My sister loses her virginity by being fisted

My sister loses her virginity by being fisted, this story is kinky — from the title you know incest and fisting. There is spanking, a threesome, piss play and some other deviant sex. If you are offended by these things please do not read the story. If you enjoy the story please leave votes..

I had never thought about my little sister Ruth sexually, I was twenty and she was eight when our mother died — Dad was long gone, finding himself with some bimbo, had been mother’s comment. I could remember their fraught relationship, a non-stop series of arguments. He had walked for the final time when mother announced her pregnancy with Ruth. I don’t think either of them had wanted to be a parent, for my father Ruth had been the final straw.

Back to the present! I had been away on a course for four days — it should have been five, but I had slipped away late Thursday afternoon and a fast drive had me home mid evening. Back to Sarah my long-term girl-friend who has for the last nine years helped me take care of Ruth — bringing up a pre-teen and a teenager is not easy. Naturally that first night back home Sarah and I had a session together we sated our desire We were lying on the bed in a state which was a sort of cross between an interlude and post-coital bliss. Sarah was at the top of the bed, head propped up on pillows and the bed-head, legs akimbo. I was lying between her legs, my right-hand remained buried in her pussy but motionless. Sarah was looking up at the mirror tiled patch on the ceiling, above the bed.

Fisting was our favourite kink. We had been together for eight years, going on for nine, we had been doing fisting for so long Sarah was really slack, I could get a fist wrist deep in her pussy without lube, although we both preferred to use copious amounts of KY.

Although we had other kinks, nothing surpassed fisting. Our bedroom reflected our nature – literally. We both find visuals to be a turn-on, like life is a non-stop porn film. Hence the eight foot square of mirror tiles above the bed, the large long mahogany frame mirror on the wall to the left of the bed, and the large pub mirror on the wall to the right of the bed. Whatever the position, turn our heads and at least one of us could see ourselves.

“Do you still have that fantasy about fisting a virgin?” Sarah asked.

“Its not a fantasy, more like a burning desire! Yes of course I do.”

“Say I told you that I think I have found the virgin — will it be a threesome.”

Sarah can swing both ways when she wants, to the best of my knowledge this has always been a threesome involving me.

A secret smile went from me to her. “Of course it will be a threesome. Whenever I’ve been with another woman it always has been in a threesome with you. It always will be a threesome. Now tell me more.”

“I’m not sure if you’ll like this.”

“If it’s making my fantasy come true of course I will like it. Sarah if this is a wind-up I’ll ….” I left the words unspoken. I think I know Sarah and she would not be that cruel.

“You would what?” She asked, suddenly there was a sharp edge in her voice. Any perceived threat and Sarah went on the offensive, I could not blame her, not after the way her husband had knocked her about.

Sarah was three years older than me, at school she had been the golden girl of the sixth-form, who was every boy in my years masturbation dream-girl. She had and still has a body to die for. I am sure she could have been a model if she had only had more self-confidence. She is relatively slim, long legs, a firm ass rounded buttocks, flat abdomen and an hour glass waist. Her breasts are neither too large nor too small importantly they are firm, at thirty-three she can still go bra-less and they do not droop.

At school the boys in my class we were all bereft, when she went on to college. She had been one of those golden girls, you will know the type, in the local paper for either academic achievement, or sporting prowess. In Sarah’s case her exploits as a horse rider. The whole town was stunned when the news broke — she had given everything up and married Chris Carter. He was another former student at my school. The gossip soon started. The fall of the golden girl. Sarah was pregnant and the whole town was talking.

She then lost the child, the cause of her dropping out of college, and the reason for getting married. Carter used her as a punch-bag, until after years of this they split-up. Not long afterwards she hooked-up with me. Initially I think she just wanted a place to live, I needed child-care for Ruth. The arrangement at the outset was “child-care with benefits”. — Love came later. When I think about her history with Carter I think it is strange she enjoys being a consensual submissive.

“Oh nothing my love,” Sarah was still, all these years later too fragile to be threatened even in jest. “But I shall love you more than I already do if you do make this kinky desire of mine happen.”

“I’m not sure – James stop please you know I hate that!”

I had moved my hand so my fingers were pressing gently on her bladder — as she said, Sarah hated it when I made her pee involuntarily. I quite enjoyed doing it to her, all to do with domination and establishing who was in control of who. “I promise you will pee yourself if you keep prevaricating — piss will gush out of you like you never dreamed was possible. Now say who the mystery virgin is.”

She said one word, the name I would never have guessed. “Ruth.”

“Ruth?” I echoed her.

“Yes Ruth.”

True enough Ruth, my little sister was a virgin. In fact she was the only eligible virgin that I knew — eligible being over the age of eighteen and female. “Are you sure — I thought she was asexual, more interested in her horse than sex.” I could not have been more shocked if Sarah had said the candidate was a novice from the Little Sisters of the Poor!

I recalled her eighteenth birthday party, how could I forget it, the party had cost me an arm and a leg. To be honest I was a little envious, my eighteenth had passed almost unmarked – Mum had been ill. I made sure none of Ruth’s big events went unmarked. Ruth, my sister had some boy in tow at her eighteenth birthday party, Sarah and I had been certain she would have him stay over, but no! Sarah even took her to one side and told her we were cool if she wanted him to stay. But when the party ended she had seen him to the door, bidding him goodnight with a chaste peck.

“Let’s just say she is a dark horse.”

“Are you sure?”

“Ninety-nine per cent certain. Lets put it this way it is not just a hunch. She asked me about fisting. – Don’t look like that!”

I was shocked, Sarah said I often lifted my eyebrows when questioning something — I reckon they had shot into the vertical plane. My little sister asking about fisting, she hardly ever asked about sex or relationships, not with me, not with Sarah. I was having difficulty getting my head round this, sure I knew she was maturing — her eighteenth birthday party had cost me more than a weeks salary — but still in my mind she was frozen in time as my little sister. It is illogical I know but that is how it is. “Tell me more.”

“It was the night before last, Tuesday night. We were both in the living room, the TV was on neither of us were watching it, I was on my I-pad messaging you, Ruth had her lap-top open. Suddenly I realised the muffled sound track I could here sounded like porn. You know that electro nothing music.”

“That’s nothing maybe something else,” I said not wanting to believe her.

“I did not believe my own ears. So I asked her what she was doing. – Bold as brass she said watching a porn move. So I let it go — she’s an adult.”

“So she’s watching porn — everyone does.” I answered casually — I did not feel so cool.

