Mom’s submission: sex with son, part-2

It’s a bitter truth that women needs love in every forms as Nancy have seduced her son Rohan ,he have given me satisfaction upto the hot body have been loved for an hour and Nancy with her son Rohan slept on bed.Rohan ,a 18 years guy is a young ,smart and strong as his physique seems nice,he have small tool (for me) but have got capacity to spend some time inside hole. Mom’s submission: sex with son

Nancy is a married & matured lady ,her height of 5’7 feet with figure of 36-28-38 have made him feel like a hot blonde as her sexy ass and vagina are loving .so as we both mom & son spent night,our morning seems to be normal ,as I wake up on time and took refreshment ,prepared cup of tea as I sit alone in balcony with it and a newspaper.Rohan is still on bed as his classes are today,he is sleeping ,after a while maid came and started cleaning I walked inside Rohan’s room,now I put my hand on his waist as I said……..

“Rohan,wake up ,it’s 08:30 am.”and his eyes opened as he smiled and walked inside I walked to kitchen as I am preparing cups of tea for me,maid and son,later on ,he joined me as we both are sitting on chair in balcony.while drinking tea,my eyes are on his bulge of penis on Bermuda as he is bit shy and afraid of last night’s I put my hand on his thigh and said……..


“son,don’t feel guilty ,it’s a nature’s beauty as we both have complemented eachother
(Rohan)mom,I am too guilty of my
(Nancy)oh let it think like a bad dreams ,as we both will do it again.”and my statement made Rohan too horny as he put his empty cup on floor and now he ,as he leaned downwards put his hand on my legs and started rubbing it as his hand is moving upwards towards my smooth my night wear is going up as he put his face up and his hand is going inside my gawn,it’s his hand on my thigh ,that is making me hot and horny .so I am feeling bit shy also as maid’s presence in home have made me afraid also,but Rohan is rubbing his hand on my inner thighs as my vagina is covered with black as his palm touched my fleshy vagina on panty ,I hold his wrist and said………

“son ,after an hour ,let maid leave our home
(Rohan)no I am bit hot.”and his hand is pressing hard on my soft vagina on as Rohan put my soft vaginal flesh in between his fingers and started pinching ,my mouth started sounding sexy”oohh Rohan don’t do it,maid will see us and than”as I hold his hand and put it away,feeling bit relaxed as my labias have been brushed on my panty .looking at Rohan ,I smiled……..

“wait for sometime ,my son.”and he walked away ,now I am waiting for maid’s work as she is cleaning dinning space’s I am in my room and slept on bed as I am waiting for maid’s to leave my home soon and it’s 09:05 am as I thought to do something I put my hand on waist and removed my panty as my boobs are nude inside gawn,I am going to be nude soon ,so I can make my young son too horny.after half an hour,I walked towards dinning space as I can see maid cleaning utensils and I am sitting on sofa ,it’s 09:30 am as she came to me and said……..

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“madam my work have been completed ,so going to home
(Nancy)ok but no need to be here in evening.”as she walked away ,I followed him and locked the door ,have given my maid rest in an evening hour,so we both can enjoy our sexual activities without any I am in dinning space as I put my hand on my gawn and removed it , completely nude for my young son Rohan as I walked towards refrigerator and took out a bottle of with bottle of wine ,soda and a packet of cigarette on table ,I sit on sofa nudely ,as I started pouring wine and mixing soda in two I have put my legs well crossed as I screamed louder……..

“Rohan,I am here waiting for you my son.”and as he walked out of his room to dinning space,looking at me in such position ,he smiled and walked to me but as he is going to sit beside me,he pulled his Bermuda and removed his vest both mom & son are nude as he sits near me and I took a glass full of wine as I give it to him……..

“mom I have tasted wine once only but if you want me to have it than it’s ok
(Nancy)have it ,it will make you hot and horny.”

So I started having wine as Rohan lit a cigarette,now both are sitting nude as my hand have hold his penis as its semi erected now.I can see Rohan drinking wine in hurry ,so he took cigarette from me as he is smoking it and than he put his empty glass on table as he hold my he is massaging my breast hard as I put my glass on table and than I sits on Rohan’s thigh as I put my hand on his shoulder.

