My elder sister sucks me on a train as a good bye gift

Incest sex story, My elder sister sucks me on a train as a good bye gift, My name is Suresh. I live in Ambala city in Haryana. We are a small family. My father Surindersingh , My mother Sangeeta and My Sis Sugandha, except me . My father is a business man and my mother is a school teacher. My SIS is 28 years old and me 22 years. She is married at Panipat near Delhi and lives there with her hubby , who is working with some govtdeptt there.

SIS is married for about 3 years and still not having any baby. She is actually preparing for some competition examination and so they are not planning to go for child so early. Any way it is there life and there problem. I love my SIS so much and we have always been very close and rather had been like friends. She is older to me for about 6 years so in a way she way like my guardian when I was young. She helped me a lot with my studies and I respect her much.

I was in a gloomy mood after marriage of my SIS , as I lost a friend and she also missed me a lot. We usually had long mobile calls and I normally used to call her almost daily.


I had applied for engineering test and got admission to a reputed college at Hydrabad. I was to leave for Hydrabad in a weeks timeand after that I may not be able to come back to my family for about a year. So my father and mother were feeling very much for me and they were also in a pensive mood to miss me for such a long time.

SIS also come to know of my admission in Hydrabad , and as I was about to leave in 5-7 days , and also will be gone for a long time , so SIS came to Ambala to our home , to meet me and to stay with us ( especially me) for as much time as possible and also to help me with my packing and preparations for long stay in Hydrabad.

On Sunday night , I was to leave by night train to Hydrabad , and I got a ticket booked . I got reservation in sleeper class and got an upper berth booked, as in long journey I may be able to rest there. The train was to depart at 11.00 pm , in night from Ambala and was to go via Delhi.

On the day of my departure, SIS also planned to go back to Panipat in her in-law’s house, as the purpose of her stay in Ambala was finished.

When our whole family was sitting for evening tea, SIS announced her plan to go back and asked me if it is possible that she may go with me in my train, as the train will be passing through, her in-law’s city Panipat , and also the journey from Ambala to Panipat was just 3 hours. She told that the train will reach Panipat at about 2 in the early morning and she will ask her husband to come to railway station. This way she will get another time of about 3 hours to stay with me and also her hubby will meet me as after this time we may meet after a year.

As the proposal was good so my parents also agreed. SIS asked her hubby to come at railway station at 2 in morning and packed her bag for journey back.

We reached railway station at 10 pm , the train was at time. I asked the T.T to let my SIS stay with me in reserved seat till Panipat and gave him 50 bucks, and he had no problem.

We boarded the train and we both settled on the top berth. An old man was lying on the other top berth opposite to us , and the bulb in the coach was not working, hence there was dark in the cabin, as it was night so all were sleeping.

I asked SIS to lye down on the berth, as there was not enough space there for both of us and told her as after 3 hours, she had to go to her house and in-laws , so she may not get time to sleep there and as I had a very very long journey ahead, so after deporting her at Panipat , I will have enough time to sleep. So I sat on the edge of berth and SIS lied down on the berth. I put a chadar( cloth sheet) on her and also on my self to save from wind .

SIS was lying on the berth, but as she was in a habit of using a pillow under her head, she was feeling a bit uncomfortable. So after some time , she adjusted herself a bit and put her head on my thigh. It was a normal gesture, so nothing special. She kept lying like this for about 5 minutes.

I was wearing a lungi , as it is comfortable. But due to her twisting in the sleep ( I think so), the side of my lungi slipped one side and now her head was lying on my bare thigh. Her cheeks were touching my skin. This skin to skin touch was very soothing and I liked the touch of it.

Till then nothing sexual or erotic had come to my mind. After about 5 minutes of lying in this way, my eyes roamed on her . She was lying in my lap. I could see her breathing breast through the chadar. I had never in my life seen her in sexual way. But today as she was lying in my lap , I saw her from so close angle for the first time. I could see that her breast had almost doubled after marriage. Her melons , which used to be of the size of an orange some time back were now almost double and were clearly visible through the chadar. I could not see it properly as her body was wrapped in chadar and also she was wearing a maxi ( a long one piece shirt which comes up to feet ), and obviously a bra. For the first time , I enjoyed her lying like this.

