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Hello every one this is kumar .I live in chennai and presently a student.I had good body but not gym body .I mean I am a sports person.My height is 6.50 feet .My age 20 now .I decided to enjoy and earn. I had advertised myself on a website for escort services.

After a few weeks, I got a mail from this lady named mounika ( name changed due to her safty ). She asked me if I really serve ladies, to which I replied in the advertised . She asked me about my charges and the services I provided. She asked me if I was free on Wednesday and I said yes. She booked me for massage session and also for some personal work.

She sent me her photo, mobile number and her address and asked me to meet at around 2 pm


We exchanged our pics too but couldn’t understand her in the photo.

I reached at 1.50 to her place and called her. She lived in one of the posh areas of chennai . Her house was big. She opened the door and asked me to get in. What a beauty she was! I couldn’t get my eyes off her. She was wearing a sleeveless kurti. I could see the shape of her boobs. Her ass was just perfect. She seemed very cheerful lady.

Just by the fairness of her face I imagined about the whiteness of her boobs. She was wearing a black colored bra which made me horny. I couldn’t believe she was 34 as she maintained her figure.

She offered me coffee but i said no .she asked me why .i said i dont like it .she brought me some softdrink and we spoke about our lives. Her husband was way older than her and was a frequent foreign visitor due to business thing. She told me that her husband used to spend nights with other women and asked her to enjoy too. But she never thought of an escort service.

But as time passed by, she couldn’t control her sexual urge. She had no sex in the last 3 years and her husband was least interested in her. I wondered how can a person ignore such a beautiful and gorgeous woman.

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So she started searching for an escort and so this way she found me. She asked me if I was comfortable to which I said yes though I was a bit nervous since it was my first time. I asked her for a place so that I can get my tracks on.

I then asked her to change her clothes for the massage session.

She had kept the oil and packet of condoms ready. She changed and came out in a towel only.

Since it was my first experience I got too excited. But I somehow controlled myself as I was being paid for it so decency was mandatory.

She lied down and I removed the towel. I took some oil and started massaging her back. She was feeling good. I was in no hurry. Slowly I massaged near her neck and ear lobes. I touched a bit of her boobs from the back . I could feel the hotness in her.

She started breathing heavily. My cock was trying to poke out of my tracks. I then went down and massaged near her ass. With my fingers, I applied oil near her ass cracks. She was getting wild.

Then I made her turn around and started massaging her stomach. Her boobs were so big yet firm. I complimented her for her boobs. Her nipples were erect due to sexcitement. I then applied some oil on her boobs and started massaging them. She started moaning loudly.

She was asking me to press them hard now. Her moans made me go horny so I started pressing them hardly.

After a while, I removed the towel which covered her pussy. Her pussy was cleanly shaved. I massaged a bit around her pussy with some oil and later on her insistence massaged her pussy too. She couldn’t control herself and got hold of my cock.

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She got up and we had a long smooch for around 15 minutes. Friends that feeling was just awesome. I then started holdling her boobs and she removed my tracks and started playing with my cock.

I was sucking her busty boobs, couldn’t just get over those boobs. She then took my cock in her mouth and she was good at it. I was about to release my cum so i asked her to remove my cock and she did. Then she asked me to fuck her pussy. I made her lie down.

I slowly inserted my cock in her pussy, though found it difficult to insert as it was a bit tight. It seemed that she didn’t have sex since years. With a hard push my cock was completely inside and I started smooching her in order to avoid any noise.

After I felt she was normal, I again started pushing inside her. She was all over the world.i fucked her in different possions .after a section of 20 to 25 min I was about to cum so she told me to release it inside only.

We both got tired and we both ended resting on each other. Looking at the clock, it was 5 and it was time to wind up. she said that she had the best sex ever.

We had a bath and I again fucked her in the bath as a complimentary from my side. I dressed up. She paid me 5000 (because it was my first time) and she did tell me that she would love to meet me again whenever she feels like.

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After a week she again called me and booked me. This time there was no massage and nothing. Direct sex. She trusted me completely in terms of sex.

I fucked her in every corner of the house. We had sex in every position and she couldn’t control herself. She has asked me to visit her once every week.

My first experience was overall an awesome one. I hope you people liked the sex story. Suggestions are welcome. If any lady of any age unsatisfiedladys ,women ,married ladys ,any one wish to avail my sex. [email protected] this is my mail id .Youcan mail me or ping me in hangout .Give me a chance to prove .Dont feel guilty to mail me .Give me a chance to satisfy you gorgeous ladys .I will be waiting for your comments and i i can give you tips for sex .I know telugu and english .I can speek telugu ,english and little bit of hindi and tamil
You can trust me your i dentity will be safe with me . I writen this story with her permision only .She agreed to write .Your privacy will be maintained.

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