“Yes as you say. We were drinking wine. She poured me another glass then out of the blue she said. Sarah you let James fist you. I think I blushed and mumbled a reply — this was not a conversation I had been expecting to ever have with your little sister, I mean she is like a cross between a daughter and a younger sister to me. I don’t usually get embarrassed and tongue-tied, but right then I was speechless. She was really insistent demanding an answer. It was when she said to me. You do, don’t fib — I’ve seen you.”

“She’s what?”

“She says she came home early one weekend and we were in the living room having a major session.”

“The weekend Shirley was ill?” I remembered she had been babysitting for a neighbour and should have been away all weekend while the parents were taking a romantic break. For a change Sarah and I had the house to ourselves. We had played with wild abandon, starting on the Friday evening shortly after Ruth had left, we had started. First we had showered together — my soapy fist slithering into Sarah’s pussy. Not bothering to dress we had gone into the kitchen, Sarah had lain on the hard counter and again I had fisted her. We had adjourned to the bedroom — you get the idea, sleep had not been on the agenda. Saturday had been a continuation of Friday evening. Yes I could understand how Ruth had seen us, because unfortunately on the Saturday, the mother Shirley had developed full blown flu, unknown to us they returned home early, bringing Ruth’s baby-sitting job to an early end. Unusually Ruth had telephoned before coming home, now I realised she had already come home and was merely being diplomatic. “I wonder what she saw?” I mused.

“Me with my pussy being stretched.”

Sarah was right by Saturday evening we had been getting quite extreme, at one time I had put a baseball bat in her pussy, Sarah had been screeching with joy, by that stage she had been in a state where the slightest touch caused yet another orgasm. With Ruth around we had few opportunities to go to these extremes.

“So what was said, after she said she’d seen us?”

“I told her it wasn’t like in some of the porn videos, you didn’t force me and I enjoyed it. To which she said, she knew that. Then she asked me what it was like. I tried to explain to her the emotional pleasure I got from surrendering my body to you. That my body was a gift to you — it was also a demonstration of my trust in you.”

I had heard this before but I still enjoyed this recitation of her love for me so I listened silently without any comments.

“I said this is absolute trust that you will not hurt me in a permanent or malicious way. You take me to and through my pain barrier teasing my body. She asked me how I felt physically. I tried to explain the excitement beforehand, when during the day I’d look at your hand and shiver in anticipation. I told her how good and satisfying it felt when my pussy was full, when I could see your fist moving in my belly. How I would cum so much and so hard that I seemed to be all warm liquid. I must have told it right because she said she would like to be fisted.”

“OMG How love you Sarah.” What more could I say.

“So I said to her, it needed to be with someone she trusted. Immediately she replied, that the person she’d most trust she couldn’t do it with. Why not I asked? Acting the innocent although to be honest James I had a shrewd idea. Because he is not available, Ruth replied. I answered, he might be. Well we sort of verbally went around in circles until I said to her, be truthful you want to be fisted by James.” Sarah laughed, when she laughed her pussy muscles contracted on my fist, Sarah gave a little gasp, “And another one!” She said as she came once again. “Where was I? Yes I said it was you she wanted and eventually she admitted I was correct. I said that I’d share you with her if you were cool. So now the choice is yours.”

“Is the Pope a Catholic? I responded, of course I am up for it.”

My little sister must have been listening, the bedroom walls are not sound-proof and I guess she probably had a glass against the wall. She did not even have the good grace to act surprised when I said. “Ruth come through to our bedroom now.”

She followed me into the bedroom, she was wearing a garment best described as long t-shirt or short night-shirt with Disney prints on it. I got back into bed beside Sarah, we were both wearing t-shirts and I had donned a pair of shorts.

“Sit here,” Sarah said patting the bed beside her.

“Are we going to…?”

“No!” Sarah replied, “well not tonight, anticipation is everything, you can only loose your cherry once so we all want it to be very special.”

“We wait until Saturday evening, so we are all rested.” I said.

“I am going to make it very special for all of us.” Sarah said, “A nice meal, not too much but just right, a couple of glasses of wine, soft music and we will all enjoy ourselves.”

As Sarah said anticipation is everything, for about an hour the three of us sat talking, choreographing some of what would happen on Saturday. Then I turned to Ruth, “are you absolutely sure you want to do this. If you have second thoughts at any time don’t be afraid to say. But be warned once we start passion and lust will kick-in and there will be no going back.”

“James I am sure.”

When Ruth had gone to bed Sarah said, “Now is our time stud.” She grasped my erect cock. I rolled her over onto her back she lifted her legs onto my shoulders. Slowly my cock slid into her gaping pussy. Two things about fisting. First after a time the gape becomes permanent so a good screw can last a lot, lot longer time — I suppose that is to be expected! Second — and this is unexpected the more a pussy is fisted the more sensitive it becomes — Sarah rapidly reaches a point where she has an orgasm each time my cock shoves into her. We prefer long slow strokes, my cock comes out of her just parting her labia then slowly I push into her until our pubic bones touch, back out I come with exaggerated slowness a pause and then re-enter!

Eventually I am cumming. “James that is so good.” Sarah purrs catlike in my ear. We kiss, eventually I fall asleep — dreaming of Saturday — when I awake I wonder if Sarah and Ruth are also dreaming about Saturday.

Friday at work, time had dragged. Sarah and Ruth were both mysterious and obviously excited. I returned to discover Sarah and Ruth intended our evening meal to be formal, unusually we were to eat at the dining table, usually we ate in the kitchen seated around the scrubbed pine table.

The three of us were seated at the dining table eating our meal, Sarah sitting on my left, Ruth to the right of me. Like the table, which was covered with a white linen table cloth and lit by candles, all three of us were formally dressed. When I came in from work both women were wearing gowns and looked to be in party mode, Sarah chivvied me to dress “properly” – this involved wearing a tie and my favourite waistcoat.

We had just finished eating the main course when suddenly Ruth grabbed my hand, using both hands she moulded and shaped my hand into a four finger arrow-head, my thumb tucked in. “Oh Jay all this will be in me.” My little sister is the only person I allow to call me Jay, mother used to call me Jay.

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“It will little sister.”

“All the way in up to your wrist.” She looked into my eyes. “I want it in no matter how much it hurts.”

“I won’t force you — if you say stop…..”

“If I say stop, or anything else please just ignore me and carry-on.”

“Ruth that is not how it works.” I replied.

I had more to say but Sarah cut in.”Don’t worry Ruth, James will not stop I know exactly what you mean.”

“I wish I did.” This went against everything I knew, all the beliefs I shared with Sarah — or so I thought; like, respect for my sub, caring for my sub.

Sarah turned giving me her serious look. “James listen to your sister, Ruth trusts you, she trusts your experience, she knows you will not cause her damage or any real harm, she also recognises she might panic and cry stop when on reflection she would want you to continue. What she is saying is use her body but care for her.”