I looked closely toward her face and found her to be in deep sleep. Her breathing was rhythmic. This gave me some courage and to have a better look of her breast, I slowly tried to pull the side of chadar to one side , I was hoping that as SIS is sleeping , so she will not come to know of it and I will be able to have a better look of her melons.

And wow!Sis’s breasts were now clearly visible to me. She must be 36D size .her breasts were clearly visible to me. Now as she was lying facing towards the ceiling , so her both the breasts were before my eyes. This was an erotic and beautiful site to see. Her melons were heaving up and down with each breath, and this see-saw type movement was giving my eyes a feast.

SIS was wearing a maxi and perhaps only bra and panty beneath it . Perhaps she felt a bit cold from my moving the chadar to one side, so in her slumber she turned towards my side and now she was lying facing towards me. Her cheeks were on my thigh and I could see her melons from the side angle now.

I feared that SIS may not wake up due to cold air so again I put chadar on her body, now she was lying on my thigh, facing towards me under the cover of a chadar( cloth sheet) .

I kept sitting in this position for about 5 minutes , and suddenly SIS scratched her cheek in her sleep and her put her hand in my lap . She was in deep sleep and didn’t know of it, but now her hand was lying just about 2 inches from my lund.

I could not see it , but could feel it. After about a minute there was again some movement in the chadar , and she again scratched her cheek and now when again she put her hand in my lap , it was resting straight on my lund. My cock was under my underwear and also my lungi, but to my horror, it felt her soft hand on it and started raising its head. I was horrified as it started gaining its length and my brain started pumping blood in it and it started getting hard.

I feared a lot that as SIS had put her hand on my cock in her sleep but if she wakes up and find me hard, it will be an embarrassing situation for me.

I started thinking about other things to detract my mind from this so that then my cock may again go soft. But as hard as I was trying to keep my mind to other things , it again and again came back to the movement under my underwear and it kept gaining its rigidness and tightness with every passing second.

Sis’s hand had some movement in sleep and now her hand was squarely on my cock and I could feel her fingers on it. I pushed the side of chadar to one side to see under it and found that Sis’s eyes were closed and breathing rhythmically , but her hand was fully on my cock as if she was holding it. She was perhaps in deep sleep.

My cock started gaining its size and tightness, and within no time and to my horror, it started touching the cheeks of Sis. I was startled and there was nothing I could do anything for it. After about one minute SIS moved a bit in her sleep and now my cock was not touching her cheeks , but was quite near to her lips. In all her squirming and twisting in her sleep, the side of my lungi had moved to one side and my cock was wrapped only in my V shape underwear. Sis’s hand was squarely on my cock now and in her sleep she had almost wrapped her fingers around it and in a way now she was holding my lund( though in underwear) in her fist. Now lust was overriding my mind and thinking and I was enjoying the movement a lot.

In my lust I unknowingly pushed my pelvis toward her mouth and my cock started touching her lips. It was the most erotic moment of my life as I had never seen my SIS as a sex object and I had never seen her even half nude. And now my cock was knocking on her lips. I had not even dreamt of such thing in my dreams even. I had pushed the chadar to one side a bit ,enough for me to see what is going on under it. The light in the train compartment was off, but the compartment was illuminated enough for me to see the most erotic movement of my life, below the chadar.

I could see my fully erect cock which was in Sis’s fist and her fingers wrapped squarely around it , and under only thin cloth of underwear , it was touching her lips. My lust knew no bounds, I thrust it forward and mushroom shaped head of my lundtried to gain entry in my Sis’ mouth. But it was not possible as my cock is already very thick and now it had grown so thick that even I had also never seen it so big ever and also it was wrapped under underwear.

Suddenly I felt some movement in Sis’s hands and her fingers tightened aroung my lund. Perhaps she was having some dream. But it was true that though SIS may be sound sleep but I was wake and my cock was tight enough. Sis’s fingers tightened as a fist and suddenly I felt again some movement in her hand , as if she was trying to move her hand up and down my shaft, as if trying to give me a hand job. I was in cloud nine. I again pushed forward and tried to jab my cock in her mouth. Though it could not go in her mouth , but still its force opened her lips a bit and I am sure that if my cock was not under my underwear, it could have gone some in her mouth.

