Please, Daddy, I need you

Please, Daddy, I need you, incest, family taboo, dad and daughter, I have always been amazed by how life can be like a rollercoaster. Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out and life is good, something hits you from behind and takes you out at the knees. Only a year or so ago, my life seemed absolutely perfect. I was enjoying an amazing career as Director of Marketing for a Fortune 500 company, with the love and support of the most wonderful family a guy could hope for. I felt on top of the world, then we learned the shocking news: my loving wife of twenty-five years had cancer.

Connie and I met in college, and by our third date, I think we both knew we were made for one another. She was beautiful, which certainly didn’t hurt, yet she was also as sweet and smart as a guy could dare ask for. In spite of all her amazing attributes, she was just a regular girl without a hint of pretension, and unlike anyone else I had ever known.

We were married just about a year after graduation, and both embarked on our professional careers. We decided not to immediately start a family so we could devote our attention to our jobs and to one another without distraction. We waited about five years before we decided to try for a child.


I was on the fast-track in my career, so when we found out Connie was pregnant; we agreed that she would stay home with the baby while I worked. Times might have been tough, but we both liked the idea of her staying home rather than paying for a babysitter to partially raise our only child.

Connie was a wonderful mom, just as I expected. She relished her role as primary caregiver, and didn’t seem to miss her life as an aspiring corporate tycoon. She and Kelsey seemed to share a special bond that I admit made me a tad jealous, yet when I arrived home at night, Connie made sure I had some alone time with my baby so I would not miss out on anything. We seemed to become the perfect team, intuitively understanding each other’s needs.

When Kelsey went off to school, Connie became a bit bored staying at home without much to do. For the first couple of years, she puttered around the lawn most days, tending the gardens and making our yard the showplace of the neighborhood, yet I could tell she was somewhat unfulfilled.

Since she had some free time during the day, I encouraged her to find something to which she could lend her talents. Having always been a lover of plants and flowers, she enrolled in a floral design program offered at the local community college. She loved it and seemed to have a real knack for it, bringing home the beautiful bouquets she created after each session.

Within weeks after the class ended, she began working on me to finance a flower shop of her own. I was making decent money at that time, but not so much that we could stand to risk a large sum. Although it was a scary venture to contemplate given our finances, she quickly wore me down and almost before I knew what happened, the ink was drying on a lease for Connie’s shop, which she named Everything’s Coming Up Roses.

Connie’s shop was never a big money maker, but she met her expenses and even added a few bucks in our coffers over the years. I wasn’t concerned about whether she brought home a large paycheck; my sweetheart was happy and living a fulfilled life, so how could I complain?She seemed to take to being an entrepreneur as easily as she did to motherhood.

Everything’s Coming Up Roses was near a large hospital, so she received lots of drop-in business for bouquets for both ill patients and recent mothers. But Valentine’s Day was by far Connie’s busiest and most profitable time of the year. If fact, she would prepare for it weeks in advance.

I once asked her what she wanted for Valentine’s Day, and she said simply, “Help in the shop.” She told me that would be the most wonderful and romantic thing I could ever do for her, so that year, I took the day off to deliver bouquets – and from then on, a tradition was born.

When Kelsey was in elementary school, my mother used to babysit her on Valentine’s Day so I could devote time to Connie and the shop. My second year helping out, I returned to Everything’s Coming Up Roses after my last delivery to find the place closed and most of the lights out. I had a key and let myself in, then called for my wife.

“In here, honey,” I heard from the back room, so I moved into the shop after locking the door behind me.

I entered the office and was shocked by what I saw. Connie had spread a thick blanket across the floor and was lying upon it completely naked, like a nymph in the woods. Around her were scattered rose petals of all colors, their fragrance punctuating the air, while two candles burned nearby. She held out her hand and beckoned me forward. I sank to my knees next to her and she engulfed me in a loving embrace.

We made sweet love that evening on the office floor, an experience that was beyond perfection. I knew how much she loved her little store, so sharing intimacy in that setting was wonderful. I think we both felt a deep desire to please one another, so the moment was truly magical. The next few years, we happily re-enacted the scene with flower petals scattered around the room and candles burning brightly.

