My Sister and I Finally Fuck

After the generally positive response to my last submission to Literotica, where I told you all about the first time my sister milked me, I have been thinking about the next chapter that I should tell you all about. This Saturday, I was alone in my bed (as I write this on Saturday afternoon, my sister is coming round this evening for a meal out in a local restaurant and some fucking after, obviously) so I had an opportunity to think about what to write. I came to the conclusion that I should tell you all about the first time we actually fucked. So here goes. I hope you enjoy it. It is a bit longer than my previous ones but I wanted to give the tale of our first fuck the justice I feel it deserves.

After that first wanking by my seductive sister, we carried on meeting for the next few weeks . This mainly entailed catching up on a Monday for lunch, both of us escaping from our offices for a quick meal. She stuck to her word and always turned up in stockings, suspenders and invariably a rather short skirt. With limited time, we would enjoy our meal (GBK, pizza express etc) and then quickly head to a stairwell in Canary Wharf (close to the DLR station) for a quick tease. My sister would stand on the step up from me and rub her stocking clad leg into my crotch, the pair of us kissing deeply. I could only take so much before we would have to break and go our separate ways and return to work, though I often left with a tale-tell damp spot on my suit from my pre-cum. We also continued to meet up on a Friday night. Now I know you are wondering why we didn’t go to the next incestuous level and actually fuck? Well, as I said in my last submission, I was going through a divorce and so would have been awkward for me to not return home of a night. Plus, handjobs were one thing. To actually move to fucking was a big step for both of us (don’t get me wrong, we both wanted it but knew the significance of what it would mean).

Finally we agreed that the best way to fulfil our desires was to go away for a weekend. By this time we had both realised that we loved my Sis showing off her stockings tops out in public. I loved the thrill of being with a woman showing so clearly that she was wearing sexy underwear. We thought to add extra spice by actually booking a weekend away as brother and sister and she suggested we book a weekend cookery course. This turned me on no end. We both love cooking and the idea of us having a weekend away with other people added an extra tease. We rang the cookery school and booked two rooms. I spoke to reception first to book my room and then told the young lady on the other end that I would pass the phone to my sister to book hers. I got a kick doing this as my other hand felt my sister’s stocking straps through her skirt. Having finally booked, we now just had to wait for the fateful weekend to arrive…


I sat in the coffee shop at the station, waiting for Sis to arrive. I didn’t know what she would be wearing but she did say I would love it. I only had a couple of more minutes waiting before Sis walked in. I exhaled involuntarily as she strutted towards me. On her feet was a brand new pair of white stilettos (I love patent high heels), her legs encased in black nylon, around her hips swayed a short white skirt, a belt cinched her waist whilst the look was complete with a white top. Bloody hell, she looked stunning, wearing all the things I loved. The white outfit contrasting with the dark stockings was just perfect in my eyes. Of course, I still had to check on the colour of her suspender belt but I would do that the first opportunity I got.

“Pick your jaw up, Bro! I guess you like?” She propped up her wheelie case and did a little pirouette. Her short skirt flared out and gave me a clear glimpse of the intricate pattern at the top of her stockings. She had excelled herself.

“I love it. You look magnificent. Want a coffee?”

“No, I checked the boards and we can get on the train. Besides, you’ve brought champagne…you did remember, right?”

I smiled. She had promised to wear a sexy new outfit if I brought the champagne for the train journey. “Of course.”

I gathered my stuff and deliberately dropped a couple of metres behind so as to let my sister lead the way to the platform. This afforded me the chance to admire just how daring she had been. Each step prompted that white skirt to sway, revealing those stocking tops. I suspected it wouldn’t take much to get those stockings a little lower so that I could glimpse the creamy flesh of my sister’s thighs above those stocking tops. I looked around and saw a few ogling glances from men, disapproving looks from women. I caught my sister up as we got to our platform. “We are near the back of the train.” I said.

We found our carriage and my sister lifted her case onto the train before stepping up. She is quite short and so took a big step. Bingo. I was treated to a little show of flesh. This really was going to be a great weekend and it really felt as though we were going away for a dirty weekend, albeit an incestuous one. We found our seats, I handed my sister the plastic bag with the champagne and two plastic glasses and put our luggage in the rack above our head.