I felt her fingers moving under my underwear and from the side of it ( as there was gap in side as my erect cock was tight and it had been standing forward so there was some space in the side from where Sis’s 2 fingers slipped in my underwear and her nails started scratching the underside of my lund.

I was in a dilemma whether SIS was in her sleep or she had awakened . It is quite possible that she may be in dream and in her dream she was thinking my cock to be of her husband . If this is the position, I was in great trouble, because when Siswakes up and find that it is my cock instead of her husband and also it so tight and erect and instead of telling or stopping her movements I was rather enjoying with my elder Sis. She surely was going to be pissed off and be very annoyed with me. And if she is awake and doing it knowingly I had got a jackpot lottery.

But as there was no way to know it, I decided to play safe and closed my eyes as if I was also in deep sleep and in my same sitting position I put my head backward and rested it on the side of our berth.

Now Sis’s fingers were moving on the bare skin of cock on the underside and her big nails were scratching it, which was sending the waves of joy in me. I was pushing my cock forward and trying to put it through her lips as far as possible.

Sis’s fist was holding my cock perfectly and her fingers were moving underside of my lund. All this was becoming more and more unbearable for me. I didn’t know what to do, I opened my eyes a bit and saw in my laps. Sis’s eyes were closed and breathing normal. I gazed at Sis’s beautiful face and I sensed that now her breathing was not so rhythmic . It was somewhat shallow and I could sense that while Sis’s nails were scratching my cock from the underside, not even once she had scratched it strong enough to be unbearable.

I didn’t know how this will end up but certainly my lust was growing. I tried to do something now. I slowing put my fingers on the other side of my V shape underwear and tried to pull it to that side. As from my right side Sis’s fingers were already on my cock I pushed the cloth to other side. Perhaps SIS also felt the cloth of underwear moving and in her sleep unknowingly she loosened her grip on my cock and I pulled the cloth from the head of my lund. As soon as the cloth pulled aside my cock got free from its confinement of underwear, it jerked upward due to its tightness .

This was rather a bad situation for me. Before this my cock was wedged somewhat in my Sis’s lips and also her hand was holding it in its grip, but now as it got freed from underwear, now it was standing like a flagpole and looking towards the ceiling. Because of the jerk with which my cock got free, and as SIS had loosened her grip now it was free from her hand . It was totally free and not touching her in anyway. Neither was it her hand nor touching her lips as before.

I cursed my stars, for loosing the golden chance to enjoy with my Sis. I had lost all contact and lost whatever enjoyment I was getting before. I sat still thinking what to do. Sis’s hand was also still and she was sleeping as before. The situation was very frustrating for me, as before it, SIS was at least holding my cock but now nothing. I sat there frozen in same position.

About 2 minutes passed as such. These 2 minutes were like 2 years for me.

Suddenly I felt some movement down in my lap. I opened my eyes a bit , just enough to see. And I found Sis’s hand fumbling for something. She was certainly moving her hand a bit as if searching for something. Perhaps she was in sleep and in her dream she was searching for something she was holding in her hand before ( in dream).

I thought of an idea and slowly put my hand on the base of my cock and tried to push it downward, so that my Sis’s hand may touch it and she may again held it in her hand in her dream. I kept pushing it down ward till it touched my Sis’s face on her cheeks.

She immediately held it in her hand ,again wrapped her fingers around it and now she was holding it firmly in her fist. I was in cloud nine and now it was more enjoyable as now my cock was bare and free from the confinements of underwear and now it was skin to skin touch , which was hundred times more enjoyable now.

The supara( mushroom shaped head ) of my cock was touching her cheeks and she was holding it in her hand and was slowing moving her hand along side the complete length of my lund. I was in double mind as to whether she was in sleep (dream) or awake?

Anyway whatever be the case , I was benefitted. Suddenly there was some movement in Sis’s body and she retreaded her face backward a bit, so that now my cock was not touching her cheeks but was in line of her lips.

