My married sister Tony

I am well experienced in sexual activities as I have been with gals as well as ladies for last 3 years. I am just 25 years old as I have enjoyed my married sister Tony before her marriage as she lost her virginity to me and after her marriage we both got chances of making love.she is in her parents home as our hot night party (My married sister Tony in a party )ends well with great sex in a park as well as parking morning we both are having tea together as she is bit shy and my mom is busy in preparing breakfast for us.lookijh at him ,I asked……”Tony how are you feeling after a hot party?
(Tony bowed her head) feeling bit ashamed as well as hot
(Mohit) oh but there is no need to be ashamed with me Tony
(Tony) ok but now no more sexual relationship between us
(Mohit) but why you are thinking like that ,we are enjoying together and I think we can enjoy more for a week
(Tony smiled) but Mohit don’t you have girl friend for enjoying it.” And after having a cup of coffee ,I left her in balcony as I walked to my washroom and have a nice bath as well as I took breakfast ,I moved to my college for my classes . In the evening I came back ,my hot sister tony is watching t.v as both mom and daughter are talking also. I moved inside my bedroom as I change my dress and after refreshment ,came in dinning hall to join them . Mom have moved to kitchen as I sits near my sister ,she is wearing a long gawn as I put my hand on her strong thighs and started rubbing it slowly .looking at me Tony said…….”Mohit keep away your hand from me ,mom is coming soon .” And I left her thigh as my mom came with cup of coffee ,we three started drinking it ,my sister tony is talking with her mom on her return plan to her hubby.after drinking coffee,mom left us as I moved to balcony .while sitting there alone I am waiting for my sister to come ,after 10 minutes she came and have a chair to sit,we are too close as my sister is looking at me and my eyes are on her I put my hand on her breast and started pressing it hard as I can see Tony’s hand coming on my thigh and she started rubbing my thigh as her hand moved inside my Bermuda from its corner.she have hold my penis inside my Bermuda as I put lips on her I took my sister’s lips in between my lips and started sucking it while massaging her breast hardly.after a while my hot sister took out my penis from Bermuda and have hold my neck while she pushed her long tongue in my mouth to suck as I am too hot and Tony is masturbating my cock fastly while I am sucking her tongue . our eyes are closed as we are breathing fastly and Tony pushed my head back as her tongue is out of my mouth.
Tony is bit afraid as she moved towards dinning hall to see her mom. I am waiting for her to come as she have made me hot and after a while ,she came back and sits on my legs as she pulled my Bermuda down to legs.looking at me ,she hold my long hard dick and started kissing it while removing it’s skin.later on my glans is moving on her lovely face as she is rubbing it on her rossy lips and lastly opened her mouth and took my whole cock in her mouth as she closed the mouth and started sucking it with her mouth giving my penis hard jerk,my hand is on her breast as I am pressing it hard.after sucking my cock for 3-4 minutes ,she took it out as her tongue is rolling on it to taste her mouth’s we both are too hot as I want to fuck my hot sister there but after licking my penis for a while she sucked it again and lastly sits on chair……..

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Mohit go and see what’s your mom is doing right now
(Mohit) ok darling.” And I put my Bermuda on waist and walked towards dinning hall ,as my mom is not inside kitchen I moved towards her bed room as I am near her room’s door ,I put my eyes inside from the corner of curtain ,oh no, my hot mom is nude as I can see her nude back and lovely ass .she is standing infront of a mirror and I am looking her hot body ,waiting for her to turn back ,now she pick up her peticote from her bed and put it on her waist ,now she turned back as I can see two water melons on her chest with long browenish aerola ,my penis is in full erection as I can see her putting a blouse on her chest. I walked away to balcony and now sits on her legs,my sister put her gawn on her waist as she stretched her legs wide while sitting on chairs corner and I put my lips on her labias. I kissed her labias as my fingers opened her vaginal hole ,now my tongue is moving inside her cunt as she have hold my hairs tightly and I am licking her vagina with my tongue fastly as I can hear her sexy voice “oohhhhh aah ummm need your fuck .” And I licked it for a while but took her vagina in my mouth to suck. Tony pushed my face back and I stand in front of him , she is eager for intercourse but I sit on my chair……..” Tony are you feeling well
(She smiled) no I am in desperate need of your cock in my cunt
(Mohit) but Tony wait for midnight ,how we can enjoy fuck in presence of mom .” And she explained her plan.
Tony walked to her bedroom as I have to enter her washroom from the back door opening in the backyards.after a while ,I moved towards backyard in a dark light as street lamps are making dim light there . I stands near the washroom door and pushed it slowly ,oh I can see my hot sister nude under cascade.she is enjoying her bath as I moved inside and closed the I removed my Bermuda and hold my sister in my arms tightly ,we both are under cascade as she kissed my lips and than turned her back ,she have put her arms on wall as her ass is inviting me for fuck .she is like a four legged animal and I pushed my long cock inside her cunt and hold her waist tightly ,now I pushed my cock hard and she screamed “oh aahh it’s too hot and hard.” But I am fucking her with speed and power as we both are nude and wet .now Tony started moving her ass fast as my penis is hitting her deep vagina ,she is enjoying my fuck as my hand is on her breast to press it hard.she is swinging her ass in speed as her cunt become juicy but I am pounding her glory hole with my hard tool ,after 10 minutes of fuck ,I screamed…….”ooh aahh have my cum you bitch aah it’s all over.”and my penis ejaculated sperms in her cunt and she sucked my cock to taste the cum.

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