My sister loses her virginity by being fisted


My sister loses her virginity by being fisted, this story is kinky — from the title you know incest and fisting. There is spanking, a threesome, piss play and some other deviant sex. If you are offended by these things please do not read the story. If you enjoy the story please leave votes..

I had never thought about my little sister Ruth sexually, I was twenty and she was eight when our mother died — Dad was long gone, finding himself with some bimbo, had been mother’s comment. I could remember their fraught relationship, a non-stop series of arguments. He had walked for the final time when mother announced her pregnancy with Ruth. I don’t think either of them had wanted to be a parent, for my father Ruth had been the final straw.

Back to the present! I had been away on a course for four days — it should have been five, but I had slipped away late Thursday afternoon and a fast drive had me home mid evening. Back to Sarah my long-term girl-friend who has for the last nine years helped me take care of Ruth — bringing up a pre-teen and a teenager is not easy. Naturally that first night back home Sarah and I had a session together we sated our desire We were lying on the bed in a state which was a sort of cross between an interlude and post-coital bliss. Sarah was at the top of the bed, head propped up on pillows and the bed-head, legs akimbo. I was lying between her legs, my right-hand remained buried in her pussy but motionless. Sarah was looking up at the mirror tiled patch on the ceiling, above the bed.


Fisting was our favourite kink. We had been together for eight years, going on for nine, we had been doing fisting for so long Sarah was really slack, I could get a fist wrist deep in her pussy without lube, although we both preferred to use copious amounts of KY.

Although we had other kinks, nothing surpassed fisting. Our bedroom reflected our nature – literally. We both find visuals to be a turn-on, like life is a non-stop porn film. Hence the eight foot square of mirror tiles above the bed, the large long mahogany frame mirror on the wall to the left of the bed, and the large pub mirror on the wall to the right of the bed. Whatever the position, turn our heads and at least one of us could see ourselves.

“Do you still have that fantasy about fisting a virgin?” Sarah asked.

“Its not a fantasy, more like a burning desire! Yes of course I do.”

“Say I told you that I think I have found the virgin — will it be a threesome.”

Sarah can swing both ways when she wants, to the best of my knowledge this has always been a threesome involving me.

A secret smile went from me to her. “Of course it will be a threesome. Whenever I’ve been with another woman it always has been in a threesome with you. It always will be a threesome. Now tell me more.”

“I’m not sure if you’ll like this.”

“If it’s making my fantasy come true of course I will like it. Sarah if this is a wind-up I’ll ….” I left the words unspoken. I think I know Sarah and she would not be that cruel.

“You would what?” She asked, suddenly there was a sharp edge in her voice. Any perceived threat and Sarah went on the offensive, I could not blame her, not after the way her husband had knocked her about.

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Sarah was three years older than me, at school she had been the golden girl of the sixth-form, who was every boy in my years masturbation dream-girl. She had and still has a body to die for. I am sure she could have been a model if she had only had more self-confidence. She is relatively slim, long legs, a firm ass rounded buttocks, flat abdomen and an hour glass waist. Her breasts are neither too large nor too small importantly they are firm, at thirty-three she can still go bra-less and they do not droop.

At school the boys in my class we were all bereft, when she went on to college. She had been one of those golden girls, you will know the type, in the local paper for either academic achievement, or sporting prowess. In Sarah’s case her exploits as a horse rider. The whole town was stunned when the news broke — she had given everything up and married Chris Carter. He was another former student at my school. The gossip soon started. The fall of the golden girl. Sarah was pregnant and the whole town was talking.

She then lost the child, the cause of her dropping out of college, and the reason for getting married. Carter used her as a punch-bag, until after years of this they split-up. Not long afterwards she hooked-up with me. Initially I think she just wanted a place to live, I needed child-care for Ruth. The arrangement at the outset was “child-care with benefits”. — Love came later. When I think about her history with Carter I think it is strange she enjoys being a consensual submissive.

“Oh nothing my love,” Sarah was still, all these years later too fragile to be threatened even in jest. “But I shall love you more than I already do if you do make this kinky desire of mine happen.”

“I’m not sure – James stop please you know I hate that!”

I had moved my hand so my fingers were pressing gently on her bladder — as she said, Sarah hated it when I made her pee involuntarily. I quite enjoyed doing it to her, all to do with domination and establishing who was in control of who. “I promise you will pee yourself if you keep prevaricating — piss will gush out of you like you never dreamed was possible. Now say who the mystery virgin is.”

She said one word, the name I would never have guessed. “Ruth.”

“Ruth?” I echoed her.

“Yes Ruth.”

True enough Ruth, my little sister was a virgin. In fact she was the only eligible virgin that I knew — eligible being over the age of eighteen and female. “Are you sure — I thought she was asexual, more interested in her horse than sex.” I could not have been more shocked if Sarah had said the candidate was a novice from the Little Sisters of the Poor!

