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It’s a true incidence happened 03 years ago. I was just 20 years old as my mom Nancy is of 38 years and my younger sister Renu was just 18 night I was in my bedroom and door of room was opened as I was looking at a porn clip in my mobile while masturbating my penis and my mom entered inside as she saw me masturbating my cock .on the other side,one evening when I was moving in my backyards with my younger sister Renu,I have hold her breast as I pressed it for some time and Renu have shown her strong mom Nancy have asked me several things after my long cock have being visible to him in my morning ,it was weekend as holiday .my dad is out of town as I am in balcony with a cup of tea as my mom came there with a cup of tea and took a chair to sit……..”how are you young guy ?
(Rajiv) I am fine mom
(Mom)nice but what you were doing while door of room was opened
(Rajiv in fear and bit shy) sorry for it mom
(Mom) ok but yours age is now demanding ,isn’t it?
(Rajiv) yes but I can’t fulfill my desires
(Mom)oh I see ,if I help you for that
(Rajiv) please stop talking about it mom
(Mom)no Rajiv ,desires should be fulfilled but not at the cost of others
(Rajiv)but I can’t understand your view
(Mom) oh Rajiv ,just think if you fulfill your desires with any gals or ladies may be you face some sort of problem
(Rajiv) yes I have not a single girlfriend
(Mom)I will fulfill your desires even I know your younger sister’s desires and I will teach both of you lesson of sex.” And while talking about sex with my mom ,my penis got erected and after some time i left balcony as I am in my bedroom. I took a nice bath as mom have prepared breakfast for us and now we three are having breakfast together ,looking at Renu mom smiled…….”Renu your brother get caught while masturbating his penis
(Renu laughed) oh means Raju have no girl friend
(Mom) Renu stop laughing , I have seen you fingering your cunt
(Rajiv) it’s nice that she have boyfriend but she is afraid of cock.” And Renu is bit shy while my mom Nancy is smiling at us.after our breakfast ,I left for my room as Renu walked inside mom’s room with I am a day dreamer but what I am dreaming is beyond our limit,as our society doesn’t permits sex between family members .mom have given us proposal for sex as I am in my bedroom and while holding my mobile ,I am watching a porn video.after 10-15 minutes ,my penis is fully erected as my eye is concentrated on the screen ,a hot scene of pornstar Tera Patrick near a sea beach with her boyfriend having physical relationship is making me hot and in a sudden ,I heard some voice……….”oh what a nice scene it is. And in hurry I closed the video as I can see my mom standing near my face.she is wearing a full brassier on her boobs as her lower parts are covered with a mini sexy and hot my mom is now ,I wake up on bed and smiled…….

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“oh mom ,when you came inside my bedroom ,I was not aware.”

And she sits on bed as her mini skirts is now upto her pelvic zone ,you can imagine my mom’s skirt length as I am sitting in front of nancy.she is looking like a hot blonde in her dress and she surprised me as she put her heavy ass on my thigh as she puts her arms in my shoulder .we are too close as my eyes are on her hot thighs and legs ,now she put a kiss on my lips and started kissing my face while holding me tightly.
It’s a king-size bed as Nancy is kissing my lips and her left breast is pressing on my hand is rubbing her back as she took my lips in her mouth and while sucking it ,she is rubbing my back and after a while ,she pushed her tongue in my mouth and while sucking it ,I am rubbing her back as it’s semi nude.after a while my hot mom pushed me on bed as I slept on it and my hot mom started pulling down my my long cock is in her palm as she is smiling on me ………….


“mom you are too hot (Mom)leave that word Raju and call me Nancy .”

And she is now on my top as she is kissing my face to lips and neck ,her boobs are on my chest as she is kissing my chest and after a while Nancy is moving down towards my waist as my penis is rock hard ,she is kissing my thigh to legs as she is masturbating my cock and after some time ,I pushed my hot mom on bed and started pressing hard her breasts as she is screaming”oh aahh Raju press it hard ” and I am now removing her full brassier as her two water melons are nude ,I leaned on it and she pushed her breast in my mouth as I am sucking it while massaging others.she is in joy as her hand is on my ass and after some time ,I took other breast in my mouth to I am sucking it hard as my hand is pulling down her skirt and lastly she is in panty only.