“Yes Jay that is what I was saying.”

“That is a lot of responsibility you are putting on me.”

“Because I love you Jay, because I love you both Jay, you and Sarah too. I am so excited.”

While I was clearing the plates, Sarah filled our glasses not with the full bodied red wine we had been drinking, but with champagne. ” A toast,” she said when I returned. “Grab your glass James. Good, now we will raise our glasses and bid farewell to Ruth’s virginity.”

“Farewell virginity.” We all said as we clinked our glasses.

“Are you looking forward to having your first orgasm?” I asked Ruth.

Ruth laughed, “It won’t be my first.”

I felt a sense of let down, “I thought you were a ..”

“Oh Jay you are naïve. I can be a virgin and have orgasms. I’ve played with my clit, rubbed between my legs, and I’ve cum but nothing has been pushed into my pussy.”

“And I thought you were innocent.”

Ruth giggled. “That’s rich from you. I would have a hard job being innocent with you two in the next bedroom going at it like a pair of bunny rabbits. I cannot remember when I did not know what you were doing. No I did not know exactly, but I did know it was sex.”

“You always appeared disinterested in sex,” Sarah said.

“Yes!” I said, “Like your eighteenth birthday you didn’t hook-up with anyone.”

“That brother dear is because I knew there is only man I wanted to do it with, and that man is you. I had watched enough films to know about threesomes, and I knew by now enough about your kinky sex sessions to believe a threesome was a possibility. Sex with the two people who I love the most, what more could I want?”

I was shocked, my little sister was not only revealing her hidden depths but also revealing that she was a scheming little minx.

“I’ve an idea, lets all sleep together tonight.” Sarah said.

“I thought we were waiting for tomorrow.” Ruth said adding, “but I am up for it.”

“What happened to anticipation?” I too was, in my sister’s words, up for it, but I was tired and looking forward to a quiet day gearing up for the evening orgy.

“This will enhance anticipation. Touching and orgasms allowed but big but … Ruth’s knickers stay on.”

I turned toward Sarah, raised my glass and said. “Only you my kinky erotic darling could think of this finesse.”

Our clothes were discarded in a trail leading through the house to the bedroom, in less than ten minutes we were in bed. Three of us in a row, Ruth to my left, Sarah to my right. Looking up I could see us side by side. Sarah skin with a light tan, golden blonde hair, (later in the summer her tan would darken. Ruth and I shared our father’s wiry red hair, (we shared the nickname “Ginger”), both of us had creamy white skin that burned in the sun. I was tall like our father, Ruth was heavier built with broad hips.

“This isn’t right.” Sarah said, “tonight Ruth should be in the middle.”

My sister Ruth got up on all fours and straddled me as she changed position. On all fours her tits aided by gravity looked distinctly bigger. I was unable to resist fondling a passing breast. “Bigger than I thought little sister.”

Ruth responded by lowering her belly so she brushed my hard cock. “Pretty big yourself brother dear.”

“Hey you two don’t for…”

Ruth cut-off Sarah’s protest kissing her long and hard on her lips.

The three of us formed a me lee of hot flesh in contact with hot flesh. The sound track of heavy breathing, sighs, and mews. One of my hands trapped between my sister and my partner tentatively explored one of Ruth’s breasts — my fingers encountering other fingers on a similar mission — at this contact Sarah giggled. As Ruth leaned over toward Sarah, the panty clad lower part of her body remained on top of me. The little minx ground herself against me. My free hand attempted to investigate the gusset of her knickers, I was unsuccessful in my endeavour a sharp slap bringing this little adventure to an end. “Not now!” Ruth said sharply.

“I was only ….”

Ruth responded by leaping off the bed. “You were only?”

“Only having a feel of your knickers, knickers are very erotic you know.– Anyway what is sauce for the Goose is sauce for the gander and look what you have done to me.” I said pointing to my erection.

“A weak excuse brother dear, you have been near my knickers all my life! But if they are suddenly so stimulating then you should have them.” She stroked her hands down her hips gave a little wriggle and half stepped out of her knickers.

I stared goggle-eyed, for the first time in my life I was looking at my naked sister and seeing not an annoying younger sister, but a young woman who was a sex object. I think in reality it was a frozen instant, but it appeared to be longer, a lot longer. I appraised her firm rounded breasts, her small button like nipples — begging to be sucked. Her waist was not slim but neither had she any fat, her hips were wide, a legacy from our mother I recall. Her belly and abdomen were flat and firm, the lower part of her belly sporting a bush of bright red hair. Unlike Sarah Ruth was unshaven, interesting I could not recall having sex with a woman with an untrimmed bush. Her buttocks an apple like rounding, firm a result of horse riding as were her shapely leg muscles.

With her toe she hooked the knickers off the floor. A quick high kick and her knickers landed on me. Simultaneously affording me a perfect view of her untrammelled pussy. A pussy I would soon possess.

I held them in one hand. “Go on then,” Ruth said, “have a sniff, smell my sex on them.”

I could not take my eyes off her. My little sister, who until a couple of days ago I had considered sexless, standing at the foot of my bed, legs akimbo, punctuating her words by thrusting her pelvis forward.

Sarah’s hand curled around my rampant cock. “Ruth put a pair of knickers on before James grabs you and you loose your cherry unceremoniously — or is that what you want?”

“No I want to wait it will be far more fun.” Ruth replied.

“Here you are.” I said throwing the scrap of cloth back to her.

“Lie back and enjoy.” Sarah said before she filled her mouth with my cock. Oh the ecstasy, the relief! I was not being made to wait, obviously Sarah’s anticipation edict did not apply to me. There was movement at the foot of the bed. I could feel and sense Ruth moving up the bed parting my legs. Her breath on my scrotum. A moment later her mouth massaging my balls.

“Change”, I heard Sarah say. Momentary fear — was I to be left without the relief I had been expecting? Fears gone as a mouth again enveloped my throbbing cock. The technique had changed — instantly I understood — now it was Ruth, my little sister who was sucking my cock.

My eyes were shut, I lay back enjoying the sensation of the two women in my life serving my every need. I felt like an oriental potentate. As Ruth bobbed her head on my cock, I felt each time she too a little more in her mouth. I heard Sarah gently instructing her, “relax your jaw ….. a bit more …. remember you want this …. no don’t gag keep it in …”

I opened my eyes looked up at the mirror. Two women ministering to my needs. Sarah had her hand on Ruth’s head, Ruth’s hair laced through Sarah’s fingers as she held Ruth down on my cock. ‘My oh my,’ My submissive little Sarah was becoming quite dominant. I placed my hands on top of Sarah’s hands, she raised her head. “Two can play this game.” I mouthed to her.

