My sister likes taking risks

My sister likes taking risks, Personally, I blame my parents.

They were the ones who insisted that they needed privacy and banished us down to the finished basement with its old, smelly carpeting and busted up furniture. It was our parents who decided that cable was a huge ripoff and Netflix was a scam, leaving us to explore the depths and dangers of broadcast television. And It was our parents who said — even though I was a senior in high school and Emily was a freshman in college — that we weren’t allowed to go out unsupervised.

It’s like they wanted us to get into trouble.


Emily and I were sitting on the couch in the basement, TV on in the background, talking about stuff that we probably shouldn’t have been. Despite being older than me by a year, my big sister Emily was tiny next to me. She had light brown hair down to her shoulders. A perky little nose that turned up just slightly at the end. A wicked, sensuous smile.

Emily was telling me about college — she went to state school but Mom and Dad made her live at home. That whole trust thing again. She talked about classes and friends and, of course, boys. I asked her if she was seeing anyone and she said no.

“How can I with Mom and Dad’s rules?” Emily asked, “What about you, Ryan? Breaking any high school girls’ hearts?”

“Obviously not,” I said, “I’m living with the same bullshit you are.”

“Seriously,” Emily said, “All I’ve got in my life is porn, plus Rosy Palms and her five little sisters.”

If I’d been drinking, I’d have done a spit take. My big sister said what?

“Oh come on,” Emily said, “You can’t tell me you don’t do it, too. Plus you’re a boy. I bet if you don’t jerk it at least twice a day your head just pops off.”

I laughed and admitted that I did it at least that frequently.

“See?” Emily said.

“And you?” I asked.

My big sister blushed. “I do it enough,” Emily said, “OK, probably a bit more than enough.”

I had to laugh at that and Emily did too. It was a nervous laugh. Like edging water from a hose, it came out too loud and strong because of all the pressure building behind it.

“Look at us two losers,” I said, “Sitting in the basement watching old game shows and talking about masturbating.”

“You’re not a loser, Ryan,” Emily said. She reached over and touched my arm. In that moment it felt as intimate as if she’d grabbed my dick. “Your dirty blonde hair. Big green eyes. You have those sexy legs from soccer. You make me laugh all the time. I mean, any girl would be lucky to have you.”

“If I could ever take one on a date, let alone bring her home,” I said.

“You’ll be fine,” Emily said, “I’m the one who’s going to end up as an old maid.”

“Oh Emily,” I said, “Are you kidding? You’re fucking gorgeous. If you think my green eyes are so great, well, you’ve got the same ones. Your lips are so pink and kissable. And your body. I mean, wow.”

“No tits,” she said.

“They’re perfect for your build,” I said, “You’ve got great legs and your butt is just… Not to mention how smart you are. The way you always outwork everyone else. Any guy would be lucky to have you.”

“If I could ever take one on a date,” Emily said, “Let alone bring him home.”


We sighed in unison. “Do I really look that good?” Emily asked, “Not to my brother. But if you put your, like, guy goggles on.”

I mimed putting on a pair of glasses and then slowly studied my sister from head to toe. “Yup, pretty hot. From what I can see, anyway.”

“You’re saying if you saw me naked, you might change your mind?” Emily asked.

“It’s just that… Well, your clothes aren’t exactly revealing.” Emily was wearing a pair of loose-fitting sweatpants and a beat up, white t-shirt. It looked comfortable, but she wasn’t asking me about comfort.

Emily smiled at me. I knew that smile. It was the one that said she was about to do something dangerous. My sister had always been a bit of a risk taker. One of the reasons she didn’t have a car, that Mom actually dropped her off at school every morning, was that my parents were terrified whenever she was behind the wheel.

“So if I take off my shirt, you might give me a more honest appraisal?” Emily asked. She didn’t even wait for my response, just ripped her t-shirt over her head. Now my big sister was sitting in front of me in only a thin, white bra. Without the shirt, I saw that she’d sold her breasts short. They were actually pretty big, standing pertly on her chest. It was all those loose clothes she wore — they made her look less endowed than she was.

“Your turn,” Emily said.

Reflexively, I looked behind me. Though I can’t imagine what I was worried about. We were a full flight of stairs under the rest of the house. There was a thick metal fire door at the top that my father insisted had to stay closed at all times when we were downstairs. In fact, my parents never even came down there — they’d always just knock and yell if they needed something.

The house was old, too, with thick walls and floors that seemed to swallow sound. Emily and I could have started a heavy metal band down there and my parents wouldn’t know until we invited them to our first concert.

Sure that the coast was clear, I stripped off my shirt and tossed it to the side. Emily’s eyes went wide.

“Holy fuck, Ryan!” she said, and started tracing the muscles in arms, my chest, “When did you get these?”

“I don’t know,” I said. Honestly it wasn’t something I really paid attention to. I was trying for a soccer scholarship and so I’d been working out at least twice a day, once with the team and once on my own. “I guess getting ready for the season, I just…”

“You wear such loose clothing,” Emily said, “I never really noticed.”

