Mother and son unknowingly meet at a party

Sex stories, incest, Mother and son unknowingly meet at a party, “Alright, I’m heading out now!” Jake’s mom yelled from downstairs, already halfway out the door

“I thought your party wasn’t for another couple hours?” Jake called back down the stairs

It was Halloween and Jake’s mother, April, was going to some costume party to celebrate. Jake didn’t really care about what she was doing, he had his own plans, but he just thought she was leaving a bit later.


“Oh, no, I have to pick up my outfit and then I’m going to Jess’ house to get ready,” April announced

“Good lord” Jake thought to himself. His mother’s friend Jessica was the definition of a tease. She never failed to try to flirt with Jake when they were alone, and her often suggestive movements and words where not helped by the fact that she had one of the hottest, tightest bodies of anyone he knew. It was very common that she would leave him with a hard cock and a stirring in his loins.

“Alright, have fun. I’ll see you later!” Jake said, walking down the stairs with his mind still on his mother’s hot, cocktease of a friend.

With that, his mother slipped out the archway and slammed the door.

“Jesus” he said aloud as he snapped back to reality. Jess probably had some slutty little Halloween costume and was most likely forcing his mother to wear something similar. He cursed himself that he wouldn’t get to see what they were planning on wearing.

Jakes’ mother was 36, though she looked like she was in her mid to late twenties. She was a pretty petite woman, about 5’2 and 95 pounds. She did yoga every morning and as a result had an incredibly lithe body, complete with D breasts and a lovely hourglass figured finished with a killer, tight little ass. Jake was generally aware of his mother’s body, most of his friends at least at some point had mentioned how hot she was. Numerous times she had been referred to as a “smoking hot milf” by the people who met her. Although he knew this, he mostly ignored it or didn’t care; after all she was his mother. He’d never seen her date and didn’t really think she was that interested in it at the moment.

Jake himself was a strapping young man. He played football and wrestled all throughout high school, and worked out several times a week to keep in shape during college. He was a little over 6 feet tall and 200 pounds of lean muscle. Not only was he a huge person, he was quite well endowed, too. He’ gotten numerous compliments by the girls at his high school about his 8 inch cock, and was quite proud of it. But now he was 21 years old and in his final year at his University.

Tonight though, he had very special plans. A benefactor of the school offered to host a graduation party at one of his estates for the last semester of school (Jake’s school graduated at the end of fall, as opposed to spring). The kicker of the party was that it was supposed to be a more adult-like masquerade party, with a free bar and for both the graduating students and the faculty of the University. The men were supposed to come in suits and tuxedos, the women would be in fancy dresses and they would all wear masks, just to make the entire thing more interesting.

Jake was incredibly excited for the chance to have drink and have a great time, and maybe meet some hot girl that he’d have a chance to sleep with and never know or see again. It was very enticing and Jake, being in his eager state, decided he’d better start getting ready for the party that would take place in 2 or so hours. He laid out his tuxedo and his cheap little masquerade mask he’d found at a gift store and headed for the shower, after all, he didn’t want to be late!

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Jake arrived at the party ten or so minutes before it was set to start, but quite a bit of people were already there and enjoying themselves. Before he stepped out of the car he made sure to put on his mask and ready himself for the party. Beforehand he’d decided he’d use a different name, just in case he ended up getting in trouble or do something with someone he knew. He decided that tonight he’d go by Sean.

As he entered the estate he couldn’t help but notice the place was huge. It was a giant almost mansion type home with multiple stories and what it looked like dozens of rooms. He entered the door with a giant grin on his face as he knew that this would be a fun night.

Immediately he heard the sound of a DJ playing music and saw people dancing in the main hall of the mansion. Although everyone was wearing masks there were a few people he identified instantly, namely his roommate from his first year whom he’d seen entering without his mask at first and certain members of the faculty that were much older than everyone else.

Jake quickly went to the open bar and ordered a drink, he had no intention of staying sober that night, and after all it was Halloween and his graduation party. He quickly finished the drink and got rid of some of the butterflies he’d had, he was a little nervous about the whole not knowing who everyone was. He was slightly scared that he’d say or do something horrible to a person he knew while he was drunk, but he decided to forget that and just have fun. Over the course of the next half hour the last of the guests arrived and the night was in full swing.

The last person he noticed walk in made him stop in his tracks and his jaw almost dropped. An exquisitely good looking woman in an elegant but sexy black dress walked in the door with presumably her friend behind her. Her dress showed off her perky breasts in a way that emphasized her ample size but kept it classy. Her legs were dynamite in the long heels she wore and she looked like a complete knockout. To top it all off, she had one of the most unique masks of anyone at the party. It was obviously an extremely well made one, probably decently expensive. It was made of a lovely gold color that accentuated the rest of her beauty and was tied by a silken black ribbon. She was drop dead gorgeous.

Jake snapped out of the haze caused by this delightful creature and realized he had been staring at this woman. She had almost assuredly seen him staring, and he was a little embarrassed by it.