“Come on good girl fight the urge to gag — James is really enjoying this.” Sarah said to Ruth then mouthed t me, “Your welcome.”

“Oh Ruth that is so good.” Ruth responded pushing herself down on my cock.

“Don’t fight relax.” Sarah said to Ruth, “get the rhythm.” She pulled Ruth’s head up so my cock-head was between Ruth’s lips. “Now breath out and take a deep breath then hold.” As Ruth did this Sarah, her fingers laced through Ruth’s hair, pushed her down on my cock. “Swallow, keep swallowing and you won’t gag. Good Girl.” Sarah cooed as she lifted Ruth’s head. “Breath out! Deep breath in! Get the rhythm.” Sarah repeated her mantra Pushing Ruth’s head back down. “Swallow and you won’t gag.”

Sarah kept up her non-stop verbal instruction and physical encouragement, as Ruth’s head bobbed up and down — each time she went down more of my cock went down her throat. It ranked as one of the most erotic experiences of my life.

“When James comes just swallow, imagine it is cream.”

When I come — I was going to come any minute. I put my hands on Sarah’s hands, together we held Ruth down as I shot my load into her mouth. By the movement of her tongue and jaw I sensed she was swallowing and little escaped from her mouth.

“Well done Ruth,” I said.

“She is a good little cock sucker,” Sarah said.

Ruth lifted her head to reveal a beaming smile. “Was I really good?”

“Very good for a first time.” I assured her. “Did you enjoy doing it?”

“I wanted to please you. I thought I was going to throw up, you know when your cock was deep in my mouth at the back of my throat.”

“That’s gag-reflex sweetheart.” Sarah said, “you just have to keep on you get used to it and the gag-reflex becomes desensitised.”

“I swallowed and it got better, but then I couldn’t breath.”

“You must synchronise your breathing with the motion.”

“Little sister,” I said, “life is very unfair, I’d love to bring you off, but I think you have to wait until tomorrow night.”

“I know it is the best option, but there is a big but. I’m off to my bed before we give way to temptation.” She sprawled up the bed, consciously or accidentally pressing her body against mine. Her cum coated lips brushed mine. Then she wished Sarah good night their kiss seemed to last for far longer. Then she was up off the bed and with a wave and a skip, she wafted as lightly as a nymph to her own bed.

It was not until we heard Ruth’s bedroom door click closed. Sarah looked at me, “What are you thinking.”

“Wow,” I responded, to be honest I was totally mind blown. Only a few days ago I had not had a sexual thought about Ruth. Which was unusual because usually every woman I met, from nineteen to ninety-nine, I would be evaluating their potential as a sex partner. Sarah knows this, she says window shopping is fine, but no more unless it is together.

“Is wow all you can say?”

“More or less, I mean so much has happened. Ruth suddenly gets interested in sex and not just sex but kinky sex with us,”

“I think she has been interested in sex for quite a while, we haven’t noticed, but she has been watching porn on her lap-top for months.”

“And the no boyfriend?” My eyebrows were shooting up, I couldn’t control them.

“Obviously she fancied you.”

“That makes sense I suppose.” I said, I was still confused and wanted answers. “What about you?”

“What do you mean.”

“Well you were acting like a regular dominatrix, holding Ruth by the hair forcing her down on my cock.”

“I was trying to teach her so it would be good for you and enjoyable for her.”

“I thought there was more to it than that. You have been taking charge, we’ll do this, don’t do that, we wait until Saturday.”

“I’m not taking charge, I just want it to be good for all of us and very special for Ruth. I want her to remember the weekend she lost her cherry for all the right reasons — surely you do too.”

“Yes your right.” I agreed, ashamed of my childish reaction.

“James even if I dominate someone else you will always be my Master. You can do whatever you want to me any time any place.”

“I could take you up on that, maybe a good deep anal fisting.”

“Yes master.” Sarah said rolling onto her stomach and starting to get on all fours.

“Down my love,” I said, “I’ll take a rain-check on that, we need to save ourselves for tomorrow.”

“OK but just remember my body is yours any time anyway.”

“Get on you back my little cum slut.” I said.

“Yes master.”

I knelt between her legs I lifted her legs putting them on my shoulders this lifted her backside and made her open and vulnerable to me. For a long moment I surveyed her sex. The sex that I had created. Her large full labia gaped open to reveal her clitoris and her invitingly open vagina. Her anus although puckered was definitely relaxed and available.

Carefully I laid my cock into the furrow between her labia. She groaned and moaned with pleasure as I moved, sliding my cock back and forwards along that slick furrow in direct contact with her clitoris.

I pushed her legs hard so her knees were on the sheet beside her ears. I stopped sliding along the furrow and plunged my cock into her receptive hot, wet vagina. Thrusting in hard, in this position the tip of my cock was probing her uterus.

“Harder ….. Faster …. Oh fuck I’m going to cum …” Sarah was saying her words spurring me on.

The idea suddenly entered my head. Could I do it or couldn’t I? The only way to find out was to try.

“OH!” Sarah exclaimed.

I’d pulled out of her pussy, Sarah screeched in frustration. I aimed my cock and guided it. This was never going to be gentle, and it was not. Swiftly my cock opened her anus. No gentlemanly pause at her inner sphincter to let her relax. No nothing like that, with one forceful motion I was in full possession of her arse. Another few thrusts and the cum flowed from me filling her bowels.

As I was cumming, she convulsed as she too enjoyed an orgasm. “Oh my master as always it is so good. I didn’t think you were going ta take my arse. But then you know it is the unexpected that makes sex with you so good.” She smiled, kissed me a gentle almost platonic kiss a mere brushing of lips. “And so painful too.”

“Are you complaining?” I asked in a mock serious voice.

“Oh no master, because I am your pain slut.”

“Talking of Pain Sluts do you think Ruth will become one?”

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Sarah laughed, “James sometimes you are amazingly naïve. She already is one — she had an orgasm while we were forcing your cock down her throat.”

“Really — she never said. Not even when I said about wanting to finish her but.”

I got off the bed I had to find out the truth, and finding the truth might be fun either Sarah or Ruth was being untruthful, one or the other should be punished.

Ruth was still awake when I turned on her light. “I’m sleepy James.” She complained.

“I want the truth.” I said.

“Truth — what are you on about.”

Did you have an orgasm tonight when you gave me a blow job.”

“Is that all — yes I came.”

“Why didn’t you say when I apologised?”

“I don’t know.”

“That is lying Ruth, lying by omission.”

“OK sorry.”

I sat on the edge of her bed. “Not good enough you are going to bend over my knee and have your arse smacked.”

“That’s not fair.”

“Like I said earlier life is not fair.”