Like a whore ,I am on his thigh as he started kissing my lips and his hand is rubbing my back,our lips are locked as he is sucking it left breast is pressing hard on his chest as he is sucking my lips and than as I took out my lips ,he pushed his tongue in my mouth ,so holding my son’s neck ,I am sucking his tongue as his cock is growing bigger and harder ,it’s touching my waist ,my eyes are closed as Rohan’s hand is now going downwards to my sexy ass and he is searching for her mom’s hole ,either of ass or he pushed my face back and freed his tongue and now he is kissing my face as my lips are loving his neck to face.we two are making eachother hot as he put me on sofa and sits on my legs,I put my legs wider as my sexy ass is on the corner of sofa.looking at me ,he put his face inbetween my thighs as I can feel his lips kissing my vagina,I am feeling it’s heat as Rohan’s lips are loving my vagina.He than put his one hand on my boobs and started pressing it hard ,so my sexy voice

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“oohh my son ,lick my cunt lick it”is making us horny as I can feel my vagina wider as his tongue is fucking it fastly.a matured lady of my age needs fuck ,so much as I love guys tongue licking my hole for an hour,but it’s near to impossible as no one have licked my vagina for more than 15-20 Rohan’s long tongue is rolling inside as his hand is massaging my breast and I put my both legs in air as Rohan hold my both thighs and I have put my fingers to widend the glory hole.He is licking my vagina like a stray dog’s tongue moving fast out of his mouth and feeling too hot ,I am shouting louder”oohh aahh lick it lick my son ,your tongue is best “and than he put my legs down as he took out his tongue from my feeling bit shy but horny ,I walked nudely to washroom as I urinated there and washed my vagina,as I came back my eyes stuck on my son’s I asked him to stand and I knelt infront of his legs ,now like a dirty whore ,I put my hand on his waist as I hold his penis also,removed it’s skin and started kissing it frequently.He is screaming “ooh uuhh yumm”as his legs are shivering and than I put it’s glans on my lips and started rubbing it on my lips like putting lipstick ,so Rohan hold my hairs and pushed his cock in my mouth ,I have swallowed his penis as I have opened my mouth and it’s inside as I started sucking it like a wild my face is still as I am loving my son’s penis with my closed mouth ,while giving his penis a nice and hard jerk I started moving my face fast and Rohan started fucking my mouth while holding my hairs.He is pulling my face fast as I am feeling it’s glans on my throat,I am too curious to have his penis in my vagina but what about Rohan?,I can’t say ,if he wants to put his semens in mouth ,so my face turned reddish as my eyes have been closed and sexy voice “oohh uuhh “is coming out of my mouth and now I have put my face still but Rohan is fucking my mouth with his long penis as he is shouting”oohh aahh I will fuck you whore for a day aahh “and I felt my mouth in bit pain as his hard cock have given it a hard and nice jerk ,so I felt it’s growing harder and I took it out.
Rohan left me as he walked towards washroom ,now feeling too hot and horny ,I put my finger on vagina’s hole as I can feel cum there ,so as he walked towards Me,I said……….

“you mother-fucker ,lick your mom’s vagina first and tastes it cum also
(He sits on my legs)sure you hot lady but will you pee in mouth
(Nancy bit surprised)sure if you love to have it .”

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And my younger son have given me chance to urinate in his mouth ,so as my legs are stretched ,he widend my hole and started licking it fastly as he is tasting mother’s cum and than he took my vagina in his mouth to his mouth have hold my fleshy vagina hard ,he is waiting for my urine and after I felt like pressure inside cunt ,I shouted “oohh aahh have it my son ,I am going to urinate”and my vagina poured it in his mouth with its full flow and Rohan drink it as he left my vagina and looking at me ,he smiled………

“oh sexy it’s tasty .”

And than he drink some water to clean his mouth .so we both are sitting nude on sofa as he is looking too exhausted,so I started making drinks for us and than Rohan lit a cigarette as we both are drinking wine ,he is smoking cigarette .
As our drinks lasted for 10-12 minutes ,he than put me on my legs as I have bend my upper portion of body,my elbows are on dinning table as my back is like a horse , so I am like a four legged animal and I know my son will fuck me like riding a horse .looking back to him ,I smiled as he hold his penis and slowly put it’s glans inside my wet cunt ,now I am putting my ass back as he have hold my waist ,now as his penis moved inside ,he fucked me harder and my louder scream”oohh it’s hard my son
(Rohan)lion will roar in your cave you whore.”and he is going hard and fast in my vagina ,he is fucking my cunt with speed and power as I started moving my ass fast and it’s a comparative smaller cock that is hitting my vaginal depth and I am on top of the world ,so his cock is making my cunt dry and hot as his penis is not going to spend more times in my vagina.Rohan is satisfying her mom with his tool as his hand have hold my waist,now he put his waist on hold as I started swinging my ass while looking to him,he is sweating profusely and than he started fucking me ,after 8-9 minutes of deep penetration ,he screamed louder”oohh aahh have my cum you bitch”and his white gels ejaculated inside my cunt as I am still standing on my legs and than he put his cock in mouth and I sucked it to taste it’s cum .our sexual organs are hot but I am satisfied……….

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