We soon settled down and it wasn’t long before the train pulled away (on time!). Once the train was moving, I leaned in and whispered, “You really do look fantastic. I love the white skirt.”

“I bet you do!” She smirked before putting her hand behind my head and pulling it the last few inches so our lips met and we kissed hard. My hand instinctively went to her thigh, felt the smooth stocking and stroked upwards. My sister pulled away “Tut, tut, not yet!” She playfully slapped my hand away. Having teased me visually getting to the train, she now wanted to tease my physically. Well, we had all weekend, I could wait (in all honesty, the teasing only served to heighten my burgeoning arousal).

“Well let’s drink to our weekend.” I reached for the champagne, removed the foil and grabbed the cork. The carriage promptly rang with the pop of the cork and I filled both our glasses.

“A toast. To you and me having a very special weekend”. We both knew what the emphasis my sister put on the word ‘special’ meant. “I’ll drink to that,” then a little quieter, “my naughty sister.” We clinked glasses and drank. We continued to drink as the journey made its way to the South West of England. At every opportunity, my hand strayed thigh wards, always to be met with a “cheeky!”, “Easy!” or a “Tut, tut.” If there was one thing I had learnt since that first fateful pub encounter, it was that my Sis knew exactly how to tease me to the point of complete and utter distraction. I was already filled with lust and that was exactly her intention by wearing such an outfit and denying me the pleasure of feeling her flesh.

Once we arrived at the station, it was a simple matter to walk to the cab rank and get a taxi to the cookery school accommodation. As my sister strutted her stuff to the first available cab, I could almost sense the eyes of each of the cab drivers glued to the titillating sway of her white skirt. I doubt they often saw such provocative displays on a late summer’s afternoon. Sitting on the train for so long had definitely forced my sister’s stockings to slip and the lacy tops were on constant display. I loved the look and the attention she was getting. The taxi driver couldn’t wait to get out the car to help my sister with her case, though I think he made an error as I quickly imagined her in my mind bending over the boot of his car to put the case in the back and the view that would have afforded the whole rank. Still, he got an eyeful as he opened the side door and my sister slid into the back seat. Her skirt rose and sure enough, stocking top, suspender strap and white thigh were displayed. It wasn’t just her brother she was now teasing with this show!

We gave him the address and made small talk for the 15 minute cab ride before pulling into our destination. He practically sprinted round the car to open the door for my sister and his quick footedness was rewarded with another glimpse of the treasures she was wearing. I settled the bill but he hardly paid me any attention as he watched my sister walk towards the entrance of our residence for the next two nights. I quickly followed and arrived at the reception desk.

“Hi, we have a resevration. One room for Ms B***** and one room for Mr R*****. ” She told the receptionist, a young girl in her 20s.”We are here for the weekend cookery course.”

“Ah yes, of course. Ms B*****, you are in room 5, Mr R****, room 6. I presume this is your first time here?”

Before I could answer, my sister responded. “Yes, my brother and I have not been her before but are really looking forward to it. Isn’t that right bro?” My voice stuck in my throat momentarily. The champagne we drank on the train had obviously emboldened my sister as I had not expected her to refer so casually to our relationship. Here was my sister, dressed for a dirty weekend, casually giving voice to our secret. Well, the brother/sister bit, not the incestuous part. All I could muster was a croaked response. “That’s right.”

“Well, there is a welcome drinks and canapes session in forty five minutes down here. Your rooms are on the first floor, via either the lift or stairs over there.” She handed us our room cards with a smile.

Once again I let my sister lead the way and could only imagine what the receptionist was thinking if she was watching us go. As I joined my sister in the lift and the doors closed, I could finally give voice. “Bloody hell Sis, that was brazen!”

“Ha, don’t pretend you didn’t get a thrill? I know I did.”

I suddenly felt like a prude and laughed. If she was going to behave like this for the whole weekend, it was going to be very interesting. The lift made the short journey and the doors pinged open.

“What’s the plan?” I enquired.