Her hand hadn’t left my bare skin. I couldn’t help myself — I reached out and touched the top of her boob.

“Holy fuck, Emily,” I said, “When the fuck did you get these?”

My sister gave me a dirty look, but she didn’t push me away. “I was 12, remember. You were there.”

“Yeah, but, I mean… You were complaining about your boobs before but these are really awesome,” I said, still touching the tops of her tits. “You’ve got an incredible body, Sis.”

And she did. I knew my sister was cute, I’d already told her that. But this… Her stomach was washboard flat. Her skin pale. Without really thinking about it, I dropped my hands to her sweatpants and pulled those down.

Emily didn’t do anything to stop me. She was wearing little purple panties. I could see bits of her brown pubic hair poking out. She was short, but her legs were lovely, with the shape and tone of a taller woman.

Emily looked down as if scandalized, then reached over and ripped down my shorts. She didn’t even let me keep my underwear. She just took it all in one swift pull. My penis popped up, tall and pulsing. I was hard — of course I was hard after everything we’d been saying and showing.

“Wow,” Emily said, “Wow wow wow.”

“I’m sorry,” I said, “I didn’t know you were going to…”

“It’s so… I mean, I’ve seen them online and stuff but…” Emily was just mumbling to herself. Rambling on and on.

The couch felt weird and scratchy on my bare bottom. The TV was showing ads for carpet cleaner. I suppose I should have been uncomfortable or embarrassed. But instead it felt really natural. Just sitting there naked in front of my sister.

I guess I thought she should have the same experience. I reached over and grabbed at Emily’s panties. She lifted her perky butt and let me slide them down to the floor.

Her pussy, like the rest of her, was small and well shaped. I’d never seen one live before, but it looked much more perfect to me than anything I’d seen online. Cuter and more feminine. I was desperate to touch it, but I made myself stay back.

Emily just smiled, then reached behind herself and undid her bra. Her breasts were gorgeous, little pink nipples all crinkled and hard. We were both now completely naked. Both breathing heavy like we’d gone for a run. Emily’s whole face and the top of her chest was pink. I felt like I probably looked the same way.

We were siblings, after all.

“Now imagine you’re not my brother,” Emily said, “You’re just some guy. What do you think?”

“I think you’re amazing, Emily. I’m not exaggerating. I think you’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life. And you? What would you think if you weren’t my sister? Just some girl.”

“I want you really bad,” she said. “Sister or no.” Then she leaned forward and kissed me, hard. Her tongue probing my mouth. Hands drifting over my chest. I leaned back, a little scared. She was so incredible, but…

“But you are my sister,” I said. Gasped between kisses. Emily sat back and made a pouty face.

“I want you, too,” I said, “I really do. But I mean… I just think we can go too far. You know?”

Emily nodded. “No, I definitely don’t want that. I just…”

“No, I know,” I said. We ran our eyes all over each other. Like hunting down every part we wanted to touch and lick and…

“Well what about what I said before?” Emily said, “About my friend and her little sisters? Couldn’t we just do that?”

“You mean, like, together?”

“Yeah,” Emily said, “I mean, I’m sure you think about… stuff when you do that. I do. And after today, I mean, I think I’m going to be thinking about my little brother a lot.”

I couldn’t argue with that.

“So why not just do it together?” Emily said, “No touching. Just, you know, together. It’s no different than if we went upstairs and closed our bedroom doors and did it. Which I’m telling you is what’s going to happen if we don’t right now.”

I certainly wasn’t going to argue with that. Emily took my silence to mean I was into it and started working herself with abandon. I’d heard that girls needed time to build, to touch and tease, and gradually work themselves into the mood.

Not my Emily. Before I’d even started stroking, she had two full fingers in her twat and was rubbing her clit so fast I could barely see it. We tested the soundproofing of the house that night, let me tell you. Emily screamed like she was getting stabbed when she came. A long loud “FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!”

I wasn’t far behind — I grunted and my semen exploded upwards with a strength I’d never experienced. It splashed warm on my stomach. My legs. When I recovered I looked up and saw that I’d accidentally gotten some on my sister’s chest. Right on her boob — better than if I’d aimed it there.

She just laughed and scooped it up. Then she sucked my sperm off her fingers and I swear I almost came all over again.

“Not bad,” she said, “Kinda salty.”

We got dressed again and watched TV and eventually my parents called us for dinner. I knew it wasn’t over. But, as long as we weren’t touching, I figured we’d be fine.


We were fucking within a week.

Every day we’d break a new boundary. The next time we rubbed together — that same evening, right after dinner, if you can believe it — Emily insisted I cum all over her chest and face. Next she wanted to be the one to point my penis when it shot.

That broke the touching taboo. Soon she was stroking my dick while I worked her pussy. It took a couple of false starts — she gripped too hard, me not hard enough — but eventually we got really good at getting each other off. It reached the point where the few times I tried to do myself, I couldn’t even climax. My big sister had trained me to her touch.

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