To my amazement and astonishment , she pushed my cock downward and my cock started touching her mouth. All this was becoming unbearable for me. You can imagine the situation, here I was sitting cross legs on the upper berth of train compartment , in almost dark as all lights were switched off barring one or two small night lights on the far end of compartment. Some old man was fast sleep on the opposite berth of train. And in my lap my SIS was lying holding my tight and erect cock in her hand, moving her hand on my cock ( I think in sleep), and she had just pushed her head backward in sleep so that the mushroom head of my cock was resting on her closed lips. Bodies of both of us were covered under a thin sheet of cloth which I had pushed aside just enough to have a peep as to what was going down there in my lap.

I was burning in lust and was in dilemma as what to do now. The situation was becoming overtly erotic and I was searching for some release from my cock to satisfy my lust. My cock had become so tight that it was almost hurting now. I had never even imagined such a situation in my life, so my lust knew no bounds.

A small drop of pre cum emerged on the tip of my lund. As the head of my cock was resting on the lips of Sis, she could also felt some thing wet on her lips. I feared to death, as there was some movement in her body.

Suddenly I saw that the tip of tongue of my SIS snaked out of her lips and she licked it from the head of my lund. Her grip on my cock tightened. Now I saw that Sis’s eye lids started opening slowly , perhaps she was awake and wanted to see in my side. I immediately shut my eyes and kept my head resting on the back side of berth as if I was in deep sleep. But I kept a small opening in my eyes, to see what my SIS is going to do. I saw that she looked toward me from her half opened eyes and when she found me sleeping , she opened her eyes fully and closely examined my erect cock in her hand.

My heart was thumping with joy. Here she was fully awake and still holding my tight and erect cock in her hand and looking keenly its size and girth. I have a big size of cock and I am proud of its size, which today had increased so much due to first time of my Sis’s hands touching it.

When she found me sleeping she smiled a sexy smile and moved her hand on the complete length of my cock . I was so happy , I knew I had won the lottery, with first prize. It was clear that she was long awake and what ever was going down in my lap , she was a willing participant in that. The lips of my SIS parted a bit and she put them on the tip of my cock and gave a kiss on head of it.

She kept her lips opened a bit , as if they were parted in sleep and kept them on the head of my lund. Her hand kept moving on the complete length of my cock and that kept giving me sheer pleasure.

This kept on going for some minutes. Now I knew that my SIS is fully awake and willingly putting her lips on the crown of my cock ,is caressing its full length with her fist . My lust has increased and my cock was dying for a release now. It was about 30 minutes till it all started and now my cock was itching with the tightness and searching of shooting my semen.

I , now bolded with the act of Sis, tried to push my luck a bit more and gently , as if in sleep , gave a slight thrust of my cock on Sis’s lips. SIS turned her half opened eyes a bit toward my face to see if I was awake , but I kept my eyes closed. SIS opened her lips a bit more and now her lips were surrounding the head of my cock . I was also watching it from my closed eyes. The scene of my SIS putting her lips around my cock was so erotic that I could not stop myself and gave one another jerk of my cock on her lips.

The head ( supara) of my cock started to invade her mouth, but it rested on the closed teeth on Sis. As the cock head pushed on the teeth of my Sis, she slowly withdrew the teeth aside and gave my cock better space to go in.

Now it was clear that she liked it and she was willingly allowing me to put my cock in her mouth. Bolded by her actions I gave a strong jerk of my pelvis and pushed my cock in her mouth. Now about 2- 3 inches of my cock was there in her mouth. She slowly closed her lips around my cock and sucked her lips and cheeks in. Her mouth was fully around my cock and there were small pits in her cheeks as she had closed them around my cock and due to sucking action her cheeks had turned inward.

Her lips were closed tightly around the head of my cock , and these were so tightly closed that I found it difficult to withdrew my cock out or push in. I was floating in the ocean of lust and enjoyment. As she found that I was finding it difficult to move my cock in and out of her mouth, she slowly loosened the grip of her mouth on my cock and gave it adequate space to move in and out.