“Well, I think you need to spend a little time alone thinking about what exactly we are going to be doing in only a few hours.” Her eyes twinkled in that mischievous way they often did when she was teasing me. “I’ll knock on your door in 40 mins.” And with that, she was off to her room. I could only stare in unabashed lust as she let herself into the room, blew me a kiss and closed the door. This was going to be the slowest 40 minutes of my life.

I let myself into the room and did the usual things one does. Left my case in the corner (I am man, I don’t bother unpacking), checked the bathroom and then put on the tv to see what channels there were. Though I knew the TV was on, I really didn’t take much in as all I could think of was my sister in the room next door. When she finally knocked on my door, I leapt off the bed and opened it. She had touched up her makeup but was otherwise unchanged.

“Let’s take the stairs.”

I pulled my door shut and saw that she had done something to her outfit. She had adjusted her stockings to a more modest level so the tops were no longer on wanton display.

“You pulled your stockings up.” I said, like a sulky teenager.

“Well, you’ll just have fun trying to get them lower again!”

We made our way to the meet and greet room, where we were introduced to our six fellow cookery schoolers, who were a mix of ages and sexes. In the middle of the room was a circular table with an assortment of nibbles. We were told to help ourselves and then we would do introductions. At one point during this little social event, my sister leaned over the table to select an item of food. I was stood opposite but a man, of similar age to me, was sat behind where she was leaning and his eyes practically popped out of his head. I knew exactly delights he must be viewing. Her skirt would have ridden up and I suspect he would have seen the complete ‘works’. I don’t know whether she did this intentionally but it turned me on, knowing he was seeing exactly what she was wearing for me, her own brother.

I’ll be honest and confess that I couldn’t really focus on the next hour and was relieved when the host said that we could all go and do our own things for the rest of the evening. We made our farewells and walked to the lift.

“Let’s take the stairs.” My sister suggested. I think she wanted one last chance to tease me. I followed her up the stairs and the view was fantastic. I quickly glanced behind me, saw there were no witnesses and ran my hand up her skirt. It cupped her arse cheek as she climbed the stairs and it felt so cool and smooth to my touch.

“Let’s go to your room.” I was not going to argue and opened the door to my room and let us in. The door was barely shut before we grabbed each other and kissed hard. I’d been wanting to kiss her since we’d left the train and at long last I could. She backed up against the door and as we kissed, my hands fully explored her body. With all the teasing and build up to this moment, my cock felt rock hard in my trousers. We broke contact as I pulled off my shoes and started to undo my trousers. Simultaneously, my sister pulled down her skirt so that she could easily step out of it. Quick as a flash, she removed her top and there she was, stood in front of me, in all her glory. That curvy body clad in black bra, suspender belt and black nylon, the high heels she had kept on accentuating her legs. As I struggled to undo my shirt buttons, she stepped forward.

“Let me help you silly.” Her hands, with those immaculate red nails, hooked into my trunks. Before easing them down my legs, she crouched down and kissed the pronounced bulge within. She knew how turned on I was and finally eased the trunks over my cock, allowing it to spring free at last. She looked up at me, a hint of a smile on her lips and slowly took my cock head into her mouth, looking at me the whole time.

“Oh Sis.” My hands reached for her head and ran my hands through her hair as she took more of me into that sweet mouth. The pleasure was divine (well sinful!) and my legs began to shake with the sheer pleasure. She let my cock slide in and out a few times, taking it a little deeper each time. I could feel the seed in my balls beginning to ‘boil’. Giving a little slap on my bare behind, she withdrew my cock and giggled with unabashed pleasure. Here I was at last. Stood stark naked in front of my sister, her dressed to please. The handjobs and teasing of the last few weeks had changed my life but we were finally in a position to feed both of our darkest desires.