Kelsey assisted at Everything’s Coming Up Roses on Valentine’s Day when she was old enough to stay for the day without a sitter. She would help with the arrangements, while I would play delivery boy since I was of no use with the flowers otherwise. After all the craziness of the day, the three of us would stop for Chinese takeout on the way home, then we’d all sit on the living room floor and eat as a family before retiring to bed early. I greatly missed making love to my wife in her office as we had done years before, but our family time was every bit as special.

By high school Kelsey had grown into was the spitting image of her mother. She was an inch or two taller, but in most other respects appeared a carbon copy of the girl I met in college years before. They both had the same dishwater blonde hair and blue eyes, and given the way Connie had taken care of herself, to me they appeared more like sisters than mother and daughter.

Just over a year ago, Connie had been feeling run down, so I suggested she see her doctor for a physical. We instantly knew something was wrong when he called back and asked her to come in for more tests. Within just a few days, we learned her diagnosis, and next thing we knew, her treatment regimen was mapped out before us.

I took time off from work and spent almost every hour at Connie’s bedside while she endured the barrage of cancer drugs and treatments. As you might expect, each time we arrived we toted armfuls of flowers for the other patients my wife had befriended. When the test results came in day after day, it was clear by the doctor’s expressions that they were growing increasingly pessimistic. They said things could turn around at any time, a thought I clung to as if my entire body were made of Velcro.

Connie was more realistic and tried to prepare me for the future. She did not give up hope, mind you; she just appeared to have the need to mother me and tell me everything would be okay as she had always done. I had long admired her strength, but never more than during her battle with cancer.

One afternoon, Doctor James sat us down to break the news. In spite of their best efforts, they could not stem the tide and Connie’s cancer had spread. He did not give us a definitive timeframe, but made it pretty clear he was expecting months rather than years. My wife and I just held hands silently as tears rolled down our faces. We could see the anguish on his face as he broke the news, and I actually felt sorry for him in spite of our own plight. Both Connie and I gave him a hug and thanked him for all his efforts, because it was clear he and his staff had done their best.

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After Doctor James left the room, Connie turned to me with a surprisingly strong look on her face. She asked, “How should we break the news to Kelsey?”

Hearing her words, I broke down and sobbed uncontrollably. Connie and I had always been each other’s rocks; how could I go on without her? I had always tried to be a strong father for my daughter, too. How could I tell her that I failed to keep her mother safe?

“You need to be strong for Kelsey, honey. Take care of her; she’s going to need you now more than ever,” she said with a forced smile. I nodded my head, but tried my best not to think about the future. “You are also going to need her. Both of you have to find a way to move forward with your lives. I know you and I have shared a special love, but if I can’t be here with you, I need you to promise me you will try to keep your heart open to love. I can’t bear the thought of you alone,” she added, squeezing my hand. It was just like Connie to think about everyone other than herself.

Kelsey was finishing up her final year of college, so we tried to be as positive with her as possible so as to not affect her studies. Just weeks before her graduation, we had to finally break the news that things did not look good. She spent as much time at home as possible thereafter, but was able to take her finals as planned and did as well as could be expected under the circumstances.

Fortunately, Connie was able to make graduation, which was the most bittersweet weekend of my life. I was so proud to see Kelsey receive her degree, and I knew my wife felt the same. We both beamed as our daughter walked across the stage and accepted the scroll in her hand. We shared a wonderful dinner with Kelsey and her friends, and things could not have been more perfect. Sadly, reality came crashing back into our lives early the next morning when Connie had a seizure, so I had to get her back to the hospital as rapidly as possible.

Within weeks, the doctors released her to live out her remaining days at home, and we prepared a bed where the home health aides could attend to her without being too intrusive. Connie barely shed a tear and was strong right to the end. We lost her on a Tuesday morning, with both Kelsey and me at her side. She looked very peaceful as she took her last breath, which gave us both a small measure of consolation.

The funeral was just for family, and then we hosted a larger group at our home afterwards. The party was a celebration of life, just as Connie had asked for. She told me she wanted no crying, but that was completely impossible. The loss of such a special soul was felt by everyone, so as we reminisced, we went from laughter to tears easily. But there was a lot of laughter, and I knew Connie would have been pleased.