During all this action she had kept her eyes closed and was pretending as if she was in sleep. This was more suitable to me as I could enjoy her sucking ( blowjob), and also could save my brother Sis relation with her.

Now the crown of my cock was doing the job of thinking and not my head . It knew only one thing and that was blowjob and nothing else.

So I withdrew my cock out till only the head was in my Sis’s mouth and again pushed it in with a jerk. I went all the way in and touched her throat. That was inconvenient for her so she put her one hand on the base of my cock and took it in her fist, so that more than that point it could not move in her mouth. Perhaps she was drawing a limit for my lundforsucking , till a point it was easy and enjoyable for her.

About 4 inches of my cock was there in her mouth and about 3 – 3.5 inches was in her fist. She was also moving her fist on my cock and I was now openly moving my cock in and out of her mouth. In the meantime she kept her cheeks tight around my cock and kept her sucking motion. She used to put her tongue around the head of my cock and used to slurp it with the tip of it. She kept moving her tongue around my cock and kept caressing it with her tongue. She used to put the tip of her tongue on the opening of my lund( my pee point ) and kept scratching it with that. It was so enjoyable and good gesture of her. I was enjoying her sucking and also her moving of her tongue around the mushroom shaped head of my lund.

I was enjoying the first blowjob of my life. Now she brought her other hand near to my cock and put it under the testicles ( my balls). She started scratching underside of my balls with her long nails, but kept the pressure of nails so light that it was not only bearable but was most erotic and enjoyable. This added or rather multiplied me enjoyment many folds. I was enjoying the most erotic and enjoyable blowjob of my life. She was sucking it with full speed and pushing her cheeks inward she was making the sucking more intense so that it was most enjoyable. She kept moving her tongue around my cock and it kept giving me the spasms of sheer pleasure which I had never enjoyed before in my life.

She had clutched my cock in her lips so tightly that it seemed as if my cock was put in some vise or like a sword is put in some tight sheath . It was giving me intense pleasure that I can not describe. First it was for the first time in my life that my cock was being sucked and secondly it was my loving SIS who was doing it for me. I had never in my wildest dreams , dreamt of her doing a blowjob to me, and here it was really happening , and could not just believe my luck. I was in a big ocean of pleasure , my eyes were getting closed due to it .

I was ramming my cock in her mouth with fast thrusts and she also was bobbling her lips tightly around my lund.

My orgasm was nearing now. I didn’t knew that what will happen when I shoot my load out. Will it make a mess on her face or hands or what to do.

Perhaps SIS had also sensed my coming orgasm as my cock had gone tight more and also it had started swelling more and more. My breathing had intensified and there were all indications as to what was to come. I did not know what to do , so I slowly murmured as if in sleep ” Oh GOD , it is coming near.” SIS must have heard it because she increased the speed of sucking fast and also increased the speed of her fist moving on the base of my cock fast as if instead of a blowjob she was giving me a hand job. Her other hand which was scratching the underside of my balls was also moving fast now, and there was no sign of her letting my cock out of her mouth. I did not know what to do and with a strong thrust , I pushed my cock the maximum as it could go in her mouth till the base of her mouth and starting point of her throat.

With an ” Ahh” from my mouth, my cock twitched in her mouth and I gave a final push and as if some volcano erupted somewhere inside of me and the hot lava started rushing through the veins of my cock to the opening on its tip.

With a strong jerk , as if some dam collapsed in me and torrents and torrents of my cum started jutting out of my lund. The first jet of cum went directly in her throat and before it that she could withdrew her mouth a bit backward to give my cock some space, 4 – 5 more fast and big globs of my thick cum went directly in her throat to her stomach. She increased her fisting speed and also increased her sucking speed as if she was sucking a mango and SIS didn’t want to go even one single drop of my cum out of her mouth.

She kept sucking with the pressure of her cheeks and GOD knows how long I kept cumming in her mouth and she kept sucking me and drinking the cum out of me. She didn’t allow a single drop of my cum to come out of her lips but drank all the cum , my cock released. After some time , the speed of my discharge subsided and now only some droplets were coming out of the tip of my cock , but SIS kept sucking my cock , she kept moving the tip of her tongue moving the opening of my cock and slurping the cum out of it and didn’t allow even a single drop to come out of her lips.