She pushed me back towards the bed until I felt it against my calves. One last push and I was forced to sit down on it. She took my face in her hands and leant over to kiss me, simultaneously moving her legs to either side of mine. I felt a jolt of pleasure as the coolness of the nylons rubbed against my thighs. With my cock pointing upwards, my sister placed first one knee and then other onto the bed, straddling my legs, her pussy inches from my cock. I felt her hand take my cock and position it ready for what we were about to do. She slowly lowered herself and for the first time, my cock touched her bare pussy. It felt so natural to me and we both gasped as, with only a moment’s hesitation, she lowered herself further and my cock slid so easily into her wet cunt. The sexual pleasure I felt was nothing I’d ever experienced before. I felt as though I was ready to explode with desire and I let out an involuntary grunt as my sister finally bottomed out and I was fully encased in her cunt. We sat there stock still, both of us savouring the moment.

Inevitably, the wanton desire overtook both of us and we began to slowly fuck. My sister raising herself up, almost letting me withdraw before sliding back down again and welcoming me fully back inside. Our rhythm increased in intensity until my sister was raising herself up and then dropping back down on my cock like a stone. The room was filled with the unmistakable sound of skin slapping against skin. It was like a perfect dream, my sister fucking me with an intensity that was driving us close to the edge. To regain control, my sister suddenly stopped, my cock sunk as deep as it could go. Through her panting she said. “This feels so good Bro.” I could only nod my head in agreement. The sensation of the pair of us being joined as one, in that moment, was perfect. We kissed, savouring the taste and feel of each other, each getting our breath back, silent with our own thoughts. All I could think of was that here I was, my cock complete sheathed by my sister’s pussy. My completely bare cock.

Christ. My bare cock! The realisation hit me that I wasn’t wearing any protection and I had no idea if my sister was using contraceptive. It might seem weird but we had never actually discussed the ins and outs of safe sex.

“I’m not wearing a condom.” I said, the master of the bloody obvious.

“And I am not on the pill. Naughty, isn’t it?”

Before I had time to think of a response, she fell to the side on the bed, taking me with her, rolling me, until I was now on top. Her stocking clad legs hooked round mine, her hands grabbing my bum.

“Now you fuck me Bro.”

It was a command I was in no mood to resist and I started fucking my sister, driving my cock into her. We both started to grunt as each of us enjoyed the released lust of our rutting. I began to speed up, knowing full well that I was soon approaching that point of no return. I think my sister felt it to, as her legs gripped me ever more firmly. One of my hands grabbed her thigh, squeezing it before forcing its way into her stocking top. One of her suspender straps pinged loose as we became more frenzied in our incestuous mating. If anyone walked past my room now and stopped to listen, there would be no mistaking the act that was taking place behind the closed door. That thought drove me to the very edge and I paused momentarily.

“Should I pull out?” I half croaked.

“Don’t you dare pull out, Bro. EVER!” She knew just the right thing to say and the enormity of what I was about to do was too much and I could feel my orgasm racing to the surface.

“Look me in the eyes as you cum Bro. I want us both to know exactly what we are doing.”

And with that, I looked into those eyes I had known all my life and came with an intensity I could barely contain. I tried to muffle my shout as I felt my cock explode, my baby batter pumping deep into my sister. All the day’s teasing by my sister had filled me with seed and I was now returning the compliment and pumping her full of my hot juice

“I can feel it Bro. So fucking hot. So much of it.” I emptied the last of my cum into her belly until I finally felt my cock begin to shrink. Not wanting to separate, my sister pulled me close and I gently lowered myself onto her so we could cuddle like lovers

As the last of my cum dribbled from my cock to complete the creampie, I realised she hadn’t orgasmed. I felt guilty that I was the only one that had truly reached the heights of pleasure. “You didn’t cum Sis”

She released a joyous laugh and I knew then that she’d ‘forgiven’me. “Well, you better recover quickly and put that right!” I kissed her. I had every intention of making sure my sister would enjoy her orgasm and I knew that in the coming weeks and months, we would truly get to know each other’s bodies…

Well, I did warn you at the start this was a longer read but I hope you stayed with me till the end and got at least some idea of the pleasure my sister and I gave to each other that weekend. At the time, I never really considered that the weeks and months would turn into years and yes, we still get the same thrill out of our fucking as we did that first time. As always, please leave a comment if you enjoyed the details of our first time and I will be motivated to regale you with another one of my incestuous memories.

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