Of course there were tons of flowers, which she would have loved. There were blooms of all sizes, shapes and colors, filling the room with a fragrance reminiscent of her little shop. The sensation left me thinking of much happier times, which made me smile but also at times made Connie’s absence more acute.

I constantly looked around the room for Kelsey as I felt the need to monitor how she was holding up. She seemed to be doing quite well and floated between our friends and lent support to those that needed a hug or a pat on the back. She was so much like her mom, it was amazing. I marveled at how someone so young and small could be so strong.

Once everyone had said their goodbyes, Kelsey and I were alone in our large home. After all the chatter of that day, the house was suddenly very silent. We sat together on the couch and looked towards the fireplace. Connie’s remains were in an urn on the mantle below our favorite picture of her.

My wife made it clear she did not want any gaudy mausoleum and wanted to be returned to nature in a simple way. Kelsey and I put our heads together, and came up with a plan we were sure Connie would have approved of. In the rear corner of our backyard, we had a small patio on which my wife would spend her free time in the summer. She had surrounded it with plants, but there was one open space that she never had time to fill in.

We mixed her ashes into some fresh potting soil, and then used it to plant Connie’s favorite rose variety, a hybrid tea called, “Olympiad.” Its blooms are a deep shade of red and are perfectly shaped like you might see in pictures. It’s also highly fragrant, which reminded both of us so much of Connie as she was always surrounded by the scent of flowers.

We worked side by side in silence, digging the hole before planting the rose with loving care. It was impossible to refrain from crying as the moment felt so permanent. Kelsey and I leaned against one another, sobbing as we gazed down on what we had done and hoped Connie would approve. I knew my wife’s ashes would blossom into the loveliest plant ever; I just wished she could be there with us to see it bloom and grow.

Over subsequent weeks both Kelsey and I spent a great deal of time around the patio, showering attention on the little plant. When one of us was not tending it, the other surely was. At times I felt guilty clipping flowers off its delicate branches, but I knew my wife would have loved to display the blooms on our kitchen table.

I had been having an internal debate with myself as to just what to do with my wife’s shop. I wanted to keep Everything’s Coming Up Roses open as a tribute to Connie, but was unsure how I could do it with my own full-time job. Kelsey had graduated from college and had been having trouble finding work, and she came to me just weeks after the funeral with a plan: She wanted to take over running the store and asked for my approval. I could not have been happier.

Kelsey had helped her mom for years and pretty much knew the operation like the back of her hand, so she was superbly qualified to take charge of Everything’s Coming Up Roses. My wife had always run it exclusively as a flower shop, but our daughter wanted to make it more of a gift shop, utilizing the marketing skills she had learned in college.

While Kelsey transformed the shop dramatically, I could still feel her mom’s presence there. I’m sure Connie would have been proud of the changes her daughter made, and customers seemed to appreciate the changes, as well. Business was as good as it had ever been at Everything’s Coming Up Roses.

I found myself often leaving work early so I could visit the shop to check in on my daughter’s progress. It was also a way of reconnecting with my wife while continuing to support the direction Kelsey was taking the store. I hate to admit it, but at times I became aroused looking at my daughter in that setting. I was constantly flooded by images of my wife as I watched my daughter move around Everything’s Coming Up Roses. They were so similar; I felt both a longing for my wife and a love for my daughter that was hard to differentiate.

Kelsey and I had always been affectionate, but since we learned of Connie’s cancer, we had become even more so. It seemed we could not go ten minutes without hugging one another, which filled my heart with joy. We had been through a lot, and had grown to lean on one another for support. As much as I tried to keep my hugs completely platonic, it was hard to hold the spitting image of my wife in my arms without feeling a strong attraction and like I was somehow depraved.

My daughter always gave me a warm greeting and would proudly fill me in on the events of the day, particularly any large sales. During one of our long conversations, Kelsey admitted that Connie had shared our secret about making love in the shop on Valentine’s Day. I was a bit embarrassed, but Kelsey thought it was the most romantic thing she had ever heard.

She said, “You should be proud that you had something so special, Daddy.” With a wink, she added, “I didn’t think you had it in you, Pops.”

