My cuckold fantasy

Sex storiy, Cuckold, This is my real life experience of how my wife satisfied my fantasy of watching her having sex with other man but then the story took a sharp turn when she actually had an affair, without my knowledge.
To know more how i caught her and what i did next. Just read the adventrous exeperience of mine.

ABOUT MY WIFE:We had an arrange marriage and she is the most gorgeous woman i had ever seen in my life neha(name changed). Her colour is fair, with long black hairs, she is 5’5ft tall and 30D cups breats size, wide hips and flat tummy. She is a beauty doll for a guy like me.

STORY:This happened when we completed 2 years(almost) of our marriage. We use have a lot of sex on daily basis, we had two honeymoon back to back in 2 years and it all began on our 2nd honeymoon.
We both are very adventrous when it comes to sex. We tried Roleplay,BDSM and all other types of sexual experiments!


On our second honeymoon: It was the last evening of our honeymoon we were having dinner in a hotel. My wife was wearing a short black one piece dress(backless) with high heel sendels. She was looking smoking hot in that tight dress and i remember every detail of that night. When we were sitting and having dinner , there was a group of men sitting a bit far from us,behind my wife. I can see those guys as i was facing them. I noticed those guys looking at my wife’s body and pointing/talking to each other. I knew they were talking something dirty and i was angry seeing them pointing at my wife, but then i had a feeling inside me something which increased my heartbeat and gave me an errection, it was an image in my mind of my wife showing her sexy body to different men.

That night me and my wife had a great sex. When i was fucking her she started moaning and shouting my name(as usual).

Neha: Cmon mohit cmon baby yesss.!!

I asked my wife to call me with a different name. At first she was confused and surpirsed for a while but to continue the momentum she called me with a different name and we really enjoyed that night.

After that night we never talked about it again. But many times i did the same thing that is asking her to call me by different names of men when i’m having sex with her. Sometimes the name would be of any celebrity or sometimes name of a person we both knew. It was a great experiment and we both enjoyed it. Also by this i saw a kinky side of my wife which she had been hiding from me.
It was from then i had the idea of letting her have sex with different men while i will watch her. But i was a bit nervous that how to open up this fantasy to my babe.

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Finally one night after sex when we both where drunked i told my wife about my fantasy.

Me: Darling, tell me your darkest fantasy,
Neha: umm let me think, you tell me first,
Me: No, i asked you first.
Neha: honey please tell me i want to know,
Me: baby I fantasize u being fucked by a man other than me.

She was surprise and looked into my eyes
And laughed: Seriously?? she said,

I smiled back: yeah baby.
I kissed her lips and asked her,
Me: Can we try it just for fun?
She: What? seriously?
Me: Yeah why not, it would be an experiment just for fun and if you dont enjoy it we wont do it again!
She felt shy and a little bit cofused so she refused it. But i kept explaining her that it wont harm our relation.
Finally she replied: I’ll see(maybe that was a yes).

The next day i started searching online for any website or something to find a decent guy for her but i didnt find anything intresting i asked my wife too search but she aslo didnt find anything intresting.

Then after a week one night aftersex when we both were lying naked on our bed. She told me about a guy in her office. He was asking her out for dinner. My heart pounded listening to this and i told that she should definelty go.
They planned for saturday night dinner.My wife came home early from office to get ready for dinner.

She wore a blue colour tight one piece dress just below her waist with black high heels sendels, a braclet on her white thin wrist, open hairs and i must say she was looking damn hot that night. I was sitting in living room where i can smell the amount of perfume she sprayed on her. She was excited more than me and i can see that in her eyes.
But also it was in her habit of being well dressed all the time.

She came to me and kissed me
Neha: Baby i’m going muahh!
Me: Enjoy yourself darling and yah if anything hapens between you both i want to witness that.
She: Haha no baby its just a date,i’ll be back home early. *kisses*

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As she was walking i watched her bubbly ass and her sexy back, she was looking like a sex goddess.

Now as she went i started jerking off thinking of my sweet wife is dating a guy, she must be sitting next to him, touching his thighs or maybe they both are kissing each other in the parking lot. I cant wait for my wife to come home and tell me all the stuff.

After two hours i had a message: Baby we both are coming home so please clear the house, i told him(her date) my hubby is at work and he’ll return late.

I was shocked after reading that message. Lots of thoughts rushing though my mind. MY WIFE IS BRINGING A GUY IN OUR HOUSE.

To be honest i had a mixed feeling of anxiety and fun. But it was all my plan so now i cant step backwards.
I prepared the bed and left the house before their arrival.
I INSTALLED TWO hiddencamera one in livingroom and other in our bedroom and I went to a hotel for dinner .
It was around 8 when she texted me they are home.
I dranked and had dinner in a hotel.There wasn’t any call from my wife till 11.
I was nervous.
Those were the biggest 3 hours of my life
and my wife called me at 11 telling me that he’s gone and i can come now.

I Rushed home after that, rang the doorbell.
My newly hotwife opened the door.
Her hairs were messed up she was in a nigthy no undergarments, it was dark i cant see clearly. She hugged me i can smell men perfume on her body and we went to the bedroom. She was tired and lied on the bed.

I connected the camera to my lappy to see what happened,
I sat on the bed, she laid next me, resting(tired after the hardwork with her colleauge) and i was about to watch my wife’s sex clip.

Finally i opened the video:

As they entered the house.
They both started kissing each other in our living room. He grabed my wife’s waist and held her up against the wall, kissing her madly, he untied her hairs. She wrapped her legs aroung his waist.
I was getting a high beat seeing my sweet wife in the arms of someone else.
He took my wife to the bedroom.

They both lied on the bed and started kissing each other passionately, he undressed my wife and kissed all over her body. She moaned loud, shouting his name pressing his face on her body.

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He was kissing and bitting her body like a wild dog and she was enjoying his moves.
Then my wife removed his jeans.
His cock was in good shape it was looking slightly bigger than me.
She sucked it nicely and i was just looking that how she was enjoying his cock.

After lots of erotic kissing,bitting and sucking, he started fucking my wife in different position and every corner of the room like it was the last night of there life.
My wife knew everything is being recorded.
She was moaning loud and enjoying his cock inside her body.
His stamina was much better than me i admit that.
I started jerking off while seeing the video meanwhile my wife slept beside me(MAYBE SHE WAS TIRED AFTER A LONG FUCKING SESSION WITH HER NEW BF).

I didnt woke her and we just slept close hugging each other.

My wife started enjoying this hotwife thing alot(it was a surprise because at first she was the one refusing this experiment).
After that night it became a routine for her to go every saturdaty night on a date with that guy and return with him. I allowed her(but only in our house where i can see them both). Sometimes when i stay out of city for meetings. She invites him home and they spent whole night together though she always ask me for permission. And i didnt objected because i enjoyed my hotwife doing all this.
She also told me they had orgy sometimes in there office.Though i didnt like that but i did not objected.
To be honest I started disliking her relation with that guy but i cannot say anything because she was fulfilling my other fantasies. And her relation with him ended within a year as we got transfered to a new place. They sometimes chat on phone only infront of me.

We did much more experiments after that night like- many times i booked black bull from male escort service to fuck her, we had threesome with many strangers, sometimes we go to a bar and i watch her dancing with different men, also we attended swinger parties.

So this is my story.
After two years from that night we are still experimenting new fantasies.
If you like this stories do comment.
Also i would like to share some other experience of mine.
So do comments guy

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