It was the most intense orgasm of my life and I found that Sis’s body was also shivering and giving small spasms. Perhaps she had also cum and was going through her own orgasm. Now my cock shrunk to a small size and when SIS found it going soft. She let it come out of my mouth and turned her body to other side as if in sleep, one takes a turn. In all this episode she had kept her eyes shut and was pretending sleep. I was in a fix , as to whatever had just happened was reality or a dream.

But my shrinking cock and the ocean of lust and enjoyment I had just received, were all proof of it being true.

SIS kept lying facing other side for about 20-30 minutes and I kept sitting like this on the berth. I had put my cock back in the underwear and had adjusted my lungi.

After some time SIS turned toward me and opening her eyes , called my name and said. ” Suresh! what is the time? I think I had slept for a long time.” I said ” SughandhaSis! It is about 1.30 am .” She sat on the seat and said ” Oh Suresh! I have slept so long. As soon as I lied on the seat , I slept and now I am awaking. Why had you not awaked me? You must be feeling bore and tired all the way sitting like this. You should have asked me to get up.”

I smiled and thought that SIS don’t want to destroy our brotherly/ sisterly relations, so keeping with the pretense of her innocence I also said in the same tone ” OhSis! You were sleeping so sound and even snoring that I did not dared to disturb your sleep. Also now Panipat is coming in about half an hour and I was about to awake you. You have to go to your in-laws, and may not get time for sleep now, while after leaving you in next station , I will sleep myself as I have still left a very long journey till Hydrabadand will get enough time for rest.”

SIS gave a small loving pat on my face and smilingly said ” O.K! chhotebhaiya ( young brother) Get aside now and let me go to bathroom to fresh up and get ready for leaving the train.”

She got up and went to bathroom, and in meanwhile I got a call from my jijaji on my phone that he has reached the Panipat station and was waiting for the train. I informed him of my compartment number and also its position and also told him that we are ready to meet him.

After about 5 minutesSIS came back, she had adjusted her clothes and had also a bit of her makeup. I also aligned down of the berth and helped her to taking her luggage near to the gate. By them the train has reached railway station and slowed down. SIS was standing near the gate and seeing my jijaji standing there , she waved toward him and he also seeing us reached us. Train stopped , we got the luggage of SIS on platform. I hugged my jijaji and exchanged pleasantries with him. He told me to take care of myself in Hydrabad as I was to return after about one year ( a first time being away from family for a long time ).

Now the train was about to start. It gave whistle, I shook hand with jijaji. SIS kept giving me advices like a big Sis for what to do and not to do , when away from home. Then the train started moving, SIS caressed my head lovingly and shook hand with me.

While shaking hand with me , slowly and secretly SIS pushed something in my hand. It felt like some paper or some currency notes. I she was secretly doing it, so I got surprised and also acting innocent , I wrapped my fingers around it and hid it in my palm.

I boarded my train back and waved good- bye to SIS and jijaji. When train gained speed , I went back to my upper berth in the compartment, and opened my fist to see as to what my SIS had secretly pushed in my hand.

It was a small piece of paper, I unfolded it . It was a small letter , which I read ” Suresh! You are going away for a long time. I had not given you any parting gift. I decided to give you some special gift, which you will remember for long time , when you are away from me. I hoped you liked my parting ( good-bye gift) and I hope it will keep you remembering your SIS for one year till you come back. Anyway! How was the gift.”

I kissed the letter many time and opening my wallet , I put it safely there. I murmured ” Oh Sis! I liked your gift the most. I love you SIS and will never forget you or your good-bye gift”.

Floating in the thoughts of my loving Sis, and thinking about the unique good-bye gift , she gave me, I don’t know when I slept.

Till today the same letter is still safe in my purse. I am keeping a photo of my loving SIS in my wallet and below it I keep that letter, so whenever I open my purse , I see SIS and her letter and then I smile arises on my face on remembering her and her good-bye gift. I know I can never forget my loving SIS and her good – bye gift / present.

What do you think?.

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