“Good thing I have my mask on,” he thought. Jake went back to dancing for a while before he got a tad thirsty and went back to the bar for another drink. As he walked to the bar, he couldn’t help but notice that the gorgeous woman he had seen enter before was standing at the bar by herself, waiting for her drink. He decided in that moment that he’d go talk to her, and readied himself for the attempt.

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She had just gotten her drink by the time he got to the bar. “Hi! What are you drinking?” He asked her.

She turned around, slightly surprised, and said “Oh, nothing special, just a little white wine”

“White wine? Why something so boring!? It’s Halloween and we’re having a party, why don’t you get something a little more interesting? Unless, I guess, you want to not have fun.” He said in an obviously sarcastic tone.

She chuckled a bit at his attempt at humor and said “Then what would you rather I have?”

“Here, try this. Barkeep, Two vodka cranberries, please!” He said as he thought he faintly recognized this girl’s voice.

“Vodka cranberry? That’s just as boring as white wine!” She teased, as she took a sip.

“That may be true, but at least it gets you drunk!” Jake said back with a wry grin. “So what dorm do you live in? He asked.

“Oh, uh… I’m not actually a student. I’m a member of faculty.”

“Oh,” Jake said, a little surprised, she looked pretty young. “I thought you were a student, like me. May I ask your name?”

“Not anymore,” she replied, “And my name is A…” she paused for a split second, “Abigail!”

“Well, Abigail, I’m Sean” he lied, thanking himself for coming up with a fake name before meeting one of the members of the University’s faculty!

“Nice to meet you Sean, care to dance?”

“I’d love to!” He replied as he downed his drink. “This should be fun,” he thought to himself.

Abigail took his arm and led him to the dance floor, where they danced for quite some time. They had incredible chemistry, Jake thought to himself, and he was having quite a nice time. As the night went on, both of them got a little braver. They could both feel the sexual tension between them, and as the light got dimmer and the music slower, they kissed for the first time. It was electric, and both could tell they wanted each other. They pressed their lips together again, this time more violently, as Jake groped up and down her leg and cupped her breast. She felt between his legs for his manhood and gasped when she felt his considerable size.

Abigail broke the kiss. “Listen,” she said, “I came here to have fun with my date but he canceled on the last second, and now I just want to get fucked by a nice cock. What do you say we find a room and make this more interesting?”

Jake was ecstatic. He couldn’t believe that, first of all, he was about to get lucky with this gorgeous woman whom he didn’t even know so much as what she looked like, and secondly that she was so forward about it.

Abigail once again took his hand and led him up the stairs towards the rooms, both of them careful to make sure no one followed or could see them. They entered the first open room they could find and Jake immediately locked the door behind them.

He turned around to the sight of Abigail dropping the straps of her dress off of her shoulder. “Take me, Sean. Fuck me harder than you’ve ever fucked a girl before” She said in a seductive voice.

He hurried to her as her dress dropped off of her chest, still hanging around her waist. Her tits were absolutely amazing. They were just the right size, large enough to grab but not too big for her small, lithe body. He immediately took one of her cute, perky nipples into his mouth as she moaned in delight.

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She pushed him off and unbuckled his belt as she lowered herself onto her knees. She finally unsheathed his swollen erection and began to pump it in her small hand. He gasped as she finally lowered her lush, red lips onto his throbbing cock. She worked his erection excellently as he watched he pretty little mouth, the only part of her face he could see, go up and down his manhood. It was a sight to behold, and he soon realized it was too much to handle. “I’m… gonna… cum,” he said between groans as she continued to suck and pump his shaft up and down.

Finally, unable to withstand it any more he released his load deep into the back of her throat. “Oh fuck!” Jake shouted as what seemed like gallons of cum came shooting out of his cock. Even then, Abigail kept up the work as her tongue passed over the length of his erection. She continued to milk his cock as she swallowed every single drop of his cum. She gave him a cockteasing smile as she eased up on his member and began to get up.

He picked her up and kissed her hard on her slutty little mouth that had just been sucking him off moments before. He continued to grope her breasts as he worshipped her tight, firm body. It didn’t take long for his cock to re-harden to its full length, and by then he couldn’t wait anymore. He ripped off the rest of her dress and threw her on the bed, naked save for her tiny little black panties which were absolutely drenched in her juices.

He pressed his body against hers as he kissed her with a passion he had not felt for anyone he’d ever met. She slid down her panties and began to beg for release, “Please, Sean, Fuck me already. I can’t take the wait anymore, I need you to fuck my tight little cunt right now.”

That was all the encouragement Jake needed as he took his large cock and guided it into the waiting hole of his nymph of a woman. He paused as the tip of his erection pressed into the swollen lips of her pussy. “Please,” Abigail gasped one more time as Jake slid the full length of his shaft into her tight pussy with one solid movement. Her velvet lips completely enveloped his hard cock has he bottomed out into her pussy. She moaned loudly into Jakes mouth as he hit the bottom of her cunt. Slowly, he began to draw his cock out again as he started to gain a rhythm. He continued to pump his cock in and out of her sexy, gorgeous body as she gasped and moaned.

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That’s so exciting to hear about. Just imagine having sex with my own son and feeling him deep inside of me until he fills me with his sperm. OMG I want to see if I can make this happen in my life.