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Kelsey had been running Everything’s Coming Up Roses for just a few months, yet Valentine’s Day was looming on the horizon like a lead balloon. It was hard for me to ponder the day without thinking of my wife and what we had shared on that special evening a number of times in the past. I didn’t dare speak of my apprehension until Kelsey came to me and asked if I’d be assuming my previous role as delivery boy for the day. How could I not? The idea felt like a warm hug after a long time away, and I readily agreed.

I was very proud of how Kelsey handled Everything’s Coming Up Roses that Valentine’s Day. She was incredibly organized and had the store running like a well-oiled machine. I would take the van out on trip after trip, yet each time I came back, she would have the next load stacked and ready to go for me.

I had to chuckle upon returning one time when I tried to give Kelsey my tip money. “No, that’s yours, Daddy. You earned it,” she said sharply before turning away.

I was making seven figures, so I could have done without the $35 dollars, yet I still appreciated her thoughtfulness. I should have expected her reaction as it was exactly what her mother would have done.

Normally the shop closed at six o’clock, but on Valentine’s Day we always stayed open until eight to take care of walk-ins who hadn’t planned ahead and needed something for their sweethearts on their way home. Kelsey sent me out on my last delivery route just after 6:30, as we had more orders than she had expected. As I drove, I was actually looking forward to stopping for Chinese on the way home, much like we had done the previous years.

Finally unloaded, I arrived back at Everything’s Coming Up Roses at about 8:15, and parked the van near the front door. The lights were down low, and I was not surprised to find the front door locked tight. I slid my key in and clicked the door open, before moving into the shop. The smell of flowers hit me in the face as it always did, like a welcoming hug. I slowly made my way inside, feeling my way along in the low light. I called out, “Kelsey, are you here?”

“Yes, Daddy, back here,” she answered. Photos / I felt a chill run down my spine as I remembered how her mother had greeted me on that Valentine’s Day long ago, just prior to us making passionate love. I tried to push the images out of my mind as I went to greet my daughter.

I walked to the office door, assuming Kelsey was counting receipts after a crazy day of sales. I was thoroughly shocked by what I saw. Just like her mother had done, Kelsey was lounging atop a blanket on the floor, completely naked. Rose petals were scattered all about her, and candles burned everywhere in the small room.

I stood at the door completely stunned, unable to move. My daughter looked so much like her mother had years before that I was left with a longing I had not felt in months.

“Come to me, Daddy,” Kelsey whispered as she held her hands out towards me.

I stared down upon her in disbelief. I had never seen anything more lovely, yet both my mind and heart were troubled. Judging by the effort she had put into making up the room, it was clearly not a split-second decision for her and certainly had been planned.

“I… I just can’t, sweetie,” I stammered, feeling torn between what I was seeing and feeling.

“Please, Daddy, I need you,” she whispered.

I recalled my wife saying Kelsey would need me, but I was certain she didn’t mean she’d need me in this way. My mind reeled, but I could not take my eyes of my beautiful daughter’s lovely body as I soaked her in. The soft candlelight flickered across her flawless skin and twinkled in her eyes as she gazed at me intently.

Once more she said, “I need you,” and motioned with her hands for me to come forward.

I felt like a robot under her control as I slowly advanced towards her. I dropped to my knees and stared at her for a moment before easing myself down beside her.

“Mom wanted me to take care of you, Daddy,” Kelsey whispered as she wrapped her arms and legs around me in a tight embrace. She moved her mouth to my own and we kissed for what seemed like hours. Our lips softly moved against one another as our tongues explored each other’s mouths, drinking in the taste of each other’s desire. She finally broke away from me, and softly stated, “Let’s get you out of these clothes.”

My blood was pounding through my veins as I contemplated what was to come. Were we really going to make love?

Kelsey began unbuttoning my shirt, and then pulled it open. Next, her fingers worked on my trousers, opening them as well before she told me to sit up. She helped me out of my shirt, and then moved to my legs to remove my shoes. She stared into my eyes as she slowly eased my pants off my legs. I was left only in my boxers, with a prominent lump tenting them upwards.

My daughter softly began rubbing my legs as her caresses moved up my body. Her fingertips tickled the tender skin of my thighs as she drew closer to my groin. She grasped the bottom of my shorts and said, “I think we need to get you out of these too, Daddy.”

