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Hi My name is Vipin. I’m basically from Trivandrum ( Kerala) but settled in Chennai . This happened when I was fifteen years old by then I was 5’9” tall and somewhat slim built. This is when I completed my tenth standard and entered Eleventh Standard. My Father is a professor in a college and my mother is a school teacher, this made me concentrate more on my studies and I was a topper till tenth. My mom and father had a very early marriage, My mother married my father during her first year in college, in fact my father was my mother’s professor, when they met they fell in love and as my mother became pregnant they have to marry this made my entire mother’s family against them and my parents were totally detached from my mother’s family. There was a big age gap between my parents but as it is said for people in love age is just a number. But their love didn’t last long It was when I was in my primary school my mother found out an afire of my father which made them live separately, Right now my father is in Trivandrum working in a college and myself and my mother are in Chennai, Mother is working as a teacher in a reputed private school in chennai.

As I completed my 10th standard, I was a bit relaxed in my studies in eleventh and started participating in all Inter School Sports events. I acquired a set of friends from another school during one interschool event and this was kinda felt good to me. One guy is called Jegan and the other is Prakash. We three discussed about everything and when it came to girls it was very new to me, I never discussed about how girls look or those kinda stuff with anyone and we spoke about how hot some girls in the sports event are and Jegan explained his various experiences with girls. Based on our culture dating and having sex are forbidden at that age and He keeps on telling me about all the pervert stuff he has done. At times its hard to believe what he says and Prakash used to call him a liar, This made him do stuffs before our own eyes to prove he is not lying. I have to admit, Jegan is a guy with guts He does things that other s fear to do. This created a bond with in us. As this sports event happens in different school we travelled to different schools in Chennai and we started to have our own talks.

One day We saw a girl, who had hug boobs and big ass compared to her age. Prakesh told jegan if he has guts he has to touch the girl’s boobs before the end of the day. All the three of us were looking at that gal and at one point we found her pushing herself inside the crowd to get some token issued for an event. All were interested in getting the token and it was a mess there. Jegan used that opportunity and went near her and he went just before her as if he is trying to get the token and when his right shoulder went passed her left boobs he stopped and came back so that she has to hit him with her left boob to get near the token counter. We both were shocked on how he enjoyed that girls boob with his shoulder without any doubt even caused in the gals mind. I kept on thinking on this as I have never ever touch a girl before . Even I don’t have any sister or cousine sister who is close to me. In out place we don’t have any girl friend at this age as per our culture, of course there are exceptions. Before I got into this friend circle I used to masturbate and have sexual feeling about celebrities and actresses. But this new friendship made me look all the woman I see and girls around me in a different view.


The next week I came to know I have to go to my mom’s school for the finals. And I was excited about it as I can see mom over there and also I can see my friends and can have some fun. But I made my mind not to involve in any problems as I might get caught by my mom. I also didn’t want my mom to meet my new friends, I don’t know why. I want to make sure I m that innocent boy to my mom if she found out what my friends are doing to other girls I might not get caught. The Event started in the evening and there was heavy crowd than usual and I went to the office room to meet my mom as I saw her she told me she is busy with some work as she is an organizer for the event and told me she maynot be able to spend time with me and asked me to put my fullest effort in 400 M running ( That was the only event I went till finals). It was about half an hour I searched for them and finally met them and asked them where were they. Jagan seemed very excited and Prakash was not of any less excitement too. I asked him the reason and Prakesh said, Today for sure Jegan is going to loose the bet and he has to give all the three of us party and asked whats is it about. Jegan told he saw a very sexy woman with great ass and he is definetly gonna touch that ass today and prakash added that was such a sexy figure and that ass looked like that of actress sneha’s. But he was sure Jegan is going to loose this one as this is not as easy like others. On hearing the description of that girl I got turned on. Suddently jegan shouted this is the right time and he asked us to watch him carefully and left from where he was sitting. Prakash told me to look at one woman and started his description of her again, “ What a colour, watta boobs, , Whata back da , chancey illa. Low hip yellow colour saree la ennamaa irrukka. Then I realized something that they were praising the beauty of my own mother and she was in the middle of a crowd distributing badges to the participents. And that moment I realized what ever they said about her was true she was soo sexy an those curves are tempting I have never seen her in this way. But this is a critical situation I cant tell them that is my mother as they were looking at her in a different way and I don’t know what to do. I saw Jegan moving in the crowd towards her . Though it was crowded I can see clearly where Jegan is and how his body moves towards her. Now jegan is standing Just behind her with less than a feet gap between them . Students keep on jumping in to the crowd and it became denser . Jegan looked at us and smiled and slowly moved near my mother from behind. At that point my mother shouted at some boy for some confusion in the badge distribution and came a step back. I could see Jegan from behind he pressed himself at her left ass cheek and moved to the right while pressing and I can also see that my mother has felt it, It was like a rub on both her ass with his hard dick. There was a change in her face reaction kinda irritated and before she could turn around to stop he just slipped away in the crowd. He came back to us with a face full of smile and I was so embarrassed to get an erection to see what he did to my own mother. He explained how soft her ass was and he is gonna masturbate the whole night with this memory. All the three of us were looking at my mother from a distance . I was wondering how I failed to notice such a beauty and how sexy she was. Now let me give an introduction about her, her name is neenu and she is 5’6” tall . She is having that usual malaylee Look very fair complexion Awesome 34C boobs X 30 X 36 or 38. Her firm ass is one that no one wanna miss. She is in her mid 30s and She dresses in a classy way. After that day everything with in me changed towards her. Even though I know this is wrong and tried to avoid these kinda of thoughts the incident on how Jegan felt her kept on creeping in my mind, but finally the guilty feeling made me take a decision not to think about her in that manner from now on.