“Do it or I will hold you down.” Sarah stood in the doorway.

Reluctantly, with teenage tutting Ruth got out of bed and draped herself over my knees. I looked around for something to use. Sarah handed me her slipper — a rubber soled flip-flop of the sort worn on the beach.

I pressed my left hand onto the small of Ruth’s back and delivered the first blow. I heard a resounding THWAK! Ruth tensed obviously determined not to react

I took aim with the second blow, delivered slightly lower, THWAK! Ruth’s legs twitched. The third blow was lower again another THWAK! Her buttocks had three glowing areas.

The fourth filled in the area between the first and second blows. Ruth’s legs were moving violently. Sarah came over felt between Ruth’s legs, “I thought so you have cum again haven’t you.”

I pushed my hand between Ruth’s legs and felt the crotch of her knickers — it was not damp, it was soaking wet. It almost felt as though she had pissed herself.

Ruth laughed. “Three times actually.”

Three times! Sarah was right again, my little sister is a real pain slut.

“Well Ruth sex with you is going to be fun.” Sarah said.

“I am gob-smacked Ruth you spring one surprise after another.” I said.

“I take after you brother dear. And after tanning my arse you’ve got another hard-on.” She was right, I guess it was pressing against her.

“Who’s going to do something about it?”

“I think this time it is mine to ride.” Sarah said .

Somehow we all ended up in our bed, myself in the middle, Sarah on my right where she always slept and Ruth on my left.

Sarah was proprietorial, “Ruth, this time it is me and James, you can lie and watch but please let me have him.”

It was strange, my little sister watching and I assure you I could sense her gaze as she watched everything. I have to say my erection was magnificent, threesomes and incest were a real turn-on.

Sarah straddled me, guiding my cock into her pussy. Lifting herself up until only the tip of my cock-head was in contact with her nether lips — lowering herself until our pubic bones met and the tip of my cock kissed her cervix. Soon I was ready to cum, holding back waiting for Sarah to reach the same point. We had been together so long that we instinctively knew one another’s bodies and minds.

Three fast up down movements, I thought she was about to cum. She lifted herself, my cock was free. I felt her fingers guiding my cock. As she sank down very quickly Sarah gasped. “There my love. You have my arse.”

“Another surprise.” This was not an understatement on my part, usually despite my pleading and wheedling, Sarah would rarely agree to anal intercourse. She claimed it hurt too much. Now she was impaling herself with vigour, and she had only just been buggered. — Usually if I’d buggered her so forcefully, thrusting into her without pauses, she would have protested.

“A pleasant one I hope.”

“I have always been an arse man, and your arse is lovely.” I replied lifting my hips so as to thrust into her.

Now we were both moving — short fast frantic strokes more urgent as we drove towards another orgasm each of us aware of the other. Then it happened, we both came, bodies trembling.

“Does having it up your arse really make you cum?” Ruth asked.

“I told you shut-up this is me and James time.” Sarah snapped at her.

“I was only ….”

“Shush little sister.” I said. “You are fucking fantastic.” I said to Sarah.

“I know and don’t you forget it.”

With a soft plop my softening cock fell from Sarah’s arse. “God I love it when I feel full,” Sarah said, “Now I’m ready to sleep.”

“Yep I feel about right for sleep too.” I agreed.

“What about me — I’m still buzzing.”

“Ruth get some sleep you won’t get any tomorrow night,” Sarah said in her big sister or mommy’s voice.

I awoke on Saturday morning,sun streaming through the window — the curtains had been drawn back. On the pillow I found a note. “Hi Sleepyhead, We have gone riding be back about noon. Love S & R xxxxxx” I looked at the clock, it read eleven thirty. They should be back at about noon, so it was time to have a shower then get dressed. I knew it was only a few hours and we would all be back in bed. The first thought of fisting Ruth’s virgin pussy and my cock was rising to the occasion.

All afternoon the atmosphere in the house was one of rising tension. If Ruth laughed Sarah giggled, if Sarah laughed Ruth would giggle. At one point in the afternoon both of them disappeared into the bedroom. The look Sarah gave me, locked the door as securely as if she had barred the door.

Later we settled down with a bottle of wine, without saying the words we all knew the moment was fast approaching. To lower the tension we watched an old Romcom video, then followed on with a porn video, a vintage one with some story line. Then Sarah put on a German BDSM video. It was extreme, a woman bound and blindfolded swings in a sort of trapeze affair. Her legs open and head back. Her mouth opened she is deep throat gang-banged. When the first guy comes he passes her mouth to the next, he moves around her and commences fisting her violently. Whether she consents or not is an unknown, as she is bound and effectively gagged by the cock in her mouth.

The woman in the video was squealing as a man pounded his fist in her pussy, while another man was deepthroating her. I wish I was taking my little sister like that, as if she read my mind Sarah said to Ruth. “Are you sure this is what you want?”

“Yes please — its all I have been thinking about.”

I was proud of my little sister, so very proud. “Come on lets go to bed.” I said getting up from the sofa. Ruth swigged down what was left of the second bottle of wine, before getting up. Unseen by Ruth or Sarah I took half a blue pill washed down with a swig of Coca-Cola, no alcohol for me!

“Come on big brother drag me to your lair and use me.”

“You’ll be used Ruth.”

“Used and abused I hope.” Ruth responded.

“Sweet Pea you’re as bad as your brother.”

The bedroom had been transformed, this is what Ruth and Sarah had done earlier. On the bed was an extra mattress, our customised sex mattress. This was a standard two inch thick foam rubber mattress topper, with three inch square strips of foam rubber stuck around the perimeter. Using this mattress allowed for spontaneous water-sports when the mood took us.

“I think tonight will be unpredictable so I have allowed for all eventualities.” Sarah said as I scanned the bed, the mattress and the ties attached to the ring-bolts. “Ruth please don’t undress, tonight we will undress you, but first James and I will strip,” she turned to me. “Race you.”

In seconds both of us were naked. Ruth had stood stock still while Sarah and I had flung our clothes off. I turned Ruth to face me very deliberately I unbuttoned her blouse. Sarah who was behind her pulled it off. I wrapped my arms round Ruth and fumbled for the catch of her bra, both laughed, I realised it had a front fastening and joined the laughter. Her jeans were easier to remove.

Ruth stepped away from me and swaying her hips — bumping and grinding in a parody of a stripper she removed her panties. “Decision time Jay. Do you want me with my bush or do you want to shave me.”

“Its no contest Sis lets keep the flaming bush.” I replied.

“Flaming bush?”

“The colour Sis, both of us our hair is like a flame.”