As insane as it seemed to allow this to continue, I rocked my back to help her remove my last line of defense. When she threw the boxers to the side and looked back at me, I was as naked as she was. I was more than a tad nervous. She was the first woman, other than my dear Connie, to see me naked in about thirty years. Kelsey didn’t give me much time to contemplate things as she quickly moved her warm, soft hand to my cock and began stroking me.

“Nice cock, Pops,” she said with a grin as her hand danced up and down my shaft. My cock is not large, maybe seven inches, but it’s quite thick. Kelsey’s small hand could not fit completely around it, but that didn’t stop her from loving me with her palm.

Just moments later, she moved her head just above my crotch. Her tongue snaked out and she softly ran it all over the head of my cock. She pulled back a bit and began blowing on it, which sent a shiver down my spine. She then moved forward again and engulfed the tip of my cock in her mouth.

Kelsey began sucking the head of my cock firmly as she stroked me. She slowly lowered her head, engulfing more of my prick as she did. I could tell she wanted to get as much of it into her mouth as possible, but she was only able to get about half inside her. Using her hand and mouth in concert, she quickly was bringing me to the point of no return.

I took her head in my hands softly and tried to move her head off me. Without stopping what she was doing, she looked up at me and shook her head, clearly implying she had no intention of stopping. I was afraid she would not like it if I came in her mouth, so I pleaded, “Please, baby, I’m so close.”

Rather than pull away upon hearing my words, she actually began manipulating me even more vigorously. I could only relax and let her finish me off. I did feel some shame at surrendering without much of a fight, but the feeling was completely overwhelming. My own daughter was about to make me cum. I felt the muscles in my entire body tighten just before I shot my load into Kelsey’s waiting mouth.

She kept nursing my cock until it went completely soft inside her. She pulled away with a plop, and then moved aside me. Kelsey gave me a large grin, and then said, “You made quite a mess, Daddy. Does that mean I did good?”

“You did more than good, baby,” I grunted, still breathing heavy after my orgasm.

It was wonderful that my Kelsey wanted to please me so much, and I was determined to give her better than I got. After I caught my breath a bit, I pulled her into a tight embrace. I kissed her forehead, then slowly worked my way down her nose, over her cheeks, to the nape of her neck. I planted soft kisses all over her, nibbling her skin from time to time.

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Kelsey’s breasts reminded me so much of her mom’s. They were about the same size, and atop each one sat a perfect little pink nipple. I began kissing each nubbin, and then sucked them into my mouth. A taste of warm cinnamon washed over my mouth, almost as if I had sucked on an Atomic Fireball. I assumed Kelsey must have covered her chest with some type of flavored body lotion and I lapped it up with relish.

I kissed and licked my way down her torso, taking my time to cover every inch of her warm skin. When I reached her lower abdomen, I noticed for the first time that my daughter was shaved bare. Connie had always trimmed, but never shaved, so her naked sex was the first I had ever seen like that. Her womanly folds were clearly displayed between her spread legs, and looked damp with dew.

As much as I wanted to take my time, I just had to taste her after getting my first look. I moved between her legs, and began kissing all around her crotch, careful to avoid her pussy directly. I couldn’t help but take a long drag of air through my nose, and basked in Kelsey’s fragrant musk. I had always loved the smell of Connie’s arousal, but for all of the similarities between mother and daughter, in this, Kelsey was truly unique, her scent nearly drugging me with its feminine sweetness.

I slowly lowered my mouth to her special place, and savored the first taste my daughter’s nectar. I dragged my tongue up one side of her folds then down the other, drinking her in. Kelsey whimpered, “Yes, Daddy,” as she ran her fingers through my hair, which made me even more determined to please her.

I used the fingers of my left hand to spread her pussy open so I could dip my tongue inside of her as far as possible. Her pretty petals enveloped my face as I tried to lick her as deeply as possible. She was soaking wet, clearly enjoying our coupling as much as I was, but I was determined to take her higher still. I sucked on my right index finger and slid it into her as I continued to make love to her with my mouth.

Kelsey began moaning as my finger and tongue worked in concert with one another. I wanted to make her cum as hard as I had earlier, so I ran my tongue up to her clit and licked it for the first time. She screamed, “Fuck!” as I sucked her hard little nub into my mouth, running my tongue over it back and forth.

