Sex starved Indian mother seduces her son

Indian mother sex starved, Indian mother seduces her son.. Varsha along with her son Raju had come to attend her youngest sister’s wedding. Large number of relatives had come for the festive occasion. Though the house of her parents was big, it was not large enough to accommodate all of them in separate bedrooms. Because of this Varsha, her son, her sister in law, her brother, and his two small daughters shared a bedroom and were sleeping on the mattresses laid on the floor.

Varsha woke up from her deep slumber, because she had felt something touching and feeling her behind. She was lying on her side on the mattress and her son Raju was snuggled up behind her. She realized with great mortification that Raju tonight had an erection as two nights earlier. She could feel her son’s penis throbbing as it lay sandwiched between her buttocks and his lower abdomen.

She wondered if he was awake, but then after listening to his heavy breathing she was convinced that he was still asleep. Instinctively and embarrassed, she moved on the mattress to get away from her son’s hot rigid penis nestled against her body! To her horror her, relief was short-lived, as she felt her son fidget in his sleep and again rest his erection against her buttocks. There was not much room for maneuver, and any further movements would have disturbed others and may lead to embarrassment.


She just lay there unable to control the proceedings. She felt her son’s breathing getting rapid and heard his soft moan which sent shivers down her spine. As her son rolled away from her she was relieved, which was short lived, for she felt wetness spread across her buttocks and gasped, her son had ejaculated his juices on her night gown. This short interlude was second in last three nights. First time was two nights back when her reaction was absolute shock, which turned to anger and then disgust, but then he had not ejaculated. Tonight was different and as she touched the wet spot on her gown she realized her son was now a man. The touch of the warm rigid penis and the feel of son’s sperms against her fingers excited and convinced her to start treating her son as a man!

The wedding festivities were over and in two days she and her son were to return home. Her brother and younger sister’s families had planned for a short sojourn to Goa. Her brother and sister were cajoling her into accompanying them to Goa.

She had resisted their pleas but now as she rested on her side on the mattress she wondered if it would be a good idea to go along. It would be a break from the monotony of house work and probably a chance to get physically acquainted with her grown son! Her love for her son as a mother had turned incestuous in two nights.

Next morning when the topic of Goa trip was broached by her brother, Varsha agreed to accompany them, though expressed her reservations as they were not booked at the Hotel. Her brother was confident of arranging for at least one room at the hotel, which meant mother and son will have to share the room and bed. Varsha was ecstatic, but did not show any emotions as she did not want to raise any suspicions in other members of family. Travelling to Goa was not an issue as they were to travel in their cars, but problem was of returning back to Pune. Varsha’s brother and sister were to go back to their home towns. Return journey tickets were to be booked and date of travel back also was to be confirmed.

During the journey Varsha’s concern was not return journey but what if enough rooms were available at the hotel, then she and her son would not be sharing a bed!! That would be very disappointing; she had plans to seduce her son, wondering if it was appropriate. Seducing her son and expecting sexual gratification from her own flesh and blood! Absolutely scandalous!

On reaching the Hotel, Varsha was thrilled as her prayers were answered. She and her son were allotted one room on a different floor, than the other members of family. This was great; everything was falling in place for the sexually starved mother. After checking in their allotted rooms and freshening up after tiring journey all the families met in the restaurant for dinner. After usual banter and a hearty meal all of them retired to their respective rooms.

The plan for next day’s outing was charted out. It was decided to move out for sightseeing after lunch in hotel, to recover from the tiring journey. This suited Varsha too and she smiled to herself thinking, “I have 14 hours with my son in bed! Hope it is fruitful and satisfying!” After exchanging Good Nights all the families retired to their rooms. As they changed for the night Varsha debated with herself if she leaves out the undergarments when going to bed. At home she never wore undergarments to bed, should she follow it here too? After much mental debate she decided to dispense with bra but not panties.

As mother and son lay on bed, they indulged in small talk and before long her son fell asleep. After some time he snuggled up behind her with his arm across her waist. Varsha could feel her heart thumping and her breathing was hard. She realized her pussy was itchy and throbbing with anticipation, and to calm her pussy she put her hand between her legs.

She wondered if she would be able to feel her son’s erection against her body tonight. If and when it happened she was ready to execute her well laid out plan. If her son takes the bait and wants to go full steam ahead she won’t stop him, but if he expressed any misgivings or hesitated she would stop immediately and won’t entertain any such incestuous thoughts ever again. She lay on bed thinking and fantasizing about her sons cock. She bit her lips in desperation waiting for her son’s move and. She tossed and turned for a long time and then she too fell asleep.

Late in the night, Varsha to her great relief felt the hardness of her son’s penis prodding against her bums! The dice had been cast and now she was the one to start the game. She turned around in bed and shook her son, when he opened his eyes Varsha reached between his legs and held his rigid penis in her palm. Holding on to her son’s rigid rod, she said, “You end up staining our clothes every night. I can’t wash them in the hotel. Please make sure you don’t stain any clothes.”

Raju just muttered “Sorry Mommy. I am very sorry” and tried to roll over.

Varsha stopped him “It’s ok baby.” Gently squeezing his penis in her palm she continued

“You can take it out and do it against my panties; it won’t be a problem to wash them.”

Raju was too stunned to respond to his mother’s shocking offer. Sensing his confusion and hesitation, Varsha pushed her fingers in his boxer shorts and pulled out his hot rigid piece of meat. She lifted her gown above her waist rolled over and lay on bed with her ass towards her son.