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A month passed away after the finals and one day Mom felt something peculiar in me. She found there is a wall built between us as I have tried to avoid any time spending with her ahd even I spoke when its absolutely necessary. I cut all my contacts with my new friends and as I don’t have any close other friends it looked like I was always alone and never socialized. It was a Saturday evening mom saw me sitting in the lving room and changing chanells and when I saw her coming I got up to go into my room. Mom said, “ Vipin, I need to talk to you” and asked me to sit. I sat and sat in next to me, She looked very much stressed or tired so I asked her what was problem. She told me that there was this boy in her school who never used to socialize with others and all of a sudden he committed suicide. Since he don’t have any friends its hard to understand what was wrong in him. And she said, “ Now a days I see that you have been alone all the time, no friends, no specific interest in anything and you are not talking to me as usual, After the loss in the finals you seem so upset. Please tell me what is the problem vipin. You know I love you and you are the only reason why I am still alive.” I replied as nothing and tried to get away. But I could see mom was very upset, so I went near her put my arms in her shoulder and sat next to her and said there is nothing to worry about me, I just don’t like friends and I love to be alone and also added “ Mom I love you so much, I just didn’t want to disstrub you”
Mom – No Vipin you need to have friends, Being alone is not an option and it is not good for you.
Vipin – I’m not comfortable with other people mom, You are my only friend and I just want to be close with you.
Mom – Okay then you have to spend time together Whats your plan tonight.
Vipin – I have no plans. Just felt like going for a movie. Do u care to join?
This conversation made Vipin happy as he felt more comfortable with Neenu. And neenu was very much relieved as she was afride Vipin needed some psychological attention as he was not a to socialize with itThey both decided to go to a theater.
Neenu – Please don’t tell anyone a boy at your age is spending a Saturday nigth with his old mother, People will laugh at you.
Vipin – First of all I prefer you company than others second don’t call you old. You have no idea how good you look for sure girls of my age envy you how u r and guyz of my age die to have friendship with you.
This was a new statement to Neenu and was not expecting this and she is happy that she can make her son talk and make him be more open to her so she decided to get closer as she finds this topic interests him.
Neenu – So it looks like you talk a lot about woman .
Vipin blushed.
Neenu – Vipin you know you can talk to me like a friend, I’ not that strict mother, Tell me something have you ever dated been out with girls.
Vipin – No mom, I’m not inerseted in them.
Neenu – Do you think you are gay Vipin?
This question startled Vipin. He never spoke like this with his mother. But Neenu wants to make sure his son is not having any problem. Since Vipin didn’t answer Neenu replied th question again
Vipin – Come on mom, I’m for sure not a gay. I may not like girls but don’t you see I like you I’m confortable with you. May be I haven’t met the right girl.
Neenu – Liking me is different but other girls are different. I’m trying to understand do you get feeling like………. She dragged searching for words.
Vipin – Mom you don’t have to be afride I’m not gay. I know that but hard to explain you It’s a man thing.
Neenu – That looks Kool. But from now on I want us to be goof friends, no secrets, and we can talk our mind. I assure you I’ll try to be a friend and not mother.
Vipin – Mom I’m happy that you said that, you said we are going to be friends I agree to the deal but don’t bring that motherly authority in between.
Vipin hugged her in happiness and it felt so good to both of them. Neenu decised to use this oprtunity to be a good frined of him which will prevent her son from any stupid thing like suicide.
Vipin – Mom I’ll go and get the tickets for the night show, You be ready and remember you are my friend and dress like one.
Vipin got two tickets for a Tamil movie in Sathyam Theater. And when he came back He was stunned to see his mother. Neenu was wearing a tight T-Shirt which could clarly show the shape of her Big boobs and a ¾ th tight jean which showed her hour glass shape very evidently. Vipin can’t believe how his mother looked, no one can judge her age by the way she looked. On looking at the way vipin was looking at Neenu, Neenu asked;
Neenu – “So What do you think. Do I look like your Friend.” After a pass she said “ I think this is a mistake I will change and come in a minute.
Vipin – “ No Mom , you look amazing . I’m not sure how I’m gonna save this hot babe from the teenagers around there” . He just didn’t realize he just called his mother a hot babe. Neenu was blushing and with a fake anger “ Hot babe, This is how you call you mother.”
