after I found out I lost my precious Michelle, I was inconsolable. I don’t know what would have happened if, all of a sudden, I hadn’t felt a presence and a little voice I could hear only with my heart and spirit. I felt it told me ‘Mom, don’t be sad. I’m right here waiting to be born. I just didn’t make it this time. I will the next time. You’ll see.’ And I felt a deep peace come over me.”

“Mom. I didn’t know … I didn’t know what you went through. Didn’t know I was a twin.” I also didn’t know what to make of her experience with that “voice.”

“That gave me hope. I knew then, and I know now that Michelle is waiting to be born. I know it as sure as you’re standing here. I know that part of you, Michael, your missing twin is waiting there right on the other side of conception.”

I didn’t know what to say. I had to process it all.

We walked some more. And Mom found the strength and courage to share with me more of the struggles she had endured and successfully hidden from me over the years.

“I thought ‘all we have to do is have another baby and Michelle will be right with us.’ But two years turned into ten and now ten have turned into eighteen. And we were never able to conceive. Your Dad was never able to conceive my little Michelle into me. That part of you is forever lost now.”

“You’re giving up?”

“I never gave up before. Not completely. I would semi, quasi give up and get depressed and then come back knowing what I believed was right. If I just got pregnant again, my little twin would complete her journey … finally.”

“Mom, don’t get depressed again. Don’t give up on Dad yet.”

“Your dad is a good man. No, a great man. He loves me and he loves you. He would do anything for me. Anything. But, the one thing I wanted and demanded—he couldn’t give me. And I’ve worn him down, and I’ve worn him out with eighteen years of false hope. I had hoped he could complete what was started all those years ago and fell just short of the finish line … birth.”

She kicked at some rocks on the trail and they rolled down an incline.

“Michael, part of you is incomplete, and part of me is incomplete, and there’s no way to put those pieces together.”

Was it the wind? Was it the trees? Was it shapes in the clouds? Something, way back in my mind, was speaking to me. Some vague idea was taking shape and making sense. It wasn’t there yet, and maybe it would come, or maybe it would get lost. I didn’t know … yet.

“So today,” Mom said, “When your Uncle Zack and Auntie Lee announced they were having a baby, I felt that I had lost my turn. Finally lost my turn forever. It was their turn to have a family. And, I’ve never told you all this because I wanted to fix it, bring your twin into the world before you had to know of the loss of your other half.”

THERE! It all fell into place! The nature trail had done its magic, and I knew exactly what had to be done.

“MOM!” I yelled. She looked startled. I jumped high off the ground and came down saying, “I got something great to tell you!” I knew I had a tremendously big smile on my face. I ran a few step up the trail and turned and ran back to Mom.

“Mike! What’s got into you? Are you crazy? Have I set you over the edge by telling you the truth?”

“Mom, you kept telling me pieces of stuff I needed to know. I needed to know enough to put it all together. I needed enough to know how to fix this. Let’s sit down right here, and I’ll tell you.

We had arrived at a scenic overlook bench. Mom sat first and then I beside her. She gave me a strange look.

“Mom, it’s not Dad’s fault. Don’t you see?”

“But the doctors say it is his fault. That I’m fine. It’s that he couldn’t … And now, he’s …”

“Impotent, dysfunctional. I know that part.”


“But, Mom, he never had a chance. He wasn’t SUPPOSE to get you pregnant! He couldn’t reinvent a twin a second time. Never could have worked in a thousand years. My sister is waiting in line, next in line. Dad couldn’t make that happen and he couldn’t skip the line to the next child. Michelle was in the way. In the way, waiting. Don’t you see?”

“I see your logic, but I don’t think it works that way, not scientifically.”

“Was it scientific that you heard that voice or felt that piece of you knew Michelle wanted to be born? No! But you believed it anyway. Could anybody in the whole world have talked you out of what you believed? What you still believe?

Mom shook her head “no.” Then said, “But, you’re taking this to a whole other level, just making stuff up.”

“No I’m not. I didn’t have a thought in my mind in this direction when we started, and then as you talked, it became clearer and clearer. Then, all of a sudden, I knew for sure what we have to do.”

“So, let me in on your big discovery. I could use some of whatever is making you act so happy.”

“You said you’re incomplete. You said I’m incomplete. You said I’m half. That means there’s the other half, the other half of me. You put the two incompletes together. And it makes a whole. And one of them is the half calling to the other half.”

“Slow down. What are you saying?”

“Mom, Dad was never meant to get you pregnant. Michelle has been waiting all this time for me, for her other half. Don’t you get it?”


“My sperm, your egg. Two incompletes. Put together, and they make a whole. Put together and we free my other half.

“You’re not saying … you can’t be saying—”

“Mom! I want to make love to you!”

“No! No!”

“I want to get you pregnant!”


“Pregnant with my other half, my sister, my twin—Michelle!”


We talked on that bench for an hour, going back and forth. I would say something and she would counter it or offer some objection.

But, she never said absolutely, positively “no.” It never would get to that. Sure she was shocked. Well—so was I.

When Uncle Zack had said it, I was shocked, but it was an idea with no backing or substance. There was no path for it to become real in my mind. But, when I found out I was a twin, and that Mom believed for my whole life she could bring Michelle back into this world, it all made sense to me.

I kept asking her if it made sense to her, the way I had pieced it together. She never could, or would deny that, taken with her beliefs from the day of my birth, that my plan of getting Mom pregnant in order to bring my twin to life was not correct.

It fit too well with what she already believed.

Finally, she rested her head on my shoulder and she looked out at the horizon.

“Mom, it’s going to take both of us, you and me … to heal this … to make us whole: my sperm, your egg.”

“Oh God! God, please … please forgive me. My son’s sperm … and his mother’s egg.”


“If we do this, it would have to be on Tuesday. That’s my day, my best day,” Mom said.

Mom told me she thought about what we had said all night and didn’t sleep at all. After all the turmoil and failures over the years and the added stress of my leaving for college and Uncle Zack’s announcement, her frayed mind had made a decision.

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