“I never thought of that — I like it. Now I am ready take me whenever you want how you want.” Ruth said enthusiastically jumping onto the bed. Could Sarah and I keep up with this enthusiasm? Was the passing thought I had before Sarah and I were also on the bed.

A group snog and cuddle seemed to be the appropriate way to commence. Then as if by a predetermined plan. Ruth and Sarah continued kissing one another, while I with a tube of lube in one hand moved down the bed.

The slightest touch from me and Ruth spread her legs.

I like looking at a woman’s pussy. I guess over the years, I have become something of a connoisseur of pudenda, I have never seen two alike, each has its individual characteristics. Pussies also change with use. From being fisted very regularly, not only does Sarah’s pussy have a noticeable gape and is quite slack both of which is to be expected, But also her labia appear to have enlarged. Ruth had quite well developed firm labia, however what attracted my attention was her clitoris, I was goggle eyed! I had never seen one like it, not in real life, not even even in porn pictures. It is massive — about two to two and a half inches maybe a little more protruded from between her pussy lips, it looks like a small dick.

“Wow!” I exclaimed, “Sis you’ve got a clit like a dick.”

“I told you he’d like it,” I heard Sarah say to Ruth.

I would have said, she never told me, but by then I had parted her pussy lips and my mouth was full. I was fully engaged sucking and licking Ruth’s Amazonian clitoris. Ruth groaned, I heard her emit a muffled, “Oh yes.”

“Please ….. ” Ruth said when I stopped licking. Sarah, who knew what I was doing shushed her.
Using two fingers to keep her labia parted, I squirted copious quantities of lube into her gash. I inserted fingers into her vagina. Oh joy of joys! – It really felt as though it was totally untouched. In all honesty I had thought my fantasy of fisting a virgin was just that — a dream which was impossible to achieve.

I knelt between her legs so both my hands were free. With my right hand I gently grasped her clit between my forefinger and thumb and frigged her. Meanwhile I finger fucked her, introducing a second finger.

It was when I thrust in a third finger that Ruth cried out. I saw a thin smear of blood mixed with the glistening lube on my fingers. “Goodbye hymen.” I said continuing to finger fuck Ruth. “Did you feel that?” I asked.

“I felt something. It stung for a moment.”

“He just popped your cherry Sweet Pea — you are not a virgin any more!”

“Oh! Is that it – I thought it would be a bigger deal.”

“Just keep on enjoying it.”

“I’m not open, you’re not fisting me yet are you?”

“No Ruth, don’t be impatient. Enjoy what I am doing the pleasure and the pain.”

Sarah changed position, straddling Ruth so she could lick her. We had pre-agreed this move. Continuing to finger fuck Ruth with three fingers, I watched as Sarah lowered her pussy lips to Ruth’s tongue. I knew Ruth was in for a treat.

Relinquishing Ruth’s clit I squirted more lube over my fingers and hand. Pausing the finger fucking I squirted more lube down her open vagina. Sarah grabbed Ruth’s legs and raised them.

I shaped my hand into a four finger arrow-head, with my thumb folded into the palm. Although both my hand and Ruth’s vulva were well lubricated my hand could not penetrate beyond my major knuckles.

Hurting my sister — really hurting — was not something I wanted to do. Then I recalled the German video and I knew I was lying to myself, I did want to hurt my little sister, see her writhing as I forced my fist deep into her. Catching Sarah’s eye I shook my head. She shot me a look of exasperation, “Do it.” She mouthed. Again I shook my head.

“Ruth do you want your brother right in or have you had enough?” Sarah said at the same time lifting herself.

“I want him right in.”

“If that’s what you want. Hold her Sarah.”I said.

Sarah responded by grinding her crotch into Ruth’s face. I pulled my fingers out until only the tips of my fingers were still in her pussy. With all my weight I punched my fist into her. But her pelvic girdle stubbornly resisted.

Sarah said do it again, as I punched in Sarah relinquished her hold on Ruth’s leg and delivered a smart karate chop type blow to Ruth’s mons. Everything happened simultaneously there was an audible crack as the notch of her pelvis disengaged; my hand was inside Ruth up to my wrist; I heard Ruth’s scream, muffled by Sarah’s pussy gag; Sarah yelped!

As always when she was really excited Sarah, a Madonna like smile of contentment on her face, squirted as she came. Then she was pissing into Ruth’s mouth.

Time to let Ruth join in the fun. I had control of Ruth’s body and it was time to demonstrate the fact. My fingers probed exploring her, her as yet undeveloped uterus, it felt rubbery, as yet it was unopened — another little package to explore. Then I identified the bulge of her bladder, with two fingers I tickled and toyed, soon I was rewarded. Ruth began pissing too, hot pee arcing from her some wetting my arm. I bowed my head to taste her wine.

“Is this good?” Sarah asked lifting herself so Ruth could reply.

Ruth said, “I’m sorry I can’t stop I’m peeing myself.”

“Sweet Pea of course you can’t stop. That’s because James has control of you. Right now he is pressuring your bladder squeezing the piss out of you.”

“I don’t know what is happening I hurt I want to scream and I feel so great!”

“Sweet Pea you are so good,” Sarah said to Ruth as she dismounted. ” Although you did bite my pussy. Look James, see the teeth marks I am damaged.” Guided by Sarah, Ruth brought her legs over so her ankles were beside her ears. Holding her head she kissed Ruth, “Look up in the mirror Sweet Pea you can see yourself.”

Ruth was helpless, pinned to the mattress by my fist she looked like a pinned insect in a collection.

“Oh my god Jay you really are right in me.”

I moved my arm, “right in you! You wanted fisted you are being fisted. How do you feel?”

“Hurting like hell. And cumming non-stop — every pulse of pain is another orgasm.”

“Hurting like me,” Sarah said, she opened her legs, “look at my pussy.” Sure enough along her labia were teeth marks — darkening from red to a deep angry purple.

“Looks sore,” I agreed.

“It is sore.”

“Sorry,” Ruth said.

“She nearly circumcises me and all she say is sorry! For your information Sweet Pea, female circumcision is illegal. But female cummission is fantastic!” Sarah replied with added stress on the first syllable of her invented word.

“The pain and the pleasure!”

“Our pain our Maser’s pleasure.” Sarah said.

“Are you complaining?”

“Oh no Master I would never complain.” Sarah smiled as she spoke.

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“I am happy to hear that slave or I would have been forced to whip you.”

“Master if you wish to whip me I am yours.” The glint in Sarah’s eye and break in her voice betrayed her pain slut desires, so far tonight they had not been satisfied, except maybe by proxy.

“Later!” I said, “When I have finished with this little pain slut then it will be your turn.”

“Thank you Master.”