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I am kissing her tummy as I am going down towards her thighs ,it’s smooth as well as I am kissing her thighs to legs as I put a pillow under her ass and stretched my mom’s legs in different direction.she is bit shy as I leaned my face in between her thighs and kissed her labias on panty and Nancy removed her panty as I can see both labias too fleshy as well as apart from each other ,her vagina is hair free but glittering vagina have black mounds on its hole I put my lips on it as I am kissing my mom’s labias while holding her thighs and I am kissing it as my mom widened her cunt to have my tongue inside cunt .now my tongue is licking my mom’s cunt as she is screaming in joy….”oohh aahh uummm Raju fuck my cunt fast.” And I am licking it with my tongue moving fast in her cunt.after a while ,I took her vagina in my mouth as I am sucking it with my hand holding her penis is rock hard as I left her and walked to washroom.

I came back as my hot mom is sitting on bed and I have wrapped a towel on my waist ,now I am on bed as my mom pulled down my towel and hold my cock hardly.she leaned her face down as she is kissing my penis ,like a bitch on bed she is on her knees and elbows ,she is rubbing it’s glans on her face to lips as I am holding her breast tightly and my other hand is on her Nancy took my penis in her mouth as she is sucking it hard and in a sudden ,my younger sister Renu entered my room as she is shocked to see us nude………

“oh my whore mom you are looking good in nudity ” and she is on bed as she is sitting near Nancy’s buttocks.she started kissing her mom’s ass as my mom is sucking my cock fastly and after some time ,Nancy started licking my cock as Renu is licking my mom’s cunt with her tongue.she is wearing a gawn as I am feeling the heat and now Nancy is sucking my penis fast and hard as I can see Renu licking her cunt with her tongue and I am pressing my mom’s big boobs hardly.after a while ,Nancy left my cock and she smiled on Renu…….

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“Raju now a young gal is here ,so make her hot as I will see it .”

We both mom and son are nude as Renu is sitting on bed wearing a gawn and now I hold her in my arms as she is trying hard to push me back and lastly I overpowered my young sister as my hand is pressing her small soft tits and she is now bit shy as I pushed her on bed and removed her gawn.she put her arms crossed on her boobs as I removed her G string and now she is also nude. I leaned on my sister as my lips are kissing her face and lips and now she have surrendered herself as I took her lips in my mouth to suck she is holding me in her arms and after a while ,I took her tongue in my mouth as I can feel her hand on my back.later on ,she took out her tongue as I am kissing her neck and now her small breast is in my mouth as I am sucking it hard with others getting hard massage.

My sister is a 18 year hot gal as I sucked her both tits and now things changed as my mom came on bed.she pushed me on bed as she is sitting near my waist and looking at Renu………”you hungry gal ,now love your brother’s cock as I will get vaginal love from his mouth .” And Renu like a novice in oral sex took my cock in her hand as she is kissing it Nancy is on my mouth as she have put her vaginal parts over my mouth and have stretched her legs I hold her waist as my lips are kissing her cunt but Nancy opened the vaginal mouth and I am fucking her glory hole with my long tongue as I can feel renu’s mouth giving my dick a nice and fast jerk. I am too hot as my penis is getting sucked twice and I am licking my mom’s cunt and she shouted …….”oohh uumm Raju I will cum soon.” And vaginal juice started flowing out from my mom’s vagina as it fells on my face and lips while I can feel my sister giving me a nice blow job and mom left my face and I am now going to cum ,as I screamed……”oohh aahh suck hard you bitch I will cum.” And Renu in a hurry left my cock but my mom took my mom as she sucked it hard and have my sperms in her mouth to taste .she smiled……….”Lesson of dirty class starts today ,ok.”

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