She began softly rocking her hips against my face, as I made love to the flower of her womanhood. I knew she was close as she began pressing her groin into my face more forcefully. Trying to match her pace, I moved my finger in and out of her more rapidly while I continued to run my tongue across her clit. Kelsey came with a roar as she held my head tightly against her sex.

I was proud of the fact that I made her cum so hard, and was more than ready to lick her for the rest of the evening if that’s what she wanted. After Kelsey relaxed her grip on my head, I began softly kissing all over her exposed groin. I wanted the erotic feeling to last as long as possible for her, so I gently teased her with my lips and tongue.

As a guy in his early fifties, it often took me a while to get hard after an orgasm, yet after bringing my daughter off in such a powerful way I was stiff as an oak again. What we had done to that point was certainly taboo, but we had not taken the ultimate step. Could we really walk down that path, I wondered, as I kissed my way up Kelsey’s torso once more before I settled in next to her, spooning together in a warm embrace.

Kelsey purred contentedly as I held her, which overwhelmed my senses. I couldn’t help but think of the last lovely creature I held like that, and hoped my wife would understand what had happened. My daughter turned her face towards my own, and kissed my chin repeatedly. She looked into my eyes and asked with a grin, “So, Daddy, did you like my special Valentine’s Day body lotion?”

“Loved it, baby,” I answered truthfully, and smiled back at her.

Kelsey wiggled her bottom into me and said, “Something’s poking me, Daddy. Any idea what it is?” I was mortified that she could feel my erection against her, and tried to stammer a response. Before I could formulate words, she added, “Guess I need to take care of that.”

With that, Kelsey broke away from me and pushed me onto my back. She threw a leg over me and settled her body over my abdomen. Her hands rested on my chest as she slowly slid her body down mine until her bottom once again made contact with my hard cock. She rose momentarily and took my prick into her soft hand. She lined it up into her slit before easing down upon me, all the while staring directly into my eyes.

I could not believe I was actually inside my daughter. My mind was awash with conflicting emotions, from unbridled lust to deep shame, and everything in between. Yet in spite of the internal debate raging in my head, I still had a raging hard-on.

Kelsey must have sensed my state of mind, because she took over and guided our actions. “You just lay there and let me do all the work, Daddy,” she said as she began slowly riding my cock. A moment later she added, “I’m gonna take such good care of you.”

Part of me wanted to push her off and run away, and part of me wanted to roll her over and pound her pussy, but instead I just lay there. I couldn’t resist looking up at Kelsey’s beautiful face and basking in the joy she was bringing me. Her firm breasts bounced as she drove her tight pussy up and down my hard, thick cock. I couldn’t help but run my hands up her flanks until they caressed her heaving young tits.

The entire time she rode me, Kelsey stared directly into my eyes. It was like we were gazing directly into each other’s souls and wanted to please one another with everything we had to give. My daughter’s young pussy was squeezing my prick exquisitely, and even though I had already cum that evening, I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold off very long.

Kelsey must have been in a similar state, because she began driving herself upon me more rapidly. Never before in my life had a woman fucked me with such abandon, and I did my best to keep up with her stunning pace. Moments later, she finally broke our eye contact as she threw her head back and rocked even faster against me.

My body was simply on fire. I could feel my balls churning, and knew my climax was rapidly approaching. Kelsey began shouting, “Yes,” over and over with each thrust, and I knew she was as close as I was. She began throwing her head side to side as she slammed herself against me repeatedly. My hands went to her hips as I helped guide our union, pulling her up and down.

Kelsey screamed as her body slowed to a halt above me, just as I began shooting my seed deep inside her. My daughter collapsed upon me, our sweaty bodies heaving against one another as we struggled to catch our breath.

No words were spoken for a long time as I held Kelsey close, my cock still buried inside her. She finally raised her head off my chest, and stared deeply into my eyes. A smile slowly grew upon her face and she said, “Thank you, Daddy.”

“Thank me for what?” I wondered out loud, feeling I was truly the fortunate one.

“Thank you for letting me love you,” she responded with a smile, and I knew she meant it. Many thoughts swirled inside my head, but I thought it best to keep them to myself for the moment. I had no idea what tomorrow would bring, but at that moment I didn’t care.

Kelsey softly kissed my lips and asked, “So, ready for Chinese?”

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