Seducing my Cousin

I had known my cousin ever since the day I was born. Our houses weren’t far and we grew up quite close. And ever since, I’ve held a forbidden attraction to my cousin who was born a month older than me.

When we were little, we often experimented what we saw on our parents – because, mind you, they don’t lock the door properly when they have sex. We only ever kissed and touched back then, but when we grew older, more perverted, knowledgeable and more mature, things changed.

I had thought all along my silly attraction to him was long gone, which was obviously, not true. That time too, I had started masturbating, but never with toys, because my parents will kill me if they ever see one on me. I never cum, so I was never really satisfied with any masturbation of mine. Eventually, I stopped, gearing my attention towards my failing studies.

However, vacation came and it became harder. My libido was once again fueled ever since he started sleeping in our house. He had grown taller and more muscular before and I find myself wishing to be ravaged by him. I once again went back to masturbating, but I can never be satisfied without a cock in my vagina, so I restrained myself, but I had grown naughty and willful that I started making moves on him. I had always been beautiful, something which runs in my family’s genes, and coupled with a good diet, I had been successful in keeping a good figure. More often than not, I find myself wearing more shorts and fitting blouses, making sure to pucker my ass in front of him. There had been one time I had been too bold and ‘accidentally’ brushed my hands in his boxers. I pretended not to see the raging hard-on he had after.

That night, I touched myself (and might have screamed his name out loud accidentally.)

Sunday morning and I was typing away in my laptop when he appeared on my door in a towel. I gave him his daily supply of shampoo and locked myself in my bathroom to touch myself again. I used my electric hairbrush on my clitoris, and I might have screamed his name out loud again, this time, much, much louder. I had been on the verge of an orgasm picturing he was the one rubbing my clit when, my bathroom door was opened. Which actually made no sense because I locked both my bedroom and bathroom door.

I saw my cousin, with dripping wet hair and fresh clothes, standing with keys in hand and I shrunk away, guilty at being caught red-handed, while pulling up my shorts and fixing my clothes. He, however, did the most unexpected thing I did not expect him to do.

He grabbed my shoulders fiercely and slammed me on my bathroom wall, arousing me. Call me masochistic, but I’m turned on in rough treatment. “And I have been wondering who keeps calling out my name in the middle of the night,” his gaze seemed to have burned holes through me. It made me unable to look at him. Oh yeah, our rooms were right next to each other.

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He menacingly looked at me. “That time when you caused me a boner. It wasn’t unintentional too, right?”

I bit my lip, guilty. “Tim, you don’t understand. I-”

But he already left me.

The next days passed bleakly. I didn’t even have the energy to masturbate. Every time I looked at Tim, it was full of dread and guilt. The came one day I was ready to curse at my family who left me alone in the house alone with Tim. My other cousins went home to get some additional clothes.

I had been cooking our lunch when I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around my stomach along with the scent of apples. I was in so much shock I dropped the ladle the same time I felt lips sucking various places in my shoulders and neck. The hands that were wrapped around me reached for the stove to turn it off.

“Tim, wait-”

I tried to protest if it wasn’t for his lips whose next destination was mine. He kissed me so hard I forgot how to breathe. What just happened? Wasn’t he furious at me the past few days?

“Why did you lust after me?” he whispered in my ears. My mind was too clouded to formulate any answers to give, so he stopped, and rested his forehead in mine. I must say that the gesture was really sweet.

“… not lust… not lust…” I rasped after a few moments. I have loved him even before knowing I really was. He didn’t look like he believed me. “I love you. I thought it stopped, but it came back when you lived here,” he said nothing and kissed me again.

After that, when I got to finish my cooking, we went to his room and discussed things. He said he had been attracted to me ever since we were kids, and jerked off thinking of me. I was naturally happy and told him it was the same with me. Then I asked him why he avoided me after the bathroom incident and why he was so mad at me. I always laugh when I remember his answer. He told me he was mad that he had been kept in the dark for five years of my attraction to him. If he knew earlier, then he wouldn’t have to do things by his hand, and that just as he was calming down, he heard the car from downstairs, signaling its arrival.

Huh, I guess I was too frightened to hear that.

When things got too long, I impatiently climbed onto his lap and kissed him. He looked satisfied enough that I was taking the lead. “If you knew this five years ago, would you have fucked me already?” he nodded and kissed me again, this time lying on the bed. I got up and smirked before feeling his fleshy member inside his pajamas.