Varsha reached behind her, caught her son’s hot meat and placed it against her ass. As she closed her legs together tightly she pulled him closer, and placed her son’s arm across her tummy. Encouraged her 18 year old son edged his muscular body into her back. Feeling the warmth of her son’s penis through panties against her bums she curled her legs inwards. Her son too reciprocated as she felt his feet entangle with hers. He cuddled in really close behind her and she could feel his hot, quick paced breath on the back of neck.

“OK Mom?” He whispered. “Absolutely perfect son” She replied, as she pushed her rear-end against his naked cock.

The silent room was filled with sexual electricity tempered by the sounds of their hastened breathing. Her wet pussy radiated heat between her tightly closed legs and feeling his big hard on bumping against her backside only served to turn her on more than she already was.

Varsha lay on bed feeling her son, moving his crotch around teasing her! She felt his lips pursed onto her neck and the taboo sensation as he kissed her, then again, just below ear, gentle, light and sensual kisses.

She closed her eyes and enjoyed the experience — his kisses on neck, the circles he was drawing on her stomach with his fingertips and his huge cock pressing against her ass. Her son knew how to please a woman!! He started to grind her butt, pressing and pushing his dick deeper into her fleshy rump. His gyrations picked up speed as well as the pressure and before long her well hung son was dry humping her from behind. “Ooooh Mmmm!” She groaned out, as his tongue lightly ran over her neck and lapped at earlobe.

She was beyond caring that her reason for reaching this state of excitement was her own son. Varsha was overcome with lust and excitement, wanting to feel more of son’s big cock against her naked ass. In desperation she tugged at the silky material of her panties to push it down, mother had lost her last bastion of control. Realizing mommy’s intent Raju grabbed hold of her panties and forcefully pushed it down. The taboo scene in this hotel room was hardly something you would see, a Mother and Son doing together. Mother was laying there with gown hiked up around waist, panties lowered down, gyrating her naked ass against her teenage son’s huge erection.

With her ass now exposed to his penis, he groaned out loud and forced his hips upwards, intending to maneuver his cock in her ass-hole. When he failed he thrust at her with more vigour to maneuver his rod between her tightly closed thighs and wedge it below her pussy. In heightened excitement her son cupped her breast and started mauling them.

“Oh baby…, this is so wrong…, Ohhhh God, Noooo, Oh Son!” Varsha moved away from him and turned around in bed to face her son. “You are hurting me. Be gentle baby. Want to play with mommy’s breast? Come play with them”, she said as she opened her gown and released them from the confines of her night gown. She lifted her son’s head of the pillow and guided it towards her breast. As his lips touched his mother’s breast he opened his lips and closed them around the stiff erect nipple. He started suckling on one breast and with hand fondled the other. “Ohhhh, oh God…Yes, way to do it!!”

As the excitement grew wetness spread through her pussy. Now was the right time to take the game to its finale, she wanted him to make her cum from down below. She guided his hand onto her perfectly trimmed pussy. As expected he fumbled around, poking and prodding, until he finally found her vagina. He pushed his middle finger in as far as it would go, and began moving it in and out. Varsha took his hand and guided it to where she wanted it to go. “Feel that little bump? That is my clit, clitoris.”

She guided him how to flick his fingers back and forth over the hood, then, slid the hood back and went to work. His mouth and tongue kept on playing with her nipple as his fingers stimulated the hungry pussy, sliding across her meaty lips, and probing the entrance to sex starved cunt. “Ooooh baby, oh yeah!!” Varsha clenched her cunt muscles hard around his delving fingers as he plunged them in and out, her juices coating them. “Ooohhhh god, ohhh yessss!” She cried out with a deep orgasmic moan.

This encouraged him and he thrust deep in her pussy, getting faster and harder with each push. Mommy was approaching the point of no return. “Oh Son…, ohhhh.., mmm, yes, smell your fingers and put them in your mouth; taste it.”

“Great!” He sighed, smelling and licking his finger passionately. Varsha watched her son sucking his finger that was inside her pussy a moment ago. A fiery passion ran through her. Her husband had never tasted her juice. They never had any sort of oral sex during their lovemaking. A conflict was going into her mind, telling her what she is doing is an illegal behavior. She must ask her son to stop immediately. Her moralist and conservative mind was opposing but body seemed to enjoy the game.

“Would you like to taste where it came from?” It was a gamble, a very high risk she was taking. If her son was put off by the smell the entire plan would lie in tatters. Without taking his lips off mom’s nipple he nodded his head in agreement.

Her panties were just above her knees and hampering her movement. She brought her knees towards her breasts and eased her panties off her legs. She held her legs in place to give her son easy access to her now burning hot cunt. She coerced her son to sit between her now spread legs and pulled his head down to her mound. She wanted him to have his own mother. Her son’s lips rested gently on her mound, kissed her vulva, Varsha waited with bated breath for her son’s reaction. With a deep breath her son inhaled and was immediately intoxicated by the aroma emanating from his mother’s cunt.

He traced his tongue over his mommy’s vulva, and teased the lips open with his wet drooling tongue. He was so eager, it thrilled her, as she felt for the first time in her life touch of a probing tongue over her vagina. Raju ran his wet tongue along the length of her slit and then started exploring her exposed clitoris. His mother’s body was now completely out of control the immense pleasure she was experiencing was driving her crazy. Her son’s tongue was completely buried into her moist depth. She lost all inhibitions and rewarded her son’s piercing tongue with her wetness. Her eyes were closed, face flushed with the intensity of pleasure which she was trying to hide unsuccessfully.

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