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Hey friends I have come up with a story today which happened in real. Coming to the story, this happened nearly 10 years back and it is still fresh in my head so I hope you all get wet by the end of this story. I am a simple guy in a middle class family and the girl I had a passionate sex is next to my house. Her name is Priya. Initially I never had any bad indentations towards her but after many days once I went to her home and i saw her in a red dress on top of it she is doing some work while bending. I immediately I got hard by looking at her beautiful boobs. They are really white and look very tender. Except the nipple part I had a wonderful view of them which made me masturbate after going home.

Later our friendship had grown and we started being comfortable with each other. Even I started utilizing this opportunity to touch her and come close to her. Friends I should tell you the fragrance of her body is much more than 100 tequilas. Once she is alone in home and she is doing some work in the kitchen and i went behind her and standing very close to her body. Suddenly she realized someone on her backside and she turned around that is the time I first hugged her close to my body and her soft and big size boobs pressed against my chest and our lips are very close to each other. A current has passed in our bodies.

That is the time I realized that she is also having feelings on me because I can see her breathing is very heavy. For few minutes we were staring each other and then I planted my first kiss on her lips and she responded very soon to my kiss and it very from mild to violent kiss for nearly 10mins.


Since then I used to hug her from behind and my tool used to stand till and press against her but and poke her ass cheeks. She used to come and sit on my lap and used to enjoy teasing me with her heavy butt and fragrance. We both started enjoying sneaking and kissing each other.

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One fine day her parents went out of station and she is alone which I came to know lately. Fortunately my parents also were out for quite some time. So I went casually to her house. She was so hesitating to allow me inside because even she knows she cannot resist me if we were alone. Initially our discussion was very random and we were far apart from each other. Suddenly power gone and she was so scared to be alone and I went close to her and hugged her which actually put both of us on fire.

She was feeling shy but I took the initiation and pulled her close and kissed her for which she responded back and with in no time we are on her bed. She is on her nighty which made my job easy. Soon I made her naked and stated sucking her boobs so violently. She is on top of the world and she is responding to my every circle I am making on her nipples with my tongue. My left hand is exploring her virgin pussy. By this time the scent of her fluids started spreading all over the room and I am getting more and more hard. She helped me get naked and I guided her to the head of the cock. She opened her mouth. I can feel the hot air coming from her mouth and It made me push my tool into her mouth.

I am out of words to describe this feeling. Slowly she increased her speed to sucking while I am playing with her pussy and now we are in 69 position and both of use cum on each other face. But my tool is still ON. So I pulled her close to me and I am at the entrance of the pink bushy heaven. She was little hesitating to fuck because of chances of pregnancy but I assured her nothing will happen and started rubbing my tool on her pussy. She is out of control and asking me to enter her.. For which I used my porn knowledge and started teasing her more and more she shouted at me and said you “lanja kodaka denga ra nannu” (you fucker, fuck me) I then entered her in missionary position and fucked her for nearly 10mins and shifted to doggy position. I freed her curly hair, as there is no power only the streetlight light is coming through the windows. In that light I saw her body is glowing like anything. We were completely drenched in our sweat. I can only here her moaning sounds .. ummmmmmmmmm….. ahhhhhhhhhhhh…. daa (come) … inka fast ga .. denga ra .. (fuck me faster)…

ni yabbha …. em undi ra ni bodda… (I am having fun with your cock)…. Sreeeeeeee…. ahhhhhhhhhhh….

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na valla kadu … ( i cannot take this pleasure)…. Fill me completely.. Finally she said I don’t mind even If I get pregnant .. fill me with your fluids ..

After about 20 mins. I cum on her body with full force and layed on her body with my cum spreading on both the bodies.

I can never forget this incident even now after getting married. I hope you enjoyed this story. Please share your comments. I will come up with another story soon. All unsatisfied women out there in Hyderabad I am available for secret chatting and pleasure, do ping me

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