I recalled her eighteenth birthday party, how could I forget it, the party had cost me an arm and a leg. To be honest I was a little envious, my eighteenth had passed almost unmarked – Mum had been ill. I made sure none of Ruth’s big events went unmarked. Ruth, my sister had some boy in tow at her eighteenth birthday party, Sarah and I had been certain she would have him stay over, but no! Sarah even took her to one side and told her we were cool if she wanted him to stay. But when the party ended she had seen him to the door, bidding him goodnight with a chaste peck.

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“Let’s just say she is a dark horse.”

“Are you sure?”

“Ninety-nine per cent certain. Lets put it this way it is not just a hunch. She asked me about fisting. – Don’t look like that!”

I was shocked, Sarah said I often lifted my eyebrows when questioning something — I reckon they had shot into the vertical plane. My little sister asking about fisting, she hardly ever asked about sex or relationships, not with me, not with Sarah. I was having difficulty getting my head round this, sure I knew she was maturing — her eighteenth birthday party had cost me more than a weeks salary — but still in my mind she was frozen in time as my little sister. It is illogical I know but that is how it is. “Tell me more.”

“It was the night before last, Tuesday night. We were both in the living room, the TV was on neither of us were watching it, I was on my I-pad messaging you, Ruth had her lap-top open. Suddenly I realised the muffled sound track I could here sounded like porn. You know that electro nothing music.”

“That’s nothing maybe something else,” I said not wanting to believe her.

“I did not believe my own ears. So I asked her what she was doing. – Bold as brass she said watching a porn move. So I let it go — she’s an adult.”

“So she’s watching porn — everyone does.” I answered casually — I did not feel so cool.

“Yes as you say. We were drinking wine. She poured me another glass then out of the blue she said. Sarah you let James fist you. I think I blushed and mumbled a reply — this was not a conversation I had been expecting to ever have with your little sister, I mean she is like a cross between a daughter and a younger sister to me. I don’t usually get embarrassed and tongue-tied, but right then I was speechless. She was really insistent demanding an answer. It was when she said to me. You do, don’t fib — I’ve seen you.”

“She’s what?”

“She says she came home early one weekend and we were in the living room having a major session.”

“The weekend Shirley was ill?” I remembered she had been babysitting for a neighbour and should have been away all weekend while the parents were taking a romantic break. For a change Sarah and I had the house to ourselves. We had played with wild abandon, starting on the Friday evening shortly after Ruth had left, we had started. First we had showered together — my soapy fist slithering into Sarah’s pussy. Not bothering to dress we had gone into the kitchen, Sarah had lain on the hard counter and again I had fisted her. We had adjourned to the bedroom — you get the idea, sleep had not been on the agenda. Saturday had been a continuation of Friday evening. Yes I could understand how Ruth had seen us, because unfortunately on the Saturday, the mother Shirley had developed full blown flu, unknown to us they returned home early, bringing Ruth’s baby-sitting job to an early end. Unusually Ruth had telephoned before coming home, now I realised she had already come home and was merely being diplomatic. “I wonder what she saw?” I mused.

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“Me with my pussy being stretched.”

Sarah was right by Saturday evening we had been getting quite extreme, at one time I had put a baseball bat in her pussy, Sarah had been screeching with joy, by that stage she had been in a state where the slightest touch caused yet another orgasm. With Ruth around we had few opportunities to go to these extremes.

“So what was said, after she said she’d seen us?”

“I told her it wasn’t like in some of the porn videos, you didn’t force me and I enjoyed it. To which she said, she knew that. Then she asked me what it was like. I tried to explain to her the emotional pleasure I got from surrendering my body to you. That my body was a gift to you — it was also a demonstration of my trust in you.”

I had heard this before but I still enjoyed this recitation of her love for me so I listened silently without any comments.

“I said this is absolute trust that you will not hurt me in a permanent or malicious way. You take me to and through my pain barrier teasing my body. She asked me how I felt physically. I tried to explain the excitement beforehand, when during the day I’d look at your hand and shiver in anticipation. I told her how good and satisfying it felt when my pussy was full, when I could see your fist moving in my belly. How I would cum so much and so hard that I seemed to be all warm liquid. I must have told it right because she said she would like to be fisted.”

“OMG How love you Sarah.” What more could I say.

“So I said to her, it needed to be with someone she trusted. Immediately she replied, that the person she’d most trust she couldn’t do it with. Why not I asked? Acting the innocent although to be honest James I had a shrewd idea. Because he is not available, Ruth replied. I answered, he might be. Well we sort of verbally went around in circles until I said to her, be truthful you want to be fisted by James.” Sarah laughed, when she laughed her pussy muscles contracted on my fist, Sarah gave a little gasp, “And another one!” She said as she came once again. “Where was I? Yes I said it was you she wanted and eventually she admitted I was correct. I said that I’d share you with her if you were cool. So now the choice is yours.”

“Is the Pope a Catholic? I responded, of course I am up for it.”

My little sister must have been listening, the bedroom walls are not sound-proof and I guess she probably had a glass against the wall. She did not even have the good grace to act surprised when I said. “Ruth come through to our bedroom now.”

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