He actually jerked and moaned loudly. “Aaahhh… aaahhhh… shitshitshit,” I made a sultry giggle and stopped, now taking his hands to guide them inside my dress. He now sat up and smirked at my boldness, before kissing me passionately while pushing me down the bed, saying, “what a naughty cousin you are.”

My dress was only held to my shoulders with thin straps and Tim was impatient, so he pushed the straps down, ignoring the tearing of fabric and exposed my B-cup breasts covered by a white bra.

He looked at me for permission. I responded by taking him in my arms and buried his face in my breasts. When he looked at me again, he was grinning. He took my breasts and kissed them gently before slipping the bras over them without even unhooking it. I looked down on my already torn dress and hooked my legs on his waist and slipped his shirt over his upper body. I slipped my hand into his pajamas, past his boxers and marveled at the way he gasped my name out loud while I stroked his member.

And then, when things had gotten steamy, my parents had to return. We immediately stopped and mournfully looked at each other before I raced to my room, but not before giving him my clothes, including my underwear and a long lick at my vagina. I shuddered violently at that before giving his a long lick too. He also gave me his underwear and I raced back to my room to get dressed.

That week was pure torture. We barely had enough time to be alone. We didn’t even manage to have sex, until, on Saturday evening, when my whole family was out to a trip outside the country and my other cousins had places to go the whole day, I raced to Tim’s room with speed I never knew I had.

He greeted me with much fervor and enthusiasm as he picked me up and pinned me to the wall, ravaging my mouth with his tongue while hooking my legs on his waist. “Keep the lights on. I want to see you,” I hastily told him when he turned off the light. He obeyed me and flicked the light back on. No later than that, we found ourselves in the bed and found ourselves in the 69 position. It looked pretty hot since we were still on our clothes. Soon, I decided to be a little naughty and straddled his already undressed cock with my clothed one. My vagina tingled in pleasure. It was so hard and meaty, if it could, it would have been ramrod straight and push itself in me. Tim was groaning in frustration as he held my sides harshly. But the pain only turned me on and rubbed harder on the shaft.

“Shitshitshit, I’m-I’m–” and I stopped. He looked at me and I gave him a teasing glint. He was hungry and I knew it. We were pretty much in the middle of a sexual activity to vent out our longing for each other’s body that I actually made him abstain. I knew it would drive him to the edge. He impatiently flipped us over so he was on top and grinning, he ripped my panties off and rubbed our unclothed members together. I howled in pleasure, the two of us kissing like never before.

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“Put it in, put it in,” I repeated like a mantra, like a broken record.

“Are you sure?” he asked for assurance and I eagerly nodded, tightening my legs around his waist. He stopped to guide his dick while I was eagerly pumping it the whole way. “Hold me, hold me,” I told him and he eagerly wrapped one arm around me while the other was angling his dick to go through my entrance. “Push it in. Quickly,” I demanded, impatient.

He nodded and took his bulbous head inside when I yelped in pain. He quickly withdrew back. That time, I was busy cursing everyone who thought the first time was really good. What good??!! It was so painful. I encouraged him to not mind me and push it in. And he actually pushed it in. I felt like my pussy was ripped apart. Tim kissed me as I was crying because of the pain. There was blood, but we both knew that it happens when it was for the first time. We spent the next ten minutes of him coaxing me to comfort before he started moving again. It was painful, but it dulled down after a few thrusts. I only could register pleasure after that. Tim’s eyes were also hazy and clouded and we both were in euphoric pleasure. We didn’t restrain our voices – we were lucky there was no one else in the house but us.

“Faster, faster!” I urged him like a bitch in heat. There was something building within me, I wanted to release. Tim nodded and picked his pace faster. After a few more thrusts, he stopped and twitched right before his cock spurt out a huge load inside me as I screamed in pleasure and bit his neck. I then came after him.

After a few minutes, it was only when I got my senses back when I glared at him. “Yo-You came inside!”

He raised his head and looked at me. His hair was wet and messy, as was mine, but I was pretty sure we made a pretty hot picture now. “I took some pills. Don’t worry,” and pulled out.

Tim was considerate enough to not have another round. He pulled some ointment and applied it to my pussy, but I was considerate enough to give him a blowjob. He shot his load twice into my mouth before considering ourselves beat. We then went to the shower together where we were tempted to have another go at it again.

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