I looked at Ruth, who in my eyes, was still my little sister — so small, so frail, so very vulnerable, so very open. I wanted her open. “Sarah get me the Speculum.”

Sarah knew what was in my mind and handed me the “Coldlite” speculum, and its torch. One of the blades of this speculum is a standard stainless steel blade, the blade nearer the handle is made of a casting of thick translucent plastic — to this can be attached a torch. When the torch is switched on the handle glows, obviously this illuminates the vagina giving a far superior internal view of a vagina, to that given with by a standard speculum.

Sarah applied lube to the speculum. Time was of the essence, if I was going to keep Ruth really open then I needed to get my hand out quickly and the speculum in place equally rapidly. From the rhythmic contractions squeezing my hand I could tell Ruth was locked in the throes of a never ending orgasmic cycle.

I looked at Ruth. “You know what sis? You are an absolute cum slut.”

“Jay I’ve surprised myself, I thought once or twice would be nice — three times would be fantastic. I have lost count it is more than ten — I think more than twenty and I am still cumming.”

“I am going to take my hand out, tell me to stop if it hurts.”

“I’d tell you to stop all the time. I feel like you are splitting me in two. Every movement of your fist is ripping me apart.”

“you should have said.”

“No because each pulse of pain makes me cum more. Hurt me Jay, hurt me for as long as I am cumming.”

I corkscrewed my hand back and forth as I eased it out of her. Once again the complication arose when my knuckles had to pass through her pelvic girdle. Even though the notch was disengaged, as were the other two junctions in that circle of bone, it still took an effort of twist an tug to get my hand free. As my hand came free Ruth screeched.

“Shush pain slut!” Sarah said displaying once again the sped with which she could switch from submissive to dominant. I the same dominant role, Sarah was ready and no sooner had I vacated Ruth’s pussy than she firmly jammed the speculum in place.

I in turn quickly adjusted the speculum to its maximum opening, ensuring it was jammed securely in place — only by closing it could it be removed. I fastened the torch into the handle. The speculum blade glowed and I could see Ruth’s vagina pulsating. Ruth’s cervix had a small but non the less inviting gape, interesting and worthy of investigation later.

“Sarah,” I said, “now you can suck a dick sized clit.”

Switching Sarah said, “Thank you Master.” Submissively bowing her head to the task. Almost immediately Ruth was bucking her hips and crying out as she came. The apparent intensity of the orgasm demanded it was viewed. Without a word I seized Sarah’s hair and lifted her from Ruth so that I could look into the illuminated orifice.

Fluids were flowing. The mouth of Ruth’s cervix opened and closed. It appeared the cervix was distended seeking the entrance to the vagina. But that was only an impression.

I pushed Sarah back onto Ruth. “Go on suck the dick clit.”

While Sarah slurped on Ruth’s clitoris while Ruth screamed that she was either about to cum, was cumming, or had cum. I rooted about in our toys. What I wanted was a long thin vibrator, really it was designed for anal and we had rarely used it. I washed it and changed the battery. I grabbed the opportunity to take the other half of the blue pill, my erection had not subsided all evening and I did not want it flagging now..

I put my head beside Sarah and whispered in her ear, “If you want the last maidenhead now is the time to get ready.”

Sarah continued her oral ministering until Ruth came, she then handed Ruth back to me. With my left hand I caressed Ruth’s engorged clitoris. Unlike a dick, orgasms did not make it soften. “Are you enjoying yourself?” I asked.

“Oh more than I ever dreamed it could be. It is like I have died and gone to heaven. The only thing I dread is it will stop.”

“Aren’t you sore.”

“Sore is not the word.” Ruth responded. “I am in pain intense pain, like a red-hot poker has been pushed into me, but the pleasure is so intense I can put up with the pain no matter how bad,”

As Ruth spoke I was probing the entrance to her cervix with the slim vibrator, but no matter it moved away defying all attempts at invasion. “Try these!” Sarah seeing my predicament passed me pair of tweezers like plastic forceps. “Hold the blades closed. Get them in as deep as you can. Let go of the blades and they will open by themselves. Then get the vibe in if you want.” Sarah said with authority that suggested at some time she had stretched a cervix — I knew at some point I would have to ask her about this.

Sarah was correct, using the Forceps held closed, it was easy to insert them into the tiny slit that was the entrance. When I estimated a centimetre of the blades were in her, I slowly relaxed my grip and Ruth’s cervix was open. Slowly I worked the mouth of her cervix over the slim vibrator. This caused her body to generate oily fluids that swirled around her cervix. The copious amounts of love fluid made it appear as though a tap had been turned on in Ruth’s vagina.

Ruth was amazing, I had never had a first time fistee who submitted so willingly and so stoically. Sure she had cried out with pain but never pleaded with either of us to stop. By way of contrast Sarah had been an absolute wimp. Getting a fist completely inside Sarah had taken four sessions, tears, cajoling, pleading and even a degree of blackmail. And Sarah had not been a virgin!

When Sarah rejoined us on the bed she was wearing a strap-on. I was looking forward to seeing Sarah bugger Ruth, and the surprise Sarah was going to get.

Now Sarah was in an absolutely dominant mode. “Well Sweet Pea are you ready to turn over so I can take your final bit of virginity.”

“Your going to put that up my arse?” Ruth asked pointing at the eight inch strap-on.

“You will enjoy every minute of it. Anal is great ask James.”

Sarah was being somewhat economical with the truth,

Ruth wass shocked. “Jay has she fucked you?”

“No she means I have buggered her.” This was true, however Sarah did not enjoy being buggered, on as regular basis as I would have wished. To be honest it was about the only thing she truly disliked, so as I had this evening, I grabbed my chances.

“I am yours,” Ruth said looking at me. “If you want me buggered then of course I will do it.”

“Not only are you going to be buggered but I promise Sarah will make sure you enjoy every moment. Won’t you Sarah?”

“Of course I will, I want my Sweet Pea to be coming back for more.”

As we spoke Sarah and I worked together turning Ruth onto her stomach and edging her up onto all fours. “There you are Ruth, in the ideal position.” I said. Sarah was busily applying lube to her anus, massaging it with a circular motion that would relax Ruth’s sphincter muscles. Should I leave the speculum in place or remove it? I decided leaving the speculum could be a stretch too far! So I loosened the blades and removed it.

“I feel empty,” Ruth said as I slid the speculum out of her.

“Don’t worry Sweet Pea,” Sarah said as she rested the head of her dildo against Ruth’s tight little arse-hole.

“Ouch!” Ruth exclaimed, marking the moment Sarah thrust forward her hips. The head of the dildo was in.

“Now Sweet Pea I want you to relax. I don’t want to hurt you.” Sarah held Ruth’s left hip with her left hand and her right arm was hooked around Ruth so she could toy with Ruth’s mons and no doubt her clitoris too.

