Mrs Echel

When I was in my 20s my boss sent me to his mother’s house to do some repairs for her. I was working in the basement and she came downstairs. She was a 84 year old woman. She was wearing this old house coat and she bent over in front of me and I could clearly see her long saggy tits hanging down with big dark areolas. For some reason I got really excited seeing her tits. She had no idea that I could see her tits hang down like that. A few weeks later late one night I was driving past her house and I thought about her. I stopped the car and walked around to the back of the house and saw the bathroom light on. I looked in the window and she was sitting on the toilet completely naked and her long saggy tits were just hanging down to her lap as she was sitting on the toilet. I couldn’t see she had grey pubic hair and she was very thin. Seeing her got me excited and I started to jerk off looking at her through the window. I went to the kitchen window and slid it open and climbed into the kitchen while she was still in the bathroom. I went and peeked in the bathroom as she was wiping herself. I stood in the dark living room and watched her finish and walk to the kitchen still completely naked. She saw the window open and I heard her mumbling to herself. She picked up the kitchen phone and dialed. I really thought I was going to jail. I counted as she dialed the phone. She dialed six numbers then hung up the phone. She walked back into the hallway by the living room and as soon as she passed I grabbed her from behind putting my hand over her mouth and telling her don’t make any noise and I will not hurt you. She said I don’t want to die and I told her I would not hurt her if she didn’t fight with me. I pulled her to the floor on her back and I gently sat on her face so she couldn’t see my face. I bent down and started to suck on her Big pussy lips and licking her clit. She started to fight with me and I told her do you want to get hurt so she stopped. As I was eating her pussy she was moving her hips up and down like she was enjoying this. Soon she was moaning and really pushing her pussy hard against my face. She was soaking wet and my face was covered by her juices. I got up and turned around with my hand over her eyes. I started sucking on her nipples beautiful saggy tits. She was pushing her crotch up against mine while I was sucking on her nipples. I put the tip of my dick against her pussy and pushed all the way inside of her. She froze when I did that. I started to pump in and out of her faster and faster and that’s when she groaned softly and pushed her hips up to my balls. She was rocking her head back and forth moaning as I was fucking her fast and hard until I came deep inside of her pussy. I couldn’t believe how good it was to have sex with this old lady. I told her that if she tells anyone about this I will come back and hurt her really bad. She said she wouldn’t tell anyone as I got up and left.
This is a real true story

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