Vipin – “Sorry Mom It just slipped out with out my knowledge. “ Neenu liked the way Vipin called her and She can feel that He can’t control her self and keeps on looking at her . This created a thrill to Neenu. A teenager kept on checking her asserts was a compliment to her. She felt so good and safe with Vipin. And she was happy that her son can’t be a gay based on the interest He shows on her. Neenu knew it wasn’t right to tempt vipin further but she thought that wont hurt to tease him a while. Neenu opened first two buttons of her T Shirt so that her cleavage was revealed a bit. And caught Vipin staring at her boobs and asked “ Vipin do you still remember I’m your mother” Vipin blushed and said My hot mother. This time he made the point straight and Neenu didn’t mind. They both got in to the theater and the theater was not crowded as the movie have been running couple of weeks by now and They got the last row middle seats. There were few couple seated at random locations. Neenu holded Vipins hand andfelt very good and safe hen she is around him. Vipin after seeing Neenu in that outfit started to have the which he tried to suppress for the past one month. Movie ran for fifteen minutes and the AC was cold. Neenu was holding Vipins arms and kinda kept her head on his shoulder and was watching the movie.Vipin understood she is feeling the cold and took his right hand and wrapped around her right shoulder and pulling her closer . This made her warm and felt good . After few minutes in a particular comedy scene both of them laughed so much vipin’s right handed mistakenly fell on Neenu’s right breast outside the T Shirt. Vipin’s plam was exactly at the top of her right boob above the T shirt. Both o them felt that at the same time. Vipin Didn’t want his mother to think as if he has done it interntionally so he didn’t move it . Just kept it as if he didn’t notice yet. Neenu understood that was an accident so she didn’t wanna embarrass Vipin by questioning this . Both of them spoke nothing and were looking at the movie. Vipin felt the softnes ofhis mothers breast and Immediately his manhood responded. His mind wanted to grope it and feel how it is . But He knows in that case his mother will definetly notice what he is doing. He thought about how Jegan felt her and he came to a stage to take that risk. In the very next scene when people were laughing He gave a mild grope to her right boob above her T shirt and took his hand immediately as if its an accident. He laughed hard at that moment so that Neenu doesn’t think its planned. It felt so good to him. And his dick was trying to tear up his boxers. He has to adjust his dick with his left had to put it in a comfortable position. On the other hand Neenu was shocked and confused. She doesn’t know if He did it on purpose or just an accident. At the same time She doesn’t want to have this opportunity of being a friend to her sone slip her hand by acting abnormally . She told herself that’s just an accident and tried to concentrate on th movie.
There was a battle that happened in Vipin’s mind between Son and a man. Vipin wanted to fell her and decided to try a bit without her knowledge. He placed his right hand finger tips on her right collar bone and this was not even noticed by Neenu. Slowly his hand travelled down. When it landed at the cleavage area which Neenu Intentionally showed . Neenu understood what was happening. She doesn’t know what to do. Her hear beat raised. Vipin Felt like his heart isgoing to burst. It was a mixture of fear, guilt and lustful feeling. Her skin felt soo good in his finger tips Neenu started breathing heavily and slowly but steadily Vipin pushed his finger further down and his finder were inside her Tshirt. Its been a very long time since someone has touched Neenu in that way. Her fluids started to secrete. She felt like she wanted more Vipin took his mother’d silence as acceptance and moved his finger further down. It felt like both their heart beat filled the entire theater. Right now Vipins finger touched the outer circle of Neenu’s Orleans. SUddently she came to realization it is her son who is about to fondle her boobs completely, She took her hand and stopped hisfinger from outside the T Shirt. Her right finger were above his finger stopping it to move further with only a T shirt inbetween their fingers. Both of them didn’t move. Neenu didn’t push him away. Vipin almost had his mother’s boobs. In his mind he went to a state he can’t accept a no at this point. Neenu slowly murmured “ Vipin” her voice was week very husky. It wasn’t commanding as it is used to be. Vipin without pushing forward just kept his right palm on the exact point without moving his fingers wich was stopped by her. Now his entire right palm is feeling the upper top of her right breast. Neenu can’t explain the feeling . Never had this excitement even when she was making love her husband. His rough hands on her soft boobs gave another chill to her spine. Now Vipin started to move his right hand finger and palm up and down rubbing her skin softly. Neenu can’t control her womanly feeling anymore, it felt like her panties were wet at that moment. That half grope made neenu’s right hand finger week and it allowed Vipins finger to travel further. Vipin split his right hand fingers and let her nipple come between his middle and ring finger and felt her complete breast. Neenu closed her eyes knowing she has no more control just murmuring slowly “ Vipin, no no shhhhhhhhh no haaa no shhhhhhhhhhhhh “ . All of a sudden Lights were on, It was the interval and both of them jumped away and Vipin can’t look at her in the eyes. Neenu was looking at her feet . Vipin can’t makeout what her state is. Neenu in a low but stern voice “ I want to go home “ Vipin took her home and both of them didn’t speak a word for the test of the night.

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