“I’ll try but it hurts.”

“I know. It gets better I promise.”

I remained quiet observing both, my erection growing harder. Sarah was gentle and slowly ever so slowly she worked deeper into Ruth. I judged the moment had arrived. I lubricated my cock. Then I knelt on the bed behind Sarah.

“I might have guessed.” Sarah said on feeling my cock brush against her butt.

“Would I miss the opportunity?” I replied.

“Make sure you use lube.”

Sarah paused her thrusting as I entered her. Once in I wanted absolute control, so I grasped Ruth’s hips so when I thrust into Sarah I also ensured Sarah thrust into Ruth. “It’s like I am fucking the two women in my life at the same time!” I exclaimed.

“I feel like I am the filling of a sandwich!” Sarah said.

I had an idea. “Listen we are going to go for an earth shattering mutual cum.”

“Oh yes!” said Sarah.

“So what we do is this as you get near to cumming, say so. We will pause, no movement until whoever has subsided a bit until we reach the point where all three of us feel on the edge. Then we go for it.”

“I can do that.” Sarah said, I knew she could often we had played the teasing game, withholding an orgasm.

“What about you Ruth?” I asked.

“I’ll try but sometimes my orgasms explode out of nowhere.”

“I’ll call for you — I think I can tell when you about to cum.” Sarah said.

“Does nothing belong to me?”

“No Ruth we both belong to James our Master.” Sarah’s reply gladdened my heart, she may be a switch but not that great a switch!

We were all moving in gentle unison. “top!” Said Sarah, “Ruth is nearly there.”

“I was about to say.” Ruth sounded aggrieved.

“Shush little Sis and calm down.”

I gauged it was time — pulled my cock nearly out of Sarah before ramming it in again. “Again.”

It was only another few strokes when Ruth said, “Wait.”

We stopped, Sarah said, “Me to this time.”

“Go for it.” I ordered slamming into Sarah, I felt Sarah driving into Ruth. Ruth screamed, neither Sarah or I took any notice. I was cumming Jism jetting from my cock. Sarah is getting a good enema was one thought which fleetingly passed through my mind.

Ruth sank face down on the mattress still impaled by Sarah’s strap-on, my softening cock plopped out of Sarah’s arse-hole. This acted as a cue for Sarah to remove the dildo from Ruth.

“Oh my poor backside.” Sarah said somewhat dramatically.

“I thought you said anal was good.” Ruth said.

“It is but it still makes me sore. And it was the third time in twenty four hours, my arse-hole feels as tender as your pussy.”

I would remember Sarah’s reply. Next time she said no to buggery, I would remind her of her response.

“As lord Rochester said the cunny is for procreation while the back entrance is for recreation.” I said.

“I might have known you would say that,” said Sarah, turning to Ruth she said. “When that was written, in the seventeenth century, anal intercourse was the only real contraceptive, this is the twenty-first century next week we need to sort your contraception out, because until it is James is going to be in your mouth or in your arse-hole.”

“Time to remove your strap-on.” I said helpfully unclasping the waist strap. Sarah completed the removal — the strap-on clattered noisily on the floor.

“Now Sis on your back and open your legs. Show us your magnificent clit.”

“Jay please I feel embarrassed.”

“Ruth you have nothing to be embarrassed about, has she Sarah.”

“No I have always told her to be proud of her body. Men and women would worship it.”

“Yes Sarah. It is time for you to worship Ruth’s clit. Suck on it get it as hard as you can, meanwhile Ruth I want you to try not to cum, tell Sarah to stop when you are near.”

Obediently Sarah dived between Ruth’s legs and soon Ruth began whimpering as Sarah noisily slurped. The whole scene making my cock begin to harden and rise to the occasion without any physical stimulation.

“Stop Sarah.”

“Oh wow!” Sarah had lifted her head to look at Ruth’s clit. I could also see it. It appeared to me and I think to Sarah, that Ruth’s clitoris was noticeably larger than it had been.

“Time for you to fuck Sarah.” I said to Ruth. “Sarah get on your back legs up and open. Ruth kneel between her legs and work your clit inside Sarah’s gaping pussy.”

This positioning was easier said than done but eventually entrance was affected. Sarah wrapped her legs around Ruth’s waist and grinding their pelvises together they fucked. Watching them got me so hard it hurt. The finale had to be fitting.

Both had experienced multiple orgasms the grinding had slowed. “OK,” I said, “one final position.”

“we are knackered.” Sarah said.

“Indulge me.”

“OK we will try.”

“Head to tail scissors.” I said.

Sarah knew the position, Sarah’s head was at one end of the bed, Ruth’s head at the other. Ruth lay on her right side and lifted her left leg. Ruth slid her right leg over Ruth’s right. The two women slid together like open scissors until their pussies met. Pussy contact was like an electric switch had been thrown again both women were stimulating one another. I knelt on the bed and jerked myself off. Gobbets of sperm splattered over both Sarah and Ruth’s pussies until I had no more and both had cum.

“I am exhausted!” I said.

“Ditto” Said Sarah

“Me too, but I am hurting, buzzing, exhausted and I love you both.” Ruth said.

Working together we removed the mattress topper and wet sheets. Sarah took the sheets down to the washing machine, sex had ended and we were reverting to domesticity. “Did you enjoy yourself?” I asked Ruth.

“Oh yes it was great.”

“I guess what I am asking is, did tonight meet you expectations?”

“I don’t know what I expected, but I don’t feel unsatisfied.” Ruth replied.

Sarah returned carrying a tray, “Peppermint tea so we all sleep well.”

As we drank the tea, we were silent. I suppose each thinking about what had happened. Sarah broke the silence. “Well Sweet Pea did you enjoy it.”

“Yes I did. But I was thinking we can never do this again.”

“Why ever not?” Sarah’s voice was strident.

“We can’t. It won’t be the same. Jay wanted to fist a virgin — well I won’t ever be a virgin again, so he won’t want to fist me.”

“What a load of rubbish of course UI want to do it again with you.” Seeing Sarah’s look I quickly added. “With both of you.”

Ruth burst into tears, Sarah put an arm around her.

I said, “I hope we carry on with a ménage a trios, although there has to be some new ground rules otherwise there will be problems. First off — my name! I think it is right for both of you to call me Jay. I should have said that ages ago.”

“Thank you,” Sarah said adding softly, “Jay.”

“Do we all sleep together?” Ruth asked.

“Yes I think so.”

“Tomorrow Sweet Pea you are off to the doctors to sort out contraception, because until then Jay cannot risk fucking you.”

Soon after three of us were asleep.

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